The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Grodd Friended Me - full transcript

Feeling overwhelmed with all the changes since Crisis, Barry conducts an experiment that goes awry and puts him directly in Gorilla Grodd's path; Iris works with Eva to escape the Mirrorverse.

[melancholy music]

♪ ♪

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[electronic tone]

[electronic beep]

[dramatic music]

Guys, I saw the alert.
Meta attack downtown.

- I'm on my way.
- Sounds good, Flash.

Is that you?

- Uh, yeah.
- And Chester P. Runk, sir!

Ready to assist you
in all your superhero needs.

Why are you two on comms?

- Uh, Kamilla let me in.
- We're the only ones here.

Frost is at A.R.G.U.S.,
checking on Bloodwork.

Cisco's off the grid,
cataloging post-Crisis metas.

Iris is on a story...

And Ralph is

tracing down Sue Dearbon.

Okay, no worries.
I'll do this solo.

Are you sure you
don't want some help?

'Cause, I mean,
I'm... I'm ready, willing,

and caffeinated, sir.
Put me in, coach!

Thanks, Chester,
but I'm good.

[glass shatters]

[crowd screaming]

♪ ♪

Hartley Rathaway.

Since when are you
a diamond thief?

It's Pied Piper, Flash.

And you're really
gonna ask me that

after what you and your friends
did to me?

Uh, what did we do?

Wow, Flash.

My brother,
that is epically cold.

How do you not remember?
It was really bad.

Oh, great.
Another Crisis change.

Apparently, there's something
else you don't remember.

The gauntlets are just
my backup singers.

- Wait, what?
- [shrieks]


- He can fly now.
- No worries, Flash.

P-Runk is all over it.

That sonic boom had
a specific frequency.

If I scan
for the same wavelength,

I think we can...

[kisses fingertips]

Flash, Rathaway's
at 52nd and Palm.

All right, I'm on it.
I'll take Broadway.

- Uh, I wouldn't do that, sir.
- Why not?

Because there's a...
[train horn blaring]


Since when was there
a train here?

- Since always.
- [sighs]

[dramatic futuristic music]

♪ ♪

[electronic tone]

System update complete.

Is there anything else,
Barry Allen?

Uh, just one more tweak.

In... in the meantime, I wouldn't
mind knowing everything

that Crisis changed before
I run back into the field.

- Calculating...
- [sighs]


- Calculating...
- [groans]


[gulps air]
Barry Allen is The Flash.


- Yeah, I already knew that.
- What?


A-actually, you know what?
When I think about it,

it does kinda make sense.
The whole S.T.A.R. Labs

Plus, the same voice

every time The Flash came
to visit me at the M.A.C.

And that jawline, though?
Very distinctive.

Listen, guys, I'm sorry.

I'm kinda...
I'm kinda busy right now.

Well, what are you
working on?

- I...
- Analysis complete,

Barry Allen.
I've calculated approximately

3.725 trillion changes.
Would you like to hear them

- in order of causality?
- Whoa.

Is this a mobile interactive
artificial intelligence unit?

Um, yeah, it... it is.

I'm... I'm just trying
to upgrade it.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

You know, if you just flip
the positronic solenoid...

Hey, you know, please, um...

You don't mess with that.
It's, uh, it's sensitive stuff,

and, uh, you know, you're not
on the team, Chester.

Yeah, totally.
Uh, I guess I'll cross

the whole superhero
tech support

off my list
of career possibilities.


Anyways, uh, if you'll

[clicks tongue]
I'm Jitters-bound.


- He's just trying to help.
- Oh, I know.

I know. It's...

So much has changed...

after Crisis, and...

You know, this morning,
when I got the meta alert,

I was trying to find
my parents' graves.

There's not even a cemetery
there anymore.

I... I searched every graveyard

in Central City.
I still can't find them.

Just feel like a piece of me

is missing.

And friends
like Hartley Rathaway

are enemies now.

Just... everything
is so different.

I'll bet hearing
different voices on comms

doesn't help, either.

You want something familiar.
That's not us.

Hey, I didn't mean it
like that.

It's okay, Barry.
I understand.

Just maybe take
it easy on Chester.

If he seems a little

it's because he idolizes
The Flash.

You're his hero.

I'll, uh, let you
get back to it.

[somber music]

♪ ♪

There's gotta be
some sort of logic to it.

Walk me through the night
of the particle accelerator

explosion again.
What were you doing?

Like I told you...

I was starting R-CEM tests
that night.

I just finished the prototype.
My life's work was ready.

Wait, you finished building
your machine?

- Yeah.
- Can you build one here?

- I did, but we can't use it.
- Eva, we at least have to try.


What are you so afraid of?


Eva, I get it.
I do.

But I've read your research.

You were brilliant.

You were the best
in your field.


And that is
good enough for me.

You're so brave.

I guess we'll be brave
together, then.

So this is
a residual particle catcher.

It can detect and detain
molecular afterglow of things.

- Okay
- Mm-hmm.

- And you need me to do what?
- Oh, I need you to help me

charge this so I can catch him.
Them. Particles.

- Catch the particles.
- Why are you so nervous,

and what are these "particles"
you're trying to catch?

Uh, noth... they're just...

They're scientific anomalies.

- You wouldn't understand.
- [scoffs]

There's the Nash Wells we know
and can barely stand.

And I'm guessing anomalies
because of Crisis?

- Boss Lady told me.
- [laughs]

Yeah, you never did like being
kept in the dark, did you?

Why do you always act like
you've known me forever?

It's weird.



Don't know what
you're talking about.

Well, that's not true, is it?

You're such a liar.

I mean...

It's, uh... yes.

The residual particle catcher
is ready, thank you.

So if you would, please,

can you, um, help me,
uh, charge it?

Just blast it with

a ultra-powered UV ray
right there.

- Wh-where?
- There, right...

Just aim for the...

The absorption panel

- on the front pylon, thank you.
- Okay, keep your panties on.

That contraption
is not going to work.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

[wires fizz]




[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Hey, are you okay?

Who the hell is she?


That's... it's just someone
I used to know.

Well, she looks a lot
like my doppelganger.

Why do you have
a picture of her?

It doesn't ma...
it doesn't matter.

It does to me!

Dude, this is too weird.
You know, I had a feeling

something was off with you
from the beginning,

but I kept ignoring it,
because I was just happy

to find another person
who actually believed in me.

- Okay.
- But this whole time,

when you looked at me,
you saw this other person.

God, that is messed up,
you know?

Okay, all right.

Let's try this again, Gideon.

[electric jolt]


[object falls]

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪


What the hell?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Oh, good, you're awake.
- Oh, Caitlin.

Thank God. What the...
w-what the hell is going on?

I mean, one minute,

I'm in the speed lab,
fixing Gideon,

and the next thing I know,
I'm here.

My speed's gone.

Quite the little chatterbox
today, aren't we?


W-why are you
talking to me like that?

And why am I in a cage?

Caitlin, let me out of here!

Easy, killer.

♪ ♪


You're quite the specimen,
aren't you?

Go to hell.

I don't know how you managed
to drag me back to the past.

Whatever all this is,
I will stop you.


What, did you offer him
the B-word?

Maybe he just needs
some privacy.

I'm gonna go check on Ronnie.
He's working on a new space

he's very excited about.
He's calling it the Pipeline.

The Pipeline.

- I like the sound of that.
- Caitlin.

- I'll come with you.
- Caitlin.

Caitlin, do not trust him!

[knocking on door]

Hey, baby girl.

To what do I owe the pleasure
of this visit?

- Well, a good lead, hopefully.
- Hmm.

I'm working
on our Black Hole story,

and I have reached
a major dead end,

and I was hoping that maybe
you found something new

on Joseph Carver
that could help.

Ah, as a matter of fact,
I have,

but I can't share it with you.


- Are you being serious?
- Uh, well, look.

This Carver case has become

a RICO investigation.
I have to report directly

to Chief Singh.
We have to do everything

- by the book.
- Barry told me that you

were the one that gave him
the advice to trust me

with the Mirror Gun,
and now you can't even trust me

- with this?
- Oh, Iris, that weapon

was Team Flash territory.
This Is CCPD business,

and it has to stay that way.
Otherwise, Carver could skate

- with a collusion charge.
- Dad, Carver is mine.

You can't just shut me out.


I didn't... I didn't mean that.
I, um...

This just... it...
it means a lot to me.

I can see that.

But baby girl,
there is nothing I can do.

My hands are tied.
I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm sorry too.

We both have a job to do,

and I respect that.


I, um... I'm about
to get some lunch.

Do you maybe wanna join me
for some Big Belly Burger?

- My treat.
- Now that I would love.

But I got a few things
to finish, okay?

Yeah, no worries.
You wanna meet me there

at noon?

That's perfect.
See you there.

- Okay.
- All right.

Oh, come on, come on.
Just... just one game.

I just spent
the last two hours

at A.R.G.U.S.,
talking to Ramsey.

I do not wanna play pinball.

Besides, I know the only reason
you're hanging around

is 'cause you wanna work
things out with Barry,

- so just go do it.
- What... I'm...

I'm working my way up to it.
It's just, you know,

up until today, the worst thing
I'd ever done before

is drown my grandmother's car.

Uh, don't try to build
a hovercraft at age 11.

It doesn't work out.

Didn't you create
a literal black hole

over Central City?


Oh, you think Barry's
still mad about that too?

Would you stop?

No, no, I wasn't even awake
when that happened.

I mean, it's not like
you killed him.

[dramatic music]

- [yelps]
- Barry!


I can't help you
if you won't talk to me.

- Use your signs.
- What are you doing?

[eerie music]



Well, everybody's got good days
and bad days.

Gorillas are no different.

[ominous music]

♪ ♪


This isn't the past.

It's a mindscape.
I'm in...

[Grodd's voice]
That's right, Barry Allen.

You're in Grodd's mind now.

[dramatic music]

What's the matter, Grodd?
Got lonely at A.R.G.U.S.,

so you decided to break out,
come visit me?

[Grodd's voice]
Grodd is still in his prison

in the mental coma you
and your team put him in.


So, what, the cage is payback?

- What, you want vengeance?
- Not vengeance.

Grodd wants Barry Allen

to see what it's like
to have nothing.

No powers, no freedom.
Only captivity.

Caitlin used
a neural inhibitor

to shut down
Grodd's cerebrum.

Caitlin betrayed Grodd.

But you gave her the authority.
This is your doing, Flash.

I'd do it again
in a heartbeat.

Your mind is a weapon.

You take a weapon from a man,
he's still a man.

You took Grodd's mind,

Grodd's greatest gift.
That is not punishment.

That is cruelty,
pure cruelty.

No, no.
Not from where I'm standing.

Does that great mind of yours

remember how many people
you've hurt?


You marched an army of gorillas
through Central City.

You forced me
into a gladiator arena

with Solovar.

You weaponized
King Shark's telepathic crown

so you could control
thousands of innocent people.

Face it, Grodd.
You got what you deserved.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

You are right.

It took Grodd a year
to find the strength

to think intelligently again,

and in that time, Grodd had
many... primitive thoughts.

And without the power
of higher thinking,

Grodd could no longer
lie to himself

and was forced to confront
the truth of his actions,

his wrongdoings, his crimes.

Your accident allowed
Grodd to enter your mind,

not to harm Flash,
but to ask for Flash's help.

- [scoffs]
- The neural inhibitor

put a gatekeeper
in Grodd's mind.

The portal
that gatekeeper guards

is the only way out
of this prison.

Help Grodd.

Grodd is sorry.

Grodd has changed.

Says the super-intelligent

who just kidnapped me.

Who won't even show his face.

[heavy footfalls]

[eerie music]


♪ ♪

Grodd wants Flash
to trust him.

Your powers are returned.

Please, Flash.

Help Grodd
defeat the gatekeeper.

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


Nice try, Grodd.

But you'll never change.

You're exactly where
you belong.

That's one crazy
cappuccino maker.


Sherloque's machine
was developed

to put one person's mind

into another person's memories.

Wait, you think Barry's
in someone else's mind?

I mean, we've had experience
with this before.

Based on Barry's pulse,
his rapid eye movement,

and his vitals...

And the two brainwaves
are a dead giveaway.

This is so awesome.

Awesome. Awesome.

I mean, no,
this is just awful.

We should, uh...
we should fix that.

- [clears throat]
- Yeah.

When Ramsey decided to take
a little vacation

inside Barry's brain,
Cisco and I decided to work

on the Memory Machine
just in case Bloodwork

- decided to resurface.
- How's all this work?

In a mindscape, the host
transmits neural signals

to the guest's
primary motor cortex.

If we can sync up
with those neural transmitters,

I think we can communicate
with Barry.

Like sliding
into his mind DM's.


[electronic ringing sound]

- Come on, Barry.
- Frost.

You and me, outside.
Let's go.

[light music]

♪ ♪

Harrison Wells is alive?

- That's a really long story.
- Okay.

- Make it fast, or I'm out.
- Ah, now, look.

So it turns out that Allegra,
through a... you know,

series of unfortunate events,
she has discovered...

That's she's
your daughter's doppelganger?

Not my daughter, exactly.
More like an employee, right?

An ex-employee...
How do you know that?

I'm guessing it didn't go well

because she found out rather
than you explaining it to her.

So now it's time for some
good old-fashioned honesty.

- Oh, come on.
- Whatever happened between

- you and your daughter...
- It's not my daughter,

exactly... okay, more like
an employee, an ex-employee

- who made a bad call.
- Just explain it to her.

Yeah, but she said
it was too late for that.

Well, as my life coach,
Ralph, would say,

you can't let that stop you.

Ralph is your life coach?

[fast-paced synth music]

♪ ♪

Finally, there it is.

♪ ♪

Time to get out of here.


You're the gatekeeper?


Solovar, listen.

We do not have to fight.

As far as I'm concerned,

Grodd can stay in this coma

I am the warden
of this prison, Flash.

None shall escape.
Not even you.

Oh, great.


- [grunts]
- [yells]

[suspenseful music]

Barry's body is reacting
to whatever's happening

- in the mindscape.
- So if he dies in there,

- he dies out here too?
- Correct.

Do you have any sedatives?

No, those don't work
on speedsters.

No, no, no, no.
I meant... I meant for me.


♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Uh, Frost, you've got
that look Cisco has

before he throws a bunch
of science words at us

that basically means
"we're frakked."

The signals traveling
to Barry's cortex

are moving
at a hyper-neural speed.

We've only seen
one other brain

whose neurons can fire
this fast.

Barry's in Grodd's mind.

Gorilla Grodd?

Yo, he is, like,

my favorite supervillain ever!

He's, like, super strong,
is super smart,

and... Barry's super trapped
in his mind,

which is very, very bad.

We modified Grodd's
telepathic crown

to keep him in a coma
at A.R.G.U.S.

But its neural-inhibiting

can only sustain one mind.
Before long,

the mindscape will overload
and crumble.

If that happens
and Barry's still inside...

He would die.
Well, can't we just call

A.R.G.U.S. and ask them
to shut it off?

Uh, no.
If we do that

while Barry's still
connected to Grodd's mind,

he'll be trapped
in there forever.

I... I still don't understand
how this happened.

How did Grodd get inside
Barry's mind?

Because of me.

When I tweaked this earlier,

I adjusted
its hypothalamic connection...

by a factor of 900%.


Well, that's more
than enough signal

for another brain
to piggyback on.

And Barry was wearing that
when he was whammied.

I am so sorry.

I... I never should've came here.

This is all my fault.
[shaky sigh]

[mournful music]

♪ ♪


How's you running away
gonna help us get

- Barry out of Grodd's mind?
- Because if I'm not around,

at least I can't
make things worse.

[scoffs] Look, I hate
to break it to you,

but accidentally putting
Barry's life in danger

is kind of a rite of passage
around here.

We've all done it:
Cisco, me, Ralph,

even the janitor.

He put too much wax
on the floor.

But then, after we put
his life in danger,

we figure out a plan
to get him out of it.

So now it's your turn.


You know, in the sixth grade,
I got into the science fair

with a "Millennium Falcon"
that I built

out of used vacuum parts.

I mean, it... it flew

and everything, like a drone.

But on the day of the fair,

it didn't fly.

Uh, rust in the intake manifold
was preventing air from getting

into the combustion,
which was then causing it to...


I had begged my teacher
to let me fix it

and then fly again
the next day.

He said no.

You know why?

He was an old school brother.

And he said...

that in the real world,
people like us...

we don't get
a second chance.

[melancholy music]

Hold on.

♪ ♪

I'm not gonna pretend
like I have any idea

what your life has been like,

and I know that some
of the stuff we do in here

has nothing to do
with the real world,

but I'm offering you
a second chance.

[elevator dings]

Because you deserve one.

'Cause we all do.

[tender music]

♪ ♪

Dad, I'm so sorry.
I don't know how

I made that mistake.
I... I thought I said 12:30.

Not a problem.
I'll order you the usual.

Yeah, that sounds great.
I'll be there soon.

Love you.

[dramatic synth music]


♪ ♪

[electronic tone]

♪ ♪

- Ready to do this?
- Yes.

I don't know. [pants]

- Eva, look at me.
- [sighs]

Trust yourself.
You can do this.

It's the machine
I don't trust.

The subatomic particles
this emits will penetrate

the mirror's surface,
but it won't pierce the barrier

between the worlds.
It will fail.

Then we're no worse off
than we are right now.

I made the mirror pieces

Let's just go back
to trying that.

Eva, we should be trying
everything we can

to get out of here, right?


[disquieting music]

There's another reason
why you don't want me

to use this machine,
isn't there?

No, I... I... I...
I... I better go lie down.

- Eva, w-what are you hiding?
- Nothing!

- Why don't I believe you?
- [sighs]

- Trust me, we can't use it.
- Why can't we use it?

Because of this!



- Oh, my...
- Eva!



You're Joe now?

- Oh.
- When Flash sees Grodd,

he sees an enemy from his past.

Grodd wants Flash
to see a face he can trust.

And having me fight Solovar

was supposed
to make me trust you?

Grodd thought Flash
could beat him.

You were wrong!
He almost killed me!

But that was your plan,
wasn't it?


[rumbling and vibrating sounds]

What's that?
What's happening?

Is that Solovar?

This world is crumbling.

The neural inhibitor
can no longer take

the strain of two minds.

What happens
to this mindscape if it fails?

Both Grodd and Flash
die together.

You wanted revenge so badly
that you were willing to die

- just to take me with you?
- No.

Grodd has changed.

Nothing could ever
make you change.

Not even the Crisis
of Infinite Worlds?

How do you know
about Crisis?

Grodd's mind wasn't affected

by the merging
of the multiverse,

but Grodd can still sense
changes in the reality,

changes like Gorilla City.
City is here now.

The gorillas are here now.
Grodd knows this.

- Grodd wants to return home.
- Why?

So you can create another army
to attack Central City

just to destroy everyone
in your path?

That is who Grodd used to be.

That Grodd wanted power.

Power didn't bring happiness.

It brought pain.

New Grodd wants a new path.


Grodd wants to live...

in peace with his own kind.

Gorilla City is the only place
Grodd ever...

ever felt happy.

You're telling the truth.

You really have changed.

Flash didn't believe
Grodd before,

but why does Flash
believe Grodd now?

[pensive music]

You let go of the past.

Maybe I should do the same.

Crisis has changed so much.

I've been obsessed with

trying to keep things
the way they were before,

but I can't.

Those things don't matter.

If Flash can't beat Solovar,
there's no escape.

This world collapses.
We both die.

That's our fate.

We decide our fate.

Grodd, Solovar beat me
because I tried to fight him

the exact same way
I fought him three years ago.

To get out of here, we just
have to try something new.

We have to run forward,
not backward.


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

By fighting together.

There's our way out.

[breathes nervously]

You ready?
We can do this, Grodd.

- Together.
- Grodd is ready.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- What is it?
- Barry and Grodd.

Their cerebral activity
is syncing.

Okay, forget "synced."

Their neural pathways
just merged.

Their brainwaves
are literally the same.

♪ ♪


- How does it feel?
- It feels impossible.

I know.
Now get ready.

This time,
we're on the same team.


Grodd will never leave!

You have my powers, Grodd,

and my knowledge
of how to use them.

- Now get us out of here.
- Grodd understands.



The neural comm link
is working.

- Barry, can you hear me?
- Frost?

Oh, yes!
We've been trying to get

in contact with you.
You're in Grodd's mind.

- Is he trying to hurt you?
- No, no.

We're on the same team.
Grodd and I merged our minds.

Sort of like
the mindscape version

of the Firestorm matrix.

Wait, so you're
half-gorilla now?

Uh, I'll explain later.
We're fighting a gatekeeper

in Grodd's mind.
We need to beat it to escape,

- and the only way to do that...
- Is by working together.


There isn't much time.

The world
is gonna split apart.

Grodd thinks lightning
can save him?

Nothing can save Grodd.

Uh, Barry, we've got
bigger problems

- than Solovar right now.
- I know, Grodd's mindscape

- is falling apart.
- Actually, this is worse.

What can be worse than this?


According to my scans,
if you exit the mindscape

with your brainwaves
still merged,

you'll end up in one body.

- Brundle-Flash. Gross.
- Yeah.

And what's worse is,

the resulting
physiological conflict

will cause every brain cell
to shut down,

- and the resulting form would...
- We'd both die.

- Yeah.
- Wait, so we have to somehow

separate their minds at
the exact moment they escape?

And I'd have to be accurate
to the millisecond.

- Which isn't possible.
- Not for us.

But it's very possible

for a mobile interactive
artificial intelligence unit.

If we sync Gideon's
quantum intelligence network

to Barry and Grodd's

it'll perfectly time
the neural de-splicing.

But I'd have to do some more
augmenting to this puppy,

and my augmenting is what got
Barry into this mess,

and I... I just really
don't wanna mess up again, so...

Chester, listen to me.
That tweak you made

to Gideon earlier?
In two seconds,

you improved her functionality
more than I did in two hours.

You're a genius.
Maybe it didn't work out

exactly how you planned,
so here's round two.

Try again.

I need you now, Chester.

You can do this.
I believe in you.

- Flash believes in me.
- We all do.

Go ahead,
take your second chance.

Show us your moves.


It's time for the
LeBron James of the Junkyard

to do his thing, baby!

Oh, watch out,
brothers and sisters,

because Chester P. Runk
is b-b-b-back!

Great. Now all we have to...
[comm cuts off]


- Grodd!
- [groans]

There is no escape.


Solovar's winning.
Come on, Barry.

- How's it going, Chester?
- Please let this work.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Grodd stinks of fear.

Grodd knows Solovar
brings him death.

Don't listen to him, Grodd.
You have too much to live for.

You hear me?
Don't let the past win.

Put it all behind you and show
Solovar what you're made of.


That's it.
Now get the hell up

and run, Grodd.


Almost there.

♪ ♪

Whatever you guys are doing,
do it now.

♪ ♪

[both grunt]

Here goes!


Come on, Barry.
You got this.

- [gasps]
- Oh, thank Rao.

- You're back.
- Yeah, I'm back.

Thanks to the team.

So do you think Grodd
has gone, like, full hero?

Or is this more of like a...
like a Captain Cold

"former villain turned
sort of good guy" situation?

Uh, we'll see, I guess.
Lyla had A.R.G.U.S. embed

a tracking polymer
in his cerebellum.

She agreed to let him out
on probation

as long as we know
where he is at all times.

So if he does break bad again,
um, I'll find him.

Which reminds me,
I'm gonna check in with Lyla

and make sure I understand
A.R.G.U.S.' protocols.

I wanna make sure they give
Grodd a real chance.

- [phone rings]
- Yeah.

Hey, babe.
You're kidding.

That's great!

Cisco's coming home!


Hey, um...

I wanted to say, uh,

I'm sorry I wasn't
more welcoming.

It's... I mean, I was dealing
with this family thing.

I felt like everything
in my life was changing,

and I took that out on you,

and I'm sorry.

Ah, it's...
it's all good, Flash.


Um, by the way,

Kamilla told me
about your parents,

and I kind of...

hacked every cemetery database

within a 700-mile radius.

[tender music]

♪ ♪

Found them.

♪ ♪

I don't remem...

♪ ♪

Thank you, Chester.

♪ ♪

[laughs nervously]
[alarm beeps]

Do you mind
manning the comms?

[laughs excitedly]

I thought you'd never ask.

According to our satellites,

it is... Rathaway.

Pied Piper's back, baby!

Okay, I'm gonna need
all the help I can get

to take him down.
Are you ready?

Oh, hell, yeah.

All right.

Oh, that's
never gonna get old.

- [winces]
- Eva, I'm so sorry.

Why didn't you tell me

that the machine
could hurt you?

I wanted to prove
I wasn't lying.

Words are worthless.

evidence is irrefutable.

My colleagues ridiculed
my reflective theory.

Even though my research
was bleeding edge,

no scientific journal
would publish it,

because I hadn't shown it
to be true.

I just...

I couldn't have you doubt me
like that.

I just...

I just needed you
to believe me.

Eva, of course I believe you.

I saw you move
those mirror pieces.

You're capable of great things.

Look, when you're feeling
better, we will...

We'll find another way.


I think I have
some more, uh, bandages

in the storage room.

- Would you get them?
- Yeah, of course.

[dramatic synth music]

♪ ♪

What did you do to us?

I bought us time.

There's no need for you
to suffer.

♪ ♪

[quiet suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

All right.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

He... is...

[deep voice] Coming...

♪ ♪