The Flash (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - The Death of Vibe - full transcript

Following Cicada's attack on the Flash, Nora comes up with a plan that puts a member of the team in danger.

Previously on
The Flash...

We have a kid who defied
the laws of physics

to hang out with her parents.


- Killer Frost...
- Is gone.

The only time you need
your mother

is when you're in trouble.

My father's
death certificate.

The M.E.
who signed off on it,

he doesn't exist.

Now I know why she never
wants to leave

her dad's side
and never wants to be by mine.

I just lost my speed.

Sounds like an insect.

Like a cicada.

Who's Cicada?

As a kid

there was a part
of the Flash Museum

that always scared me.

I guess it's normal
for children

to be afraid of monsters.

But this monster
was different.

No one knows where
he came from,

how he got his powers,

who he is.

All that's known is his alias,

and the last sound his
victim's hear.

But that's not
what makes him scary.

What makes him scary is...

you never catch him.

We never catch him?

Supergirl, The Legends,

even The League tried,
but no one was successful.

Probably 'cause he can dampen
everybody's powers

with that magic friggin'

Not all superpowers
are meta-humans though.

- What about...
- Green Arrow?

Yeah, he tried too once,

So we're dealing with
a meta-human Jack the Ripper.


What else do you know
about him?

Just that he...

he's early.

What do you mean he's early?

In my history,
Cicada's first victim

was a meta-human named
Floyd Belkin.

And he never killed Gridlock
or Block.

They're completely different

Because the timeline changed.

and now they're both dead...

because of me.

Okay, there's no telling

the ripple effect
of this change

or what kind of future Nora's
gonna return to.

We gotta catch this guy fast.

You mean catch the guy
that future us can't catch?

Right, I thought beating
The Thinker was hard.

Guys, it's Joe.
CCPD needs help downtown.

- Okay, I got it.
- No, I'll... I'll do it.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I got it.

You guys stay here
and deal with

the meta serial killer.

Okay, guys, look,
we've got this.

Let's just canvass
some crime scenes,

interview some witnesses,
and see if there's any

common acquaintances
between Gridlock and Block.

I have a plan.

You... you've got
a plan already?

I know how to fix this.

Now nobody try nothing funny.

This baby is solar
with a zero carbon footprint.

I spent a week
in the sun charging

with U, V, A, B, and C!

So y'all stay put.

Hey. Hey!

I told you,
I brought my own bags.

- Sorry.
- Apology accepted.

Don't forget
the other kind of greens.

What the hell?

Fear not, good citizens.

Elongated Man is here.

Why do I feel like
you're focusing

on the wrong thing?

I just saved you...

okay, if you're gonna...

just don't post... don't post...

I saw you post it.

So your plan is
to contact Herr Wells?

Yes, that's my plan.

I know in the future you guys
never bring in a Wells

to help you catch Cicada.

So if you want a different
result this time...

I try something new.

It's a great idea.

- 'Cept it's not.
- What?

It's a terrible idea.
If you're looking

for cooperation, trust me,
this is not your guy.

He is just an asshat.

That was way harsh, Cisco.

- I'm sorry, I'm being harsh?
- Yes.

Go ahead, call him.

See if you don't get
a steaming pile of side-eye.



The Flash.

Wait for it.

- I love The Flash.
- What?

Oh, you Barry Allen, yah?
With the zoom, zoom,

and defy the physics laws
and gravity.

Always with some style
and grace, yah.

Thanks, man.

Das Kinder Flash.
Child of the Flash.

Obviously, you have
your father's moral fiber, yah.

And your mother's smarts,
and classic beauty.

- Oh, my God. Stop.
- Thank you, Herr Wells.

No, don't thank him.

Don't fall for this ruse.

Clearly this guy
is putting on an act.

He's a charlatan.

But you hurt me,
stab me in the back,

this guy who must be Cisco.

- You know who I am.
- Hey, don't be rude.

All right, look.
Hey, I'm sorry.

We need your help catching

a meta-human serial killer.

I have heard of this Cicada.

Of course, the message already
from Kinder Flash.

I'm otherwise occupied,

unable to assist you
at this time.

- You can't?
- Nein.

But, I have done one better

and called someone who can.

This man is a legend,
this man is

the greatest detective
in all the Multiverse.

So I've attached
his coordinates

- if you want to look at them.
- Okay.

- Yah, do you see it?
- Got 'em.

- Good.
- Cisco.

Cisco what?
You want me to breach him here?

- Yeah.
- Hello? I just got Benihana'd.

- Hurts a little bit.
- Sorry.

Why don't we just breach him
here the old fashioned way?

Hey, man, thank you for this.
This is great.

Privilege and an honor
to help The Flash, yah,

and Kinder Flash,
and Iris Flash, yah.

Bye, Kinder Flash.

Bye, Herr Wells.

Nice guy.

What are you talking about,

- He's awesome.
- He's not...

You know what?

Let's just turn on
the extrapolator

and get this master detective
out here.


I imagined your Earth
would be colder.

Harrison Sherloque Wells

at your service.

I'm here to catch your killer.

Barry, what is he doing?

I don't know.
Maybe it's some kind

- of CSI kit?
- Et voilà.

Just let him...

That's the stuff.

And now we can begin.

- Tea?
- That's right.

We've been watching you
for 20 minutes.

You're welcome.

- Cannot rush excellence.
- This is a waste of time.

Thank you very much for coming,

I'm sure you would like it
if I took my leave, right?

Could have more time to recover
from your recent heartbreak.

What are you talking about?

under-eye bruising,

which indicates
you've been crying.

Flaky skin,
which indicates dehydration,

probably from
alcohol consumption.

Alcohol plus crying
can only mean one thing.

You have been dumped.

Wrong, detective.

- I have not been dumped.
- Oh, no?

It was a mutual decision,

Cynthia and I, we reached
a decision together as a team.

Of course.

Okay, and I haven't been

In fact, I can't remember
the last time I cried about it.

Excuse me.

You are the resident speedster,
I presume?

How did you...
Who favors stopping

on his right heel?

Can tell from the wear and tear
on your footwear.

It's uneven.
A trait that you have inherited

from your father.
Although you do share

a little bit more body language
with your mother,

who's been touching
her left shoulder

since I came around here.
What are you hiding from me?

Excuse me?

I am not hiding anything.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Yes, you are, but what?

You have touched it, like...

it's something there,
then gone again,

something removed.
A tattoo, right?

Yes, perhaps from
a former lover?

You know what?

I think that this Sherloque
has proven himself

and that we should start
finding Cicada.

Let's find Cicada.

But first,
the question of my fee.

You're charging us?

This service is not free,

I don't work for charity.

Can already tell
the young doctor here

is expecting to hire me
for another case.

I saw you glance at your purse,

and I'm happy to assist you
in that mystery.

But first,
I think we can all agree

that a villain
of Cicada's caliber...

will require a substantial fee.


Shrap, that's a lot of money
even from when I'm from.

I'm very expensive,
but very worth it.

What do you think?

I mean, we could sell off
some of S.T.A.R. Labs stock.

- Yes! We have an agreement.
- Yeah.

Do you hear that?

Sounds of these frantic steps,
we're being approached

either by a tall,
sensitive man, or...

a frightened baby giraffe.

I got... I got a problem here,
guys, and I...

- Hey.
- Hello, baby giraffe.

Harry, how are you?

This is Sherloque Wells.

Sherloque. "L-O-Q-U-E."

I'm French.

- "Sher-lowk" here is...
- Loque.

Is gonna help us find Cicada.

Oh, cool,
so you're like a detective.

Oh, detective, the fans.

Who should I make
the autograph out to?

Little baby giraffe.

Uh, no, no, no.
I'm... I'm... listen.

I'm a detective as well.

Yeah. Yeah.

Ah, well...

That's right, well,
you're a detective.

What... what have you solved

Most recently?
I uncovered the case

of the stolen Chevy.

Of Impala.


Very funny
from the looks of things.

- Whoa.
- Okay,

so I saved all these hostages

and... and all anybody can talk
about is this picture,

and it turned into a meme.
And... and... it's...

this is... I just... I don't think
anybody in this city

takes me seriously.

Oh, there's 14 million people
in this city.

Only 500,000
have reposted this.


So, uh... Cicada?

Cicada, yes.

I've reviewed your evidence

and I know
where to find your killer.

So, shall we? Let's get this
done before dinner, right?

All right, allons-y.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Not so fast, baby giraffe.

Two detectives
only complicates matters.

Especially when only one
is a master.

So why don't you stay put?

You can... bite the leaves.
Everyone else, come with me.

You okay?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I'm... I'm great.
I just got shut down

by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

You know Cicada's
not the only mystery

around here that needs solving.


Mom, I know it sounds crazy,

but we think someone forged
Dad's death certificate.

Have you any proof?

No, well, yes, sort of.

It's complicated, but

I just thought you should know.

- Unless I already knew.
- I didn't say that.

It's why you're here,
isn't it?

If this is some elaborate,

possibly nefarious cover-up,

it must be Mom's doing.

It's not like she's ever

had your best interests
at heart.

You always do this.

I just want to know the truth.

I think I deserve to know that.


my dad even really...

Caitlin, your father is dead.

And if you care about
my feelings at all,

you'll just let this be.

Thanks, mom.
Pleasure as always.

Don't become obsessed
with the past.

Your father had that flaw.
It nearly led to his ruin

even before his death.

I trust you know the way out.

I'm sorry we came

all this way for no reason.

No, I'm impressed.
Your mom is a really good liar.

Yeah, I know she forged
this death certificate.

I just...
She's never gonna tell us why.

We've hit a brick wall.

Ah, but where you see a wall

this detective sees
a brick door with no handle.

What I mean is I know exactly
how to get what we came for.

- You sure he's in there?
- I'm certain.

Now, your evidence,
while slight,

was enough to build
a psychological profile.

This is a man hiding
in the shadows.

This is someone
who's been pushed

to the peripheries of society,

and then now he sits alone

waiting for the moment
to strike.

All this,
plus the census data

cross-referenced with
the location of his attacks,

and the profile narrows
to one name...

David Hersch.

Nora's plan might
actually work.

Or it will work.

Once inside, you should find
a small booby trap.

I found it.

I'm on it.

Here is the critical part.

It's a decoy.

I got caught off-guard.

Not so tough without
your dagger, huh?

We got him.

That's ridiculous!

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You don't got anything on me!

- Well, he sounds angry.
- Yeah.

Forensics examined
Hersch's hideout

and they found evidence
linking him

to several anti-government

He's been doing it for a while.

- So we got him.
- I don't know.

They didn't find
any sign of his dagger

or his mask.

Dad, one CSI to another,

look at the facts, okay?

Sherloque is the best detective
in the Multiverse.

His profile led us
to David Hersch,

and we found evidence
that David Hersch

is a mass murderer.

What are the chances
that this isn't our guy?

- I mean, maybe.
- Come on, we should celebrate.

Okay, I'm gonna gather
everyone up,

mix some drinks,

and we can have our first party

- in the new lounge.
- I don't know, Nora.


Detective Joseph West.

What do you want?

To finish what I started.

The meta-human called Vibe.

Call him here now.

I can't.
I don't even know him.

You were saying?

Yes, I mean, he helps CCPD,

but it's not like I have
a Vibe phone

so I can just call him up.

He's just a masked do-gooder

that shows up at crime scenes.

This could be a crime scene.

When you said you had
a plan, Ralph,

I didn't think you meant
breaking and entering

into my mother's company

Reinforced steel.

It's times like this
I really miss Killer Frost.

Oh, don't you worry.

Ralphie's got it.


Almost there.

Hang on.
Yeah, almost got it.

Oh, my God.

- What is it?
- Lasers.

Room's filled with lasers!

Holy snakies.
Oh, my God.

It's like
a Rubik's Cube of pain.

I don't know the code.

Try something

that your mother would...

There's gotta be something.

Got it.

You okay?

Nothing a gallon of Aloe
won't fix.


Look for the name
Thomas Snow.


What is that?

It's a game my dad
and I used to play.

He would teach me
the periodic table, but...

he would let me make up

my own fictional compounds
and elements.


He used to say it's
what made us so smart.

We used to have
so much fun together.

Catching bugs in the backyard,

looking at constellations
through a telescope we built.

He taught me so much
about science and life.

Maybe he still has something
left to teach you.

- What is it?
- It's a letter from my dad.



It's a suicide note.

Alcohol, thank you
very much. Merci.

- There he is.
- Hey.

Dad, we're all set
to celebrate...

No, hey, um.

Actually, Hersch isn't Cicada.


He has to be.

No, I checked Cicada's
boot print from

both the Block and Gridlock
crime scenes

and it's three sizes larger
than Hersch's.

It's not him.

Well, of course it's him.

It's always Hersch.

Every time I capture Cicada
it's always the same man.

Wait a minute,
you've caught this guy before?

37 times.
I've captured 37 Cicadas,

37 different Earths,

and every time I try
to capture him,

the trail always leads back
to that Earth's David Hersch.

So this psychological profile
that you created,

you just made it up?

Not the first time.

Now the next 36,
then I just trot it out there.

You know,
to impress the client,

and then...
Skip to the end.

And here I thought you were just
a bad detective,

but you're not a bad detective.

You're just a lazy one.

I'm not lazy.

I'm efficient, right?

- Anyway, that's not the point!
- Ow!

The point's simply
that there's no reason

for the Cicada of this Earth
to be anyone other

than David Hersch.

there may be one reason.

What's that?

The timeline.

Yes, since Nora got here

things have changed a bit.


Oh, mais non, you must...

how can you not tell me this?

How am I expected to operate

when you don't give me
all the variables?

I don't know,
but what we can expect

is a refund, so...


Oh, no, no, no.
That money is long gone.

What do you mean "it's gone"?

You spent all that money
in one day?

- Right.
- On what?

My ex-wife-ves..

Seven marriages.

Five wives.
Lots of alimony.

That's not the point!
The point is simply

this is not my fault.

It's your fault.
She is to blame.

Timeline variance.


You're not gonna
let Hersch off the hook

because of a boot print.

He's a meta.

How do we know
what this guy can do?

That's the other thing.

Hersch has
no dark matter readings.

He's not a meta.

All right, remember.
From one CSI to another,

we have to look at the facts,

We got the wrong guy.

No, not this time.
You know what we should do?

We should throw him in
the pipeline for safe keeping

until he talks.
I'm gonna go get him.

Hey, what are you...
no, you're not.

We're not gonna kidnap
a suspect in police custody.

If you don't see
what's wrong with that,

you can sit this one out.

guess we're back to square one

with Cicada.


Let's hope it's not too late
to save his next victim.

You have a lovely family,
Detective West.

By not giving me what I want,

by putting your life in danger,

you're gambling
their future with you.

If you knew what I know,

you'd cherish them more.

I'm not luring Vibe
into a death trap.

You can threaten me
all you want.

I'm not afraid.

I believe you.

But you should be.

Still swirling
around up there?

I just don't get Nora.

I mean, I thought our training
was sinking in.

She defeated Block.
She was really making progress.

And next thing I know,
she wants to break into CCPD

and kidnap a suspect
in police custody.

I mean, it's like she wants to

make Hersch Cicada.

Barry, you really don't get
why she's obsessed?

- Wait. Should I?
- Think about it.

She's been hearing about
the ripple effects

on the timeline
since she got here

and at first they were
relatively small,

but now...

- Cicada and...
- It's not so small.

He's one of the worst
serial killers in history,

and now because of Nora...

he's here early.

And an entirely different

With an entirely different
set of victims.

That is a huge weight
to bear for someone

who just wanted to spend time
with a dad she never knew.

She feels really guilty, Barry.

She wants to try
to fix her mistakes,

whatever that takes.

Sounds like another speedster
I know, actually.

Nora says there's an emergency
in the pipeline intake.

Are you sure that...


What happened?

As far as I can tell
it looks like

he was in the wrong place

when this fusion cell
went critical.

I think it wasn't placed
in its cradle properly.

- Vaporized into ash.
- What a way to go.

- Shenanigans.
- Good grife!

I call shenanigans.

You see,
these cells right here,

they run in a redundant
cascade circuit.

That's how they power
the pipeline

in the first place,
so if one of them blew

they all would have blown.

Yeah, the whole pipeline
would have exploded.

Exactly right.

- Ugh.
- Mm.

Darjeeling, oolong.

Tea leaves.

Barry, be a dear
and check the building

for a weasel in a pork pie hat,

about yay tall,
smells vaguely of poutine.

Whoa. Tell me...

who died?

Found him with this.

Of course you did.

So you thought you could
just leave

to another Earth
without paying us back?

Worked on my fourth wife...

and my sixth.

- Same woman.
- Oh.

Okay, Cisco,

maybe it's time to have a talk

about a little place called
debtor's prison.

Come with me.

All right.
You make me miss Herr Wells.

Come with me.

I'm... I'm taking you!

You okay?

Yeah, yeah.
It's just...

for second I thought me
inviting Sherloque here

got him killed,
and I just, um...

at least that's one thing
that's not my fault.

Hey, I wanted
to talk to you actually.

I think I understand
how you're feeling.

Sometimes our powers are
so extraordinary

it makes our mistakes
feel amplified,

especially guilt.

but I should feel guilty.

I've never messed up
this badly before,

and I can't stop thinking
about it.

That's just 'cause you care.

It's okay.
It's a good thing.


Nora, if every time
you make a mistake

you just rush in to fix it

you're only gonna
make things worse.

Trust me,
I know that better than anyone.

You just gotta have
a little more patience.

Take a moment.

Think before you act.

Fix the problem the right way,
all right?


Listen, Caitlin, I'm sorry.

For what?

For all of this.

Just I-I felt like
a complete joke

after that hostage thing,
and then... Sherloque shows up

and everybody swoons

over his so-called
"Master Detective-ness."

You were nice enough
to invite me along,

and I pushed you...

into that, and...

I'm really sorry.

Ralph, this thing
you pushed me into

gave me something
I've never had before.

Your first felony?


It may not be pretty,
but I finally know the truth,

and that means everything.

So, for my book,

you're the best detective
a girl could ask for.

Hey, you never told me
what the code was

on your mom's Resident Evil
laser grid of death.

It was my birthday.

All this
and not even a scream.

You've experienced pain before,

but not more than me.

No, Cecile, don't.

That's what he wants.

I didn't want to do this.

Not to a family man.

But I will.

Time to make a decision,
Detective West.

While there's still
some of you left.

No, no, no!

What's wrong?

He took Cisco!

- Cicada took Cisco.
- What do you mean took him?

- Took him where?
- I don't know.

They jumped into a breach right
when I got here.

But a breach
could take them anywhere.

Cisco, can you hear me?

Guys, can you hear me?

Cisco, where are you?

I don't know.
My breach fritzed out

and spat us out in
a forest somewhere.

Can you breach out?

It's not working.

Cicada's dampening
his powers.

Without a satellite
I can't pinpoint his location.

I mean, in this state alone

there's over
14 million acres of forest.

All right, Black Forest
and Roanoke are closest.

I'll start there.

We're not gonna find him
in time, are we?

Well, before you give up,

- what kind of trees?
- What?

In the forest,
what kind of trees, ask him.

what kind of trees are they?

I don't know!
I'm in a forest!

What kind of trees,
little one?

- Pine trees, I think.
- Good.

Some of them have
pointy leaves.

Ah, pointy...

ash trees, of course.

All right, now I need
you to hold your breath.

What? Why?

Because I need
to hear the forest,

So, shh.


You hear this?
Assuming that's field crickets.

They live in the soil.
Anyway, cross-reference

field crickets
with a high concentration

of pine trees, ash trees,

in an open field,
and you have...

- Kolins Woods.
- On my way!

you got to get out of there!

I have to help him.


It takes time
to hone your skills, Nora.

You can'tjust skip rungs
on the ladder

orjump right
to the big stuff,

that's not how it works.

Take a moment.
Think before you act.

Fix the problem the right way.

I got it.

I can fix this.

I've thought this through.

I won't mess it up this time.

I promise.

I trust you.


All these years
in Central City

spent defending metas
instead of ending them.

Those days end now.

Starting with you.

Use this!

Hey, Michael Myers,

dampen this.

No. No. No. No.

Cisco's gone.

Oh, my God...


He's alive.

He's alive.

Hey, man.


Your daughter.

She remembered there's more
than one way to

open a breach.

Figured Cicada
wouldn't give up

until Vibe was dead,

so we gave him what he wanted.

Thanks, fangirl.

You saved my life.

I did good?

You did great.

It's almost like
you're really dead.


I almost really was.

How the hell are
we gonna catch this guy?

Not with our powers.
We know that at least.

We don't know
much else either.

Variations in the timeline,

shifted the elements,
complicated the equation.

- Now...
- Not all those elements

are bad though.

You could be the new element
that saves us.

You could be the reason
we catch Cicada.

I must admit,
Miss Nora here pulled

the rug right under
from Cicada.

Oof, allez hop, huh?

Very impressive.
Yeah, that's the only

fake death we're gonna see
around here

'cause you're sticking around

until you pay us back
every cent.

Well, I have to say,
the prospect

of another mystery with Cicada

puts a little pep in my step.

Also, that breach device
you use to get

in and out of places,
I suppose

that's under lock and key
right now?

That's at the bottom
of the ocean

as far as you're concerned.

Well, then I'm staying!

- Great!
- Course you are.

I'm watching you, Holmes.

Yes. Yes. Yes.
Well, you'll learn a lot.

- Good for you.
- Ow.

All right, shall we,

I'll sidekick your face.

Something tells me
those two are gonna be

just great friends.


You guys up for
a family dinner night?


And then maybe after

we could help you
move into the loft.

I know you've been kind of
cooped up here,

and now that Sherloque
is gonna need a place to stay

I thought you could...

crash with us.

I think it's a great idea,

Okay, thanks, yeah.

Let me get my purse.

- Okay.
- This will be good.

I think it could be
just the thing

to bring you two closer

I really hope so.


Taking Cisco out
for some drinks

in memoriam of Vibe.

- You wanna come?
- I'm okay, but thank you.

Anything you want
to talk about?

My dad wasn't really
the letter writing type.

I feel like he would have found
some other way to tell me.

No luck with his work notes?

No, I mean,
these molecular models

are gibberish.
There's gaps everywhere

and some of these compounds
don't even exist.

It's like his mind
was the first to go.

But, maybe I should
just listen to my mom

and forget about the past.


You left this behind.

Sometimes the past
is worth remembering.

Thank you.

They don't exist

because they're not
supposed to.

So this is all
I could remember

about Cicada.
It's not much, but...

No. No. No, this is...
this is great.

I mean,
every little bit we get

helps build a profile on him.

I will comb over this
in the morning.

You should go be
with Cecile right now.

Feel better.

Wait. There's...
there's one more thing.

He made these comments

about family

and cherishing them.

And then the way he picked up
Jenna's blanket,

and I got this feeling

when I looked in his eyes.

What... what kind of feeling?

I think Cicada's a father.

Hello, Orlin.

Any progress?

She's not coming out of it.

Let me see it.

It's not healing.

Doesn't matter.

You can't keep doing this.

You have to stop.

Not until I'm finished.

Oh, hi.

I'm just looking for my purse.

I'm about to have dinner
with my parents.

It's on the chair.

In the Cortex.

By the mannequin.


Well, enjoy the couch.


Can you help me with something?

I've been wondering...

You. You've traveled back
into all these

great moments of your parent's
lives, right?

Some wonderful, some dangerous.

Most not as dangerous as...

punching a falling satellite,

And yet...

that is the moment
when you made

the decision to act,

altering the course
of history forever.

That decision...

did you come to it on your own?

Of course you did!

No, of course you did.

You're XS!

The temptation...

was too much, I'm sure.

It was.

Well, please,

forgive me.
You have a dinner to go to.

Good night.

Greg, move your head.