The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 3, Episode 27 - Swedish Visitors - full transcript

Fred wants to bring everyone on vacation, but Wilma wants to stay home. In order to make up for Fred's request to go away on a holiday, Wilma secretly rents the house to a Swedish music band. Fred rents a trailer and brings them to "Jellyrockstone Park". But unexpected things (including a picnic basket snatched by Yogi Bear !) happens and despite Wilma's requests, he returns home with the family...

When the band
is swingin'

We both feel
like singin'

It's not the kind
of music

That makes us
very proud

When we say
it's pretty

We mean pretty loud



meet the Flintstones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Let's ride with the family
down the street

Through the courtesy

Of Fred's two feet

When you're with
the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We could go to the beach
along this road

And spend
our vacation there.

That would
be nice.

Goo gaa.

Or we could go
this way

And try
the mountains.

I'd like
that, too.


[Knock on door]

hiya, Fred, Wilma.

What are you doing?

[Fred] hi, Barney, Betty.
Come on in.

We're trying to decide
where to go on vacation.

Oh, there's
a pretty lake

Near stone mountain.

Or you could go water-Skiing
at hyannis stone.

and there's always

Niagara rock falls.

Yeah. That's
a good place.

It's a lovely drive
to brick creek.

That's another
goody good place.

Hey, look!

I win!

You want to play
best two out of three?

Heh heh heh.

You know what
I'd really like to do?

Stay right here
for the whole week.

Stay here?

Sure, we got a nice place.

I could have a whole week
of peace and quiet right here.

What's wrong with that?

But, Fred...

and what's more,
the 80 bucks we saved up

Could go
in the bank.

I think
that's wonderful.

You do?

It's your vacation,

And you do
anything you want.

you are a peach.

Take the money
down to the bank

Right now before you
change your mind.

Yeah, yeah. Good idea.
Come on, Barney.

Alright, Wilma.
What's going on?

It's just that I'm
a thoughtful wife,

Anxious to do anything
that pleases my husband.

Sure. And then
there's the one

About goldilocks
and the three bears.

Come on.
Tell the truth.

- Well...
- Come on.

There's a fur neckpiece
in staks' window.

It just happens
to cost $80.

Wilma Flintstone,
you're just terrible!

Why couldn't I think
of something like that?

It's perfect.

Fred gets his cozy
vacation at home,

And I get that
cozy fur neckpiece.

Wish me luck, Betty.

Good luck,

Yes, that Wilma's
a great gal.

You see how quickly
she agreed with me?

You know how
that makes me feel.

No, but it would make me
feel very nervous.

Your trouble, Barney, is
you're too suspicious.

Come on. Let's go.

Just a minute,

got company.

Here we are--
Bedrock National Bank.

I wonder if they give
free samples. Hee hee!

Hee hee! Come on, Barney.
Let's get into the bank

Before this parking meter
takes all my money.

I hope staks still has
that fur piece.

I wish I had
a lot more than this.

I don't know, Fred.

You know what they
say about money--

It only
turns your head.

Sure, and I like facing
in that direction.

mr. Flintstone.

There you are--

80 big ones to add to
the Flintstone family fortune.

How much does that
give me all together?

Counting this 80,
you have...


I'll put it
in the vault.

You just
yabba-Dabba-Do that.

Ok, Barn.
Let's go.






You want
to put something

Into the vault?

- Uh-Uh.
- Good.


Uh! Uh!




what can I do
for you?

I'm mrs. Flintstone.

I'd like
to take out $80.

Oh, no!


This is not going to
be my day.

Who needs to go away
for a vacation,

Right, Barney?

Right. You have
everything here--

A jug
of cactus juice,

A tigerskin hammock,

And me.
Ha ha ha!

Ha ha! Yes, sir.

Old Fred's smart brains
have beat the system--

80 clams in the bank

And a week
of peace and quiet.



Uh, says here

A convention's
coming to town.

"Hundreds of musicians
from all over the world.

"There will be all kinds
of marching bands

And parades."

[Drums beating]

That must be them
coming now!

Boy, I love
a parade.

[Loud music playing]

What the--

Hey! Help! Help!


Get me out
of here! Help!


Gee, my best friend,
swallowed by a tiger.

I'll save you, Fred!

Hurry up,
will you?

Hang on, Fred.
I'll clobber him!

Boy, I really flattened
him, didn't I?

And I'm going to
flatten you.

[Whistle blows]

all that racket?

There's a musicians'
convention in town.

They'll be having
parades here all week.

All week?

[Whistle blows]

If that's going on
all week,

I not gonna be here.

I'm getting that dough
back out of the bank

And we're taking
our vacation out of town!

How do you like
my new fur piece?

I like it fine, Wilma.

The question is,
how is Fred going to like it?

Oh, he'll like it.

After all, we weren't using
the money For anything.

[Fred] - Wilma!
- I'll run along.

Ok. And thanks
for watching the baby.

Come on.
Pack your bags.

We're going to spend

Our vacation
in the country.


There's a noisy music
convention in town,

So we're getting
out of town.

Where are you
going now?

Down to the bank to
get our 80 bucks out.

Hey, what's that
you're wearing?

Oh, this old thing?

Just something
out of the attic.


well, I better go get
our vacation money.

Oh, dear.

Maybe Betty
can help me.

Mmm mmm mmm mmm


Oh, hi, Wilma.

I'm just trying
my new steam iron.

Hot stuff! Watch it!
Hot stuff!

Betty, I'm in
terrible trouble.

Do you think you
could lend me $80?

Hee hee hee!

Are you kidding?

As the wife
of diamond jim rubble,

I don't have 80 cents.

Oh, dear!

Fred's decided he wants
to go away

On a vacation after all.

Well, he can always spend
two glorious weeks

admiring your new fur.
Hee hee!

Be serious, Betty.

Fred will be leaving
for the bank any minute.

[Knock on door]

Oh, excuse me, Wilma.
Someone's at the door.


Good afternoon.
I am Ingamora Erockson.

This is
my brother Ollie.

Ja, ja.
Ollie erockson

at your service.

And my brother Sven.

Ollie Erockson
at your service.

No. He is Ollie.

You are Sven.

He is Ollie.
You are Sven.

Oh, boy.
We are wondering

If you have a room
to rent until sunday?

A room?

Ya.We come from Sweden
for a music festival,

And the hotels
are all filled up.

We will pay anything.

Um, the house

Is available
until sunday.

Could you pay

Oh, that is
a little expensive.

Isn't it, boys?

Ja. That is

Say something.

He is Ollie.
You are Sven.

He is Ollie.
You are Sven.

Oh, boy.

Ok. We take it.

You can move in
in an hour.

Good. We go
get our bags.

Thank you
very much.

He is Ollie.
You are Sven.

He is Ollie.
You are Sven.

He is Ollie.
You are Sven.

Hurry, Betty.

I've just got to get to
the bank before Fred.

Well, there he is
up ahead.

Hang on, Wilma.
We'll pass him.

Wow! What was that?

I'll be
right back.

$80 deposit.

Promise me you're not going
to take it out again.

I promise.


I'll deposit it
for you.

Uh! Uh!


Hurry, Betty.

We made it
just in time.

Oh, no!

The name's

I want
my 80 bucks.

Oh, I knew it.
I knew it.


there it is.

How do you like it?
I rented it

From the rolling stone
trailer company.

It's lovely, Fred. Let's go.

We can drive up
to jellyrock park.

It will be nice
and quiet there.

Stop at
the Flintstone place

Just ahead, driver.

Yes, sir.

If we're going,
let's go, Fred.

Come on!

Ok, ok, Wilma.

Quiet vacation,
here we come!

Flintstone residence.

Everybody out.

Over hill,
over dale

We will hit
the dusty trail

As our trailer
goes rolling along



As our trailer
goes rolling along

it's beautiful!

Yes, sir.
This is it.

Peace and quiet.

Howdy, folks.

Oh, howdy,
mr. Ranger.

Just wanted
to tell you

They're building
a new road

And they'll be
using a little--



How long will that
be going on?

Not long. Just
another week or two.

What's that?

We'll also be
thinning out the trees

For the next few weeks.

Cutting down the trees?

Oh, and I wanted
a quiet vacation.

Come on, Fred.

There's a nice supper
in the picnic basket.

Oh, boy. At least this noise
hasn't affected my appetite.


Oh, boy.

What else
can happen?

Now you see
why I'm smarter

Than the average
Fred Flintstone, boo boo.


The fastest way I know
to get a pic-A-Nic basket.

the basket's gone!

Oh, it figures.

You folks

Yeah, thanks.

I never heard
such thunder!


That's not thunder.
That's dynamite.


that's thunder.

your vacation.

Oh, sure.

Peace and quiet.

let's go home.

Home? But
we can't go--

I mean, we shouldn't.


You want to spend
a week here

to that thunder?


Ok, dynamite!


That was thunder.

You really want
to stay here?

get used to it.

No point in rushing home...
not until sunday.

Why don't you
get some rest?

Rest. Oh, boy.

[Fred] yes, sir. That Wilma
sure is a spunky girl,

Sticking it out here just so
she won't ruin my vacation.

It kind of chokes me up.

Imagine going through all this
just for me.

But I know
she'd rather be home.

So that's exactly
where we're going.

Sleep tight, honey.

You'll wake up in your own
little bed in the morning.

Isn't that cute?

No point waking them.
I'll let them sleep.

I'm starved.

I think I'll go in
and have a little snack.

Do do do do



is hungry.

Sure good
to be home.

Need a knife and fork.


Thought I put
some food there.

Oh, well.


Uh, hey,
where you get that?

In the living room.

Da da dum dum
dum dee dee

Dum dum

Oh. Need salt.

Oh, boy.
Sven is hungry.



I must have
eaten it,

But I'm
still hungry.

Oh, I better
get to bed.




Is that you,

Uh, he is Ollie.
I am Sven.



Wilma! Wilma!

Wh-Where are you,

I'm down here.

There's a prowler
sleeping in my bed.

There's no one
in your bed, Fred.

I mean in the house.

I drove home
while you were asleep.

Oh, no!

Hello there!

Wh-Wh-Who's he?

[Wilma] that's your
prowler, Fred.

Wait. I can
explain everything.

I don't need
any explanation.

I'm just going to
pick him up

And throw him out
of the house.

Alright, Wilma.
If you insist,

I'm ready
to listen.

It's a long story,

You see...

it just isn't right,

I got to stay
in my driveway

While three strangers
live it up in my house.

But I promised them,

And there's nowhere
else they can go!

Wait a minute.
I got a great idea.

Pull the trailer over.
You can live in my driveway.

Oh, that's great.

You're a lot of help.

How about
sicking Dino in there

To chase them out?

Now that is
an idea, Barn.

Dino, boy!


Go sic 'em, boy!

Get in there
and chase them away!


[Arr arr arr]

Don't know why I didn't
think of this before.

It's awful quiet
in there.

Heh heh!

They're probably
petrified with fear.

I'll go in and hold Dino

And give them
a chance to run for it.

[Arr arr arr]

[Arr arr arr]

Isn't that cute?

The little pooch
likes swedish meatballs.

You want another one?

[Arr arr arr]



[Grr grr]

No, no, no,

[Grr grr]

How do you
like that?

My own dog,
a traitor.

He was going to
bite me.

Hee hee!

Dino probably mistook you
for another meatball.

Heh heh heh.

Hey, there's one thing
we haven't tried.

Suppose it's so noisy
around here,

They can't sleep?

They'll be glad
to move out.

We make
the noise, huh?

Sure. We'll give them
a serenade,

You on the horn,
me on the skins,

Where will we play?

Right here
in the garage.

Ok. I'll go get
my horn.


We'll blast them
right back to sweden.

A-1 and a-2
and a-3!

When the band
is swingin'

We both feel
like singin'

It's not the kind
of music

That makes us
very proud

When we say
it's pretty

We mean pretty loud

Come on, Barney.
Let's go over to your house.

to that racket.

They'll have
the cops here.

That's what we should have
done in the first place!

We'll get the cops
to yank them out of there.

You're going to
call the police?

going to call them.

After all, I can't ask
the police to raid my own place.

Gosh, Fred. I--

Nothing can go wrong.

I'll back you up
all the way.


[Music stops]

It worked. The cops are putting
them in the paddy wagon.


Now, look, barn.

Wilma and I will go right
down to the police station.

You wait a few minutes,

Then come busting in
and make the complaint.

Remember, you've
gotta be mean and mad!

Mean and mad.

Ok, Fred.
I'll be mean and mad.

Hee hee hee hee!

Alright, alright.
What's the charge?

These men were
disturbing the peace.

They sure were.

No, Fred.

Who are you?

I own
the house--

Please, sir,
it was not his fault.

He is our friend.
He's a wonderful man.

How's that?

We are strangers
in this country,

Far from our home
and people.

This man and his wife
took us into their home.

He has been
very kind to us.

He gave us
his little pet dino,

He serenaded us
with music,

And all
on his vacation time.

Uh, but, fellas.

Now he have come
to try and help us.

All I know is the world
would be a better place

If there were only
more kind people

Like the Flintstones.

But this charge,
the noise.

We did not realize
it was so late.

We were busy making up a song
about the Flintstones.

Let's hear it.

Ok, boys.
Hit it!


[Singing in swedish]



I'd like to get my hands
on the crank

Who had these
talented boys arrested.

His name was Rubble,
your honor.

My name is Rubble!

I'm mean,
and I'm mad!

And I demand
justice be done!

I agree with you.

Five days in jail.

Five days, huh?
That ain't half enough.

How am I doing, Fred?

Barney, shh!

Make it 10 days.

Take him away!


What's going on?

You heard me--

10 days or $50.

Fred, how much of our
vacation money is left?

But--But, Wilma.

Oh, well.

Your honor,
I'll pay his fine.

the prisoner.

You see? Friendly
Fred Flintstone

Helps everybody!

Three cheers
for Fred Flintstone!


Uh, he's Ollie.
I'm Sven.


Aye-Aye-Aye, Wilma

I love my Wilma

[Singing in swedish]

Aye-Aye-Aye, Wilma

I love my Wilma



meet the flintsones

They're the modern
stone age family

From the town of Bedrock

They're a page
right out of history

Someday, maybe Fred

Will win the fight

Then that cat will stay out

For the night

When you're
with the Flintstones

Have a yabba-Dabba-Doo time

A dabba-Doo time

We'll have a gay old time

We'll have a gay old time