The Flash (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - The Speed of Thought - full transcript

He was the most
brilliant mind I ever met.

They all were.

Whatever the problem,
you could count on a Wells...

A council of them,

to have the answers.

Now, they're all gone.

We gotta find the answers ourselves.

Why does it always
feel like for us to win,

some of us have to lose?

This wall is nano-engraved
with the names

of everyone we've lost

so that no matter how
the timeline changes...

They'll never be forgotten.

Those Wells,

they took some getting
used to, didn't they?

If we learned anything from them,

it was that our greatest
weapon against darkness

isn't our superpowers.

It's our humanity...

and our love for each other.


Bar, I know what you're doing.


Don't blame yourself.

But what you just said...

Ramsey infecting me,

Eva using a copy of Iris to
manipulate my emotions...

Lately, it feels like my heart is
my enemies' greatest weapon.

Have faith, son.

We will get Iris back.

I feel that in my heart.

What the...



This is supposed to open
a portal to the Mirrorverse?

Yeah. Supposed to.

I thought I could use Atlantean tech

to tackle perpetual motion,

one of science's greatest problems,

but guess what I found waiting for me?

More problems.

This thing's a dud.

I don't know what to do.

I lost my friend.

My girlfriend is trapped
in another dimension,

and nothing my brain comes up with

seems to get me any
closer to saving her.

I promise you, we will get them back.

Kamilla, Iris, Singh.

All of 'em.




So Chester's away at Grandma Runk's,

but lucky for us, he's been science-ing

in between bingo rounds,
and he seems to think

there are two problems we need to solve

if we wanna open our portal.

Problem number one...

You haven't found the
method to reconfigure

the molecular stability
of the dimensional barrier

that damages organic matter?


Yeah, that's right.
How did you know that?

I saw you write it.

No, you didn't.

I thought I did.

I was about to.

But you guessed right.

Eva used Ramsey's blood

to tackle that problem
and open her portal.

Unfortunately for us,
without a replacement

for Ramsey's evil sentient
goo, we're kind of up a creek.

So that brings us to
problem number two...

Quantum entanglement from
reversed Higgs boson particles

disrupts the geospatial algorithm,

preventing us from locating
people in the Mirrorverse,

meaning we have to know Kamilla, Singh,

and Iris's location in
order to pull them out.

You freaky.

I know where they'll be.

Iris sent a message to Kamilla
and Singh in the Mirrorverse

telling them to meet in
the Speed Lab tonight.

Don't ask me how I got
it, 'cause I have no idea.

Iris's neural pathways
have likely achieved

an equilibrium with
the harmonic frequency

contained within the
fractalized dimensional plane.

He freaky.

Our mission's going
better than expected.

Hoshi and Ultraviolet's raids
on Black Hole stash houses

have liberated crates
of your mirror-tech.


Rawlins, do you notice anything...

different about me?


Do you see anything out of place?

Yeah, now that you mention it.

You look tired, your desk is a mess,

and you skipped your coffee today.

You got me.

But there is something...


That look in your eyes.

It's how Carver looked
when he kept secrets from us.

I'm nothing like Joseph.
I will never lie to you.

I promise.

Good, because we've
located our next stash house.

Want me to gather the Assassins Three?


It's been a while since
I've enjoyed the pleasure

of tearing down my husband's empire,

so I will handle this one myself.

So he's, what, a genius now?

No, I'm a genius.

My guy's on a whole other level.

His neurons are firing at super speed.

Synaptic connections are off the charts.

The quantum computers can't even keep up

processing his results.

The Artificial Speed Force.

The Artificial fracking Speed Force.

It didn't just give you
your old powers back,

it gave you a new one.

Enhanced cognition by way of
a Speed Force booster shot!

Barry can think fast now.


How fast?

Let's find out, shall we?

Lady and gentleman, this...

is a Quantum Ball.

Trademark pending. Ever heard of it?

Of course you haven't, but you will.

Mark my words, one day,

Quantum Ball, trademark pending,

will be the world's next
great sporting event.

You see, this little sphere
amplifies kinetic energy,

firing in directions

that can only be described
as "unpredictable,"

but not for you.

Your enhanced cognition
should let you analyze

every variable in every scenario...

and predict the unpredictable.

Barry Allen.

Places, please.

Call it.

Eh, no cheating. Turn around.


Wall, lamp,

pipe, conduit, duck.


I have superspeed thinking.

I know how to open a
portal to the Mirrorverse.

- Uh, what?
- Yeah, repeat that.

For Allegra.

All right, I'm sorry. Um...

let me show you.

Ramsey's unique cells
created a polar covalent bond

with the molecules
in Eva's mirror portal.

That's why she needed his blood.

Right, it formed, like,

a bio-friendly skin on the
interdimensional barrier.

So we need Ramsey's
blood. We knew that.

No, we don't need it. His
blood would have bonded

with the electronegative particles

and become dark matter photons.

Those particles wouldn't
just stay on the mirror portal.

No, they wouldn't.

They'd attach themselves to Eva.

Those photons are still on her.

If we could collect them,
we could open our portal.

But it would take, like,

years to develop a
prototype that could do that.

Not if we integrate the neural net

in the Thinker's chair,
synced to a nanite bridge,

fed into the Tachyon
Enhancer's non-reductive loop.

N... no, but wait, wouldn't...


well, yeah, I guess... I
guess that could work.

But isn't Eva still holed up behind

McCulloch Tech's force field?
We'll never get close to her.

You're gonna bring out another board?

Factoring in geographical analytics,

concealment probability,

these are the remaining
Black Hole stash houses.

There's a 97.6% chance
Eva's hitting this one next.

Right. Right.

So that's where we go.

And that's what we do.

Just wish I could have seen it earlier.

This isn't on you.

We wouldn't be in this
mess if I'd seen through

Iris's mirror duplicate sooner.

Eva's not the first to use
my emotions against me.

Let's make sure she's the last.


- Kamilla?
- Iris!

Thank God.

When you disappeared, I thought

that neural dissonance sickness got you.

Yeah, well, she tried
to use it against me,

but I was able to fight her off.

I think I've been in
this place for so long

that I've gained control over it.

I think that's how I was able

to send you and Singh that message.

That's amazing.

What about Singh?

Did you find him at the hospital?

I looked everywhere, but...

Iris, what if we never find him?

What if we never escape?

What if we stay here so long

that our minds just get
completely destroyed and...

Kamilla, we have been
through our fair share of danger,

so no matter what dimension we're in,

no matter what kind of villain we face,

there is nothing that can stop us

as long as we stick together.

Are you with me?

Let's do this.


Because I'm thinking if
my message got to you,

then it could have gotten to Singh too,

so let's go find him.

Come on.


That doesn't belong to you.

Then again, it never
belonged to my husband either.

It was my reflective chip technology

that was twisted to create that weapon,

so it's mine to wield or destroy.

Now step aside.

You were right.

Eva's here, and she's amped.

How do you like your
phantom now, Joseph?

Not the day for us
to be short-staffed.

Actually, we're good; I called in

a little bit of extra muscle.


Nice outfit, by the way.

Why are you here?

You know, for funsies.

Looks like someone's back to 100%.

Long live the snow queen.

Eva's faster than me.

Frost is gonna distract her

while I run by with the Tachyon Enhancer

and collect the particles we need.

We might only get one shot at this.

Let's make it count.


Barry, help her!


Frost. Frost.

You let her get hit.

Whatever Eva hit
Frost with, it's light-based.

Her healing's trying to compensate,

but it's not enough.

I can't fix this without Caitlin.

- What is that?
- A cure.

- Has it been tested?
- I ran 2,371 tests in my head.

- We're good.
- Barry, that is not a...

what are you doing?

What happened?

You took the brunt
of Eva's laser blast

to help us.

I just returned the favor

with a cryogenically-fortified

paracetamol cocktail...

That fortified my cellular walls.

Yep, that'll do it.

Of course, you
wouldn't have had to take

the brunt of the blast if Barry hadn't

let you get hit in the first place.

Cisco, let me explain.


what were you thinking?

I saw you.

You had the time to
run her out of the way,

and you just stood there
like you wanted her to get hit.

There was a 0.0002%
chance of the Tachyon Enhancer

getting damaged in that scenario.

I couldn't risk that.

I also knew I could
reverse any ill effects

Frost received from Eva's blast.

These aren't ill effects!

This was a light wound, like the kind

that almost killed her,
and we just got her back!

Cisco, it's okay.

I'm fine, and now we have
a chance to save our friends.

I'd take a hit for that any day.

You got lucky with that cocktail.

Luck had nothing to do with it.

So superspeed thinking, huh?

What's that like?

Sometimes it's like a
barrage of images flying at me.

Others, it's like a scene
playing out in my head.

So what does your speed
brain say our next move is?

You saw Iris's message,
"Eva is watching."

She would no doubt see
our attempt to open a portal

to the Mirrorverse and stop us.

I need to find a solution.

You should recuperate for 14.2 minutes,

then help Cisco gather
our McCulloch intel

so I can cross-reference
it with our Eva data.

I need to aggregate.

Wow, Barry seems like

he has things in hand and then some.

Yep. He'll probably have

this Eva sitch wrapped up in no time.

You're thinking about Nash.

I'm sorry.

Honey, I just... my empathic abilities,

they take on a mind
of their own sometimes.

It's okay.

It's just...

my dad left me before I could walk,

and ever since then,

anyone who's even come close to being...

A father figure?

Yeah, I...

I cut them out of my life

before they could cut me out of theirs.

That's why I pushed Nash away.

Anyway, I should just get over it.

- He's gone.
- Only if you let him be.

Did you know that the law goes way back

in my family?

Yeah, my... my granddad

was the first Black
paralegal in Oklahoma,

and my mom, first female
independent counsel

in the state of Texas.

Both of them were pioneers

for social justice and my heroes.

- I'll say.
- Yeah.

Right now, my granddad's file cabinet

is in the corner of my office,

and I carry my mom's
briefcase into court with me

every single day.

Honey, the people that we love,

they're only gone when we
stop carrying them with us.

How you choose to
carry Nash is up to you.

I figured out her secret.

This isn't her world. It never has been.

Thank you, Arielle.

I'm glad to be here.

I'm lucky to be anywhere.


Let's jump right into it.

You came here today to
make an announcement.


Before I was kidnapped, I
was developing technologies

with promise to advance the world.

Fresh water, healthier crops,
clean, renewable energy.

I am thrilled to finally
return to my life's work,

improving our world.

Why are we watching this?

At the stash house,
Eva referred to herself

as a phantom.

It reminded me of Carver's dying words

when Eva killed him...
that she wasn't his wife.

I've analyzed behavioral
patterns, body language,

even graphological handwriting.


is not Eva McCulloch.

What? What do you mean?

She's sitting right there,
talking to Rachel Maddow 2.0.

I slept in the same bed
with a mirror duplicate of Iris

without knowing the difference.

You did the same with Kamilla.

So you think this is a mirror Eva?

McCulloch's security
database will show us.

Yeah, good luck.

I tried hacking them a week ago.



What? How...

McCulloch's black
box servers run a hybrid

theorem-proving system
with model checking.

His mind is getting faster.

Yes, it is.

Did she just die?

Oh, my God.

No. Help!

Someone help me!

Which brings us to
why you're here today.


Allow me to present

McCulloch Technology's
future for humanity.

Whoa, what are you
doing with that footage?

Exposing the truth.



No. No. No.

Please. Come on. Stay with me.

I don't think that's such a good idea.

- Help!
- No, no, no, stop that!

- Stop!
- Someone help me!

No, no, no, no, no.
Stop, stop, no, no!


I'm so sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- That footage we saw.

Does it show you killing
the real Eva McCulloch?

No, of course, I...
I wouldn't do that.

I... I didn't do that.

What are you, a meta? A shape-shifter?

- No, I...
- The world wants answers.

- We deserve to know.
- Rawlins!

If you're not Eva McCulloch,

who or what are you?

I'm not a monster.

I'm not a monster!

Why did you do that?

Eva would sense us opening a portal.

Now she is too distracted to notice.

And there couldn't be
another way to distract her...

There were 141 ways.
This was the most efficient.

Uh, I'm not sure emotionally wrecking

an already-whacked-out
villain was "efficient."

Historically speaking,
when our enemies are upset,

which is exactly what I accomplished,

they make mistakes.

We need to prep the portal machine

while Eva is on her heels

and then retrieve our targets.

You mean our friends.

One and the same.

- Cisco?
- I know.

Something's seriously wrong with Barry.

Greetings, Barry Allen.

Your biological signals
indicate a state of distress.

May I assist you?

I needed a second opinion, Gideon.

I just ran the necessary calculations

to operate Cisco's portal device.

The results have me concerned.

Analyzing temporal-spatial data.

Estimated time to complete
quantum computations,

18.4 hours.

Invert the Feynman shortcut
and apply it to 1/2 mass

times velocity squared,
compensating for tachyon decay.

Thank you for a more efficient method.

Calculations complete.

I was correct.

We cannot save all of
them. We have to choose.

Would you like me to
inform the rest of the team?

What do you mean, we have to choose?

Simply put, the longer the
person is in the Mirrorverse,

the more dark matter photons
are required to pull them out.

Kamilla and Singh have
been trapped for less time.

Therefore, they can
be retrieved together.

With Iris,

it would take everything
we have to retrieve her.

Well, there's gotta be another way.

Barry, what's your
speed brain tell you?

We have to choose.

Kamilla and Singh or Iris.

It is the only way.

How the hell are we
supposed to do that?

I guess we vote?

- On this?
- I don't know, dude.

Do you know another way to be fair?

This is beyond screwed up.

But if this is the only way...

Who thinks we should save Iris?

And Kamilla and Singh?

Sorry, Barry.

Gotta go with the numbers.

Are you all right, Barry Allen?

You appear to be distracted.

I just ran a simulation to
see how this would play out.

Would you like me to
inform the rest of the team

- of this development?
- No.

This is something I must do alone.

Are you sure that's the best...

What is all this stuff?

I have no idea.

Iris, help me, please.


David, can you hear me?

- Is this neural dissonance?
- No, but it's similar.

It's a side effect of being
sent to the Mirrorverse

by the Mirror Gun instead of Eva

pulling Singh through her office mirror.

How do you know that?

I don't know. I just do.

Iris, I was shot too. Wou...





Talk for a sec?

- Of course.
- What's with the suit?

We are about to open a
portal to the Mirrorverse.

One must be prepared.

Right, about that.

I looked over the schematics,
and I think there might be

something wrong with
the Artificial Speed Force.

You remember how Thawne
used negative emotion

to stabilize his Speed Force machine?

Well, since we didn't wanna
make the same mistake,

we used an inert substance,
an argon-xenon hybrid

that would generate
no emotional fallout.

But I think that was a mistake.

Yes, the ASF gave you

increased cognitive function,

a thousand times over, but...

it's done the exact opposite
to your emotional response.

I am better this way.

The team is safer this way.

Look, man.

I know you think your heart
has been used against you,

but it's not a weakness.

It's what makes you human.

I mean, without it...

Why is the portal target set to Iris?

What about saving the others?

We do not have enough
dark matter photons

to save all three of them.

So, instead of consulting your team,

you just decided on your own?

I've already seen the
outcome of this debate.

You eventually vote to
save Kamilla and Singh.

Like hell.

I would never vote
on something like that.

If you had come to
me, I would've told you

we'll find another way.
That's what we always do.

Your emotions are
making you irrational.

And your lack of them
are making you wrong!

You cannot predict what I would've done

because you cannot predict emotion!

Barry, I know you.

I know your heart, and I know

that you're doing this
because you miss Iris.

My feelings are irrelevant.

Iris has knowledge of Eva,

which could give us
a tactical advantage.

Therefore, Iris is the
logical choice to liberate.

The fact is,

Singh and Kamilla are expendable.


Don't ever call her expendable.

We're gonna give you
back your heart, Barry,

and it's gonna be by choice...

Or by force.

Don't make us do this, Barry.

Iris would agree with me.

No. She wouldn't.

You've just been hit
with Velocity-Zero charge.

It temporarily dampens your speed.

You're not the only one
who can predict reactions.

Your defeat is inevitable.

The Velocity-X in your
system is nearly depleted.

Your time as a Speedster
is coming to an end.


But I'm not only a Speedster.

The Babel Protocols aren't
just force fields and tech.

It's us.

Sorry for the tough love.

But we need the real you back.

Don't worry. We're gonna shut off

the Artificial Speed Force
and get your head straight.

You lost this fight
before it even began.

Look out!

Hang on, guys. I'm gonna get you

to the med lab, and we'll get you...


Oh, my God.

Please tell me this isn't a trick.

Your message to Kamilla
and Singh led us here.

I am ready to bring you home now.


Um, I just wanna get

Singh and Kamilla through first.

They're in pretty bad shape,

and they're gonna need some help...

Not them. Just you.

We cannot bring you all back.

You have been there longer.
You have more knowledge of Eva.

Therefore, retrieving
you is the logical choice.

Did you hear what I just said?

Barry, they could die.
They need you to save them.

This is not the outcome I predicted.


You need to come through. Now.


Iris, stop.

Your resistance is destabilizing

the portal's energy.

- That is dangerous.
- Barry.

Barry, this isn't you. This isn't right.



Iris? Hey, hey.

Hey, Iris.

I didn't see this.


No, no, no.


No, no, no, no.


This isn't my world.

This isn't my world.
This isn't my world.

This isn't my world.
This isn't my world.

This isn't my world.
This isn't my world.

This isn't my world.
This isn't my world.

This isn't my world. This
isn't my world anymore.

This isn't my world. This isn't...

But it can be.


Good night, Hawkshaw.

Tell Gwen thanks for the brownies.

I will.

- Help!

You see,

they're not coming to save you.

They're coming...

to save me.