The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 5, Episode 17 - Fred's Second Car - full transcript

Fred buys a used car at a police auction and pursued by gangsters who want the car.

Did that shake them?

No, but it shook me.

Faster, Herman.

She's wide open, boss.

Leave them have it.

That's funny.

It's beginning
to hail.

That's not hail,
and it's not funny.

They're shooting at us!

[Arr arr arr]

[Arr arr arr]

enough is enough.

Run them off the road!


They're trying to
run us off the road!

Hang on, Barney.



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the
town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of Fred's two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have
a gay old time



Great rolling rocks!
I must have overslept.

Yeah. 7:30.

Everyone's up, but I'm
going to crow anyway.




Goo goo goo.

Ha ga ga.

It sure is good.

You love grape juice,
don't you, Pebbles?

Wilma, where's the towel?

On the top shelf.

Hurry. I'm putting
your toast in.

And if it burns,
it's not my fault.

Betty. Hey, Betty.

Yes, Barney?

Are we out
of sandstone soap?

Look in
the medicine closet.


Bam bam!

Bam bam bam!

Breakfast coming
right up, Bamm-Bamm.

Opuk ippy puk.

Every morning the same thing--
"Scramble two."

Scramble two.

See what I mean?

Wilma, do I have any
clean work clothes?

In the closet, dear.

Toast is ready.

I'll be glad when they invent
the automatic toaster.

Here's your coffee,

Bam bam
bam bam bam!

Alright, bamm-Bamm.
You can have a second helping.

When the strongest baby in
the world wants seconds,

You better give it
to him fast. Hee hee hee!

I'm glad he has
a healthy appetite.

What's for breakfast,

Scrambled pterodactyl eggs and
brontosaurus bacon.

Oh, boy. Next to you,
my favorite dish.

That was delicious, Wilma.

Thank you, Fred.

Do you suppose
I could use the car today

For running errands?

Sure, Wilma. In that case,
I'd better hurry

So I can catch a ride
with Barney.

Aah! Ah! Aah!

Ohh! Oh!


Fred, are you trying
to tell me something?

Yes! That coffee is hot!

It was very tasty,

I'm glad
you enjoyed it.

I would like
to reciprocate.

You can. I'd like
to use the car today.

Betty, it's yours.
Oh, gosh.

What's wrong, Barney?

I gotta hurry so I can
catch a ride with Fred.

Bye-Bye, Pebbles.
Be a good girl.

Dino, quit that!

Bye, Wilma.

Oh, Fred,
your lunch.


Thanks, Wilma. Goodbye.


Goo-Ga goo-Ga
ga goo.

Goo-Goo ga-Ga...

Here, honey.

Bye-Bye, my little
apple pie.

Have a good day, Barney.

[Hownk hownk
hownk hownk]

O.K. Bye, hoppy.

Goo hoo

Bye, bamm-Bamm.

Bam bam bam bam bam!

That boy
is developing

A very warm, friendly, firm
kind of handshake.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Well, see you after
four, dinosaur.

Ha ha ha!

Ba ba ga-Ga.

Yeah. Toodly-Ooh.


you're a menace.

I'm sorry, Fred.

Hey, can I ride
to work with you?

I was going to ask you
the same thing.

Gosh, Fred, how are we going
to get to work?

Catch the bus.

We're gonna have to run for it,
Fred,'cause there it is.

Come on!

Hey, open up!

This being a one-Car family
is for the birds.

We need a good
second car.

Yeah, Fred.

How can you afford
two cars on one salary?

Hey, I think I got it.
Look here.

"For sale
at police auction,

Good, unclaimed or--"

Be right back, Barney.

Let's see.
Where was I?


Oh, yeah.

"For sale
at police auction

"Good, unclaimed or
confis-Ti-Cated cars

At low prices
tomorrow morning."

The word is confiscated.

Oh, thank you.

Will you hold it
still, mac?

Would you care
for this paper?

Let me have it.

Boy, what a sorehead.

I wonder why big sparkle
sent for us.

Well, we'll
soon find out.

[Horn honks]

You sent for us,


Hold still, shorty.

I got to have
my target practice.

you miss.

I never miss.

You guys remember
a certain jewel robbery

The slimy rock gang

Yeah, boss.

The slimy rock gang
was rubbed out.

And the jewels
was never found.

Right. Hold still,

Eh, b-B-But suppose
you miss.

Shut up.

I never miss.


You missed.

So I did.

Tsk tsk tsk.

As you were saying?

The jewels
was never found.

Right. We have
reason to believe

The jewels were
stashed in the car.

But the police
confis-Ti-Cated the car. Right?

Right. And that's
why you're here.

Tell 'em,
stoolie the pigeon.

Now, this particular car

That was used in this particular
getaway is up for sale

At a particular
police auction

Right here in this
particular town.

Come tomorrow morning
early. Particular.

Right. We're going down

To that particular police auction
tomorrow morning

And buy that
particular car.

Hey, I get it, boss.

You're sure smart,

I know.

Ha ha ha hee hee.

This is it,

- Right.
- Right.

"Police auction

Confis-Ti-Cated and
unclaimed vehicles for sale."

You know what to do.

Right, boss.
We bid for the car.

And the sky's the limit.

Yeah, but what
does it look like?

It's a big, black

What else do
gangsters drive, stupid?

This is it, Barney.
This is the car for us.

But it looks like
a gangster's car.

Yeah, but it's big
enough to hold both families.

Yeah. Hey,
good thinking, Fred.

Let's move over here so people
won't know we're interested in it.

Okay, Fred.

It may need
fixing up.

I figured that, so I brought
along paint, polish, and glue.

That's smart,

We'll fix it up so I'll be
like new and cheap-A-Doo.

Good thinking, barn.

Hey, hey, look, Fred.


Those two characters
are looking at our car.

This must be
the one.

Yeah. Care for some
caramel-Covered popcorn?

Naw, I never touch
the stuff.

Alright, folks. Cars
go to the highest bidder.

Go ask sparkle if we should
drive it to the hideout

After we buy it.

Okay, lenko.

O.K., O.K.,
This way. This way.

It'll be great for picnics and
family outings, huh, Fred?

Don't be so

They'll jump
the price on us.

Listen, pal,

I'm buying this car, see?

So keep your mouth shut
and stay healthy.

What are you,
a wise guy or somethin'?

What am I bid
for this very fine automobile

Once owned
by the slimy rock gang?


I'm offered 10
and I want 20.

20, 20, 20. Who'll give me 20
for this fine car?


15. I got 15, 15, 15,
and I want 20.

What's the idea
bidding against me?

We're in this
together, you know.

Sorry, Fred. I got caught up
in the excitement.

20, 20. Who'll give me
$20? I want 20.


I got 20.
I want 30.

30, 30, 30.
Who'll give me 30?


30. I warned you,

30, 30, I got 30.
I want 40.

40, 40, 40, I want 40.

Barney, hand me
that glue.

40, 40, I want 40.
Who'll give me 40?

40, 40, 40.
I want 40.

What you going
to do, Fred?

I'll use this
to seal the deal. 35!


I got 40. I want 50, 50, 50.

Who'll give me a $50-Bill?

50, 50, 50.

Fred: 45.

Lenko: 50.

50! I got 50.

Look, mac, I told you,
keep out of this.

I'm not going
to say no more.

That suits me
fine and dandy. 55!


I got 55,
and I want 60! 60, 60!


60, 60, 60!
Who will give me 60, 60, 60?

Anybody 60?

Going, going...

and sold to the gentleman
in the spotted suit for $55!

Hey, that's you, Fred.

The gentleman
in the spotted suit.


But, boss,
suppose you miss.

Hold still.
I never miss.


Speak up, man.
Don't mumble.

Did you buy
the car?

No? You didn't?
Where is it?

Hey, boss, that's it. That's
the car Lenko was supposed to buy.

Those guys got it.

Follow that there car.

Knock off the blub
blub blub blub blub

And get in the car!

Hey, it handles
real good, huh, Fred?

Right. Won't the girls
be surprised

When they find out it once
belonged to the slimy rock gang.

Yeah. That's what's worrying me.

Don't lose them, herman.

Don't worry,

How did it happen,


Ah, forget it.

Boss, they just pulled
into that driveway.

When they come out again,
we'll run them off the road,

Render the occupants

And take the car. Check?

Boss, you is
a born leader.

Hey, Wilma, come out here
and look at what we got!

[Arr arr arr]

[Hownk hownk
hownk hownk]

Ooh kasapa dado.

Ga-Ga. Da-Da.

Fred, what is
going on out here?

Barney and I bought this
to use as a second car between us.

Yeah. What do you think of it?

It looks like
a gangster's car.

It is. We bought it
at a police auction.

But I don't want
to ride around in a gangster's car.

That goes double.

I wish you'd
take it back.


Hey look at this. It'll be great
for a family outing.

[Honk honk]

Yeah, yeah. And picnics
and things like that.

plenty of headroom, too.

Come on,
pile in, girls.

Let's go for a ride.

Not me. There's something scary
about that gangster's car.

Don't be silly. There's nothing
to be scared of,

Is there, Barney?

Not a thing.

I wouldn't be surprised
if machine-Gun rocky

Pulled up and blasted it
full of holes any second.




It's only

You can come out now,

It was only
machine-Gun bamm-Bamm.

Very funny.

Yeah. Some joke. Ha.

Now, do you girls want to
go for a ride or not?

I'm sorry, Fred,
but Pebbles and I

Are not going to
ride in that car.

Ga ga dada ma.

Bamm-Bamm and I
second the motion.

Pooka da.

Okay. So long, Betty.

[Arr arr
arr-Rrr-Rrr arr]

We'll take dino then.

You girls are missing
a great ride.

Here they come,

Stay on their tail.
Run them off the road. Got it?

Right, boss.


Clam up,

Hey Fred, I think
we're being followed.

By who,
machine-Gun bamm-Bamm?

Ha ha ha!

No, Fred.
A big sedan.

What big sedan?

That big sedan.

Are you trying
to kid me?

No. Look.

Oh! That big sedan.

Hang on.
We'll lose them.

We lose them yet,

Not yet, Fred.

Hang on!

Did that shake them?

No, but it shook me.

Faster, herman.

She's wide open,

Leave them have it!

That's funny.
It's beginning to hail.

That's not hail,
and it's not funny!

They're shooting at us!

[Arr arr arr]

[Arr arr arr]

enough is enough.

Run them
off the road.


They're trying to
run us off the road!

Hang on, Barney.

They're right
behind us again, Fred.

Hey, where's dino?

Gosh, Fred,
maybe he fell out.

Look. There's a house.
Let's pull in and get help.

I'll honk the horn.


Hey, Fred, the side of the
house is opening up.

Maybe they have
an open house.

It is pretty nice of them
to deliver the jewels

Right to our hideout,
right, fellows?

Yeah, boss.


Ah, shut up!

I wish I'd listened
to Betty and Wilma.

We're in trouble.

Yeah. Wilma
was right.

Oh, we're in
big trouble, Fred.

I know it. That big sparkle
is a tough cookie.


Hey, it's Dino.

Dino? Say, that
gives me an idea.

Here, Barney,
scratch a message
on this.

With what?

With this ballpoint rock.
What else?

Dear Wilma,

We are prisoners
in a spooky old house

On river rock road.

Desperate. Help.

Signed, f. And b.

F and b, who's that?

Fred and Barney,
you dummy!

Here it is, Fred.

Here, dino.

Good boy, dino!

Barney: hey,
he swallowed it.

Fred: bad boy, dino.

You want to write
another note?

We haven't time. Dino, listen.
We're in trouble.

Dino: [Yeah yeah yeah]
Fred: - We need help.

Go home, tell Wilma.

[Yeah yeah yeah]

Go, Dino, go!

[Arr arr arr]


You think he can
make them understand?

Sometimes he's
pretty resourceful.

Just in case Dino goofs,
I got another idea.

What's that, Fred?

I got it from an old
gangster movie on tv.

We go over there by the door.

You stand on that side,
and I'll stand on this side.

What do we do now?

The next guy who comes
through that door,

We jump him
and take his gun.

Oh. I don't know
about that, Fred.

Listen, it worked
on tv.

Well if you say so, Fred.


Someone's coming.

You ready?

I watch tv, too, fellas.

Ah ga-Ga ba

Ooh kokee
ko poky.

Fred and Barney have been gone
quite a while.

I hope they didn't
have car trouble.

[Arr arr arr]

Why, Dino, what are
you doing here?

Something's wrong.

[Arr arr arr]

Where's Fred
and Barney?

You were
driving along...


Betty: Someone was
shooting at you?

Oh, my goodness.

Betty, the boys
are in trouble.

can you take us to them?

[Yeah yeah yeah]

I'll take the children
next door to mrs. Mcrockle's.

I'll get the car out.

[Arr arr arr]

Hold still, Lenko.

Hey, boss.

Yeah, herman?

I searched the car,

Big sparkle and I can't
find the jewels.

Maybe those two know
where they are.

I tell you, we don't know anything
about any jewels.

Yeah. That's right.


Quiet! I never miss.


Gee, boss, you missed.

So I did.
Tsk tsk tsk.

Herman, take those two
down to the car.

I'll make 'em talk.

[Arr arr arr rrr]

You mean straight ahead?

[Yeah arr arr]

I hope he knows
the way.

[Arr arr arr arr]

Straight ahead 2 miles
and turn left.

Is that right, dino?

[Arr arr arr]

Now for the last time,
where's the jewels?

I tell you,
we don't know.

I'm giving you 10 seconds,
or it's tsk tsk. 1...

I tell you--

Hey, Fred. Maybe they're
under the front seat.

Huh? What?
Oh, yeah.

Under the seat,



when he gets to 8,
I'll put it in reverse.



Hold on, Barney.


Stop them!

Come back here!

After them!

I'm with ya, boss.

Here they come, Fred.

Relax, Barney.
They'll never catch us.

Hey look, Fred.
We lost our front wheel.

Hey, boss, look!


We'll be


Hey, looks like big sparkle
got flattened.

All I can say is,
tsk tsk.

Hey, look, Barney!

The wheel broke.
It was hollow.

That's where they
hid the diamonds!

It's the girls.


Fred, Barney,
are you alright?

don't anybody move.

You're just in time,

Look, charlie,
isn't that big sparkle?

Yeah. And that's herman
the hood with him!

Right, officer,

And we have
delivered them

To you personally.

Well, there'll be a big reward
for leading us to this gang

And the recovery
of the jewels.


The car is a wreck,

But you can use the reward
money to buy a new one.

If you don't mind,
we'll skip another car

And put the money toward our
children's education fund.

Right, Betty?

Right, Wilma.

You know something,

We sure have a couple
of smart wives.

You can say
that again.

[Arr bbb barr]

[Bb bb bb brr]

You're right, Dino.

Let's not forget we've got
a very smart dog, too.

[Yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah]

meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone-Age family

From the
town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're

With the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time