The Flintstones (1960–1966): Season 1, Episode 26 - The Good Scout - full transcript

Barney and Fred forsake bowling to become leaders of scout troops.

Knit one, purl two.

Is that you, Fred?

I thought you went to the ball game.

No, I got something more important to do.

Fred, what happened?
Is there a war?

No. This is a Boy Scout uniform.

I thought for a minute the Army
had gotten to the bottom of the barrel.

A Boy Scout uniform?

Fred, are you all right?

You happen to be looking
at the new leader...

of the Saber-toothed Tiger Patrol.


Pebble Street, next stop.

Boy, wait till Wilma hears
what happened to me today.

Here comes Fred, Dino. Go say hello.

Oh, no!

Here, Dino, fetch the stick.

Go, fetch it, boy. Go on.

Here, Dino. Fetch the stick, boy.

Come on, Dino. Fetch the stick.

I got it.

In here, Dino.

All right, Dino,
just put him down anyplace.


Serves you right, Fred,
teasing Dino like that.

Oh, phooey.

How were things at the gravel pits
today, Fred?

What did you say, Wilma?

I said, how did things go today at work?

Yes, that reminds me,
you'll never guess what I got today.

- You got fired?
- No.

Joe Rockhead couldn't go to the ball game
tonight, and he gave me his two tickets.

Would you like to go, Wilma?

You know I don't like ball games, Fred.

Besides, why ask me?
You know you're going to take Barney.

I don't fool you at all, do I, Wilma?

You keep trying.
I'll give you credit for that.

I'll go over to Barney's house
and tell him about the tickets.

Don't belong, dinner's almost ready.

Yes, there's a ball game
That ball, ball, ball game

Going to the ball game

Look at the little guy.

He's all tuckered out
after a hard day's work.

Seems a shame to wake him up.

Hey, Barney!

Hello, Fred.

Wait till you hear this, Barn.
I got two tickets to the ball game...

and you and I are going for free, pal.

Thanks, Fred,
but I've got another engagement.

Some other time maybe.

Some other time?

Come on, Fred, you haven't eaten a bite.
Aren't you hungry?

Just living next door
to a guy like that Barney...

is enough to kill anyone's appetite.

Just because Barney had
a previous engagement, you have to sulk.

Previous engagement? When a guy gets
a chance to go to the ball game for free...

there's no such thing
as a previous engagement.

Barney's a real baseball fan.

Even on his honeymoon
that guy never missed a ball game.

- Even I didn't do that.
- That's right, Fred.

We spent most of our honeymoon
in a bowling alley.

Boy, the things you women
never let up on.

Anyway, that Barney Rubble is out
as a friend as far as I'm concerned.

And the next time I see him,
I am going to snub him.

Where are you going, Fred?

Over to Barney's house.
I can't snub him from here.

Those two. Always have a thing going.

I'll just stand here
until that Barney Rubble...

comes out for that previous engagement...

and I'll give him a snub he'll never forget.

- I'm leaving now, Betty.
- Okay, Barney.

- Have you got everything?
- Yup, I'm all set.

And I'm all set, too.

- Barney, what happened?
- I don't know...

- but help me up, will you, Betty?
- Okay.


You're heavy with this pack on.

- Try again, Betty.
- Okay.

One, two, three.

Come on, Barney. On your feet, up.

That's it.

Thanks, Betty.
I'll try to get out of the house again.

- Okay, Betty, I made it. See you later.
- Have a good time, Barney.

I don't get it.

All right, hold it.

Hello, Fred.

Tell me, Barney, what in the world
are you supposed to be?

Fred, I didn't tell you before...

because I thought maybe
you'd laugh at me.

But I'm on my way
to a Boy Scout meeting.

- A Boy Scout meeting?
- Yeah.

It's no laughing matter
if you want to play Boy Scout...

instead of going to a ball game.

But you go ahead, pal.

You go to your Boy Scout meeting,
and I'll go to the baseball game.

Gangway, please.

All together now, fellows. One, two, three.

Thanks, fellows.
That's your first good deed for today.

Now I'll show you
how to march with a full pack. Now watch.

Hup, two, three, four.

See how easy it is?

Company, halt!

What's going on, Barney?
Who are these kids?

They're Boy Scouts, Fred.
We're going on a camping trip tomorrow.

A camping trip?

Yeah. You know,
their regular scoutmaster took sick...

and, well, you know
I don't know nothing about Scouting.

I didn't want
the kids to be disappointed, see...

- so I volunteered to take them.
- You're going to be the scoutmaster?

But, well, they really need
an experienced leader.

- And why, Barney, didn't you ask me?
- You, Fred?

I didn't know you knew woodcraft.

Just because I don't brag all the time
about the things I can do...

is no reason not to check with me.

When it comes to camping and woodcraft,
I make an Indian look clumsy.

I'm a regular Daniel Boondoggle.

Gee, I didn't know that, Fred.

Hey, would you go with us tomorrow?

I will not only go with you,
I will take command.

Hey, men of the Saber-toothed
Tiger Patrol, did you hear that?

Fred Flintstone
is going to be our scout leader.

Let's give him
our Saber-toothed Tiger cheer.

One, two, three.


Knit one, purl two.

Is that you, Fred?

- I thought you went to the ball game.
- Ball game?

No, I got something more important to do.

Fred, what happened? Is there a war?

No. This is a Boy Scout uniform.

Thank goodness.

I thought for a minute the Army
had gotten to the bottom of the barrel.

Knit one, purl...

A Boy Scout uniform?

Fred, are you all right?

You happen to be looking
at the new leader...

of the Saber-toothed Tiger Patrol.


Wilma, who are you calling?

Hello? Is this Dr. Headstone's office?

Let me speak to the doctor quick.
This is an emergency.

Hold it, Wilma!

I haven't flipped my lid.

Sit down a minute.
I'll explain the whole thing.

Well, all right, Fred.

There are these kids, see.

And Barney was going to take them
on a camping trip...

because their leader got sick.

...and that's the story, honey.

I just couldn't let those kids down.

Fred, I'm real proud of you.

You're doing a wonderful thing.

Thanks, Wilma. I think so, too.

And now I'm going to hit the sack,
because we start at the crack of dawn.

- Good night, dear.
- Good night, Fred.

About face. Forward march.

Hup, two, three, four.

Well, like Mother always said:

"You never learn to understand a husband
until it's too late."

Get up, Fred. It's morning.

I don't want to go to school.

Oh, dear. Come on, Fred, wake up.

Those kids will be here in a minute.

Oh, dear, there they are already.

The Saber-toothed Tiger Patrol
is ready to hit the trail.

I'm sorry, Saber Tooths,
but I can't seem to wake your leader up.

Hey, you better go inside
and help Mrs. Flintstone, Hugo.

Okay, Mr. Rubble.

What happened? Who's this kid?

He's up now, Barney.

Hup, two, three, four.

Hey, Fred.

Don't you think we ought to rest a while?
We've been marching for two hours.

What's the matter, Barney?
You're out of condition?

No, I'm thinking of the kids.

Okay, we'll take a five-minute break.

Company, halt. Take five, men.

Hey, we're pretty far out, Fred.

Do you think
there's any wild animals around?

No, dumb animals are more afraid of us
than we are of them.

You got nothing to worry about.

I know just what to do
in case of an emergency.

A saber-toothed bear! Run for your lives!

Get those kids out of here, Barney.
I'll get him to chase me.

Call the cops, do something, help!

Hey, Fred, play dead.

- Play dead and he won't touch you.
- Yeah, that's it, I'll play dead.

Yeah, maybe he won't bother me.
What have I got to lose?

What's going on?


What happened, Fred?

Never mind. Just throw me down a towel.

Play dead, and he won't bother me.
Oh, boy!

Hup, two, three, four.

Hey, how about this place, Fred?
Looks like a nice spot to make camp.

Yeah, you're right, Barn. We'll stop here.
Company, halt.

Okay, men,
we're going to make camp here...

but first we got to clear the area.

You kids pick up all those sticks and
Barney, you remove all the boulders.

What are you going to do, Fred?

As scoutmaster
of the Saber-toothed Tiger Patrol...

I will supervise the whole magilla.

Now, get going-

All right, you kids,
pile the sticks over there.

- Barney!
- Yes, Fred?

Do you mind telling me
just what you're doing?

I'm removing the boulders like you said,
0 great leader!

And how do you figure on doing that?

Like this, watch.

I land on this end and it flips the
boulder out of the clearing.

Now, let that be a lesson to you kids.

There's a right way and a wrong way
to do that stunt...

and that was the wrong way.

Now watch me,
and I'll show you how an expert does it.

Keep your eye on me, fellows.

You feeling better, expert?

Knock it off, Barney,
or I'll demote you to permanent KP duty.

Sorry, Fred.
Hey, what's next on the program?

I'm going to teach those kids
some camping tricks.

- Like what?
- Like starting a fire with two sticks.

- Hey, can you do that, Fred?
- Certainly.

Hey, kids, come here.
I'm going to teach you some woodcraft.

Let's say you want to start a campfire...

and you ain't got any matches.
What do you do?

Lucky for you, you got me
to teach you an old Indian trick...

taught me by an old Indian.

You simply rub two sticks together,
like this.

Hold it, Fred.

- It's not even warm.
- Are you sure, Barney?

That old Indian ain't got nothing
on those kids, Fred.

Okay, how did you start that fire, Hugo?

What's that? Some kind of a gadget?


All right, places, everybody. Play ball.

Come on, Fred, let's have a fast one
right over the old plate.

Give them one of those sizzlers
right down the old gruber-rooney.

Are you kidding, Barney?
These are only kids.

We got to take it easy with them.

No, you don't, Fred. I watched them
play in the Little Brontosaurus League.

Hugo can really belt the old apple.

Yeah, for
the Little Brontosaurus League, maybe.

But I'm going to teach
little Hugo how to really hit a ball.

Now don't worry, kid,
I'll take it easy with you.

Don't be afraid of the ball.
Hold the bat tight...

and when I tell you to swing,
give it all you got, all right?

Here it comes, kid.

Now take your time,
raise your bat a little higher.

That's it, now swing.

I got it.

That's a good catch, Fred.

Are you all right?

Speak to me, Fred.

Oh, my gosh!
Wait a minute, Fred. I'll help you.

Okav. Hugo. jump-

You know something, Fred...

the Little Brontosaurus League
can sure use you.

Over here with that log, fellows.
We'll have to hurry. It's getting dark.

Hey, what's the idea of all the logs?

Very simple, Barney. The logs give us
a dry floor in case of dampness.

And it looks like it's going to be
pretty damp before the night is over.

Come on, you kids,
keep those logs coming.

Well, there it is, Barney.

All the logs lashed together
and the tent tied to the logs.

How do you like it?

I got to hand it to you, Fred,
you really know your stuff.

Thank you, Barney.

And I know enough
to get out of the rain, too.

Come on, let's take cover.

Pretty nice, Barney?

Storming outside,
we're here dry as a bone.

I got to admit it, Fred,
if there's one thing

you know how to pitch,
it's a tent.

- Good night, Fred.
- Good night, Barney.

Hey, Fred, wake up.

What's the matter?

It stopped raining.
Let's run down to the creek...

and take a dip before
the kids wake up.

Go back to sleep, Barney.

Come on, lazybones,
last one in is a rotten dodo egg.

Hey, Fred, it's all creek out here
as far as you can see.

What are you talking about?

And look, we're headed
straight for the falls.

Kids, wake up.

Now, listen, pay attention.
Untie the tent ropes from the logs.

Come on, boys. Hop to it, on the double.

Okay, that's it. Good.
Now tie all the ends together.

Come on, boys. Step on it. That's good.

Now hold on, everybody.

Hang on to that kid, Barney,
we're coming in for a landing.

Right, Fred.

One, two, three. They're all here.


Somebody, help!

Help, anybody!

Yoo-hoo, Wilma! Are you up yet?

I've been up for hours, Betty.

Come on in and turn on the radio.

We'll have a cup of coffee
while we listen to the morning news.

I wonder how the boys are doing.

You know Fred,
I'll bet they're having a ball.

Good morning, everybody,
this is Peter Pebblehead...

bringing you the morning news.

There was plenty of excitement
at Granite Canyon this morning.

Two scout leaders and three Boy Scouts...

were discovered
suspended high above the canyon floor.

- It's Fred!
- And Barney!

The Granite Canyon Rangers
rescued the stranded party...

and I'm glad to report no one was hurt.

Well, that's something to be thankful for.

- I wonder how that happened.
- That's easy. Fred was in charge.

Hup, two, three, four.

Here comes Barney.

Good morning, Betty.

And here comes Fred.

Hiya, Wilma.

- Is he hurt, Wilma?
- No, he's just exhausted.

Fred's a good Scout,
but he's no boy anymore.

What's the use? I can't do anything.

What's the use?
I'm just not good for anything.

Oh, come on, Fred. Stop brooding.

The trip didn't turn out
the way you expected.

So what?

"So what," she says.
I'll tell you so what.

Those kids looked up to me.
I was their leader.

All I did was lead them into a big fat mess.

Yeah, but Fred,
you brought them all back safe anyway.

Oh, I was just lucky.

I'll get it.

Now wipe that dark frown off your face.

Hello, fellows. Come on in.
Mr. Flintstone's in the den.

Wilma, what happened?

Come on down, Fred.

The Saber-toothed Patrol
has something for you.

- This is for you, Mr. Flintstone.
- Yeah, go on, Fred. Take it.

Yeah, what does it say?

"We, the Saber-toothed Tiger Patrol...

"award this honorary membership
to our leader...

"Mr. Flintstone..."

- Gosh, fellows.
- There's more, Mr. Flintstone.

"Mr. Flintstone,
for courage above and beyond...

"the call of duty...

"and because he's a swell guy."


- Isn't that sweet?
- I could cry.

All together now, fellows.
A Saber Tooth cheer for Fred Flintstone.

Thanks, fellows.
It's an honor to be a Saber Tooth.

It kind of gets you right here.

Gee, thanks, fellows.

Come on, Wilma, open the door!