The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 16 - So Long and Goodnight - full transcript

After Black Hole hires Rag Doll to kill Joe, Singh suggests he go into the witness protection program; Ralph runs into Sue; Iris becomes suspicious of Eva.

Sunshine keeping quiet?

Our source confirms
she hasn't said a word

since her arrest yesterday.

But Captain West
won't stop making noise.

He is obsessed
with connecting you

to Sunshine,
Ultraviolet, and Dr. Light.

That won't matter
much longer.

When will our guest arrive?

Thanks for coming
on short notice.

This is your target.

Kill him, please.

And... go.

Like a map of some kind?

- No.
- That's a flux capacitor.

Hold... no.

- No, that's good, yeah.
- No.

They are not gonna get this.

- Oh, this is...
- Okay, hold on. All right.

Okay, it was gonna be
the Eiffel Tower.

Oh, damn.

That looks just like
the Eiffel Tower.

Oh, I got to take this.

Hey, David.

Joe, I know you think
we can tie

this assassin Sunshine
to Carver,

but she is just not talking.

Okay, so let me
take a crack at it.

Actually, I need you to take
a step back from this case.

You're too close to it.

Besides, you're
the Captain now.

David, it's because I'm close
that I can rattle her.

Come on, there's nobody else
that can do this.


Oh, okay.

Was that the Carver case?

- Yeah.
- How can I help?

You just conserve
your energy.

I'll call you
if I need anything.

I got to go, guys.
Take care.

- Oh, okay, bye.
- Bye.

I think I found
a way out of here.


I started focusing
on the monitors.

At first, when I tried,
I couldn't read them.

I would get all of these,
um... these headaches.

- Yeah.
- But today...

it started to come
into focus...

perfectly clear.

You're adapting
to this place.

I read your theory

that says that someone
could pass through the mirror

if their molecular structure
was destabilized?


Well, if I could just
contact my husband,

I think he might
be able to help us.

Eva, my husband, Barry Allen,

is The Flash.


And with his speed, I think
he could phase us out of here.

If his instantaneous velocity

correlates with the limit
of the fractal surface,

then... then
he'll become intangible.

So... it could work!

Yes, I...

I just... I need to recharge.

I've been controlling
the mirror all morning,

and I'm... I'm exhausted.

Yeah, um, take
all the time you need.

I will, um, keep trying
to decipher more.

You... you do that.

You're... you're
on the right path.


She just did exactly
what I knew she would do.

She even told me the truth
about her husband.

Eva, Joe West
is still looking

into your husband's activities.

He knows about Black Hole.

Then it's only
a matter of time

before Barry Allen helps him.

You have a new mission.

The Flash is losing his speed.

Drain him of the rest.

Why do you care
about The Flash?

I don't.
I care about my husband.

The Flash is not gonna
take that away from me.

Success is assured.

I got your text.
What's up?

Okay, Carrie Mathison,
red string much?

I've been tracking Sue
since she disappeared.

She's hit five banks
in five locations.

Every single one
of them was doing

some schmoozy cocktail party
when she did it.

And while everybody
was sipping champagne

and eating
an overpriced meal, bam.

Server rooms get hacked.

I know that look.

You found her next target.

Of course I found
her next target.

The First National CC Bank
is holding an investors' brunch

for their biggest clients.

Fits Sue's M.O. to a T.

Now, here's where you come in,
my friend.

I need a hacker who can set up
a net to help catch her,

somebody who can monitor
the security feed,

somebody who speaks bandwidth
and knows binary.

Mm, I'm not sure you know
how hacking works.


I've seen "You've Got Mail"
several times.

But I know you've
been working on

the Artificial Speed Force,

I have, but I'm running
simulations all day...

simulations I don't need
to be there for.

Look, here's the deal.

I know how hard this case
has been on you.

I should've been there
to help you from the beginning.


So you're in?

Will there be waffles?

There better be waffles.

No, no, no, no!

Thank you.

It was crazy.

It was like it was
accelerating by itself.

I mean, I know you
won't believe this,

but it was like
somebody cut the brakes

while I was driving.

Is that even possible?

I-I don't know.
I'll find out.

- Are you sure you're okay?
- I'm fine.

It's Carver
that needs to worry.

You think Carver's
the one behind this?

Well, he knows I took down
one of his assassins,

Millie Rawlins, AKA Sunshine.

And he knows I'm the lead

on the RICO case
we're building against him.

Well, if that's true,

we have to get you
in witness protection.

You're just not safe
out here, Joe.

David, I'm not
going anywhere.

Look, if Carver
is coming after me,

that means he is scared.

What do scared people do?
They make mistakes.

We need to take
advantage of that.


You have my complete support,
Joe, as always.

But if anything happens,
I'll never forgive myself.

I need to go talk to Rawlins.

Okay, the investors' brunch
is in full swing.

Now, you go get us eyes
on that server room.

I got to tinkle.

- Yeah, I heard what I said.
- Mm-hmm.


The doctor is in.

Say, "Ah!"


You call this
an encryption scheme?

I could do this with one hand
tied behind my back.

Prove it.

Uh, good morning.

Don't mind me. I'm just doing
a routine software update.

Can I have
my hand back, please?

You dress well...
for tech support.

- I have good work ethic.
- Hmm.


It looked like
you were tampering

with the facility's
security system,

not repairing it.

Tam... tamp... tampering?

Oh, you... you mean all this?

Yes, all of that.

No, no, I'm... it's...
this is a procedure

we follow to make sure
that your money's secure.

That is, if the safety
of your money

is important you, Miss...?

Ms. January Galore.

And the safety of my money
is very important to me.

I'm sure it is.

So what do those
little green lights do?

The... the... the... the...
the green lights.

They are... they are
not important.

I'm actually all done here.

Um, enjoy the waffles.

Oh, I will.

I think they only have
apple fritters here.

Are we live?

Yeah, we're live.
We got eyes.

We almost didn't
get them, though.

I ran into one of the donors...
some rich British lady.

What was her name?
June, April...

- April Gabor.
- Wait.

- January Galore?
- That's the one.

That's not good.

She's an arms dealer that
Barry and I met in Midway City.

I don't know.

She seemed
kind of charming to me.

Very forward,
but charming nonetheless.

We're in trouble.

The security feeds are dead.

Servers are on the fifth floor.

Let's go.

Ew, ew, ew.

What is that?
What is that?

The perfect disguise.

A disg...

I think I just
lost my appetite.

Hi, Slick.
You miss me?

Almost as much
as I miss Fredrico,

my tapeworm.

Hello, Sue.
Or is it January?

What can I say?

Collateralized loan obligations

are deliciously robust.


Not half as delicious
as you in a tux.

Still up to your old tricks?
Swiping diamonds and pearls?

Oh, you like Prince? Me too.

Me three.

I'm Cisco, by the way.

We met back when you were...

January Galore.

That was an
excellent accent, by the way.

- Do you have any training?
- Oh, thank you.

- I did my senior year abroad.
- London, no doubt.

- Oh, Italy, actually.
- She fancy. You fancy.

- Yeah, thank you.
- Okay!

Sue, you're trapped,
and you're going down.

Oh, actually, I'm going up.

Did you see that?

- What do you...
- Did you see that?

Damn it!


If this is what she used,

she has access to all
the bank's financial holdings.

Oh, well...

It's only several...



Millie Rawlins.

This man... he worked
for Joseph Carver.

This is what happens to those
who fail Carver.

Incentive for the rest
of us to succeed.

But you didn't succeed.

So that probably means
you're next.

Now, look,
I can offer you protection.

But this is a one-time deal.

Are you interested?

No, thanks.

I mean, the only way somebody
could accelerate the car

and simultaneously
cut the brakes

is from inside the
car's engine, which is...

I mean, obviously no person
could fit inside there.

Well, Ray Palmer could.

Only he's not a murderous,
sabotaging type.

How about a meta-human who
can squeeze into tight places?

Likes to watch his victims
suffering up close.

Rag Doll.


what would...

First Lieutenant
Millie Rawlins,

a soldier who had rescued
14 friendlies

from an insurgent labor camp,

think of what
you've become now?

You were honorable.

Legion of Merit.

Medal of Valor.


restore that honor.

Help me stop Joseph Carver
before it's too late.

Get down!
Get down!

What the hell?


Joe, Joe, hey.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm fine.
I'm all bandaged up.

All right, Joe.
That's twice now.

And that's twice I've gotten
a clean bill of health.

All right.

Wait, hold on.
Where are you going?

Barry, I am still the lead
on this investigation.

And I was this close
to getting a deal

with Rawlins if it wasn't...

He's a dangerous psycho,
and he's got your number.

All right, look,
I-I-I hate to say it,

but I-I don't know.

It feels like
maybe Singh was right.

And you should let this go
for a while.

Oh, so you're gonna
take me off the case now.

No, I just... I'm trying
to keep you safe, all right?

And I-I'm not fast enough
to do that anymore.

I mean, look at your arm.

Well, Barry, you know I'm not
gonna stop if I'm this close.

Look, I get it, but will
you please just stay here

at S.T.A.R. Labs, at least
until I've stopped Rag Doll?



- Hey, you okay?
- I'm good.

- What happened?
- There was gunfire.

And I wasn't fast enough
to stop all the bullets.

He's... he's fine, but it's
my fault that he got hurt.

- Barry, your speed.
- Yeah.

- It's getting worse.
- I know.

But what are you gonna do?

I'm gonna use
facial-recognition algorithms

and meta-human trackers.

I'm gonna find Rag Doll
and stop him

if I have to use
every last resource

at S.T.A.R. Labs to do it.

Except the one that counts.

Barry, you promised me
that you would keep him safe.

- I know.
- I can't lose my dad.

You won't.
I swear.


Come in.

When my private security
said I had a guest,

the last person
I expected to see was

Captain Joe West.

I suppose you're here
on urgent police business.


You made it that way
when you tried to kill me...


I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Peter Merkel,
Rag Doll...

Last he was seen was breaking
into McCulloch Technologies.

That was about a year ago.


We have had a number
of security issues lately,

as I'm sure you're aware.

Yeah, the strange thing
is the CCPD

never apprehended him.

He just vanished...

until today.

Do you know anything
about that?

Sounds like you've crafted

some very interesting

- about me, Captain West.
- Hmm.

It even sounds like
you're saying I hired someone

to pop out of a box
to assassinate you.

I mean...

I didn't say

that Rag Doll
popped out of a box.


And I was doing so well.

You've been a pain
in the ass, Captain.

And you've taken up
far too much of my time.

So I'm gonna make you
a one-time-only offer.

I will call off Merkel,

and all you have to do
is walk out that door

and leave me alone forever.

I'll make a counteroffer.

You spend 80 years
in Iron Heights

for attempting to assassinate
the precinct captain.

is a fickle mistress.

A localized DMP pulse.

And one of the advantages

of owning the most advanced
technological institution

in the world.

Whatever you think I've done,

it's a million times worse.

I can eliminate anyone,

And that includes you...

or your lovely companion,
Ms. Horton...

Even that precious
little baby of yours.

You took your badge off

and just walked right in there
knowing what could happen.

I... What the hell
were you thinking?

Do you think I went over
to Carver's house

for some macho BS?

You know I'm not
proud like that.

I was just terrified
I can't protect my family.

But you're the one who
needs protecting right now.

I'm not worried
about me, Barry.

I can't lose Cecile and Jenna.

And we can't lose you!

Carver has
unlimited resources, right?

I mean, first it was Dr. Light,
then it was Sunshine.

Today it's Rag Doll,
and tomorrow...

it's who knows?

And now
if I can't protect you...

What do you want me to do?

Think about
witness protection.

Joe, you need to stay alive.

Committing to
a five-year investment

will guarantee you
a 5% return, Miss Genoa.

As for security,
our server room

is reinforced with
military-grade steel alloys.

Hmm, sounds
wonderfully impenetrable.

Yeah, but nothing
is impenetrable.

Isn't that right,
Ms. Dearbon?


You said your name was Genoa,
like the salami.

Yeah, you know,
she lied about that.

It's kind of her thing.
She is stupid rich, though.

In that case...

How do you two know each other?
Are you married?


Uh, do you mind excusing us
for a moment?

I would love to speak
to my friend

about possibly
investing here as well.

By all means.

Take your time.

So, slick...

you here to make
a super citizen's arrest?

- I know what you're up to.
- Really?

I'm all ears.

The files on this are
your parents' bank accounts.

They've been wiring money
every week like clockwork

to a coded account.

Your parents
are being extorted.

No snarky comeback?

That means I'm right.

You going somewhere
with this?

Well, my guess is that your
parents are being blackmailed

by the same person who owns
every single banking system

that you've hacked into
since we last met...

Joseph Carver.

Careful, slick.

You weren't stealing anything

in Paris, Shanghai,
or Central City.

You were investigating Carver.

He must have found out
their ugly little secret.

What, do they lie
on their tax returns?

They bribe their way
into that yacht club?


Assume whatever
you want about me,

but don't do it
about my parents.

They're good people.

Then let me help you.

I barely know you.

You know everything
that matters.

For the record,

I didn't enjoy tricking you.

Okay, I enjoyed it.

But, honestly, I felt
pretty crappy afterwards.

Why is that?

'Cause you are
a good person...

just like your parents.

You just have some...

You're so decent.
It's nauseating.

Oh, boy, you should've
seen me about two years ago.

I was a... I was a real crap-bag.

Actually, you probably
would have liked that, though.

I don't know.

This whole good-guy thing
you got going on...

It's... tolerable.


Which is why...

I'm giving you this.

Look into that.

You might find
something interesting.

I did.

I just talked to Iris.

She said someone tried
to kill Captain West.

Joseph Carver.

So what do we do?

Uh, I sent Jenna to stay
with her sister, Joanie,

so we know she's safe.

And, uh...

I don't know.

Cecile, if you're
helping Joe

and Carver finds out...

What do you think?
He's gonna come after me, too?

If he does, he'll have
to go through me.

Come here.

Me too.

Sorry, I couldn't help
but overhear.

But I'm here to help
keep everyone safe.

You feel safe?

We're safe.
You, not so much.

Hey, Allegra.

Come on.
Come on.

Hey, what... what can
I do to fix this?

'Cause I-I feel terrible.

What about how I feel?

I've been lied to before a lot

by pretty much anyone who's
ever said they cared about me.

And now you expect me to smile
and say it's all okay

because you feel bad?

No, I...

What am I supposed to do?

Walk away.



It's too much.
It's too much.

It's too much pain.
It's too much pain.


You will bring

so much suffering.

Bare, Rag Doll took Cecile.
He sent this.

So much delicious suffering.

See you soon, Captain.

All right, I-I can track
Cecile's phone,

but, Joe, he wants you
to find her,

just like he used me
to lure Iris... it's a trap.

If something happens to her,
it's on me.

No, we're gonna
bring her home.

- But what about your speed?
- Don't worry about my speed.

I'll do whatever I can,
all right?

I won't hold back
until she's safe. Let's go.

- You okay?
- I'm okay. I'm good.

Joe, find Cecile.
I'll hold him off.

Run, Captain.




I'm coming.


Careful, careful.
Don't touch me.

It's a pressure bomb.

If it's not weighted down,
it'll explode.

How do you know that?

He told me to tell you.


I see you.

Missed me.

Oh, almost.

Getting closer.

Suffer nice and slow.

Captain West?
Rag Doll was here.

Yeah, I know.
He took Cecile.

I'm here with her now.

Listen, I need your help
defusing an explosive.

Uh, what kind of a device
is it, Captain?

Uh, it is a Michael 1-1-2

composition Charlie 4

block demolition charge.

C4 block demolition charge.

Got it.

Okay, so, easy.

Open the outer panel.
You're gonna see four wires.

Pull the green one.

There are more than four wires,

and they're all green.

I got this.

But how?



do you remember dancing
at your cousin's wedding?

what, when you were stepping
on my toes

until we finally got in sync?

Yeah, we're gonna
do that now.

What? No.

- No.
- We do not have time.

- I can't let you do this.
- Follow me.

- On three, move, okay?
- Okay.

One, two, three!

We lost a minute.

You're not gonna make anyone
suffer anymore, Merkel,

no matter how much
Black Hole's paying you.


Don't care about money.

If you're not trying
to kill Joe for money,

why are you doing this?

Oh, release.

Mother's dead.
Heart attack.

No one left to suffer now.

Except myself.

Thank you, Flash,
for helping me suffer.

Any second now,

release comes with kaboom!

Joe, what did you...
what did you do?

What I had to do.

Please get Cecile
out of here now.

No, no.
I don't want to leave you.

Cecile, please,
make sure that Jenna is safe.

- Joe, I'm not gonna...
- Barry.

Go... now.


All right, come on.
Let's go.


I have to try.

I should go into Witsec.

Federal agents
will be here any minute.

They'll be the only ones
who know where you're going.

They'll keep you safe, Joe,

at least till we get
this Carver mess sorted out.

Thank you, David,
for everything, man.

Iris isn't answering
her phone.

She needs to know
this is happening.

They're here.


Just... just tell
Iris I love her, okay?

Okay, I don't think
I can do this.

- Yes. Yes, you can.
- I can't.

- No, I can't.
- Yes, listen.

I have to go.

It's the only way
to keep our family safe.

You just tell little baby Jenna
that her daddy's gonna be home

as soon as
he possibly can, okay?

I love you, Cecile Horton.

I love you.

I love you.

Listen, listen.

Iris and I, we're gonna take
down Carver and Black Hole.

And then we're
gonna bring you home.

I promise.

- Keep Iris safe.
- I will.

Joe West is out
of the way as requested.

Success is assured.


If anyone's gonna make my
husband pay for what he did,

it's gonna be me.

Looks like Captain Joe West
will no longer be a problem.

Someone else must've heard
the good news, too,

because they sent you a gift.

I had it delivered.

Hello, Joseph.

You're a hard man
to get a hold of.

That's on purpose.


I just have one little thing
I need from you...

an apology.


That's what this is about?

I wanted to help the world.

Now you're destroying it.

I am keeping it safe.

You let me rot in here

while you took
everything I created.

I had a vision for humankind.

So did I!

And now I'm making
it a reality.

This is your last chance,

Threats are for
real people, Eva,

not phantoms,
because that's what you are.

And me...


I'm untouchable.


I just talked to David.

Is my dad really gone?

I tried calling you.

That's your excuse?

My dad is in
witness protection, Barry.

You should've come to get me.

Yeah, Iris,
there wasn't enough time.

You're The Flash, Barry.

You can make a second
last an hour.

Where is he?

I-I honestly don't know.

When is he coming back?

The second
that we catch Carver.

Carver's pockets
are lined with...

with politicians
and lawmakers, Barry,

not to mention assassins.

It could be years
before we catch him.

Iris, I'm so sorry,
but Cecile was almost killed.

And then Joe.

He... he had to leave right away,

or else Carver may come
after Jenna or you next.

Carver already
came after me...

And I wasn't here
to protect you.

Look, I'm... I'm... I'm trying
to keep this family safe.

I want you to take me
to him right now.

I told you I don't know
where he's going.

You don't need to, Barry.

They... they left, what,
like 30 minutes ago?

They're probably still
within a 50-mile radius.

With your speed, you can search
that entire area in seconds.

You know I can't,
not anymore.

Can't or won't?

It's not that simple.

- Yes, it is, Barry!
- No, it isn't!

Look, Iris, I'm...
I'm barely hanging on.

I can't catch my breath.

I'm getting dizzy.
My feet are numb.

My fingers tingle.

It feels like
with every step I take,

I'm getting ripped in two.

All I can think about
is if I'll be fast enough

tomorrow to save another life.

I trusted you, Barry.


Now we have
something else in common.

We both lost our parents.

I hope that was worth it.

Where are you going? Iris.

I want you to leave.

- You can't be serious.
- Barry, you always do this.

You always make all
of these decisions,

and then the rest of us have
to deal with the fallout.

going into the Speed Force,

taking Nora into the future,
and now this...

- I am done, Barry.
- Iris...

I want you to get out.


Okay, look, we can work
through this.

- You're my home.
- Not anymore.


Greg, move your head.