The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 4, Episode 4 - Dino Disappears - full transcript

Fred has a string in his finger: he must get something for one member of his family. Thinking it is Pebbles, Wilma makes him remember that it is Dino's birthday. Dino is quite disappointed. However, Fred mistakenly thinks Dino tried to attack Pebbles while trying to save her. The next day, Dino runs away from home. The Flinstones are sad, especially Pebbles who don't want to eat at all. Fred and Barney take all means to bring Dino back. They think Dino was dog-napped by an obnoxious movie producer who has a Dino look-a-like. Fred bets he'll spend one week in Dino's dog house if it's the wrong dog he chose...

I better hurry.

I'm supposed to pick up
Barney and I'm late.

tong tong


What's that?

thud thud thud

Duh! That's just great.

'A flat tire.
Just my luck.'

Oh, well, Barney will
just have to wait.

And where's that jack?

Ah, here it is.

'Might as well
get started.'

crank crank crank

Now, to get
this wheel off.

argh argh argh

Hope there's a good
sized boulder around here.

clink clink clink

One of these days I'm
gonna carry a spare.

Chiseling out these new tubeless
tires is amazing.


[Fred grunting]

'Okay, pal, down you go.'

click rattle
rattle rattle

Oh! My achin' head.

[theme music]

[siren blaring]

Yabba dabba doo!

Meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone-age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page right
out of history

Let's ride with the
family down the street

Through the courtesy
of Fred's two feet

When you're with
the Flintstones

Have a yabba
dabba doo time

A dabba doo time

You'll have
a gay old time

Geez! Where's that Fred?
I've been waitin' an hour.

Hiya, Freddy boy,
over here.


Sorry I'm late, Barney.

I'll sure be glad to get
home where I can relax.


Yeah, there's nothing
like the old home life.

You said it,
Barney boy.

When it comes to my little
wife and baby Pebbles

I could go on
for hours.

And you usually
do, Fred.


So there we were
at the doctor's office

for Pebbles' check-up and..

Say, I'm not boring you
with all this, am I, Barney?

Yeah, oh-oh no, Fred,
not at all.

If there's one thing
I can't stand it's parents

who never talk about
anything but their kids.

Uh-uh, right, Fred,
that is boring.

Would you look
at that, Barney.

They've still got the toll
bridge racket working.

Okay, big mouth, so
what if I don't pay?

Oh, guard, I've got
a wise guy.


I-I-I understand, sir.

He he he!

I-I-I got the message.

Okay, Charlie, lower away.

Right, governor.


He-he, I've got to
hand it to you, Fred.

- You handled that beautifully.
- Yeah, yeah.

Now, let's see, where was I?

Oh, yeah.

So, the doctor took me aside
and he said,

"Mr. Flintstone, in all
of my years of practice

I have never seen such
a beautiful baby."

Yeah, no kiddin'.

As for smarts, well, you
should see her latest trick.

I bet it's
a humdinger.

Hey, Fred, you wanna
go bowling tonight?

Not tonight, Barney.

- Oh, no!
- 'What's the matter, Fred?'

This string.

Wilma put it on my finger
to remind me of somethin'.

- A present.
- That's it, a toy.


- Thanks, Barn.
- 'Don't mention it.'

I don't remember what
kind of a toy to get.

If you were a baby girl, Barn

what would you want
more than anything?

Ah, let's see now, if
I were a baby girl

I would want more
than anything--

- Yeah, yeah.
- A baby boy!

Oh, boy, someday I'll
learn not to ask you.




Happy anniversary to you

Happy anniversary to you

Happy anniversary
dear Dino

Happy anniversary
to you


Ha ha ha.

'Well, Dino, it's been one year
today, you've been with us.'


Ah, it's been a
wonderful year, Dino.

And I--

[Dino yelping]

What is it?




You little wiggle bug.

What'd we do if we
didn't have Dino

watching over you
every minute.

When Fred get's home

'I know a certain dog who's
getting a surprise present.'


'Hey, Wilma!'

Wilma, I'm home!

I'd never know
if he didn't tell me.


Dino, wait, down boy!

slam thud

Can't I come home just once

without being tackled
by this canine quarterback?

Down, down,
get down, Dino!

Well, what have we here?

Looks like some
kind of surprise.

He-he! I'll say!

Just take a look at this,
a baby Pebbles doll.

Watch what she says when
I give her a little squeeze.

Yabba dabba doo.

Yabba dabba doo.

How about that?

And that's not all.

'Wait 'til I get this next
goodie out of the box.'

'I know someone who is really
gonna be surprised with this.'

Isn't it a beaut?

Not for you, Dino, this is
a dollhouse for--


Are all these
things for Pebbles?

Didn't you bring
anything home for--

Sorry, Wilma, I didn't
have enough money left

to get you anything.

Put Pebbles down with
her new toys, will ya?

'I wanna take a picture.'


What're you sniffin'
for, Dino old boy?

You got a cold?

'That's it, smile pretty.'

Hold it, hold it.

'Dadums is the world's
greatest photographer.'

Oh, sure, I do the work
and he takes the credit.


One, two, three, four, five

six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

There we are.

Oh, these instant
polo rocks are terrific.

Hey, how did he get
in the picture?

'Alright, alright!'

'Dino, will you please
clear outta here?'

What's the matter
with you Dino?

You act like you're
jealous or somethin'.


Now, let's try it
again, Pebbles.

Big smile for dadums.

Goodnight, sweetheart.

Goodnight, Fred.

Okay, okay!
I know that tone.

What did I do?

It's what you didn't do.

You were suppose to bring
home something for Dino.

That's it.

That's what the string
on my finger was for.

It's Dino's
anniversary with us.

Yes, it is. And you ought
to be ashamed of yourself.

Treating a member of
the family that way.

Gee, Wilma,
I forgot.

Dino is a loyal friend and
you made him feel like a.. a dog.


I'm a dope.

- 'Where're you going?'
- Where else.

To look for
an all-night pet store.



toink thud

Hey, what's going on?

'Dino, what are you doin'?'

Pebbles baby,
are you alright?

Speak to me.


What's wrong?
What was all that noise?

That loyal friend you
were talking about

just tried to
attack our baby.


Fred, don't be

I caught him in the act.

Oh, Fred, it must've
been an accident.

Has he or has he not been
acting jealous of that baby?

Well, maybe a little,
but he would never--

I don't know and I'm
not waiting to find out.

From now on, he's
sleepin' outside.

'And stay out.'

Sorry, pal.

[Dino whimpering]

Fred, Fred, wake up.


- Wha-what's the matter?
- It's Dino, he's gone.

Oh, for Pete's sake, Wilma.

We put him out
last night, remember?

I know that, Fred. He's
not there. He's run away.

He hasn't run away.

He's just prowling somewhere.

Ah, I'll find him.

I looked all over
the yard, Wilma.

'I guess he did run away.'

His plate and blanket
are gone too.

Looks like
he left for good.


There, there, honey,
don't cry.

Oh, Fred, we never should've
put Dino out last night.

Oh, he's always been
a pain in the neck.

Wh-what's to eat?

How can you eat
at a time like this?

It's easy.

I'm glad he's gone,
I knew he was trouble

from the first time
he followed me home.

You did not.

You were playing with him,
that's why he followed you.

'Wilma, I wasn't playing,
I was throwing things at him.'

'Trying to get him off of me.'

Oh! Dino was so sweet! trusting.

[Wilma and Pebbles sobbing]

I never liked
that dog.

[all sobbing]

Why the heck did he
love me so much?

We love Dino.

Hiya, Fred, Wilma, Pebbles.

How are the happy
Flintstones this morning?

Fine, Barney. Fine.

Oh, that's good.

[Barney sobbing]

- Hey, Fred.
- What is it, Barn?

Why am I crying?

I don't know.

Dino's run away.

Uh-hu, no kiddin'.

Well, why're we
standing around here?

Let's get in the car
and look for him.

Okay, Barn.

Don't worry, Fred, everything
is gonna be fine.

I think.



[dog barking]


[dog growling]


C'mon, honey, one little
mouthful for mommy.

'Oh, dear!'

Well, we looked every place.

No luck.


Did you put an ad
in the paper, Fred?

Got it right here.

Reward offered for lost
family pet, name of Dino.

Six feet tall,
purple, with spots.

Owned by an old grouch
named Flintstone.

Now, cut that out, Barney.

Oh, Fred, we just got
to get Dino back.

Pebbles hasn't
stopped c-r-y-i-n-g.

She's very u-p-s-e-t.

'I can see where
the trouble is.'

She's not e-t-i-n.

I'll fix that.

We tried to feed her, Barney.

Look, sweetheart, Uncle
Barney loves Pebbles' cereal.

Hmm! yum, yum, yum!

Here, now you
take some.

You don't know what
you're missin'.

Oh, good.

Hmm! yum, yum, yum!


Hey, this stuff
is not bad at all.

Hmm! yum, yum, yummy!

Barney, just what do you
think you're doing?

You're not suppose to
force a kid to eat, Fred.

Ha ha ha!


[doorbell rings]

I'll get it, maybe someone
is answering the add.

Keep your fingers crossed.


You're the guy that advertised
a reward for a lost pet?

Right! Come in!

Dino, it's you.

I got your dog, mister.

Huh, two Dinos?

Where's the reward?



I know, Fred, they
all look like Dino.

They can't be.

Hey, look at Pebbles, maybe
she can pick him out.





She couldn't
tell, either.

They all look exactly like him.

- What do we do now, Fred?
- El-e-mentary, Wilma.

I will show you.

C'mon, Dino,
we're goin' for a walk.

[dogs barking]

crash thud

Well, you proved
one thing, Fred.

There are a lot of
dog's named Dino.


Keep looking, Barney, Dino must
be around here somewhere.

I'm looking! I'm looking!

Eh, there.
In that yard up ahead.

That's him! That's Dino!
He's been kidnapped.

Easy now, pal.

Remember Dino wasn't exactly
a unique lookin' animal.

Hold on, old friend,
I'll get you outta there.



Fred, I don't think
that's Dino.

Oh, sure it is, Barney.

I can tell him anywhere.


There's something
special about him.

There sure is,
he doesn't like you.

Well, of course not, I
yelled at him, didn't I?

I turned him out
of the house, didn't I?

Hey, stop playing with my dog.

That's my dog.

'I'll be right out.'

Are you sure that's Dino, Fred?

Sure, I'm sure.
Who else would wanna bite me?

Let him go, Rocky, now!

What's this all
about, anyway?

I said that's my dog
you got chained up.

What is he, nutty or somethin'?

- Now, look.
- Now, keep calm, Fred.

I got a little girl at home
crying for that dog, pal.

And you better
hand him over.

Look, buddy,
he's my dog!

I've had him
since he was a pup.

His name is Rocky.

Say, pretty fast
talker, aren't you?

Rocky, here, works
in the movies.

He's a stunt animal.

slurp slurp slurp

He's worth 5000 bucks.

So, that's your game.
Ransom, huh?

Oh, brother, okay,
I'll prove it.

Dance for the man, Rocky.

[piano music]


'Swell rocky.
Now play dead.'


To be honest, Fred, I don't
think that's Dino.

So, he taught Dino some tricks.

He's not foolin' me.

Hey, aren't you being a
little stubborn, Fred?

Barney, I know my dog.

I'll sleep in the doghouse
for a week

if that isn't Dino.

Okay, I've had it!

Rocky, get these
nuts outta here.


Tryin' to turn my
dog against me, huh?


Well, I've to tell you
right now, it won't work.



That's enough, Rocky.

That's the last
we'll see of them.

Good boy!



We're up against
a clever crook.

But he's not getting
away with it.

We're comin' back
tonight and do a little

dog stealing ourselves.

It's almost dark, Barney.

Another hour and
we'll go for Dino.

Gee, Fred, I hope you
know what we're doin'.

Yes, Fred, how can you be sure
you've got the right dog?

Wilma, I don't say
I'm always right.

But if that dog we saw chained
behind that fence isn't our Dino

I'll sleep in the
doghouse for one week.

'It's a deal, Fred.'

Keep a sharp look out, Clyde.

That stray dog that was reported
is somewhere around here.


[tires screeching]

- 'There he is!'
- 'After him!'


Don't let him get away.



Where'd he go?

I'll ask this lady.

Pardon me, ma'am, did you
see a big dog go by here.

Not so loud, Clyde.
You'll scare the baby.

kechi kechi
kuchi kuchiku

da da
uh uh

da da

Yuck, what a homely
looking kid.

Hey, wait a minute.

After him!


Faster, Clyde, faster!

I'm runin'.

I'm runin'.

'There he is.'

'There he goes.'

He went in that old log.

Now, we got him for sure.

Now, when I give
the word, net him!

Ready, steady. Go!



Can you see him, Barney?

Yeah, Dino's sound asleep.

Now, be quiet, I don't
want him to wake up.

I'll slip the bag
over his head.

And you grab him.
You got it?

You can count
on me, Fred.


I know I can count on
you to goof things up.

Now, get off the bag.

Shh, not so loud,
you'll wake up Dino.

'Oh, ye-yeah. Yeah yeah.'

'Ready, Barney?'



'Got him.'


'Let's get outta here.'

Don't be scared, Dino.
It's me.


Oh, you shouldn't
have said that, Fred.

Now, he's really

[Rocky growling]

Hey, what's the matter, Rocky?

- Uh-oh, the jig's up, Fred.
- Oh, no, it isn't!

Stop! Stop, thieves. Stop.

Help, police, help!

Police, police!


What's the trouble, mister.

Hey, follow that car.

Those crooks have just
stolen my $5000 dog.



Gee, Fred, I think
we're makin' a mistake.

I'll do the thinkin'
around here.



Oh, boy, it never fails.

Run, Clyde, run.

I'm runin', I'm runin'.

Hey, did you see
that dog, Fred?

He looked
just like Dino.

What's the matter
with you, Barney?

We got Dino
right here.

Right, pal?



Ah, too much excitement,
he-he-he's ner-nervous.

'C'mon, c'mon, this is the
longest signal I ever saw.'

Well, it's about time.

[siren blaring]

Uh-oh! Here comes
the police.

Watch me lose him.

I saw this done
in an old movie.

We're safe.


Uh, Fred, I think the
police saw the same movie.

Okay, dognappers.

Let's go down
to the station.

[phone rings]

Hello. Hello.

Yes, this is she.

Who is it?

They are?

- I see.
- What is it?

They did what?

- Oh.
- How much?

Oh my!

Well, let's just
don't stand here.

Let's go bail them out.

(Rocky's owner)
'So then, officer, this guy
tries to steal my dog.'

I did not, he stole my dog.

Oh, yeah? I can prove
he belongs to me.

How? He doesn't
have a collar.

No, but he has
a contract.

Rocky is the best stunt
dog in pictures, see.

Oh, that doesn't
prove a thing.

Ho-ho, give the sergeant
a sample, Rocky.



That's not Dino.


Pebbles doesn't
think so either.

Ignore this man and listen
to my plea, Your Honor.

I'm a sergeant.

Do you see that sweet
little child over there?

'So helpless, so innocent.'

Oh, brother!

Yeah, what about her?

That child won't eat.

She's wastin' away

for love
of her lost pet.

No kiddin'.

She's too young to be touched
by the cruelties of life.

I ask you, should a pet be taken
away from my child, Pebbles?



I repeat, sir, should
her dog be given

to-to-to a stranger?


Dino, oh, it's so
good to see you!

Your dog, right?

Yes, sir.

Your dog, right?

Ye-yea yea-yeah.

I guess so.

Okay, I'm throwin' out
the dog stealing charges.

Oh, thank you, sir.

'And fining you
50 bucks for speedin'

'and disturbin' the peace.'

'Next case.'

My, it's good to see you eat
again, you little monkey.


Boy, I gotta say one thing.

When Fred makes a bet,
he really goes through with it.

[Barney laughing]

Well, after a week of it, maybe
he won't so stubborn next time.

How does the table look?

Absolutely divine.

Let's see.

Knives, forks, napkins.

What did I forget?

Oh, yes.

You two go ahead and start,
I'll be right back.

Here's your dinner.

and pleasant dreams...






[theme music]

Meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone-age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page right
out of history

Some day maybe Fred
will win the fight

And that cat will stay
out for the night

When you're with
the Flintstones

Have a yabba
dabba doo time

A dabba doo time

You'll have a gay old time


You'll have a gay old time