The Flash (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 18 - Heart of the Matter, Part 2 - full transcript

Barry learns what August wants in return for stopping the Godspeed War, and turns to an unexpected but limitless ally to stop his super-charged opponent from the future without endangering Nora and Bart. Afterward, Barry and Iris renew their vows.

Bart's going to be okay.

He has to be...

He will be, Nora.

You don't know
that. Nobody does.

Caitlin, we can't get back home.

Central City is
being torn apart.

My dad's out there doing something
that will probably get him killed.

It just feels like
everything's falling apart.

Get out of the car. Go, go.

Heaven help us.

Fine. You got what you wanted.

I'm here.

Now tell me what you were
doing at the Flash Museum.

What do you really want, Heart?

My, oh, my.

You're really direct.

Then again, you're
meeting me for the first time.

We're bound to learn new
things about each other.

Tell me what the
hell is going on.

Or what?

You'll force me to?

Oh, Flash.

I'm the living god of speed.

The one.

Unlike you and
your infernal spawn.

You're going to leave
them alone. Or I swear...

Are you threatening me, Flash?



You still can't comprehend
what you're dealing with.

So let me enlighten you.

Once upon a time,

there was a young physicist named August
who dreamed of moving faster than light.

So he developed a
way to achieve his goal

and created the
Velocity formula.

But it wasn't enough,

because no matter
how fast he ran,

he soon came to
realize one salient fact.

That he'd never be fast enough.

Heart, tell me how
to stop this war.

Both sides are looking for you.

Including one that
wants to kill you.

And what?

You're gonna turn
me over to them?


You're too much of
a hero to sell me out.

Now, Impulse, that's
a different story.

I said leave my son out of this.

Oh, but I can't.

He's the one who helped
me realize the truth.

That artificial speed would always
be a pale imitation of the real deal.

Spoiled little brat.

He's not just reckless,
he's unworthy.

All the times we fought, he
was so cavalier with his gift.

A gift that should
have been mine!

And now it will be.

Thanks to you.

That's what this is all about.

You want organic speed.

Keep going.

Everything that's happened,

us finding you, your clones,

this war...

It was all a part of my
plan. To force your hand.

So why the act if your
memories are still intact?

That's the one
thing I didn't foresee.

Memory loss is a side effect
of fracturing myself in time.

Who knew, right?

Then again, I knew you'd
come looking for answers,

which eventually,
would bring you to me.

Give me the gift I deserve
and I'll save your precious city

by reabsorbing my other selves.

Or refuse my request...

watch your city burn.

There's no way that's happening.

Besides, what you're asking
me to do, it's impossible.

The impossible is your thing.

You can figure it out.

Or watch more cities fall,

as my army spreads and
this entire world is torn apart.

I can see those little
wheels turning in your head.

You're trying desperately
to think of a way out of this.

Well, guess what, there isn't.

So what's your answer?

- Answer me, damn it!
- I already did.

I said no.

Well, you'll change your mind.

You have no choice.


You all right?

Yeah... Yeah.

Oh, thank God.

What happened?

Did you find the real me?


What did I say?

So what are we going to do
about Godspeed's ultimatum?

We have to give him what
he wants. Organic speed.

Nora, I'm never gonna do that.

Dad, everything
will be destroyed.

Not just Bart, but whole
families. We have to protect them.

What about our family?

If Heart is Bart's Thawne,

that means he's already caused
Bart a lifetime of pain and suffering.

But we can stop this. Here. In
this time. By finding another way.

But we've tried everything,
Dad, and nothing's worked!

And now Bart's dying and we're
still no closer to ending this damn war!

Nora, honey, if his clones
could do this to your brother,

then what do you think would
happen if the real August Heart

got organic speed?

It just all feels so hopeless.

It never is. I promise you that.

He's right.

As long as we're still
standing, we can still win this.

Let's go check on your brother.

Kid, I know giving August
Heart his powers back is crazy,

but if we don't, we'd better
come up with another idea.

A big one.

Not a big one. A fast one.

What am I supposed to do now?


I know that things seem
really hopeless right now,

but believe me when I tell
you that this team of ours...

If there is anyone

who can find a way out of
this thing, it is Team Flash.

I believe you.

I do, but I saw Barry's face
when we both came back.

It's true, isn't it?

I'm a monster, aren't I?

You don't have to be.

What if I don't have a choice?

You all think I'm
someone from the future.

A future where I'm
supposedly a killer.

Obsessed with taking
speed and ruling the world.

You know how that feels?

Imagine getting the thing
you want most, your memories,

your whole life.

And then learn that
you're the bad guy.

If that's true, how am I
supposed to live with that?

I'm no fortune teller,

but I can tell you that the
sorrow I feel coming from you,

August, bad guys... They
don't feel remorse like that.

Maybe the future is not
so set in stone after all.


Chuck, I'm done
with pep talks, okay?

I can't charge your dad's
gizmo. Not now, not ever.

Allegra, I don't give a crap
about the S.E.E. right now.

Right now, all I care
about is my friend.

Now look, Esperanza chose to go
on that mission, that's not on you.

But you know what is?

The Flash being alive today
because you didn't go with her.

That doesn't make any sense.

That makes all the sense.

That Godspeed clone in the
pipeline? He was going to kill Barry.

And you stopped that.

Which means the Flash can get
back to the business of ending this war.

But Esperanza?
She left to start one.

She let the city
down. You didn't.

You helped lift it up.

You really think so?

Girl, I know so.

Now, I don't know about you,

but I'm ready to get
back to the business

of keeping Central City safe.

So what do you say, you with me?

I... I guess that means a yes?

- Yeah?
- Yeah.


Hey, don't forget
the java this time.

Ever since this war began, we've
been outfought and outnumbered.

That ends now.

For all their speed, our opponents,
no matter how fast they are,

they can't outrun
a force of nature.

Big Nora! It's so
good to see you!

Yeah, we've already met.

Remember when I first saw you?

I was like, "Oh, my gosh!
The freakin' Speed Force!"

And I was just so
amazed and nervous,

and I just kept rambling
on and on and on

and totally
embarrassing myself...

It's good to see
you too, little Nora.

This is a rare pleasure, ma'am.

And if I may,

you look a whole lot like
someone very close to me.

I get that a lot.

Barry, Iris, it's good
to see you again.

- Are the other Forces coming too?
- No.

With me here, they're
all working overtime

to keep the universe in balance.

I've seen what you
all have been facing.

I've been fighting it myself
within the Speed Force.

Now, you all need to be at full
strength in order to defeat this threat.

Which is why whether
you're already a full speedster,

or have just a spark of
Speed Force inside of you,

I'm going to give
you all a boost.

That is if everyone's
okay with that.

- Schway.
- Yep.

That works.

- Barry, Bart's still...
- I know.

Oh, my impulsive boy.

What in the world?

- Whoo-hoo! Oh, I'm back.
- Bart.


Did you miss me?
Did you miss me?

Thank you for the reboot,
SFN. I appreciate it.

Oh. Speed Force
Nana. It's our little thing.

Oh, someone redid did my
nails. It must've been Caitlin.

Uncle Jay, you're...

You're here.


That's new. Um...

Yeah, I kinda like it.

It's good to finally
meet you, Bart.


All right. What's next, Pops?

We end the civil war.

Once and for all.

Hey, hey, hey, you
got to get out of here.

Come on.

You gotta get up. Run. Run!

We gotta get in
contact with C.C.P.D.


How did I...

What just happened?

You just ran as
fast as the Flash.


Kramer, can you hear me?

Hey. Looking for me?

Kill the Adversary.
Kill the Adversary.

Kill the Adversary.

Kill the Adversary
and his allies.

Kill them. Kill them all.

Kill The Adversary and his
allies. Kill them. Kill them all.

All right. Remember,
hit 'em hard.

Wear them down
and drain their energy.

Kill The Adversary
and his allies.

Kill them. Kill them all.

Frost? Mecha-Vibe?
How you doing?

We're holding our own.

Wouldn't say no
to back-up, though.

All right. We'll be
there in a minute.


Something's wrong.

What's happening to us?

Flash, we have a problem.

But we knocked them all out!

- They're being recharged.
- How?

They're feeding off me.

It's what happened
inside the Speed Force.

And now that energy
drain is affecting all of us.

- Nora, you have to go.
- I can't let you fight alone.

You'll still be with us. But
you have to leave. Right now.

We're not going
down without a fight.

Hang on to your butts.


The S.E.E. readings are at five
times their maximum strength.

Oh, yeah! Watch out, world.
This wavelength's off the charts!

Nice timing.

Flash, more
Godspeeds just arrived

and they're headed your way.

Continuous waves.

Wherever we run, they'll follow.

This could put more
people in danger. Flash...

I know.

Thank God you guys are okay.

We managed to save the reactor.

But it looks like round
two's about to begin.

And this time, there's no
Speed Force Nora or the S.E.E.

We threw everything
we had at them.

What are we gonna do?


We need to get back out there.
Frost and Mecha-Vibe need our help.

Yeah, we will. As soon as...

They're gone again.

Wow. Frost and Mecha-Vibe
make a hell of a team.

Chester, how long would it
take to rebuild the S.E.E.?

Uh, four or five weeks maybe.

How come your tech-thingy
affected the clones and not us?

Well, you're all organic speedsters
so I tweaked my pop's design

to only target artificial
cell membranes.

Making it ineffective
against us.

Well done.

Dad. Mom.

I know you both wanna
keep the future safe.

But if we don't stop this right
now, there won't be a future to save.

Please can you just consider
giving Heart organic speed?

Nora, I know that
seems like the answer.

But we're your parents,
it's our job to protect you.

Maybe so.

But Central City doesn't
need parents right now.

Dad, it needs heroes.

I know I said we'd
protect the city

while the team figured
out a way to end this.

- But can a man get a timeout?
- Not happening.

- Hey, how long can you hold your breath?
- What does that matter?

When I say "now,"

we're gonna suck in as much
air as we can and hold it in.

What's that gonna do?

- Wait, you're not actually gonna...
- Oh, I'm gonna.

- No, no, no, no, no.
- Now!


Thank God, those
bubbles are temporary.

That's right.

Your boy put an auto-timer
on the entropy bubble,

and in the process,
answered his own question,

a man can get a timeout!

Am I a genius?

Never do that again!

I'll take that as a yes.

Oh, you guys are stellar!

Thank you. What did we just do?

Well, you saved me at least three weeks
in the proverbial salt mines of science.

At this rate,

the modified version of my pop's
S.E.E. could be up and running in...

A day or two.

A day or two?

Isn't there some way we
can speed that up a little?

There is, but Mom and Dad
won't change their minds.

We already did.

We're gonna give
August organic speed.


Oh, you're not kidding?

Where's Mom?

She's still with
the Speed Force.

They're both helping too.

What changed your mind?

My kids.

When I realized that
their future starts right now.

How exactly will this give
me my memories back?

The theory is your
artificial speed cells

have gone dormant.

But we believe that a speed
boost from Barry can jumpstart them

and give you organic speed.

And the harness
should trigger the rest.


Don't worry. It's gonna be okay.

Yeah. If this does work,

I'll try to come
back... differently.

Good luck.

Are you okay?

If Dad is right,

and we're actually creating
the future by doing this,

everything from now
on could be different.

I know you don't
have to do this.

So whatever your reasons are,
I know they're pretty important.

I just hope this works
out. For both of us.

Me too.

August! No!

Sorry, Cecile.

Turns out I like
being the bad guy.

No matter what
happens, stay here.

- What?
- Absolutely not!

Your mother and I have a plan.

At Last, true speed
for a true god.

You got what you
wanted, Heart. Now what?

Now you die, Flash.

By my hand.

No one's dying tonight, Heart.

But you are going
to Iron Heights.

You'll have to catch me first.

Dad, be careful! You don't
know what he's capable of.

I will.

What do you need me to do?

You be my anchor
while I concentrate.

Heart's got organic speed, he
just reabsorbed all his clones.

Jay's right.

Until the excess speed burns
off, Heart could be faster than you.

There can only be one
God of Speed, Flash.

This didn't work out
like you planned, Flash.

Now guess what comes next.

Tag. You're dead.


- Bart!
- I know what I said. I know what I said.

But this is different.
This is different.

I am not going to let Heart
kill anyone that I care for.

Not now, not ever.

I believe you, son.

Now, we just met. You have
no reason to listen to me.

But we both know Barry, right?

And if he says to stand down,
no matter what, he has a reason.


It's time to take
our hats off, okay?

Now that you've leveled
up, what better time to feast?

Wait, is that Thawne?

It sure as hell is.

Miss me?

Save it, Thawne.

- You're back because of us.
- Right.

And in exchange, I've agreed to
help you take down a psychopath.

Flash! That was nuts!

You do like to party.

Joining forces with your worst
enemy just to take me down?

That's very flattering, Flash.
But it won't do you any good.

Don't you two get it?
You can't kill a god.


You could've killed him.

Wasn't that the plan?

Didn't you say you needed
help dealing with a threat?

Well, I dealt with it.

And now... And now...

it's just you and me, Flash.

I've been waiting
for this moment...

For a long, long time.

I'm only gonna say this once.

Walk away. While you still can.


You're too weak to stop me.

And I'm just getting started.

What did you do?

I created you.

I taught you
everything you know!

Everything you are...
is because of me!

What did you do?

I got faster.

Didn't you?


But I will, Flash.

Mark my words.

I will.

How did you bring Thawne back?

Well, the Speed Force did it

by connecting with the Negative
side, which is pretty dangerous.

So with Barry occupied,
I was the perfect choice

to anchor the Speed Force.


Tapping into the Negative Speed
Force? Do I even know who you guys are?

Okay, but why Thawne?

Like, why not just let
us come help instead?

Sometimes, what makes a
speedster dangerous isn't just speed.

It's having no limits
on how they use it.

Right. Godspeed has no limits.

But Thawne?

His one limit is he can't
let anyone else kill me.

That's why I knew he'd turn
on me the first chance he got.

But, Dad, Thawne
is still out there.

Yeah, and he'll be back someday,
but that's future us's problem.

What about August Heart?

He's in Iron Heights now.

But, Barry, he knows your
real identity. What if he talks?

Luckily, he's a speedster,

so Speed Force Nora was able
to remove that from his memory.

- It's finally over.
- -Great.

Can we eat now? I'm starving.

Family dinner tonight? On Dad.

- Yeah, I would love that.
- That sounds perfect.

I'll get us a reservation.

Iris, hang on.

There's something
I wanted to ask you.


Um, ever since you
came into my life,

I've been more than
just the fastest man alive.

I've been the luckiest.

Marrying you was the
best decision I ever made.

Well, I agree.

And even though
we're husband and wife,

you never really got the
wedding you deserved.

And these past few days when it
looked like I might never see you again,

I swore if I ever did, I
would make it up to you.


Iris West-Allen...

Will you renew your
vows and re-marry me?


Yes, I will.

Oh, I'm obviously interrupting.

No, it's okay. It's
good to see you.

- I should go.
- Kramer.

We haven't talked in
a week. How are you?

I don't really know
how to answer that.

I just wanted to let you know that
my meta test came back positive.

So you are a speedster?

Yes. And no.

Adam was right. I should've
died in that bombing, but I didn't.

And neither did he because
he has immortal healing powers.

And so did I when I
absolutely needed them.

Just like when I needed
super-speed to save your life,

I had it for just a moment.

That's incredible.

Turns out I can mimic the abilities
of any meta in close proximity.

Which sounds
insane. But it's real.

Well, it's...

It's given me new
perspective on the path I took

as a member of law enforcement.

I'm so sorry,
West. For all of it.

You lost your way a little,

but I always knew that your
heart was in the right place.

You just needed to find it.


That's why I'm taking an indefinite
leave of absence from C.C.P.D.

Take care of yourself, West.


Call me Joe.


Are you sure you're okay with
me being your plus one? Because...

Do not say his name.

Frost, I know...

He lied to me and then
totally bailed. I hate weddings.

Technically, this is...

Okay, fine. A renewal ceremony.

Maybe we should renew our vows.

I'd marry you
again in a heartbeat.

Aw... I love renewal ceremonies.

And weddings.

- Good to know.
- Mm.

Everyone, if I may direct
your attention to the stairs.

Hi, Daddy.

- Nice entrance.
- Thank you.

Now before we get
to the main event,

I know you two have asked us all
to keep it simple for this occasion.

But one of us
couldn't resist adding

a little something extra
special to the festivities.

So without further ado, my man.

Thank you, Cisco. Appreciate it.

Mom. Dad. This is for you.

Could you be that fine love?

That 1949 love

The quiver in your spine love

That summer wine love

Just grab a warm body
And pick up the keys

You need somebody,
somebody to be

You can't count on timing
And I'll just wait and see

I'll be that somebody
So settle for me

I'll give you all the affection

You've been craving

When you're ready

I'll be waiting

Waiting Baby, I've got

I'll give you all the affection

Just grab a warm body
And pick up the keys

If you need somebody,
somebody like me

You can't count on timing
And I'll just wait and see

I'll be that somebody

So, darling, if you're ready

To settle

- Bart. That was crash.
- Yeah?

- What? That's how you say it.
- No, no, just no, you say it weird.

Just do the thing, again.

My fellow earthlings, today,

we are here to witness
the greatest sequel

since Empire Strikes Back,

as Barry and Iris
renew their vows,

and lend new meaning to
the term "relationship goals."

Now, I understand you both wrote
a little something for each other.

If you'd like to share,

this is the time.



They say that love is a
friendship that's caught on fire.

But ours is a friendship
that was struck by lightning.

You and I are our
own force of nature.

And I promise today...

To continue loving you
with my whole heart.

That was beautiful.

Good luck following that.


Thank you.

Ever since we met,

you've been my lightning rod.

But now that you're my wife,

you are my past, my present,

and my only future.

That's why today I promise
to continue loving you.

Now and forever.

Okay, that was... That was
decent. Ten points for Gryffindor.

Now, then.

Ah, yes.

Do you, Iris, Bartholomew,

take each other

to cherish and to love

in good times and bad,

for all the days of your life?

- I do.
- I do.

- Again.
- Again.

Then by the power vested in me

by a last-minute
Internet web search...

I now pronounce
you husband and wife.


- Am I forgetting something?
- Yes, the kiss.

Oh, yes! Do the
kiss! Do the thing.

Flashtime, huh?

Can you blame me?

I want this moment
to last forever.