The Flash (2014–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Into the Void - full transcript

When Barry and Iris deal with the loss of their daughter, the team faces their greatest threat yet - one that threatens to destroy all of Central City; Killer Frost has a brush with death that will change her relationship with Caitlin.

Last season on The Flash...

Hi, Mom and Dad.
If you're watching this,

it means that something went wrong.

What's happening?

A new timeline is setting in.

- Thank you for everything.
- We love you.

Look, Kamilla, I don't want
to keep this from you anymore.

If being Vibe
is a part of the life you want,

I would never get in the way of that.

I want to take the cure.

Killer Frost and I
are really gonna miss Vibe.

Me too.


I'd like my replacement to be you, Joe.

- As captain?
- Captain Joe West.

None of you can stop
what's been set into motion.

Because nothing you can do
can alter what's about to happen.

It's a system-wide power surge.

It's coming from the time vault.

- Are we under attack?
- I don't know.

Whatever's going on started
the moment we left.

I wasn't perfect.

Please remember that I love you both.

And I always will. And I always will.

And I always will. Always will...

Barry, Nora's message.

Why is it every time I come to visit,
there's always a crisis?

Comes with the meta territory.

750 mph, he's getting faster.

- Who is this guy, anyway?
- An old family friend.

His name's Godspeed,
and he's from the future.

He's like a fake speedster.

What's that?

The real deal.

Kick his butt, Barry.

Done and done-r.

Who are you, and
what are you doing in Central City?

He's just like the others.
No language skills, just noise.


What was that?

The fourth Godspeed
we've caught this summer,

and still no sign of Mr. August Heart.

Just another dummy who can't

communicate anything beyond modem speak.

All right. I'm clocking out.

Why don't you drop off G4
at Iron Heights, Barry.

I don't think we're figuring out
this mystery today.

This is nice, Dad.
We should do this way more often.


Hey, before I forget,
congratulations on The Citizen.

Yeah, well, you know, there's
millions of people in Central City,

and I've only got a couple hundred
thousand subscribers, you know?

I'm no CCPN.

Well, not yet. But in about ten years,

you'll be
a Pulitzer Prize-winning empire.

Baby steps, Dad.

Damn, this is good.

You know, you can't get drunk.

I don't even care,
that's how good this is.

Never fear, the party's here!

We brought my famous ambrosia salad,
and veggie dogs for Ralph.

- Guys, Ralph's still in Peru.
- Or Monaco. Or Texas?

All that for a Missing Persons case?
That's dedication.

Guys, guys, what are we doing?

Baby Jenna's napping
like a little angel,

and I have creamed corn, I have
candied yams, I have collard greens.


Baby, let's eat.


- How's the MAC coming?
- There's mac and cheese, too?

No, the Mental Augmentation Chamber.

Basically, it allows us to
tap into the Speed Force

to boost Barry's cognitive abilities.

It would allow him to see

every possible outcome to a scenario
at the same time.

So, speed-thinking?

Which means we'll be able
to catch all the bad guys faster.

With all the ones that
you brought in this summer, Barry,

the DA's office
can barely keep up with you.

Hey, since the MAC's done,
we should take it for a test run.

Absolutely not. You know
we're still working out diagnostics.

We could put in a few hours tonight,
get a head start.

Barry, if there's anything I've learned

since leaving Vibe behind,

it's that we all have
a work-life balance to protect.

And right now,
mine is tipping towards more beer.

Besides, I still gotta
tweak the mainframe,

and I can't do that without...

Every time. tablet. Thank you.

I'm gonna go get that beer.

Hey, so the last time I talked
to you guys, you seemed good.

You guys good?

We were devastated at first,
but Nora's only gone for right now.

We're gonna have kids someday,
and then we'll have another Nora.

Yeah. I think knowing that

we have a second chance
makes all the difference.

I gotta go.
A break-in at East Side Industrial.

Dad, um, I meant to ask you,

what did you do with those boxes
that were in the back of the garage?

Oh, he finally threw them away.
Thank you very much.

Okay. I gotta make a call.

Guys, I'm sorry,
I actually have to sneak out, too,

a friend of mine from med school
needs my support.

Thanks for having me. It was delicious.

Bye, Caitlin.

You notice ain't nobody help clean up?

My name is Ramsey Rosso...

and my mother, Dr. Rachel Rosso,
was everything to me.

When I was seven,
I skidded out pretty badly on a bike

she bought me for my birthday.

Imagine a scared kid with
two scraped knees and a bloody nose.

When Mum found me,
she picked me right up,

she brushed me off

and told me to get back on my bike
and ride.

I tried, but I couldn't.

It was almost like I was paralyzed.
It hurt so bad.

That's when she told me
that I would heal.

That I must never let a little pain

stop me from getting to
where I needed to go in life.

And she was right.

I did heal.

Enough to grow up
and follow in her footsteps.

And even though a beautiful life
was cut short

when she lost her battle
to heal herself...

she's still helping me
to get to where I need to go today.

And for that, I will always be grateful.

Thank you, Jonathan.

Ramsey, hi.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Your mother was an incredible woman.
I'm gonna miss her.

It means so much that you came.

Mum actually saw
something of herself in you.

Probably because
you're both overachievers.

Your hands are so cold.

Are you all right?

Yeah. Sorry, I'm fine. I'm probably
just coming down with something.

I hope not.
Doctors make rubbish patients.

- It was nice to see you.
- Caitlin...

Things have been a bit, uh, crazy.

Do you fancy coming around
for a cuppa sometime?

You know, for a proper catch up.

I could really use someone
to talk to right now.

Of course, any time.
Just give me a call.

Well, my log says
that your father's stuff

should've ended up
somewhere around here.

Here it is.

Must be pretty important.

Yeah, it is. Thanks.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hey! Hang on, I got you!

Hang on!

Are you okay?

What the hell?

I missed you last night.
Are you sure you're okay?


What were you doing out here, anyway?

I was following up on a lead.

The Citizen got a tip that there were
a series of junkyard robberies.

People file police reports
for stolen trash?

Yeah, well, you know, not everything
that's here is garbage.

Everything here is garbage!

I hate garbage!

Okay, have fun with Ghostbusters.

- I'll see you at home.
- Mmm-hmm.

What do you got?

This site is littered, no pun intended,

with gamma rays and magnetar fields.

What are you saying?
Iris was attacked by a...


A frackin' black hole.

That is a whole lot of information
to disseminate.

No one's ever extrapolated this much
data from a black hole before.

We can be the first.

Come on, we're Team Flash.

What did you put in his coffee?

Okay, a black hole just showed up
and nearly swallowed Iris.

So, let's crunch the numbers,
find out where it went.

I'm sorry, are we looking
at the same screen?

Creating a search algorithm
for this is gonna be

like deciphering a mystery
wrapped up in an enigma.

Then it's a good thing that
mystery is my middle name.

The name is Dibny...

Ralph Dibny.

Welcome back, Ralph.

It's good to see you, man.

Nice threads, where did you get them?

Picked this up in the Opal.

A Missing Persons case send you
all the way to Opal City?

And beyond, my friend.

A summer spend undercover rubbing
Rolexes with the wealthy elite.

Did you guys know it's pronounced
"yacht" and not "ya-ch-t"?

- Yeah.
- God, I missed you.

Anyway, just following any leads
that might help explain

the disappearance of Sue Dearbon.

I don't think I've ever seen you
this devoted to a case.

Me neither,
but this one is a real tragedy.

Maybe it was the look of desperation
in her parents' eyes,

when they begged me
to find their daughter.

So, uh, what's new in Central City?

- We are trying to track a black hole.
- Of course you are.

We were just about
to start decoding this data stream.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I'm sorry. Sorry.

I've been having
these random frost-outs lately.

- For how long?
- All summer.

It's happened twice
in the last couple of days.

Cait, you're probably overworked.
Maybe take a time-out.

A friend of mine
did want to meet for coffee.

- Ramsey?
- Yeah.

It's never easy losing a parent.
Maybe you should take him up on it.

I'll give him a call.

Ah, found it.

Theft report for Leawood
and New Brighton junkyard.

- See? I have a system.
- You're a hoarder, but I love you.


Huh. These don't seem to have
anything to do with the black hole.

They're just run of the mill
human thefts.

Well, you have a list of persons
of interest in any case.

Yeah, thank you.
Um, I'll get right on this.


- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

I don't know, maybe I'm still a
little shaken up from the black hole.

I'll be fine, thank you.

You remembered how I like my lattes.

With a bit of cinnamon, just like Mum.

You know,
of all her CC hospital residents,

she really took
a special liking to you.

She was the first person to realize
that I was into cutting-edge tech.

It was her letter of recommendation

that started my career at S.T.A.R. Labs.

I couldn't save her, Cait.

I had to watch as her body betrayed her.

Do you know how HLH works?

Then you know the cancer literally
boils you from the inside out.

Can you imagine
what that must've felt like?

Watching her suffer...

That's my last memory of her.

Don't let it be.

What you said at the funeral,
about how brave she was,

remember that.

I lied.

Truth is, she was a coward.

What do you mean?

As a doctor, she knew
her chances of surviving were slim.

So, she just started
ticking things off her bucket list.

Isn't that a good thing?

She should've gone down fighting.
Instead, she ran away.

I didn't.

In HLH, white blood cells
attack the body's immune system.

The median survival rate after
diagnosis was two to six months.

Not anymore.

My God,
this is a potential cure.

But what's the bonding agent
strengthening the body's defenses?

Dark matter.

I know what you're thinking, Cait.

I thought the same thing, too, at first.

But I've been running
simulations for months,

and they all show the same results.
My cure will work.

Or turn them into meta-humans
against their will.

But I can save lives.

I just need the dark matter
to start human trials.

And that's why you wanted
to get coffee with me.

S.T.A.R. Labs has the dark matter
I need to take the next step.

You have access to it.

Ramsey, your research,
it's groundbreaking.

But using dark matter,
that's a deal breaker.

It wasn't when you made
the meta-human cure.

That was different,
we were trying to protect them.

But what about the rest of us?

I'm sorry. I really am.

But my answer is still no.

She didn't have to die, Cait.
No one with HLH does.

Because you could help me stop it.

Frost, where are you?

- How are you feeling?
- Like I should be dead.

That's not gonna happen.

We're Team Flash,
we always watch each other's backs.

And we always keep each other safe.

Meanwhile, over here in the real world,

our black hole keeps growing up.

Only next time it pops up,
it won't just be Jitters,

the whole city could be in danger.

Why did this thing show up
outside Jitters, anyway?

What does a coffee shop
have in common with a junkyard?

I think I know who can tell us.

Okay, so I followed up with CCPD's
list of junkyard robberies.

Ten of them were persons of interest.
Nine were career criminals.

But this one guy, a scientist,

was let go with a warning after being
caught stealing old lab equipment.

Team Flash, meet Chester P. Runk.

Hey, what up, party people?

Welcome to a world where all are welcome

and anything, including
the scientifically impossible,

can and probably will happen.

I'm your boy...

- ... Chester!
- I really like him.

I'm gonna rock your world
with knowledge

from the bleeding edge of physics

and beyond. Beyond... Beyond...

I've been working on that echo.

And, yes, as usual,
I'm fueled by some...

Mmm! Damn fine coffee
from everyone's favorite beanerie.

Poured, of course, to perfection
by a certain special someone.

Hmm? Huh? Huh?

No, WookieLover77, I...

I have not asked her out yet.
But I've got my punch card. Okay?

Three more Vibe-accinos
and I'm making my move, baby.

I'm making my move, baby.
I'm making my move, baby.

Okay, he talks about Natalie
for a while, so...

Here we go.

Is he building
what I think he's building?

Behold, believers.

A gravitational wave-emitter powered
by a modulating neutrino charger.

In other words,
"time to call some aliens."

He built this in his garage?

Using nothing but trash, what a legend.

Oh, he's turning it on.

Oh, no. No, no, no,
that's not supposed to do that.

Oh, crap.

Uh, hold on.

Okay, not exactly getting
the supervillain vibe

from our boy Chester here.

He opened a black hole by accident.

And what about Chester? Is he okay?

Well, police reports show
that EMTs took him to the ER.

But then after that,
the trail goes cold.

Just a tiny question here.

How do we destroy a black hole?

Well, I am not a doctor...

but I'm gonna assume, in this case,
that negative means a positive?

Not if it means being clueless
about why my powers won't work.

Did anything out of the ordinary
happen recently?

I went to my friend
Ramsey's mom's funeral yesterday.

Anything unusual about the service?

No, it was a lovely service
for an inspiring woman.

And today, I nearly got sucked
into oblivion.

Has our frosty femme fatale ever
refused to come out like this before?

The last time I can think of
is right after my dad died.


So, you think funeral plus nearly
getting sucked into a black hole

equals Killer Frost is afraid of dying?

Maybe. But I know
we're gonna figure this out.

This place creeps me out.

Will this sort you out?

Nice doing business with you.

Whoever pissed you off
won't be a problem anymore.

Chester P. Runk is here?

Ward nurses say he's been catatonic
since he arrived.

Just involuntary muscle spasms.


My name is Iris West-Allen,
I'm a reporter.

Chester, can you hear me?

He was our only lead.


You lost something of Nora's
last night, didn't you?

Something that Joe
accidentally threw away,

it ended up at that junkyard.

I just miss her so much.

Every day, every minute.

And I know that is selfish because...

one day, I'm gonna
get to see Nora again.

But it won't be our Nora, you know.
The one that we knew, the one that...

we have pictures of, the one
that we grew to love. You know...

That Nora is gone forever.

And I guess, because of that,
you know, I just...

I don't know how I'm supposed to feel.

Iris, you do not get to cheat
the grieving process

just because you know
you're gonna see Nora again someday.

Yeah, you're right.

I guess I just haven't been able to
put into words how I've been feeling.


What is it?

It's Chester.

Oh, my God.

You're looking at
the world's first inverse mass

angular momentum disruptor.

But we can just call it
the stellar grenade.

Cool. So, this will destroy
the black hole?

As long as it doesn't get much bigger,

this will reverse the hole's
mass collecting properties,

causing it to implode.

Just toss it in the event horizon,

hasta lasagna, don't get any on ya.

We can't.

If we destroy it,
we're gonna kill Chester, too.

You sure about this?

Yeah, the corona's flare matched

the exact cadence of Chester's fingers.

So, the black hole
and Chester are connected?

Actually, I think Chester
is the black hole.

Watch this. So, normally,

stimuli enters the brain
through the sensory area,

goes up to the temporal lobe,
and then back around.

But watch what happens
in Chester's brain.

It starts in the right area,
but halfway through its rotation,

it disappears.

I think I know where it's going.

You're looking at a map of
the negative ionic energy

inside the black hole.

Watch what happens when an energy
pulse travels along its tendrils.

See how it stops halfway?

The black hole is the other half
of Chester's mind.

It's his consciousness.

Maybe it's been showing up in places

that hold
an emotional attachment for him.

Like the junkyard,
where he stole stuff for his projects.

He had a crush on a girl at Jitters.

Okay, so all we have to do
is get Chester's mind

out of the black hole,
reunite it with his body,

and once his condition stabilizes,
the black hole should just collapse.

Right. But they don't exactly
teach that in med school.

Okay, but we can't just let Chester die.

We have to do something.

Look, I don't like saying it,

but I think we need to consider it.

Cisco, I know where you're going.

You know we already
have a way of beating this

- before it gets any bigger.
- We're not discussing this.

You think I like saying this? I don't.

But if we don't find a solution
for this and find one now,

we're gonna have to make
a choice down the line.

And it's either gonna be Chester,

or it's gonna be
everyone in Central City.

I'm not losing anyone else!

Let's find another way.

Where's the meltdown?

We gotta talk.

What is your problem?

My problem is, we needed you,

and you were holed up
in your snow-tress of solitude.

You even refused to come out at Jitters.

Flash was there,
so spare me the little hallway chat.

And I am not afraid of dying.

I know that,
but you are afraid of living.

Thomas' death, the funeral,

what happened at Jitters,
all those things happened to Caitlin.

She also led her high school debate team

to back-to-back championships,

she went to med school,
she married Ronnie.

- Those are her memories.
- Yes, I know. I was there.

What's your point?

Having Caitlin's memories
isn't the same as having your own.

Like you'd know anything about that.

I know it sucked sitting courtside
for The Thinker show

when he hijacked my body.

And I think that you've been
going through something similar

since Thomas died.

And after being at that funeral,

seeing that woman live the last days
of her life to the fullest,

I think that made you want to start
living your best life right now.

That's not my gig. Okay?

I fight the bad guys, keep Caity safe...

and then go back in my cage.

I just have to deal with it.

Have you thought to ask Caitlin
how she feels?

What's she gonna say?
"Go ahead, Frost, take the wheel."

There's only one way to find out.

You know, Barry, I think
it's time we face the truth.

I can't give up on Chester.

No, I meant about Nora.

Look, I know we keep saying
that we're fine.

But I still miss the Nora...

that was, Barry,
not the Nora that will be,

and I think that you do, too.

I think that's why you've been
working so hard all summer.

I thought if I could keep people safe,

that it would make up
for how much I missed her.

Like, all the work this summer,
and the long hours,

pushing myself, pushing the team...

it was so I could avoid
what scares me the most.

I'll never get over this.

There is no support group
for what we're experiencing.

You know why I was at that junkyard?

I lost my purple jacket.

And I was obsessed with

getting it back because...

you know, in my mind...

Nora needs it.

You know, she needs it to become XS.

And when that thing
swallowed it, just...

Just for, like, a tiny second,
I wanted it to swallow me, too.

You know, the only way
we're gonna get through this

is if we carry this burden together.

That's the only way, Barry.

We just ran out of time.

Okay, so how do we get Chester's
consciousness out of the black hole?

Well, the electrical impulses
that make up Chester's mind

are just past
the black hole's threshold,

but since his synaptic energy
has a negative charge...

I could use my lightning's positive
charge to attract his energy.

- Like a magnet.
- Exactly.

Then what? I mean, how are you gonna
survive inside of there?

Your... your Speed Force aura
should protect you, right?

What if it doesn't?

The gravimetric forces will crush you
to a subatomic size within seconds.

That's not gonna happen.

The Speed Force is a billion times
stronger than any gravimetric force.

Even if you do survive the entry,

we don't have a way of keeping
Chester's mind intact on the way out.

We need superconductive wiring
from a quantum computer to do that,

and last time I checked,
those only exist in the future.

Nora. Our Nora.

She can still help us.

Oh, my God, her backup gauntlet.
Cisco, it's still here.

That gauntlet's gonna have
the filament we need.

I'll strip it out and thread it
into your suit.

Okay, in the meantime,
Ralph, can you and Frost

help CCPD evacuate downtown?

Frost is ready to come out
and to use Cisco's present.

Captain, you shouldn't be out here.

It's my city, too.
Help these people get out of here.

Yes, sir!

Run, dude.

You're welcome.

Suit's finished.

Okay, great, so, when Barry gets
Chester's consciousness out of there,

what is he supposed to do
with that energy?

You remember the MAC?

Yeah, but it's not working.

No, but the structural integrity
is strong enough

to contain synaptic energy.

Besides, we already
moved Chester into it, so...

I'm sorry, what? We moved Chester?

That's right. I may be small,
but I can bench my body weight.

That's it.

I've been saving this

for the right moment, since day one.

Really, Cisco?

The guy is running in
and out of a black hole.

- Good point.
- Yeah.

Flash! A-ah!

He's a miracle

That's your window! Go!

Flash! A-ah!

King of the impossible

He's for every one of us
Stand for every one of us

He saves with a mighty hand
Every man, every woman

Every child, it's the mighty flash

- How long before he comes out?
- Seconds.

I think.

- You think?
- I think...


Barry, can you hear me?


Barry, Barry, please, say something.

Babe, please.

Please, Barry, I can't lose you, too.


King of the impossible

He's for every one of us
Stand for every one of us

He saves with a mighty hand
Every man, every woman

Every child, it's the mighty flash

The black hole imploded.


Can you hear me?

Come back here. To us.

To this body.

To yourself.

What up, party people!

Hey, hey, you're the Flash.

With the speeding around
and the lightning, and all that.

Big fan, man, big fan.

Also, where am I?

Chester is doing so much better.

I mean, don't get me wrong,

he's still, you know,
glowing in the eyes

with orange dark energy,
but he's in really good spirits.

How long until he gets out?

Caitlin said his molecules need to
re-stabilize at the sub-atomic level.

My guess is,
he'll need to cook in the MAC

for another four to six weeks,

maybe more, until he's back to normal.

Oh, believe me, he's more than happy

to chill here at S.T.A.R. Labs
in the meantime.

And when he does get out,

that boy knows exactly
what he wants to do.

Mmm, definitely gonna ask Natalie out.

Speaking of going out,

Kamilla and I are doing

so I'm gonna mosey.

Of course, moseying
is a lot harder these days post-Vibe.

Showing up to a date in the
S.T.A.R. Labs van, not a good look.

Mmm, no. I'll give you a ride.

And risk looking like
my mom just dropped me off?

Or even better, you can walk.

Okay, I'm coming.

It never occurred to me
that you might wanna live a life.

That's why I never offered
to let you drive.

Not because I think
you're only good in a fight.

You sure?
I know it's a really big ask

I don't want you
feeling obligated or whatever.

Frost, you have always been there
for me, protecting me...

Now, I get to do something for you.

Besides, even though it's always felt
like you were a part of me,

for the first time,
it feels like I'm a part of you.

Thank you.

Any time.

Guess everything's
coming up Frosty, huh?

Yeah, I guess.

Where do I start?

How do you, you know, live a life?

With a life coach, of course.

So, first things first,
the name "Killer,"

it's a little bit too much
for some folks.

Have you thought about changing it?
My mom's middle name is Anne.

I'll never accept death.
Not like you did.

So, what made you believe that

you could carry Chester
out of that place?

You made me believe I could do it.

I realized we could be
each other's support group.

Even though it's gonna take some time.

If we can carry a memory
like this together in our hearts,

carrying somebody's consciousness
out of a black hole,

it's a piece of cake.

Besides, how else
could I get this back for you?

I know it's not as good as Nora's video.

It's better.

Now we have something
that we can honor Nora with.

She was pretty schway.

What do you want?

For your universe to survive.

The plinth.

You destroyed it.
You destroyed Nora's message.

Unfortunate side-effect.

But I needed to discourage you.

From doing what?


Your determination is boundless, Flash.

It is one of your greatest qualities.

But you cannot avoid the coming crisis.

Barry has five years before he vanishes.

No longer.

December 10th, 2019.

On that day, he will answer the call.

And make the ultimate sacrifice.

Soon, this world will fight for
the fate of all the known universes.

I'm not gonna leave my family.

There has to be a way
to stop what's coming.

I am sorry.

But events have been set into motion
that you cannot possibly comprehend.

I don't need to understand them!

- Just tell me what I can do.
- To survive?

You can't.

In order for billions to survive
this coming crisis...

the Flash must die.