The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - There Will Be Blood - full transcript

Barry's efforts to prepare Cisco for Crisis are derailed when Cisco schemes to save Barry's life instead; Ramsey Rosso uses his deadly new abilities to save his own life, while sacrificing his humanity in the process.

Previously on The Flash...

Dr. Harrison "Nash" Wells.

I'm searching for an artifact

that just happens to contain Eternium.

The disappearance of Sue Dearbon.

I don't think I've ever seen
you this devoted to a case.

HLH isn't just my mother's disease.

Now it's killing me.

You're a dead man, too, aren't you, Barry?

The only timeline where everyone survives

was the one where I died.

And none of you can try and save me.

Analysis of Mitch Romero's blood

reveals that this substance appears to heal

any and all weaknesses in the human body,

including HLH.

I need more.


Dr. Rosso.

Didn't mean to sneak up on you like that.

Well, it's almost Halloween.

I guess we're all due for
a good scare, right?

What brings you here so late?

I'm meeting up with a colleague.

Yeah, I told him I'd be
here half an hour ago,

so... if you'll excuse me.

Of course.

It's good to see you.

I wish it didn't have to be this way.

And you're okay with all of this?

No, but...

I have to accept that
there are still others

out there that we can save.

Yeah, guys, look, six weeks from now,

all of our lives are gonna be on the line,

so we have to be prepared.

Yes, but what about him?

I'm not just gonna wait around

for him to get vaporized by anti-matter.

We should be doing something
to try to save his life.

You can't.

You can't, Cisco.

That's why I need you to
stop worrying about me.

If Barry had any other option,

we'd be doing it.

I think you gotta get behind this.

Yeah. I am.

How do you convince your best
friend not to save your life?

You're the teacher. You'll find a way.

Well, he's gonna have to wait.

It's CCPD.

There he is.

So much for my day off.

- What do we got?
- It's a creepy one.

Somebody broke into this
facility last night,

and stole 10 liters of blood.

There's no security footage?

There's no cameras in
this part of the hospital.

You think this is meta-related?

I'm asking you.

I mean...

meta-thieves usually
make a way bigger mess.

And you see this lock?

The way this is sheared, a
power saw could've done this.

I don't know. I mean,
maybe it was just some

kids pulling a Halloween prank.

Good. I thought we were dealing

with some kind of meta-vampire.

Just a normal criminal
with a diseased mind.

Well, since I am captain,

I'm gonna go watch the
second half of the game.

I'm gonna leave this to you, all right?

You okay?

Yeah. You know, just
this Crisis that's coming.

Cisco's not taking it so great.

Let me guess which part.

Cisco is a whole lot like you.

It is in his nature to want to save lives.

Especially under these circumstances.

I'll see you later.


Thanks, Joe.

Thanks for what?

I think I know how to
get through to Cisco.

Tests are conclusive.

The peculiar black blood I
absorbed from Mitch Romero

temporarily cured the
HLH cancer in my blood,

but it wasn't enough.

I need more blood

in order to create a permanent cure

and save my life.

Adding Romero's cells to this new blood

should be the key to rebuilding
my cellular structure.

I only hope I have enough time.

Why didn't you tell me? It's brilliant.

You're my son.

You're supposed to be impressed.

You're going to do beautiful
things for this world.

Are you okay?


My condition is terminal.

I got your text. What is it now?

I know you're upset about this Crisis.

And I've been thinking about it,

and you're right.

We can do more than prepare for a fight.

You can save a life.

I knew you'd come around.

No, Cisco, not...

it's not me.

We're gonna save Ramsey Rosso.

Here's the thing.

We've done some insane
things at S.T.A.R. Labs

over the last few years,

but curing a rare blood cancer,

that is beyond our resources.

So we just shouldn't try?

So we try and somehow succeed,

are we supposed to spend
the rest of your time here

trying to save everyone who's
been diagnosed with cancer?

- I mean...
- We start with one man.

Look, you heard what
Caitlin said about Ramsey.

He's one of the most brilliant
doctors on the planet.

I need you to back me on this.

You'll understand soon enough.

Look, I...

what would it take to cure HLH?


an act of God.


An act of science.

And I know just where to find one.

I'm assuming this is the Wells

that you were telling me about.

Yep. Nash Wells.

Multiversal explorer

and provider of scientific miracles.

You, I'm guessing,

are Barry Allen, the Flash.

How did he... how did you...

Hidden surveillance device.

You bugged S.T.A.R. Labs?

No, no, not exactly. I...

I bugged you.

No, you didn't.

Yeah, I did.

Fellas, I've been listening
to your conversations,

and I have a proposition.

Now I need an anti-vibrational

to complete my work on this Earth,

You need help with your mission, right?

Well, you build me my circuit,

'cause I know you have the capacity,

and I will lead you to something priceless

that will surely help your mission.

Your work?

- What's your work?
- It's thermic excavation.

You're a cosmic myth-buster

who also happens to be a geologist?




Red flag city.


Then again...

Wells usually shows up for a reason.

- Fellas?
- Yeah.

You're aware he's still bugged, right?

Where is the bug?! I don't see anything!

Not in your shoe. I
can tell you that much.

Let's just say that we trust you.

- We don't.
- Which we obviously don't.


What are you offering?

I'm offering you something that
will help save Ramsey Rosso's life.

Have I got something for you.

Amazon packages?


You know that case that you've been
working on for the last couple months?

The Dearbon woman?

Well, I know it's been cold lately,

so I have a little Halloween treat for you.

- A lead.
- Yeah?


I interviewed this
accountant in Midway City

that works at the security firm,

and one of their guards

was working a charity event and
claims to have seen someone

that sounds like Sue Dearbon,

so Cecile pulled a favor and
got an eye witness report.

Cool. Thanks, Iris.

Need something else?


No, that was it.


All right, yeah. Cool,
I will see you later.

Production of blood serum is complete.

It appears identical to the substance

I absorbed from Mitch Romero.

If this works,

I could hold the cure not just for myself,

but for all those suffering
from HLH cancer.

It's not working.

I failed.

I failed.

It's in there, McCulloch Technologies.

What is?

Well, this extremely rare
bio-regenerative serum

capable of healing organic tissue,

no matter what the harm.

So for your purposes, what you do,

you simply inject it into
your friend's healthy cells,

those healthy cells replicate,

they replace the unhealthy cells.

Presto. Instant miracle.

Although, don't wait till
your buddy's too far gone

because then it might not work.

This sounds way too good to be true.

Yeah, he's right.

I mean, how did McCulloch Technologies

develop something this advanced?

They didn't develop it. They stole it.

It's from Swan Moon, the...

The Dominator home planet?

Yeah, that's the one.

Yeah, recovered from some
invasion three years ago.

Anyway, blah blah blah.

You guys in, or what?

Well, how dangerous a weapon
could this be in the wrong hands?

On a scale of one to ten...


We gotta get our hands on this thing.

All right, I'm gonna disable
the exterior security cameras.

He goes right through the door.

That's cool.

How'd you know the stuff was here?

Kid, multiversal explorer.
We need to know things.

And the serum?

Could it protect someone from anti-matter?

I expect that goes without saying.

Cameras are down.

All right, boys.

Here's where the fun begins.

All right.

Speedster, come on.

Speed us to the storage room.

No, I can't.

What do you mean you can't?

There are localized meta-dampeners

all over this building, all right?

My powers are useless in here.

It means you're useless here.

We don't have to make your circuit.

Is that right, tough guy?

Have you thought about what you're gonna do

if you don't make my
circuit, and I don't have...

Hey, numbskulls, knock it off.

Freeze! Both of you!

Both of us?

So we can explain.

I don't think they're
gonna ask questions first.


Hey, fellas.

So your auditory nerves...


Your ears will be fine
in a couple of minutes.

Unlike these two. Now...

where were we?

All right, let's hurry up.

There's another life at
stake besides our own.

Hey, Ralph.

Any progress on that Dearbon lead?

You know, I really think that
there might be something...

to it.

No. I decided to give it up.

What? Why?

There's no point, Iris.

The whole Sue thing is a lost cause,

so I might as well quit
before I waste any more time.

Ralph, you can't quit.

You're obsessed with finding her.

You have to keep going.

Iris, despite Team Flash's mantra,

sometimes you do have to give up on things.

You know, if I were you,
I would be spending

a lot more time with my husband...

while he's still here.



All right.

Let the search begin.

Oh, man.

Without super-speed, this
is gonna take a minute.

We don't have to search every location,

just the cold ones, okay?

Because the serum we're looking for,

it requires an environment of -15 degrees.

This says -15 degrees.

Well, there you go. -

- Okay.
- Convenient.

Time to steal our golden idol.

Did you guys hear that?

What? No.

I didn't hear anything.

Wait, yeah, I did hear that.
Is that an alarm?

It better not be. I need
more time to hack this.

I'm on it.

- Hey.
- Yeah, yeah, I got.

I'm gonna follow him.

Nash, Nash. Nash.




I don't know where he went.

- I got it.
- Yeah?



- We're too late.
- No, this can't be happening.

McCulloch must've already sold it.

We needed this to save Ramsey.


we got company.

Always wanted to say that.

Here. Catch.

What is this?


this is our way out of here.

What are you talking about?

What are we supposed to do with this?

It's easy. You just throw it.

Like, now.

Well, that was exciting, wasn't it, fellas?

The Lounge? How did we...

Worry less about how
we got to the Lounge,

and more about building my crypto-circuit.

That's not happening anymore.

Let me correct you, Barry Allen.

Yes, it is.

We had a deal, right?

I would lead you to something priceless,

which I did, not my fault
the serum was gone.

So now, you two...

are gonna build me a device.

I don't understand.

Why won't this blood work again?

What am I missing?!

I found it, the cure for you.

The bonding agent in
this cure is dark matter.

So that's it.

You're just deciding to give up and die.

No one lives forever.


I won't give up.

That's your choice.


I'm not your enemy.

I know.

The real enemy...

is death.

You know, Nash isn't going anywhere

until he gets this crypto-circuit.

How's it coming?

Almost finished.

All right.

I don't know if you should.

Okay, what do you mean?

I mean, doesn't something feel off

about all this?

Yeah, I know.

The guys shows up needing our tech,

makes a bargain to help us,

and conveniently, the thing
we need isn't there.


So, I mean...

you think he's lying to us?

It wouldn't be the first time
a Wells had a secret agenda.


Yo, what's in here?

That's storage for Frost's stuff.

You know how she gets.

You haven't looked me in the
eye since I came in here.


What the hell am I looking at?


You know exactly what this is.

I don't care what powers you have.

You want it...

you're gonna have to go through me.

What are you talking about?

And what the hell are you doing?

I'm saving your life.

'Cause someone has to do it.

Saving Ramsey...

saving Ramsey's my call.

And it's a bad call.

But it's the one I made.

Sometimes, as a leader, you
have to make tough calls

in order to serve the greater good.

You know, I made a tough call.

And I made it for you.

But I told you. You can't save me.

I'm not buying that!

Well, you have to!

Sacrificing myself saves
everything and everyone!

I've seen it!

And what does that give
me to look forward to?!

Waking up to a world without the Flash?!

A life without my best friend?!

You get to live!

You all get to live.


Look, man, I...

I've been dealing with this for weeks.

Wondering what's gonna
happen when I'm gone,

how everybody's gonna move on.

That's why I wanted us,
you and me together,

to save Ramsey today.

You wanted us to save a random person

so I'd be okay with you dying?


I wanted us to save one person's life

so you could understand the tough calls...

the sacrifices that a leader has to make.

Because you're my pick.

You're the person that I
want to run S.T.A.R. Labs

and this team when I'm gone.

All day, I've been trying to teach you

how hard those responsibilities can be.

And then you stole something

that was meant to save
another person's life.

You justified it, even.

And I'd do it again.

Maybe I made the wrong choice.

The serum's yours.


Can we talk?

Now's really not a good time.

It's important.

I have something that I need to give you.

S.T.A.R. Labs has been doing some research

into regenerative formulas,
and we've developed a serum.

We think that this could save your life.

If you inject it into your healthy cells,

they'll duplicate and eventually overtake

your cells that are affected by HLH,

but you have to use it quickly.

Is it...

is it dark-matter-based?

No, it's experimental, but...

we believe it'll cure you.

I'd given up hope.

But why... why do this for me?

A week ago, you told me you felt like

you were falling off a cliff.

I want you to have a lifeline.

You're dying, as well.

Don't you want a lifeline for yourself?

There's only enough
of this for one person.

And I've read about you, Ramsey,

and I've talked to Caitlin.

You're a brilliant doctor.

From what she said, if you had enough time,

you could cure HLH.

I'm giving you that time.

The world needs people like you

to save those who can't save themselves.

Test it.

Verify what we believe it'll do,

and then use it quickly.

We're not sure how long
the serum will be viable.


Thank you.


You busy?

For you, Cap?


Iris tells me you've been having trouble

with the Dearbon case.

Joe, I've been working on this
Dearbon thing since last summer.

Then it dawned on me.

Digging into this right
now, it doesn't matter.

Why the hell should I try to find her

and try to help her...

If I can't even save...

Barry. You can say it.



Do you remember my old partner Chyre?

He taught me an important lesson.

He said, "You can't
always save everyone..."

"But you can always save someone."

For you...

that's Sue Dearbon...

not Barry.

I'm gonna miss him, Joe.

That's it?

Fully functioning crypto-circuit?

You sure? 'Cause it kind of seems like...

seems kind of shoddy. Shoddy workmanship.

I feel like I've seen
better workmanship on,

well, pretty much all the
other Earths out there.

This is subpar.

Subpar's being generous.

It... never touch me.

Just take it.

Sure, kid.

Thanks. Till our next adventure.



how'd it go with Professor Speedster?

You all ready for life post-Crisis?

I think our friendship
pretty much exploded.

Because it impossible to save him,

and yet, I still don't think
I should stop trying.

You want some free advice?


You can't save someone who
doesn't want to be saved.

And he's already made up his mind.

And if you obsess over it,

it could lead you down a dark path.

You might make a mistake you can't fix.

Commencing preliminary tests

on S.T.A.R. Lab's proposed cure.

Damn it!

Of course it's another failure.

Why would I expect anything
different from the universe?

My fate is sealed.

Death wins again.


There is one key difference.

Too late.

Between the blood I stole,

and the blood from Mitch Romero's body.

Romero was afraid for his life.

His blood cells were
flooded with epinephrine.

Adrenaline released during the attack,

it's the bonding agent,

which means...

In order to create the
substance I need to live,

I have to kill.

But first...

they have to be afraid.



Multiple alarms at Central City General.

- They're evacuating.
- Is it a bomb threat?

Reports say a madman
is attacking patients.


All the staff and patients
are accounted for,

except for those on this floor.

That one's fresh. Whoever
did this was just here.

Why would someone do this?

She's gone.

Maybe I can figure out why.



Ramsey? What the hell are you doing?!

Whatever it takes to stay alive.

These people. You're
the one that's killing.

S.T.A.R. Labs gave you a cure.

Why didn't you take it?

I did.

But it didn't work.

Turns out the disease in my
human blood was too far gone.

But if I was to become
something more than human,

that's when I realized
I could live forever.

As long as I feed.

Ramsey, you're a doctor.

You're supposed to save
lives, not take them!

I am saving lives, Flash. Mine.

And right now, you are in my way.

Ramsey, come on, let him go. Please.

I can't.

My blood brothers and sisters are
much more than just the help.

They're making me stronger.

You're using them.

To survive!

Hello, Cait.

Playing the hero now, are you?

The bad guy was taken, so yeah.

Please, help me.

I know what you're thinking.

You're fast, Flash.

But as a doctor, I know exactly where

this man's carotid artery is.

Even if I can't feed,

you will never save him in time.

Ramsey, don't do this.

Let us help you.

What you're doing, it's...


It was my humanity that
was holding me back.

Preventing me from becoming the man

Mum always knew I was destined to be.

She always said that I
would do beautiful things

for this world.

And she was right.

Because the man I was,
that was the disease.

A frail human body with a shelf life.


But I found a way to transcend all that.

To defeat death itself.

Everyone dies, Ramsey.

Maybe the only thing that makes it bearable

is to find some meaning in it.

Well, that means I'm making
the greatest sacrifice of all.

Don't you see?

What I'm becoming, this is the cure.

I am the answer, Flash, to
the greatest mystery of all.

Life eternal.

Please, Dr. Rosso.

I saved you for last

so you would be the most afraid.

Ramsey, please don't do this.

You could've saved Mum, but you didn't.

And that's why I came here for you.


Stay with me, all right?
I got you, I got you.

What the hell are they doing?

I think they're trying to follow Ramsey.


- We have to help him.
- I don't think we can.

We lost.

Five people aren't going home
to their families tonight.

And the sixth, Ramsey.

Lost him, too.

He's out there somewhere.
We have to stop him.


I have to stop him.

- Barry.
- You tried to save him.

But he turned himself into a monster.

That's not on us. That
was Ramsey's choice.

I swear, if it is the last thing I do

on this Earth...

I'm gonna stop him.

How did Ramsey do this, anyway?

He's using people as incubators.

Using their bodies to create

what he needs to keep himself a live.

So he's turning people
into human blood banks.

And as soon as he gets hungry again...

He's gonna make a withdrawal.

Well, happy Halloween, everyone.


Hey, Ralph.


I know this Crisis news
hasn't been easy on anyone.


I'll say.

But look, Iris...

that's no excuse for me being a jerk.

I'm sorry.

I know that you were
just trying to help me.

So I did want to say that
tomorrow I'm call Midway City,

see what I can find.

That's great, Ralph.

Sue is very lucky to have

a master detective like
you searching for her.

Give me a break.

It's just a missing persons case.

It's not like I'm looking to get married.

He gonna be okay?

Yeah, he is.

Of all the nights for this madness to be
happening, it had to be Halloween.

Babe, we should probably head home.

Would you mind if I catch up
with you in a couple minutes?


It's fine.



I'm sorry about what
happened at McCulloch.

No, man, no. Look, this...

this is not your fault.

I should've been focused
on saving the right person.

Well, I mean, even
though things didn't...

work out with Ramsey, at least we tried...

to do the right thing.

I still don't know how you do that, man.

Picking yourself up, pushing forward.

I'm just trying to...

teach you what it's taken
me years to learn.

I know you're doing it for all of us.

That's what it means to be a hero.

I knew I picked the right guy.

I'm gonna...

Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

Hey, Joe.

You all right?

I was just...

just wondering where Ramsey was and...

just hoping to God that
we find him before...

this gets worse.

Well, his description has been circulated

to every precinct from here to Gotham,

so we should find him.

Then what?

More people are gonna get hurt.

Or worse.

I know.

I tried to save him.

Tried to do some good before I...

Don't you dare start talking like that.

You've done plenty of good.

Ever since you became the Flash,

you've saved more people
than CCPD altogether.

Without you, I would've...

I would've lost our family a long time ago.

And this is what you get for saving
the world over and over again?


how is that right?

You know it doesn't work like that.

Doesn't it?

I mean, I'm a cop.

If I risk my life every day for 30 years,

I get to retire, Barr.

I get to go home to the woman I love.

I get to proudly watch my baby girl

grow up each and every day.

I get a life, Barr.

You're a hero. What do you get?


It's just...

Damn it. It's not right.

We... the world...

the world owes you.

You deserve better than this.

No, I don't.

I'm grateful for everything that I have.

All the blessings in my life.

For Iris, the team.

I mean, hell...

I'm the Flash.

I'm grateful for that.

But you...

You're what I'm most grateful for.

If it weren't for you...

your patience, your courage...

The will just to keep going.

I learned all that from you.

More than anyone else, before the team,

before Iris...

you were the one that showed me

what it takes just to...

be a good person.

You're one of the biggest reasons

I was even able to become the Flash.

For that, I'll always be grateful.

Barr, I'm not ready.

I'm not ready for this.

It's not...

It's okay, man. It's all right.

No. I know you...

I know you say it has to happen, but...

It's all right.

It's okay.

I'm never gonna leave you.

Even when I'm gone.

Let's try this.

So this is where you've been hiding.

Time to pay a house call.