The Flash (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Armageddon, Part 4 - full transcript

Barry is shocked when Eobard Thawne returns in the most unexpected way; Damien Darhk offers advice to Barry, but there is a catch; an epic battle begins with Reverse Flash pitted against The Flash, Team Flash, Batwoman, Sentinel and Ryan Choi.

Why is it so complicated
deciding how to have a baby?

The Batsuit isn't
exactly baby proof,

but I can't force Sophie

into nine months of indigestion
and swollen ankles.

Sis, you are spiralling.

Do you remember what I told you
when I was your maid of honor?

No, I was busy getting
married, not taking notes.

I told you
to stop thinking so much

and to listen to your heart.

If you want to have a baby,

your heart will
figure out the how.

And then that sweet little
girl is gonna grow up

and decide that she hates you.

Jenna has been
thinking the worst insults

at me tonight.

Let me tell you
something, teenagers--

Do not use the bathroom.
It is occupied.

Really occupied. Thank you.

Allegra!. Hey, hey, hi.

So--so, uh, how's,
uh, how London?

You calling cookies
b-biscuits yet?

Nope, but actually,

I might be moving back
to the States.

I got a job offer in Gotham.

Oh, my gosh!
Allegra, that's great.

Thanks, yeah,
I haven't decided

if I'm gonna take it
or not yet, though, so...

If I could have everyone's
attention for a minute.

When you find...

The love of your life,

you're part
of something greater.

You're a part of something
wonderful, magical,

and frankly surprising

because you never know what
face fate will be wearing

when she knocks on your door
to change your life forever.

And my only wish for you is
that when that face shows up

to change your lives,
that face is as beautiful

as the one standing
next to me.

To Iris West,

the love of my life.

What the hell
is he doing here?

You got a lot of nerve
showing up here, Allen.

It's been you
this whole time.

Despero, Armageddon, Joe.

Don't you dare say
my father's name, you murderer.

Guys, it's me, Barry.

Iris is my wife.

We've all fought
Thawne together.

Oh, my God.

He actually believes
the things he's saying.

I'll show you it's me.

Thawne, what did you do?

You're not the Flash, Allen.

I am.

Team Flash...

suit up.

Guys, Thawne is tricking you.

I came here from 2021.

Save it, Allen.

We're not falling
for your mind games this time.

Put him down.

It's a paralysis ray.

No speed for a couple
seconds, Allen.

Why are you doing this?

So I can do this.

That was for Ray
and for Nate.

And that was for Sara.

And this...

Is for Cisco.

So sorry, Allegra.

But we did put a tie
on the door.

What did we miss?

Get away from me.
Iris, you have to believe me.

Thawne's not the Flash. I am.

He must have changed
the timeline.

You're my wife.
This is our home, our loft.

We even have kids,
Bart and Nora.

Stop, stop, stop!

You have to remember us.

Iris, you're my lightning rod.

You're psychotic.

Iris West is my lightning
rod now, Reverse-Flash.

What the hell did you do?

Nothing you haven't
done before.

You created a Flashpoint.

I created a Reverse Flashpoint.

I started by doing a little
housekeeping at S.T.A.R. Labs,

and then I took care of
the one father you had left.


Because after
our last encounter,

it was clear to me
you were faster than I was,

and that the only way
to defeat you...

Was to become you.

So I ran back to the year 2013

and made sure that I was
the one struck by lightning.

I was the one that Iris West
wrote about as the Streak.

I led Team Flash.

I was the one Iris West
fell in love with.

I stole your life!

And because every hero
needs a villain...

I created that, too.

You wore my face.

It was you that attacked
the city that day.

That's why they don't trust me.

Made you think
you were crazy,

crazy enough to beg,

literally beg Jefferson Pierce
to steal your speed.

What's it at now, 5%?
Maybe less?

Thawne, what you've done
destroys the world.

It creates Armageddon.

No, it's true, damn it!

I would not create
a perfect world

just to watch it die.

As a matter of fact,

the only thing
that is set to expire

is you.

And do you know why?

Because I finally did
what I set out to do

all those years ago.

I killed you as a child.

You can do that all night long.

But the fact remains,
at the stroke of midnight,

my timeline will solidify...

And you will cease to exist.

And your precious Speed Force
cannot help you now,

because in this timeline,
she chose me.

An Iris chose me.

I've won. I finally won.

Who's faster now?

Earlier today,
protesters gathered downtown

outside the penthouse
of Damien Darhk,

demanding justice.

Darhk, who was released
from Iron Heights Prison

on a technicality,
was convicted six months ago

for the murders of A.R.G.U.S.
director Cisco Ramon,

the heroic team
known as the Legends,

as well as tech philanthropist
Ray Palmer.

Meanwhile, Darhk's accomplice,

the mass murdering speedster
the Reverse-Flash

is still at large.

Barry Allen, I was wondering
when my old partner

was gonna come back
and say hello.

I hope you've been laying low
somewhere, relaxing.

I need your help
again, Damien.

Yeah, of course you do.

Whoa, hmm.

You seem different.

It seems like you're running
on empty, old friend.

What happened to you?

The Flash happened to me.

Now I want payback.

Mm, I like
where this is going.

Spill your tragic tale.

Well, after
you were arrested,

I fought the Flash
and beat him.


But before I could drive
a hand through his heart,

he ran back in time,
changed things so he'd won.

He created an anachronism.

Only it wasn't
just one event.

Thawne changed everything.

Trying to stop him
cost me my speed.

Now we're living
in a timeline he constructed

for his own benefit.


Well, that's
downright villainous.


We need to put him down.
Yeah, we will, we will.

You know, nobody gets to
rig time except me,

but fixing this won't be easy.

If the Flash created
multiple anachronisms,

the only way
to reset the timeline

is to turn everything back
at the same time,

which is why we need the PED.

The PED?
The PED.

The Particle Eradication

the thing that erases
any type of matter.

You yanked it out of
Ray Palmer's cold dead hands.


When you've killed
as many people as I have,

you start to lose track.


I sometimes forget...

You're even darker than me,

pun intended.

All right, old partner,
here's what we're gonna do.

If we combine the PED

and my Time Stone,
any anachronisms

on that temporal plane
will be erased.

So this could work.
Oh, it gets so much better.

After my arrest,
they confiscated the PED.

Guess where it ended up.

Frost, Chillblaine,
and Batwoman are

searching the city,
but no sign of Reverse-Flash.

And I can't feel him anymore.

It's like
he magically disappeared.

Then try harder.

Cecile, we know that
you're doing your best.

Yes, of course you are.

What's up with him, anyway?
Has he gone crazy?

I mean, the guy actually
thought he was the Flash.

He's a sociopath.

There's no explaining
a mind like that.

Runk, where are we
with the satellites?


Right, right, right, right.

Satellites are scanning
for his negative tachyons, sir.

But after analyzing samples
from Robern's,

looks like
the Reverse-Flash is running

on limited speed.

Less speed means
lower tachyon output.

Making him harder to track.
But not impossible.

If we sync the Atom Bracelet's
microsensors to the satellite,

that'll isolate
the smallest tachyons.

That will give us
Allen's location.

Consider it done, Captain Eo.

Horton, use
the Thinker's chair

to boost your empathic scans.

Snow, get the med lab ready
in case there's trouble.

Danvers, Garcia, weapons check.

What are you thinking?

Well, I'm thinking you should
be at home resting up

for our big day tomorrow.

I will.


It's just that Allen
seems off.

Baby, he called me
his lightning rod.

Only you call me that.
I know.

But he's smart.
He's attacking our love.

We cannot let him
pull us apart.

He won't.

I love you.
I love you.

What's the deal
with you and Chester?

Nothing, why?

The stolen glances,
the nervous energy.

You either hooked up,
you are hooking up,

or you really need to.

Okay, we did once,

but it was ten years ago,
and it went nowhere.

What happened?

We'd been flirting
for months,

and one night,
we were playing D&D,

and it just happened.

It was a really lusty quest.

Anyway, I thought something
would come of it.

But by the time I woke up
in the morning,

Chester was gone.

Hold up, he just left?

And by the time
we talked about it,

we decided it was better
just to be friends.


Hey, do you know
how much longer

until my new look is ready?

I'm gonna look so good
kicking bad guy butt.

I'm just making some
last-minute tweaks.

Okay. Okay, good to go.

Now we can hunt some tachyons.

It's working.

According to these readings,

there's a pocket of negative
tachyons in this room.

Had to ruin the surprise,
didn't you?

You find the PED.
I'll take care of these two.

Hello, boys.

Ah, ah, ah.

Of course.

Ooh, Tupac, what an artist.

I've got it.

Wow, you and I, what a team.


Hurts, doesn't it?

Well, so will this.

Let's go.

Oh, I got a better idea.

Imagine how devastating
it would be to the Flash

to lose his friends
on the eve of his wedding.

Nothing destroys a man
like losing the ones

he loves the most.

What the hell was that?

We got what we wanted.

Killing them wouldn't
have been efficient.

We can kill them later.


The Barry Allen
I know wouldn't wait,

which means you're not
the Reverse-Flash, so...

who are you?

Don't make me ask you again.

Who are you?

Thawne's the real

Erase me from the timeline

at midnight.

Man, he is good!

I mean, that's like
a work of evil art.

The question is now,
what do I do with you?

You could still help me.

"Help me?"
No, I'm the bad guy.

I don't help heroes.

But you're also a father,

which means you know what it
feels like to love someone

with all your heart and soul,

like your daughter Nora.

My Nora's dead.
I am done listening to you.

She's supposed to be alive,
and she is

in the timeline
I'm trying to restore.

In my timeline, a demon was
gonna take over her soul,

but you switched places
with her.

You gave your own life
so she could live.

If you're lying to me,
I'll see you burn.

Nora, Nora.

Dad, why?

Because I love you.

And I couldn't watch you
become a monster like me.

It's true.

My Nora doll's supposed
to be alive.

I sacrificed myself
to save her.

So honor that sacrifice.

Help me restore the timeline
and bring her back.

Let's go to work.

I guess you guys
haven't found Allen yet, huh?


And Batwing called from Gotham.

Two-Face turned up,
which means--

You have to go.

I will be at the ceremony
tomorrow, I promise.

Until then, take this.

It's a Velocity-Zero gun.

Luke designed it the last time

a certain lady in red tried
to kill us all.

It will temporarily disrupt
Reverse-Flash's connection

to whatever Speed Force
he's connected to.

Thank you.

Now, uh, you want to talk
about your other problem?

I don't know, I've been
working on it since I got home.

Every time I think
about my future with Eobard,

my mind just...

It goes blanker than that page.

Any chance
it's just cold feet?

I don't know.

I love Eobard. I do.

But when I think
about what Allen said,

I mean, I just, I can't.

I can't get it out of my head.
It's like it's haunting me.

Ryan, I've won two Pulitzers.

Why can't I write
my own wedding vows?

Iris, tonight you told me
to stop thinking so much

and listen to my heart.

Yeah, okay, I get it.

That's what I'm supposed
to do now--

'Cause it works.

Look, tonight I saved
a kid living in their van

near the waterfront,
just like I was

before I found the Batsuit.

Some lowlifes were mugging her,

and as I was kicking
their asses,

my heart told me what I want.

I want to save a kid
like Cora saved me.

So after I dropped
their sorry asses off

at the nearest precinct,
I called Sophie.

We're gonna adopt.


I'm so happy for you.

Take your own advice.

Trust me, if Eobard's the one,

the vows will come.

And what if he isn't?

Then I will get you out
of here in a hot minute.

My car drives really fast.

That's good work.


Right, you don't
drink alcohol.

Hey, Chester,
why did you ghost Allegra?

Well, I-I never--
Oh, here we go.

Ten years ago, the morning
after you two hooked up,

you snuck out
while she was sleeping.

First of all,
that's not ghosting.

That's called the French exit.

I never ghosted anyone, okay?

I went to get coffee
and blueberry muffins.

Wait, what?

Yeah, I wanted
to have breakfast in bed,

watch the sun come up.

I had the whole day planned

because I knew even
after one night that I wanted

to spend the rest
of my life with her.

Dear God.

When I got back,
she was gone, Alex,

so Allegra ghosted me.

Which is why we always abide
by rule number one:

never return to the scene
of the crime.

Why didn't you ever tell her?

I wanted to.

But we were attacked
by the Legion of Doom.

That week was
seriously chaotic,

and when the dust settled,

I tried bringing it up again.

But she cut me off,

told me that night
was a huge mistake

and that we were
better off as friends.

Think I'm gonna get some air.

See, this is what happens
when you try and play Cupid.

What is your problem?

Why don't you love "love"?

Okay, love is just a chemical
flood of dopamine and oxytocin,

giving people an addictive
dependence like a bad drug.


It's taken me years

to help Chuck feel happy
without Allegra.

By telling him
to hide his heart?

Now you're gonna give me
a whole greeting card

inspired speech
about your perfect wife

and how she's the love
of your life.

Okay, all right.
All right, fine.

But one day,
you're gonna wake up alone,

and you're gonna realize
that you missed out

on the best part
of being human.

Look, according
to these equations,

I'd have to hit Mach 20
in order to open a time portal.


And is that a problem?

To reach that kind of speed,
I need 40,000 miles.

That kind
of runway doesn't exist.

Yes, it does.

Is that big enough?

Yes, but the Earth
isn't just a solid rock.

It has a molten core.

The kind of pressure
I'd be exerting

on its mantle would cause
cataclysmic damage.

We're talking
volcanoes erupting,

ice caps melting,
earthquakes, tsunami.

It'd be Armageddon.

So in order to save the world
and bring my Nora back--

I'd have to risk
destroying it,

just like Despero predicted.

Look, uh, I hate
to break up your pity party,

but we're running out of time.

And, Barry,
you have to do this.

Trust me, I want my life and
Iris back more than anything,

but I've run the numbers.

I will have two minutes
to accelerate

before my destruction
destroys the world.

Well then,
you better run fast.

Damien, the odds
of me hitting Mach 20

in two minutes is 2%!

It's better than nothing!
You don't understand.

Despero says
I cause Armageddon.

This is exactly
what he described.

I won't be responsible
for killing

every single person
on the planet.

And what happens
to those people if you give up?

You're leaving 8 billion souls
in a world

where Thawne has everything
that he wants

and nothing to lose.

I'm still not fast enough.

Fast enough?

How dense are you?

Speed isn't the only thing

that guides you
through these things.

It never is.
What else is there?

Love, you idiot!

You're the paragon of it.

I saw what you did
in the Time Stone.

You restarted an entire
universe with love.

This should be peanuts.
It's not gonna work.

Not this time.

Well, it's guiding
the both of us right now.

Why do you think
I'm helping you?

You think I want to die?

I don't.

But if sacrificing my life
means that Nora gets

to live the life
that Thawne stole from her,

then yeah,
I'm gonna do it because my love

for her is what keeps me going
every damn day in my life.

I mean, who do you think
I built this whole empire for?

Iris, your family,
your friends,

they are what keep you going.

Iris doesn't remember
what we had.

Well, that doesn't matter.

You do.

You lied to me about Chester.

Chester loves you.

When he went to tell you,
you cut him off.

Why did you do that?

You want to know
how every relationship

in my life has ended?

With me getting kicked
to the curb.

Everyone I've ever loved
has left.

When I woke up
the next morning alone,

it was like a trigger.

I was 12 years old again,

and my mom was telling me

that my dad left us
because of me.

Yeah, she was a bag
of crap, too.

The point is, I was crushed.

So when I saw Chester
walking up the street

with coffees and a bag,

I knew what that meant,

how he felt about me.

And I just freaked out,
and I pushed him away.

You know...

My wife is my rock.

But things were not
always perfect.

Trust me,
putting yourself out there,

it's scary,

but it's also so worth it.

But what if I lose him?

You'll never know
unless you try.

Alex, the reason why
I don't love "love"...

Is because nothing
scares me more

than putting my heart out
on the line.

So I make fun of romantics.

But this whole Don Juan thing

is just an act.

I knew it.

The truth is...

I don't want to wake up alone
for the rest of my life.

Look, Chester's my boy.

And I know what my boy needs.

He needs you.

Guys, we got a hit
on Reverse-Flash.

Let's go.

I was just thinking about--

I just want to talk,
I swear.

You take one more step,
and I'm gonna shoot you.


What's wrong with you?
Are you dying?

Something like that.

I came here because I'm about
to do something impossible.

And even though it
might not work,

I couldn't leave this world
without telling you that--

Nice try, Allen,
but she doesn't love you.

She loves me.

Tell him, Iris,
or better yet...

Shoot him.


What are you waiting for?
Shoot him!

I need you to know,
no matter what happens,

after everything
Thawne's taken from me,

he can't take away
my feelings for you.

I love you, Iris.


Go before
I change my mind.

How'd it go with the missus?
I don't know.

She let me go.
It has to mean something.

Well, let's do this thing.

I'll stay here
at your point of origin,

just in case
we get some visitors,

but I'll be in touch.


You'll hear my voice
wherever you go.

Now, remember, you've got
two minutes to reach Mach 20

and open that temporal portal.

Damien, thank you.

Get out of here.

We tracked down the PED
and Reverse-Flash.

He's crossing
the Atlantic Ocean.

What the hell is he doing?

He's destroying the city.

It's like the end
of days out here.

Holy crap,
it's not just the city.

Allen's speed wake is causing
the globe to tear itself apart.

It's an extinction level event
in progress.

He's right, I'm tracking
at least a hundred earthquakes.

A tsunami just hit Japan.

Allen really has
lost his mind.

He realized he can't win,
so he's trying to kill us all.

I have to go.
I gotta go get Jenna.

Guys, Mark and I
could use backup!

Go. I'll stay here.


Hey, not to be that guy,

but since this could be the end
of the world as we know it,

if anyone has anything to say,
now would be the time.

The Reverse-Flash
just hit Europe.

Where is Eobard?

I'm right behind him.

Hey, Flash,
you've got company.

Guess what, Darhk,

so do you.

Frosty, Chill-lame.

Yeah, I'm a little bit busy.

But you do realize my abilities
give me the power

to draw and quarter
with a gesture, right?

Not for the next 24 hours,
you don't.

Our friend John gave us
a badass protection spell.

Constantine, I hate that guy.

Yeah, well, too bad.

Looks like we get to kick
this guy's ass all night.

Won't even take that long.

Let's see how that goes.

If boss doesn't catch Allen
in the next 90 seconds...




I love you.

Yeah, well, I love you, too.

When did this happen?

It's not working.

I'm still not fast enough.

I'm trying to save my
daughter here, Allen.


Never dance with the devil.

Yeah, I increased
the molecular density

on that little toothpick
of yours a thousandfold

at the subatomic level.

Good luck trying
to lift two tons.

I hate science.

Then you are really
gonna hate that.

Thanks for the assist.
Of course.

Hey, nice threads.
Thanks, man.

We're running out of time.
60 seconds.

Come on, Flash.

You're too late, Allen.

You're too late!



Barry, I love you, too.

You are no hero.
You are a monster.

I'm going to ask you
one last time, Ms. Horton.

And if I don't
like your answer,

you'll join your friends
in the afterlife.


The Flash.

Where is he?

I told you, I don't know!

You know what?

I believe you.



No, what is this?

Flash, what did you do?

I went to the future.

Iris was right.

Someone manipulated
the timeline

to drive me insane.

It turns out in order
to fix it,

I had to start Armageddon.

Only this time,
I didn't destroy the world.

How is that possible?

You left 2031
before the world ended.

What you didn't know
was that Eobard Thawne,

the Reverse-Flash,
was chasing me.

He wanted to stop me
from restoring the timeline.

The speed wake created
by us both,

that is what caused
the destruction you saw.

If that's happened,
what stopped you

from tearing this world apart?


She helped me reconnect
to the Speed Force.

Now the future's safe.

I can see you believe it
to be true.

And as a traveler in time,

my senses confirm
this world has been altered.

But as for the true reason...

Well, that remains to be seen.

Maybe you should go to 2031

and see for yourself.

I shall,
but if you're wrong,

or if I find any evidence that
this world is still in danger,

I will return,

and you will die.


Gluten free for Cecile.
Gluten free!

Here you go.

Where is...

Hey, babe.

I would've got you something,

but I thought you were
working through lunch

at the precinct today.

Don't worry, there's plenty.

Got a burger for you, boss.

Oh, I missed you so much.

Not that I don't
love this attention,

but where's this coming from?

Barry, you okay?

Something happened,
didn't it?

What was it?


I just want
to be here with you,

with all of you.

Want me to call Dad, Frost?

Dad. I'll call.

Can I call them?

Uh, I mean, yeah,
it's ringing, so.


It's really you.

You're really there.

Nobody uses time against me.

I will live.

I will change
what's about to happen.

And you will help me.

Greg, move your head.