The Flash (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - Fear Me - full transcript

When a powerful new villain, Psych, channels and amplifies everyone's fears in order to wreak havoc on Central City, Barry realizes, with Cecile's help, that he must face his own worst fear in order to beat this new threat. Meanwhile, Joe is surprised when Kristen Kramer from the Governor's Municipal Logistics Commission drops into CCPD for a visit. Iris warns her father to dig deeper on why Kristen is actually there. Caitlin and Frost argue about how to live their lives.

What have you done?

Still at it?

I think I figured out how to
track the thing that attacked us.

So, what are we looking at?

A spectrograph from
the scene of the attack.

That is a rare
geothermic isotope

that I reprogrammed
our satellites to scan for.

If we get a hit...

Then we can track our target.

- Nice work.
- Thanks.

Barry, you've been
at this all night.

Maybe you should take
a break, get some rest.

I'm not gonna rest while
that thing is still out there.

Besides, with Ralph overseas for
a while and Frost still recovering...

Oh, I'd say she's more
than just recovering.

Check out this frosty twist.

Are my back meds still
wearing off? I'm seeing double.

Yeah, you and me both.

I know this is a lot to take in.

Told you they'd freak.



Who are you? What do you want?

It's time to come
home now, Cecile.

Get away from me.

You cannot control me!

You never did learn your lesson.


Cecile! Cecile.

What's wrong?
You were screaming.

No. No, no, no. I saw someone.

I saw someone there, right there,
and then they... And then they...

There's no one here. No
one else here, except us.

You've been working
too hard on those cases.

You must have fallen asleep.

It felt...

But the danger, it was...

It was so real. It was so real.

I'm sure it was, babe, but
nightmares can't hurt you.

So, you remember
when Mirror Monarch

- blasted me with her gun?
- Mm-hm.

Well, ever since that blast,
we had these crazy headaches.

Last night, everything
gets fuzzy, Caity passes out.

And then we
wake up totally fine.

But there's two of us.

Eva's mirror gauntlet
contained a reflective mirror-chip.

I think it forced Frost's
cryo-genes to rapidly replicate

and create a whole new
form, so that she could survive.

Crazy, right?

Can you still hear
each other's thoughts?

Nope. Just sweet, sweet silence.

And I got to keep my powers.

Caity got to keep the doctor
stuff and science know-how,

which is fine by me.

You always have felt
like two different people.

Now, you just have
two different... bodies.

But don't worry. I'm
gonna figure out a way

to get us back together
as quickly as possible,

because I'm afraid the longer
we wait, the harder it'll be.

I mean, shouldn't we be
focusing on that berserker

who killed Abra Kadabra instead?

Frost has a point. Where
are we with Fuerza?

"Fuerza." Spanish for strength.
Look, "She-Hulk" was taken, okay?

Well, still no sign of her, but Barry
has figured out how to track her.

- Oh. Good.
- Yeah.

Because if Fuerza can
survive an anti-matter blast,

that kind of puts her on a
whole other level of baddie.

Like a wet-your-pants level.

Satellites detected
an isotopic signature.

That's Fuerza.
Where's she headed?

Here. Right now.

What's with all this
thunder and lightning?

Is Fuerza a speedster, too?


Who is that?

Help me.

Help me.

I just got the Speed Force
restarted. Now, this happens.

And what about your
speed? Has it been affected?

No. At least, not yet.

I'm still trying to figure out
how this is even possible.

I have no idea. I've never
seen biometrics like this.

You've never had
a god for a patient.

The Speed Force took this
form right after H.R.'s funeral.

It's like Zeus coming down from
Olympus disguised as a mere mortal.

Okay, but why would a
god be asking for our help?

Whatever the answer is,
I need to figure out a way

to accurately
monitor her recovery.

Holy mother...

- You good?
- Yeah. Just give me a minute.

She's wearing my Speed Force
Gauge now. Right now it's red.

If it changes, hopefully,

that'll tell us her power
levels are recharging.

And if that's the case,

maybe she entered a comatose
state to help heal herself.

Makes sense.

And once she recovers, she
can tell us who did this to her.


Maybe it's the same
thing that can rip through

an anti-matter bomb
like it's tissue paper.

Those are residual geothermic
isotopes. They're all over her.

You think Fuerza did this? That
must have been one hell of a fight.

Not as big as the fight
we're gonna take to Fuerza.

Okay. But this isn't just some

run-of-the-mill meta
we're talking about here.

Whatever Fuerza is,
she's powerful enough

to hurt the freakin'
Speed Force.

And what if she doesn't wake
up? What happens to you?

Look, we've faced
big threats before.

Crisis, Savitar, Thawne,
we beat them all.

If Fuerza did do this,
she should be afraid of us.

All right. I'll keep
looking for isotopes.

Yeah. And I'll keep
monitoring the Speed Force.

You think Fuerza's gonna come back
and finish what she started, don't you?

I already watched the
Speed Force die once.

I'm not gonna let
that happen again.

Yeah. Yeah. Just call me
when you know something.

All right. Thanks. Bye.

- Sorry.
- That's okay.

Dad, what do you know about
the robbery at CC Mercantile?

Robber waltzed in and
out because the night guard

was catching Z's at his desk.

Why the interest in an
open-and-shut case?

The guard told The Citizen
a different story this morning,

and I figure I can

help him get his job back
if I can break the real story.

He didn't doze off, Dad.

He had a vision of his abusive
stepfather stalking him in the bank.

Realer than any
nightmare he's ever had.

The robbery went
down at 11:09 last night,

around the same time that
Cecile was having a nightmare, too.


If we got some kind of Freddy
Krueger meta on our hands...

we'll find him.

I'll get Korber to pull any
calls about weird visions.


Kristen Kramer.

I'm with the Governor's
Municipal Logistics Commission.

I wasn't expecting
you until this afternoon.

- It's good to finally meet you.
- Yeah. I like to get a head start.

In my experience, if
you're not early, you're late.

You must be the
Captain's daughter.

I read about how you
survived the abduction

into that mirror
dimension, was it?

Sounded terrifying.

- Uh, I've survived worse.
- Impressive.

Didn't mean to interrupt.

We can chat tomorrow, Captain.

Lunch is on the Governor.

Sounds good.

Where'd she say she was from?

State Logistics Commission. Why?

Just another hunch.

Pretty dope belt buckle.

Not a belt buckle.

This is the Firestorm Matrix.


I helped Thawne build it to combine
Ronnie and Stein into Firestorm safely.

And that's going to help put
me and Caity back together.

You can thank Caitlin.
She figured it out.

All we have to do is just reset
it to her DNA and your RNA.

We're basically just
resetting fusion to fission.

This baby just needs a few
hours to charge, and... that's it.

We can get you back to your
normal two minds, one body existence.

That's a Tuesday for you.

Wow. That was fast. It's
not so bad being separate.

For Caity. I mean, you know,
she can finally watch This Is Us

without me screaming
"Turn it off!" in her head.

Frost, what have I said
about disparaging This Is Us?

They're so weepy.

That cast is too
precious for this world.

Listen, based on how relieved
Caitlin was to figure out this fix,

I'm guessing she actually misses

hearing your frosty
tones inside her head.

Okay, I'm done with you.

Now, we wait. I want to
keep checking the satellites

to make sure we don't get hit with
another isotopic signature surprise.


So, that's the Speed Force.

Iris already texted
me about everything.

What's wrong?

I had a nightmare, but
it was more like a vision.

I don't know. I thought, maybe
with my powers expanding lately,

Caitlin could check
out my noggin.

- Hey. Are you okay?
- No, it's happening again.

It's like someone's
stabbing my brain!

- I'm gonna get Caitlin.
- No, no. Barry, Barry, it's...

It's not medical.
It's my powers.

It's like they're
picking up raw fear.

There's a robbery downtown.

It's okay. Really. I'm fine now.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, you should go.

Hey. I'll keep an
eye on her. Go.

It's gonna crush us to death!

Flash! Thank God!

You have to stop that
creature! It's gonna kill us!



Where are you...

Oh. Do you gotta go so soon?

So, let me get this straight.

You made those
guards hallucinate

some kind of Godzilla rip-off
that almost squashed them?

Well, I suppose
that is an accurate,

if not immensely reductive
assessment of the situation.

So, yes. I scared
the hell out of them.

And that was after showing them
a vision of a dozen bystanders

getting eaten alive
by a very hungry kaiju.

It's horrifying when
you think it's your turn.

Hey, look, whoever you are, I
really don't have time for this.

My, my, how rude!

And from a superhero.
Is that actually allowed?

Okay, I apologize for the rudeness,
but I hope you enjoy Iron Heights

because I really do have
bigger problems today.

Not yet. But you're about to.

Hey, I just got another

geothermic isotope reading.

It's coming from your location.

Scared yet?

You will be.

You can't stop me, Flash.

And you never will.

No. I'm not afraid
of you anymore.

This is just a hallucination,
which means you can't hurt me!

Time to repent.

You lose, Barry.



Your vitals were spiking, but
they seem to have stabilized.

Your speed healing kicked in.

What the hell
happened out there?

Uh... I was hallucinating.

Thawne, Savitar... they
were trying to kill me.

It was like...

Like a nightmare come to life?

Yeah, like the
guards in the truck.

Wait, like you. You had
a nightmare last night.


Someone is broadcasting
fear into their victims,

and I'm tuning into
it like an antenna.

Fear, I get.

Hallucinations can make you
freak out, but not bleed out.

Whoever's doing this must be inciting
extreme psychosomatic reactions.

Barry's mind literally tricked
his body into hurting itself.

So, if you die in
the hallucination...

Then you die in real life.

But he carried traces of the
same isotopes we linked to Fuerza.

That means we can
track him, too, right?

Right. And it means that Fuerza and
Psych must be connected somehow.


He's a psychic psychopath
causing psychosomatic symptoms.

I mean, the guy
practically named himself.

He's only dangerous
because he got inside my head.

Cisco, do we still have
the mental dampeners

we used to fight Grodd?

We can try and re-purpose them
to repel Psych's hallucinations.

Do it. If we can keep Psych
out of our heads, he can't hurt us.


That must have been terrifying,
being trapped in that nightmare.

I'm fine. Really, I'm fine.

We beat those Big Bads
already. Psych's no different.

Barry, I...

You did a background
check on a public official?

I've only ever heard
of one other person

using the phrase "If
you're not early, you're late."

Citizen's go-to military source.

Kramer served.

Yes, she served. But I think she's
also lying about why she's here.

Dad, I found her file
in the DOD database.

Half of it's redacted. What
if she's not here to help?


are you sure this isn't a reaction
to what happened with Eva?

She lied to you for weeks.

Dad, I am not afraid of being deceived.
I'm afraid of not trusting my gut.

Something is off
with Kramer. I know it.

Please, read the file.

Okay, okay.

These rapids are hard
core. Can Caity swim?

What if when she and I split,

I got swimming, and
now, she needs floaties?

No one's going to
need floaties, all right?

You two are gonna be
peanut butter and jellied again

by the time we
tear up that river.


Or not.

The Firestorm Matrix
has been sabotaged.

Only someone tried to make
it look like it short-circuited.

Before you go blaming Frosty...

I ran the adapter through
an infrared scanner,

and guess what the temperature
was? Negative 162 degrees.

Fine. I broke your
stupid precious Matrix.


Why? Why would
you do that to us?

It will be weeks before we can
even consider another fusion attempt.

Because maybe I don't
want to re-combine!

Why not?


Call me when you figure it out.

You know, this actually
reminds me of that scene

where Rebecca and
Jack are fighting...

Oh, look at that.
Let's go! We gotta go!

Satellites picked up
Psych's isotopic signature

downtown at the
Cleary Capital offices.

Time to put these mental
dampeners to work.

And kick some psychic butt.

5.3 trillion gone.
It's all gone.

Oh, God, I'm ruined.

It'll bounce back.

The Dow only dropped 789 points.

It'll bounce back. It has to.

Oh, I could do this all day.

Oh, it's you again.

Well, that's disappointing.

We're not going to let
you hurt any more people.

Oh, I haven't hurt anyone today.

I have freed them from
a system that brings

fortune to the fortunate
and dooms the rest.

Pretty poetic, don't you think?

What is this guy's deal?

I think he's overcompensating.

I don't like your
friends, Flash.

Also, if you think your flimsy
dampeners can stop me...

Perhaps you all could
use some freedom, too.

Killer Frost, you're under arrest
for your crimes against the city.

What? No, no. I'm one
of the good guys now.

Tell it to Judge Tanaka.
We have a witness.

One who told us
everything you've done.

Who turned me in? Was it Mark?


It was Caitlin Snow.

No. No, no, no.

How could she...


This can't be how it ends.

How could she...

Someone's back for seconds.

You already showed me my
greatest fear. It won't scare me twice.

Oh, Flash, those Big Bads
aren't your greatest fear.

This is.

No, no.

No. No, please, no.

No, no, no, no.


Sweet nightmares, people.

First, Fuerza, then the Speed
Force shows up. Now this, too?

Why can't I stop shaking?

Your biometrics are all elevated.
Your amygdalae are in overdrive.

Wait, we had panic attacks?

Extreme ones. Psych doesn't
just manipulate your fear,

he elevates it.

But your cortisol levels are
slowly stabilizing, which means...

Psych's powers
have a residual effect.

And Barry has had a double dose.

- Where's Frost?
- She wanted to be alone.

Even the Ice Queen was
freaked out by whatever she saw.

The mental
dampeners didn't work.

Psych must have
overpowered their circuitry.

Which means the next time you fight
him, we won't be able to protect your mind.

The next time? How are we
supposed to anticipate him?

Stake out the banks?

No, he's not after money.

Remember? He said he wants to free
people from the power it has over them.

So, what? He has an ax
to grind with the system?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It explains why
he attacked the Cleary Capital offices.

He doesn't want
cash. He wants chaos.

Well, he got it.

What exactly did
he make you see?

Just Kamilla in danger.

What about you? Who did you see?

It doesn't matter.

What if it does?

What if there's a
clue or something

- in what you saw...
- There isn't.

But you don't know that.

Look, you're going to have
to face him again, eventually.

What if I can't, all right?

What if he's too powerful
and I can't stop him?

- Barry, no one said...
- You didn't have to.

Maybe Psych's gonna destroy
this whole city and everyone in it.

There's nothing
I can do about it.

Trying to reconnect the
transmitter to the output circuit?

Turns out I'm better at breaking
things than I am at fixing them.

Do you want to tell me what scared
you so much when Psych whammied you?

Come on. We used to share a
brain. I know you don't scare easy.

I was under arrest for all the
crimes I committed as Killer Frost.

And you were the
one who turned me in.

I would never do that.

I know.

Look, ever since you
let me take the wheel,

I got to live my life.

Not just half the
time, but all the time.

And I really liked it...

and I don't want to go back to
living my life just half the time.

And I was afraid you'd
hate me for saying that.

I would never hate you.

You're my sister. You can
always tell me how you feel.

I don't know how.

I mean...

I may be the strong one,
but you're the brave one.

I mean, you're fearless.

I mean, ever since I got in
touch with my feelings, I just...

I'm scared all the time.

Sometimes, I don't
even know why.

You think you're the only one
who gets scared sometimes?

Ever since we separated,
there's been this deafening silence

inside my head where you
used to be and it terrifies me.

That's why I've been so
desperate to put us back together.

Why I got so upset when
you broke the Matrix.

It's 'cause my biggest fear
in life is living without you.

Mine, too.

Then why don't we
face that fear together?

You mean...

Maybe two Snows
really is better than one.

My apartment has an extra bedroom. I
could use a roommate. What do you say?

I say...

"This is us."

Cecile, I'm sorry. I
just... needed a minute.


You do know that you're not the
only one who's been whammied

with more than one dose
of Psych's fear, though.

You've been picking up his
energy every time he shows up.

Last night, I saw...

I saw a nightmare where I
couldn't control my own powers.

It was terrifying.

It's been really hard to keep
my own fears at bay today.

I spent last year so afraid of
losing everyone I loved in Crisis,

I never thought I'd have
to face that fear again.

Psych showed me...

people I love, dead.

Fuerza had killed them.

We've taken on the
impossible so many times.

Something about these
new threats feels different.


And for the first
time since Crisis...

I'm scared.

Sometimes, when I'm scared, I ask
myself, "What would the Flash do?"



You run through fear every
time you save this city...

and you just got to find some
of that courage for yourself.

Guys, we just detected
Psych's isotopic signature.

It's expanding all
over Sandoval Heights.


you sent your own fear into Top.

Do you think you could
do that on a bigger scale?

Me... No... way.

Barry, I could barely broadcast
one emotion across a room.

Then let's get you some help.

Barry, are you insane?

I know it sounds crazy,
but DeVoe built this chair

to expand his mental
capacity on a massive scale.

Yeah. Yeah, and it turned
him into a supervillain.

But you won't, because you're
gonna use it to save the city.

I can feel all your
fear, Central City.

And it feels exquisite.

No... Please let me out.

Let me out of here, please!

It's too much.

I can't take it!

Mom... Dad. Please
don't leave me here.

Why won't you come home?

Cecile, you good?

Nope. Not even close to good.

I am sitting in a death machine.

What if this thing
fries my brain?

What if this chair turns
me evil like the Top?

What about that?

As a medical professional,
I promise you will be okay.

- Okay.
- Probably.

Flash, where you at?

I'm approaching Psych's radius.


Do it.

I can't breathe! Make it stop!

It's working. I can...

I can... feel...
people's minds...

thoughts, all over the city.

I can feel Barry.

His amygdalae is spiking.

Barry, can you hear me?
Cecile is connected to your mind.

Whatever you're
seeing, fight through it.

This isn't real.

It's not real. It's not real.

It's not real.

You got us all killed, Barry.

I trusted you. Why
didn't you save me?

When you let me die,
you killed our children, too.

Barry can't hear us. He's
caught inside his nightmare.

He's lost.

I'm diverting all satellite
power to the comms.

Listen to me, Barry. You
have to get through this.

Cisco, I don't know if I can.

Yes, you can.

You are strong
enough. I know you are.

We can't do this without you.

You're a coward, Barry Allen.

You'll lose us again.

All because you're too afraid.

Too afraid to open your eyes.

You're right. I am afraid.

But I won't let that
fear control me.

He broke through. Cecile, now!

Barry, I can feel your courage.

You're too late, Flash.

Guys, it worked. Cecile did it.

I did it.

You did it.

- I did it.
- You did it.

Guys, I think I
need an energy bar.

Your frontal cortex is healing,

but the part that
controls motor control

is still falling behind.

No trace of Psych or Fuerza.

Either way, at least now we
have proof they're connected.

When I struck Psych
with my lightning...

he shook it off easy.

But just for a minute, the
lightning, it stayed with him.

- Was it glowing?
- Yeah.

Same thing happened
when you fought Fuerza.

I threw everything I
had at them. We all did.

They just kept coming for more.

Luckily, your powers
are getting stronger, too.

The chair did most of
the work, but thanks.

I don't know, you kicked some
pretty serious psychic ass out there.

Might have to teach Martian
Manhunter a thing or two.


Is it Psych?

No. No. This is something else.

I'm getting the same
readings I got off Nora.

I need to heal myself.

Open the cryo-pod.

No, Barry, that will
put you into a coma.

It's the only way.

"Logistics Compliance."

Is that what you were doing
when you were working in Gotham?

I've made a few trips
there. I'm a big Knights fan.

And I called my buddy who'd been working
the Gotham beat for more than a decade.

Pretty high-stakes
game you played.


there is this.

So, I don't know
what your goal is here,

but if you're gonna
be in my precinct...

how about we cut the bull
and you be honest with me?

Fair enough.

I wasn't planning to announce
this until I got my bearings.

On the orders of the Governor,

I'm here to locate and apprehend a
rogue meta-human, whatever the cost.

And quite frankly,
it's about time

someone addressed the
longstanding issue this precinct ignored.

You want to arrest the Flash?

No. He's clean. So far.

I'm here for someone
far more dangerous.

The meta-human fugitive
known as Killer Frost.

How is he?

Better, I think.

Barry's system was overwhelmed

with the same strange signatures
that I found in Nora's system.

His vitals have stabilized
a bit, which is good news,

but as to when he'll be fully
healed, it's difficult to say.

If Psych or Fuerza
were to attack right now...

we're totally on our own.

Because I wasn't fast enough.


This physical
form is new for me.

I didn't know its limitations.

I can feel how weak he still is,

how weak we both still are.

What happened to Barry?

He was attacked by a
powerful meta-psychic.

Who showed him
his greatest fear.

That same psychic was
the second of my attackers.

Fuerza and Psych?
They both hurt you?

Who are they?

I think...

they're just like me.