The Flash (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Mother - full transcript

Eva launches an invasion from the Mirrorverse, and Barry can only stop her if he regains his speed. Meanwhile, Harrison Wells, Sue, and Ralph come back, and Joe has to choose whether to follow Cecile into the Mirrorverse or go on without her.

[menacing music playing]


[breathing heavily]

Cisco, what...

[softly] Frost. Frost...



Help her. Help her.




Help her.

Is she gonna be okay?

When you pulled Iris out of
the Mirrorverse and she resisted,

it created a molecular anomaly.

All her neural
pathways are disjointed.

Looks like her brain's
been remapped.

How do we get her back?

I don't know.

All we can do now is let her
rest while I run some more tests.

You gonna be okay?

I remember everything...

Hurting my own team,

forcing Iris through the portal,
leaving Kamilla and Singh trapped.

I'm sorry.

That wasn't you.

- Yeah it was.
- Man, no, it wasn't.

You were not yourself.

Trust me, we get that.

That's why we're
going to put it behind us.

We're going to
move on, all right?

We're a team.

We've got each other's backs.

We're gonna figure out a way to
save Iris and Kamilla and Singh.

I promise.

Eva's still out there,
and I can't stop her

because I don't have
my speed anymore.

But you will. I am
running a full diagnostics

on the Artificial
Speed Force Machine.

It worked before.
It can work again.

All we need to do
is figure out. I think...

No, I'm done with that thing.

You saw what it turned me into.

I'm not Thawne.

Connecting with something
artificial isn't gonna work for me.

And since the real
Speed Force is dead...

- [telephone ringing]
- [officer 1] C.C.P.D.

Wait. Your wife
tried to attack you?

Why would your neighbor try
to make you look in the mirrors?

Hold on. C.C.P.D.

If he's not your
uncle, who is he?

Let me get this straight.

You want to help
bring your daughter in,

Mrs. Dearbon, so
that I can arrest her?

Sue's in trouble.

We want to help her
see things more clearly.

People change,
sometimes overnight.

Captain, can I speak with you?

It's relevant.

Excuse me.

Uh... Damn!

Sue, I thought you and
Ralph were laying low

until we can clear your name.

Yeah, Ralph's tracking a lead.

Arrest me if you have to.

I had to come.

You mind telling me
what's so important

that you would
risk your freedom?

Those people in there,
those are not my parents.

I know it sounds crazy.

And when Ralph mentioned
pod people a while back,

I thought it was nuts, too. But
I'm telling you, that's not them.


I believe you. I have gotten over
a hundred calls in the last hour.

Exact same complaint.

All saying that people
they've known for years

just aren't themselves anymore.

Do you think this has anything to
do with the craziness at McCulloch?


I know what's happening.


What the hell.

[reporter] Chaos has broken
out in downtown Central City,

over another meta attack.

After all that, at least Grandma
Runk is still my grandma, you know,

'cause I was at Jitters
ordering a Viva! ccino!

Next thing I know,
a pair of "T2" arms

jumps out of a counter
top trying to grab me.

Fortunately, Chester P. Runk
knows how to mind his surroundings.

[Cisco] Yo!

I just heard back from Joe.

Whatever is happening
out there, it's spreading.

Yeah, Eva's getting
more powerful.

I'll say. I analyzed footage
from Eva's live interview.

It's not just mirrors
that she's manipulating.

It's any reflective surface now.

[Chester] Well, I guess
that makes sense.

Light photons are
elementary particles

that exist everywhere in nature.

So as long as
there's light around

from either a natural
or artificial source...

Call Joe back, we
got to blackout the city.

He can get the mayor to
declare a state of emergency.

Okay, I am on it.

Why is Eva doing this?

I mean why does she
want us in the Mirrorverse?

[Barry] She wants
us out of the way.

These aren't just abductions.

[sirens wailing in distance]

It's a full-blown invasion.

And with every person that
gets replaced, Eva's army grows.

Oh, man.

Body snatchers.

So, what are we gonna do?

Boss, you have to get better.

The Citizen doesn't
work without you.

So just please come back, okay?

Because we're not giving
up on you, especially Barry.

What you two have is
amazing. No matter how strong

you both are on your own,
you're even stronger together.

Don't let Eva McCulloch
end what you guys have.

The mayor is doing her
best shutting down the power.

Joe said it won't
be 100 percent,

but I told him we'd take
whatever we can get.

In the meantime, initiating shutters
on all windows in S.T.A.R. Labs.

We should cover all the
mirrors, too, and kill the lights.

Yes, I'm on it.

Hopefully everybody in
Central City does the same thing.

If I had my speed, I could
patrol, help people keep safe.

There's got to be a way to
save them all, to get Iris back.

[Eva] There is...

[voice echoing]

Hey, were you saying something?

Uh, guys? Where's Barry?


[Eva] You're powerless,
Flash, but I can help you.

If you let me.

You want to help?

Tell me how to save my wife.

She needs to go back
where she belongs.

All of you do.

Back to the Mirrorverse.

You see, in the last six years,

I've watched people like Joseph
destroy the gift around you.

The glorious world
filled with wonder.

You and everyone else
on this planet have failed.

So now I'm filling
it with my children.

And you will treat it, and
everyone in it, with respect.

- And what happens to us?
- You adapt to your new world.

Same as I did.

Don't worry, Barry. I'm
not gonna kill anyone.

I'm not your enemy.

What I am is a mother
to a newer, better world.

You want me to give in.

Just like Ramsey.

Ramsey thought he was a hero.

He wasn't.

You are.

Lead your people
to the Mirrorverse.

They'll follow you.

- They'll be happy.
- Were you?

Stop fighting me!

You've been watching me, Eva.

You know I'd risk my
life to save this city.

Those are brave words, Flash.

But are you really willing
to do whatever it takes

to ensure the
survival of humanity?

The applications of my reflective
chip technology are endless.

I can grow crops
tenfolds in abundance.

I can end starvation overnight.

Why haven't you?

Why haven't you done
the work that really matters?

Why haven't you made
this world a better place?

Because you can't.

I can. And I will.

I'm not human.

I'm something better.

That is why I am
showing you mercy.

So please consider my offer

and make the right choice.

Satellites have
him at McCulloch.

Barry, I am not losing you, too.

Frost is ready to come out.

Oh, thank Tupac.

How did you escape?

I didn't. Eva let me go.

- Why? What did she want?
- To tell us that we can't win.

Well, I hope you
told her where to go.

No, she's right. We can't.

[melancholic music playing]



My name is Harrison.

Dr. Harrison Wells.

Look, I don't know who
you are, but I saw Nash die.

All the other Wells
died with him.

[Harrison] Exactly.

When Nash Wells gave his life
to power the artificial Speed Force,

he transferred all the multi-versal
particles of all the other Wells

into the Fusion Sphere,
except for 0.01 percent.

- And that's me.
- How do particles become a person?

I have a theory that when
Nash and all the other Wells

were removed from the timeline,

the universe required
a... balancing act.

One Wells to make
up for all of those lost.

Isn't that cosmic?


There was an event.

It took people from other planets
and brought them here together.

To the same planet
in one timeline.

A temporal coalescence.
That could explain this.

Of all the Wells, you were the
one I wanted to meet the most.

- I'm...
- Barry Allen.

I know.

The other Wells may be gone
but they left an imprint. Memories.

And so let me just
say whatever is wrong,

let me help you because
they would want me to.

You can't. This enemy that
we're facing is all powerful.

Plus, my speed is gone.

Aren't you the Paragon of Love?

Look, anyone can save the world
with their speed, with their might,

but it takes a real hero,
a once-in-a-lifetime hero,

to do it with his heart.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means run, Barry,
run toward love.



Allegra, Nash thought...

very highly of you.

A new Wells?

How's that possible?

Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait,
you're here to save us, right?

Also, which one is he?

I'm the original.

[sirens wailing in distance]


I had Allegra put out a Citizen
e-blast to warn the city about Eva.

- Good work.
- Thanks. [sighs]

What is it?

That window was blacked out.

Where is everyone?

I'm feeling an overwhelming
sense of passion.



Joe, I... [gasps]

You may as well
give up, Captain.

- Joe?
- Captain West requesting backup.

No one's coming, Captain.

Cecile, run!

- The windows...
- Um... Uh...

- [line beeps]
- My phone's not working.

She must've jammed the signal.


Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells,
Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells and Wells.

That's how I got
here. Any questions?

- Uh, I don't get how...
- What!

[Sue] Help! Guys...

we need help.



- [Dibny groaning]
- [Cisco] Holy Plasmus!

Dibs, where's your face? It
looks like mashed potatoes.

[Sue] Don't! Don't touch him.

His body temp is a
toasty 500 degrees.

Wait, you mean something
actually melted Elongated Man?

Holy sweet Hawking...

Ralph texted me to meet
him at McCulloch Labs.

He was looking for evidence
to clear your name, wasn't he?

Yeah. He figured security would
be down because of the blackout.

He was inside when Eva
blew the whole place up.

I got caught in
the blast radius.

He walked out holding this.

Can you fix him?

Right, I'll get him in the mobile
Biogenic Containment Unit.

Okay, we're going this
way. Right this way, Ralph.

Come with me, Sue. I'll
take a look at your arm.

It's lookin' a little toasty.



I mean, not really...

- [device beeping]
- Wait...

[chuckles] Yeah, Ralph found
evidence to clear Sue's name.

Once a hero, always a hero.


I know you're still
in there somewhere.

I'll never stop
fighting to reach you.

I may be the
Paragon of Love, but...

that's only because
you're my heart.


Come back to me.

[Cisco] I don't get it.

How are you supposed to
get your speed back exactly?


Iris is the key.

Yeah. Still not following.

[Barry] The Speed Force...

We all thought it
was dead, right?

I just felt a spark,
with Iris. Just now.

Barry, your speed is gone.

Yeah, but the Speed Force is
an elemental part of the universe.

So, theoretically...

Theoretically, it could've
never disappeared.

And you think
it's still in Iris.

I always wondered
why I was chosen

as the Paragon of Love and
how it related to my speed.

I think it's because of
my connection with Iris.

Our love is... [chuckles]

It's just as strong as the lightning
bolt that hit me seven years ago.

Plus, Iris did have speed once.

And Nora was a speedster whose
lightning was purple and yellow.

That is so romantic.

If Speed Force energy is still in
Iris, how do we get it out of her?


We repurpose the ASF to
tap into an organic source

instead of an artificial one.

I can help with that.

- I'm gonna need...
- [Harrison] I got it.

If this works,

we can all take the
fight to Eva together.

[sirens wailing in distance]

[people shouting]

Bring them a new
life, my children.

Go, go, go!

Knock knock.


It's too late, Captain.

This is Mother's world now.

Can she get through?

Yes. That door wasn't
designed for tactical force.

Well, it should've been.

These old buildings still
have the original ductwork.

[Mirror Daisy] Human beings
took this world for granted, Captain.

We won't.

I don't wanna leave you.

Please, Joe, come on.

Kiss Jenna for me.

Now go!

[clanging continues]

[Cisco] Okay, she's breathing.

What's the ETA on the
energy coupling reroute?

Energy cycles rerouted.

The Fusion Sphere is
completely re-mapped.

I have to say, is this
how you guys operate?

Because that much contact
with that much unrefined power...

This is a huge gamble.

Mr. Allen, if you're
wrong about Iris,

every atom in your
body will be split in two.

[Caitlin] Barry...

We need you.

[electrical humming]

We need you.

I'll be okay.

[rapid beeping]

[Harrison] Energy's climbing.

Run, Barry. Run!

Run towards love.

Yup. Ain't no "A" in this SF.


We're at 100 percent
organic speed.

We need you...

I need you...

[electrical crackling]


I knew you'd find
your way back to me.

You'll always be
my lightning rod.

- [sirens wailing]
- [people shouting]

[woman gasps]

[Eva] Don't be afraid.

You're going someplace better.

I promise.

Take them.

[man] No!



You've made your choice.

Now face the consequences.

It's over, Eva.

Why doesn't Flash use his speed?

Eva's body is made
up of quantum protons,

which are capable of
sub-light speed, so technically...




- [panting]
- [gun cocking]

[clanging continues]

You're not Cecile.


But, she's close.

And if you want to be with her,

there's only one way.

Why should I trust you?

You have no choice.


You and I could have worked
together toward a common good.

It's too late now.

Humankind is done.

My children are taking over the
world and I'm their Queen Mother.

And tonight I begin my reign

as Mirror Monarch.

Actually, we're
just getting started.

How do you like
the sonics, my lady?

But wait, there's more.

["Teach Me To Fight" playing]

Now, Flash.

Small town baby Got
his knickers in a twist

[sighs in exasperation]

Doesn't like the way
That this car suits my lips

What you think...

Not fair. You brought your team.

Trying to be your best you

Suited and booted...

Maybe I should bring mine.

Trying to act a grownup
Now that's pretty funny

I fired everyone Now
I be making plenty

I'm feeling pretty empty
This attitude's expensive

Take a trip and you might find

Let's make this public
Let's take it outside

Put down your small-talk
And teach me to fight

Sounds like Iron Heights
on Saturday night out there.

Caught in the middle
Karma can raise your face

Trying too hard Yeah,
it's gonna make you age

Walk into the room
Everybody looks the same

I'm so tired of this place, yeah
Why you scared of change, yeah?

Too many photos
And not enough friends

Waiting on the next
fad And the next trend

Poses in the hall And they
clogging up the stairways

Come on, baby, let's play

Let's make this public
Let's take it outside

Put down your small-talk
And teach me to fight

[Vibe] Cover me!

Let's make this personal...

I can't fix these
things in time.

You better figure something out.

And fast.

Let's do this.

It's all I seem to see And
it's all you seem to know

'Cause you're
itching to find out

[Vibe grunts] Frost!

But my body's gonna go

See you turn up at my door
'Cause you don't know anywhere

The bodies on the lam
'Cause you'll see us on the road

Every big bad has a weakness.

What did we miss?

The fact that Barry needs
more than speed to win this fight.



Finish him.


- No, Eva! Please don't.
- It's too late.

Flash has had his chance.

And so do you.

Eva, you're
destroying this world.

No, I'm liberating it
from an infestation.

My children deserve this planet
more than humankind does.

I'll deal with him,
join the others.


You just can't give up, can you?

Fine, goodbye!



That's impossible.

You're still not strong
enough to beat me.

Not yet.

Eva, you told my husband that you
wanted to bring peace to this world.

You're using brutal force
against defenseless people.

Eva, my duplicate...

She was connected to this world.

With herself.

But your other children?

They are filled with hate.

Look around.

Is this your idea of peace?

[people shouting]

No, no!

Is this really what you want?

- Get back. Now's our chance...
- Don't!

Please, just wait.


No, I...

I wanted to make things better.

I've failed two worlds.

Eva, it's never too
late to do the right thing.

You told me about your
dream to help people.

You still can.

Right here, right now.

By ending this.

The foundation for a better
world is compassion, not violence.

A true monarch knows that.

- [sirens wailing]
- [people shouting]

It's not working.

They've grown too
strong for me to control.

[glass shatters]


We did it.

What about the people we lost?

Chief Singh?

Sir, what happened?

- Are we...
- Dead?

No, officer. We're
very much alive.

I'm pretty sure we owe our
lives to a certain speedster.

And his better half.

[Cecile] Joe.

[phone vibrating]

Is it really you?

No, it's Chewbacca.

It's Kamilla. The real one.

If she's back, then...

That means the rest
of Central City is, too.

Where are you?

I'm back at The Citizen.

I was in that other place.

I never thought I'd get out.

Don't go anywhere.

Imma kiss you like
there's no tomorrow.

I love you, Kamilla.

I love you, too.

Need a ride? I'm ice bridging.

Safest way to travel.

Knowing you, I find
that hard to believe.

So, what will you do now?

Go back to the Mirrorverse...

Do what I should've
done a long time ago.

Start over.

This time, my children
will be born of love,

not hate.

Free to choose their own path.

Good luck.

[Caitlin] Any sign of Eva?

Nope. Looks like Mirror Monarch
was serious about starting over.

Iris, what you did out there...

What if you're a meta now?

I'm pretty sure Eva took my mirror
powers back with her when she left.

Maybe when she went back to
the Mirrorverse it severed the link.

Without it, no powers.

Well, the pod people are gone,
and we got everyone else back.

Singh, Dearbons, Kamilla.

It's a good day's
work, people. [chuckles]

Oh wait, where's O.G. Wells?

With Cisco and Allegra.

They wanted to say
their own goodbyes.

[Chester] Ah.

Are you sure you have to go?

I heard Team Flash
always has a Wells.

Well, that's overrated.

Plus, Flash has his speed back,

Mirror Monarch is
back where she belongs.

- It's time.
- But, I need someone to train me.

Allegra, you have your own...

wavelength to follow,
and as it turns out,

somehow I have mine.

The universe gave
me my life back,

somehow, and now I can see

all 92 years of that life.
Past, present and future...


And somehow, can travel

to any moment I want.

Timeless Wells...

That's a new one.

It's amazing and
utterly useless,

unless I can share it
with the woman that I love.

My wife, Tess...

We had four brilliant
years together, before she...

before we both were killed.

And so, I now have
a choice between

moving forward from
this point without her...

or going back to her.

I'm going to relive those
four years we had together

over, and over, and over
again, until I'm out of time.

Good luck.


good luck to you.

[Cisco] I get that...

Wanting to be with
the person you love.


If Kamilla and I are lucky enough to
share half of what you and Tess have.

You will.

- This is weird.
- No, we just met.

Right, it's like I
barely even know you.

Barely know each other.

I mean, you're nothing like him.

Like who? Oh.

The Harrison Wells
you used to know.

Or, the man I thought
was Harrison Wells.

Of course, he
turned out to be a...

- A jerk.
- Jerk!

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

[both chuckle]

How do you miss someone
you barely even know?

Before you go,

how exactly do
you travel in time?



like this.


Just like that.

[Sue] Well, we spoke
to Captain West.

Actually, I did.

Ralph's voice would've
freaked him out.

[Dibny in altered voice] What's
not to love about my silky tones?

Dude, you sound like a Dalek.

[Barry] Yeah, I feel like
the helmet's more Daft Punk.

What? You know I
love to lose myself

- to dance every once in a while.
- Baby, do not do that.

- You love it.
- Do not.

Don't worry, Ralph. A few more days
in the B.C.U., you'll be good as new.

[Dibny] Either way, it's good to
have you back, Caity. Frost, too.

So, now that my parents are okay

and C.C.P.D. has
evidence to clear me,

thanks to Ralph...

We should celebrate.

Sue, did you ever think
about joining Team Flash?

We could use
somebody with your skills.

Me, teaming up with Dr. Perfect

and a squeaky-clean do-gooder

like Fleet-Feet here? [laughs]

Not my style.

Besides, Ralph and I have
some unfinished business.

Black Hole is dead, but there's
an organization just like them

in every country in the world,

preying on good
people like my parents.

[Dibny] And we're going
to pay them a visit...

And clean house.

Ralph, we've been through a
lot since you joined this team.

[Dibny] Save it, Barr.
This ain't goodbye.

I'll be back when
you least expect it.

And then Frost, we'll go
on that road trip, okay?

She says, "Hell, yeah!"

Well, if you ever
need help, just call.

I'll come running.


You do the same.

- Come on, Slick.
- Stay flashing. Dibny out.

They make quite the team.

So do we.

[electrical crackling]