The Flash (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 16 - Episode #8.16 - full transcript

- Barry, we're in position
to attack. Where are you?

- Sorry! I... I still have
a few things

to take care of
on the way.


- So just the banana?

- You okay?
Don't worry about that guy.

I just dropped him off at CCPD.

- Saved by Mr. Flashy himself!

Oh, I've gotta give you
a nice, big reward.

- Oh, no, that's not necessary.

I can't accept your money, I...

- But it's butterscotch.


- Thank you.

That's very sweet of you.

- Flash,
we're getting hit hard!

We're not gonna make it!

- Hold on, Chester.
I'm on my way.

- 19! Critical hit!
- Oh!

- Uvarkk the Cleric attacks
with the Sacred Flame.

- Way stronger than my glaive.

- Uvarkk vanquishes The Lich,

saving our merry band
of adventurers.

- Radiant damage, am I right?

- What the hell's going on?

- The Dungeon Kraken is awoken
by Thodris' fear

and pounces, pinning
the warrior to the ground.

There's no escape for him now.

- Save him!
Somebody... somebody save him!

- Help me, Karash the Orc!

You're my last hope.

- It's my turn?

- Yeah.
- Use your vorpal sword,

use your vorpal sword.
- Wh... my what?

- What do you do, Karash?

- I... I tell the thing
to raise its little claws,

and read it
its Miranda Rights.

Oh, come on.

- Guys, this game
is not for me.

I'm sorry.
- All right, Joe.

- Come on.
- All right, no, look, look...

Let's take a break.
Let's just...

Let's take a break.
Refill our goblets.


- Yeah, you were acting, bro.

- Sorry.
- No, I get it, I get it.

This is a little different
for family game night.

A little.

It's got a 600-page
instruction booklet.

- Well, I... I read the whole
thing in, like, two seconds.

Oh, I read that in,
like, two seconds.

- I don't sound like that.
But, look, I...

I was a little intimidated,

But Iris made me give it a try,

and we wound up having...

a great time that night.

- That sounds like
my baby girl.

Any sign of her?

- Nora says that Iris
is still in the future,

which means she's okay.

The path we're on now
should lead us to her.

- Well, the timeline has split
you and Iris up before,

and it never holds, so...

I have to have faith in that
just like you do.

- Hey, um, I gotta go to CCPD.

- Kramer needs you?

- No, not Kramer.

You trying to make me
feel like I ran back in time?

- What can I say, Allen?

This'll always be home.

- And, don't worry,
I covered for you.

While The Flash was stopping
robberies in Central City,

Barry Allen has been in his lab
all day with me.

Captain Kramer'll
never suspect a thing.

- Thanks, Chief,
but it's fine.

She already
knows I'm The Flash.

- What?
You told her already?

She just got here.
- Actually,

she figured it out on her own.

- Well, I figured it out first.

- You did.
- I mean, good for her.

- Uh, so, you said
you had a case for me?

- Uh, yes.

A high profile theft
at a Mercury Labs

came across my desk.

- Uh, what is it?
- We thought it was

a simple smash-and-grab job
by a thief

who wiped the security cameras
clean before they left.

But the inventory report says
they made off

with a Gamma Absorption Array.

The Mercury tech unit says
a device like that

in the wrong hands
can cause all kinds of damage.

- Yeah, they're right, I mean,
arrays like this use bursts

of gamma radiation to interact
with cellular structures.

It could be used
for almost anything,

from growing super crops
to taking out an entire army.

- So the only way to solve our
mystery is to catch our thief.

I will
never get used to that.

So, uh, tire
prints from the crime scene

have traces
of residual calcium plates,

most commonly found
in the barnacles,

which grow
directly onto a hard substrate,

like a boat or a dock.

So the perp
is probably hiding out

somewhere near the shipyard.

- Okay, I will get
Captain Kramer up to speed.

Great work, as usual.

- Thank you.

- So you know
what happens now.

Oh, I bring in
our mystery thief.

- That, I'm used to.

- Chester, bring up the plans

to the shipyard warehouses.

Our perp is hiding
somewhere out here.

- Might as well
list the whole area

These warehouses haven't been
in use in seven years.

I think I found something.

Tire treads match those
from the crime report.

- Great gamma gadget!

Barry, that van must
have been shielded,

'cause as soon as
you opened it up,

the radiation readings
spiked through the roof.

It's the gamma array.

Whoever stole this made
some seriously advanced mods.

I'm gonna run it back
for a full analysis.

- Oh, you won't be running
anywhere much longer.

- Hey.

You're the bad guy, aren't ya?

You wanna save us both
some time and tell me

what these mods do, before I
take you to prison, or after?

- Why don't I show you?

- Flash, are you okay?


Enjoy what time
you have left, Flash.

- Ow, what hit me?

- Gideon,
run a full diagnostic.

- Commencing
full-body diagnostic scan.

- Multiple biological
abnormalities detected.

- What? What...

What kind of abnormalities?

- Moderate signs
of arthritis, hearing loss,

osteoporosis, high
cholesterol, and heartburn.

- That's what that is?

- Holy Benjamin Button, Barry.

- Every cell in your body
has deteriorated suddenly.

It says here you've
aged 30 years overnight.

- How's that possible?
He looks exactly the same.

- It looks like
the blast that hit Barry

was mostly absorbed
by his internal biology.

Organs, cardiovascular system,
bones, joints.

He may look young
on the outside,

but on the inside,
things are very different.

- Can we reverse it?
- Maybe, but I'd need

the device that whammied you
to even try.

- Oh.
- All right, let's find

Dr. Creep Face and get it.

But, why build an "old gun"

- I don't know,
but whatever the reason,

it's probably dangerous.

I'm gonna go back to his
warehouse and search for clues.

- Hang on, hang on.
Do you really think

it's a good idea for you to go
in the field like this?

Do we even know... has this
affected your powers?

- Uh, Gideon,
run a meta efficiency test.

- Test initiated.

- We'll start with phasing.


- Phasing unsuccessful.

- Phasing's pretty advanced.

Um, yeah, okay.
- Yeah.

- Let's, uh,
try something easier.

Wind arms.

Wind arms are easier.

Oh, my...

Come on! Ah!

- Test complete.
- I almost had it.

- Meta ability
has decreased by 29%.

- Okay, Barry, honey,
why don't you come sit down?

- I'm fine.

I'm fine.

I can, uh... I can feel
the Speed Force inside me.

I just need to stretch my legs.

Get 'em moving.

Figure out what
I can still handle.


- Ah!

I'm okay.

- I already
updated the software.

Now I gotta
give the damn thing a name.

How about, Vacuum?

There's the Joe West I know.

- Good to see you, man.
- Hey, David.

- Hey, hey, hey. Oh!

- Barry told me
you'd be around.

Sorry, I've just been screaming
at electronic equipment

for the last couple hours.

- I wanted to see how
retirement was treating you.

I was expecting
all-day football,

or a wine and jazz room,

not a...
an appliance minefield.

- Yeah, ever since Jenna's
been in pre-school,

I've had more time
on my hands... a lot more.

- You know, you can just use
some of this time

to find ways to relax.

When Rob's mom retired,
she took up meditation.

- Well, that sounds
like a lot of

sitting around doing nothing.

Plus, all these
little projects keep me busy.

The problem is,
each one of them comes

with a novel-long
instruction booklet.

I mean, you
have to learn to program

a computer to just use a mop.

- You know what?

Rob and I got his mother
one of these last Christmas.

Let's see
what you're working with.

- Hey!
- Hey.

- You look better.
How you feel?

- Um, just a little tired.

But as long as I
keep it under Mach 10,

I can maintain control
of my speed.

And that's more than fast
enough to catch this guy.

- Right, but we know that
Allegra can handle herself

out in the field, so when
crazy scientist guy comes back,

then she and Chester
can handle it,

and I can even help out with...
- Cecile,

I can't risk any of you

getting hit with that machine.

And you heard Chester.
The only way to cure me

is to get
that gamma array back,

and the fastest way
to do that is with my speed.

- But, are you sure

that this is
the right way to do it?

It just feels like
you're racing past

some red flags here.

I mean...
is everything okay?

- Guys, we've
got a break in at Magnus Labs.

- Another tech facility.
Guess we found our guy.

Uh, Chester,
get ready to adjust

that gamma array
when I get back.

I won't be long.

- High velocity object

I assumed correctly
you would recognize

a thermal detonator, Flash.

- Barry,
that's no ordinary grenade.

It's got major bad energy
emanating from it.

He modified
it to pack a serious punch.

- This isn't the answer
to getting what you want.

- There is only one way
to get what I want,

and it's in here.

I'm going
to obtain a power more precious

than any ever wielded
by a superhero.

- How's this for power?

- Cute.

My turn.

- His heart rate's spiking.

- Barry.


- Well,
there's no permanent damage,

but you're near-sighted now.

- Why did your vision go bad?

You didn't have
this problem earlier.

- That's not
the only new thing.

It's just, like...

I thought he was only supposed
to be old on the inside.

- Hey, Chester.

Run my scan results

through Gideon's bio-algorithm,

and let's just...
let's take a detailed look.

- Done, and if I'm reading
this right,

um, you aged
another ten years.

- What? How?

Was it the grenade blast?

- I don't think so.

- It looks like the...
the gamma radiation

inside Barry's cells
is activated by

his Speed Force energy.
- Wait, Chuck,

are you seriously saying that
the more The Flash runs...

- The more he ages.

Barry, you gotta stop
using your speed.

- Cecile,
I have to find this guy.


Hold on.
Maybe Cecile's right.

You almost had a heart attack
back at Magnus Labs.

- Plus, if your aging's
showing on the outside,

I can't even imagine what's
going on inside your body.

- Guys, I won't let
this guy get away.

We still don't even
know what he's planning.

What if he uses this
device on someone else?

- And what if you die
of old age

before you can stop him?
- But I won't.

Look, we just need
to track this guy down

as soon as possible
and end this.

And I think
I know how to start.

- You found out who he is?
- Yeah, he wiped

the security cameras
at his first crime scene,

but I showed up before he
had a chance to do it again.

Pulled this photo
from the footage

and ran a background check.

- Dr. Pytor Orloff.

Former technician
at a small R&D lab,

Corbin Taft Industries.

Says here
he was fired for using

company resources
on unsanctioned research.

- I'm gonna check
his old lab at Taft,

see if Dr. Olsen
left any clues.

- Barry, it's Dr. Orloff.

- That's what I meant.

And I'm gonna need
those contacts, Chester.

- Yeah.
- Thanks.

- Okay,
I'm gonna go with you.

- Cecile, I...
- Look, this guy

has surprised us
a couple of times already,

and my powers
will feel him coming

if he decides to show up
while we're at his lab.

- Okay.
- Great.

Oh, uh, real quick.

This time,
we're gonna take my car.

- Use the provided
triangular hex-bracket tool

to fasten the side brushes.

- Yeah, I couldn't find
whatever the hell that is,

so I'm using my trusty,
dusty socket wrench.

- Okay, are you sure
that's gonna fit the...


- Just a little elbow grease.

All right,
let's see if this thing works.

Damn it!

Why do we need robots
for a man's job anyway?

Jenna's gonna have to learn
what chores are.

Is it...

Joe, I love ya, man,

but I have not seen you
this frustrated since...

Do you remember
the Steve Palmer case?

- Look man,
I would spend months and months

and months on a case
if that's what it took, right?

I mean, obviously it wasn't
easy, but I loved it,

like, I... I loved it.

Now, I...

- Uh, okay,
that's enough of that.

I'm calling in a 10-85.

Delay due to coffee break.

You, my friend, need to get
out of this house badly.

- Man, let me just clean
up this vacuum mess.

- Oh, no, Joe, I'm not asking.

This is an order
from the Chief of Police.

Let's roll!

- All right, you're buying.

- Don't I always?
- True.

- Look for Orloff's
old work files.

Maybe they can tell us
where he's hiding

or what he could be planning.

Usually, these facilities
have strict record keeping.

I got it.

- Okay.

- What was that?

- I think it was
a facial ID scan,

like how your phone unlocks.

That's a countdown
to wipe the hard drive.

If we don't hack past this now,

all the data
is gonna be erased.

I need to run this to Chester.

- Wait, no, Barry, you can't...

- I don't have a choice.

We need to find out
what's on this hard drive!

- Well then,
there's got to be another way,

let's take a second and think...
- I don't have time.

We need to run this to CCPD.

You mean S.T.A.R.?

Barry, that's the second time
you forgot something.

- I didn't forget it,
I misspoke.

Okay, we need to go, right now.

- Where did you take us?

Barry, we are
a long way from home.


How did we get here?

- Connections
of the hippocampus

are showing gradual decay.

While cognitive functions have
returned to normal levels,

Barry Allen's memory loss

will likely be
a recurring event.

- Barry...

how you feelin'?

- I feel like we don't
have time for this.

I'm fine now.

- Barry, I don't think
you get how serious this is.

According to your latest
bioscan results from Gideon,

if you use that much
speed again,

it could kill you.

- Okay.

Then we need to find Orloff
more than ever.

All right, getting
his gamma array

is still
the only way to cure me

and stop
whatever he's planning.

Chester, were you able
to save his laptop?

I managed
to stop the countdown.

But it's gonna take some more
time for me to hack inside.

- Okay, well let me know
when you do.

In the meantime,
everyone watch satellites

for gamma ray spikes
in the city.

Right now, that's our only
other means to find Orloff.

I'm gonna
visit the Starchives,

see if I can find anything

to safely hold
the gamma emitter

when I bring it back.

- Sometimes, I feel like
time's chasing me.

I spend half my day
trying to keep up

with the changes all around me.

Like, I had to set a reminder
on my phone to pick up Jenna

from her playdate,
an hour from now.

It's like
I don't recognize my life.

But maybe that's what happens
when you have more years

behind you than you have
ahead of you.

You spend so much time
looking back

that it's really hard
to move forward.

- Hmm.

Joe, um,

your life isn't the problem.

Retirement isn't the problem.

It's you.

You don't wanna move forward.

You've always been like this.

Stuck in your ways.

Not really willing to embrace
anything new.

- My ways put hundreds
of criminals behind bars.

- Mm-hmm.

Do you know why
it took us so long

to close the Steve Palmer case?

It wasn't just 'cause of
the dead ends.

It was because you refused

to learn the new
CCPD computer system.

Listen, now...

my file folders
worked just fine.

- Maybe.

And maybe you spent a lot of
extra time filling out forms.

Time you could've spent doing
the job you love instead.

Joe, your life
has always been changing.

Think about it.

You were
a single father who took in

a traumatized boy who just
lost both of his parents.

And you raised that boy to be
one of the most

extraordinary humans
to ever walk the Earth.

Joe, you raised The Flash.

And he didn't get his
greatest superpowers

from a bolt of lightning.

He got them
from a man who embraced

an unexpected time in his life.

He got them from you,

Joe West.

Now imagine
all the amazing new things

Joe West can still do
with his life.


- Hey.

I've been looking for you.

I thought you were going
to the Starchives.


- I...

forgot where it was.

- Okay.

All right,
come on, talk to me.

Barry, what's going
on with you?

You're not normally
this stubborn.

What are you
trying to prove, honey?

You know you're scaring
all of us.

- I'm scared too, Cecile.

Orloff's still out there,
and I can't...

I feel myself withering.

When I run,
my bones ache.

Like they're made of glass,

my hands won't stop shaking.

I'm always out of breath,

and it's getting harder...

It's getting harder to...

remember the people I love.

My friends.

Nora, Bart, Joe.

Even Iris.

What if I forget
who she is...

before she comes back?

I thought I had plenty
of time to get Iris back...

And live my live my life
with her.

Now it's all fading away,

like my body.

And now,
with my mind going, too...

it's like
losing everyone you love...

All at once.

You know, you're not
the first superhero

that I've seen go through this.

No, oh, I knew
one badass fighter,

through and through...

my grandmother.

And just like you,
she was always

running from one adventure
to the next.

Not just when she was young
and spry, either.

Oh, no, no.

I mean, I'm talking
well into her golden years.

She never lost
her love for life, and...

that inspired me
to do more with my own.

- She sounds like
an amazing woman.

- Here's the thing, though.

She never feared getting old.


She made a choice.

She knew if she was
gonna run out of time,

then, damn it,
she was gonna use the time

that she had to live exactly
the life that she wanted.

See, she knew...

she knew that
no one could outrun time.

But you can embrace it.

Barry, nobody's saying

that you can't
go get the bad guy,

but don't let your fear
of running out of time

cloud your ability
to see the right way to do it.


I finally broke
the encryption code

on Orloff's laptop.

So I took a look
through Orloff's notes

on the gamma array.

He is a next-level genius,
no doubt,

but unfortunately,
he's planning something

seriously dangerous.

This is what he stole from his
second lab raid.

It's an energy amplifier
that could boost

his machine's output
a hundred fold.

- So he wants to
make everyone old? Why?

- His research
is obsessed with finding

the scientific equivalent
of a fountain of youth.

He just wants
to be young again,

and I think
he's figured out how.

- By taking
it from other people.

Can you pull up
the security footage I used

to run his background?

- Look at his hair.

- He's not gray anymore...

- His machine works,

only it needs to absorb a lot
of energy to make him

even just a few years younger,

which is why
he stole the amplifier.

- Chester, what happens
when he finishes

connecting the amplifier
to the gamma array?

- He becomes immortal.

And the city,
everyone in it,

all age hundreds of years
in an instant.

We'll all be dust.

- We've got a massive
radiation spike.

I'm reading
2,000 millisieverts...

wait, no, 3,000.

- Orloff just activated
his machine.

- Okay, we know were he is.

Let's take him down.
Pull the plug.

- No, it's not gonna
be that easy.

I mean,
look at these readings.

If we shut it down
too suddenly,

there would be a cascading
degradation cycle

in the gamma isotopes.

- Meaning we can't just
turn it off.

It's already built up
too much of a charge.

Shutting it
off now would cause

the gamma rays to explode out,

affecting hundreds of people.

- We better
think of something quick.

In a few minutes,
it'll be charged enough

to affect the whole city.

- Is there any way
we can slow it down?

- No.

We have to speed it up.

Guys, the gamma radiation
siphons energy

from human cells,
speeding up

the biological aging process.

Like what's been
happening to me all day.

But if we fed it more energy
than it can handle...

- The amplifier would
have to kick into overdrive

to match the high energy
consumption rate.

It would burn out the machine.

- Okay, what do we got that
can put out that much energy?

- Me.

- No.

Barry, you remember
what Chester said.

If you use your speed again,
it could kill you this time.

- I have to try.

If I die or it ages me to 100,
I'm not afraid anymore.

You're right, Cecile,
I can't outrun time,

but I can embrace it,
and I can choose to spend

every moment I have left
trying to save innocent lives.

- Then run, Barry.


- You don't... you can't...

- Yes, I can, and I am.

- Orloff's machine just
hit 100,000 millisieverts

of radiation...
that's fully charged, Barry.

Whatever you're gonna do,
you gotta do it now.

- You're out of time, Flash,
and slower than ever.

It looks
like everyone in Central City

is running out of time,
except me.

- I don't understand.
What's Barry doing?

- He just matched the gamma
machine's energy output,

stopping it from expanding,

but if he's gonna
overcharge it,

he's gonna have
to hit some savage velocity.

- Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

He's having a heart attack.

- How much
longer can he hold out?

- Biologically,
he's over 100 years old.

- No. Ah...


He did it!

- Wait, what... what's...
what's wrong?

- Wait.

I can't believe
what I'm seeing.

Barry... Barry, what happened?

My readings
are saying that you're...

- Better than ever.

- My years, my time!

It's all gone!

What do I do now?

- My advice:

embrace the time
you have left in prison.

- He looks good.

Is he good?
- Oh, yeah.

No, that boy's
doing better than good.

Barry forcing the gamma array's
field backwards

completely inverted
its energy charge.

So young man Orloff became old,

but not only did old man Barry
become young again,

you completely regenerated
and then some.

- Hold on, are you saying I'm...

- Sorry to break it
to you, kid,

you're not in your 30s anymore.

- How old am I?

- 29.

But y'all know
what that means, though, right?

♪ 30th birthday party
next year ♪

♪ 30th birthday
party next year ♪


- I gotta tell you,
a party is the least

we can do for the man
who saved us all today.

- I just
stopped being stubborn,

found the best way to use
the time I had left.

- Well, you'll be happy
to know Dr. Orloff

is gonna spend the rest
of his time in Iron Heights.

- That's thanks to you guys.

You watched out for me,

even when I wasn't
watching out for myself.

- Don't sweat it, boss.

Why don't you keep getting
some rest,

and we'll see you later?
- Yeah.

- Hey, Cecile.

I owe the most
to you today.

I'm sorry
I didn't listen sooner.

I know your grandma
would be proud of you.

- I hope so.

I would consider myself lucky
if one day I could

be half of the role model
that she was.

- You already are.

- So you're a Meta, too?

- Yeah, I used to be, like,
a human light bulb,

but now...
- She's a hell of a lot more.

- Oh.
So what's your code name?

- Uh...

- You know,
Barry used to be The Streak,

and then he became The Flash.

What do people call you?

- I don't know.

I... I've never really
thought about it before.

But I like to keep
a low profile, so...

Uh... okay, Joe, I'm thinking
we tweak the quest.

We can set it in CCPD.
Maybe we solve a homicide?

- We could do that, or...


- What if Karash the Orc

used Vorion root-induced
barbarian rage...

- Uh-huh?

And his vorpal sword...

To kick
some Dungeon Kraken ass?


- I've been doing
a little light reading

in that handbook, there,

and once I show y'all how
to play this game,

I'm gonna teach y'all Spades,

and y'all gonna
need a manual for that.

- That was not bad!

- I'm sorry, I gotta take this,
hold on.

You guys keep...

You shall not pass!

- Carla, hey.
What's up?

No, I thought Caitlin
was with you.


- Barry?

- Caitlin, are you okay?

- What are you doing here?

- Your mom called trying
to find you.

You said you were staying
with her,

but she says she hasn't
seen you since the funeral,

that you haven't
returned her calls.

- I changed my mind.

- Okay, well, what's...
what is going on?

- I've been working
on some stuff.

- What is it?

You know you can ask
for my help with anything.

- I know I can, but...

- But what?

Caitlin, talk to me.
I mean...

- Okay, I...
- What's this doing here?

- I know how this looks.

- Caitlin,
what's this doing here?

- Barry, just listen to me.

The mirror gun
split Frost and me

into two people once before.

It took her
from my subconscious

and gave her a body,

so I've been running tests
over and over again,

and there must still be
a piece of Frost inside of me.

So, if I can access
those latent pieces

in my subconsciousness,

then I can bring her back.

Okay, I... I know what
you're thinking, and frankly,

if I was in your shoes,
I'd probably be thinking

the same thing,
but just for one second,

imagine this isn't Frost
that we're talking about.

What if we could
bring your mom back?

Or your dad?

What would you do to make
that possibility a reality?

We don't have to
say goodbye to Frost.

- Caitlin,
losing someone you love

can make it really hard
to move on,

but as difficult as it is,

you have
to accept that Frost is gone

and that she's not coming back.

- But I don't want to.

- I know, but it's the only
way to start living again.

- I can do this.

I have to.

- I'm sorry.

- Barry... Barry, please.

Barry, don't!

- I'm sorry.

- Greg, move your head.