The Flash (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 7 - Lockdown - full transcript

When a criminal invades the CCPD, Barry and Kramer must trust and rely on each other if they are going to make it out safely; Caitlin learns a valuable lesson while out with Snow and Mark.

- 10-38 on Dayton Blvd.
at Second Street intersection.

Unit en route.

Routine traffic stop downtown?
Oh, yeah.

Looks like it was a good day

to pull monitor duty,
Chester P.

Ooh...snack time.


I was supposed to make
the egg salad this morning.

Grandma Runk is
gonna be epically mad.

Now I got nada for lunch.


legally, I am entitled
to a break every four hours,

and it's only gonna take me,
like, four minutes,

'cause the kitchen's
just right down the hall.

Then again, that is time enough

for a nuclear meltdown

and an alien invasion
in this town.

- Hey, Chuck.

- Oh!
What up, A?

I thought you'd be working.

- I was,
and then I remembered

it's Wednesday,
and that place I told you about

at last week's D&D game,

today is when they have

their amazing
chicken parmesan sandwiches,

so I thought, it's lunchtime!

Why not surprise you
with a treat?

- Wow, thanks.

I guess
I'm lunch-date-worthy now, huh?

- Chuck, you are date-worthy

in all the major categories.

- I am?

- Yeah, definitely...

- I mean, that's--that's good--
that's good to...know.

You know?
And I, too, think that you

are also, um,

what you just--like, worthy

of what you just said
a second ago.

Holy Alice H. Parker.

Kay, we got a mugging
in progress off Route 119.

- And a carjacking at
the Edwards Center parking lot.

- And a holdup at Jitters.

And they're all happening
right now?

- Don't worry, guys.
Already on it.

- Uh, all of it, boss?

- You heard me!

I want everything
in the register

and a triple-shot latte
with oat milk!

Not soy!

- Think these guys could use
some help finding their cells.

- Uh, thanks, Flash.

- Yeah.

- What's going on out here?

- I didn't do nothin'.

- I wanna see my lawyer.
- Yeah.

What they said.
And hey!

Any chance Flash brought
that latte I ordered?

- Officers, take these
gentlemen to holding, please.


- Captain, hey.

- Staff meeting's canceled,

For the record,
you'd have been late.

- Sorry, I was just--
I got caught up

with a little
blood spatter analysis.

But it looks like
you've had a busy morning.

- Yeah, and it's about to turn

into a busy afternoon,
evening, and night,

thanks to this
generous donation

from the Scarlet Speedster.

- Wha--but the Flash
caught those guys.

That's a good thing, right?

- How can I press charges

when I don't know
what crimes were committed,

how they were done, and where?

Ferg, that file's on my desk.
I'll be right back.

And it's not like we can
just call up the Flash and ask.

- Yeah,
like on a Flash phone or...

- Yeah.
That's a terrible name.

- Yeah.

But Captain, CCPD's never had
a line to the Flash before.

- Yeah, but for once,
I would like to feel like

the Flash and law enforcement
are on the same page,

instead of us just always
playing catch-up.

But since that's not happening,

cancel any plans
you have for tonight.

We've got a lot of legwork
to do.

You're welcome.

- Sounds like Kramer
has a point.

- Look, maybe I could do
a better job

communicating when I'm
dropping off criminals,

but giving CCPD a direct line
to the Flash?

You don't really think
that's necessary, do you?

- I don't know, Barr,
when I was captain,

I had a direct line
to the Flash.

- And, I mean, me too.

When I was district attorney,
if I had a question on a case,

all I ever had to do was
call you and get the details.

- That's because you're family.

- Which she is not,
and I get that,

but what she and I went through

when we were
tracking down Creyke--

I...I trust her with my life.

Maybe you should consider
letting her in a bit more.

Give her one of the alert apps
that we all have on our phones.

- Joe, look, I get it.
She's a good cop.

She's a great captain.

When I first got my speed,

I needed a lot of help,

not just
from Caitlin and Cisco,

but from you
and everybody at CCPD.

But now--
- Now you've leveled up.

- Yeah.

Which means
I can find other ways

to solve
Kramer's Flash problem,

like doing extra CSI work

to collect
what she needs for processing.

I mean, that'll ease
the burden for her, right?

- It sounds like it.
- Yeah.

- And I get how keeping

church and state separated
is the easiest choice,

but I also know Kramer,

and if she's asking
for a line to the Flash,

she probably has a good reason.

Just sayin'.

Maybe you wanna think about it

before you decide
what to do, Barr.

What up, party people?

It's your boy Chester P,

and I'm ready
to rock your world

with knowledge for free!

Free! Free! Free!

Hey, today, we have
a self-flying drone

based off of an AI algorithm
created by yours truly.

I'm gonna upload
the specs online,

'cause here at the Runkyard,

we keep tech
openly sourced and classy.

- All right,
how is this even possible?

I've silenced my phone,

I've turned off
all the notifications,

and look
at what keeps popping up.

- Are those all from Frost
and Mark?

- Oh, you mean my sister
and her ex-con boyfriend?

Yes, they are.
Look at what they're doing.

- Looks cool.

- No, it looks dangerous!

- Hey, hey, Caitlin.

Do you mind just taking
a wee little step to the right?

- Are you livestreaming?
- Uh-huh, yeah.

- WookieLover77 says,
"Who's the girl?

Her sister seems cooler"?

- Okay, that's it for today.

Smash that like button.

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm just so annoyed.

Mark keeps taking Frost

on all these ridiculous dates.

- Well, maybe tonight
will distract you.

Don't you have a date too?

- Yes.
Yeah, Marcus is taking me

to the Spanish Hamper.

- How'd he get
you guys a reservation

for the hottest place in town?

That's impressive.

- Is it turning serious?

- I mean, he's really nice,

and I like nice, so...

that's nice.
It's nice.

- Oh, man, I can see it now.

He doesn't know
we're on Team Flash.

But soon, you and Marcus
are gonna fall in love,

and then he's gonna join us
for, like,

some crazy adventure,
then boom!

He's on the team.

Hey, hey, maybe he'll learn

how to control plants.

- It's their third date, Chuck,
so maybe just slow your roll.

- Right, right.
Reel it--reel it back.

- Yeah, speaking of,
I should go get ready.

Night, guys.

- Have fun.
- Bye-bye.

- Fancy date night.

Sounds expensive.
- Yeah, right?

Could be fun, though.

Uh, I gotta type things.
- Uh, yeah, I have to go write.

- Algorithms and such.
- Article.

- Mm-hmm.

Oh, that's a typo.
- Huh?

- No, I was just--
- Oh.

- Thinkin' out loud.

- Hey, Captain, you got a sec?

- I'm on my way to processing.
- These will come in handy.

I cross-referenced
the 911 calls from this morning

with the description of
the perps the Flash brought in.

Then I hit the crime scenes--
fingerprints, security footage,

Korber even
interviewed witnesses.

So this should be
everything you need

to wrap up these cases.
- Wow.

I appreciate the hustle, Allen.
- Yeah.

- Just wish it was more

than a Band-Aid
on a bullet wound.

- Well, you have
more than enough

to charge all three suspects.

- What about the suspects
the Flash drops off tomorrow?

Or the day after that?

- Respectfully, Captain,
I mean, this is the way

we've done things
the past seven years

ever since the Flash showed up.

You know, the system works.

- From your perspective,

but there are things
you don't need to worry about

as a forensic scientist that
I need to consider as captain.

- I understand that,
but, you know,

the Flash is just trying
to help this city.

- And he does, all the time.

But together,
we could help it even more.

Humans and meta-humans alike.

Now, if you'll excuse me.


- Time to get to work.

- What the hell?

- What are these?

- They're meta-dampening

I've seen these before.

- Wakey, wakey,
ladies and gents in blue.

Folks call me Goldface.

That's 'cause
if it's made of gold,

it's mine to control,

from your dental fillings

to the 0.35 grams of gold
in your cell phones.

Don't even bother
trying to phone a friend,

'cause we knocked out
the nearest cell phone tower.

But if anyone
does come calling,

they'll find a couple of
Central City's finest outside

telling them
there's a gas leak.

- What are you doing?
What are you--hey.

- Goldface,
this is my precinct.

You have a problem,
you take it up with me.

Let my officers go.


if it isn't the famous
Kristen Kramer.

Loved you
on the "Citizentopia" podcast.

Very inspiring.
- Thanks.

- Now, Captain, I'm guessing
you wanna play hero.

Let me let my man
Carver here show you

what happens if anyone
gets out of line.

Now, you may have all noticed
that you're sporting

a new piece of jewelry.

Well, since Captain Mimic here
outed herself as a meta,

I figured she may not be
the only one of you.

But these bracelets,
they don't just dampen powers.

They also do this.

You feeling me now, Captain?

Hold on.
Don't I know you?

You're that rat that cost me
the organ printer!

The chemist!

- Yes. Um, yeah.

Look, I was on
a undercover assignment.

Look, why don't you just
tell us what it is you want?

Kay, nobody has to die tonight.

- You know my lady,
Amunet Black?

Not only is she
the finest female

this side of Mississippi,

but she's got some intel
that there are some very rare

and valuable items
in your armory.

I want what's in there.

So I'ma go get it.

And if anyone tries anything...

- We get the belt.

- Good memory, chemist.

Keep an eye on this one.

He smells like trouble.

- Seriously, Marcus,
I am so sorry.

I cannot believe
I made a dinner reservation

for next January.
- Please don't feel bad.

Last week at work,
I screwed up the blooming cycle

for the Selenicereus
grandiflorus I've been growing.

You should've seen
all the pollen.

Thank you.

I mean, really,
you're just such a trooper.

This first round is on me.

This place is a little seedier
than I remember.

- It's fun.
Plus, they've got karaoke.

- Next up, the Ice Pack!

- There's that.
- Yeah.

- ♪ You're as cold as ice

- ♪ You're willing to sacrifice
our love ♪

- Hey. Way off-key,
but they're committed.

- We need to leave.

- Caity?

What a coinky-dink!

What are the two of you
doing here?

- We were just grabbing
a casual drink,

but, um, it's too crowded
in here.

- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa,
is this the infamous Marcus,

as in Dr. Ficus?

- Um...yes?

- Holy crap.

Hey, you two are here.
Mark and I are here.

We should totally make this
a double date.

- Yes!
- Oh, no.

We'll let you get back to it.

- Why?
They've got great food here.

If you like
to live dangerously.

- I don't.

You wanna stay, right?

We can workshop
some plant-y ice puns.

- Well, I've heard a lot
about Frost.

It'd be nice to have a person
to go with the stories


- Great.
Let's double-date.

I count three hostiles

guarding us here,
two at the exits.

- Yeah,
and Carver's with Goldface

in the armory.

- We have the numbers
to take back the building...

except everyone on our side has
a bomb strapped to their wrist.

- These things
are ultra-sensitive.

Tamper with them, they'll blow.

Same for Goldface's belt.

- We gotta do something.

Whatever it is,
we gotta do it fast.

- Cap, do you have any idea

what Goldface wants
in the armory?

- All I can tell you,
Allen, is...

is if he gets in there,

things are gonna get
a lot worse.

- Open sesame.

According to Amunet's intel,

the target should be...

in there.

I love my woman.

- Not what you were expecting,

- Of course it's not.
It's empty.

Go get Kramer!

And her little chemist too.

Where the hell are they?

- I don't know what you mean.

- The meta-bullets.
Remember, Captain?

The ones you had commissioned
for your task force.

One shot takes away
any meta's powers forever.

Am I ringing any bells?

- That's what you're stealing?

- That's what I'm selling.

The power to take down
any meta in this city,

including--say it with me--
the Flash...

Well, that's gonna bring me
a lot of gold.

But those bullets aren't
where they're supposed to be.


Any thoughts on that?

- Yeah.

Those bullets belong to CCPD

for only the most
severe emergencies.

Also, I'd die before betraying
the metas of this city

and putting them in any danger.

- Hmm.

I'm willing to bet you'd risk
your own life, Captain,


- How about this fool's?

- Let him go.

- Tell me where
the meta-bullets

are hidden, Captain.

You have till three.



- I can help you.

- Oh, yeah, chemist?

Like you helped me
steal that printer?

- The meta-bullets have
trace amounts of dark matter.

I've got a scanner in my lab.

- Let me guess.

I let you go, you'll go get it

and bring it right back to me.

- Allen, what are you doing?

- I could adjust the scanner.

It'll find the bullets.
They have to be here somewhere.

- When we first met,
I knew you couldn't be trusted.

Plot twist:
you're not only untrustworthy,

you're a coward.

Watch Kramer.

I'm gonna take the chemist here
on a little field trip.

One last chance
to live up to his name.

- All right.

I got a Dark and Stormy
for Marcus,

Chardonnay for Caitlin,

and a whiskey for Mark and me--

on the rocks, of course.

- Thanks, snowflake.

- You know,
there's a cactus plant

that makes great cocktails.

The pads of the Opuntia cacti

pair perfectly
with an agave spirit.

- I bet it would really cover
the taste of strychnine too.


- Wow, a genius botanist
who can mix drinks?

I like him already.

- So how did you two meet?

- Oh.
- Well, we met here, actually.

Mark was pouring beers
by day and...

- Murdering delivery men
by night.

What? It's true.

- She's exaggerating it.

- Well, not exactly.

- Okay, fine.

Mark and I each spent some time

on the wrong side of the law,

but I paid for my crimes,

and Mark turned state's witness
against some really bad guys.

- Yeah,
and the DA expunged my record.

So now, as clean as a whistle.

- Well, seems like
you've turned over a new leaf.

Hey! Dr. Ficus.

There he is.
- So good!

- Hey, I kind of like that.

- Listen, Frost and I are going
skydiving again next weekend.

Double date, round two?

What do you say?
I mean, you seem cool, man.

- No, no, I've always wanted
to go skydiving.

- Hm?
- Yeah, I'm game.

What do you say, Caity?

- Marcus, did you know
that when Mark got out,

he seduced my sister
so that he could steal a weapon

out from right under her nose?

- After he helped us
save the day.

- And she was so upset

that she just kept moping
and crying

and even needed
to take a sabbatical.

- Caitlin--
- I apologized for all of that.

- And I accepted it.

- Frost, I mean,
how naive can you be?

He's already betrayed you,
and yet you're out there

livestreaming the two of you
jumping out of airplanes

and making out on cliffs.

- Remember Mount Shasta?
- Hell yeah.

- Frost,
what is wrong with you?

You're acting like
some stupid teenager

falling in love with this guy
who's already hurt you

and, guess what,

is definitely
going to do it again.

And you know what?

When that happens, I am not

picking up the pieces,
because I am done

with broken hearts,
you got that?

- Hey, you know, we get it.

You don't like me.

But Frost is an adult
with her own life.

And so long as she's choosing
to spend it with me,

then you need to deal with it.

Are you really gonna let him
talk to me that way?

Your sister?
- Yeah. I am.

'Cause he's my boyfriend,

and anything else is
none of your damn business.

- Hey...

- I think I'd like to go home.

- I'll pull the car around.

- I'm sorry.
Do you mind?

- Oh, my bad.

Maybe I should just take
a leisurely stroll

down the hallway.

I'ma watch you like a hawk
watching a juicy vole.

- ♪ We are strong

- Do you need to take that?

- ♪ No one can tell us
we're wrong ♪

- Baby girl.

What time is it now
in Londontown?

You eat a nice, balanced
breakfast like we discussed,

not just the bangers and mash?


Yeah, not exactly.

Yeah, uh-huh.

Yeah, baby, I--

I know the buyer's schedule,

Yes, baby.

No, we just hit
a teensy little snag.

But you know me.

I got it all worked out.


I love you too.

I said I lub yub tub,
Ammy Wammy.

I lub yub tub, Ammy Wammy.

I say something funny?
- No.

No, you just--you seem to have
a great relationship


Uh, police reports say
you work together now.

- Damn right,
we have a great relationship.

It's because we work together.
- Hmm.

- Ammy and I used to have
separate crews,

separate heists,
separate hideouts,

but it's like Dr. Finkel says.

"If you want your partner
to enter your heart,

"you can't just open the doors.

You gotta open the windows."

- I'm sorry,
you see Dr. Finkel?

- Sharon sees us, man. Okay?

And she helped us realize that
we'd never truly committed.

But now, we're not just
partners in love.

We're partners in crime.

And since we've stopped holding
back and have gone all in,

our relationship's
never been better...

or more lucrative.

- Hmm.

- And if I don't have
those meta-bullets in hand

within the next hour,

Ammy Wammy says
our buyer is gonna walk.

- Yeah, so look,
the dark matter

we're looking for
is microscopic,

so I'm sorry,
I'm gonna need more time.

- Nah.

You need incentive.

- Barry,
you don't have to help him.

- Finish the scanner, now,

or your captain gets to meet
the white whale.

- Hell yeah.

She gonna walk the plank,

- Ahab didn't...

I'm sorry,
do you not know "Moby Dick"?

"To the last
I grapple with thee."

What about "Wrath of Khan"?

"From hell's heart,
I stab at thee.

For hate's sake,
I spit my last"--

I bought you a first edition

for your birthday.

BA in literature from Yale.

Now I'm surrounded
by philistines.

Time's up. Waste her.

- No!
Wait, wait, wait.

Um, look,
it might not be perfect,

but the scanner's done.

- Now there's that service
with a smile

I've been waiting for.

- So all you have to do is
touch this button right here.

Put these in. Put these in.
Put these in.

How did you--

- I reset the scanner
from infrared to infrasonic.

Come on. We gotta go.
Come on.

- Time to make 'em go boom,

- Not when she's the only one
who can tell me

where the bullets
are hidden now.

Find them!

Nobody hides from Goldface.


What's it look like out there?
- Clear.

But it's only a matter of time
before we're discovered.

We need to figure out
our next move fast.

- Okay.
This is a storage room

for junked equipment,
so let's look for anything

we can patch up and use.

Tools to get
these bracelets off.


Hold on.

Captain, look.

- It's deactivated.
How's that possible?

- Your powers work by mimicking

the powers of nearby metas,

- Yes, whenever I'm in
high-stress situations

around other metas,
it just happens.

For about 30 seconds,
I gain their powers.

- These bracelets release

RNA energy pulses
that repress meta-genes.

Your DNA is constantly morphing
based on your adrenal levels

and your proximity
to other metas.

The cuffs weren't
designed to handle

erratic gene fluctuation, so--

- So my mimic powers
short-circuited the bracelet.

- This is great.

Kay, now you can mimic

Goldface's powers
and take him down.

He'll never see you coming.

- No, I'm not ready for that.

- Why not?
This is the chance

we've been waiting for.

- I said I can't do it, Allen.

Let's just stick
with your plan,

find something here
that can help us.

We don't have much time.

- Pardon moi, madame.

There room here
for two to pay their tab?

Wouldn't want
this fine establishment

to think I'm a thief.

- So you disappear when people
want you to stick around,

but you stick around when
people want you to disappear.

- I'm all kinds of complicated,

Maybe that's why you can't see
how much we have in common.

- Yeah, believe it or not,

both of us care about Frost.

- Yeah, and that's why
you abandoned her.

- I--fine.

I screwed up before.

But Frost is special,

so I'm making up for it
as best I can.

I'm even putting time in
with her family.

- Yeah, and what do you know
about family?

- Uh, I know that mine's
dysfunctional as hell.

And the way you went off
in there,

you kind of reminded me
of them.

Yeah, you sounded just like
my frumpy, backstabbing nana

at every Blaine
family reunion ever.

I mean, talk about cold.

Congratulations, you actually
gave me flashbacks.

- I'm sorry I blew up.

But if you care about Frost
as much as you say you do,

then you'll agree that she
deserves someone who--

- Accepts her, warts and all?

Just like I do?

Caitlin, like it or not,
Frost and I are all in.

There's no holding back
or hiding pieces of ourselves.

Like you.

- What are you talking about?

- Come on.

I used to tend bar, remember?

This isn't about
Snowflake and I.

This is about you being
more focused on hating me

than focusing on your own date.

You've been holding back
all night

'cause you're afraid
to go all in with Marcus.

Am I wrong?

Look, it's--

It's okay to be scared.

But at some point, you've got
to take a leap of faith

like I did with Frost
and like she's doing with me.

Trust me,
it's the best decision

that either of us
have ever made.

- Hmm.

- And one more thing.

Marcus is a really good guy.

So maybe stop thinking about
what it is you have to lose

and start thinking
about what it is

you might gain, you know?

But I don't know.


- For what?
- Gotta go.


You find anything?
- No, not yet.

Let's just keep looking.

- Captain, your powers are our
only hope of stopping Goldface.

- I told you, I can't.

- Why not?
- Because I can't control them.

Barry, the other day,

I ordered an iced coffee,
but when I picked it up,

it boiled in my hand.

Turns out the barista
was a heat meta,

and I mimicked her powers
without even realizing it.

- I understand,
but you can work

on controlling your powers.

- I've tried.

But I can't figure it out,

and no one can teach me.

- That's why you've been
so anxious

about getting in touch
with the Flash?

You want him to train you.

Why didn't you just say
that was the reason earlier?

- Because it's hard for me
to ask for help.


When I mimicked
that other meta's abilities,

if they had been more lethal,
I could've killed someone

without even realizing
what was happening.

I was hoping
Flash could help me

learn to control them,
but he's out of reach.

- I am madness maddened.

Come out, come out
wherever you are, Captain,

'cause if you don't,

I'm gonna do this

the old-fashioned way

and start squeezing

your brave officers
until they pop.

- Two minutes, Captain.


- Clock's ticking down,

- Captain, you have to go
down there right now.

- Don't you think I know that?

Look, I did two tours
on a Khandaqi battlefield.

I am not afraid of dying,

and I won't let
any more women or men

under my command get hurt,

but right now, I don't know
how to prevent that.

- You have to use your powers.

Look, I know you're worried

about losing control,
but the military gave you

all the training
you'll ever need

to harness your own instincts.

So instead of worrying
about trying to control

Goldface's powers,
just let it in.

Let it take over,
and then go all in

on trusting your instincts.

Believe me, you can do this.

- Even if I could,
what good would it do?

- It'll give me
the 30 seconds I need

to get this cuff off.

- What?
- Oh, Captain, my Captain.

- Just stall Goldface
until I can get us help.

- Barry, you saw what happens

when someone tries to take off
that trinket.

Do you have a death wish?
- No, I can do this.

And you can handle Goldface.

You know why?

You are one of the bravest
people I've ever met.

- Let's take back our house.

- I'm done playing, Captain.

You got 30 seconds to give me
what I want,

or Officer--

what's your name again?


- Oh.

Is that with a C or with a K?

- A K.

- K. Thanks.

It's "bye, Felicia"
for Officer K-K-Korber here,

and for every minute
I'm empty-handed after that,

another person dies.





- Boss, you could just skip

the counting
and kill her, you know?

- You have no sense of drama.

Where was I?

- 27...26...

- 26.

- Let her go.

- You don't disappoint,

What the hell?

Give me back my chain!

- You want it? Take it from me.

- Shh.

- Why isn't
your bracelet working?

- Didn't match my outfit.

- Wow.

You have seriously leveled up.

- Looks like the chemist
wasn't so smart after all.

That just leaves you.

Time to bring the pain.

- Sorry I'm late, everyone.

- Oh, my God.
Allen, he must have--

- No, he's okay.

I got him out just in time,
thanks to you.

Now, what were you thinking,
breaking into a police station?

Whose bad idea was that,

- ♪ We are strong

- Seriously?

- ♪ No one can tell us
we're wrong ♪

- What can I say?

I'd do anything for love.

- ♪ Searching our hearts
for so long ♪

- Can one of you guys get this?

- ♪ Love is a battlefield

- Take this evidence
to Processing.

You're late.
- Yeah, I know.

- Again.
- I'm sorry.

You were amazing.

You went toe-to-toe
with Goldface.

So I heard.

I mean,
Korber told me all about it.

- I held my own, long enough
for the Flash to arrive.

Of course, he left
before I got a chance

to say "thank you" again,

but at least I can thank you,

I never could've stood up
to Goldface that way

if it weren't for your advice.

- Nah, it was all you.

I just aimed you
in the right direction.

By the way, I gotta ask you,

where are the meta-bullets,

- I had them transferred
to A.R.G.U.S.

35 weeks ago.

- And you kept that secret
the whole time?

Goldface was about to kill you.

- It's called a poker face,

I should get started
on the paperwork.

At least this time,
I know what the charges are.

- Can we talk?
- Mark's downstairs.

We have tickets
to an underground rave

in Keystone City.

- It'll just take a minute.

Look, I acted like
a total bonehead tonight,

and I was rude to you
and to Mark.

I am so sorry.

- Bonehead? Try jackass.

What is your deal?

- I guess I have a lot
of baggage to unpack

when it comes to dating.

- Ya think?

- The reason I've been afraid
to go all-in with Marcus

is because the last time I did,
I lost everything.

And I think that's why
it's so hard

for me to see you with Mark,

'cause I envy how honest

and free and effortless
your relationship is.

- Effortless?

I'm sorry, that's not exactly
what I'd call

the roller coaster that is

You're aware I stabbed him,

- Yeah.

You make it seem easy,
at least.

And Mark helped me
realize something.

- Mark? My Mark?

- Yeah.

Mark showed me that
if I'm gonna have a chance

at finding the same thing,
then I need to take

the same leap with Dr. Ficus.

So I'm gonna do it.
- Hmm.

That's great.
I'm happy for you.

- Thank you, and I'm happy
for you and Mark,

even though he is...himself.

- So does this mean
we can do that whole

double date thing for reals?

- I need to patch things up
with Marcus,

but after that, I'd love to.

- Great.

Mark and I signed up for
a roller derby on the weekend,

and we need two extra players,

you have a mouthguard, right?

- Uh, I could probably
find one, maybe.

- Cool.
Practice starts tomorrow.

8:00 a.m. Don't be late.

- I love what you've done
with the place.

It's--it's different
than the last captain's.

- Flash, on behalf
of this whole department,

I wanted to thank you.

We couldn't have
stopped Goldface without you.

- Hey, if it wasn't
for your smart thinking,

a lot of people would have
been seriously hurt.

So from now on, if you need me,

you can call me on this.

If we're gonna
keep this city safe,

we need to do it together.

Which is why I wanna share
something else with you.

My true identity.

- Allen, I know it's you.

- Wait, what?

How did you find out?

- I found this charred bracelet
in the storage room.

There's only one way
you could've escaped

a bomb exploding on your wrist.


Yeah, Joe was right all along.

You really are a great cop.

And I'd be more than happy
to train you

to become an even better meta.

Since when do you know
how to make a doro wat?

Did you spend a year
in Ethiopia

that I don't know about, or...

It's called retirement.

I am learning to cook
whatever I want.

'Course, all your little sister

wants to eat
is chicken nuggets.

- Hey, don't knock the nuggies.

- I should check on her
and make sure

she's still sleeping,
not trying

to make a break for it.

- Yeah, I'm gonna pack Barr
some leftovers.

He's working late.

But first, I am gonna have
a little bit more.


Weren't you just upstairs?

- Yeah.

And then I went to the garage
because you asked me

to get the files
from the old Scarpulla case.


- Um...

yeah, I-I must have just,
uh, checked out for a second.

- Mm. I get it.

That's a food coma, baby girl.

- Greg, move your head.