The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - The Exorcism of Nash Wells - full transcript

The Flash takes on a dangerous new meta named Sunshine; Cisco sets out to help Nash.

How do you feel?

Wait, no!

A little dizzy, but
otherwise, I think I'm okay.

Welcome to the team,

Your creation was unplanned,

but I know you'll make
a useful addition.

Where's my counterpart?

She's no longer
a problem now.

I don't have much time
before Iris realizes I'm gone,

so listen to me,
this is important.

Six years ago,

I created a device capable of
converting light into energy.

I called it
the Prismatic Refractor.

It looked like this.

I need you to retrieve it
for me.

- It's beautiful.
- That's a replica.

I made it here
in the Mirrorverse,

but my R-CEM rejected it,

I believe it needs the
original in order to function.

What's the R-CEM?

A thing that will ensure the
success of my long term plans.

Where do we start?

My husband, Joseph, he...

underestimated the value
of the Refractor

and sold it to Mercury Labs
a few months ago.

Find a way in, replace the
replica out with the original,

and you bring it to me.

- Do not let me down.
- Success is assured.

I've officially hacked every
Quantum Kinematic database

on the planet.

You know what I found out about
Artificial Speed Forces?

Thawne built one,
and that's it.

And I doubt he's gonna tell us

seeing how he's Linda Blaired
our pal Nash,

and you know, he kinda wants
to murder the hell out of us.

If Thawne can figure it out,
then so can we.

In the meantime,

we need to make sure the Flash
doesn't lose his powers.

The Speed Force may be gone,

but there's still a residual
amount of speed left

- in your DNA.
- Until we figure out how much,

we need to manage
your speed output.

- How do we do that?
- I call it the Speed Gauge.

It will measure the intensity
of the velocity you're using

by color.
So, right now, it's black.

That's neutral... means you're
not using any speed at all.

If you're using a minimal
amount, that's green.

The yellow is next,
then orange,

and obviously red
is the maximum amount.

At this point,

I don't recommend
operating beyond green.

And we're not just talking
about running, okay?

- Speed thinking...
- Speed healing...

Flash time.

All of these things could
deplete your meta-abilities.

- You have to be careful.
- Guys, it's not that simple.

I'm supposed to keep
the city safe.

Team Flash!
It's your pal, Nash.

Let me out!

Guys, are we sure
that's Nash?

Or Thawne playing possum?

Let's find out.

I hear you've got an update
for me

on the Carver RICO

Just sifting through
the paperwork,

I found evidence
of multiple cover-ups.

Homicides being filed
as accidents,

missing person cases buried
by falsified paperwork.

And every victim has
one thing in common.

You think Carver has a mole
inside CCPD?

Somebody has been helping him
evade criminal charges.

The question is, why?

This is, uh,
outstanding work, Joe,

but investigating a mole,

that's... that's a job for
internal affairs, not for us.

We can't trust I.A.

or anybody until we find out
who Carver's bought.

I mean, Barry agrees.

Hold on,
Flash has seen these files?


Joe, this is not
meta-related business.

Is there a chance that
this is becoming personal?

I mean,
I would totally understand

given what Carver's done
to Iris.

This is still about bringing
a criminal to justice.

And we will,

but Joe, this is
your first year as captain.

If your people think you
suspect one of them

of being a mole,
and you're wrong...

Have a look.

So this Thawne...

got the red eyes
and vibrates,

but he's also a Wells?

That's him.

How did you...

I've been seeing a lot
of Wells lately.

I mean,

up here.
A lot.

I don't know
how many there are,

but the wizard Wells, annoying.

French Wells...

New York City Wells...

actually he's all right.
And then Harry Wells.

Nash, Harry's dead.
They're all dead.

Hey, guys?
I think you should see this.

Let's go.

Let... come on.
Let me out!

So, at first glance, Nash's
brainwaves seem totally normal.

No anomalies
or inconsistencies.

But when I take
a look at them in 3D,

it appears that there
are multiple brainwaves

intricately tangled together.

When the Multiverse
collapsed in Crisis

all of the Wellses
must have channeled into

the only surviving

Multiple psyches camped out
in Nash's brain.

It's like Tyler Durden
times a thousand.

Tyler Durden.
Great reference.

"First rule of fight club is..."

Kay, can we not talk
about "Fight Club"?

Yeah, that's it.

So how many Wells
are we talking about here?

How many universes were there
in the multiverse?


Okay, wait, no,
this doesn't make any sense.

I mean, Thawne wasn't even
a real Wells.

He killed Harrison Wells,
took over his body,

and fooled us for months.

This is a psychopath
we're talking about

that is trying
to take over my body!

Let's get him out
before he resurfaces!

Come on!

I mean, there's no medical
procedure or device

that could separate

Not on this stupid Earth
there's not, but hello,

Multiversal traveler, anyone?

I have a neuro-splicer here
in my bag.

Can you... can you get it please?

Will work just fine.

Actually help me out
stop an invasion

of psychic starfish
on Earth 26.

In the little...
yeah, that's it.

That was not pretty,

although, to be honest,
I don't know if the splicer

can separate thousands
of brainwaves all at once.

It will be
if we supercharge it

with the EMP
from your gauntlet.


Yes, the gauntlet, yes!

Just make sure that
when you charge the EMP

that it's 1,500 volts
per meter,

- otherwise, you'll risk...
- I know, I know.

- Otherwise, I'll...
- Fry the circuitry.

- I got it.
- Cisco, wait.

That was Thawne
the whole time?

He couldn't have gotten far.

He doesn't have his powers,
so he can't time travel.

Yes he can.

Oh, look at us, Flash.

Two peas in a pod.

Just two speedsters frustrated
by the limits of their speed.

I'm nothing like you.

No, I'm the one who's gonna
get his speed back.

When I do,

when I gain control
of this body,

when I reconnect
to my Speed Force,


you're gonna be too weak
to stop me, aren't you?

Just like you were powerless

to save your daughter.

I miss my Little Runner.

Nora was never yours.

Do it.
Do it.

I wonder, how much speed will
you have left after I'm gone?

Barry, no!

He tricked us.

Should've known
supercharging the EMP

would cause a recoil loop.

Thawne always has
a backup plan.

I checked the footage.

Thawne only went
to the Starchives,

nowhere else.
How's Nash?

Better, now that you're not
trying to kill him.

We really gonna do it?

I don't know.

Nash needs help,
not maiming.

You can't be here, Barry.

- Why not?
- Because your Speed Gauge

registered a massive loss
of speed,

which means not only does
using your powers affect it,

but so does your anger.

Caitlin, I'll be fine,
all right?

And if I need more speed, I'll
use a booster like Velocity-X...

Oh, great,

so you're just gonna start
taking speed steroids now?

Barry, every test we've run

says that physiology,
you have changed drastically,

so we have no idea what
Velocity-X would do to you.

It could hurt you,
it could hurt others...

Other people
are already hurt.

I mean, we have no idea
what Thawne is doing

to Nash right now.

And he could do
even more damage to you

if he just gets under
your skin again.

Look, I know
this is hard for you,

but you need to leave.

You can't trust yourself
around him.

What you mean is
you can't trust me around him.

Okay, got your message
about Thawne,

so I brought, uh, holy water,

uh, garlic,

wooden stake,

salt, obviously,

and Ouija board.

- Cecile.
- What?

It's an exorcism.

It's not like we can be
too prepared.

This isn't some kind
of vampire demon,

this is...

this is something else.

Oh, my God.

Everything that Nash
is feeling inside,

it's still just raw hatred.

What we think of as Thawne

is actually just a series
of negative tachyons

inside Nash's body.

So we gotta hit him
with positive tachyons

to force Thawne out.

That's why we need the PTD,
or the Positive Tachyon Device,

and not a Ouija board.
No offense.

Okay, so,
what do you need me for?

You're gonna be
my Thawne detector.

I need you to
psychically monitor Nash

and tell me when he's free
from Thawne's influence.

You think you can handle that?

After what Thawne did
to the people that we love?

Hell yeah.

Then it's time
for an exorcism.

...worshipping a plant.
People are idiots.

Hey, hey.

How'd you get in here?
How'd you get past my...

Security drone.

All right, who are you?
What's your name?

It's Maya.
You actually caught it.

No one's ever pulled
the Blood Bloom

out of the Wollip's mouth

Yeah, right.
Well, the Wollip, kid,

is just a statue rigged
by the locals, that's all.

- I know.
- You do?

You gonna get the treasure
out of the Bloom?

Yeah, I'm gonna get
the treasure out of the Bloom.

- What... you mean the crystals?
- No, I mean the treasure.

- What treasure?
- Inside.

I don't know if they...
hey, hey, hey... oh!

This is worth three times more
than those dumb crystals.

I'm impressed, kid.

But you broke one of the rules.

You see, you never
give anybody anything

unless you get something
in return.

Nice hat.

Now scram.

And when you tell your parents
where you got the hat from,

make sure you tell them
you earned it.

I don't have parents.

Not anymore.


How'd you like to do what I do?

- What's that?
- Myth busting.

Archeological myth busting.

That's what all this is for.
You like the sound of that?

- Yes.
- Yeah.

I think you'd be good at it.

And rule number one:
the prize is everything.

Think you can remember that?

The prize is everything.
Easy peasy.

Cisco, Nash is hurting.
What's happening?

How should I know?
It's my first exorcism.

Welcome to Hell.

I can't be here.

Too late.

All the pain that's being
brought up in Nash...

it's overwhelming him.

It's how Thawne gains
his strength.

- He feeds on that pain.
- Then he's feasting on Nash.

From what we've heard
at the "Citizen,"

Mercury Labs is making massive
developments in clean energy.

We are,

and Dr. McGee is thrilled
to speak to you about it.

If you'll wait right here,
I'll go grab her.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

Is this the place?

According to my readings,
the Prismatic Refractor is...



- Another light-based meta?
- Must be one of Carver's.

Which means he's after
the Refractor too.

We gotta get out of here.

But the Refractor.
Eva said...

No, don't worry.

We'll let the Flash
handle this one.

It's a meta robbery
at Mercury Labs.

Okay, I'll meet you there.

No, Frost and I
can handle this.

You need to stay here
and conserve your speed.

Doctor's orders.

- But, Frost, I...
- Doctor's orders.

- Put that down.
- Not happening.

Have it your way.

So you're the ice queen,

What do they call you?

Call me... Sunshine.

Ice versus sun.
Guess who melts?

I said I had this handled.

Don't worry.
This won't take long.

Flash, wait.

Dr. Light sends her regards.


Word around Black Hole
is you're quite the badass.

You could've been one of us.



- You okay?
- Ow, aah.

So we're looking at
not one or two,

but three Black Hole
light assassins.

All of them
are under Carver's payroll.

Each one more powerful
than the last.

Sunshine reopened Frost's wound
from Dr. Light's photon bullet.

Her ice healing's
working overtime.

This is my fault.

If I'd just listened to Caitlin
and stayed behind.

Hey, you had a glitch in your
speed back there, didn't you?

I used Velocity-X
to boost my powers,

but my body rejected it.

Caitlin warned me
it could happen.

Look, I know you don't like
taking a backseat,

but until you can manage
your powers, Barry...

I know.
I have to be more careful.

Do we know anything
about Sunshine?

Only that she can disappear
in sunlight and melt steel.

Her name is Millie Rawlins.

Kamilla took a photo before
we got out of Mercury Labs.

We ran it through S.T.A.R.
Lab's facial recognition

and got a hit at the Department
of Defense's Database.

- Ex-military, special ops.
- Yeah.

She was transferred
to the covert division

after the Particle Accelerator

left her with the meta-ability
to bend sunlight.

Her call sign was Sunshine.

Do we know what she was after?


Mercury Labs says
it's a one-of-a-kind,

advanced energy converter.

It used to be owned
by McCulloch Technologies.

They're calling it
a Prismatic Refractor.

Carver was stealing
his own technology?

- Why?
- We don't know why yet,

but I'm glad you two were okay.


Oh, um...

Sorry, babe.
My reporter brain.

I'm glad you're okay.

Shouldn't that thing be
at CCPD in evidence lockup?

Well, if Carver's trying
to get this,

we can't risk his mole
gaining access.

I put in a call to A.R.G.U.S.

Until they have it
in their custody,

I'm not letting it
out of my sight.

Well, we could keep it here
at S.T.A.R. Labs

for the time being.

If Sunshine is as ruthless
as Dr. Light and Ultraviolet,

then she's coming after
that Refractor again,

and if she shows up
at S.T.A.R. Labs,

the Flash isn't gonna be able
to do anything to stop her.

Let A.R.G.U.S. take it.

Barry's right about Sunshine.

What if she strikes during
the transfer to A.R.G.U.S.?

Let me worry about that.
Go see after your husband.

Yeah, yeah, of course,
I was...

I was just about to.

Wanna get away?

I just needed
a place to think.

Look, I know losing
your speed is scary.

Especially with
Thawne showing up.

But, Barry, the man that I love
would not let limits

keep him from doing
what he does best...

Taking down metas
and protecting people.

The Flash isn't supposed
to have limits, Iris.


Look, if Thawne
gets his powers back,

I won't be able to stop him.

Just like I can't
stop Sunshine.

Well, maybe the Flash can't
stop them, but...

Barry Allen can.

I mean, so what the Flash can't
run as fast as he used to?

Barry Allen
was taking down villains

long before
the Flash came along.

Barry, you are just as much
of a hero as the Flash.

That's why the city gave you
the medal of honor.

I mean, are you really gonna
let CCPD

handle Sunshine by themselves?

I don't see how I can help
them without my speed.


it's like you're stuck
on this idea

that the Flash
is supposed to be limitless,

but metas are the ones
that have limits.

I mean, think about it.

Where would the Ringmaster be
without his rings?

Or Cicada without that dagger?

Even Reverse-Flash
and Sunshine,

they... they have their limits.

You just have to figure out
what they are.

You're right.

Sunshine does have limits.

I have to find Joe.

Hey, Kamilla.

I know where
the Refractor's going.

Get ready to move fast.

Why are you keeping me here?

I went through your memories,

I plumbed your depths.
Came up with this little gem.

It's awful, isn't it?

It's dark.

- It's negative.
- Nash!

- Nash!
- Oh, Maya.

Quite the overachiever.

Perfect employee.

A real go-getter.

When she went to go get
the Sonic Emitter

atop the highest peak on
Corto Maltese... remember that?

And plucked that, so determined
to get the Emitter.

Because after all...

The prize is everything,

isn't it?

Let me go!

Want out of this memory?

Be my guest.

You don't wanna leave
this memory?


did something happen
in that cave?

It was not my fault.
It was not my fault!

- Oh, that's right.
- It was her fault!

It was not my fault.

- She died.
- It's not my fault!

It was all your fault.

It was her fault.
It was not my fault.

I don't understand.

I've got the PTDs
on full blast.

Thawne's negative tachyon's
should be destabilizing,

but the neuron data
isn't showing any resistance.

If anything,
his energy's intensifying.

What the hell is he doing
to you in there?

I barely even feel
Nash anymore,

I just... all I...

all I feel is fear and shame
all around me.

I can't... I can't...
I don't think I can...

Cisco, are you okay?

Almost there.

These won't hold me.

What the hell just happened?

Thawne just connected
to his Speed Force.

If that happens again,
we lose Nash forever.

The Reverse-Flash lives again.

A.R.G.U.S. secure transports

should be here any minute,

Good job, Korber.

Let me know
as soon as they land.


- Hey.
- Captain.

I understand you're moving that
thing out of CCPD custody.

I'm here to oversee
the transfer.


Well, I did a little
lunchtime reading

as you suggested.

And I agree with you.

I think Carver
has someone on the inside.

And we need to investigate this

Thank you, David.

I knew I picked the right man
to lead this precinct.

They're here.
East loading dock.

- Let's roll.
- All right.

Thank you for coming,

- You all set?
- We're all set, Chief.

At ease.

Look out!

Watch yourselves.

Where'd she go?
Where'd she go?

No one else has to burn,

Back, back, back, back, back!

Just turn over
the Refractor.

We're not giving you
a damn thing!


Come out, come out,
wherever you are.



You're helio-kinetic.

So without access to sunlight,
you're just an ordinary thief.

Limits suck, don't they?

So, our house is clear,

the Refractor's safe and sound
with A.R.G.U.S.

You sure you're okay, Chief?

Yeah, I got a hard head.
Just ask my husband.

Hey, Joe, what if Sunshine
was our mole?

No one would have seen her
doctor those files.

Um, she's the perfect
invisible agent.

Look, if we pin her down here,

she can be the brick for
building Carver's RICO case.

- You coming?
- No, you go ahead.

I have something else
I have to take care of.

Why isn't this working?

Thawne's tachyons
are proliferating at a rate

that exceeds
the PTD's capabilities.

So it's just a matter of time

before Thawne takes over
Nash's body.

What happens to Nash?

And to the other Wellses?

They'll be in a living hell.

Trapped inside
Thawne's psyche forever.

He'll be able to siphon
their knowledge.

If he gets loose, we can't risk
him having Nash's mind

and his gadgets.
We have to destroy these.

- Is that Allegra?
- No, it's a doppelganger.

Maybe that's why
Nash hung around so much.

Allegra reminds him
of someone he knew.

Reminds him...
reminds him!

Everything that he's been
feeling, all of his emotions,

they remind me of how I feel
when I think about Joanie

or Jenna.
It's... it's almost parental.

But it's not just that,

it's mixed with the feeling
that I had in '95

when my mom passed away.

Oh, my God, Cisco.

I think that Nash is caught up
in a loop,

and it's made out of remorse
and sadness.


I think that Allegra's
doppelganger died.

What could be more painful
than the loss of a child?

Cecile, if you're right,

then Thawne is holding Nash
in the memory of her death.

That's why Nash has to be
the one to expel Thawne.

We're gonna help him.

The M.A.D. 2.0.

We used it to get inside
the Thinker's mind.

This time we're
going inside Nash's,

and together,
we'll force Thawne out

from the inside.

You sure
you wanna do this?

We can't risk you losing
anymore speed.

I won't.
Trust me.

Hang on, boys.

It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

It's not my fault.
It's not my fault.

Not my fault.
Not my fault.

It's not my fault.

It's not my fault,
it's not my fault,

it's not my fault,
it's not my fault...

It's time for you to go,

You're too late, Flash.

Nash is mine.


No, not yet he isn't.

Hey, hey.

You came for me.

Yeah, but you're the only one

who can get yourself
out of here, Nash.

You want Nash, you're gonna
have to go through me.

Aren't you a glutton
for punishment?

Always there to bear witness

to the death of someone you're
trying to desperately save.

Oh, you're not gonna win
this time.

I think I am.
Look at him.

Hey, look,
whatever's in there,

I think you need to go face it.

No, no.
I can't go in there.

He's weak.
He's pathetic.

He's limited by his emotions.

Just like you.

He wants you to stay here.

The more you suffer,

- the stronger he gets.
- No, no.

Prize is everything.

Allegra's doppelganger.

That's her, isn't it?
She's in there.


Her name is Maya.

In a few short moments
I'm gonna...

bust through Cisco's tachyon
field and then...

Then the fun's
really gonna begin.

All fueled by poor Nash's grief
for his precious daughter.

You know a few things
about grief

for a precious daughter,
don't you?

No, Barry.

Barry, come on.
Don't let him get to you.

Don't let him get to you.

You didn't make the most of
your time with your daughter.

I taught her everything I know

while you sat by
and did nothing!

She made a bad choice,
that's all.

She just made a choice.

That's all.

- Listen to me.
- She made a bad choice.

- Listen to me!
- No, I cannot!

If you don't go into that
cave, you're gonna die.

I cannot go into that cave!

All you did was stifle
her abilities.

You were an awful father
to her.

I miss my daughter every day.

But I'm done letting that
give you power over me.

I watched Cynthia die
and it hurt me in places

I didn't even know
I could feel pain.

I couldn't avoid it.

You can't heal if you avoid it.

You think that Nash and I
are limited by our emotions.

But you're wrong.

They give us our strength,

and we can use them
to overcome anything.

Including you.

That's your greatest flaw,

Metas are the ones with limits.

Not people.

Not me.

- And not Nash.
- You have to face that memory.

And when you do,
I'll be here waiting for you.

I promise.

No, you're not
getting past me.

You got this, Maya.
Easy peasy.

The last memory cell is here!

Grab it,
and I'll pull you back up.

Don't do it.

You got it?

Guess the cave doesn't wanna
let this thing go.

It's stuck.

All right, well, kay,
you're at... you're at the end!

- Don't do it.
- Remember your training!

The prize is everything.

Stop her!

Prize is everything.


I got it!
Easy peasy.

Easy peasy!



Maya, Maya...


Let it go.
Let it go.




Oh, no...

It was my fault.

She only did
what I taught her to do.

It was my fault.

It was my fault.

Nash has taken control
of his pain.


You can't feed
off of him anymore.


- It's over, Thawne.
- No.

No, no.


Hey, Nash.
I'm here.

- Are you okay?
- He will be.

I need a nap.

You're okay.
You're okay.

Nash, I'm here.
I'm here.

It was my fault.

It was all my fault.

The satellite scans
say there are no traces

of Thawne's negative tachyons

to be found in any
organic matter on the planet.

As for Nash,

Cecile confirmed
that she didn't feel

any of Thawne's energy inside.

According to
three-dimensional imaging,

Nash's brainwaves
are Thawne-free.

I guess this means S.T.A.R
Labs has successfully completed

- it's very first exorcism.
- Thawne's gone.

- For now.
- Right.

Thawne's tachyons
might've dissipated,

but they weren't destroyed.

Which means he's not dead.
Just formless.

He's probably out there
looking for another body

right now, like a red-eyed,
pissed off, Voldemort.

He comes back,
we'll be ready.

I'm gonna go check on Nash.

Are you, uh...
are you good?


I have someone
I should check on too.

What was it like?

Like being in fog.

You know what it was like?
It was like being underwater.

I could see, I could hear,

but it was... it was hazy,
I couldn't do anything...

well, basically, it sucked.

You're free of it.
Free of Thawne.

As for the other Wellses,
their brainwaves

are unfortunately
still entangled with yours.

So they're as much a part of
you now as yourself.


Wait, what?


You mean
I'm gonna keep hearing...

- Yeah.
- I'm gonna keep seeing them.


Crisis of infinite Wells.

Well, I've had worse.
Hey, look,

credit where credit is due.
I know that without your help,

we don't get the psychopath
out of my body,

so for that,
I'm grateful.

Thank you.

See you around
Earth-Prime, kid.

Aren't you
forgetting something?

I... I don't think so.

I made a lot of discoveries
in my career, but...

The best discovery...

You know, she treat...
she was...

Just like a daughter...

To me, so...

- And Allegra?
- What about Allegra?

Sure, she's not Maya,

but you did help her
with her powers.

But, you know,
we got off to a rocky start.

There's no point in making it
a rocky ending.

- Nash.
- What?

Pick a Wells.
Any Wells.

- Do I have to?
- No.

It doesn't matter; I got off to
a rocky start with all of them.

- What's your point?
- My point is,

I get how difficult it is
to separate your feelings

about a person
from their doppelganger.

Did I ever tell you
about the time I met Harry?

You didn't.
That's the Earth-2 Wells?

- The very one.
- All right, go ahead.

When I first saw him,

all I could see
was Eobard Thawne.

But when I saw him,

when I really saw Harry
for who he was...

I became his friend.

He became mine.

Yeah, you got off to
a bad start with Allegra,

but it's not too late
to build something good.

You're a good egg.

You're not getting
sappy on me, are you?



- Good.
- Good.

He's right.

Ramon, he had a second chance
with Allegra.

It's what we've been trying
to tell you.

You think you're so smart.

And he's gone.

Well, that's gonna take
some getting used to.

Caitlin, I...
I need to apologize.

I didn't follow your advice,

and you got hurt because of me.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, Barry.

I'm on the mend.
Feeling better already.

So, we're okay?


Status report:
Nash is physically fine,

but emotionally destroyed,
and Cisco is completely bushed.

You guys make up yet?

- Mm-hmm.
- Thank God.

Guys, are we sure creating
an artificial Speed Force

is the way to go?
I mean,

anyone who came in contact with
Thawne's Speed Force got hurt.

Ours will be different.

Yeah, but we still don't even
know where to start.

Actually, I do.

Every time Thawne tried
to hurt me using Nora's memory,

really what he did was reminded
me how much I loved her.

Made me realize
that she's the answer.

Nora's journal?

Thawne taught Nora
how to build a Speed Force.

Now she can teach us.

And no one saw you?

CCPD was busy
fighting Sunshine.

In and out
and no one noticed.

So my husband
stopped looking for me, but...

apparently still goes out
looking for my toys.

You did very well.

And as long as
we stick to the plan...

Success is assured.

And I'm one step closer
to liberation.