The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 17 - Liberation - full transcript

After recent events, Barry takes a closer look at his life with Iris; Eva makes a bold move.

So we built a machine powerful enough

to big-bang a new Speed Force into existence

based solely on the teachings

of history's most evil Speedster.

Are we sure we wanna hit this switch?

Do it.


Uh, what's happening?

It didn't work.

Guys, you in there?


Sorry to interrupt... oh.

How'd the machine test go?

Well, it didn't.

That's the problem.

How did Thawne manage to build

a Speed Force machine on his own

without a journal to guide him,

but all the brainpower in S.T.A.R. labs

can't even get this thing to work.

It's like we built a 12-ton paper weight.

Okay, okay, but hey!

Maybe getting out of here for a minute

might clear your heads.

I, myself, was on my way over

to "The Citizen' right now.

Does anybody... Barry...
wanna come with me?

No. Look.

Every day that the machine is off

is another day I can't protect this city.

I have to keep working.

Barry, wait.

Are you sure you don't wanna see Iris?

Can I tell her anything for you?

Tell her I miss her.

His speed has been draining non-stop.

Your plan was a success.

You've done an amazing job.

Is everything okay?

You seem... distant.

Sorry, um...

I'd just like to know if
you want us to proceed

with the next phase.


Go join your brother and prepare.

Because tonight...

I will finally have my liberation.

- Success is assured.
- Success is assured.

Come in.

Hey. You busy?

Hey. What's up?

I just wanted to...

You're here about me and Barry?


He's in a really bad place, Iris.

His heart is breaking.

He won't talk to anybody about it.

He promised me after he
took Nora to the future

that would be the last time
that he made a decision

about our family without me.

But then he took my dad into
Witsec and didn't even tell me.

I had to find out from Singh.

How do you get over that, Cecile?

Well, it...

I don't really know, Iris.

But I would think the
first step is wanting to.

What do you want?

I... I don't know.

Can you feel what I want?

Can you tell me?

You feel...


Sad and concerned.

I think what Iris needs
right now is space

to focus on what's really important.

Right. Um...

It's important for me
to take care of myself

right now, Cecile.

Okay, yeah, um...

Your husband wanted me to
tell you that he misses you.


- Bar?
- Hey.

There's something blocking the door.

Yeah, um...

I thought you were
still at the Speed Lab.


- Hey, Barry.
- Hold on.

Why can't I get inside my own house?

Sorry. Hold on.

- One second.
- Geez!

Cecile, I can explain.

What the hell is this?

Iris isn't Iris.

Okey, so then I thought well
obviously, this can't be

an Iris doppelganger from another Earth

because doppelgangers don't exist anymore.

Because the Multiverse
doesn't exist anymore.

Because Crisis blew it all up, right?

- Uh-huh.
- Exactly.

So if that's true, who else do we know

that could be pretending to be Iris?

- I... what...
- Shapeshifters.

All right, so Everyman
was my first suspect.

And Cisco's report show that
he is alive post-Crisis.

Then I remembered something

that Breacher said about Plastoids.

Which made me realize,

there could be shapeshifting
Martians on this Earth now.

This... this fake Iris

doesn't even have to be from our planet.

But then, it hit me that
J'onn J'onzz would sense

if there was a Martian hidden among us,

so that was a dead end, but it led me

to my biggest breakthrough yet.

Okay, Cecile, the night
that this all started,

Iris left to investigate a story.

I analyzed her phone's GPS

and it shows that she
went to McCulloch Tech.

Cecile, I think that something
happened to Iris that night.

Barry... All of this... is this

the reason you've been avoiding Iris?

That's not Iris!

Okay, look... I didn't want to

tell anyone else about this
until I gathered more evidence,

but now you know, so I...

what do you think?


What do I think? What do I think?

I think... I think that this...
this sounds...

I know how it sounds, but look.

We've seen crazier.

We've seen crazier. And
look at all the clues.

Okay, I mean, she speaks
Italian all of a sudden.

She smashed a bottle over some guy's head.

She made incredible pancakes.

Cecile, trust me. Iris can't make pancakes.

All right? But the biggest clue was...

Her throwing me out.

The real Iris would never
stop fighting for us.

Okay, okay, um.


Do you think that maybe... just maybe...

you're feeling a little scared, you know.

Because your marriage is going through

a rough patch, and maybe,

what you need to do is just go see Iris.

That's not Ir... Cecile, look.

Do you know why my Speed
Gauge is still glowing red?

It is because the moment

that I stepped out of the loft, I realized

Iris, the real Iris, my wife,

she is somewhere else.

Probably in danger.

And if that's true, I need my speed back.

My... my lightning, all my
powers if I'm gonna save her.

It's all I've thought about ever since.

No matter how insane this all sounds,

I know in my heart

that the real Iris

is out there somewhere.

Waiting for me to find her.

I won't let her down.

Polar bear's a little on
the nose, don't you think?

Well, it's not like the stores have a

"Get well soon from dual
light-assassin attacks" card.

What'd you bring?

Oh, I got a mobile bio-lab

so she can catch up on her work
while she recovers in bed.

Don't be a jealous. It's a scientist thing.

Come on, snow-poke. It's us.

It's ice cold.


Help me.

Since when is Caitlin the frosty one?

She's not.

Hang on, Caitlin.

We're on the case.

I think I've come up with a new idea

to get us out of this place.


What are you doing?

Eva, think about it.

This is the only mirror
that you can control.

So there's gotta be something
different about it.

And until we can figure out what that is,

we're just working blind.


So to examine it, you want to smash it?

Yeah, I mean, we both know

that you can put it back together,

so let's just take this thing down,

dissect it piece by piece,

and learn what its secrets are.


You do what you wanna do.

Gonna go to my lab,

and work on a plan that
would actually help us.

Oh, my God.

Can you, uh, maybe hurry up?

You know, when Iris gave me a spare key,

it was to water her plants. It
wasn't to hack her computer.

It's not hacking

Iris' computer if it's not really Iris.

What are you even looking for anyway?

Anything that might be suspicious

from the past few weeks.

- Bingo.
- What'd you find?

This photo.

It was deleted from Kamilla's camera,

but not before it was uploaded

to "The Citizen" 's cloud server.

Do you see this text?

Prismatic Filter.

What is that?

It's the science that we're gonna use

to test our imposter's identity.

Expose her for good.

That's better. Much more homey.

"Closer" is how I'd describe it.

Closer to our Mother.

It's time for our next move.

You ready?


Are you?


All that matters is Eva's will.

We follows orders and assure her success.

That's all I want.

We need to focus.

There's still one item
Mother needs to obtain

for her liberation.


And it's the most dangerous yet.

Hey, I saw your text.

I got here as fast as I could.
What's the emergency?

You are. Apparently.

What's going on?

You're not Iris. That's what.

And you're not leaving
here until you tell us

who or what you are.

What the hell are you talking about?

And why are you pointing
that gauntlet at me?

This photo was taken on Kamilla's camera.

You see the prismatic fragmentation?

Only your image is affected.

I think that the camera's filter

is revealing a dimensional shift.

Showing us things in the picture

from another dimension.

Things that don't belong in ours.

Cecile, you actually believe this?

You seemed off in your office earlier,

and... and that photo.

That could've been anything.

A glitch in the camera tech.

Guys, this is insane.

This prismatic scanner is
just a more powerful version

of the camera's filter.

If I'm wrong, and you are
from this dimension,

then when the prismatic wave hits you,

you'll look completely normal.

But if I'm right,

you're gonna look just like that photo.

And you're gonna tell us
where the real Iris is.

Barry, how could you do this?

For God's sake, I'm your wife.


You wanna see who I really am?


I'll show you.

No, no... I have to know.

I have to know.

Someone else must have
heard the good news too

because they sent you a gift.
I had it delivered.

Hello, Joseph.

This is your last chance. Joseph.

Threats are for real people, Eva.

Not phantoms. Because that's what you are.

Because that's what you are.

And no one saw you.

And no one saw you.

Thank God, you're safe.

I'm not. Neither are you.

Black Hole isn't what we think.




I know.

The truth hurts.


I just want you to know that
if anything happens, I...

I forgive you.

What's happening?


Okay... okay, that's... that's enough.

No, something's...
something's wrong, all right?

Just give it a minute.

Look, I... I don't know how she did this,

but... but you have to see
that this isn't my wife.

No, you're not my husband, Barry.

You wanna know what the real test is?

The real Barry would've fought harder.

He would've fought to come back home.

A whole week went by and
you never even tried.

You used to say that I
was your lightning rod.

Now let's see if you're still mine.


I'm me.

I'm the real Barry.

- I'm... hey!
- Wait!

Nash, no!

Back up.


You believe me?

Yes. I do.

And I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Barry.

I'm sorry.

Nash! Cecile!

Don't listen to her. That's not Iris.

You know, you can stop playing this game,

or rot in there. I don't care.

Either way, I'm gonna find my husband.

Ah, I should've noticed something.

I should've figured something out...

No, no. No one's to blame.

He or it was pretty convincing.

If that's not Barry, then what is he?

He's like some mirror version of himself.

Guys, Joseph Carver.

Wait... you think that

this is related to Black Hole

and their reflective chip technology?


I don't know. That seems almost...

No, that's possible.

I've seen that McCulloch
tech up close and it...

reflective chip technology, it's...

it's far-reaching to say the least.

Okay, well, um, then this
might be our best lead.

Why don't you see what you can find, Nash?

I will recoup with Kamilla,

and do some digging of our own.

Are you okay, Cecile?

Uh, yeah.

No, um...

Something just

doesn't feel right.

Yeah, no, I understand.

But we're gonna get to the bottom of this

and get the real Barry back.

I promise.

Caitlin's body essentially
self-induced an "ice coma"

to force her to hibernate.

She's like a cold battery.

We just need to wake her up.

That's where you come in.

Since we don't have any
ionized conductive wiring,

you'll have to be the jumper cables.

Got it.


Ralph! Are you all right?

Is she good?

Cisco, is she okay?

Did it work?

Oh, thank Elsa.

Welcome back.


You scared us for a minute there.


Can you tell us what happened?

I was home alone,

and the wound from the light
bullet was getting worse.

Sure your run-in with
Sunshine didn't help.

Yeah, so I tried to ice heal it,

and that's when the wound ruptured.

It must have been my immune
system's way of protecting me.

Guys, I need help.

You just tell us what you need.

I mean, who do we know
that can help with a...

light-ice wound?

There's only one person we can call.

My mother.

Here she comes.

Everything went according to plan?

Yeah. Yeah, we're fine.

Everything went as planned.

You guys go to the rendezvous.

I'll handle this, and I'll meet you there.

I've been watching Barry Allen.

He's planning on exposing you.

Tell me what to do.

Go. Meet him.

Leave the rest to me.

You're not Iris.

And you're not leaving
here until you tell us

who or what you are.

Now let's get what we came for.

One of the benefits of
being chief of police

is I can request prisoner interviews...

even for press.




if it isn't Kamilla Hwang, Chief Singh...

and Iris West-Allen.

To what do I owe the honor?

If you help us, we can
get you out of there.

And why would I trust
the wife of the Flash?

Because I'm not Iris West-Allen.

I'm a reflection of her.

We're all reflections.

Faster, stronger than
our human counterparts

whose faces we share.

And our only will is to serve our Mother.

The real Iris would never

offer to release me.

Tell me more about your Mother.

Eva McCulloch. She was the sc...

I am a scientist. I know
who Eva McCulloch is.

But she disappeared years ago.

She's been trapped in another dimension.

A mirror one.

And she needs something from you.

You need my blood.

How grand.

Even in here, fate continues

to cast me in the role of savior.

We just need one drop.

But you need to decide now.

I accept.

Release me and you shall
indeed have my life blood.

However, this is no

crude metacell in Iron Heights.

How do you propose to disrupt

a bio-degenerative containment matrix

with triplicate backup protocols?

Mother has a theory.

I am the answer.


You'll die.

Then it is Eva's will.

Code zero! Facility-wide power failure!

All levels. Check the cells.

We have 60 seconds until the guards...


You're almost human.

Maybe something more.

You follow your master Eva's will,

but I see hesitation in your eyes.

You have a modicum of will.

Are you planning to trick me?

Tell me now!

What do you want?

Only Eva's will.


Last chance.

What do you want?

To be alive.

And you are worthy of it.

Power restored.

Cell containment reinitialized.

What are you doing?

We had a plan. Don't you want to escape?

There are walls beyond these walls.

I was never gonna just walk out of here.

But there's more than one
way for me to be free.

Let's just call this

"the long game."

Now go.

I'll stay here and cover our tracks.


Run, Iris.




I don't have all the facts.

And the ones I do have tell me

that you're not who you say you are.

You are Barry.

I know it in my heart.

And I'm willing to bet my life on it.

Now go get Iris back.

Good work.

You'll apply Ramsey's blood
on your side of the mirror.

Once it is fully absorbed,

I will activate the R-CEM on my side.

Together, they will reconfigure

the molecular stability of
the dimensional barrier

that burns organic matter.

Creating a safe passageway
between the two worlds.

Next time I speak to you,

I will be standing right next to you.


Success is assured.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Where's my wife?

I'll ask you one more time.

Where is my wife?

What are you doing?

I saw everything.

You targeted me from the very beginning.

You suffered a fraction of my pain.

But in just a few,

I will be liberated.

Barry is gonna stop you.

We both will.

I used to think my love
gives me strength too.

The mirror showed me the truth.

Let me do the same for you.

She says you're always
gonna be in her way.

And now you're too slow to stop me.

Whose way?

Who's making you do this?


You should really mind your surroundings.

Where is my wife?

She's all you can think about, huh?

What do you think about me, Barry?

All those days...


It wasn't her. It was me.

Enjoying meals together.

Talking about our day.

Sharing your bed.

Oh, shut up.


I am going to kill you.


I have been working on this plan

for half a decade.

This is my creation.

She is me, and I am her.

What she feels, I feel.

And we cannot lose.

Do they feel what you feel for Carver?


Do they still love him?

I don't love my husband.

I want to end him.

Then why do you still
call him your husband?

You are just as blinded as you were before.

And he is going to trick
you in the exact same way.

Stop talking.

Because you still love him.

No! I don't!

Your brilliant mind couldn't figure out

that he didn't care about you.

Shut up!

How long did you sit here, Eva,

pining for rescue

before you realized that
you had been abandoned?

I hate him!

I want him to suffer! Suffer, suffer!

Suffer! Suffer!

Suffer! Suffer!



Suffer and suffer and suffer!

Suffer! Suffer!

Iris. Iris.

I won't fight you.

I won't fight you anymore.

You were made from Iris.

A part of her heart is inside you.

I've seen you be kind.

I've seen you laugh.

I know that wasn't all a lie.

You can be more than this.

Not Iris, but...


You have to want it.


You have to choose it.

I... I choose me.

Go find Iris.

Go find her, Barry.

Go save Iris.



I feel alive.

I feel alive.

Look what you made me do.

No, I'm sorry!

This didn't have to be like this, Flash.

You don't know what it's like in there.

I had to get out.


Where... where is she?

She's still in the world I left behind.

Along with the rest of my insurance policy.

Chief Singh, and your friend, Kamilla.

They're safe.

How long is up to you.

So... what?

Now you're gonna kill me?

There's no need for that.

You're wounded.

You lost your speed.

And your healing is not what is used to be.

You're not much of a threat, are you?

You just stay out of my way, Flash.

And I'll stay out of yours.

I have unfinished business to attend to.

And a whole world

to liberate.

Oh, thank God.

Oh, thank...

Iris, I...

I don't know if it's crazy to
think that you can hear me.

I guess right now I
just need to believe it.

I miss you.

So much.

I know you probably can't
hear me, Barry, but...

Being away from you hurts
more and more every day.

But I still have hope because I know

that you are out there fighting

to get me back home.

If you can hear me...

I guess I just need you to know that...

I love you.

And that love is constant.

Across dimensions.

Across time.

Through the end of the world and back.

And if I know you...

I know you aren't just
fighting to find your way home.

And I'm gonna find Kamilla.

And I'm gonna find Singh.

But most of all...

I'm gonna get you back.

I'm gonna find my way back to you.