The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 5, Episode 3 - Itty Biddy Freddy - full transcript

Fred's latest get-rich-quick scheme is a reducing drink he invented. However, the drink causes him to lose not fatness, but height: he shrinks to about a foot. A doctor explains that only time will restore him. While Pebbles enjoys her new living toy, Barney comes up with a scheme to incorporate Fred into his ventriloquist's act. As the perfect dummy, little Fred will surely land them a spot on the "Ed Sullystone Show."

Good night,
Pebbles and Fred.

You should both
be real comfy.


Ha ha ha!
Good night, Wilma.

I don't know how long
I can stand

Being married
to a pocket-Sized husband.


That's enough water, Henry.

I don't mind showering
in the sink

As long as no one turns on
the garbage disposal.

your toothbrush, dear.

Lots of luck.

Don't worry, Wilma. I have
a firm grip on the problem

And I got
a big enough mouth

To handle
any toothbrush.



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy
of Fred's 2 feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have
a gay old time

Let's see. I got all
the chemicals now

And all my laboratory equipment

Is set up in the garage...

and I have a great
inventive urge.


[Arr arr arr]

No, Dino!

Down, boy! Heel!


Down, dino!

- Dino: [Arr arr arr]
- Back, Dino!

Heel, boy!
Will you let me alone?

Beat it!
I'm in a hurry.

Heh! It's like having
an orangutanosaurus for a pet.

Hey, uh, look, Betty.
Fred's got his signs up.

Uh..."keep out,
this means you Barney

Genius at work."

Must be that time of
year again, Barney.

Yup. Fred's on that
inventor kick again

And that means trouble.

He he he!

Oh, look at Pebbles,

Isn't that cute?



Betty: go ahead,

You can go play with Pebbles
and her mammoth.


Barney: hey, uh, take it easy
with that mammoth, bamm-Bamm.

We don't want the society

For the prevention of cruelty
to mammoths on our backs.


Betty: I'll never
get over it.

Having the strongest boy
in the world for a son.

Well, uh, let's go see
what the mad inventor

Is planning to spring
on the world. He he he!

- Hi, Wilma.
- Hi, Betty.

Hello, Wilma.

Has the new mr. Edistone
invented anything yet? Ha ha ha!

Not yet, Barney.
Cactus tea, Betty?


Uh, some cool
grape juice for me.

Fred's still out
in the garage.

He's been mixing

All week long.

Last year, after
missing 777 times

He came up with a new,
revolutionary soft drink--


One lump or 2,

2, please.

Anyway, the soft drink turned
out to be just plain glue

And we got stuck
with it.

Luckily, I got
a sweet tooth.

I'll think I'll go
watch the action.

The laughs will be
good therapy. Ha ha ha!

Well, be careful, dear.

No telling what can happen
when Fred's inventing.

How true.

I'll wear bamm-Bamm's
football helmet

To be on the safe side.

Ha ha ha!

I think I have it.

Just a pinch more
of stodium...

and a dash of h2-Gravel

And I'll sell this
formula for millions!

It could change
our future shapes.

Hiya, freddy-Boy.

Uh, you alright, Fred?

At last, after months
of research

I think I got it.

Uh, what, Fred?
Uh, a new fuel

To send the first
boulder to the moon?

In my hand, Barney

I hold the long-Awaited solution

To man's greatest problem.

I call it...


What do you think?


Fantastic, Fred.

and simply amazing.

Uh, only, uh, what is it?

Only the greatest

Since thomas edistone
invented the candle.

It's my own
reducing formula.

One swallow and pounds
melt off in seconds.

Watch. First I step
on the scales

And when I drink
my Fred-O-Cal

I'll instantly be the proper
weight for my height.

Ha ha ha! According
to your weight, Fred

You're about 2 feet
too short.

Out, unbeliever.
Out! Out!

I'm outing! I'm outing!

How can us geniuses work
with nuts like that around?

Ha ha!

Now for the moment
of discovery.

Something is happening.

I can feel it.

Wow! I lost
5 pounds already.

Hey, if that
little dose works

Then a bigger dose
should really make me slim.

Bottoms up.

Something's happening.

I'm feeling lighter
all the time.

Uh-Oh. Now I overdid it.

I've reduced, alright,
but the wrong way.

Ohh, I can't let Wilma
see me like this.

Hey, barn!
Come back!

Now you'll believe me!

Call a doctor!


No wonder us scientists

Get discouraged so often.










How dare you hit
your master!

Put me down, Dino!
I'm in a hurry.

I haven't got time
to play around.

Now, beat it.

[Arr arr arr arr]

Yeah? Uh, who--

Hmm. Nobody here.
Must be some kids

Knocking on doors
and running away.

Open up, Barney.

It's me.

Well, funny, I can hear Fred,
but I can't see him.

It's me, Rubble,
right here!

Where, Fred, where?

Down here.
Just look, will ya?

Wow. Don't know if you
noticed it, Fred

But, uh, you shrunk.

I know that. It's that darn
Fred-O-Cal I invented.

It reduced me
to just a little guy.

Well, for a little guy,
you sure got a big problem.

Yeah, yeah.


Bam! Bam!

Bam! Bam!


Hold it, bamm-Bamm.

This is no bug.
This is your uncle Fred.

Yeah, me.
Hiya, bamm-Bamm.

Ha ha ha!

Very funny.

- Hi, Barney.
- Hiya, Betty.

Oh, hello, Fred.

Lost a little weight,
haven't you?


Ohh, I did it
again, Betty.

I invented
a reducing formula

And this is what happened.

I gotta get back to size.

Till I do,
don't tell Wilma.

I gotta get to a doctor.

Now, don't worry, Fred.
I'll drive you over to one.

Oh, thanks, barn.
You're a real pal.

Hey, uh,
I better carry you.

Someone might step
on you or something.

Oh, boy.

How humiliating.

Poor Wilma.
She's going to have

A big little problem
on her hands.

Got your seat belt
fastened, Fred?

[Muffled talking]

Then let's go.




Dr. Petstone?

A veterinarian?


He seems to think
he needs glasses

But I think it's
just psychological.

What do you suggest,

Well, I'll just give him
some plain glasses

And mail your bill.
He he he!

Here we are, Fred.

Ol' doc sliprock
might be able to help me.

Yeah, and, uh, maybe he'll
just charge just a small fee

Uh, to match your small size.
Ha ha ha!

Fred: ha ha ha.

May I help you, sir?

Uh, yes, nurse,
I, uh--

Oh, what a cute little boy.


I'm not a cute little boy.
I'm a cute little man.

You mean he's a man?

Yup. Just a new
compact type.

Uh, that's why he's here,
to get back to normal.

Oh, doctor,
looks like a severe case

Of malnutrition to see you.



Oh, doctor,
looks like--

Yes, yes, I heard her.
Send him in.



He said--

I know. I heard him.


I don't know what
they need me for.

You may go in now.

I wonder if elevator shoes
will help.

Must be a rare form
of shrimpophobia.

Ohh! Ohh!

Ohh, the pain of it!



Poor guy must be
in terrible pain.

He must be awful sick.

Oh, he was cured
weeks ago.

The doc just
gave him the bill.

My! What a cute
little boy.

Would you like a little lollipop
from docky-Wocky?

I'm gonna pop you
if you don't knock off

That docky-Wocky stuff!

I am a grown man.

I--I mean, I'm a man

Who isn't grown-Up anymore.

Uh, yeah, he invented some juice

That reduced him down.

Uh, can you
fix him up?

Hmm. A most unique case.

I'll have to run
some tests.


There. That's been
long enough.

Hmm. Temperature
is normal.

Now what, Doc.?

I'll just look at the situation
from another angle

Under the microscope.

Will you hurry up, doc?

I feel like some kind of
microbe or something.

Now just relax,
mr. Flintstone.

I'm going to take
your blood pressure.



Uhh! Uhh!

Blood pressure, normal.

Now to test your reactions
and reflexes. Ready?

Hey, watch it!

Perfect reflexes.

Never got you even once.

What kind of a test is this?

I'm merely going to take
an electroanalysis.

We use an electric eel.


You came through

How reassuring.

After a thorough analysis
and careful study

I would recommend aspirin
twice daily.

You mean aspirin is gonna
get me back to size?

No, but it will help relax you
until you get my bill.

But don't worry, that formula
should wear off sooner or later.

Oh, great.

No telling how long
that's gonna be.

Well, there's one good
thing about this, Fred.

It should cut down
on your food bill.

Will you quit clowning
and get me home?

Uh, shall I come in
and help you explain?

No, no, you'll only
mess things up.

Okay, Fred. So long.

And may all your troubles
be little ones. Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha. Oh, boy.

Why do I have to have a
comedian for a neighbor?



Hiya, Dino, old boy.


I wonder how Wilma's
gonna take this.

I better break the news
to her gentle-Like.

Um, uh

Hello, Wilma.

Oh, hi, Fred.

Well, that was easy.



F-Fred! What have you
done to yourself?

Now, now, now,
don't panic, Wilma.

I can explain.

It's that reducing drink
I invented.

It reduced me.

I'm sorry, Wilma.
I guess I'm just a dope.

Oh, don't belittle

Don't say that word!

I guess we have to
just learn to live

With little things like this.

There she goes again.

We better break
the news to Pebbles.

Yeah, I guess so.


Oh, uh, Pebbles, dear

Your father has something
to explain to you.


Go ahead, Fred. Explain.

Um, hi, pebbly-Poo.

You see, uh,
it's this way--


The dolly.

Ha ha ha!

Hey, hey,
now wait.

Oh, well.

I guess--Guess
I'm the first daddy

Ever to be rocked
to sleep

By his little girl.
Ha ha ha!



Now what?

Oh, the toy soldier
bit, huh?

I'd better go along with it.
Hee hee hee!

Ha ha ha!

Clink, clank.

Clink, clank.

Clink, clank.

Ha ha ha!

Fred: click, clank.
Click, clank.

I just don't know
how I'll explain this

To the bridge club.

Oh, Fred, Pebbles.

Dinner's ready.



You know, I think Pebbles

Is adjusting to
the situation just fine.

Heh heh heh.

Well, being small

Certainly hasn't hurt
your appetite, Fred.

Yeah, maybe I can eat
my way back to normal.

Hey, where's the pepper?

Over here.
I'll pass it to you.

Never mind.
I'll get it myself.

I may be small,
but I'm wiry.

Unh! Ooh, I never realized

How heavy this thing was.

Need any help, dear?

I--I can handle it...





Oh, Fred. Really.
If you want some spaghetti

You should ask for it.

Oh, you're funny,

You'll wow 'em
on the moon.

Good night,
Pebbles and Fred.

You should both
be real comfy.


Ha ha ha!

Good night, Wilma.

I don't know how long
I can stand

Being married to
a pocket-Sized husband.


That's enough water, henry.

I don't mind showering
in the sink

As long as no one turns on
the garbage disposal.

your toothbrush, dear.

Lots of luck.

Don't worry, Wilma.

I have a firm grip
on the problem.

And I've got
a big enough mouth

To handle
any toothbrush.

Wait till Fred sees
what I found in the paper.

Just what the doctor ordered.

I'll get it, Wilma.

Okay, okay, come on in.
The door's unlocked.

Hiya, Fred.

Wow. A perfect
3-Cushion bank shot

Right into
the side mouse hole.

[Mouse chattering]

I'm out! I'm out!

I think I found an answer
to your little problem, Fred.

What is it, Barney?

Look at this ad I circled
in this morning's paper.

"Wanted new novelty acts
for the ed sullystone t.V. Show.

Apply bedrock broadcasting co.

What does that have
to do with Fred, Barney?

Well, as long
as Fred is little

He may as well be rich.

Meet the greatest ventriloquist
act in show biz

Rubble and Flintstone.

Hey, I get it.
What an idea!

Yeah! I'll be a great dummy.

Um, uh, let's try
a routine, Fred.

Uh, say hello
to the people.

Hello, people.
Hello, people.

Oh, brother.

Do you know what's
round on both ends

And high in the middle?

Yeah, oh-High-Oh.
Ha ha ha!

Hey, Fred, can you give me
25 cents for a sandwich?

I don't know.
Let me see the sandwich.

Ha ha ha!

Oh, we'll be great, Fred.

Yeah, only it's gonna be
Flintstone and rubble.

Ha ha!
Hollyrock, here we come!

Ha ha ha!

Barney: we ought to be
a hit right off, Fred.

All you gotta do is
tell a few corny jokes

While I drink water
and stuff.

Get ready, Barney.
We're on after this dog act.

I tell ya, ed, baby

This dogosaurus
is the greatest talent find

Since stony curtis.

Okay, kid. You're on.

[Ruff ruff ruff]

That's a, uh,
really big talent

Right here on our stage.

[Meow meow]

[Ruff ruff ruff]

[Ruff ruff ruff]

What happened?
He was great. I can use him.

That's his only problem.

He can't forget
he's a dog.

Next really big act.

That's us, Fred.
Let's go.

Oh, a big
ventriloquist act, eh?

Yes, sir,
the best in show biz.

Uh, say hello
to mr. Sullystone.

Hello, mr. Sullystone.

How are you?
I am fine.

Very good.

Your lips
didn't even move.

A funny thing happened to me
on the way to the studio.


He does it while
drinking water.

And you certainly have
a goofy-Looking dummy.

That's very important.

Now, just
a rock-Pickin' minute!

You're no picture postcard
yourself, you know!

Say, that's pretty good.
Real convincing and...

dumb-Looking, too.

Boy, are you lookin'
for a fat lip!

Hey, easy, Fred.
Remember the act.

Nobody talks
to me like that!

Huh! Give a guy
a tv show

He thinks
he owns the world.

And no hands, either.

Come on, Barney.
We're leaving.

Really biggest act
I've ever seen.


Oh, forget it, Barney!

Perfect exit.



I'll use you on this
sunday's tv show


You'll be stars.

Uh, sta-St-S-S-S...


That's the magic word.
Ha ha ha!


I wonder how
he does that.

His lips never move

And there's
no strings attached.

Oh, boy. We're gonna
be celebrities.

Yeah, we may even
get our footprints

In granite stone's
chinese theater.

It's hollyrock
next for us.

Barney: uh, yeah, Fred,
you'll be the biggest little act

In show business.
Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha! That's about
the size of it.

Oh, hiya, Dino.




Yep. We made it big.

We'll be on ed sullystone's
show sunday night.

I always knew Fred
would make it big.

Me, too,
but not so small.

Hee hee hee!

Announcer: good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.

Tonight, live from bedrock

The ed sullystone show.

And now, here's ed!


Good evening, and welcome
to our really big show

With our really big acts

And really big celebrities
in our audience.

He's really big
on those "really bigs."

- Ha ha ha!
- Hee hee hee!

And now for the act
that I will make famous

Right here on my stage

The sensational
mr. Rubble

And his really
dumb-Looking dummy



Boy, is he
askin' for it!

Easy, Fred.
Don't get sore.


Uh, say something funny
to the people, Fred.

Hello, funny people, hello.

Say, uh, Fred,
your hair is getting thin.

I know.
Who wants fat hair?

Ha ha ha!

Huh? Uh-Oh. Barney,
something's funny.

That's the whole
idea, Fred.

No, no, Barney.

Something's happening to me.

Uh, you're getting
heavy, Fred.

Yipe! The reducing formula,
it's wearing off!

I think we just
outgrew this act.

Oh, how terrible!

What a time for the
stuff to wear off.

Oh, poor Fred and Barney.
I wonder what'll happen to them.

Hey, wait! Hold it!

- Yeow!
- Yeow!


Well, what do we do
for an encore, Fred?

You're right, Wilma.

I am swearing off
inventing for good.

Until the next
time, huh, Fred?

Now, really, Fred,
do you promise?

You have my solemn word.

Look, look, I'll even empty
my last batch of Fred-O-Cal

Out of the window.

Wilma: good
for you, dear.

I promise never to
tamper with things

I know nothing about,
like science and stuff.


Hey, sounds
like dino.

Yeah, yeah.
I'll let him in.

Come on in, boy.

[Arr arr arr]

Down, Dino!
Down, boy!

Heel! Heel!


Oh, dear.

Dino must have gotten
into the formula.

Isn't he cute?
Hee hee hee!

Oh, cut it out, Dino!

Dino, cut it--
Down, boy, down!

Heel! Heel! Ohh!

Stop! Dino!
Ho ho ho!

meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday maybe Fred
will win the fight

Then that cat
will stay out for the night

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time