The Flash (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 18 - Episode #5.18 - full transcript

My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world,

I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.

But secretly, with the help
of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find
other meta-humans like me.

But when my daughter came
back from the future to help,

she changed the present.

And now our world is
more dangerous than ever,

and I'm the only one
fast enough to save it.

I am the Flash.

Previously on The Flash...

Follow my instructions
and we'll defeat Cicada.

Destroy his dagger and save your father.

That is a new timeline
struggling to break through.

Thawne, another Cicada showed up.

I used to think that keeping secrets

from people would protect
them, but you can't really

know someone with walls between you.

Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash.

Your partner. Your secret.

Dad, I'm sorry I lied to you!

So am I.

Dad, please. I wanted to tell you.

Dad! I tried to tell you.
I'm sorry I lied to you!

- It's Nora, our daughter.
- She lied to us, Iris.

Since the first day she got here,

about Thawne!

She knows what he did to us. To me.

To my mother.

I can't believe a word she says.

- We don't know that.
- Yes, we do!

We don't even know why
she's working with him.

Now the pressing question
is not why Nora is working

with the Reverse Flash.

Maybe I can talk to her and
shed some light on the matter.

I think you've shed enough light.

Why, are you upset at me?
What I should do?

I should just... I should
not have told you?

How long has it been
since you suspected her?

Since I arrived.


So you've been following
this trail all this time

and you didn't think to
tell us about it until now?

I don't know where this trail leads.

- Are you kidding me?
- I'm not kidding you.

You don't come to a
conclusion without facts.

All the facts.

Shirley, I think... maybe you should
just give us all a minute here.

What, you're mad at me for doing
what a master detective does.

Figure out something that you cannot.

I give you that translation.
Your anger is misplaced.

Look, whatever reason
Nora didn't tell us,

I don't think she did it maliciously.

Guys, even from here, I can
feel how upset she is.

All right, babe, you've been
around Nora for months.

You never felt that she was
hiding something before.

No, never. Never.

Well, Thawne lied.
He was a master at it.

It stands to reason he must have
taught Nora some of his same tricks.


Maybe not.

There's gotta be some
way to figure it out.

There is.

I'm guessing this has everything
from the day she arrived.

Maybe before.

Read it.

From the beginning.

Please stand back from the perimeter.

Excuse me. Sorry.

Excuse me. Excuse me, pardon me.

- Incoming call from Mom.
- Mom, come on.

I'm so sorry.

I just... I'm really late.

I'm... I'm really late
for an important date.

Not a date, date. Not
that I don't date, date.

I date, date. It's just,
I have a meeting.

I'm making myself later. Sorry.

Anyone seen CSI?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Where is West-Allen?

Ah, I'm so sorry, Detective Curtis.

I didn't mean to be late.

I tried to hail a hover-taxi
but they kept passing me by

and then I had to run all the way from...

I really don't care what your
reason is this time, West-Allen.

I just wanna find what meta did this.

Of course.

Chemical transport truck
on its way to Dayton Labs.

It was attacked earlier this morning.

But that makes two labs and
another two transports this week.

And like the others, no one saw anyone.

God, there's residue everywhere.

- Benzene Methanol.
- That's what they stole.

What's that used for?

Anything from nanotech
to treating lice.

- Halothane.
- Halothane?

- Wait a second.
- What?

This truck has an Affinity
4,000 security camera.

God, Lia's gonna be so jealous.

Whenever the 4,000's tampered with,

its failsafe releases a
incapacitating agent.


So you're saying whoever
did this picked the lock,

disabled the camera,

and stole might-be-lice medicine?

All before this incapacitating
agent could do its job?

And no one saw them.

How is that possible?

A speedster?

Nora, labmate, friend of mine,

You didn't happen to pitch
your speedster theory

to Detective Curtis, did you?

It is not a theory, Lia.
It is the only explanation.

You know I'm equally a fan
of our fleet-footed super friends.

I mean, honestly, if I could
have ever met Jesse Quick,

it's like, hello, new best friend.

- No offense...
- Some taken.

Okay, but there hasn't been
a speedster in Central City

since that crisis piece your mom
wrote about, like, decades ago.

I mean, Flash, Kid Flash, Jay Garrick,

that... that weird purple
speedster that just

showed up one day. They're all gone.

So what you're suggesting,
highly unlikely.

Then we need to start believing

in the highly unlikely.

Alternatively... you could...

Dial back your obsessiveness.

I'm not obsessive.

You never got to know your dad.

So you became a CSI just like him,

and it's why you keep
investigating the one case

Barry Allen never solved.

- Cicada.

You call that obsessive.
I call that a hobby.

Right, your... your classic everyday...

murder hobby.

It's like your mom says.

You're... you're excessive.

Do not quote my mother.

God, I wish CCPD would spring
for one of these Affinity cameras.

I mean, trillion FPS,
captures light in motion.


- That's lightning.
- The canister's gone.

White lightning. A speedster.

- Okay, maybe.
- No, not maybe.

It is! I knew it!

Okay, fine, you're right. But...

But what is a speedster
doing stealing chemicals?

And Eobard Thawne,
aka the Reverse-Flash,

was finally defeated and incarcerated

and will remain in Iron Heights Prison

- for the rest of his days.
- I know.

Incoming call from Mom.


See? I knew it.

There was never a speedster
with white lightning.

- All yours.
- Thanks.

Thank you for visiting
the Flash Museum today.

The building will be
closing in five minutes.

All guests should make
their way to the exit now.

And Nora West-Allen, your mother called.

Please, for your sake and mine,

call her back.

- So embarrassing.

Mom, why are you calling Mr. Myles?

I tried you at your lab.
You weren't answering.

I left three messages.

You never returned any of them.

What else was I supposed to do?

Wait for me to call you back?

Why isn't your holo on?

It doesn't work in the Flash Museum.

For the life of me, I've never understood
your obsession with that place.

What are you even doing there?
Are you there alone?

It's fine, Mom. I'm researching a case.

- What kind of case?
- One that I can't talk about.

I'm your mother, Nora.

And I'm an employee of CCPD
who can't talk about open cases.

Mom, how many times do I
have to tell you this?

You were married to a CSI.

Yes, I was.

I'm sorry.

What were you calling about?

I thought my daughter might
want to know how I'm doing

in Coast City. I almost
finished my story.

I should be home in a few days.


Mom, I gotta go. It's work.

- Love you.
- Love you.


Hey, meet me at Ollins Laboratory.

I sent the list of stolen chemicals
to an old teacher of mine

and I think he found something.

Appreciate the help, Dr. Bonwit,

- especially at this hour.
- Not a problem.

Ollins never lets me
leave this place anyway.

So Lia was telling me you might
know how these chemicals

- can be used together.
- Yes and no.

Took me a bit to see it,
but the only way they seem

to work together is if they're
built on a structure.

Like an extracellular matrix.

But there are thousands
of extracellular matrices.

So until we know all the chemicals,

we won't know the end results.

Sorry I can't help more.

That's okay. Thanks, Dr. Bonwit.

Now what?

We can't just wait for
another lab to get hit.

- Holy shrap!
- Holy shrap!

Dr. Bonwit!

Oh, my God!

Yes, I am a god.

The god of speed.

Go, go, go, go, go!



Somebody help, please! Someone help!



Oh, I knew an oldie would wake you up.

Okay, don't freak. We're in a hospital.

Me for this burn and you
for a whole lot more.

- Dr. Bonwit?
- ICU.

But he's gonna pull through.

But the speedster did get away with
a crazy amount of Carbon Disulfide.

Don't worry about that right now.

How are you feeling?

I... I feel fine, actually.

My fingers are a little
tingly but other than that,

I... I feel really good.
It's weird, right?

I'm just so glad you're okay.

Your doctor said you got hit
with five billion joules

of electricity. Which means... I...

I... kind of called your mom. And she...

She freaked more than normal. I had to.

- You could have died.
- Lia, is she here?

She's on her way from Coast City.

And she is wearing her aggro pants.

I mean, she has called
me, like, 47 times.

You should have ignored her.

Just, I don't want her to worry.

I did.

Which is why she doesn't know about this.

The paramedics said that you
went into cardiac arrest

when you got here and so they
had to use the defib nodes

to restart your heart, and when they did,

they found this.

It was buried underneath the
scar under your right shoulder.

What is it?

They say it's a metal
scrap from the shelf

you got thrown into, but I don't know.

It looks kind of old
and... and pretty fried.

Okay, wait, but now that
we both know you're okay,

can we please talk about the
fact that you got struck

by lightning from a speedster?

So schway, right?

The only thing is no
one's gonna believe us.

We both saw it. They're gonna have to.

Stay calm.

There has been an incident.
System check in progress.

What the hell?

Catch this.

I'm okay!

You sure?

Yeah, dude. I'm a speedster.

All of my nerves are tingling
and my synapses must be

going crazy because my reaction
times are way off the charts.

What am I gonna do about my mom?

She freaks out any time someone
even says the word meta.

Okay, well, that's understandable.

I mean, her non-meta husband
died because of metas.

Yeah, but writing about
the Flash... the meta-human...

- made her career.
- So we can't tell her?

No, we can't tell anybody.

Not until we figure out
how I got these powers.

And I don't think it's a
coincidence that this happened

after my little run-in
with the god of speed guy.

You mean when Godspeed hit
you with his lightning.

Which, according to the Flash Museum,

is exactly what happened to...

- The Flash.
- The Flash.

10-90 in progress.

Bank heist.

No, no. You can't do that.

That is a bad idea.

That is like cut your own bangs bad.

I'm just gonna do a little run-by.

You are a CSI, not a superhero.

Our jobs are the same as the cops.

We get the bad guys.

All right. Go get 'em, Flash Woman.

Lady Flash.

Hot Flash.

Not that one.

Okay, we're gonna workshop that later.

Until then, I have to guard Central City.

Stop or I'll fire!

Keep your hands where I can see them!

I'm sorry. Are you okay?


What in the world?

Bug and Byte, you're under arrest!

- Go, go, go!
- Take them down!

You fried your gauntlet
and half the fleet.

It was only three cruisers.

Now Captain Frye's
gonna be on his warpath

which is gonna make
everybody's life miserable.

I'm sorry, Nora.

I know today didn't exactly go so great.

Both robbers got away because of me.

Cut yourself a slice of slack pie.

It was your first day. No one got hurt.

And plus they found Bug
and Byte hunched over

with runner's cramps,
like, ten minutes later.

But I still feel so bad.

You're looking at this all wrong.

Today was not Nora's big failure.

Today was the Femme-Flash's big debut.

Naming superheroes is not easy.

Lia, you are the best friend a
shrappy speedster could ever ask for.

But I think we both know that
CCPD isn't equipped to stop this guy.

The only way we're gonna catch him before

anyone else gets hurt
is if I start thinking

like a villainous speedster.

And how are you gonna do that?

I'm gonna go see one.

Reverse-Flash, huh?

Well, officer, you're, like,
the second person in 15 years

who's come to visit this psychopath.

Not even a call.

Are you sure you want to
interview him by yourself?

I've been alone with criminals before.


You have five minutes.

Eobard Thawne?

My name is Nora West-Allen, and
I'm a CSI tech with the CCPD.

I wanted to ask you a
few questions, if I could.

Come closer.

Nora West-Allen.

Don't be afraid.

The dampening capabilities
of this cell can negate

the powers of 1,000 meta-humans.

The glass, the walls,
the ceiling, the floors

are all connected to a power
energizer that will zap

this place with 400 kilojoules instantly

should the dampeners fail.

Making the cell phase-proof.

I couldn't hurt you, Nora West-Allen.

Even if I wanted to.

What are your questions?

How did you end up in here?

Was there nobody at
CCPD that could answer

that question for you?

All the files pertaining
to the Reverse-Flash

have been cyber locked.

And there's almost nothing
about you in the Flash Museum.

Except for the date of your imprisonment.


That's all there is in the Flash Museum?

That's interesting.

Will you tell me how you were defeated?

Why do you want to know that?

It'll help us with an investigation.

You need to work on your lying.


Your shoes are new.

But your soles are worn.

You have singe marks on your sleeves

and singe marks on your pant legs,

but most of all, your cheeks
are flushed with windburn.

Oh, I know that windburn.

I can still feel it.

You're a speedster.

Time's up.

Please, I need your help.

Come on. Let's go.

Time to repent, professor.

Thawne figured out I had powers,

but he wouldn't tell me
anything about them.


And don't tell me it's nothing
'cause your whole face says it's something.

You know this metal fragment they found

- underneath your shoulder?
- Yeah.

Well, something about
it was bugging me,

so I did some digging.

It turns out it's not from that
shelf you got thrown into.

It's... It's tech.

A chip made by S.T.A.R.
Labs 25 years ago.

Like a chip you would use
to find a lost animal?

- It's to dampen your speed.
- What?

You didn't get your powers when
Godspeed hit you with his lightning.

It looks like you always had them.

I... I've always had powers?

Why do... Who would put a power
dampening chip inside of...

Your mom lied to you your whole life.

I mean, that's next-level aggro.

How could she keep
something like that from me?

I mean, what else has
she lied to me about?

I think you're gonna have to ask her.

Oh, just the idea of
that makes my blood boil.

That could be the macchiato.

It's possible I might
have made that a triple.

At least I have one person
in my life I can still trust.

- A triple.
- That's been established.

No, no, no, not the coffee.
I mean, yes, the coffee.

But the chemicals that Godspeed stole.

Benzene Methanol is
unstable, and if you add

the Carbon Disulfide that
he stole from Ollins lab...


I remember that from 9th
grade Analytical Chem.

And the only way to combine
all those chemicals together

is if you add some kind
of binding property.

Right, you'd need a
plus-one oxidation state,

like a... a Diogygen Diflouride.

Yes, and somewhere
that's able to store that

and the only place in Central
City that can is Stagg Industries.

I cannot believe my first time at
Stagg Industries is as a burglar.

Or are we vigilantes?

Lia, I found it.

Unless your super speed
came with super biceps,

we are not getting this out of here.

That's mine.

Okay. Try and get this open.

It'll evaporate in seconds.

If you want it, you're gonna have
to come through me to get it.

Ah, you're a speedster like me.

So you need it too.



Lia! Lia!



The one person in the world
she thought she could trust

died in her arms.

Nora must have felt completely alone.

- But she wasn't.
- Yes, she was.

Because I wasn't honest with her.


After all I did, she
gave me a second chance.

It's the least we can do for her.


Don't make me regret this.

What are you doing?

I'm giving our daughter the
chance to explain this for herself.


I heard about... Lia.

Honey, I'm so sorry.

I know how it is to
lose someone you love.

If you don't wanna talk
about it right now,

that's okay.

Or maybe you just don't wanna
talk about it with me.

Nora, can I just make
sure that you're okay?

Nora, I went to the hospital
and they said that you left.

I guess lightning doesn't
hurt as much when you already

have it coursing through your veins.

Does this look familiar?

How about now?

- Nora...
- Lia found it before she died.

You put this inside of me, Mom.

To dampen my powers?

You lied to me my whole life.

I know.

Who else knows?

Who else?



Everyone that I love has
been keeping this from me?

- Why?
- Because I told them to.

Why would you do that?

Nora, I was trying to protect you.

- From what?
- From this city.

From... from meta-humans.
From... from yourself.


- Nora, you don't understand.
- No, I don't understand.

How did I get my powers?

What do you have against speedsters?

Nora, I have already lost so much.

I can't risk losing you too.


you just did.

I'm gonna miss Lia too.

West-Allen, we all know
how close you two were.

If you need some time off,
I'm sure Captain Frye...

We need to get the guy who did this.

Whatever it takes.

We ran the evidence
from the crime scene.

Turns out there was foreign
DNA in Lia's exit wound.

But we've used it to
positively ID this guy.

August Hart. Bio-hacker.

Mercury Labs intern,
and then grad school.

All yours.

Says he was kicked out for testing
tachyon stimulants on coma patients.

What the hell's a tachyon?

A particle that moves
faster than light.

Well, an arrest
warrant's on its way now.

I promise you this guy's
gonna get what he deserves.

Yes, he will.

Did you know not all villains

had meta-human powers? Some u...

- Make sure you get this.
- Everybody move!

Godspeed's lightning...

It turned blue, just like Zoom's.

Hey, wait a sec.


Although her body disintegrated,

authorities uncovered
evidence at Mercury Labs

of the illegal speed-enhancement drug,


This volatile stimulant gave
Trajectory incredible speed,

but at a deadly price.

That's it.

Benzene Methanol, Carbon Disulfide,

Dioxygen Diflouride.

The base for the extracellular
matrix for Velocity-9.

Only he's trying to make one
that will last forever.

How do I stop a speedster?

- You can't.
- Not alone.

But with you, I can.


That plinth, it takes incoming calls

and from what I hear,
you have a few left.

You could walk me through it via comms.


He has stolen enough chemicals to make

an extracellular matrix that
replicates speed powers.

I told you to leave.

The only thing that is
stopping him from becoming

a speedster permanently
is a stabilizing agent.

Once he gets that, he
will be unstoppable.

I told you to leave! Guard!


He killed my best friend in front of me.

She's gone because of him,
and you are the only person

that can stop it.

What the hell?

You need to leave now.


Okay, I'm at the innovation lab at CCU.

- Are you there?
- Yes, I'm here.

Okay, are you sure this is gonna
short out the scanner circuits?

Yes. I'm sure.

Vibrate your hands together.
Build an electric shock.


Schway. It worked.

Now look for the brightest room.

The converter needs
constant fluorescent light.

Now locate the biometric converter.

It will be a kidney-shaped object.

I think I found it.

No way for Godspeed to
stabilize his Velocity-9 now.

You don't learn, do you?

That's mine.

Come and get it.

It worked!

No. He's got more V-9.

Nora, you need to get out of there now.

Right now!

I can't lose him!


Did you hear me? I said I can't lose him!

All right, Nora, do you see any walls
near where you are, preferably concrete?


Because I want you to run into one.

Or rather, through one.

I can't run through a concrete wall!

Yes, you can.

If you vibrate at the
natural frequency of air,

your body... your cells will
be in such a state that they

will phase right through that wall.

I can't do this!

Nora, listen to me.

Listen to my voice.



Feel the wind on your face.

The ground beneath your feet.

And the lightning.

Its electricity surging
through your veins.

To your nerve endings from
the crown of your head

to the tips of your toes
like an electric shock

you never want to end.

You're part of something
greater now, Nora.

You are part of the Speed
Force and its power,

it's power is yours to use. Now do it!

I can't.

I can't do it.

Then good-bye, Little Runner.

No, no. I'm sorry.

I trust you. What now?

Nora, you can't run forever.

You're gonna have to stop him.

Tell me what you see around you.

I'm on 5th and Park.

I see Choi Enterprises, Peercoin Bank,

and CC Citizen Media.

Media, the satellites.

Nora, we're gonna use the satellites'
electromagnetic radiation to break the V-9 bonds.

Flood Godspeed with anti-endorphins.

Neutralizing the V-9 instantly.

Exactly, but here's the thing.

Those satellites recalibrate on the hour

emitting very short bursts
of microwave energy.

You're only gonna have a few
seconds to get Godspeed

in front of those bursts.
Do you understand?

So I just need him to
follow me into the building.

Not into the building. Up the building.

Okay. I can do that.

How fast do I have to
go to run up a building?

As fast as you can.

- Here he comes.
- Then run, Nora.


Wait for it, Nora. Wait.

And now!

Nora. Nora!

We did it! We did it.

Yes, we did.

Well, we don't have to worry
about Godspeed anymore.

August Hart is in the custody of CCPD.

Bravo, Little Runner.

I still have a lot to learn, you know.

- You could train me.
- I can't train you, Nora.

There's just not enough time.

What... what are you talking about?

- You're...
- Nora.

My time on this earth
is coming to an end.

There's so much I wanted to ask you.

So much that I still don't know.

So much that my mom has lied to me about.

You have no idea.

What do you know?

Thawne, please, you may
be the only person left

in my life who won't lie to me.


how much do you really
know about the Flash?

Five, six, seven.

Holy shrap.


Good evening, Nora West-Allen.


You know who I am?

Of course. Nora West-Allen.

Daughter of Iris West and Barry Allen,

also known as the Flash.


S... Did you...

Did you just say my father, Barry Allen,

was the Flash?

Would you like me to play your
video message, Nora West-Allen?

My... My message?

Yes, from your father, Barry Allen.

Y... yes.


I don't have much time.

If you're watching this,
it means you're like me.

You have powers.

It also means I wasn't there to
help you learn how to use them.

I wasn't there for a lot of things.

Remember, my sweet Nora,

always remember...

I love you.

I always will.

I just wanted to see you, Dad.


showed me how.

And Cicada?

The one case we both couldn't solve.

It was my idea to come
here and make it right.


Can I have a minute alone with Nora?

Of course.

How many times did
you go back to Thawne?

How many times?

After the night of the Enlightenment.

Five... maybe six.

Even knowing he killed my mother?

- Dad...
- I understand...

coming back to meet me...

and the team.

I do.

I even understand going to Thawne...

to learn how to do it, but...

you kept going back.

Even after you knew what he did.

Even after he wasn't your
only option anymore.

And the worst part is, you
lied to us every time.

D-Dad, I...

I don't trust you, Nora.

I can't have anybody here with us

that I don't trust anymore.

W-what are you saying?

It's time for you to go home.

Dad, please don't do this!

I promise I will never see Thawne again!

Dad, don't do this!

Nora, if you try to
run back in time again,

I will feel it in the Speed Force.

I'll know.

Good-bye, Nora.

So she finally came clean.

Or did you figure it out all by yourself?

One wasn't enough?

You had to try to take
my daughter from me too?

My daughter!

I knew you'd react like this.

You're always so emotional,

which is why I had her
keep all of this from you.

You can't blame the Little Runner, Barry.

She just wanted to spend
some time with her dad.

Don't hold that against her.

Consider it a condemned
man's last request.

You always thought you were
so much smarter than us, Thawne.

But you lost.

And now you're finally gonna
get what you deserve.