The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 3, Episode 6 - Here's Snow in Your Eyes - full transcript

Fred and Barney must attend a Water Buffalo convention in a snow resort. As they are bored in their house, Betty and Wilma goes for the ride but are disguised. Both are invited to participate in a "snow beauty queen" contest. However, Barney is accidentally involved in a coup concerning a stolen diamond. A suspicious butler and maid takes Barney as their main contact, but when the real one arrives, Barney and Fred must run for their lives...

Hold on.
We're comin' to a ditch!

Hey, take it easy, Fred!

You almost lost me
that time.

Oh, no. You're supposed
to be behind me.

Hey, Fred! Wait for me!

Grab him!

Sit still,
will you, Barn?

It's hard enough
skiin' as it is.

Oh, my gosh!
We're comin' to a cliff.

So long, Barney!

It was nice
knowin' you.

Woman: stop!



meet the flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of Fred's two feet

When you're with
the flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

A man, he toils
from sun to sun,

But a woman's work
is never done.

Oh, that feels good.
Hee hee hee hee!

Wonderful. Wonderful.

oh, Wilma.

I'm in the kitchen, Betty.

It never fails.
Interruptions, interruptions.


Are you very busy?

Oh, no. Just the usual--
Cleaning, scrubbing, cooking.

wait till you hear

What I read in the
newspaper about you.

Don't tell me.
Let me guess.

The nation's housewives
have voted me

The girl with the reddest
dishpan hands. Right?

Oh, I'm serious,

It says right here

You are going to have a
dramatic adventure.

It does? Me?
Wilma Flintstone?

It does,
you, capricorn,

Right here under
your daily horoscope.

Oh, honestly, Betty.

You know I don't
believe in that stuff.

What does it say?

[Giggles] it says, "a
dramatic adventure

Is in store for you
and your partner."

I'm gonna have
a dramatic adventure

If Dino's timing is off.

That means
you and Fred.

Fred and I are partners

He has 50% of the fun,
and I have 50% of the work.

My, somebody's
grouchy today.

Oh, it's my annual case
of housewife's rut.

Don't stand too close, honey.
It might be catching.

cheer up, Wilma.

to your horoscope,

Something exciting's
going to happen.

I wish I could believe it.

[Telephone rings]

Wilma's work farm.
I mean, hello.

Oh, hi, sally.
It's sally rockhead.

Joe just got back
from the lodge meeting

- And told you what?
- what?

- They voted what?
- What?

Fred and Barney
are what?

What, Wilma?
What? What? What?

Oh, boy.
Thanks, sally. Bye.


Oh, will you please
tell me what's going on?

Now hear this.

Bulletin from the royal
order of water buffaloes--

State convention
next weekend...

to be held at the stone
mountain ski resort.


That fabulous,
expensive place

Where all
the movie stars go?

None other.

And the bedrock

To this all-Expense-Paid

Are Fred Flintstone
and Barney Rubble.

Oh, talk about
dramatic adventure!

A whole weekend
at stone mountain.


No housework,
no dishes,

Just fun, fun, fun.

Say, what are we
gonna wear, Betty?

Gee, I don't know.

I haven't got a warm stone
mountain-Type outfit to my name.

That place is so fancy
you have to change clothes

To buy a newspaper
in the lobby.

Uh, Mrs. Flintstone,
would you say

A fast trip to the bedrock
skate and ski shop

was in order?

Mrs. Rubble,
can we afford it?

Da da da da da da

Charge it!

Boy, Fred, I don't know
how we're gonna explain it.

What's to explain?

We simply
tell the girls

We have to go
to a lodge convention,

And they can't go.

And then they cry
and carry on.

Oh, I can't face it.

What are you,
a man or a mouse?

Uh, got any cheese?

now, listen, Barney.

You gotta lay down
the law in your house.

- No scenes.
- No scenes.

- No arguments.
- No arguments.

We simply tell them
the truth.

There wasn't enough money in
the treasury to pay for the wives,

So wives can't go.

Wives can't go.

So be firm when you get home.
You got it?

Yeah, I got it,

And when I get home,
I'm gonna get it.


Just a minute, Fred.

Wilma, come out here.
I have somethin' to tell you.

Ready or not,
here I come.

Hi, Fred. Like it?

what's that for?

For skiing, Fred.

Sally rockhead told me
about the convention.

Oh, she did, huh?

Well, there's somethin'
she didn't know about.

Oh, golly.
I'm so excited.

Yeah, b-But
you see, Wilma--

This is my swimming outfit.
Do you like it?

It's ok, but--

Oh, Fred,
you're an angel.

You'll just love
the lounging outfit I got.

Wilma, stop
the fashion show.

You're not goin'
with me.

What did you say?

You'd better sit down
while I explain, Wilma.

You see, this
is a business trip.

Strictly business.

There simply wasn't enough
money in the treasury

To pay for wives,

And the fellas voted
that wives stay home.

I see.

Ahh, you won't
miss a thing, Wilma.

It'll just be a lot
of dull meetings.

You'd be bored
to death.

Alright, Fred.

Well, aren't you
gonna argue with me?

No, Fred.

If you say
I'd be bored...

at that glamorous,
beautiful, exciting ski resort,

I'd be bored.
Boo hoo hoo hoo!

Aw, Wilma.
I'll make it up to you.

Look, you can keep
all the stuff you bought,

And we'll go
another time.

And I give you
my word of honor,

I'll have a terrible
time without you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

See you later,

I gotta hand it
to you, Fred.

You really know
how to handle women.

Like I told you,

There can be only one
boss in each family.

I know, and talking ours

into letting us go
this weekend was not easy.

Talk, nothin'.

When I tell my wife
she can't go with me,

She doesn't argue.
She stays home.

Well, we'll just have to
make the best of it.

We can have lots of
fun here at home.

Yeah. We can go
to the movies, watch tv.

I'll get us
a bite to eat.

I hope the fellas

What good sports
they married.

Some women wouldn't
let their husbands go off alone.

Not us.

We're not like
those typical,

insecure wives.

Let's face it--
We're dolls.

Reporter on tv:
and now for the news.

of the van rocklin rock,

One of the world's
largest diamond rings,

Has just been reported
by mrs. Van Rocklin,

Currently vacationing
at her chalet

In the stone mountains.

Oh, I forgot the mustard
for our snack.

Reporter: prime suspects in the case
are the maid and butler.

And now, more news

From the famous
stone mountain ski resort--

A beauty contest.

Wilma! Wilma!

For heaven's sake,
Betty, what's wrong?

Look, a beauty contest
at Stone Mountain.

Reporter: these young
ladies are contestants

For the miss winter
carnival title

Which will be awarded
this weekend.

Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

Well, maybe--
Maybe the fellas didn't know

Anything about a beauty
contest this weekend.

aren't they?

And so young.

Maybe we'd better
get up there.

And fast.

But...what'll we
use for money?

How about your household
emergency fund?

At our house,
every day is an emergency

When it comes
to money.

But I'll check
my piggy bank anyway.

I know what you mean.

Mine still rattles, Wilma.
Do you have a hammer?

Right. Well,
here goes nothing.

Oh, gee, Wilma.

I'd just die if the fellas
ever found out

We were going up
to check on them.

Oh, they mustn't find out.

We'll have to wear
disguises and everything.

Now, let's see...

housewives of the nation,
arise and be beautiful.

Well? How do I look,

Ha ha ha!

Absolutely divine.

Oh, gee, Wilma,
this is gonna be fun.

How much further
do we have to drive?

The stone mountain lodge
is just around

The next curve.

Mrs. Van Rocklin's
maid and butler,

Prime suspects in today's
diamond robbery,

Are thought to still be
in the stone mountain area.

Things are getting a bit warm,
aren't they?

Stick to the stealin', sam.
I'll do the thinking.

You're sure lefty's
got the fence set up?

Oh, quite! He shall be in the
lobby as we get there.

We gotta dump
this rock fast.

Who'd ever think a piece of ice
could be so hot?

It should bring
quite a price.

Now, let's go
over the plan, sam.

Right-O! We go into the
stone mountain lodge,

Mingle with the crowd,

And look for a short,
blond gentleman

Posing as a delegate to
some convention or other.

And the password?

It's "slalom,"

Which indicates
the coast is clear

To slip him the diamond,
leave our car,

And make our escape
on skis.

Yeah, a short, blond guy,

And the password
is "slalom."

Gee, Wilma,
say something

So I'll know
it's really you.

Ha ha ha!

It's me, Betty.

And you! I'd never recognize
you with that red hair

And those
false eyelashes.

Ha ha. Just so
the fellas don't.

After all, they never actually told
us to stay home, did they?

Right. All they said was
we couldn't go with them.

And we're not.
We're going alone.

Sneaks, aren't we?

Both: ha ha ha!

Some layout,
huh, Fred?

Hey, you think we'll have
time for some skiing

Before the first

Yeah, I guess so.

Well, uh,
what's the matter, Fred?

Oh, let's face it,

We shouldn't have made
the girls stay home,

Business or not.

Well, uh, why
don't we call home

And ask 'em
to join us?

What? You mean
change our minds,

Back down,
and give in?

Uh...I kinda
miss 'em.

Yeah. Me, too.

Why don't you
call 'em?

Right, Fred.

Scoobie doobie
doo boo

Scoobie dee doo

Scoobie doo doo
doo doo doo

There he is.
That's gotta be the guy.

Fits the description

Follow him.
Remember the password?



Oh, uh, gesundheit.

Well, of all
the nerve.

That woman is trying
to talk to my Barney.

I said slalom.

Oh, did?
Well, uh, how are you?

Uh, uh, nice day out,
isn't it?


Uh, no answer. They must
have gone to a movie.

- Say, Fred...
- Yeah?

Uh, what does,
uh, slalom mean?


Well, some lady
keeps on comin' up to me

And she keeps
sayin', "slalom."

Oh, for pete's sake,

Can't you figure anything
out for yourself?

Uh, that's the way
they say hello up here.

Just answer back
the same way.

Come on. Let's...
let's go skiin'.

Boy, I can't wait
to get on those skis.

Yeah. There's gotta be a
first time for everything.

There he goes.
Who's the chap he's with?

Some big guy
from the east.

Shorty's playin' it cool until
he gets outside.

Right-O. Let's keep
them in sight.

The fellas are goin' outside.
Let's follow them.


- Just a minute, please.
- Yes.

- You forgot your tags.
- Tags?

You can't be in the beauty
contest without them.

Beauty contest?

Ha ha ha!

Oh, but we're not--

Come, come, girls.
We don't have all day, you know.

We have a dozen pictures
to take before the judging.

But you don't

I know, I know, I know.
You're sorry you're late.

Well, forget it.
Get into your suits.

Our suits?

Your bathing suits.

What were you planning on wearing
in the beauty contest,

Long underwear?

But we--

Judging starts
in 10 minutes

At the ice skating rink.

Glamour girls. Hmhh!
They're all alike.

Glamour girls? Us?

[Giggles] maybe we should
wear disguises all the time.

Well, do we follow the fellas
or enter a beauty contest?

We can follow
the fellas anytime.

But we may never be asked
to enter a beauty contest again.

Let's get our bathing suits on
before we chicken out.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

They're on the ski lift.
Keep an eye on them.

Right, sam.

People come here
for fun and exercise.

Oh, they have fun

But look who gets
the exercise.

Hey, Fred.

Yeah, barn?

Would you say I was, uh,
irresistibly fascinatin'?

Um, well,
you might be

To a doctor makin' a case
study of lamebrains.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Here comes a cop.

Hey, no kiddin', Fred.
A lady down there keeps watchin' me.

What lady?

That one.

Hey, uh,
where did she go?

The only thing in sight
is a police officer.

Old irresistible you
must have a touch

Of snow blindness.

Ha ha ha!

Do you think that cop
spotted us?

Nah. But we'll wait here
until he's gone.

G-Gee, Betty,
are you as cold as I am?

I--I don't know.

I'm--I'm too numb
to f-Feel anything.

Ready, girls.
Ready, girls.

Say, now. A blonde
and a redhead, hmm?

We need a brunette here
for a stunning contrast.

Oh, miss, would you
please stand over here

Between the blonde
and the redhead?

Oh, I'd love to,

It's so nice
of you to ask.

And if I should win,
please tell the press that I--

Alright, now.
Hold it.

Ah, that's it.

1, 2, 3!

I, uh, don't think I got
you all in that one.

Uh, one more, please.

Let's stick together
this time.


Ready, now.
1, 2, 3.

Beauty contest, nothing.
This is war.

Didn't get the blonde
in that time.

One more, please, girls.
And, oh, yes, girls...

hold up some snowballs,
will you?

Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

I'm way ahead
of you.

Uh, sir, I think we'd make
a better picture

If I stood on the
other side of her.

How's this?

Say, that's
just great.

Now, smile.

I'm always happy
to cooperate.

Ready? 1, 2, 3.

Wonderful. Terrific
action shot, girls.

That was great.

Hey, girls. Where you going?
You'll miss the judging.

Thanks, but we've decided we're
not the type to be beauty queens.

Yeah, we're more the type
to be housework queens.

It's more fun.

And easier.

Come on, red.
Let's find the fellas.


Boy, that's
quite a hill.


Hello, down there!

hello. Hello. Hello...

up there.

Well, uh, let's,
uh, get started.

Uh, you go first,

Uh, you go first,

Uh, I don't know
how to ski.

Uh, I'll watch you.

Um...I'll tell you
what, Barney.

Uh, just so you
won't get hurt,

Uh, we'll take
the ski lift down.

The coast
is clear now.

They're still
at the top.

You still have
the rock, I trust?

Right here.
Come on,

Let's get
on the ski lift.


Hey, uh, look, Fred.

There's that lady
that was followin' me

Gettin' on the ski lift.

Uh, I'm gonna try
the greeting.

Get ready.
Here he comes.

Hey, uh, lady,
uh, slalom.


And slalom to you, too.

- Uh-Oh.
- What's the matter?

Look, Fred.
When she waved to me,

Her diamond fell off.

That looks valuable.

We'd better take the
next lift up and find her.

So far, so good.

Now for our getaway.

Hey, you.


Come on, you guys.
I seen your pictures,

And I know who you are.
Gimme the rock.

But, uh, we, uh--

Listen. Louie told me
the password.

I said it.

Now, quit
playin' games.

You mean you are
chip marble, the fence?

Oh, boy. This is
a real live one.

Come on,
gimme the rock.

This place is
crawlin' with cops.

Here comes one now.
Let's duck behind that rock.

Well, we're up
here again,

But there's no one in sight
except that policeman.

Well, she didn't go
down the hill.

Well, you go ask the officer
if he's seen her,

And I'll keep
a lookout from here.


The cop's gone.

How could you
be so dumb?

You steal a ring worth
a half a million bucks

And give it
to the wrong guy.

How did I know?
He said, "slalom."

I don't care
what he said,

But one thing's
for sure--

We gotta
get rid of him.

Oh, right
you are.

He can
identify us.

Oh, messy,
isn't it?

Aw, he won't be
so hard to find.

I--There he is now!
That was the guy! After him!

Hey, Fred! Oh, Fred, help!
Th-They're after me! Help!

Barney, what the--

The jewel crooks!

Barney, look
what you've done!

They gave me
the ring by mistake.

Th--They're gonna
rub us out!

Lucky they left a ski.

Follow those guys.

Watch it, Barney!
There's a mountain comin' at us!


Hang on, Barney!
Hang on!

This has developed into rather
a sticky wicket, what?

Hey, grab onto
that tree, Fred.

I'll try.

Yow! I couldn't hang on,

Now where
did they go?

Don't look now,

But I think we've
been outmaneuvered.

Hey, what are you
followin' them for, Fred?

I'm not
followin' them!

We just happen to be
goin' the same way.

This is ridiculous.

How do you expect to catch them
when they're chasin' us?

Hang on! We're going
to make a right turn.

Uh, they're
gaining on us.

Hold on! We're
comin' to a ditch!

Hey, take it easy, Fred!

You almost lost me
that time.

Oh, no. You're supposed
to be behind me.

Hey, Fred! Wait for me!

Grab him!

Sit still,
will you, barn?

It's hard enough
skiin' as it is.

Oh, my gosh! We're
comin' to a cliff!

So long, Barney!

It was nice
knowin' ya!

Maid: stop!


Good thinkin',

Hey, fellas.

I don't know
how you did it,

But congratulations.

You guys are heroes.

Oh, it wasn't

I'm, uh, glad
to be of service.


So you've
caught us.

Now how about
getting us

from up here?

did it happen?

They caught
the crooks.

What's your names, fellas?

Look. It's Fred
and Barney.

Fine, fine.
Now hold up the diamond.

Uh, sure thing.

How'd you guys
get the diamond?

Well, you see, I--

I'll handle this,

Uh, I was strollin'
across the lobby,

Uh, mindin'
my own business,

When I see this lady
is followin' me.

And I said to myself,

"Fred," I said,
"she looks suspicious."

So while she's followin' me,
I follow her.

So, uh,
that's the story,

Right, Barney?

Well, uh,
not exactly--

So that's all
there is to it.

Imagine Barney
and Fred heroes.

Oh, say, mr. Flintstone,
mr. Rubble...

I wonder if I could
have a shot of you

With miss
winter carnival.

of all the nerve.

Quiet, Wilma.

Uhh...I'd rather not if
you don't mind.

You see,
Barney and me--

Well, we're
happily married.

You know
how wives get

About their husbands posin'
with beauty queens.

And besides, we got
beauty queens to pose with.

Oh, that
little darling.

Fred: so if that's all, we're,
uh, checkin' out now.

Barney: yeah.
We're goin' home.

Did you
hear that?

We've gotta get home
before they do. Come on!

Gee, Wilma...

you have to admit
we're pretty lucky.

I'll say. We have the most devoted
husbands in the world.

- Say, Betty...
- yeah?

What did your horoscope
say for this weekend?


Mine said, "guard
against exposure,

Drafts, and cold."


Gesundheit. I hope
it isn't catching.



Get your wig off quick, Betty.
The boys are just pulling up.

[Tires screeching]

Surprise, girls!
We're home!

Wilma: why, it's
Fred and Barney!

Ha ha! You--
You're home early. How come?

Well, uh, nothin' much was
happening up there.

How was
the convention?

Oh, the same old
dull routine.

Anything happen
while we were gone?

No. Same old
dull routine.

Hey, uh, you girls want to go
to a movie tonight?

I don't think so,
Barney. [Sniffles]

I...[sniffles] I seem to have
caught a cold somewhere.


H-How about you,

I've, uh,
caught one, t-Too.


Why don't we just stay home
and watch tv.

You mean you don't mind
doin' what we always do?

The same old dull routine?

You know what, Fred?

I've decided I like
the same old dull routine.

Me, too, as long as the same
old husband goes with it.


Who can figure 'em?

Ha ha ha!


Hi, Wilma. How you
feelin' this mornin'?

Oh, not bad.

I've just been
reading about you

In this morning's

How's my big hero?


y-You saw it, huh?

We really didn't do much.

I was gonna
tell you, Wilma.

Oh, don't be modest,

I'm proud of you.

Thanks, dear.

And now Barney and I
got a surprise for you.

What's that?

We are gonna
take you girls away

For a big weekend
with the reward money.

You are?

We made reservations.

You did?

Right! At the stone
mountain ski resort.

You did?

Oh, wait'll you see it.
You'll love it, Wilma.

- Snow all over the place.
- I know.

- And ice.
- I know.

Cool mountain air.

It sounds like--


It sounds
like fun, Fred.

oh, boy.

meet the flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're

With the flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time