The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 5, Episode 11 - Dino and Juliet - full transcript

While Fred and his obnoxious new neighbor argue, Dino and the neighbor's lady dinosaurus fall in love.

Alright, Dino,
this is it.

The family's honor
is at stake.

Do you know
your mission?

[Yah yah yah yah]

Then go get 'em,


[Arr arr arr]

Attaboy, tiger,
sic 'em!

[Arr arr arr]

[Arr arr arr]



Mmm, mmm, mmm...

Mmm, what a cutie!


Well, I'll be...
that's a girl dog.

[Arr arr arr]

[Imitating wolf whistle]

Well, if that
don't beat the bush.

Dino's in love!



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy
of Fred's two feet

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time


Boy, these automatic
hedge clippers

Are great.

Hey, Rabble,
come here.

Fred's new neighbor...
Mr. Loudrock.

What can I do
for you, Mr. Loudrock?

By the way,

The name is rubble,
not rabble.

I calls 'em the way
I see 'em, rabble.

Now listen, I'm gonna
take a sunbath,

So tell
that pal of yours--

Fatso Flintstone--

To keep quiet
whilst I rest.

You understand?

Yes, sir,
I understand.

If I'd known
I'd have him

as a backyard

when I bought
this place,

I'd have moved
to new rockchelle.

And another thing--

Stop clipping
when I'm talking!

I-I-I'm sorry,
Mr. Loudrock.


That's better.

What the--

You clown!

You clipped

my new shockasaurus
suit in half!

I'll pulverize ya!

Hey, Bamm-Bamm,
open up! Hurry!

Ooh. Thanks,

It's sure handy
having a strong son.

Bamm bamm.
Bamm bamm bamm!

One thing's
for sure, Hoppy--

You're better than
a shopping basket.

Okay I got all
the groceries put away.

You can play with
Bamm-Bamm now.

[Honk honk]

[Honk honk]

[Honk honk]

Stay in your yard,

Barney, why so grim?

Oh, it's that new
neighbor-- Loudrock.

He's a real grouch.


Yeah. I'd
better tell Fred

what he told me to say.

Since when did you become
Loudrock's errand boy?

Since he's
bigger than me.

Attagirl, Pebbles!

You're a real swinger!


Ha ha!

Ha ha!

Hey, Fred, Fred,
can I have a word with you?

Hey, Barney.


Okay, Pebbles,
that's enough.

You got to go in
for your nap now.

Grape juice.

That's right. First
have your grape juice.

Hey, Fred.

What can I
do for you, pal?

Well, I am here
on official business, Fred.

Our mutual neighbor--

Said to tell you
to be quiet

While he takes a sunbath.

Well, of
all the nerve!

Who appointed him

king of the

I don't know, Fred.
I'm just following orders.

Well, I'm not gonna be
pushed around by him!

I'll see you
later, pal.

I did my duty.

Now I'll head for
a nice safe, neutral corner.

The nerve of that guy
sending Barney over

To tell me
to be quiet.

Oh, forget it, Fred.

After all,
he is our new neighbor.

Try to get along.

I'll get "a long" alright,

A long right to the chin
if he gets too smart.

This is my property.

I won't be quiet
for anybody.

Where are you going,

I'm going to turn on
the sprinklers,

If his majesty next door
doesn't mind.

Oh, dear. I can see
the storm warnings.

Okay, Mathilda,
start sprinkling.

[Loud slurping]




If you turn
them sprinklers on again,

I'll tie a knot
in your nose, too!

Oh, yeah? Well,
how would you like

a knuckle sandwich?

Take it easy, Fred.

We don't want
any fights.

Who's fighting?

I'm just yelling
because I'm fighting mad!

Now, cool off, Fred.

[Muttering angrily]

I hate him...
I hate him not.

I hate him...
I hate him not.

Look at him, playing
the gentleman farmer.

I'm telling you that guy
is a menace to society.

And he's also
bigger than you.

So what? He's gonna push me
too far one of these days,

And I am gonna
clobber him.

I wouldn't do that
if I was you, Fred.

These weeds keep creeping
into my petunias

From Flintstone's yard.

With him
in the neighborhood,

They ought to declare this
a disaster area.

That did it!

That's the camel

That broke
the straw back!

Hey, loudrock!

I want a word
with you!

Poor Fred.

I'm sure gonna miss him
around here.

What can I do
for you...


The name
is Flintstone!

What's the idea,

Hitting me with
a clod of dirt?

You better
knock it off

If you know
what's good for you!

Knock it off?

Okay, pal.

Hold still.


Very funny. Oh,
you are a card.

But it's only fair
to warn you--

I know karate.


Never heard of him.

Does he live
in the neighborhood, too?


you asked for it.

I'm gonna--

Oh, no. You wouldn't
do that!

You wouldn't
tickle my feet...

would you?

Cootchie cootchie coo!


ha ha ha ha!

Oh, no!
No, no, stop!

Ha ha ha ha!

Ooh, stop it!

Ha ha ha ha!

Ooh! Eee! Eee!

Oooh, ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha!
You kill me, Flintstone.

Don't give me any
ideas, loudmouth!

This means war!

Fine by me!
Let's shake on it.


And all's fair
in love and war.

Fred Flintstone,

Next time you want
a drink of water,

Come in
through the door.


"Beware of dog."

Oh, siccing his dog
on me, eh?


[Arr arr]

[Arr arr]


[Arr arr
arr arr arr]

Ha ha ha ha!

Loudrock must be kidding.

That little dog
couldn't hurt a fly.

Hello, little puppy.

Don't be scared.
I won't hurt you.



[Grrr arr arr]

So! It's a dog fight
he wants, huh?

Well, my Dino

Just happens to be
the neighborhood champ.

How come the garage

Is all fixed up
like a gym, Wilma?

Fred's getting Dino
in shape.

Dino has a big fight
coming up with loudrock's dog.

Okay, tiger,

Now let's skip rope
for a while.

Attaboy. Limber up
those legs,

And remember,
you're a tiger!



[Nuhn nuhn
nuhn nuhn]



Okay, tiger.

Now let's work out
on the heavy bag.



It looks like
your tiger is ready, Fred.

Alright, Dino,
this is it.

The family's honor
is at stake.

You know your mission?

[Yah yah
yah yah yah]

Then go get 'em,


[Arr arr arr]

Attaboy, tiger!

Sic 'im!

[Arr arr arr arr]

[Arr arr arr arr]



Mmm...mmm, mmm, mmm!

What a cutie!


Well, I'll be...

that's a girl dog!

[Arr arr arr]

[Imitating wolf whistle]

Well, if that
don't beat the bush.

Dino's in love!

Hey, Flintstone!

If you don't keep
this mutt of yours

Out of my yard,

I'm gonna
call the pound

And then I'm gonna
pound you on the head!

Some secret weapon
you turned out to be.


That Loudrock

Really burns me up.

One of these days,

I'm gonna stop being
so mild-Mannered

and even-Tempered

and forget
I'm a gentleman!

Even my faithful Dino
is a traitor.


Relax, Fred. Why don't
you go shoot some pool

And forget
your troubles.

Yeah. You may be right, Wilma.
I'll get Barney.

I got to unwind,
or I'll blow my top.

Wilma's right, Fred.

You gotta get out
and relax.

Just forget
all about Loudrock.

Sure. I'll forget
I ever knew him.

Yeah, that's
the spirit, Fred.

Ha ha ha! You know,
I feel better already.

Table six, gentlemen,
and enjoy yourselves.

Let's go, Fred.

Table five...

uh, table six
must be the next one.

You got a great head
for figures, pal.

That's funny.
Even down here

I can hear
that Flintstone's voice.

All racked up,

Bust 'em.

8 ball
in the side pocket.

It's like I was standing
right next to him.



What do you think
you're doing?


Playing pool.
What else?

Allow me.

That does it, fatso!

Put up your dukes.

Let me at him!
I'll tear him apart!

Let go, Barney! Let me go!

I'll settle this
once and for all!

Let go!

I'm ashamed of you,
Fred, acting like that.

You were supposed
to relax. Now, take it easy.

Okay, Barney.
I'm alright now.

I'm sorry I spoiled
your evening.

[Rollers screech]

health club."

What do you say we have
a little workout, Barney?

I'm with you, pal.

We can work out
your frustrations.

1, 2.

1, 2.

1, 2.

Boy, am I gonna be
in good shape

To clobber Loudrock.

Take it easy, Fred.

Try to forget
old what's-His-Name.

You're supposed
to be relaxing.

You're right, Barney.

Come on. We'll work out

With the medicine ball
for a while. Catch!

Got it, Fred.

I feel better already.

After all, you can't
stay sore forever.


That's enough, barn.

Let's take
a steam bath.

Now, that's something
I can get steamed up about.


It feels great,
huh, Fred?

Yeah, and
it's a terrific way

To lose weight.

I think we've been here
long enough, Fred.

Yeah, we better leave
before we vanish into hot air.

Boy, what a workout.
I feel great.

And this time,

That loudmouth

Wasn't around
to spoil my evening.

No. That voice.
It couldn't be.

Not Flintstone again.




I'm gonna
flatten your head,

You clumsy ox!

Come on, Fred.
Let's get out of here

Before he gets sore.

Hello, dear.
Feeling better?

Pack up!

We're moving!

what happened?

Didn't you play
some pool?

Yeah, and
so did Loudrock.

He deliberately
followed me there.

What the...

ooh...hee hee...
hoo hoo...

hee hee.

What is Dino getting
all dolled up for?

It's spring, Fred,

And in the spring,

A young dinosaur's thoughts
turn lightly to love.


Dino has a crush
on Mr. Loudrock's dog.


Oh, no, he don't!

Dino, get back here!

Oh, come now, Fred.

You're not going
to stand in the path

Of true love,
are you?


[Uhm, uhm, uhm, uhm,
uhm, uhm...uhm, uhm]



[Knock knock]

Alright, alright,
I'm coming!

You don't have to
bust the door down.

Dino! Since when
do you knock

to come inside?

Siccing a dog on me,
huh, fatstone?

Come on outside.

We're gonna settle
this fight now.

This is where you get
your lumps, Loudrock.

First I'll dazzle you
with my fancy footwork.

Are you gonna fight
or do the charleston?

oh, Fred!

Would you mind taking
the garbage out, dear?


That was fast service.

Usually he squawks
about it being a woman's work.

Wilma, this home is
now under martial law.

No one leaves the house
without a pass.

Oh, come now, Fred.

Next thing you'll want
is a blackout.

I mean it, Wilma.
Lights out at 10:00.


Dino, I know you
in that disguise.

Don't you dare
leave this house.


And get out of
that silly outfit.

Alright, Wilma!
Off to bed!

On the double!

Hut, 2, 3, 4.
Hut, 2, 3, 4.

Hut, 2, 3, 4.

Hut, 2, 3, 4.


[Uhm uhm hum]

[Uhm uhm uhm
uhm uhm]

[Uhm uhm uhm uhm]

[Uhm uhm uhm
uhm uhm uhm]


in sleep]


[Uhm uhm uhm
uhm uhm uhm]

[Uhm uhm uhm
uhm uhm uhm]



who's the wise guy?

As if I didn't know.

That Flintstone's
gonna go too far

One of these days.


Hey, Flintstone!

You left something
at my house!





Maybe now I can get
some sleep.



[Yip yip yip
yip yip yip]

Knock it off, ya mutt!

Shut up, Loudrock!


Look at them.

They've been
fighting for weeks.

You'd think those two

Would get used to
each other by now.

Come on, Loudrock,

Put 'em up,
put 'em up!

Okay hold still.

What's the matter,

Too tricky for you?


I'm gonna
take a divot

Out of his head

With this golf club!


Now he's really
made me mad.

Tennis, anyone?


I guess tennis
isn't Fred's racket. Ha ha!

Poor Fred. Here
he comes again.

I'll tear him apart

With my bare hands!

What is he fighting
about now, Wilma?

Something about Dino
and mr. Loudrock's dog.

Fred calls it

with the enemy."

You keep
that Mata Hari dog

Away from
my innocent Dino!

She's not here, fatso.

I sent her to the vet
for a checkup,

So beat it, fatso!

Nobody calls me

Put 'em up!
Put 'em up!

[Telephone rings]



Oh, it's you, Doc.

How's my little dog?

She's gonna what?

She's gonna
be a mother

Any minute now.

You better come down
here right away.

And tell the owner
of the father

To come along, also.

[Uhm uhm uhm uhm
uhm uhm uhm uhm]

Hey, fatso! Our dogs
are gonna have pups!


I'll see ya
down at the vet's.

Wilma, did you hear that?
Dino's gonna be a papa!

I wonder if he's
gonna pass out cigars.

Gosh. I'm gonna be
a grandpa...or something.

Get the car, Wilma.

We're all going down
to the vet hospital.

This is nerve-Racking.
What's taking so long?

I just hope my dog
wasn't scared by your face.

If her pups
look like you,

She might have
a trauma.

Yeah? How would you like
a trauma to the jaw?

Just try it,

Don't call me

Will you two
please stop arguing?

She's right,
you know.

stop arguing

And start

Good idea!

congratulations, men.

Gee, I'm sorry, Doc.

We thought you
were each other.

Oh, that's okay
I'll just add it to your bill.

What about the dogs, doc?
Did it happen yet?

Yes, indeed.

You are now the owners
of 15 baby pups.


15 baby pups?

Both: yabba-Dabba-Doo!

Look, since we're
practically related now,


Let's be friends
as well as neighbors.

Sure, Flintstone.

[Puppies yipping]

Oh, isn't it

The kids are
having a ball.

Look at those
little puppies.

[Yip yip]
[Yip yip]

Look at the proud
papa and mama.


and you know what?

Besides the pups,

Another good thing

Fred and mr. Loudrock

Have finally learned
to work together.

Hiya, Rockhead.
This is Fred.

Yeah. Yeah,
yeah, yeah.

Say, how would you like
to own a new puppy?

Hello, Fieldstone.

Hey, can you
give a nice home

To a cute puppy?

Hey, hold on.
I want to call mr. Slate.

You'll take one?

Good, Fieldstone!
That's fine!

You're right, Wilma,

And they're gonna
work together a long time.

It's gonna take
a lot of teamwork

To find homes
for 15 pups.

meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time