The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - Love Is a Battlefield - full transcript

Barry and Iris plan a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day but their evening is interrupted by an old foe - Amunet; Frost gets into the holiday spirit and attempts to help Allegra reconnect with an old love.

Surprise, babe.

Yeah, wow.

This is not a banana.

I know Valentine's Day
isn't for a couple of days,

but I thought why not?

Let me surprise my hubby

before some crazy
meta-of-the-week strikes.

Here, wait, I got it.

How's your arm?

Oh, um,

I mean, it stings,
but it's a bit better.


You know, if you really want a banana,

I could always go in the kitchen...

No, no. No, I don't need a banana.

This all looks awesome.

I mean, the pancakes are really...


Excited to taste 'em

with my mouth.

Oh, my God.

When did you learn to...

I mean, these are really good.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Is this fresh-squeezed?


Oh, um...

we may or may not now own
a very expensive juicer.

Gotta say, you're full
of surprises this morning.

Well, the day is young.


Wait, how did you have time

to get a spread like this together?

I mean, it sounded like
yesterday was insane.

Yeah, it was,

which is why Team Citizen is regrouping

before we go after Carver again.

And as for all this,

thank God for 24-hour grocery stores.


This is your reminder.

You have a reservation at Giovanni's

February 14th at 7:00 p.m.

You know what?

If we also made a
reservation for tonight,

we could up our chances

of having an emergency-free
Valentine's Day dinner.

Well, I don't care when we have dinner,

as long as we're together.

Alexa, set a reminder

to call Giovanni's today at noon.

Okay, I'll remind you.

Great. You finish eating.

- I will.
- I'm gonna go take a shower.


You're amazing.

Son of a motherless goat.

You do not want to test me.

Ah, thank God it's just you.

You're out of tape.

Did you just let yourself in?


I'm not some whack job meta-killer

with crazy good aim
and ulterior motives.


Another house call from
Dr. Light would suck,

but I was actually talking about Nash.

He's a total stage-one clinger.

Didn't you get shot yesterday?

Shouldn't you be soaking

in a tub of frozen peas or something?

And miss out on my
first Valentine's Day?

No way!

I hate Valentine's Day,

and I have a lot of work to do, so...

You know, it's my understanding

that there are two kinds of people

who hate Valentine's Day.

One, those who think
it's a made-up holiday

by Big Candy,

or two,

those with a broken heart.

I think you're the second one.

No. I'm not.

Really? I think actually you are.

And I think Mr. Emerson Fairweather

is the emo dope who's responsible.

We met after a gig his band played.


Anyway, it didn't work out.

"Another Valentine's
Day waiting for love.

"Let the drinking begin.

# CoffeeNotCocktails."


Look, you're perfect for each other.

You have something in common.

You're both miserable.

Thanks for the reminder.

You know, maybe you and Mr. Fall Out Boy

can go off and be mopey together,

and then you wouldn't
hate Valentine's Day.

I'm sorry, have we met?

Look, says here

he's gonna be back at Jitters tomorrow.

And you know what? So are we.

'Cause I'm gonna get the
two of you back together

for some V-Day love.

Cupid demands it.


I'm glad we decided
to do dinner tonight.

It's awesome celebrating
Valentine's together,

even if it's early.


No Crisis, no dark
future looming over us.

Feels nice.

It really does.


I'm so sorry. We don't speak Italian.

And can we just get another minute?




What... do you speak Italian?

Oh, well...

you know that story that I was writing

a few months ago on Little Italy?

Well, I picked up a phrase or two.

Like porca miseria.

It's a curse word,

but it literally means "pig misery."

Yeah, weird, right?

Roses are red,

violets are blue,

step forward, Saul Frankel,

or I'll kill all of you.


And they say chivalry is dead.

Hand over the case, Love.

You know what will
happen if you take this.

I know what will happen to you

if I don't.


Long time no see.

Did I interrupt date night?


Amunet Black, I'm
placing you under arrest

for robbery and aggravated assault.

So very official, Mr. Allen.

But aren't you just a CSI?

I'm still a cop who can arrest you.

Oh, okay.

Well, by all means,

let me help you with the first bit.

I have the right to remain silent,

which will come in handy

if you don't want me letting
that little secret identity cat

out of its flashy red bag.

So why don't we just
call this a warning.

I'll be on my way. No harm.

No cowl.

I'm supposed to just let you leave?

Bloody right.

Don't think of coming after me,

'cause if I see you,

or your onesie,

or any one of your frigid or bendy

superhero friends,

I will hold it against all of you

and tell the world your real identities.



That's right.

Because behind every
great man is a woman

rolling her eyes.

Ta-ta, sweethearts!

So much for date night.

Pig misery.

There's no trace of Amunet?

It's like she vanished.

Yeah, she does that.

Were there any rumblings
that she was back in town?

None, but Captain West
has all officers searching

on high alert.

All right, thanks, Korber.

Barry, Amunet has been
off the grid for so long

that if she's back, it must be

for something big and bad,

and I'm pretty sure it involves
that device that she stole.

I know.

Hey, don't worry. We're gonna find her.

I just... I can't
believe I just stood there

and let her walk out.

Barry, it's not your fault.

We knew that her knowing your identity

would come back to bite us.

All right, well, time to fight her
the old-fashioned way.

I'm gonna run some sweeps of the city.

Whoa, whoa, she said no onesies.

Please don't call it that.

What I'm trying to say
is we can't risk her

putting Team Flash on blast.

Okay, but we also can't do nothing.

Well, we won't.

If you want to figure
out a criminal's plan,

visit their playground.

This is a bad idea.

Challenging an entire drug
cartel to a knife fight,

that's a bad idea.

Fun, though.

This, this is nothing.

Just go over there and talk to him.

He really does look miserable.

I'm sure he's over there
working on some sad sack song

to perform tomorrow night.

Trust your awesome life
coach, and just get over there.

- Well, what do I even say?
- I don't know.

You said you could be
yourself around him,

so go do that.

You're right.

Don't worry.

I'm sure they're just good friends.

A really good friend.

- Allegra...
- I knew this was a bad idea.

Next time you want to
play life coach, don't.


I still think it's better if I go.

Babe, this is a known spot

that Amunet used to recruit her crew.

Besides, a cop can't
just waltz in there.

Okay, but it's mostly
criminals in there.

It's really dangerous.

Barry, it's my job to get
information out of people.

Amunet's not gonna be there,

but if someone knows
where she's headed next,

I can get them to talk. It's what I do.

Besides, if things get
dicey, we have our code word.


You hear that, you come fathwooming.


Okay, fine. Just be safe, please.

Scout's honor.

♪ Mother your prodigal's come in ♪

Whiskey, rocks.

You look familiar.

He must read the "Citizen." Get out.

Get out. Get out of there, Iris.

Maybe I have one of those faces.

I'm looking for Amunet Black.

You don't seem like her type.

Got a problem, Lars?


Banana. Banana!


Banana, banana.

Banana, Iris!

Now do I seem like her type?

Seems like I need a new bouncer.

You interested?

I'll keep it in mind.

Now for the last time, where is Amunet?

Last I heard,

she was heisting some specialized tech

from this spot.

♪ 'Cause we like it hard ♪

♪ Oh lord lost and found ♪

♪ Give my soul and I'll take the crown ♪

♪ Oh lord on my side ♪

Thanks for the drink.

Hey, what happened? I
heard glass breaking.

Nothing. I broke a bottle
over some loser's head.

- You what?
- Barry, don't worry.

Everything's fine.

I was playing a role to get information.

Okay, well, that was
maybe crossing a line.

I'm sure they have
some sort of mob doctor

in there somewhere.

Okay, but, I mean, it was reckless,

and it could've backfired.

But it didn't, because
I knew what I was doing.

And we got this.

Is this Amunet's next target?

Let's go get her.

Ooh, I do love loud noises.


For the lady who has everything.

Well, your source at the bar was right.

She's here.

Yeah, but what is she doing?

Any idea what that tech is?


But I'm betting it's connected
to the first device she stole.

We have to figure out how to stop her,

before things get...


Just what I was looking for.

Goldface is working with Amunet?

Well, they did used to date.

You're too late, Keith.

Oh, Leslie.

You know I can't let
you leave with that.

I don't think they're working together.


This is a gang war.

I suppose you're here

to steal what's mine.


What's yours?

Baby, that device belongs to me.

Oh, here we go again

with the possessive man routine.

The vinyl records were mine, Keith.

Since when did you like Radiohead?

I had "OK Computer" on 180 gram vinyl

with a triple gatefold sleeve!


You skipped out

with my "Straight Outta
Compton" soundtrack!

Oh, please, like you
even knew who N.W.A were

before you met me!

Security, freeze!

Don't anybody move.

Took some doing setting up that deal,

and you just stroll out of
Giovanni's with my score?

Sorry not sorry.

- Baby.
- I said freeze!

You know I'm not letting
it go down like that.

Oh, come on.

Looks like somebody's lost their touch.

I said put your hands in the air!


Looks to me like somebody's
lost their gym membership.

- Barry.
- What?

It'll be bad if Amunet
knows the Flash is here.

Yeah, but that guard
might get really hurt.

I have to do something.

Yeah, well, no amount of gym time

could help me lift all your baggage!

Still strong enough to lift this though.

You okay? You okay?

Bye, Felicia.

How did you lift that?

Uh... adrenaline.

Stay here, okay? You'll be okay.


Where are they?

- Gone.
- What?

Well, let's go after them.
We have to get the case.

Who needs the case

when you've got what's inside?

Ah. Oh, my God.

Hey. Did you find anything?


Why are you so tired?

I don't know, I mean...

I mean, to keep Amunet and
Goldface from seeing me,

I had to run so fast I
was practically invisible,

but it's getting bad out there.

I mean, their gangs are
just trading attacks.

It's like both sides think

that the other has the second device.

Yeah. I called my dad.

He said that Amunet and Goldface

are sticking to criminal targets

like each other's stash houses, but...

I don't know, I think

they're trying to hurt each other,

not just their businesses.

Okay. All right.

Well, until we know what they're after,

I guess I'll just keep
patrolling at super speed.

I'm just worried some innocent people

are gonna get caught in their crossfire

while we wait for this
thing to blow over.

I don't think it will, Barry.

When Amunet and Goldface
were arguing at Ivo,

they used each other's real names.

They argued about an
old record collection.

That's personal.

Personal doesn't just blow over.

But what's personal about stealing tech?

Okay, so I called Ryan Choi.

The first item that Amunet stole?

A specialized UV projector.

The second item was a biome
simulated storage unit.

If you combine the two, it can be used

to transport delicate, plant-based life.

They're after a plant? Why?

I don't know.

But if those two are after it,

- it's probably dangerous.
- Yeah.

So a botanist source I
used from an old story

is looking into it,

but I think there's a faster way

to figure this out.

We give Amunet what she wants.

- What?
- Yeah.

We use the leverage we
have, we get close to Amunet,

and we solve this thing from the inside.

No. I mean, that's way too dangerous.

I mean, Amunet knows both of us.

- So?
- So we stay put.

You mean I stay put

while you patrol.

Well, I mean...

You're the Flash. You know best, right?

What? Iris, come on.

I mean, look at the facts...

Screw facts, Barry.

I trust my intuition.

My intuition, by the way,

that saved my life from an assassin

while you were on some island.


What's... okay, what's going on?

It feels like ever since

you came back home the other night,

you've been acting kind of different.

I mean, the pancakes and
the bottle smashing...

Do you hear yourself right now, Barry?


My New Year's resolution?
Learn how to make pancakes.

And I told you that
I was playing a role.

Come on, Barry.

You know what?


I didn't forget my files
at the office last night.

I was following up on a lead, so there.

You were following a lead
in the middle of the night?

I mean, something could
have happened to you.

That, Barry. That right there.

That's why I didn't tell you.
I don't need you to save me.

I can handle myself.

I even have my own
team now, Team Citizen.

- I know.
- And you know what?

While you were preoccupied with Crisis,

I was planning to start
a life without you,

and it was the hardest
thing that I ever had to do,

but I did it because
you asked me to, Barry.

I would do anything for
you, and you know that,

but I can't be your
damsel in distress anymore,

and I cannot be the
voice inside your cowl

cheering you on.

I'm a reporter, Barry,
and I'm a damn good one,

and risky or not, I
deserve to be in that field

just as much as you do.

I know that.

It just feels like...

I mean... it doesn't feel
like we're connecting lately.

I've grown, Barry.

And I'm really proud of
the person that I am today.

I just wish that you
felt the same way too.

Come on, I... Iris.


It's just you.

Yeah, I thought, you know,
maybe it might be the...

you know, the girl, the...

what's her name?



Yeah, Allegra. That's her.

Why are you looking for her?

She's... she's... this...

bucket auger, it's hers,

and she wanted... I was bucket augering,

but now she wants to bucket auger,

so I was like... anyway,
what are you doing?

Sitting here drinking by yourself?

Yes, Valentine's Day drinking

to celebrate what a screw-up I am.

What is that?

Naltorian mead,

left to us by one of the previous Wells.

You know, back when there were
other Wells in the multiverse.


Nash, I didn't...

It's fine. It's fine.

See what I mean?

Everything I touch turns out sucking.

I mean, how do I explain to Ralph

that he's wasted the last five months

trying to teach me how
to be a better person?

'Cause doesn't matter
how much litter I pick up,

how many sick kids I read to,

I still don't get people.

I really thought I could help Allegra

fall back in love with her ex,

but instead, I just made
a mess of everything.

You know, you got lost.

Now you just get back on the highway,

and find new inroads

with this Allegra.


You know, I don't know her very well,

but perhaps she's one of those people

that just sees things
in absolutes, right?

Black and white.

Missions fail or succeed. Right?

You know what you need to do?

You need to get back in there with her.

Open her up and show her

that things aren't just
black and white, you know?

Black and white, that's just for...

death and taxes.

Everything else,

everything else happens in the grays.



Someone's not a fan.

Mrs. Flash?

However did you find your way here?

Well, there is a very charming bartender

that is giving out tips

rather than collecting them, so...


I'll have to kill him.

Hmm. Ladies first.

Ah, wait.

I know what you're after.

And I want in.


So let me get this straight.

Iris West-Allen,

a skyrocketing news media force,

daughter of the police captain,

devoted spouse of the Scarlet Speedster,

all of that,

and I'm supposed to
believe you're willing

to give me an invaluable
piece of stolen tech?

Why, exactly?

Rappaccini's Daughter.

A rare orchid recently shipped for study

at CC Arboretum.

And why on this great big blue marble

do you think that I would
be interested in that?

Well, because what makes it rare

isn't that it blooms every 25 years.

It's the flower's pollen.

When adequately heated,
it can be synthesized

into a telepathic narcotic.

If you can read minds,

it would be much easier to
gain access to PIN numbers

to big, fat bank accounts.


Well done!

But you didn't answer the
most important question.

Why the bloody hell
should I believe you?

Because I want to use the pollen.

For what?

Well, as you know, I
am married to the Flash,

and he's a man who
has a lot on his mind.


And lately, that hasn't been me.

And to tell you the truth,

I'm afraid that all this superhero-ing

is ruining my marriage.

But if I could use the pollen,

then I could read his mind.

Oh, why didn't you just say so?

That I can believe!

Girl, I am no stranger

to roguish means for love.

You mean you and Goldface.


They're all idiots. Who needs them?

This could be the start
of a beautiful friendship!

Come along.

We're going flower shopping.

Goldface's gang

is throwing Molotov cocktails

at one of Amunet's warehouses.

They are retaliating

by sinking their latest delivery boat.

I mean, I know it's criminal
on criminal attacks right now,

but if we don't stop it, I mean,

it could be a Valentine's Day massacre

where civilians get hurt.

Yeah, no, I'll keep doing sweeps.

- I'll help wherever I can.
- Mm.

Well, I might have to roll
out a special meta taskforce.

Can you pull together Team Flash?

No, I can't. I mean, she knows them all.

I have to protect their identities too.

You know what, Joe,
there's something not right

about this Amunet-Goldface thing, and...

Iris thinks there's
something personal going on.

Well, I mean, I do wish
they were still a couple.

I mean, things were a lot
quieter out there and safer.

Some Valentine's Day, huh?



You've been looking down a lot.

My floor's not that
interesting, so what's up?

It's Iris.

I mean, she... I don't
know, it's just something

that's suddenly off between us,

or at least it feels sudden to me.

And what'd she say about that?

She's grown,

and I haven't accepted it.

Mm, I don't know about that second part,

but that first part?

She has grown.

She took down a Black Hole assassin.

And she led the charge

to find Ryan Choi during Crisis.

And she was the only one

who knew that Rosso hadn't
completely taken you over.

I mean, what does
that sound like to you?

I know.

I mean, she has grown,

and I guess she was right.

I mean, I didn't notice

because I was consumed with Crisis.

We're just not clicking
like usual though.

Do you think maybe she's grown apart?

Barry, no. No.

Neither one of you are
ever gonna stop growing.

I mean, marriage is like a tree.

I mean, bear with me.

Look, the branches,

they grow from the center.

They grow farther and
farther away from the center,

but what you have to
remember is underneath,

the roots?

They're mirroring the branches.

They're growing just as much.

So you're growing your foundation.

Now of course, you
gotta tend to the soil,

communicate with each other,

take care of each other,

look out for each other, but...

as the branches grow,

so does your foundation.

So you grow together.

Art therapy. Been there.

Look, I'm sorry about Jitters.

I know you meant well.

No, I'm sorry.

Look, my life coach made my life better.

I was just trying to pay it forward.

I probably should've
gotten the whole story

about your breakup

before trying to intervene.

I guess I haven't
exactly been an open book.

Why don't you start from page one?

After I got out of Iron Heights,

I wanted to take a shot

at living a normal, non-meta life.

That's when I met Emerson.

We became friends.

Then we went on a few dates.

Had some laughs.

But it ran its course,

so I dropped it.

You ghosted him.

Kind of.


You didn't want him to
find out you're a meta.

Back then, I could barely
deal with my powers.

How could I expect someone else to?

Anyway, it was never
gonna work between us.

You don't know that.

I mean, you never gave him a chance

to find out who you really are.

It doesn't matter now.

He probably hates me for ghosting him.

Are you sure?

'Cause maybe he's been looking
for you every day since.

Or maybe he forgot you existed.

Whatever it is, you don't know

because you've been
filling in the blanks

without the facts.

Coming clean to Emerson

might actually make
you feel a lot better.

And who knows?

Maybe you'll get a friend out of it.

But you can't assume that life happens

in black and white,

because life happens in the gray,

and you need to get out
there and live in it.

Keith and I were like fireworks

when we were together.

We shared the same ambitions,
and it ignited us both.

We inspired each other.

Rappaccini's Daughter was meant
to be our greatest score ever.

Even though it only
blooms every 25 years?

What can I say?

We were optimists, making
plans for the future.

We knew that it was
set to bloom this year,

and once we had our hands
on its mindreading powers,

no one would be able to stop us.

We would run this town together.

I felt like I could be
myself when I was with him.

He's the only one who
ever saw beyond all this.

He saw me for me.

So what went wrong?

Hmm, as business boomed,
our relationship didn't.

Our passion wilted

and died.

I don't know, Amunet.

The way you two were
trying to kill each other...

It's a fine line between
love and hate, my dear.

Thank you.

Why don't you just
tell him how you feel?

Talk to him.


I'm better off without him.

And when I get my hands on that flower,

I'll run this town myself.

Come, my lovelies.

Hello, lover.

That case.

It looks like a larger version
of the tech that you stole.

This orchid

is a lot like love.

It can only survive

in a carefully tended environment.

That glass device you gave me

is a miniature biome simulator.

The UV projector provides
a nurturing light.




You shouldn't have.

Seeing that you got the
means to transport the flower,

I figured I'd take
them both from you ace.

Consider it a Valentine's gift.

And here I thought we weren't
exchanging gifts this year.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Barry, what are you doing?

Amunet can't see the Flash here.

I'm done playing her game,

and I'll risk anything to save you.

Look, after piecing together
the leads that you dug up,

it wasn't hard to figure out

that they were after
Rappaccini's Daughter.

They're gonna destroy each other.

Not if they both accept that they still

have feelings for each other.

Joe did say things were
better when they were together.

My life got better without you.

You're dead weight.

You were the biggest
mistake I ever made!

You always had this
one really bad habit.


You are nothing but a cheap, bald Mr. T.

I'm gonna stop their crossfire.

I'd rather date Norvock than you.

That makes two of us!

Your American accent sucks!

So does yours!

I'm from Connecticut. I went to Yale.

Okay, stop. Just stop this.

You guys were happy
together once, right?

- Why'd you break up?
- I thought I said...

She stopped listening to me.

I needed her support
when things went bad,

not her cold shoulder.

I got tired of him always
celebrating with his posse

and only coming to me to
whine about his failures.

- It got old!
- Okay, see?

I mean, you guys are talking now.

This is great, right?

I said no onesie.

Okay, why does everybody
keep calling it that?

Whatever you call it,

there's an awful lot
of gold in there, Flash.


Oh, God.

Now, where were we?

I was just about to tell you

when I told you I liked your dog?

I lied! I'm a cat person.

The mud mask you use
at night smells rank.

Real mud smells better.


Oh, that didn't feel great.

Okay, it's no use.
There's no fixing them.

I have an idea,

but it might be reckless.

What's the plan?

Burn the flower.

There you go again, twirling
your shiny spaghetti.

I'd hold you forever,

but it still wouldn't
be enough time together.

The sight of your eyes
fills my heart with gold.

Did it work?

The stars at night can only dream

they'd ever shine as bright as you.

I was always so proud of
the work you did at Yale.

Your natural mud mask works wonders.

You complete me.

What's happening?

I missed you.

I missed you too.

Oh, I'm sorry. I should
take off my gauntlet.

Leave it on, girl.

Daddy likes the metal.

I can't unsee this.

Well, at least it's less violent

than a gang war?

- Barely. Yeah.
- Yeah.

More nicks than I remember.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day.

- How'd it go?
- Better than I thought.

I said sorry for ghosting him.

Told him why.

He accepted my apology.

So he's fine with you being a meta?


Turns out his new
drummer is bioluminescent.

Emerson and I are
gonna be friends again.

And you know what?

I think that's what I was
really missing this whole time.

Him too, he actually wants me to go

take a look at his new lyrics
before he goes on stage.

Look at you. Back to being a muse.


So, thanks

for your help with all
the gray life stuff.

It's exactly what I needed to hear.

You're welcome.

Although I can't take all the credit.

A friend of mine did
give me some advice.

Well, tell them thanks too.

They may not know me, but they get me.

Frost. I mean...


Got your message. What's so important?

I thought you'd want to
know that Allegra was here

so you could give her your tool thingy.

The... are you kidding? Really?

You bring me to a crappy

Valentine's Day open mic night for that?


also so I could tell
you that I owe you one.

The advice you gave, it really helped me

get through to Allegra.

It was very insightful.

Almost parental.

You going somewhere with that?

I'm just saying, if
you ever want to talk,

like I said, I owe you one.

And I'm a very good listener.

Hell of a Valentine's Day, huh?

Next year, we lock
ourselves in the Time Vault

and don't come out till morning.


I'm really sorry that I made you feel

like I wasn't seeing all
your success in a larger way.

- Babe, it's fine.
- No, it's not.

You've made a name for yourself,

and this city looks to
you and the "Citizen"

for the truth about what's going on.

And I am so proud of who you are

and all of your accomplishments.

I just...

for a moment today, I felt like...

maybe we were growing apart.

That will never happen.

I get that now.

And babe, just remember
that no matter what changes,

you're always gonna be
my lightning rod too.

- Iris West-Allen?
- Hmm?

Will you be my Valentine?

You read my mind.

Get away from him!


That's not me!

She's not me!