The Flash (2014–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Reckless - full transcript

Barry's desire to keep the team safe is tested when Frost recklessly courts danger while trying to stop the Black Flame; Iris tries to help a teen girl reunite with her mother but unintentionally does more harm than good.

- Deon, what's happening to me?

- The temporal mutations
I've been tracking?

It turns out every one of them
leads to you.

I know I've been treating
your time sickness

like it's a virus
that's giving you symptoms.

- The gaps in time...

And now I've been noticing
that things

are there one minute
and they're gone the next.

- There's something about you

that's causing time
to fracture around you.

Iris, this isn't a virus
that you have.

Whatever this
time sickness is--

- It's coming from me.

- What is it?

What's wrong?

- How do you feel right now?

- Well, I mean,
that's what's so weird.

I feel fine.

- And this is all because

of what happened
in the other timeline?

- Yeah.

I should've never
reversed your treatments.

- No.
It's not your fault, Deon.

I asked you to do it.

And it was
the right thing to do.

There--there was no other way

to prove Barry's innocence

and to save my dad's life.

- Yeah, but these anomalies
you're experiencing?

I mean, who knows what's next?

- Well, we have to find a cure.

- And we will.

Right now,
we gotta get you stabilized.

I'm sorry,
but you gotta stay put.

- Well, I mean, there are
worse places to hang out.

How long do I have to stay?

- Well,
considering the universe

is like a zillion
light years large,

I'd say staying put
is a relative thing

when it comes
to Earthly movements,

so I'm thinking that
if you confine your movements

to Coast City for a while,
it should lessen the risk.

Or at least I hope so.

- Good, because there's still

someone here
that needs my help.

- What if she has
another episode?

- Well, I'm gonna have
to do something

a little more radical this time
to patch you up.

Look, I won't lie to you guys.

This is gonna hurt.

- Ah!

- You all right?

- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.

- I'll be back
as soon as I can.

Iris, if you have any blackouts
or anything weird happens,

you let me know ASAP.

- Okay, I'm gonna go grab
a few of my things from home.

I'll be back in a few seconds.

- No, no, Barry, you can't.

I mean, remember what you said
about that black fire.

There are people that are
still in danger.

You have to stop it.

- But I can't just
leave you here alone.

- I'm not.
I mean, Sue will be back soon.

And besides, I mean,
I have work to do too.

- Your whole world
is falling apart

and you're still worried
about helping other people.

Okay, just call me
if you need anything.

- I will.

- Okay.

- ♪ I'm dropping my frame
to the floor ♪

♪ Banging this beat
on my stereo ♪

♪ So come and ride with me

♪ Ride with me, yeah

♪ I ain't got nowhere to go

- Pah!

- ♪ I'm gonna get back
for sure ♪

- Now that
is what you call art.

- ♪ Dropping my frame
to the floor ♪

♪ Banging this beat
on my stereo ♪

♪ Come on and ride with me

- Since when do I sweat?

- ♪ Come on and ride

♪ I ain't got nowhere to go

♪ I'm gonna get back
for sure ♪

What the hell?

- Is Iris okay?
- Yeah.

I mean, you know,
as well as she can be.

- Well, Barry,
are you sure you don't wanna--

I mean, Team Flash
can hold down the fort

if you need to be with her.

- No, thanks.
Iris is right.

I mean,
as long as she's stable,

keeping everyone safe in
Central City is the priority.

Joe, Cecile,
have you guys found anything?

- Uh, well,

besides all suffering
recent personal losses, no.

None of our fire victims
had anything in common.

- Yeah, Bar, I triple checked
the victims' files.

Stan Mullen, Donna Winters,

that yoga instructor,
Parker DeStefano.

At first, we thought
all these freaky flames

were feeding on people who
recently mourned,

like Mullens--
- But then it attacked me.

And my dad died
when I was a kid.

- Which doesn't
follow the pattern.

- Maybe it's looking for people
who don't face their grief.

- No, I don't think so.

DeStefano had completed
grief counseling

after her fiancé died,

and she was already
seeing somebody new.

- Well, I've assigned
Vanya and Aariz

to dig into the backgrounds
of our victims

for secondary similarities, so.

- You sound just like Iris.

No wonder she
put you in charge.

Speaking of similarities,

Kramer pulled files for every
suspicious fire-related crime

since the particle
accelerator exploded,

so me and Cecile have
to go through all of it.

- And there's a ton.
So you ready, babe?

- Mm. Later.

- What's an SR37 Alert?

- Someone just entered
the Med Lab.

- Well, is Caitlin back

from her wine country tour
with Marcus?

- No, not yet.
Stay here.

- Hey.

Any idea where
Caity keeps the bandages?

It seems more like a top shelf
kind of thing, if you ask me.

- What--what happened
to your arm?

- Oh, a freaking fire
attacked me at the apartment.

And before you ask,

no, I don't know why
it didn't kill me.

- Were you--
- Grieving? Nope.

I was perfectly happy
working on a new piece.

Could be the best thing
I've ever done.

But that does not explain

why our sentient Smokey Joe
would attack me.

And only leave me with this.


- Frost, come here.

Let me help.

- Ah.

You make a good
Caity substitute.

- Maybe it's like Joe says.

There's gotta
be something more.

It's after something
we're missing.

- Something I have?

- I don't know.

But, I mean,
this fire attacked you

and me here at S.T.A.R. Labs

and then follows you home
less than 24 hours later?

That--you know,
it can't be a coincidence.

- So if we can figure out

why the flames
think I'd be a tasty snack...

- Maybe that could tell us
how to stop it.

Frost, if it's okay,

I'd like to search
your apartment top to bottom,

see if there's any clues as to
why the fire's targeting you.

- Go for it.
- Okay.

- Frost, it's been a while
since we've caught up.

What's wrong?

- It's about
Team Flash's new case.

This one's a little creepy.

Over the last few weeks,
three bodies have turned up,

all of them burnt to a crisp.

- So this is an arson case?

- Mm, more like a ghost story.

The fires that did the damage
were black,

and so cold that they burned
the victims like frostbite,

only a thousand times
more lethal.

- And you need my help

to figure out
what's causing this phenomenon?

- Not exactly.

The flames are alive,
and they're attacking people.

And I think
they're coming after me.

- My God.
Of course.

I'll do whatever I can
to help keep you safe.

- Actually, I need you
to do just the opposite.

I want you to help me catch
this thing using me as bait.

- You wanna use yourself
as bait

to capture the black fire?

- I know how it sounds,
but hear us out.

If this homicidal stuff
is after me now,

why not use it
to our advantage?

- But Carla, you can't actually
be considering this?

- I wasn't at first.

And then Frost laid out
the facts in the case.

How it's killing
innocent people,

and now it's
coming after her too,

with flames that generate
a cold so intense, it burns?

That last item is almost
an exact description

of how cold fusion works.

- But why is the fire
attracted to Frost?

- I believe it's because
her meta-abilities

are cryo-kinetic,
just like our cold fusion fire.

- So you think it's hunting her
for fuel to recharge itself?

- Correct.

So the key to catching it

is to wait until it comes after
her again and then trap it.

- Frost, we're not
using you as bait.

- Look, this is
a perfectly good plan

that could save lives.

Why won't you at least
let us try?

- Because this feels
like a last resort.

Besides, there's still so much
we don't know about this fire.

I mean, even if we tried this,

we still
have no way to capture it.

- Cold fusion is still
a fusion reaction,

one that occurs
at a low molecular temperature.

If we could build some kind of
fusion containment housing...

- Then all we'd need to do
is recalibrate the unit

to absorb and amplify
Frost's cryo-kinetic signature.

- Yes. Then as long as Frost
is in proximity,

the unit can amplify
her cryo-kinetic signature

and attract the fire,

allowing us to capture
and imprison it.

Of course,
building a unit like that

could take weeks or longer,

- Well, not that I'm saying
we should do this at all,

but we kind of already have
what you're describing.

- We do?

- The Fusion Sphere
from the A.S.F.

It can already handle
the entire output

of the Artificial Speed Force.

If Dr. Tannhauser and I
recalibrate it

for a cryo-kinetic signature,
we'd be in business.

- Great.
Then it's settled.

Chester, you and Mom
work on the nerd stuff.

Allegra, you and I will--

- Wait around
for you to get killed?

- Barry,
whatever this thing is,

it's coming after me
no matter what,

so I'm not gonna sit around

and do nothing when
we have a plan to fight back.

- Barry, it's your call.

- Ditto that.

- I'm sorry,
but I can't support this.

I know we don't have
another plan right now,

but putting you in harm's way?

Look, there's gotta be
another option.

- I still think
this could work.

- Get started.
I'll be back.

Look, I'm not gonna
change my mind.

- Okay, fine.
But just hear me out.

Before this,

you were telling us
about Iris and her condition.

How she wants to help Tinya,

but Deon told her to stay put.

Do you really think that's
what she's doing right now?

'Cause if I know Iris--

- She's gonna try
and help Tinya find her mom.

- Instead of
sitting in a hotel,

doing nothing
and helping no one.

- But she's not
endangering herself, either.

- But she is doing what
this whole team does best:

helping people, despite what
it could mean for themselves.

Sound familiar?

Look, my mom is the world's
top specialist in cold fusion

and she thinks this will work.

Chester agrees.

So why won't you give me
the chance to make a difference

that you're giving Iris?

- Okay.

But if anything goes wrong--

- You'll pull the plug.
Got it.


- I've finished
fine-tuning the sphere

to amplify Frost's
cryo-kinetic signature.

Now, make sure to calibrate
the containment housing--

- To compensate
for the possibility

of a reconfiguration flip
at the subatomic level.

Already done.

- Really?

Well, when this is over,

there's a job waiting for you
at Tannhauser Labs.

Spoiler: I pay better.

- For real?

I mean--I mean, nah.

No, I actually kinda
like it here.

- Suit yourself.

We're ready. Frost?

- Okay, what next?

- Chester, activate
the Cold Fusion Sphere.

Now remember,
the sphere will amplify

your cryo-kinetic signature,
drawing the fire near.

But you need
to stay in the gurney

until the fire
is pulled into that sphere

and we've trapped it.

- Okay,
so now we just wait around

for some sentient fire
to come get its dinner?

That could take forever.
- Not if Carla's right.

The sphere will amplify

Frost's cryo-signature

like an animal's scent getting
broadcast to a larger area

to entice a predator
and draw them in.

- Making Frost
honey on a flytrap.

Once it senses her,
it'll pounce

and then we got it.

If this spooky thing is looking
for fuel instead of just grief,

this is the place to find it.

- Frost...

About what you're doing,

I don't know if I'd have
the strength to do the same.

I mean, I'm--

I'm just saying
you're very brave.

- Thanks.

Although right now,

kinda feel like the stupid
person in the horror movie

who runs into the house instead
of running away from it.

- Uh, folks, our intelligent
ignition source

just popped back up on the grid
and it's heading here, fast.

- Somebody turned up the heat.

- It's here.

- It's working.

- Why'd it stop?

- Something's not right.

- What are you waiting for?
Come and get me!

- It knows what we're planning.

- Frost!

- Thank goodness
you're all right.

- We're lucky your boss
is a superhero.

- Is she gonna be okay?
- I'm fine.

I thought you were on vacation.

- I was,
and then Allegra called

and said you were
using yourself as bait

to summon an uncontrollable
fire to S.T.A.R. Labs?

What the hell
were you thinking?

- That we could end this
and save folks' lives?

Also, your bedside manner
is terrible.

- Frost, she's right.
We're worried about you.

- Barry says
you antagonized the flames.

Was that part of your plan too?

- I mean, it didn't
take the bait.

What else was I supposed to do?

Okay, what happened out there

after the Babadook Blaze
went postal?

- Once we got you back
to the Med Lab,

I did a grid search
of the entire city.

There's no sign of it.

- We need to get
back out there.

- What we need to do is find

another way to stop this thing.

- Frost, we know how dangerous
this thing is.

I mean, it's killed three
people already that we know of.

- It came after me. Again.
We can do this.

- I hear the Cold Fusion Sphere
didn't even work.

- More precisely,

we never had a chance
to see if it would work.

The fire hesitated,
so it didn't get close enough.

If only there was a way

to make Frost more attractive
to the flames.

- Sounds like something
Chester can help us with.

I'll have him meet us
in the Speed lab.

- Sit down.

Can I have the room, please?

You, stay.

- I don't understand.

You said over the phone

that you could give me
the information in person.

- I'm sorry, Mrs. West-Allen.

- You said you'd fix this.
- And I will.

Look, I've worked stories
like this before

and I've never had a problem.

- I know, but after your call,

I checked
the files in question.

Turns out there's
a no-contact rule in play.

- Wait, you mean
someone doesn't want me

to find my own birth mother?

Uh, who?
I wanna know right now!

- Okay.
Tinya, hi.

Why don't you just
give us a few minutes

so that we can work things out?

- All right, she's my mom.
All right?

I have a right
to know the truth!

- Okay.

- Look, is there
anyone we could talk to

about overriding
a no-contact order?

- No one.

I mean, I'd need approval
from our Board of Directors

for something like that.

- Oh, is that all?
I got this.

Hi, Uncle Leroy.

Yes, it's Sue.

Yeah, I'm in town for the day.

Oh, yeah,
I am so glad that you asked.

I just need a little favor

from the R.A.A.
chairman of the board.

Yes, it's a no-contact order.
It's really important.

I'm trying to help an orphan.

I know, just like you.

It's for you.

- Yes, sir?

Of course.

No problem.

Thank you.

- Yeah? Okay.

- Just a sec.

Sorry about that.

- Oh, no. No. No problem.

You were just doing your job.


- Thank you.

I need a break.

- Okay,
ready for the next step?

- How about
I go pull up the car?

- What's wrong?

I thought this
is what you wanted.

- Um, what if my mom
doesn't want to meet me?

- She will.

- Iris, she gave up on me
the moment I was born.

So what if nothing's changed?

- Tinya, look,
when I was your age,

my mom wasn't
in my life either,

and there was
so much trauma around it.

All the lies I had been told,

the feelings of abandonment,
how much it hurt.

And it got so bad that
when I finally had the chance

to reconcile with my mom,
I almost lost the opportunity.

And then someone
made me realize

that reconnecting with my mom,
no matter how or why,

was a gift.

And let me tell you,

I am really glad
that I listened to them,

because I barely got to heal
my relationship with my mother

before she passed.

- Oh. Um...

Hey, I'm really sorry.
I didn't know that--

- No, no, it's okay.

I'm just saying that
I almost made a mistake

that I would have regretted
for the rest of my life.

- How did you do it? I mean,
where did you even start?

- I told her I was scared.
I told her I was angry.

And also, that I...

loved her
even though I didn't know why.

And Tinya, whatever you do,
everything is gonna be okay,

'cause you're not
gonna do it alone.

I won't let you.

Come on.

- Frost, why do you
keep doing this?

You need to stop

putting your personal safety
in danger for nothing.

Like when you stabbed yourself
just to get

Chillblaine arrested
that first time.

- That turned out okay.
This will too.

- You don't know that.
Damn it, Frost.

It's like you don't
even care about yourself.

- I'm trying to help people.

- Right, okay,
but at some point,

you need to realize that you
could also get yourself killed.

And then you need to think,

maybe I shouldn't do this.

Or, "Hmm, maybe I should
come up with a different plan,

one that doesn't
get me killed."

And you.
Mom, seriously.

How could you
go along with this?

- Frost's powers
presented an opportunity

to take this thing
off the streets,

and that's where our focus
has been ever since.

- You put her life at risk.
You realize that, right?

- Because she asked me to.

- And that makes it okay?
- Hey!

Hey, we made a decision today
to try to protect people.

I would think that you
would be fine with that.

- What I am not fine with

is losing Frost forever,

which is what could have
happened today.

You used your child
as bait for a monster.

- Well, that's not
how I see it.

- No, you don't, because you're

looking at Frost
as a science experiment

instead of as your daughter.

Frost, please listen to me.

You need to learn
to value your own life.

- Carla, you still think
that fusion globe will work?

- Yes, if we can find a way

to make sure
it gets closer next time.

- Great. I'll have Chester
start working on it.

- Frost, wait. I--

- Our plan will work.

- You better hope it does.

Because right now,
you have two daughters.

But if something
happens to Frost

because of something
you helped her with,

you'll have none.

- Bar, I ran into
Carla Tannhauser.

She told me about her plan
to stop these devil flames.

- Mm-hmm.

- And your objection.

- Yeah.

- You wanna tell me your side?

Because I'm pretty sure
I'm not the only one

that wants to get these
damn things off the street.

- Look, I know
why she's doing this,

and she's not wrong.

If there's something out there
hurting people,

then we need to do everything
we can to stop it.

- Right.
So what's the problem?

- She's found a way
to use Frost's powers

to lure the black fire here

by boosting Frost's powers
to trap it.

- And that's a bad plan

- It's too dangerous.

I mean, Frost has already
been hurt once.

If we try this again, something
even worse could happen.

- That's not all
you're concerned about, is it?

- I mean, my gut told me
this was a bad idea.

I should have listened to it.

- And now you're worried about

not being able to stop it

because these things
were set in motion?

- I'm--I'm team leader.

Having a plan that keeps
everybody safe is my job.

Only today, I don't know how.

And now our only solution

is putting a team member's
life in jeopardy.

- Mm.

Are you talking about Frost
or Iris?


I'm worried about her too.

But you were the one who also
left your wife in Coast City

asking the same question
you're asking about Frost.

Is it safe for her to continue
her mission or pull the plug?

Look, I'm not the boss here,

so I can't make the decision
for you.

But I can tell you this.

Sometimes, the hardest part
about being a leader

is letting go

and trusting
the ones you've trained

to make the call themselves.

And then you be there for them
in a blink of an eye.

- Took you long enough.

Where's Chester?
We got a lot of work to do.

- He's not coming.

Frost, I talked to Caitlin.

- Oh, let me guess.

She changed your mind.
So what?

Now you're here to give me
some sort of mom talk?

- Yes, I am.

Because I am your mom,

and it's time
I start acting like it.

Frost, I think it's wonderful

that you have such a strong
instinct to protect people.

But from what Caitlin shared
and what I saw

with my own eyes today, I--
I think your sister's right.

You need to stop
being so reckless.

- You don't get it.
This is Team Flash.

Protecting people?
Kinda in the job description.

- No, youdon't get it.

You can't help anyone
if you're dead.

I swear sometimes
you remind me of your father.

- Oh, a murderous psychopath?
Gee, thanks.

- No, not Icicle.

Your father would do
whatever it took

to protect his family too,

including creating you
to save Caitlin.

But he took it too far,
and it cost him a future

with the people
who loved him the most,

and I don't wanna see you
go down that road.

- Neither do I.

Look, you people think
I have some sort of death wish

or something,
but it's not that.

I was literally born
to be Caity's bodyguard.

Asking me not to jump
in the line of fire,

it's like asking the sky
not to be freaking blue.

you're more than a bodyguard.

You're an incredible
young woman

and a vital part of Team Flash.

And of the Snow family too.

Because you're my daughter.

And as your mother,
it's my job to protect you,

which is why I'm telling you

there's a time
for protecting others

and there's a time
for protecting yourself.

And now is the time
to do the latter.

I--I should have seen it before
and I hope you do now.

- Yeah, I do.

But what about
the Phantom Flicker?

- I still think your plan
would work.

We just need to keep you safe,

so the way to do that
is to trap the fire quickly.

I think if we add a secondary
cryo-kinetic signature,

it would make the meal
more appetizing.

- Like frosting on a cake?
- Mm.

- But I'm unique.
No one has cryo powers like me.

- I do.

After your fa--after Icicle

put me in his cryo-chamber,

Caitlin and I did a test

for any residual meta-genome
signatures in my body.

- Yeah, I remember.
It came back negative.

- Mm. It was wrong.

According to my research,

my exposure in Icicle's chamber
activated a latent cryo-gene.

I don't have ice powers yet,

but I have
the potential for them.

- Frost, if we combine

your cryo-kinetic signature
with mine--

- It would be impossible
for it to resist us.

- Yes, and there'll be
less risk

because the fire won't hesitate

and we'll be able
to trap it quickly.

What do you say?

- I'm in.

There's just one more person
we need to get on board.

- Not anymore.

I'm still not thrilled with
how dangerous this plan is,

but Mom's right.

If the two of you
work together,

the fire won't hesitate,
and then we can trap it.

And that will keep
everyone safe.

- Guys, the black fire's back.

It just landed downtown.

- Yeah, so whatever you guys
are gonna do,

it's now or never.

- Okay.

Let's take this thing out
once and for all.

- How long have you known?

- That I have my own
cryo-kinetic signature?

For a while now.

Turns out it runs
in the family.

- Can't believe
you didn't tell us

there's two ice queens
in the Snow family.

- And if you ever need
to learn more about

how to control your powers,
we're here for you.

- Thanks.
It means a lot.

Now, let's get to work.
- Yes.

- Okay, we're ready.

And Mom, just so you know,

the tests I ran
confirm your findings.

Your latent genome plus Frost's
meta-signature should amplify

the sphere's cryo-kinetic
output exponentially.

- Giving our bonfire from hell
an offer it can't refuse.

- And then some.

- Listen, Barry,

I know you've never been
on board with this plan.

So if anything goes wrong--

- I know, you'll pull the plug.

I trust you. All of you.
Don't worry.

If it comes to that,

I'll still be ready to get us
all out of here in a second.

- Do you do this kind of thing
all the time?

- Do what?
- Be a hero.

- What can I say?
It's a living.

- Yeah, they just don't
tell you how intense it can be.

- You're gonna do great.

And remember, what you're doing
will save lives.

- I know.

- And after this,
we can get dinner.

- Okay,
but only if you let me buy.

- Absolutely.
- Okay.

- Okay, your vitals look good.

- Activating the sphere.

- Okay, focus on your powers.

Like this.

- Oh, I feel strange.

- That means
you're doing it right.

- Okay.

- Caitlin, how are they doing?

- Their bio signatures
are in sync.

- Okay, well the containment
system's active.


- Oh, great Otis Boykin.

It just changed direction.

- And heading straight for us.

- Contact in five,





- It's working.

- The sphere's
losing its integrity.

It's trying to break free.
We have to abort!

- No, no, I can do this.

- Barry, we can't do this.

She's going into
cardiac arrest.

- Carla, we have to let it go!

- No, it's worth it
to sacrifice me.

- What happened?
- It's gone again.

- And we still have
no idea why.

- Did we get it?
- No.

And that's okay.

- So you just let
that hellfire go?

- It's on me.
I made the call.

- And it was
the right thing to do.

You put Carla
and your own safety first.

- And you saved Mom's life.
- But Joe's right.

We had a chance to stop it,
and we didn't.

- No, that was before
I knew you made

a judgment call, Frost,
and a good one.

Look, don't worry.

We will stop that thing.

That's what we do.
- Yeah.

Your mom sounds
like she's a fighter.

- She is.

- She's gonna make
a great meta.

- Just one thing, though.
We're back to square one.

- Joe, Cecile, have you found
anything that can help us

in Captain Kramer's files?

- I wish.

We're almost through them all,
and still nothing.

- So we failed?

- No, we didn't fail.

Thanks to Frost, now we know

the Cold Fusion Sphere
can contain that thing.

- And that's a win.
- Barry's right.

That means we can try again
to capture it.

- And this time, it'll work.

- If we could create
a strong enough signal,

the sphere could work

without someone's cryo-kinetic
RNA in close proximity.

- Good, so no bait.

- Yeah, which shall keep
Frost and Carla safe.

- And then we can catch
the fire again.

Take the fight to it this time.

- I'm telling you, I'm okay.

- Caity says you need to rest.
- Fine, I'll stay the night.

But then I promise I'll be out
of your hair in the morning.

- It's really no problem.

Also, I'm sorry
I yelled at you two.

- Don't be.
I needed to hear it.

- Both of us did.

Thank you for keeping us safe.

Like you always do.

- Good thing too,
'cause I couldn't lose you.

Either one of you.

- Oh, shoot, it's Marcus.

He has no idea
what happened today.

- What happened
to going all in?

- Yeah, I really do need
to tell him everything,

just not tonight.

Hey, no, I'm fine.

Just crazy day at work.
How are you?

So about that dinner
we were supposed to have,

how about we make it brunch
in the morning?


And Frost, I...

I need to apologize too.

I should have told you
about my condition sooner.

I just--

I guess I was
just worried about

what it could mean for me.

- Maybe if we talked more,

you would have felt more
comfortable sharing it with me.


- It's okay.
Something to work on.

- Yeah.

I've missed
so much of your life,

and that's my fault.

There's so much about you
that I don't know,

and so much
that I want to know.

- Really?
- Yes, of course.

It's like I said before.
You're my daughter.

And I love you, Frost.

- You do?

More than you could ever know.

- You're okay.

- Can I help you?

- Are you Renee Wazzo?

- Who's asking?

- Your daughter.

All the adoption websites
warn you about days like this.

That's not what--

I mean, it's just--

I guess I knew
this might happen eventually.

Maybe even wanted it.

- Yeah, me too.

- Look, I'm sure you have
so many questions.

- Just one, actually.


why didn't you want me?

- I always wanted you, Tinya.

I want you to know that.

The truth is I wanted to be
your mom more than anything,

but I was so young.

I was 16 and confused,
and my parents were furious.

They convinced me that
the best thing for both of us

was to sign that clause,
then give you away.

They were wrong.

I swear to you, I've never
regretted anything more

than letting you go.

The only way
I could get through

this crap life of mine
that came after

was the hope that you
were living a good life.

A better life without me.

- Well, I'm not.

I needed you.

I needed my mother.

- Tinya, I--

- Iris?

- Whoa.
What is wrong with her?

- I don't know.

- Are you okay?

- What the hell?

- Mom?



What did you do to my mom?

- Frost?

Frost, that isn't funny.

- Cait, Cait, Cait...
the world's different now.

There is no normal life for us.

- Oh, my God.

- Cait,
the world's different now.

Look, I thought
we could get away,

start a normal life together,

but there is no normal life
for us.

- Ronnie?

- Greg, move your head.