The Flash (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 12 - Good-Bye Vibrations - full transcript

Cisco and Kamilla deal with their last day in Central City, while a new Rainbow Raider appears and uses her meta powers to steal money, jewelry, and a stealth blimp. The only way to stop her is with Cisco's help, but it may cost him his life.

You're probably all wondering
why I called this team meeting

at 9:00 a.m., on a Saturday.

- Babe, we should've brought breakfast.
- It's fine. No one's hungry.

- [stomach rumbling]
- Ignore that.

I could get Belgian
waffles from Brussels.

- Yum, that sounds good.
- [Barry] Yeah?

- Should I do it?
- Barry, the best waffles...

No, no, no. Don't do that.

As much as I hate to
say it... waffles can wait.

First... there's something
we really need to tell you.

And we wanted our
closest friends to hear it first.

Are you guys pregnant?

Wait, is this about
another Big Bad?

I'll call Chester and Allegra.

No. No. And definitely not.

What we wanted to say is...

- we're leaving Central City.
- We're leaving Central City.



[Iris] So, wait, you're...

You're moving?

Yeah. We both realize that
we're ready to start something new.

For me, it's my gallery
show in Miami. And, babe?

You two remember
that guy, Chip Cooper?

Yeah. The A.R.G.U.S. director
of technology and science.

Well, he's been
reassigned to CEMA.

The "Cosmic Emergency
Management Agency."

Wow. I really am the biggest
nerd here. Anyway, Chip's leaving.

And thanks to a great
recommendation from Lyla and Digg, uh...

A.R.G.U.S. offered me the job.

The thing is, they really
need me, like, yesterday.

Yeah. I will be joining
Cisco in Star City

as soon as my
exhibition is done.

Look, I know this
is super short notice,

but they're both great
opportunities for us.

And we just hope
you guys understand.

Of course we do.
Yeah, it's great!

- This is great, man.
- So great! We're so happy!


You guys must
have so much to do.

Um, I just have to show Chester a couple
things, and then finish packing, but...

Whatever you need,
just let us know.

Of course.

- Yeah, okay.
- [Caitlin] Yeah.

- Cool. Thanks.
- [all chuckle awkwardly]

- Okay.
- All right, congrats.

- [Cisco] Thank you.
- Woo-hoo! Yay!

- That went way better than expected.
- Yeah.

[Chester] Sweet Sarah E. Goode.

This room has been
here the whole time?


And I kind of haven't done
inventory in six years, so...


Speed treadmill.

No way.




Cool, cool, cool.


- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
- [laughs]

I don't even know what
this is, but it's so cool.

[mimics whooshing]

The Thinker's chair?

This is the droid
I've been looking for.

[chuckles] Hey, what's all this?

You've got a lifetime's worth
of Comic-Con threads in here.

These bad boys are
all coming with me...

- Mm.
- But the rest...

The rest is all yours.

[Chester] Whoa!


I'm really gonna miss you, man.

- Team Chesco and all that.
- [laughs]

Sorry, I know I got to be the zillionth
person to be getting all sappy on you.

You know, actually...

everyone else seems to be
taking the news really well.

Maybe it just
didn't sink in yet.

I mean, because, dude...

this is the end of an era.

It is the end of an era.
You are so right, Ches.

This is such a big
deal, that people just...

probably need a little
more time to process it.

Yeah, they just need
to soak it in, you know?


I gotta go pack.

Because an hour from now, we could
be knee deep in Kleenex and tears.

- Am I right?
- I bet.

[both laugh]

I'm just gonna spend
the rest of the day here.

[Cisco] Go for it!


What the...

"Happy to help. Barry."

So, I guess that's done.

Wow. That was fast.

Yeah, it helps when your best
friend's the Flash, doesn't it?

Sure does.

Since it's just us...

how are you holding up?

You sure you're doing
okay with everything

that's happening,
you know, me leaving?

Oh. Of course. I mean, come on,

A.R.G.U.S. has not one but
three bionic neural integrators.

You are moving on up, my friend.

Yeah, but fancy new toys aside,

if you wanna talk
about anything...

Oh, there is something
that I wanted to say.

[snaps fingers]

I knew it. What
is it? Lay it on me.

"You suck forever.
But I love you, anyway."

It's from Frost.

She's stuck up in Mom's lab. She's
sorry she couldn't say good bye.

Frost. She kills
me. She really does.

Me, too.

Do you remember how I got
stuck in the cryo-vault my first day?

You would have hacked
your way out of there.

We all knew you were
a genius from day one.


Can I have your ID badge?

Mm-hmm. Yeah,
sure. Right, right.

Thank you. And your
access codes, too, please.

[breathes deeply]

Yes, ma'am. Happy to help.

- Thank you.
- [mimics popping]

[Ellis] So, you'd like
to open an account?

Actually, what
I'd like to know...

is what would make you happy?

Quitting this job. I hate it.

Then do it.

Live your best life.

You know what, I will.

I will record an album, I'm
thinking an EDM/country hybrid.

What do you think?

I think what would make me happy

is a cashier's check
for ten million dollars.

Of course, right away.


- And who shall I make it out to?
- Cash.


And there you go.


You're the best. [chuckles]


Now, I need you to wait here.


Say, 30 minutes?


Then you can leave
and never look back.

[both chuckle]

- Got it?
- Yeah.


- [Ellis laughing hysterically]
- Who says money can't buy happiness?

[Caitlin] How much was stolen?

Ten million, but no
one stole anything.

Somehow, our suspect got
Ellis to give her a cashier's check.

Then she strolled out of the
bank and drove off in a blue van.

But Ellis was acting
so weirdly happy,

I thought I'd check to
see if our suspect used

a neurotoxin on him
and found this instead.

[Caitlin] Whoa. It's
a lot of dark matter.

So, we know our thief's a meta.

Now, we just need to figure
out how her powers work.

I can help with that.

- She makes people euphoric.
- [typing]

Take a look at
Ellis' brain scan.

[Barry] So, she controls
people's cingulate cortexes.

Yes. Which is why
there's such huge levels

of dopamine and
serotonin in his scan.

These levels were
definitely enough

to make him loopy and
susceptible to suggestion.

Oh, yeah, he would have done
anything she asked him to do.

But the good news
is, the blissful effects

of her powers wear
off in about 24 hours.

Are you guys
debriefing without me?

Hey. Yeah, we didn't
wanna bother you.

We figured you'd be busy packing
your apartment... [softly] or not.

Yeah, well...

I wouldn't pass up the chance

to solve one last case
together, now, would I?

Cisco, this is just a meta
who makes people happy.

I think Barry and I
can handle it ourselves.

[snaps fingers] Or...

OG Team Flash can
make taking her down

part of our last
mission together.

Guys, come on. I
want to do this with you.

Oh, okay. Well, then
that's what we'll do.

Thank you so much.

Good news, boss.

Though I didn't get much
from the badge on site,

I did manage to get quotes from the
eyewitness who saw the perp leave.

Okay, great work. I will send
you my interview with Stanley Ellis.

Can you start on a copy? I
need a thousand words ASAP.

On it. I'm gonna need a
photo to run with the story.

Yeah, of course. I have one
of Ellis giving his statement.

Wait, was Cecile here earlier?

Guess so.

That's Detective Finn. Going to
see if he'll chat on the record. BRB.

Hey, Detective Finn...

Hey, so, about Cisco and me
leaving. I would have told you earlier.

It's just we wanted
to tell you all together.

No, don't worry.
We were all so busy.

Iris, you trusted me to
be the eyes of The Citizen.

And that gave me the confidence
to take my career to the next level.

You changed my life
and I'll never forget that,

so, thank you.

You're welcome.

Now, I feel guilty about
leaving you on such short notice.

No, it's fine. Really.

No, it's not.

I know you're seeing new candidates
today, maybe I can help you vet them?

- Yeah, that'd be great. Come on.
- Okay.

I checked out Ellis' brain
scan and I had major déjà vu.

Folks, we've been on this exact
emotional rollercoaster before.

Well, sort of. Last time,
it was Roy G. Bivolo.

But our new meta makes
people happy, not angry.

Enter Rainbow Raider 2.0, which
means we already know how to stop her.

Using that prismatic light grid I built
to reverse Bivolo's whammy effects,

we can use it to
neutralize her meta abilities.

Just remember, don't
make eye contact.


Hey, how many gadgets do you
think we've built over the years?


Really, when you do the math... that's
a lot of bad guys we've taken down.

You know, when you leave, you
should take all the plans with you.

I'm sure everything you've
built must mean a lot to you.

Yeah, it does.

[computer alarm blaring]

[Barry] Satellites got a hit
on the van from the robbery.

Let's do this one last time.

[people laughing hysterically]

All right. Crime spree's over,
Miss. Step away from the case.

You think I'm a crook?



Flash, you've got it all wrong.

Nice leotard, by the way.

Thank you.

Mm. Who's the sidekick?

I'm Mecha-Vibe.
And you're toast.



- [pulsing stops]
- [gasps]

Wanna see a real
light show, now?

[gasps] It's not exactly
Circuit de la Sarthe,

- but let's see how fast...
- [car unlocks]

this baby can go. [laughs]

- Uh...
- [engine revving]

- Flash?
- Yeah, I'm on it.

[The Flash] Where'd she go?

Where'd she go? She had a
million dollars' worth of jewelry.


That's my name.
Don't wear it out.

[laughing heartily]

Dude, I'm so happy
to have you in my life.

Okay, this is happening.
On a very public street.

Man, don't be
embarrassed. Embrace it.


[Mecha-Vibe humming]

- We should probably stop.
- You know I love you, right?

[Mecha-Vibe continues humming]

[singing] I got my dream job

Gonna go to A.R.G.U.S.
And do some science

Sciency science

At least he's not raging
out and trying to kill us.

- [continues singing]
- Why didn't the prism grid work?

My working theory is that Roy
used one color of the spectrum,

red, to induce
anger in his victims.

So many lenses!

But our 2.0 version
uses the whole rainbow.

Since that makes her power
seven times stronger than Roy's,

when Cisco tried
using the grid...

And Miami Vice...

[mimics gunshots]

She overloaded it
with vibrational energy

from the entire
electromagnetic spectrum.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!



Speaking of overloaded, he's
gonna be like that till tomorrow.

I'll have the satellites keep
searching for Rainbow Raider 2.0.

Once we get a hit, I'll meta-cuff
her and give her a one-way transport

to Iron Heights.

Okay, great. But what about him?

Hey. I'm doing just
fine. Thanks for asking.

We're going to
need a babysitter.

All those applicants... I really
thought we'd meet someone you'd like.

Yeah, me too.

I will try again next week.

What was wrong with Kenji again?

She's super talented and
she seemed really nice.

Kamilla, you know
better than anyone,

that we don't just cover local
politics and football scores.

We need someone who
can handle everything.

And I get that.

But even I couldn't handle
everything on day one.

So, maybe expecting everything
from the get-go is asking a bit much.

Okay, I will keep her in mind. I
just want to find the right person.

Totally. But she's not the only
good applicant you passed on today.

I said I would keep her in mind.

I'm sorry. That was harsh.

Uh, no, it's fine.

You don't have to
explain. I've got to go.


[Chester] So I was
thinking, maybe waffles?

[energetically] You
know I love waffles!

Oh, yeah, you love those... What
are these doing down here, man?

Dude, you know I'm Mecha-Vibe.
You know I had to upgrade the specs,

but it's only 'cause the convex
filtration coating on these

wore off over time. [chuckles]

These poor little
buggers, I'll miss them.

Poor guys.

What else you got going on down
here, man? There's just so much stuff.

All that waffle talk made
me hungry. I gotta eat. BRB.

No. [chuckles nervously]

Chester P. Runkonkoma...

You don't want me to
leave the Starchives?

Okay, fine. Look, they
made me do it because...


I know why you're trying
to keep me down here.

It's because they want to throw
me a surprise going away party.


And to think...

I thought they didn't care.

- [laughs]
- [chuckles awkwardly]

- Spin move!
- No! Cisco, wait!

Come on, Ches!

[sighs] Oh, man.

Satellites picked up our perp's van
parked right outside Ferris Airfield.

It's registered to a former
collections officer named Carrie Bates.

There aren't any banks or jewelry
stores out there. What's she up to?


[The Flash] Cisco?

Yeah, sans Chester.

Where are all the
balloons at? Am I early?

[gasps] I'm early, aren't I?

[snaps fingers] No sweat,
Boba Fett. It's all hakuna matata.

I know exactly how to
get this party started.

Okay. Get ready. Get
ready. I'm almost there.

No, you get ready...

to laugh!

[upbeat music
playing over comms]

[chuckling] So cute,
but also so funny!

Turn it off, turn it off!

What did you do?

I just turned Flash's happy dial
up to 11 with a little suit upgrade.

Cisco, he can't see.

- Yeah, he can.
- No, I can't. I can't see.

Oops. My bad!

- [panting]
- [Cisco giggling]

- [music continues playing]
- Barry, are you all right?

Cisco, shut it off!

Shut it off!

- Okay, Bartholomew.
- [music stops]

You all right?

[panting] I'm fine.


Looking for me, Red?


You heroes. Always on a mission.

Well, I'm on a mission, too,
and you don't want to stop me.


So, be a happy boy and enjoy
some me-time somewhere else.


[The Flash whooshing]

- [The Flash whooshing]
- [gasps]

You okay?

Did you stop the bad lady?

Nope, I didn't want to.

[Barry cackling]

Go, Flash! Go, Flash!
Go, Flash! Go, Flash!

Okay, Barry, why don't we
take a break from the dancing?

Yo, she said "breakdancing!"

- [upbeat hip-hop song playing]
- [Cisco whooping]

You saw how he slid
in like that? Okay. Okay.

[Cisco laughing]

Yeah, Flash-dance!
He's a maniac.

Yeah! Oh, he's a beast.

Yeah. Yeah.

Since when do you
know how to breakdance?

Since I sped-watched 17
breakdancing videos online.

What up, party people?

My dude. [cheering]


- I'm sending you that.
- Sending me that.

[both exclaiming]



Oh, right. Yeah, my
bad. Hey, guys, guys.

Say "cheese!"

- Cheese!
- Cheese!


[both grunt]

How do you guys feel?

[groans] Exhausted.

And a lot less happy.

[laughs excitedly]

Chester, how did you cure them?

Okay. So, I figured if we focus
Carrie's full spectrum light particles

through a vibrational filter,
the resulting fractal energy

would counteract
the whammy effect.

You know, it's kind of like
Vibe saved the day one last time.

Carrie put a Ferris
Air logo on her van.

That must be where
she's going next.

I think I know why.



[Cisco] You see that airship?

It's a stealth dirigible
with a bleeding edge,

auto navigation and
a two-ton payload.

And guess where it
just got stolen from?

Ferris Airfield.

Why would she steal a blimp?

Maybe it's okay. It's not like
she stole the Death Star, right?

No, but it can cloak itself,

making it untraceable by
satellites, including ours.

Cisco, you're going to be
like a boss at A.R.G.U.S.

so, maybe they've got something
that we don't that could help us out.


Yeah. You know what?

Why don't I just show
up to work a day early,

report for duty and
ask them in person?

Why don't I just do that?

[softly] I was just...

[sighs] I need a minute.

[sighs softly]

Listen, I don't know what's got
you two so ready to get rid of me.

Maybe we should just say
goodbye now, and get it over with.

Cisco, we really messed up.

Big time.

You don't...

want to get rid of me?

No, we don't want
to get rid of you.

I mean, we're barely
holding it together.

This whole time, I thought you
guys just didn't care that I was leaving.

We're so sorry we
made you feel that way,

but when you told us, we both
decided to put on a brave face

so we could tackle
one last case together...

so, you could move on...

and your last day
wouldn't be a tear fest.

Caitlin, have you met us?


We're going to miss you so much.

I'm gonna miss you, too.

Honestly, man, I was scared if we
started talking about you leaving...

I would ask you to stay.

And maybe, you actually would.

I couldn't do that
to my best friend.

From the second I woke up,

after being hit by
lightning, you've been there.

You were there every
step of this journey.

There wouldn't be a
Flash without Cisco Ramon.

[sniffles] I did build
some pretty rad suits.


You did.

Do you remember when Psych
made us see our worst fears?

Mine was seeing myself
30 years from now.

I was still here...

with the next gen of heroes.

I still had my long hair.

But it was gray.

And everyone else
was changing...

and growing.

But not me.

And that scares
the hell out of me.


You are a born leader.

You're probably gonna be
running A.R.G.U.S. in no time.

I know.

I am a man on a mission.

What do you say, we figure out why
our thief took that blimp for a joyride,

so, we can wrap up
this case and celebrate?

I think I actually know
what Carrie's plan is.

[Chester] Barry, you were right.

Carrie's been fired from six
different collection agencies

in the last three months.

- What for?
- Says here,

whenever somebody
had a huge medical debt,

she'd cancel it,
instead of collecting.

That makes sense.

Carrie told me she
was on a mission, too.

She didn't steal cash
and diamonds for herself.

She's giving it away like
a Rainbow Robin Hood.

Then what's the blimp for?

[computer alarm blaring]

[Barry] She's going
to make it rain.

All that money and
jewels, it's gonna be chaos.

As they say, "It's better
to give, than to receive."

[TV reporter] The Gotham Goliaths
are feeling small in Central City,

where the Sharks are leading
by 21 points in the fourth quarter.

As if things weren't bad enough,

20,000 screaming football fans are
about to exit Sharks Stadium all at once.

Drunken sports fans
tearing each other apart,

fighting over diamonds
and cash falling from the sky.

We have to find a way
to stop her before it starts.

What about Chester's new toys?

To counter Carrie's rainbow blast, we
need a much more powerful light wave.

One the size of Texas.

Good thing we have one.

[Allegra] That's pretty high.

You sure you can't just
fathwoom us up there?

The ship's hull contains two
tons of compressed hydrogen.

One spark of lightning
could make it explode.

You can do this.
You've done it before.

Okay. Hang on to your buns.

[Carrie] Flash?

Come on, Red, give me a break.

I'm just trying to help
ordinary people get ahead.

- Go, go.
- [computer beeping]

There's a better
way to help people.

Is there? Because folks
are really hurting right now.

Some people can barely put
food on the table, let alone pay rent.

You know why? Because
the system's left them behind.

Those people need
help. Real help.

The kind that starts
after you're gone.

That's where I step in, because
I care what happens, Flash.

Do you?

Yes, I do.

That's why, instead of
sending you to Iron Heights,

I'm going to recommend you work
off whatever sentence you receive

with Mayor Sampson's
economic development committee.

You're right, Carrie.
The city does need you.

From what I've just heard,

I'm confident you're the
right woman for the job.


You'd do that for me?

My hero.


The auto-navigation
control's been damaged.

Looks like that energy
tango fried the system.

Folks, we got less than
two minutes to impact.

[football spectators cheering]

Flash, please tell me you can get
us off this balloon before it explodes

because if I use a tele sphere
with us moving this fast...

We might all end up pancaked
in the nearest sidewalk.

I can try and phase us out of
here without sparking an explosion.

I never wanted to hurt anyone.

Damn it! This thing
is stuck on autopilot.

Guys, 90 seconds.

Get them to safety.

And then evacuate the
area. If this thing crashes,

the hydrogen is going to flash-fry
everything within a two-mile radius.

- No...
- Look, Barry, there's not enough time.

I'm not gonna let you die.

I'm not planning on it! Go!

I got this.

Let's go.

[Caitlin over comms] Flash, there's
20,000 people in there and the game...

Will be over any minute, I know.

Chester, what do I need to
bypass a six dorsal propulsion unit?

Uh, I don't know. What
do you have up there?

I have me.

Come on.

[Cisco] You can do it!

[exclaims] Come on.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on!

[straining] Come on!

You can do it!

Come on, come on.

Come on!

Come on! [screams]




[laughs, gasps]

Dude, there is no word to describe
how awesome you are right now.

Actually, there is.

"He's da bomb."

Hell yeah, I am.


Okay, folks, our hijacked
airship is safely back at Ferris Air.

Where in the hell...

Just go on.

Man, this is supposed
to be my last debrief.

It's cool. It's cool.
Just keep going.

Just think of it as Team
Chesco, one last time?



Well, looks like the DA
is officially on board...

- Mm-hmm - with
Carrie working off

the rest of her sentence
at the mayor's office.


Also, the Sharks beat
the Goliaths, 28-to-nothing.

Go, Sharks.

As a bonus, CCPN is reporting a
wave of donations across the city

inspired by Carrie's
"unique brand of charity."

There is going to be a
surprise party, isn't there?

- Yes!
- Yeah!

Actually, there's going to be
two. And they're a little last minute.

But Team Citizen is going to
party with Kamilla at their office,

which means...

That the rest of the team...

[sing-song] Is going
to kick it at the loft.

At the loft.

The only missing piece
is the guest of honor, sir.


So, you ready to do this thang?

Not yet.

This has all of my conceptual
designs for S.T.A.R. Labs.

Software fixes, fortifications
with the Time Vault,

Babel upgrades...

You're the man now, dawg.

Thanks, Cisco.

This is...


I know I'm leaving this
place in great hands.

You want to drop that
off in your new workshop,

so we can skedaddle?

Whoa! [exhales]

New workshop?




Oh. I know that look.

You're going to bail on me,

so you can spend all night

organizing your new stuff
in that space, aren't you?

- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.

But I promise I'll be
there tomorrow morning

at the epic good bye
breakfast at Jitters.

I know you will.

Thanks for showing
me the ropes, man.

Keep 'em safe for me, will you?

Roger that.


[Caitlin] What are you doing?

- He likes this song.
- How could you possibly know that?

I checked his Facebook page.

It's like everyone
else is standing still.

[Cisco] The party's here.

Supersonic punch, baby! Whoo!

I'll always remember
this. Dr. Wells and I...

- Doppel...
- Ganger.

He'd have to be
a Weather Wizard.

Captain Cold. The Mist.

The Turtle. Samuroid.

[Joe] Now, go.

Serve your higher purpose.

I knew you wouldn't let me down.

How did you know what I like?

[Cisco] I had a feeling.


Cisco, you're a hero, man.

[Caitlin] How do you feel?

It's the end of an era.

[chuckles softly]


I'm gonna miss you, too.

- [Kamilla] I'm gonna miss all this.
- [champagne cork pops]

Even this drafty old building?

- Mm...
- [laughs]

Kamilla, you
know, about earlier,

I wasn't thinking
and I was out of line.

It's okay. I totally get it.

I think it was just hard for me

because I'm not just saying
goodbye to a valuable team member,

I'm saying goodbye
to a friend...

and I'm gonna miss you.

So, don't be a stranger.

You got it.

And, Iris, for the record, from
the moment I first met Cisco,

I knew things would be great.

But I had that same feeling coming
here and getting to know you and Allegra.

So, to Team Citizen.

[Iris and Allegra] Team Citizen.

[exclaims] Looks
like I'm just in time.

- Now, it's a party.
- These are for you.

Thank you.

Hey, what's up with you being
at the crime scene this morning?


Oh, uh, I was meeting
up with an old contact.

There's something I've been
trying to dig up for a case,

and I am finally getting close.

Oh, hey, what do you
say, group selfie, ladies?

- Yes.
- [Cecile] Ready?

One, two, three, cheese!

[Cisco] I'm going to miss
speedster delivery so much.

Like, what am I supposed to do

the next time I get a
craving for Lou Malnati's?

Order online like everyone else?

Like a normie? No, thanks.

I guess you're just gonna
have to come back and visit.

I guess so.

So, you're buying
a place in Star City?

That is the plan.

[Joe] It's a big step.

But I'm proud of you.

Kamilla, too.

And it goes without saying, you
always have a place to stay here.

Thanks, Joe.

Hey, it's me that
should be thanking you.

All these years, you've
always had Barry's back.

You are a good man, Cisco Ramon.


We're gonna miss
the hell out of you.

Speaking of, I have something
that should help with that.

[speaking French]

- Whoa!
- [Cisco chuckles]

As a token of how
special you all are to me.


You wore this on your
first day at S.T.A.R. Labs.

What can I say?

From the beginning, you
made me feel right at home.

All right, [sighs]
it's your night.

What you want to do next?


["Poker Face" karaoke playing]

[inhales sharply]

[Joe] Oh, my gosh.

[Caitlin] This song?

You know, I didn't even put this as
my favorite song on my Facebook.

- I don't know who did that.
- You already know what time it is.

[Barry] Don't make me sing.

[Joe] You know we're
gonna compete, right?

This is my jam, though.

- This is my jam.
- This is my jam.

- [song continues playing]
- [Cisco vocalizing]

Oh, my God.

[singing] I wanna hold 'em
Like they do in Texas, please


Fold' em, let 'em hit me

Raise it, baby, stay with me

Love game intuition Play
the cards with spades to start

And after he's been

Hooked, I'll play the
one That's on his heart

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

I'll get him hot, show
him what I've got

That's scary.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

I'll get him hot,
show him what I got

[in deep voice] Can't
read my, can't read my

- Take it.
- Dance break.

Do it!

Poker face

She's got me like nobody

Can't read my, can't
read my No, he can't my

- Poker face - Poker face

It's my favorite part.

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face

[song fades]


[distorted female voice] Cecile.

- Cecile.
- [gasps]

[breath trembling]

- Cecile.
- [gasps]


I will find you.