The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - A Flash of the Lightning - full transcript

Faced with the news of his impending death, Barry's resiliency suffers as he struggles to fight fate; Cecile's career as a D.A. conflicts with her identity when she crosses paths with a villainous meta-human.

Previously on The Flash...

Photography was always my passion.

- I figured, why not make it my job?
- These are great.

Frost, you have always
been there for me.

It never occurred to me
that you might wanna live a life.

Nice doing business with you.

This is a potential cure.
What's the bonding agent?

Dark matter.

S.T.A.R. Labs has the dark matter
I need to take the next step.

My cure will work.

Or turn them into meta-humans
against their will.

You cannot avoid the coming Crisis.

Just tell me what I can do.

Flash must die.

I stared at that newspaper
for so many years.

"Flash missing.
Vanishes in Crisis."

At first, it felt like a guide.

You know, like proof that things were...

headed in the right direction.

Then it became
a sword hanging over my head.

A part of me always felt like...

if I vanish...

in whatever Crisis is coming...

maybe I was still out there somewhere,

looking for a way to come back to you.

According to the Monitor,
that doesn't happen.

"To save the lives of billions,
the Flash must die."

What kind of crap is that?

No, I'm serious.

I mean, the Monitor shows up here
out of nowhere and says

that you're supposed to die
on December 10th?

The last I remember, that article said
that you were in a fight with Thawne,

not some cosmic disaster.

- The article changed.
- If that article can change,

then that means that
we can still change the future.

So, what do we do first?

If a doctor told you you were dying,
you'd get a second opinion.

So, I'm gonna go see
this Crisis for myself.

Did you bring the cash?

- I thought Gat would be here.
- Gat's busy.

Change of plans. It's $5,000 now.

Gat said it was $500.

Okay, wait. Please.
I will get you the rest.

It's a matter of life and death.

I will get the rest of the money,

- I promise.
- Too late.

T-minus 30 seconds, people.

I knew this was a bad idea.

This was your idea. I'm just the guy
making dreams come true.

Twenty seconds, people.

Okay. Fine.

Just do it.

Did it work? I sound like Caity.

You sound like a non-meta,
thanks to Ray Palmer.

And as long as this
nanite camouflage cocktail is active,

your voice and eyes will allow you to
blend in with any group of regular Joes,

so you can, you know, live your life

without scaring
the ever-loving crap out of people.

- And what about my hair?
- Trust me.

You'll fit right in.


Now, you two behave.
I'm gonna go find our star curator.

- What am I looking at here?
- Your next lesson, Frosty,

some of the very stuff
that makes life worth living.



Is this photographer extraordinaire,
Kamilla Hwang?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Thank you for coming.
- Mmm. Yeah, of course.

Mmm. Very classy shirt, by the way.

Oh, a very cute photographer
got it for me.

- She looks a lot like you, actually.
- I hope she doesn't mind

that you already got some schmutz on it.

I did not get schmutz...
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I definitely did.

You know, sometimes,
you just want your girlfriend

to have a good turnout for her show,

so, you make everybody clean up,

and who ends up with nanite juice
on their shirt?

Wait. Who'd you bring?

You really do blend in here.

Except this place is so lame.

I mean, come on, this isn't art.
It's garbage.

Come on, Frost, it's not all that bad.

There are used tissues on this.

Okay? And this is just a plunger.

Oh, my God, look at the brushstrokes
on this one. All right.

Whatever guy made this
has some real issues.

Right, but, Frost,
that's kind of the whole point.

Art reflects how we feel,

so connecting to art can help us
plumb the depths of our soul.


What I am connecting to in these photos,

is that the photographer is afraid
to get a shot in focus.

Those are actually mine.

They're not all winners.

Look, I can take a note.

But if this is how Caitlin's other half
is gonna act...

maybe she should skip my next show.

Thank you for walking me
through this one, babe.

No problem.
The suspect is Allegra Garcia.

She's 20 years old, she runs
a carjacking outfit out of Keystone.

"Thanks to her meta-human ability
to control radio waves..."

That's a new one, how is that possible?

Key fobs run on radio transmissions.

Anyway, Garcia has been
in and out of Iron Heights

and juvie since she was 13.

Last week,
she tried to hijack a car that belonged

to some guy named Salvador Traversoni.

He lost control of the car,
and as you can see,

he died in the crash.

It says here, an eyewitness
puts Garcia at the scene, so...

- open and shut.
- Should be with you working on it.

Mmm. High five.

Your Honor, due to
a preponderance of the evidence,

the State intends
to seek the maximum penalty

against the defendant, Allegra Garcia.

Which is why the defense
would like to plead out.

My client is aware
that a jury would put her away for life

and is willing to settle for, say,

- 15 years?
- Is that true, Ms. Garcia?

- I suppose.
- All right, then.

I guess we can
save the taxpayers some time.

Ms. Horton?

What the hell are you staring at?


Just, um...

Your Honor, the prosecution
requests bail for Ms. Garcia.

- What?
- The defendant is pleading guilty.

I know, Your Honor,
that it's a bit unorthodox, but...

we've discovered new evidence.

My office doesn't have the resources
to find anything.

We just need a little bit of time

to determine if the State
wants to pursue a lighter sentence.

In the meantime,

we request that meta-human dampeners
be placed on Ms. Garcia

while we continue discovery.

Counselor Horton, this court appreciates
your commitment to fair jurisprudence,

but are you sure
you want to go down this road?

Yes, Your Honor.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

- Where will you go?
- December 11th, 2019.

It's the day after
I'm supposed to disappear.

Maybe we should loop in
the rest of Team Flash.

Not until we know the truth.

I just... I don't feel great about you
going in there alone.

I'm not gonna be alone. I have this.

Hello, Barry Allen.

Preparing for temporal
observational protocol.

- Is that Gideon?
- It's a mobile Gideon unit

I built from salvaged parts
of the plinth.

You'll come right back to this moment?

- Right to this second?
- I promise.


Approaching Mach One.

Mach Two...

Now approaching November 30th, 2019.

December 1st, 2019.

Disruption barrier detected.

What the hell?

- Your wound is still not healing.
- Mmm-hmm.

My readings indicate you were
exposed to an extra-universal material

that destroys positive matter
on contact,

a substance known as anti-matter.

Anti-matter? That's new.

There's a wall of this stuff
clogging up the Speed Force.

Gideon, how do I get past it?

Not without
additional assistance.

Fortunately, there is
an expert in the field,

Dr. Jay Garrick, formerly known
as The Flash of Earth-3.

- Good to see you again, Barry.
- You too, Jay.

You were right. You were hit
with a dose of pure anti-matter.

You're lucky you have speed healing,

or that scratch
could've wiped you out of existence.

So, is there a way that I can
time-travel past the barrier?

You want to tell me why the hell
you were time-traveling to begin with?

I needed to see for myself

if the Monitor was telling the truth
about what happened to me.

And I know what you're gonna say
about time-traveling...

Actually, I was gonna tell
you you made the right call.

For the past year, I've been detecting

anti-matter signatures
across the multi-verse.

Now, we don't know their origin,
but if my algorithm is correct,

all Earths could be in danger.

Then we have to find a way
to break through that wall.

Ah, your body never could.

But maybe your mind can.

I built this thing years ago,

the neural hyper-collider.

It harnesses neural electricity

and transfers it across
superluminal particles...

Therefore, projecting human
consciousness across space-time.

You could send someone's mind
past the anti-matter wall.

Not just anyone.
It's got to be a speedster...

in his prime.

- You in?
- Yeah.

Then let's hustle. I've already
had to postpone my dinner plans.

Not any further, I hope.


Barry, I'd like you to meet my wife,

Dr. Joan Williams.

It is a pleasure to meet you,
Barry Allen.

I've heard quite a bit about you.

Allegra Garcia.

Juvie offender from a criminal family.

In and out of the system
her entire life.

The night of the particle accelerator

Allegra was caught up in a fight.

Next thing you know, she's got
the power to control radio waves.

Then she gets transferred
to the meta-human unit at Iron Heights.

- At 15?
- Mmm.

Not exactly the justice system's
finest moment.

Now, here we are,
Allegra gets arrested again,

but my powers are telling me
that this time, she's innocent.

But the victim was
killed by a radio wave attack,

which is Allegra's meta-ability.

And an eyewitness
placed her at the scene,

even recognized her tattoo.

My powers have never been wrong before.

And I do not want this kid going down
for something she didn't do.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. She's not guilty.

Dude, come on, those are mine.

Sorry, my bad.

You see these burn marks on the vic?

They don't match a typical
car explosion at all.

It's like he was burnt and toasty
before the car crash.

And we know that Allegra's powers
give her the ability

to control radio waves
and not heat waves, so...

Allegra might not have done this.

And I told Judge Hankerson there was
new evidence in Allegra's case.

Okay, guys.
All we have to do is find it.

But CCPD already interviewed this guy,

you really think the eyewitness is gonna
recant his story?

Well, eyewitness testimony
isn't always perfect.

Plus, environmental factors, stress,

even the order of lineup photos
can affect memory, so,

jogging his memory while he is at home
and relaxed might bring something up.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Unit 37. Here it is. Uh-oh.

I always come prepared.

Oh, boy.


You're not going anywhere, okay?
We just want to talk for a second.

Wait! Wait!

Allegra Garcia, you're under arrest
for parole violation.

I wouldn't touch that.


Jay told me he's a doppelganger
of your late father.


Do I remind you of anyone
from your Earth?

Yeah, you... You do.


Who is she?

Someone very special.

Ain't she?

I never thought I'd settle down,

but I needed a neurological specialist
to help with my depleting speed.

And something just felt right
between us. You ready?

- Yeah.
- All right. Come on.

Let's do it.

Jay's helmet will help channel
the tachyons into your frontal cortex

and ignite your synaptic pathways.

I won't lie to you, kid.

Beaming your mind
past an anti-matter wall...

is risky.

I know.

But right now, it's a matter
of life and death. Let's do it.

All right.

His biometrics are crashing.

I'm also picking up
temporal energy readings.

His mind has broken past
the barrier.

It's not just a new timeline he's found.

It's billions of them.

And Barry's mind
is experiencing them all.

In order for billions
to survive this coming Crisis,

Flash must die.

We have to get him out of there!

"Oh, why should
the spirit of mortal be proud?

Like a fast-flittering meteor,

a fast-flying cloud,

a flash of the lightning,
a break of the wave,

he passes from life
to his rest in the grave."


You're with us.

William Knox.

I've discovered that poetry
can stimulate collapsed neural pathways.

Lady Gaga usually works for me.


What's wrong with me?

The device overloaded your neural
synapses, creating a near-shutdown.

What you're experiencing now
is called neural entropy.

- It feels like my nerves are on fire.
- They are.

Because you're a speedster,

your synapses fire
ten times the normal rate.

So, you're feeling

ten times the amount of pain
a non-speedster would.

- You'll feel better in a day or two.
- Okay. Okay.

What'd you see in there, kid?

I saw...

billions of possible futures...

billions of deaths.

All their pain and their suffering.

And then they were gone.

I felt all of it.

Now I know the Monitor was right.

I have to die.

I need to go home.

- Oh, God!
- Barry... Barry, you can't be moving.

Please, I have to see Iris.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

It's not getting any less "ow."

I don't understand. I thought
Allegra controlled radio waves.

So did we. But she fired
a heat blast right at Ralph.

It wasn't just heat.
It was ultraviolet radiation.

He got a sunburn.

Yeah. From hell.

Look at his face.

Most UV light gets absorbed
by the ozone layer,

this was entirely undiluted.

If it wasn't for his powers,
that "sunburn" would've killed him.

So, put some aloe on it.


Can I just talk to Caitlin
for a minute, please?

No. I've got things to do.

- What are we gonna do about this?
- Don't even get me started.

Listen. Even though UV rays have
shorter wavelengths than radio waves,

they're all part of
the same electromagnetic spectrum.

So, Allegra must be able to control
all the different types of wavelengths,

which means she could've
killed Salvador and our eyewitness.

And I set her free.

Okay. Help me understand why
you pleaded guilty this morning,

and now, you're suddenly innocent.

A girl can change her mind.

What were you doing
at the witness's apartment?

Just needed to hash it out with him,
prove it wasn't me he saw.

That's something a detective would do.

I'm trying to be a reporter, okay?

Figured this was as good a time as any
to get some experience.

Get a story and my freedom.

But what's the use?

You'll always see me
as a criminal, anyway.

You know what I see?

I see that scared little kid
that I used to pick up

for robbing liquor stores
when she was 13,

that same girl
that I would check on in juvie,

who would always tell me to leave.

But this morning, I get a ping

that you'd escaped from your meta-cuffs,
and we find you in the location

of the dead State's witness.

If you're a reporter,

- how does this story play out?
- I didn't kill him.

Or the driver. I was trying
to find out who did it.

I swear.

DA Horton.

I took a chance on you, Allegra.

So, you tell me right now.
Who really did it?

Tell me who killed those people.

You wouldn't believe me, either.

I want my lawyer.

This is insane. This is insane!

All of the evidence
says that she's guilty, but...

my powers are telling me
that she's not just innocent,

she knows who the real killer is.

I just need her to trust me.

All you need to do right now
is slow down.

What I need to do is find evidence
to exonerate her before the trial,

and I am running out of time.

Well, that's because you're trying
to do the public defender's work

and not your own.

You do realize how much trouble
you can get in, right?

You let Allegra out of jail
for an inexplicable reason,

and now there's another murder.

But my powers are telling me...

Two people are dead, Cecile.

You know this kid.

You know her rap sheet.
It's petty crimes and robberies.

It's not double homicide.
That doesn't even add up.

I haven't known this woman
in a long time,

and the evidence adds up.

We need to recognize that unlike facts,

feelings can be fallible.

Except when it's your gut.

- I've never said that.
- You didn't have to.

That is a scared kid
with no one to stand up for her.

The public defender's office
is overworked and underpaid.


I'm the only one
who can prove her innocence.

Your job is to prosecute

the cases that we bring to you

using the evidence.

I mean, it's like you...

It's like you don't even
wanna be the DA.

Are you telling me I have to choose

between using my powers
and doing my job?

- That is not what I just said.
- No.

It's what you're feeling.

It was risky to move him here,
but he needed to see you,

- which we understand.
- Yeah.

Thank you.

Your husband stared at me
that same way when we first met.

I'm sorry.

You look just like Barry's mother.

- Oh.
- What?

Well, Barry's physical pain
will go away,

but the mental aspect...

Some of that won't, not for a while.

But I know you'll keep an eye on him.

Thank you.

So, they are going to scan our Earth
for any other signs of anti-matter

and figure out a way to prevent
whatever Crisis is coming.

It's not that simple.

Well, you said you saw a wave
of anti-matter destroy Earth.

All we have to do is come up
with a plan to stop it.

We can't stop what's coming.
The Monitor was telling the truth.

We get Kara and Oliver and everybody.

We create an anti-matter dampener.
I don't care, we just find a way.

I saw you and Caitlin.

I saw everyone die.

The only timeline where
you all survived was if I died.

No. No, that's not the future.

I saw a billion futures, Iris.

Okay, well, what about the billion
and first or billion and second?

We control our destiny. We...

can change the timeline for the better.

Maybe this is the reason
I was given powers.

To save everyone.

You said this morning
that you weren't giving up yet.

I have to accept this.

We both do.

And do nothing
while you sit here and wait to die?

This isn't you.

The Barry I know
would never stop running.

He would find another way to fight.

It's open!

- Hey.
- Hey.

Iris wasn't answering her phone.
Is she here?

No... No, she's, um... She's at work.
She's working.

What are you doing home? Are you okay?

I got hurt running a Speed Force
experiment, but I'll be fine.


If you needed help
with something from Iris,

maybe I could help you out.

It's this case, Allegra Garcia.

Cecile has some
very strong feelings about it.

Need me to take a look?

How did you get hurt, Barr?

Ah, look...

You don't have to share right now,
if you don't want to.

Just know that I'm here. Always.

Something's coming, Joe.

I have to make a sacrifice.

But at the same time,

I can't help but feeling like
it means I'm giving up.

- Giving up?
- Yeah.

When I was a beat cop, you know,
I walked the same patrol every day.

One morning, I'm responding
to a noise complaint.

Out of nowhere, pop,
bullet flies by my head.

I got pinned down. I called for backup,

but everything was telling me,

that's it.

Next morning...

Barr, I can't even tell you
how scared I was

to go back out on them streets.

But you did.


'Cause of this.

Our badges, your emblem.

They're symbols of the strength
that we're charged with

to get back out there.

And we don't make the choice to die.
We would never choose to do that.

But when we hear the call of duty...

we're willing to make that sacrifice.

And that's not giving up, Barr.

That's what you call resilience,
and I know you've got plenty of that.

Hey, Frosty. Earth to Frosty.

Calling all White Walkers!
You know what? Frak it.

Hey! I was listening to that.

Maybe you should be listening to
Chester's molecular monitoring systems,

so he doesn't, you know,
turn back into a black hole!

Relax, okay?

I put the freaking alerts on my phone.

Oh, you mean, these freaking alerts?

Yeah, see, I handled the situation
and prevented us

from being sucked out of existence
by a giant death vacuum.

What did you do with your Tuesday?

- Nothing.
- Is that...

No. No, no, no. Stop, stop!
No, no, no...

- Were you drawing?
- No.

- You were drawing.
- No,

because drawing is for losers.

Mmm, looks like you were drawing.

It's really hard, okay?

This is giving me, like,
minimalist reductionism...

I was trying to draw this.

I've been working on it forever,

and it's not getting any better.
All right, that's...

Is this why you've been
all cranky pants since Kamilla's show?

You've just been trying
to express yourself.

I stink, okay?

I don't know why I thought
I could plumb the depths of my soul.


You do not stink.

You wanna go off
and be Vincent van Snow?

You want to show the world
what's inside of you

using art or paint or dance, do it.

But you gotta understand that
other people are trying to do it, too.

I feel like a Yakuza baddie
is stabbing me in the stomach...


Is this how I made everyone feel
at Kamilla's show?

Yeah, that's a feeling
we like to call guilt.

It's a little stabby, but...

it can also show us when
we need to make something right.

I told you I want my lawyer.

Steven's still on his way.

Look, I understand
what you're going through.

Do you know what I see
when these cuffs are off?

I see radio waves,

and microwaves and gamma waves.

And I can't stop seeing them.

So, how could you possibly
understand what I'm going through?

- You have to let me help you.
- So, you can put me away?

No! That's not why I'm here.

- Then why are you?
- Because I...

Because I'm a meta-human, too.

I can sense other people's feelings.

And, honey, I can't turn it off, either.

That's how I know that you're innocent.

If there's anything that can
help me convince everybody else...

please, you've got to tell me.

I told my arresting officer.
He said I was crazy.

I feel crazy.

Try me.

Back at juvie,

the night
that particle accelerator exploded,

I wasn't alone.

My cousin was there
at the same time, Esperanza.

Talk about bad influences.

I wanted out of her gang,
so, she jumped me.

She died in the explosion.


Or at least, I thought she did.

You think she's still alive?

Esperanza made me
get the same tattoo as her.

The witness ID'd you off that tat.

But Esperanza's dead.

There's no way it could be her.
I mean, it's impossible.



- Did you get those juvie records?
- Oh, yeah.

Took a bit of stretching, but we've got
about five years' worth here.

Good. Is there a file on a girl
named Esperanza Garcia?

Yeah, there is...

and I smell a mystery.

"Inmate was discovered
in a vegetative state.

She's been taken out of our custody."

Out of custody and into the hands
of a very redacted organization.

Esperanza's alive.

Cecile, did you hear that?

you've got to get... There.

That's not me.

Bring me Allegra Garcia,

or burn!

We gotta get you outta here.
Come on. Come on.

Get out of my precinct!

Damn it.

Hey, what's up?

Barry, we were talking
to Cecile about her case.

Turns out that Allegra had
a cousin named Esperanza

with the same powers as her.

Everybody thought
that Esperanza was dead.

Esperanza must've killed the witness,
not Allegra.

Now, Esperanza can't let
anyone know she's alive.

CCPD's in a total blackout.

She's going after Allegra.

I am going to send
Ralph there right now...

No, no, no. There's no time. I'm going.

Barry, no. You're still recovering.

I'll be fine, all right? I'm going.


I'm only Ultraviolet now.

No! I won't let you do this.

Then you die, too!

Keep them safe.

Get up, hero.
I want you to die on your feet.

How did that happen?

Ultraviolet light travels
at 186,000 miles per second,

which is 80 times your top speed.
I suggest a hasty retreat.

Our badges, your emblem...

When we hear the call of duty...

we're willing to make that sacrifice.

And that's not giving up, Barry.

That's what we call resilience,

and I know you have plenty of that.

That's better.

Cecile! Call the medic.

You know what they say.
In a few days, it'll be tan.

Yeah, well, I'm just glad to be alive.

We were right.

Esperanza Garcia was hired
to kill Salvador Traversoni,

then she offed the eyewitness.

She tried to kill Allegra, so nobody
would know she was still alive.

And you skipped over the part
where this Ultraviolet person

might have been trained
in the art of assassination

by a secret organization?

Yeah, that's on my "to-solve" list.

Yeah, well, it's on ours now.

If there's a group out there
exploiting metas,

then they're gonna need our protection.


What did you put in these painkillers?

Oh, you're not hallucinating.
That is art.

And some people might think it's weird,

but I think it's a beautiful expression
of the artist's inner life.

Even if it's a weird inner life.

You bought all this stuff.
I mean, how'd you pay for it?

With Caity's credit cards. All of them.

Um, maybe our next life lesson
will be in personal finance.

Actually, I've got one more piece
to add to the bunch,

from a very daring young talent.

I think this ties the room together
quite nicely.

Well, there's no accounting for taste.

You know, my mom dated an artist once.
He was a trapeze artist, though.

"No Net" Nick, they called him.

Two books and three bedtime songs,

but little Jenna's finally...
Finally asleep.

She is persistent.

She gets that from her mother.

Look, you stood up for Allegra

when nobody else did, including myself.

Well, you are the badass

that charged a light-wielding hitwoman
in order to save all of our butts.

What's wrong?

I just keep thinking...

I'm not doing everything I can

to help the city
as the District Attorney.

The justice system
doesn't always work for metas,

which is why I want to become
a defense attorney for meta-humans.

I know, I know.
You can tell me that I'm crazy,

and we were not on the same page
about Allegra today...

No, no, no, that's not crazy.

- That is incredible.
- Really?

Babe, do you know how many people
you could help in this city?


And I know right where I wanna start.

Um, hi, I'm looking
for Iris West-Allen.

I'm here about the internship.

Hi, yeah. Cecile Horton
told me to expect you.

Welcome to The Citizen.

Just don't touch the vegan donuts.

You can put your things
right over there.

So, what now?

We'll keep scanning the multi-verse
for anti-matter from my lab. Okay?

But I think for now,

- we should get going.
- Yes, we should.

Ah, the intrepid reporter.

I thought you had a story to put out.

Well, I couldn't let you leave
without saying goodbye.

And I know it hasn't been
under the best of circumstances,

but I hope we will see you guys again.

- I hope so.
- Yeah.

- Until next time, Flash.
- Yeah.

It was a pleasure to meet you,
Barry Allen.

You keep being the hero we know you are.

I will.

- You ready?
- Yes.

I know she's not your mom, but...

Still nice to have a little hope
on a not-so-great day.


I'm sorry about earlier.

Don't be.
You're in pain and shock and...

I was scared, too.

But seeing you at CCPD,

fighting with your all,
it reminded me that...

no matter what this Crisis brings,

no matter what you choose,

I know that you're never gonna give up.

I'm not choosing to die.

I could never make the choice
to leave you.

But if my death is the only way

to save the universe, to save you,

I'm willing to do that.


whatever we do next,
let's make it count.

We can start by preparing
the team for this Crisis,

maybe even a world without the Flash.

So, what do we tell them?

Beginning biopsy examination
on Patient 1-A,

Mitch Romero, male, 40s.

It is my hope
that this procedure will help

to illuminate the effects of my cure...

when exposed to another subject.

The body presents no obvious
signs of hemorrhaging,

but it appears the victim's blood...

has coagulated with an unidentifiable
biological substance.

Will run analysis on substance.

The substance could have been absorbed
into victim's veins prior to death.