The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 5, Episode 4 - Pebbles' Birthday Party - full transcript

Pebbles' first birthday is around the corner and Fred is arranging her party; he is also chosen to coordinate a party for the lodge. Fred goes to the only caterer in town to arrange both parties, and selects a clown for Pebbles and dancing girls for the Buffaloes. However, the caterer gets mixed up and sends the clown to the Buffaloes and the dancing girls to Wilma's house.


The kiddies
just love this.

Help! Put me down!


Bravo! Bravo!
You were great, rocko.

Alright, alright,
he's hired.

Just get him
somebody else to juggle.

Now, I'm also supposed
to arrange an act

For our lodge's
annual party.

Here's a list of
the things we need.

"Paper hats, cactus juice,
dancing girls."

Oh, Rocko, send out
the boulderettes.

Yes, sir.

[Music playing]

It happens every time.

Easy, Fred.

Well, what
do you think?



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy
of Fred's two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time




That does it.

I'm turning myself in
at the animal shelter.

At least I can get
a night's sleep.


Oh, dear.

I'll never get to sleep
with Fred snoring like that.

Fortunately, Pebbles has
a set of earmuffs.

At least she can rest.

Maybe if I stuff
this orange in his mouth,

It'll stop his snoring.




If mankind could
harness that power,

We could go to the moon.

[Knock on door]

Now, who could that be?
Come in.

Betty, Barney...

what brings you over
at this late hour?


What else?

You mean
Fred's snoring?

Right. We can't
sleep a wink.

And we're gonna stop it
if you can't.

Lots of luck.

I've been trying
all night.

Come on, Fred.
Wake up. Wake up!

[Loud snore]

Oh, boy, looks like
a real tough job this time.


Come on, Betty.
Let's get out of this draft

Before we catch
a cold.

Hey! I got an idea.

Why not put Fred in a closet
and close the door?

Won't that be

Not for us.
Heh heh heh!

Life with Fred must be like
living in a wind tunnel.

[Barney laughs]

Goodnight, Fred.

There. Isn't that better?

Surprising what
a little brains can do,

And I got as little
as anybody.


Next idea,
coming up.

Now what, Barney?

a brilliant idea.

This funnel is attached
to a garden hose.

I put the funnel over
Fred's schnozola,

And now listen...

no more snores.

It works.

But where does
the sound go?

I buried the other end
of the hose

Outside in the ground.

[Echoing snore]


Harriet, will you
turn over?

You're snoring again.

Thanks, Barney.
Now I can get back to bed.

Goodnight, Wilma.


[Alarm clock


man, there's nothing
like a good night's sleep.

Hey, how about that?

We stopped his snoring
just in time to get up.

Well, it's saturday.

At least you two can sleep
a while longer.

Me? I've got to fix
Fred's breakfast.

Hey, hey, hey!
Today's the day

I arrange for Pebbles'
first birthday party.

I can hardly believe it.

Our little Pebbles is going to
be a whole year old tomorrow.

Ga-Ga. Ga-Goo.

Ah, heh heh heh.

Uncle Barney and I have to attend
a meeting at the lodge, honey,

But on the way home,

I'll stop off
at the party caterers

And arrange everything, okay?



Ha. Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha!

Uh, how long did you boil this
pterodactyl egg, Wilma?

The usual 2 days. Why?

Oh, nothing.
I just wondered.



Bam, bam,

Bam, bam, bam,
bam, bam, bam!


Oh, isn't that cute,

The way bamm-Bamm
wakes us every morning?

Yeah, I wonder what
mornings will be like

When he's 16 years old.

Uh-Oh. That's Fred.
I'm late.

So long, bamm-Bamm.
Bye, Betty.

I'll be home
after the meeting.

Bye, Barney.

If I have to rap
on this door much longer,

I'll rap Barney
on the head.

Good morning,

Well, it's about time.

Oh, sorry, Fred, but I didn't
sleep much last night.

Well, you should get
to bed earlier

And stop livin' it up
all night. Let's go.

Heh. How about that?

How come we're having a lodge
meeting on saturday, Fred?

To elect a chairman of the
entertainment committee

For our annual stag party
tomorrow night.

I hope we get better entertainment
than last year.

Yeah. Those boulder jugglers
were awful.

Alright. The meeting
will come to order.

This committee will now
elect someone

To line up the entertainment
for tomorrow night.

The elected member will
furnish cards, cactus juice,

Paper hats,
and dancing girls.


Bring on
the dancing girls!

Alright, alright.

Knock it off, you guys.
We haven't got much time.

Do I hear any volunteers?

Here I am, fellas.
Fred Flintstone at your service.

I hope I got here
in time.

You certainly did.
And congratulations.

The job is yours.

Job? What job?

Here's a list
of your duties.

Okay, men.
Meeting's adjourned.

See you tomorrow night,
Fred. So long.

Don't forget
the cactus juice, Fred.

Yeah, and
the dancing girls!

Dancing girls!


Hey, uh,
what happened, Fred?

According to this,
I'm supposed to hire entertainers

For tomorrow night's

Hey, that's great,

Uh-Oh. I forgot.

What, Fred?

Tomorrow night is
Pebbles' birthday party!

So, how long
can it last?

Pebbles' party,

We can come over
to the lodge party.

Yeah. Ha ha ha!
Yeah, that's right.

I'm glad
I thought of it.

Let's go find
a caterer, Barney.


Hey, Fred, how about
that place over there?

Cobblestone caterers.

And why not?

Do you cater
to private parties?

No. That sign outside
is just a front

For an international
ring of jewel thieves.

Oh, very funny.

Look, I want to book
a kid's party.

Really? And just
how old will you be?

"Just how old will you be?"
Ha ha ha ha!

You get it, Fred?

Yeah, I get it.

Now, quit
encouraging him.


Ha ha ha ha!
I'm sorry, Fred.

Now, listen, you.
I got 2 big parties to book,

And I can always
take my business elsewhere.

Well, you can try,

But I'm the only
caterer in town.

That's why
I'm such a wise guy.

Okay, wise guy, what have
you got for a little girl's party?

A girl's party?

Oh, Rocko?

Ha ha ha ha!
You called?

Yes. Show this
clown your act--

I mean, show this
gentleman your clown act.

Yes, sir.

I start the show
with my juggling act...

like this.


The kiddies
just love this.

Help! Put me down!


Bravo! Bravo!
You were great, rocko.

Alright, alright,
he's hired.

Just get him
somebody else to juggle.

Now, I'm also supposed
to arrange an act

For our lodge's
annual party.

Here's a list
the things we need.

"Paper hats, cactus juice,
dancing girls."

Oh, Rocko, send out
the boulderettes.

Yes, sir.

[Music playing]

It happens every time.

Easy, Fred.

what do you think?

Happens every time.

Now, you got it
all straight?

Check. At 7:00,
I send Rocko the clown

To the Flintstone

And at 8:00,
the boulderettes

Report in at
the water buffalo lodge.

Right you are.
Let's go, Barney!

It's gonna be
a wild night.


Hmm. Now, let's see.
Which was which?

Was Rocko the clown supposed
to go to the Flintstones'

Or to the water
buffalo lodge?

Oh, well. Only one way
to settle it.

I'll flip a coin.
Call it, Rocko.


Heads it is.

You go to the buffalo lodge
at 8:00 tomorrow night.

And you boulderettes
check in

At the Flintstone
residence at 7:00.

If I'm wrong,
what can I lose?

I'm the only
caterer in town.

isn't that cute, Fred?

Look at all those kids.

Heh heh heh heh.

This is gonna be a party
you'll never forget.

Hi, everybody.

Wilma: Betty, Barney,
come on in.

How's that for
a birthday cake, barn?

Oh, looks like that caterer
is right on the ball, Fred.

It's a beaut.

Sit next to Pebbles,

Goo-Ga ga-Ga...

ee-Ga, ga-Ga

[Both laugh]

I wish I understood
baby talk.

Yeah. Maybe we're
missing a good joke.


Okay, Fred.
Start the party.

Right, sweetheart.

let the show begin!

Presenting the alligator's
ragtime band...

plus two!

[Music playing]

Kind of a swinging group
for a kids' party.

But I guess the caterer
knows what he's doing.

aah! Fred, look!

Coming out of
the birthday cake.

Dancing girls--
Millions of them!

Uh-Oh. The boulderettes.
Something's gone wrong.

Boy, oh, boy,

We never had anything like
this when I was a kid.

Ha ha ha ha!

Hush up, Barney.

Fred, what's
the meaning of this?

As soon as I find out,
I'll let you know.

Uh, this way, girls.

Alright, Fred, you'd
better start explaining.

Well, I--I--Uh--

I'd--I'd better get the kids
started on the games.

I wonder where
rocko the clown is.

He's supposed to
run this show.

Here, kids.

We're all gonna play
pin the tail on the dinosaur.

Gee, thanks,
mr. Flintstone.

You're welcome,

I got
a pair of jacks.

- 3 queens.
- 4 aces!

Fred, they're
playing poker.

Sorry, kids.
The game's over.

Don't worry, Wilma.
I'll get rid of the cards

And serve some refreshments.

[Music playing]

Here they come again!



doobey, scoobey...


Uh, I was only trying to push
them out the back door.

Fred: never mind,
Barney. I'll do it.

They're out.
Oh, boy, what a mess.

Holy mackerel!

I can't believe it.

Man, that Flintstone
really knows how to live.

And if you want
to keep on living,

You better get back
to those dishes!

Yes, dear.

Now, if I could only think
of an excuse to give Wilma.

[Music playing]

Now, just
a rock-Pickin' minute!

You dancing girls, out!
Come on, out, out, out!

Ohh, that man.

Kids: we want ice cream!
We want ice cream!

Fred, do something.
You're ruining the party.

Okay, okay.
I'll get the soda pop

Out of the refrigerator.

We want
ice cream!

We want
ice cream!

Ohh...those girls
really get around!

I got the
soft drinks, Fred.

I'll serve the kids.

Thanks, Barney.
I appreciate your help.

Mmm. Well, well, well.

Ice cold rock cola.

I could use
a drink myself.

[Glug, glug, glug]

Hey, Barney!
Hold the drinks!

What's wrong, Fred?

This is cactus juice!

If we served this
to the kids,

We'd really have
a party.

Oh, no!


Oh, my aching back!

Well, that does it.

It's a disgrace
to the community.

get me the police.

A wild party, eh?

Dancing girls?


Yes, ma'am.
We'll get right on it.

Okay, men,
get the wagon rolling.

It's going to be a raid.

I don't understand it.

This is a kid's party?

Hey, you know
what I think?

The caterer must've
got the parties mixed up.

Of course! That's it.

Oh, I'd better get over
to the club and explain.

Cover for me, Barney.

Okay, Fred.
And good luck.

[Siren blaring]

Hmm. The police.

Must be giving
somebody a ticket.

Alright, men.

Looks like
a real wild one.

Use tear gas
if necessary

And surround
the whole bunch!

break it up!

This is a raid!

All: a raid?

Don't give me
no back talk!

Everybody out in the
wagon on the double!


oh, Wilma,
we're criminals.

And dear Fred
ran out on us.

Ooh! Wait till I get
my hands on him.

[Music playing]

Boy, these kiddie parties
get wilder every day.

Some party this is.

Ice cream and cake--

And get a load of
the master of ceremonies.

In a clown suit,

Well, is everybody happy?


Ohh, how I hate working
with these bigger kids.

Alright, come on.
Let's have some action.

How about a poker game?

Oh, I have a better game.

It's called pin the tail
on the dinosaur.

Well, how about pin
the tail on the clown?


[All laughing]

How about
some refreshment?

Well, it's about time.
We can use it.

[Glug, glug, glug]

Hey, this isn't
cactus juice.

It's soda pop!

Yes. Delicious,
isn't it?

What a mixed-Up night
this is.

I couldn't have had more things
go wrong if I'd planned on it.


A flat! And I haven't
got a spare.

Oh, boy.
That's all I needed.

I passed a service station
about a mile back.

Maybe I can
pick up a new tire.


What can I do
for you, mac?

Do you sell
spare tires?

Looks like you
already got one, mac.

Huh? Where?

Right here.

Spare tire.
Get it?


Ha ha, very funny.

Just get me the tire
and spare me the jokes.

One thing I can't stand
is a funny guy

When I'm in a hurry.

Uh-Oh. It's going
too fast.

I've lost control.

Hey, come back!

Hold it! Hold it!




Ohh, boy.
I'll be glad

When they invent
rubber tires.


Boy, they make wheels
heavy these days.

There. It's on.

Take her down, jack.

I wonder
if my group insurance

Covers assault and battery

By a group
of water buffaloes.

Just wait till I get my
hands on that Flintstone.

Yeah. He's the one who
arranged this party.

I'll tear him apart.

Fred: hey, fellas.
Has the party started yet?

I want to explain

- There he is!
- After him!

Let's get
that party wrecker!

Come back here,

Don't let him
get away!

Grab him, quick!

Man, on radio:
calling car 34.

Proceed to
water buffalo lodge.

Big riot in progress.

My, but we're
busy tonight.

Let's go, elsie.

[Siren blaring]

Come on down,

Yeah, before we
come up after you.

Who needs them?

Chop the tree down!

[Siren blaring]

Uh-Oh, the cops!

hold it, you guys.

We're taking you in
for disturbing the peace.

In the paddy wagon
with ya.

[Music playing]

Hey, do you see
what I see?

dancing girls!

Easy, girls, easy.

Back inside, all of you.

Hey, wait a minute,

We're under arrest,

Last one in the paddy wagon
is a rockhead.

Ha ha! Yippee!


Alright, you.
Come on down.

Fred: I can explain
the whole thing, officer.

It's very simple,
if you'll just listen.

The whole thing
started yesterday

While I was having

You see, it was
Pebbles' birthday...

now, let me
get this straight.

There were 2 parties,

One with dancing girls
and one with a clown.

But they got mixed up,
and a riot started.

That's right,

So what? I'm the only
caterer in town.

Well, I guess I'll
have to accept that.

Besides, how else can I
explain to the commissioner

That I raided
a kiddie party?

Uh, you can all
go home

If you promise never to darken
this precinct again.

Oh, thank you,

Oh, yes, thank you.


Let's go, girls.

We still have
a benefit to do.

[Music playing]

Hey, wait for me!

Where's the party?


- Yippee!
- Yippee!

Let's go, Wilma.

We better get
these kids home

Before their mothers
start calling.

I'm sorry I got angry
with you, Fred.

It wasn't
your fault.

Heh heh heh.
Forget it, Wilma.

Well, so long, kids,

And try to keep your folks
out of trouble, huh?

[All laugh]

Oh, look, Fred.
Aren't the children cute?


Especially the fat one
in the middle.

[Fred and Wilma

meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred
will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out
for the night

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time