The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1 - full transcript

As Barry stands on the threshold of his impending death in Crisis, his convictions are tested when the monstrous Dr. Ramsey Rosso infects The Flash with a mysterious, hallucinogenic contagion. Meanwhile, Iris uncovers a vast conspiracy.

Previously on The Flash...

We've been looking at that
front page for four years.

I'm the one that writes
that article, Barry.

My boss' husband is the Flash?

Oh, God, nobody tells me anything.

This substance appears to heal

any and all weaknesses in the human body.

I've learned to control it.

This is my final masterpiece:

life eternal.

I've seen your version of life.

It's a nightmare.

- I want to show you this.
- I recognize that pin.

I have a follow-up question.

That was quite the tumble.

I guess you're wondering
why I'm doing this to you.

You're evil. I get it.

I bet it's been a while since
you felt your own mortality,

but my powers, like yours,
work on a cellular level.

Allow me to demonstrate.

You know, Iron Heights...

is gonna send me a thank-you basket

when I drop you off as a gift.

I've already given you a gift,

and now I'm gonna need it back.

My destiny is to heal all of mankind.

You and your friends can't
be allowed to prevent that.

Life demands your death.


Ralph... Ralph.

Ralph, come on.

- Give us a hand.
- What happened?


Come on, Coach, we... we still gotta
go on that road trip, right?

He's gonna die.

- Frost, how do we save him?
- I don't know!

I can't fix this.

Maybe Caitlin can.

Ralph's elastic cells aren't
mending like they used to.

Ramsey must be getting stronger.

- So Ralph can't heal himself?
- No.

- But maybe you can.
- What?

Your speed healing is
the only thing we've seen

that can repair damage this severe.

Maybe if we gave him a blood
transfusion, that would fix him.

What are you saying?

I... I... I could give
Ralph my speed healing?

Theoretically, temporarily, yes.

I don't know, we're sort of

in uncharted medical territory here.

But your blood type is O-negative,

so you're a universal donor.

Guys, Ralph is elastic.

No needle can puncture through his skin.

I can phase him.

Will that work?

Do it.

- Got it?
- Yeah.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Hey. How is he?

He's stable thanks to you.

We contacted A.R.G.U.S., and
they're gonna move Ralph

to a secure medical facility for recovery.

Cisco and Caitlin are prepping
for transport right now.

Hey, don't worry, okay?
He's gonna pull through.

It's not that.

What if I hadn't been here?

Ralph's fight was nothing
compared to what's coming.

Crisis is only two days away.

And we're all ready, I promise.

Iris, if I haven't prepared the team...

You have prepared us, Barry.

Hey, don't let what happened
to Ralph fill you with doubt.

You've done the work. We're ready...

For whatever comes next...

I'm gonna give you one
chance to turn yourself in.

Honestly, I hope you don't take it.

Well, there's no need to
involve the authorities.

I just want to talk...


Of course. You're the Flash.

But how did... when?

You were struck by lightning.

That is quite the origin story.

I don't know how you're doing this.

Real or not, I'm coming for you.

And yet I'm not your
foremost concern, am I?

Not as much as your inevitable
demise in a coming...


Goodness, you really are full
of surprises, aren't you?

So tell me, when you saw
all those permutations,

billions of possible futures
all ending in your death...

What role did I play?

You didn't.

You weren't there.

Really? Not even in one?

Then again,

you never saw this coming did you?

Frankly, neither did I.

Makes one believe in the
impossible, doesn't it?

You look scared. You should be.

After all, it is the end
of the world, isn't it?

Oh, my... oh.

What's that, Flash?

You think I should bust my boss

for keeping yet another secret from me?

Yeah, me too.


Drop what you're doing. "The
Citizen" has a new story.

Look at these.

Where did you get these photos?

I pulled them from a bow tie camera.

Long story. Look, the point is,

this is the same guy that
kidnapped your cousin Esperanza

and turned her into a
meta-assassin against her will.

One of these photos, this one,

shows our mystery man
getting out of his car.

My dad traced his plates
and tracked the car

to a rented parking space at a nearby lot.

So now all we have to do is
to wait for him to show up.

Cool. Just checking,

are there any other stories
you wanna work on first?

What could need our
attention more than this?

Your cousin was a victim, Allegra,

and now some secret
organization is using her.

I mean, how many others are they using?

We need to help them.

Right, I mean, no one wants to find out

what happened to Esperanza
more than me, but...

is this really what matters
the most to you right now?

Yeah. Now come on, get your stuff.

Kamilla is going to see if she
can recover any other photos.

You and I have a stakeout date.

You're the boss.

Brain activity looks good.

No sign that you're going nuts.

And my blood work?

CBC, metabolic rate,

all normal for a speedster,

just a small spike in cortisol.

Katie says that sleep monitor on your wrist

will tell us if there's
anything seriously wrong,

but if you ask me, you
just had a nightmare.

I don't know.

Ramsey seemed so real.

Something feels off.

I just can't put my finger on it.

Hi, there.

My name is Iris West-Allen.
I'm with "The Citizen."

I was wondering if I could
ask you a few questions.

Sorry, not interested.

Hi. Same paper, same question.

What the hell's going on here?

I don't have time for this.
I'm late for work.

Which is where, exactly?

None of your business.

Okay, you know what? You're right.

We will just run our photos
without any comments.

What photos?

You know what? I'm sure your employer

will love the free exposure.

All right, have it your way.

Easy, I've got a Taser.

And I have a business card.

Maelstrom Couriers,

the premiere name in high-end transport.

Transporting what exactly?

Whatever the wealthy would
prefer to keep under the radar,

specialty items mostly.

That woman in a coma was a government job.

Meister's party, well, that was
more like designated driving

for billionaires falling off the wagon.

Today it's priceless family jewels.

You're an Uber for the uberrich.

What I am is late.

Sorry to bother you. Thank you.

- That was a bust.
- Yep.

But the bright side is, we
have time for other stories

we might be putting off. Got any in mind?

You know, I don't know,

I think there's something that we missed.

I don't want to move off of this yet.


Is this another nightmare?

No, Barry. This is much, much worse.

You're the Speed Force.


It's been a while since
we've talked like this.

I've missed it.

You need to help.

I don't understand what's happening to me.

You used your blood to
save your friend's life,

but in the process, you've
endangered your own.

A small amount of Ramsey's
cells remain from the attack,

hidden from the eye.

Ramsey's infected me.

And more than you realize.
Ramsey's sentience,

his very being, resides in his cells.

That's how he knew I'm the Flash,

about Crisis.

If this... if this is all in my mind,

then where's my real body?

After your friend, Frost, examined you,

you came back home, dropped
your keys in that bowl,

poured a glass of water,

then the infection took hold.

As we speak, Ramsey's
infection is spreading

through your body and your mind.

Your speed-healing is trying
to hold off his disease,

but, ultimately,

it's up to you to resist him.

Is he trying to kill me?

Worse, I'm afraid.

He wants to take control of you

and bend you to his will.

Then he's gonna lose.

There must be something that points

to where Esperanza was taken.

I don't know. Hospital records?

Or what about that auction photo?

That mystery man was a dead
end, but Barry did say

that there were a lot of
shady people at that gala,

so, I don't know, maybe one
of them might be a new lead.


we could talk about how
your husband is the Flash.

How did you...

- Nash Wells told me.
- You're not gonna...

Is this the story that
you've been trying to tell?

Allegra, Barry's identity
cannot be exposed.

No, not that.


You've been avoiding it all day.

It's not time for that yet.

Well, according to this,
it will be in two days,

and call it a hunch, but I don't think

you're planning to write it then either.

I ever tell you why I wanted

to be a reporter in the first place?

It was because of your
article about the Streak.

You know, that was the first name
that I ever gave to the Flash.

Back then, I didn't even
know that he was Barry.

And back then, I was just a
troubled kid in Iron Heights,

but your article,

it made me believe in the impossible,

that maybe someday I could be like you,

chasing stories, uncovering the truth.

You gave me hope when I had none...

Just like you have every
day I've worked here.

I don't know how you're
gonna bring yourself

to write this article.

I just know

you're never going to forgive
yourself if you don't.

What's... how did I?


Looks like we're both back on our feet.

Babe, I'm glad you're feeling better.

- Thanks.
- Look, I made you a plate.


I'm all about these mashed potatoes.

I'm gonna need a second
helping of these beans.

That's both praise, and a warning.

This is wrong.


I've got homemade lasagna.



It's rude not to eat.

You're not Iris. This isn't real.

I'm not gonna give in to you.

Barry, you misjudge me.

I'm just here to enjoy
supper with good friends

and perhaps offer you a gift.

What could you possibly offer me?

- Everything.
- Everything.

Barry, you can't run
away from your own mind,

at least not without considerable pain.

Then again, you're always trying

to run away from your problems, aren't you?

You've literally had a newspaper
warning of your demise.

You've done nothing to change your fate.

It's almost like you want
to make Iris a widow.

Shut up!

This isn't real.

These deaths were real.

None of them had to die.

Join me, and you'll never have to.



Please, let me hold her. I
know it's not real, I just...

please, I just wanna pretend for...

please, just for a second...

I just... please, I wanna hold my baby.

That's not my choice, Barry.

Why are you showing this to me?

I'm not showing you anything.

All of this is coming from you.

No, it's not. No, it's not.

No... No, it's not.

Look deep within, Barry Allen.

This is your mind, your visions,

your doubt.

We all die without you.

You leave me alone forever.

Your city will burn.

She's even faster than ever.

The negative Speed Forces
were too much, even for me,

and now, Barry, everyone is dead.

It doesn't have to be like this, Barry.

Here, let me show you.


Accept my lifeblood, and you
could use it to achieve

so much more than I ever could.

Become a hero beyond your wildest dreams.

The power to strike down death,

life eternal,

the grand miracle at your command.

Save the world and live.

Have all you want.

She's so beautiful.

Embrace it, Barry.

Just confess the truth.

Do you have doubts?

I do.

It's a beautiful life, Barry.

All you have to do is choose it.

Choose life.


You must gather your strength.

Focus. Time is running out.

Thought you all would want to see this.

Witnesses heard the explosion

but didn't see much else.

There's gotta be at least
half a dozen cameras

covering this lot. I...

And not one of them caught
anyone entering or exiting

the scene when this all went down.

It's like a ghost did this.

So the guy you questioned was killed

in the same lot you questioned
him on the same day.

- Yeah.
- It gets worse.

This blew away from the scene.

I thought about turning it in
to the cops, but I only saw it

because there's some major UV
energy coming off this thing.

You can see that?

Boss, this really feels like a job

for your husband's friend.

Oh, no, Kamilla knows
that Barry's the Flash.


Since when?

Last summer. Cisco used to be Vibe.

Okay, look, guys, I think this mystery

goes a lot deeper than we thought.

And it's a lot more dangerous.

So if you guys wanna walk away...

Not a chance.

That makes two of us.

Well, Boss, looks like Team
Citizen has a new mission.

It's okay, Barry. I'm here.

I'm sorry it took me so long to find you.

Ramsey's infection is stronger
than anything we've ever faced,

and it's only getting stronger.

I think I know why.

You feel doubt.

I do.

You've answered our call before.

It's always been difficult.

What's changed?

I've lived more.

I've gotten married,

seen a future where I'll have

a daughter who's the best
of me and Iris combined.

Most of my life has been
driven by my past, but...

but now, I...

It finally feels like
I'm living for myself.

I don't wanna leave my
family or my friends.

I don't want to die.

I know that's selfish.

I'm sorry I let you down.


No person is immune to fear and doubt...

No matter how brave...

That's what makes you human, Barry.

But the courage to move forward,

even in the face of overwhelming odds,

that's what makes you a hero.

That's what makes you the Flash.

Thank you.

I needed to hear that.

Don't blame yourself.

His lies...

They were so convincing.

That's because he never lied.

What do you mean?

That's what makes Ramsey so dangerous.

He manipulates the truth
to spread his disease.

What, so...

so the part about

his cells allowing me to save
the world from Crisis and...

Still survive is true?


But that path's not for you.

Why not?

Barry, you must understand...

That you want me to leave
behind everyone I love

when there's a way to save me?

What is it?

It's Barry's sleep monitor.
This can't be right.

His vitals are spiking.

Barry, your fever is rising.
You must calm down.

Stop telling me what to do!

His temperature is burning up.

Why isn't he speed-healing?

I've seen this fever before.

He's being taken over

right now.

His temperature is rising.

We could really use some
cold powers right about now.

No, Ramsey's infection
doesn't respond to ice.

We need to treat him medicinally.

Inserting 10ccs of naproxen sodium.

All my pain, all my suffering,

it's been because of you

because you would rather I be the Flash

than have anything that I want!

Barry, please.

I am not denying the burden
that you've carried,

but the Speed Force has
only ever tried to be

a guide on this path that you've chosen.

The lightning bolt shot down
from the sky and struck me!

I didn't choose this!

You decided to change my life,

my family's life, my entire future.

This was done to me!

We need help.




Hey, hey! Hey.

Just breathe. Breathe.

Just breathe.

Just breathe.

Please understand. The
role you play is vital

- to the balance of all things.
- Oh, stop.

There are universal forces at stake.

They must be protected.

What about the rest of us?

She's right.

There are universal forces at stake.

It's just a pity she doesn't
consider your life among them.

Don't listen to him.

He wants to possess your
form no matter the cost.


All those headstones?

Those people are dead because
of my connection to you!

How many times do I have to suffer for you?!

When is it your turn to suffer?


Do you even feel pain?


at least not as you know it.

How could it? The Speed
Force isn't human.

It doesn't know what it means to be alive,

to have a family, to love.

It only pretends.

Ramsey's infection is
twisting your heart.

You have to fight it. Barry.

These aren't your true feelings.

What do you know about the truth?

This isn't what you look like.

This isn't my old bedroom. It's a trick.

This is you manipulating me
so I'll do what you want.

That's not true. I care about you.

All it cares about is using you.

- Barry, you must listen to me.
- No, I don't!

You're not my mom.

You're the reason I buried her.



The Monitor, Thawne, the Speed Force,

for too long, others have used you.

Take command of your life!


No, no, no, no, no. I'm sorry, I have to.

It's the only way to survive.

We don't have much time until he returns.

Barry, look at me.

Accepting Ramsey's blood
would save your body

from the coming Crisis but not your soul.

You would lose the best of you: your joy,

your passion, your light,

the part of you that Iris loves.

Don't listen to it. It lies.

Come on! Barry!

Only you can defeat this, Barry.

The choice is yours.

You beat it.

Took me a while, but, yeah, I beat it.

My name is Iris West-Allen
and I once met a young man,

a superhero who I called the Streak.

The world has come to know him
as the Fastest Man Alive,

the Scarlet Speedster, the Flash.

But no matter what title
you choose for him,

he'll always be remembered as the protector

of our amazing city and its citizens,

as a beacon of hope for us all,

and as the man who sacrificed himself

again and again so we could live.

Today we say good-bye to him,
not because he was taken

but because he gave himself willingly.

And in the end, that's
what makes him deserving

of the greatest title of all...


Mar Novu.

You ran and ran across infinite Earths,

and now you've nowhere left to run.

It was like

being back in prison only
locked up in my own mind.

All the terror I felt,

the horrible things I saw,

they were all there

buried deep inside me just

waiting to come out the whole time.

Took a lot to win.

Everything that makes life worth living.

Thank you.

You deserve some of the credit.

It takes something special
to beat a sentient infection

that not even speed-healing can cure.

Well, it's not over yet,
so let's get back to work.

Whoa, whoa, what do you mean?

What are you doing? Just get some rest.

Iris is gonna be here any minute.

Crisis will be here
in less than 36 hours.

We have to find Ramsey, stop him,

make sure there's still
a world left to save.

And away he goes.

You wanna talk about what happened?

I already talked about it with Caity.

Okay. What'd she say?

With Crisis approaching,
we decided it would be best

if she handles the medical emergencies.

I'll take a back seat.

Are you okay with that?

It's what's best for the team.

Hey, I got here as fast as I could.

- How are you?
- Oh, I'm fine.

Really, I'm okay.

Your husband had an infection...

It messed with his brain quite
a bit, but we handled it.

Okay, well, just to be safe,

I am not leaving you again
for the rest of the night.

What you working on?

Just running some diagnostics,

little maintenance.

Why don't you ask Cisco?

We could go home, spend some time together.

Why are you asking so many questions?

I don't know. You know, sometimes

the reporter brain in me has a

mind of its own.

I will... let you get back to work.

Hey, guys.

That's not Barry.






Welcome, my blood brother.

I am the world's salvation

come to save it from all that ails it.

Soon, the entire world will embrace