The Flash (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 11 - Resurrection - full transcript

Barry and Chester may have found a way to stop the Black Flame from hurting anyone else; Caitlin decides to handle a situation on her own, possibly putting more innocent lives in danger.

- Whoa! Oh!

- I'm sorry, I should--

- Excuse me.
- Dr. Snow?

- Yes. Thank goodness they
finally sent someone

to fix the sink.
It's been leaking for weeks.

- Yeah, I don't know anything
about a sink.

I was hoping that
you could fix that.

- Oh, uh, yes.
Yes, of course.

Have--have a seat on the bed.

- Thank you.

I'm normally really careful,

but Dr. Wells has this thing
about deadlines.

- Ah.

- I guess
I was pushing things a little.

How's it look, Doc?

- Uh, it's not so bad.

Probably just a superficial
second-degree burn.

I think you'll be okay.

I know what you mean
about Dr. Wells, though,

but...he is brilliant.

So how did this happen?

- I was fitting
a high pressure coil

down in the pipeline, and,

well, you'd think that
a structural engineer

would know not to touch one
without protection, but--

- Mm-mm, mm-mm, it's fine.

It's fine, doesn't even hurt.

I'm fine--it's fine.


What do you think,
am I gonna live?

- I think so.

So, um, what's it like
in the pipeline?

I mean, working inside it.

On it?

Sorry, it's just--

it must be incredible
to wake up every morning

knowing that
you're building something

that's gonna change the course
of scientific discovery

for generations.

- Yeah, I mean,

I guess I never really
thought of it that way.

I just--I just build things.

I mean, ridiculously
complicated things, mind you,

but at the end of the day,

it's kind of like
I'm a big kid.

Just instead of Legos,
I'm using concrete and steel.

- I used to love those things
when I was a little girl.

- Yeah, me too.

I mean not when
I was a little--a little girl.

You're right.
What we're doing down there,

being a part of it,
it's really incredible.

I guess that makes us
all kinda special.

- Well,
I think you're good to go.

- Good as new.
Thank you.

Dr. Snow.
- It's Caitlin.

- Caitlin.

Nice to meet you.
I'm Ronnie.

- Nice to meet you, Ronnie.

Come back anytime.

- It's nice to know that

you'll always be there
to fix me up.

It's nice to know that

you'll always be there
to fix me up.

- Ronnie?
How is this possible?

- Join in,
help us, come together.

- Together?
I don't understand.

- Not whole without you.

You save us.

- How?

- Memories...
in the snow.

- Ronnie, wait, please.

Tell me how to save you!

- Oh, my God.

What did I do?
- What happened to my mom?

- Iris--
- Hey, where's my mom?

- I don't know.

- Just tell me what happened!

- Okay, you need to back up
right now.

- What is wrong with her?

- She has a--
it's a condition, okay?

It's really hard to explain.

But basically,
when it flares up,

like it is right now,

she loses time.
It's not her fault.

She can't control
what happens next.

- You're lying to me.

She attacked my mom.

- Tinya, I'm so sorry.

- I'm calling Barry.

- What the hell?

- You need to get out of here.


It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.

- Colin Smith, Megan Landa,
Veronica Binning.

These are potential victims

that Cecile and I
got from Kramer's files.

They all were killed in a fire
of undetermined origin

in the last six months.

- That's way before the deaths

of Stan Mullen
and our other vics.

- We know,
which is why I reached out

to the families
of all of our new victims

to find out if any of them
were dealing with grief.

Now, Megan and Colin
both recently lost a parent,

and Veronica has a sister
who died when they were kids.

- Looks like our
not-so-friendly fire

has been snacking on
people's grief

a lot longer than we thought.

- It's been ahead of us
all along.

- Not anymore.

Now we have a way
to stop it from killing.

- Yeah, I finished encoding
the Cold Fusion Sphere

with Frost and Dr. Tannhauser's
cryo-kinetic RNA signatures.

Next time
there's a barometric anomaly,

we can bring it out
into the field

and, you know, use it
to capture this thing.

- I just wish we knew
where it was gonna pop up next.

- There's gotta be something
we're still missing

that links all the victims.

We find that connection...

- We can figure out
what this fire wants.

- It wants me.

And I know that
because I just saw it.

- But why?
What does it want with you?

- Parker?

- Wait, you know her?

- Yeah,
she's my yoga instructor.

- You recognize anyone else?

- Um, these two.

They were at O'Shaughnessy's

the night Frost and I
went on our double date.

And I recognize them as well.

Oh, we were all at a bio-chem
conference together.

We were panelists
on an Applied Sciences lecture.

It's been looking for me
this whole time.

- That still
doesn't explain why

the fire's coming after you.

- Because the fire is Ronnie,

and he wants me to save him.

- I know how this sounds,

but it spoke to me.

It was confused and jumbled,

it was him, it was Ronnie.

- Caitlin, this fire,

you know, it can get inside
people's heads,

show you people you've lost,
like it did with Chester's dad.

Are you sure
it didn't just want you

to think it was Ronnie?

- I wasn't sure at first.

But that's why
I downloaded the data

from when the fire
was in the NCCU.

This is cold fusion radiation,

but these readings are
10-to-the-negative 28 watts.

- That's Hawking radiation.

You can only pick up
rads like that

from inside a Singularity.

- Ronnie died
in a Singularity...

- On our wedding day.

The only way to close it

was to merge the inner
and outer horizons.

- Right.
Ronnie and Professor Stein

came together, made Firestorm,

then separated in that thing.

- Ronnie!



Only Ronnie didn't make it.
- Right.

But matter cannot be
created or destroyed,

only changed,

so maybe Ronnie's still alive.

I mean, maybe the pressure
from when the horizons merged

broke down
his biological matter

into pure thermodynamic energy.

- That could account
for the radiation,

but it still doesn't explain

why the fire's
been killing people,

why it tortured Chester.

- And if Ronnie knew
what he was doing,

he would hate it,

which is why I don't think
he's in control.

When Ronnie died, his brain
was flooded with ACTH.

It's the hormone
the human brain creates

when it experiences grief.

So maybe when he was reborn
as a sentient fire,

that same process gave him

an overwhelming attraction
to the same hormone.

- So he's been eating
people's grief

because of some primal urge?

- I think he needs it
to survive,

which is why he's been trying
to reconnect with me

so I can help him.

- Did he say anything else?

- A few words.
"Joining, togetherness."

I think he was trying to get me
to remember something.

- The Quantum splicer?

- It's what made him Firestorm
in the first place.

I think if we can use it
to make Ronnie human again,

his mind will regain control.

- And the killings will stop.

- Even if you are right
about this,

the splicer needs two people
to work,

and we can't ask anybody
to volunteer.

It's too dangerous.
- Yeah.

But we wouldn't need
another person

if we use one of
Eva McCulloch's R-CEM chips,

'cause if we fuse one of Eva's
chips to the splicer,

it'll do all the heavy lifting
by duplicating Ronnie cells

and coalescing another body
for him, right?

- Like it did
with Katie and me.

- Okay, but raising the dead,

that's intense, even for us.

- Turned out okay
for Lazarus, right?

- And if Chester and Caitlin
both think it might work...

- It makes sense.

Ronnie's just trying to help us
help him come home.

All we have to do is listen.

- What are we waiting for?

- I'll get the Quantum splicer.

- I'll grab an R-CEM chip
from the Starchives.

- Hey.

Things are moving pretty fast.

- Not for Ronnie.
Who knows how long

he's been trapped like that?

- All I'm saying is let's not

jump to conclusions

about everything
that's been happening.

You know,
maybe we just slow down

and make sure
we're doing the right thing.

- Saving my husband
is the right thing.

Okay, if you want, we can
check the radiation data.

- It's not the science
I'm worried about.

This fire
can manipulate people.

If it wants you
to use the splicer--

- If I don't, Ronnie will be
burning like that forever,

and I can't let that happen.

Look, I know
what you're thinking.

That I mourned his death
for so long

that I would do anything
to get him back.

But...Ronnie's alive.

I--I can feel it, it's him.

And he wants us to help him.

I'm gonna take this to Chester

so he can get started
on the modifications.

- What is it?

- Marcus.

He has no idea what happened,
and...he deserves to know.

- What are you gonna tell him?

- The truth.

- So you're saying
that for the last eight years,

you've been
working with the Flash,

and now your dead husband's
come back to life?

- Yeah.

- Yeah. Yeah, that's--

that's kind of
out of my wheelhouse.

- I know, and I just
want to make sure

you're staying safe.

Ronnie has been unconsciously
hurting the people around me.

- And you think
I'm next on the list.

- I'm so sorry
for dragging you into this,

but...for your safety,

I think we should stop
seeing each other

just until I get Ronnie back.

- And then what happens?
- Well, the killings will stop.

- No, I meant
what happens with us?

- Look, Marcus,
my last few relationships

have not been exactly healthy.

That's why I'd given up

on finding a meaningful
connection with someone

until I met you. showed me that
when I go all in with us--

- Look, Caitlin.

Please, I'm not an idiot.

There is no more us.

And I've been broken up
with before.

It's just never due
to resurrection.

Yeah, that's a...
that's a new one.

But it's your decision,
I guess,

and I'll respect that.

- I'm so sorry.

- Yeah.

Me too.

Um, you know,
there's this quote from Plato

that's always stuck with me.

He said that plants grow
their roots towards the earth,

but people,
we're heavenly plants,

meaning that our roots,
they grow upward,

towards our heart.

But those roots,
they need to be cared for,

tended, like any plant...

Or your heart will break

before it even
has a chance to grow.

Goodbye, Caitlin.

- What are you doing down here?

- I'm making sure your RNA
is integrated into the sphere.

Still the only way
to stop the flames.

- Not anymore.

We save Ronnie,

and we can
chuck that time sphere

in the trash.

Come on, I thought
you were all about

trusting your team now.
- I am.

Caitlin's just so excited
about getting Ronnie back,

it feels like she's ignoring
all the warning signs.

I mean, Frost...

if this was really Ronnie,

why is he coming back now,
seven years after he died?

- I don't know.

- Neither do I.

It just all feels...

- Too good to be true?

- Well,
you're checking on the sphere.

You're worried about her too.

- Maybe, but I can't start
fighting with her again.

I mean, not after yesterday.

She helped Mom and me.

Gotta have her back now.

- So what, we just let her
go through with this?

- What if it was Iris,

and there was some
dangerous experiment

that would cure
her time sickness?

You'd risk everything
to save her.

So even if this fails,

we at least owe her
the chance to try.

♪ Yo it's me,
your boy Chester P. ♪

♪ Ready to rock your world
with knowledge ♪

♪ 100% for free,
free, free, free! ♪

- You should sell merch,
you know?

Like, shirts that say,
"What up, party people?"

Like, all the way around.

- All the way around, yeah?
- Yeah.

- That's good,
I'm gonna steal that idea.

- Wow, you really are
blowing up the internet.

- Just wait
till my next episode, girl.


- Hold on.
You're not sharing the specs

for this online, are you?

- Uh, yeah.
Live broadcasts, you know.

- But then someone could
actually build it on their own.

- Yeah, that's the point.

Like, did you know that

built an entire fleet of drones

based off of
my last AI algorithm?

And now those same drones
are delivering supplies

to folks who need them
in impoverished countries.

That's what the whole
Chester P. community

is all about.

Shout out to WookieLover77,

saving the world
one drone at a time.

- And that's great.

But the splicer isn't a drone,

and putting technology
like this out there,

it could be dangerous.

What if it lands
in the wrong hands?

- I'm pretty sure supervillains
have better things to do

that watch my broadcast.

Or worse things, I guess.

- You still might
want to check yourself,

depending on the science.

- But that goes against
the whole purpose

of scientific discovery.

What good is knowledge
if you don't share it?

Allegra, having access
to a breakthrough like this

could help one of my viewers
better understand

the laws of physics,
which could lead to

who knows what kind
of innovation

and make
the world a better place.

Hell, someone could see this
and be inspired enough

to land a breakthrough

in the cosmology
of our bodies' atoms

or maybe even
discover the true nature

of what human consciousness
really is know...

- Or...

how to resurrect the dead.

Chuck, all I'm saying is

maybe all knowledge shouldn't
always be so readily available.

- 'Cause you think
most people are bad.

- No.

Because I know
most people aren't you.

And maybe
they shouldn't be able

to resurrect the past
on a whim.

Last year, I watched
Esperanza die in my arms.

Death shouldn't be some
kind of science experiment.

It's a part of life
and it's finite.

It's what my abuelita
used to call "noche mas negra,"

the blackest night.

- Yeah.

I'll keep this one offline.

- Well, hey,
think about that merch.

I'll take a small.

- I got you.
- Okay.

- Where is she? Where is she?

- Ah, oh, God, no!


Must be free!

Pain...set free...

- me!

- Cecile.
- Oh!

- What happened?

The fire...

It spoke to me.

- It's here?

- No.

No, but...

wherever it is,
it--it connected with my mind.

Barry, the pain.

The pain--
there was so much of it.

- And Ronnie?

Could you feel him too?

- Yeah, I...could sense
his anguish.

It felt like he was begging me.

- To do what?

- To set him free.

Barry, I don't think that

Ronnie wants to be
brought back.

I think that he wants to die.

- It's impossible.

- Look, I know how hard
this must be to hear,

but...I'm almost positive
about what I felt.

Caitlin, Ronnie doesn't want
to be brought back.

- He asked me to save him.

- Maybe that's why
Ronnie went after Cecile.

He knew he could
communicate through her

to tell us the truth.

- He's not here for Cecile.

He's been looking for me.

- From what I can tell...

Ronnie is in agony
inside that fire.

It's like it's eating
him alive.

It's torturing his mind.

it's like Ronnie is in hell.

And I truly believe that
he came to us for help.

So that we can
end his suffering.

- And we will.

It's why we're modifying

the Quantum splicer
to help him,

because I know
that's what he would want.

- What if Cecile's right?

She's the only one
that's been able to form

a true connection to the fire.

- I'm connected to it
because I'm its wife.

Why can't you understand that?

I mean, if anyone knows
what it wants, it would be me!

- You're right.

You were... you are

the most important thing
in Ronnie's life.

Caitlin, maybe it's time
that you consider how he feels.

- Barry, you knew Ronnie.
He was a part of this team,

and you knew he'd do anything
to get back to me.

We have a way to help him.

Why are you so against this?

- Because when I had
a chance like this once,

when I went back
to save my mom from Thawne,

I did it because I was trying
to recreate a perfect past.

But it was a lie,

and it all came crashing down
in the end

because I refused
to see the warning signs,

because I didn't listen
to my friends or my family.

We can't...resurrect the past.

It's too dangerous.

- This is not
another Flashpoint.

We are not creating
another timeline.

We are saving my husband
from a nightmare.

- Then maybe it's time
to help him let go.

- I thought family was supposed
to have your back,

no matter what.

Even when they think
you're making the wrong choice.

God knows, we've all fallen
in line for you and Iris

on more than one occasion.

- Caitlin, please.

- If you won't help me,

I'll save him on my own.

- Oh, yeah,
that's my kind of breakfast.

- Good, you're awake.
- Barely.

I haven't been up this early

since Cisco
made me wait in line

for the new "Call of Duty."

Are we going somewhere?

- I thought I'd surprise you
for our anniversary.

- Okay, it's too early
for this. Spill it.

- Okay, I thought we could use
a weekend away.

Maybe get outside of the city,
go visit Mapleville.

- Oh, okay,
I remember that place,

where we had our
first weekend away together.

- Which is why
I booked us a room

at the same bed and breakfast
for a few nights.

- Oh, yes.

You remember that
seafood joint on the corner?

We have to go back there.
- I do, and we will,

just as soon as you get ready.

Come on,
we gotta get on the road.

It's a five-hour drive,

and I want to be there
in time to check in,

check out
the glassblowing exhibit.

- Hold on, when exactly

did you have time
to plan all this?

- I know, we've been so busy

with the particle accelerator,

but I thought it was important

to celebrate us.

And the fact
that we've been together

a whole year.
- A year.

It has been
a pretty great year.

- You think?
- I do.

We're like two atoms
sharing a strong covalent bond.

- I love it when you
talk science to me.

Okay, now go. Go get ready.

- Okay, I'm going,
I'm going, I'm going.

I love you Cait.

Thank God you're okay.


Where's Tinya?

- Well,
I told her to stay away.

Your time sickness
is going ballistic.

I figured it'd be better
to keep her safe.

- Yeah, thank you.

Look, Sue,
what happened to Tinya's mom,

I didn't mean to--

- I know, Iris.

And I know that Deon
has told you to stay put

until he can figure out
how to help you,

but you are getting worse
by the hour.

I really think that we should
get you to S.T.A.R. Labs--

- No, don't!

It might happen to you too.

- Oh, so now you're worried
about hurting people?

- Tinya, look,
I'm so sorry about

what happened to your mom.

- Okay, I need to get her home,

back to Central City.

- Well, it's too late.
Now walk away.

- Tinya.
- Shut up!

- Tinya,
you don't want to do this.

- Yeah, I do.

- What did you do to her?

- Exactly what I'll do to you

if you ever try to
find me again.

- Wait, so Ronnie said

he doesn't
want to be brought back?

- He just wants to be released

from whatever prison
he's been in all this time.

- But if we don't save Ronnie,

the fire
will keep killing people.

- No, it won't.

We're not gonna let the fire
kill anyone else.

We're gonna stop it.

The only way we can.

- You're gonna use the Cold
Fusion Sphere to trap it.

- And end Ronnie's pain,
once and for all.

- I wish things were different,

but we gotta do this,
for Ronnie's sake.

- And we're sure
this is what Ronnie wants?

- Yeah.

- I mean, it would explain
why he's come back

and why he was so desperate
to connect with Caitlin.

- And helping Ronnie move on
would keep the city safe.

- What about that
Quantum splicer thingy?

Can't you at least try that?

The Quantum splicer works

by bombarding the user's atoms
with energy to create fission,

but it requires
the participant to be willing.

If Ronnie rejects the splicer,

his atomic structures
would become unstable,

resulting in
an endothermic explosion.

- He's not gonna try.

All Ronnie wants now
is to be at peace.

- Okay.

If this is what we're doing,
then what's the plan?

- We'd use the Cold Fusion
Sphere, just like before,

only this time without
putting anyone in danger.

And then once
it's trapped inside--

- You just need to remove
the oxidizing agents,

and it's bye-bye flames
for good.

- I know how this sounds,

but it feels like it's what
the Ronnie we knew wants.

We have to honor that.

Okay, um,
I'm gonna talk to Caitlin.

She needs to know--
- No, I'll do it.

She should hear it from me.

- Go, go, go!
Come on, go, go, go!

- No, no, no, Cait,
come on, we almost got it!

- Ugh, you said that
20 minutes ago.

It's fine, it doesn't matter.

We missed our check in
for the bed and breakfast.

We are stranded
in the middle of nowhere

with no cell service.
- Okay, okay.

- So much
for a romantic weekend away.

I had big plans, you know?

Plans that did not involve
us getting pneumonia.

- Well, I had big plans too,
all right?

- Yeah, well not like my plans.

Mine were once-in-a-generation,
tell your grandkids,

get down on one knee
kind of plans.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
you were gonna propose?

- Yes.

Because I love you
so much, Ronnie Raymond,

it freaks me out.

But everything is ruined now.

- No, no, no, no,
it's not ruined, okay?

I know you wanted to go
to that bed and breakfast

where we first fell in love,
but maybe

we need to stop trying
to recreate the past

and focus on the future, okay?

Because when I look at you,
I see forever,

and I want forever
to start right now.

- Me too.

In that case...
- Hold on.

- Ronnie Raymond--

- Wait, wait, wait.

- I told you I had big plans.

- Great minds...

- My answer's yes, by the way.
- So is mine.

We need to talk.

Barry wants to use
the Fusion sphere

to help Ronnie die,
and the team's on board.

- I'm not surprised
after everything he said.

I just never thought
you'd go along with it.

- I'm really worried, Catie.

- Then why won't you help me?

- Not about Ronnie, about you.

Look, when Ronnie died,

you and me
weren't even you and me.

I was still
in your subconscious.

But even then,
I could feel your pain

the moment
you realized he was gone.

And that night
when you went to bed,

and every night after that.

But as bad as that was,

watching you pull away

from everyone who loves you
was even worse,

and it's happening again.

- I'm sorry
you felt all that pain.

But did you feel anything else?

- I remember how happy
you were before he died.

Which is why I got this.

- What about Barry?

- Sure, Barry's family,
but you're blood,

and I will always
have your back.

- But you got to promise
me something, all right?

You will never shut
yourself off from me

or the rest of the team,
all right?

- I promise.
And, Frost...

Thank you.
- You got it.

Let's go find Ronnie.

- Okay, great.
How do we do that?

- We'll search this
whole damn city to find him,

day or night,
rain or snow, or whatever.

We're gonna find him.

- That's it. Rain or snow.

"Memories in the snow."

That's what he was
trying to tell me.

- What are you talking about?

- I know where to find Ronnie.

- The kids swore they heard
a voice calling them.

They looked under their bed
and they saw nothing.

And they looked out
the window and saw nothing.

So they went to sleep,
thinking they were safe.

But the children,
they never looked...


- Is someone there?

It's probably just the wind.

- Barometric scans
just picked up an anomaly

at Piedmont State Park.

- And a half a dozen
heat signatures.

- We need to move.

- Okay, the sphere is ready.

Once the fire's trapped,
this deoxygenator node

will activate and the flames
will be snuffed out.

- Okay.

- Where's Frost?
- I don't know.

We gotta go.
Hang on.

- Everyone head
for the park entrance.

Keep going towards
the brightest lights you see.

The rest of my team
will get you to safety.

Allegra, Cecile, six civilians
are heading your way.

- We'll keep an eye out.

- And I'll keep
lighting the way.

- Hunger, feed...

- I'm sorry, Ronnie.

- No!

- The sphere's heating up.

I'm not sure how much longer
I can hold this.

- You're almost there.

Okay, barometric readings
are 60%, 50%, 40%.

Frack, looks like there's
more civilians incoming

and they're moving
really, really fast.

- What did you do?

- Exactly what we had to.

- You just destroyed our best
shot at stopping this thing.

- It's not a thing.
It's my husband.

- You're gonna
get yourself killed.

- It's her decision, let her.

- Caitlin, whatever happens...

- Ronnie!

- We promised each other we'd
spend our futures together.

I'm keeping that promise.

- It's you.

It's really you.

- Cait, you did it.

You saved me.

- You're okay, you're okay.

We're both okay now.

- Ronnie's still recovering
from the massive energy surge

to his system,
but he's stable.

- Oh, thank God.

- There's still an occasional

in his amygdala function that
I haven't quite figured out,

but it should improve
when he gets his strength back.

- He's been through a lot.

I guess it would be weird
if he didn't have

some kind of reaction.

- We're all just glad
that he's back, Caitlin.

- Joe's right. We're all
so happy for you, honey.

- Thank you.

- I've got
more good news, y'all.

So I've had satellites running
barometric scans all night.

There's been zero sign
of our angry inferno anywhere,

not one flicker.

- Caity was right.
Now that Ronnie's human again,

no more grief eating monster.

- Caitlin,
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

I was wrong the whole time.
- It's okay.

You were just trying to do
what you thought was right.

- We all lose faith sometimes,

but the point is,

we brought one of our
family members back here.

- Yeah, that sounds
great to me,

and I can't wait
to get to know him.

- I actually think
the two of you

are really gonna get along.

And you too, Chester.

- What makes you say that?

- I mean, I probably
shouldn't be saying this

because it was a long time ago,

but he mentioned that
maybe once he, you know...

- No, seriously?

- What?


- Ronnie played D&D in college?

- Once or twice.
- Oh, snap!

We're gonna help him
get his game on, girl.

Once he's better
and all that, of course.

- Whatever happened
to chess or checkers?

- Dominoes.

- That's a good game
right there.

- Okay, Grandpa.

- Uh, Caitlin...

For what it's worth,
I'm so sorry.

I don't know.
My powers, they've just--

they've never been
so off before.

I just wish I knew
why I got it so wrong.

- That's okay.

All that matters
is that Ronnie's home.

- Yeah.

- Hi, I'm not here right now,
leave a message.

- Voicemail again.

- Barry?
It's Sue.

- Hi, uh,
they told me you were here.

- Where's Iris?

- I don't know.

I just know that she's missing.

Her mom just vanished,

and then Iris too.

Barry, I am so sorry.

Barry. Barry!

Did you hear what I said?

Iris is gone.

- Another spike.

Ronnie, we need to check your--


- Caitlin.


- Ronnie?

- Caitlin.

- Ronnie?


did you hear that voice?

- I did.

'Cause that voice was mine.

I called you here
to show you that I feel

stronger than ever now,

thanks to this.

I knew you'd understand
what I wanted, Cait,

and that you'd build
exactly what I needed.

- Something's wrong.

We need to get you
back to the med lab.

- No.

I'm not going anywhere.

Not yet.

- Ronnie, you're scaring me.

- That's probably because
I'm not Ronnie.

- Where's my husband?

- He's dead.

Your friends were right.

Ronnie Raymond sacrificed
himself to the storm

in the Singularity,

gave his life to its power,

his future
to ensure its demise.

But in that

irreversible chaos,

his death gave me life.

Now I'm something greater,

something beyond death.

I am Death Storm.

- Greg, move your head.