The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Therefore I Am - full transcript

Barry comes face to face with DeVoe, whose past is revealed through flashbacks.

- My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest
man alive.

To the outside world, I am an
ordinary forensic scientist.

But secretly with the help of
my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find other
meta-humans like me.

But I became lost in time.

It took everything in my
friends' power

to bring me back.

And in doing so, our world was
opened up to new threats.

And I'm the only one fast
enough to stop them.

I am the Flash.

- Previously on "The Flash"...

- Events will align that
allow Team Flash a chance

to discover your identity.

- It is of no concern.

- I could whip up a
predictive algorithm.

- Jah, jah, jah.

- Run it through my
quantum cerebral chip,

we'll find them in no time.

- If you've miscalculated
by even a decimal--

- There is not a decimal,
a fraction,

an infinitesimal variable
beyond my thought.

- The name we're looking for
is Clifford DeVoe.

- 92% match to our
psychological profile,

no other DeVoe comes close.

- Can I help you?

- We were just hoping to talk
with Clifford DeVoe.

Is he here?

- Good afternoon, gentlemen.
How may I be of help?




All right, uh, class.

Write your, um, essays on...
this list of topics.

You have two weeks
to complete them.

Does--does anyone have their
notes from earlier?

I'm afraid I can't read
my own handwriting.

Class dismissed.

- Ah, I know that look.

I felt the same after
my 11:00 a.m.

"Introduction to Fluid

and Physical
Thermodynamics" class.

See, I was trying to explain
the turbulent flow rates,

and ten minutes in, I wanted
to pull my hair out.

- It's a good thing I know
water flowing to the axis

of a tube is called...

- You better get this right.
- Laminar?

- Ah, so you do listen.

- To you, always.

Nothing matters to them
if it's not digestible

in YouTube videos of talking
babies or inane pet tricks.

- Have you seen the husky
singing "Like a Virgin?"

I made you smile.

- How can we enlighten them
if their minds are too small

to handle the gift
of knowledge anymore?

- Your plan will work.

We just need to refashion
the delivery system.

- It's not the
plan that's flawed,

it's my ability to execute it.

- Clifford.

- I'm simply not smart enough.

- You are the most
brilliant mind I know.

- It's not enough.

Not yet.

- When?

- At this point,
it's just a concept.

I call this my thinking cap.

And just like their minds

have gotten too small to
handle their full capacity,

mine's too small to deliver it.

This can change all that,

if you build it, of course.

- Your dream is my dream.

And your passion is my passion.

- I'm nothing without you.

- I hope it's not too sweet.

- Mm!

- This is amazing.

- Just like my wife.

Somehow she finds time
to take care of me

and still keep
an immaculate household.

And her three-cheese macaroni?
Second to none!

Sometimes I think I'm
the luckiest man alive.

Gentlemen, how can I help?

- The name DeVoe came up
in an investigation of ours.

We would just like to ask you
some questions, if that's okay.

- Why him?

DeVoe's a common name.

- Yes, I'd wager at least
1,100 individuals

give or take a few with that
last name

in the Central City
area alone.

- The name's been identified

for its connection to four
separate criminal cases.

- So you think my husband is a
witness to these crimes?

- No, we'd like to eliminate
him as a suspect.

- You can't be serious.

- That's all right, Marlize.
Do go ahead.

- So, Professor, what brought
you to Central City?

- I grew up in South Africa.
After studying history

and econometrics at the
University of Johannesburg,

I took a teaching position
at Oxford.

That's where we met.
- Mm-hmm.

He swept me off my feet and we
have been together ever since.

- It did take a tenured offer
from Central City University

to lure me away from
the Oxford faculty.

That was four years ago.

Do you know
Ramsey Deacon?

- No, should I?

- What about Becky Sharpe?

- No, I'm afraid not.

- Ralph Dibny?

Mina Chaytan?

- Mina Chaytan.
Now, that name's familiar.

- Isn't this the Native
American woman

that left abruptly?

You know, the anthropologist?
- Yes, I remember.

I was so sad to see her go.

- You were colleagues.

Did she mention her work?

- No, no, no. Mina was
an animated woman.

Then again, people like us
who see education as a calling,

we often are.

- That painting...

Uh, it's beautiful.

- The samurai. They were
formidable foes.

They'd often make unstoppable
enemies to their opponents.

You wouldn't want to cross one.

- So you spent time in Japan?

- The feudal history of
medieval Japan

is one of my
areas of expertise.

- Then you must speak
the language?

- Hai, watashi wa

shika shiyo
shite imasen.

- He also speaks French,
Italian, Mandarin,

and several other languages.

- Here's the thing,
here's the thing.

I love teaching.

It gives me the opportunity
to broaden perspectives.

But you can't just inspire
people to be better.

You somehow need to change
the way people think.

- Clifford! My husband
is very passionate,

but he also needs his rest.

Is there anything else
we can do to help?

- No. Thank you.

If we have any more questions,
we'll get in contact.

- Yeah.

- You know where to find me.


- Well?

Is it him?

- I don't know, Barry.

This shy college professor
who likes mac 'n' cheese

doesn't exactly seem like a
criminal mastermind to me.

- I mean, come on.
It wouldn't be the first time

somebody played nice

and then turned out
to be our bad guy.

The Council of Wells gave
us his name for a reason.

- He gave us one name out of--
- 1,100.

- 1,122 to be precise.

- He was off by 22.

I mean, isn't that
a little suspicious?

- Not if he Googled himself.

- I'm just saying there's
something weird

about this guy.
He likes samurai!

- Who doesn't?

Have you seen "Zatoichi"--

"The Blind

- Best Criterion Collection...
- Great box set.

- Ever.
- Okay, guys.

Think about this:

If the Council's right,
that means DeVoe

arranged for me to come
out of the Speed Force

exactly where he wanted.
Even you couldn't do that.

- You have a point.

- Okay, let's cover
all our bases.

- Agreed.

- Okay, Cisco, Harry, you guys
want to see what kind

of digital footprint you can
get on this guy?

- Yeah.

- Caitlin, you've got
friends at CCU.

Let's see what kind of person

we're dealing with.
- Will do.

- Dad, CCPD background check?
- On it, sweet one.

- And you. You all right?

- Yeah, but thank
you for asking.

- Mm-hmm.

Ooh, you know, I think Human
Resources might not be

okay with this, us being
coworkers and all.

- Yeah, I think they'll
let it slide,

considering I get to marry the
coworker of my dreams

a week from now.

You know sometimes
I feel like...

- Like what?

- Like I'm the luckiest
man alive.

- Nuclear physics,
condensed matter cosmology,

even relativity,
all these fields

will be revolutionized


- You've infused
my design with life.

- We still have a problem.

There's currently no way
to power a prototype

this sophisticated.

- We'll find a solution.

- Expanding the mind to an
infinite capacity requires

an expanding energy source.

Where are we going to find
that kind of power?

- Can you tell us how?
- Turn that up.

- It'll change the way we
think about science.

About quantum mechanics,

about molecular physics.

Once my particle accelerator
goes online,

it'll blow the doors of
science off their hinges.

- That's amazing.
- Ah.

We needed a power source
unlike anything imaginable.

- Well, it seems Harrison Wells
just imagined it for us.

- Instantly change lives.

- History moves in cycles.

We must therefore learn
from what came before us

in order to carve a path

for what's to come.

Because those who
don't learn from--

Because those who don't
learn from history

are doomed to repeat it.

Class dismissed.

Don't forget your
reading material!

Chapter 11 on the
counterculture backlash

and its influence on the
Reagan administration.

Mr. Allen.

Twice in one day.

- Yeah, sorry
to bother you again.

- Look, I do have a stack
of midterm exams--

- Yeah, no, I understand
you're busy.

This won't take long.
I just wanted to ask,

where were you four years ago

on the night of January 7th?

- Honestly, Mr. Allen,
I have no idea.

How far back does this
investigation of yours go?

- I'm not at liberty
to discuss that with you.

- Mm.

- Also, um, do you ever
use public transit?

What? Like the subway?

I mean imagine me
in a wheelchair--

- More like a bus.

- Is this really necessary?

- I'm just being thorough.

- Fine. I prefer Lyft.

They're wheelchair friendly.

Honestly, Mr. Allen, how are
my vehicle options important

or a date I can
hardly remember?

- I'm just trying to
establish a timeline,

solve a mystery.

- Mysteries are for novelists
and archeologists.

You were supposed to be
ruling me out as a suspect.

Instead it seems like
you've got your guy.

- Oh, no.
This is just procedure.

- Feels like persecution.

Now, can I get back to you,

or do I need to accompany
you downtown?

- No, of course not.


Just e-mail me.

And again, I'm sorry
to bother you.


- So this is an example
of meta-DNA.

This is the DNA you
brought me from DeVoe.

It's completely normal.

Do you see all
the differences?

Clifford DeVoe is not a meta.

- Did you two find anything?

- Well, he's never
been arrested,

he pays all his taxes
and his mortgage.

He has a very reasonable
401k plan.

- Donates to the Sierra Club,

volunteers at an orphanage
as a big brother.

- Dad didn't find
anything either.

Says that he's an upstanding
member of the community.

- Yeah, I talked to some
friends at Oxford.

They said DeVoe's a
little absentminded,

but everybody likes him.

- Guys, I'm telling you.

Clifford DeVoe is not
what he seems.

- That could just be
the wheelchair.

I mean--
- No.

- You do kind of have
a bad history.

- That wasn't me.

- Come on. He's just
too perfect.

Okay? I just--I have
a strong feeling

that he's hiding

You don't believe me.

- No, it's not that we don't
believe you, Barry.

It's just, right now DeVoe
seems like a good guy.

- Guys, it's him.

- I thought we were done just
assuming people are villains.

- All right, you know what?

Vibe it.


- Mm.

- Oh, my God.

You were right.

That mac 'n' cheese
looks unbelievable.

- See? That doesn't sound
very villainous, does it?

- Barry, can I talk
to you outside?

- Mm-hmm.

- Okay, so do you want to tell
me what's really bothering you?

- My Spidey sense is just
tingling way off the charts.

- But, Barry, is there
any chance that this

is about the wedding?

I mean maybe you're
feeling a little--

- No, I'm not nervous.

- But you're not acting the
way that you normally do.

- Look, Savitar and
Kadabra warned us

about someone named DeVoe.

This DeVoe guy could be
behind everything.

The bus metas,

me coming out of the Speed
Force at the wrong place,

the Samuroid!

- Barry, is there a possibility
that you were so determined

to find the bad guy and
get ahead of everything

that you're seeing
things exactly the way

you want to see them?

- No. I...

Maybe, I don't...

- Look, in seven days

I am going to marry
the man that I love.

But right now I have
to lock down a new DJ

because the last one got
fired for drinking too much

and wouldn't stop dancing
with the father of the bride.

- Joe might be into
that, actually.

- Which is exactly why
I need to go home.

And I would really
like your help.

- Ready for the
press conference?

- Absolutely.

- Thank you. My name
is Harrison Wells.

Tonight, the future begins.

The work my team
and I will do here

will change our understanding
of physics,

will bring about
advancements in power,

advancements in medicine.

It'll bring about
advancements, period.

This is the future.

And trust me,

it'll be here faster
than you think.

What does it mean to you?

This new endeavor of ours--

- Hey, my laptop!
It's got my dissertation!

- For the citizens of Central

Well, it would appear
tonight's entertainment

is not limited to the stage.

- What's the first
thing you'll do

once the accelerator
is online?

- Is crack open an expensive
bottle of Dom Perignon

with my staff, because
I ride them very hard

and they've
earned it. Yes?

- Those protesting
this accelerator

believe it could open a
black hole in Central City.

But is it not more likely to
cause a benevolent phenomenon

like a Higgs boson bridge?

- The only phenomenon that
will occur this evening

is one that has been calculated
to the tiniest detail,

to the tiniest decimal point.

- So you've foreseen every
possible outcome?

- Yes, I have, Miss...?

- Mrs. Marlize DeVoe.

- DeVoe.


I expect that would
make the gentleman

to your right your husband?

Clifford DeVoe.

I'm a big fan of your work.

Sir, I believe it will have
an enormous impact

on our future. Thank you
for coming, Professor.

Good luck.

Shut it down!

- Wells is lying. He knows
the accelerator won't succeed.

- He'd risk an explosion?
- No, I think he wants one,

only the fallout from dark
matter being released

into the atmosphere
will produce variants

we cannot yet predict.

We need to delay our plan.

- No, this is even better.

We'll have all the power
we need.

- No! It's too risky.

- I'm willing to take
the chance.

The blast is the only thing
that can power the cap.

- We should wait. Try
and find another way.

- This is the only way.

Shut it down! Shut it down!

Shut it down! Shut it down!

Shut it down!

- Ready, my love?

- In position!


It's starting!


- What's happening?

- Clifford!





Clifford, no! No! No!

Don't you dare leave me!


- I thought I'd lost you.

How do you feel?

- Enlightened.

- Hey, Allen!
- Hmm?

- Singh wants to see you.
- One second.

- I don't know, Allen.
Singh's making that face again.

You might want to hurry.

- Trust me, I understand.
Mr. Allen!

- What's this?

- Close the door, please.
- Yeah.

- Continue, Professor.

- First my home,
then my classroom.

What's next? Our bedroom
where we sleep?

- Joe and I just went--

- On behalf of the
Central City Police Department,

I'd like to extend our
sincerest apologies

for this intrusion.

Mr. Allen?

- Um, yeah. I'm sorry for
disturbing you, Mr. DeVoe.

- Professor DeVoe.

- Thank you for coming in.


- What the hell were
they doing here?

- They just filed a
complaint against you.

Said you harassed them.

- No, I wasn't harassing them.

- Why are you bothering
them at all?

- I--
- It's a case we're working on.

- What case?

- It's something that--

- Do me a favor.

Stay away from the nice
professor and his wife.

- Captain, DeVoe seems very--
- Very what?

And unless the answer is guilty
of a very specific crime,

you are way off base.

So are you, Joe. You should
know better than that.

You don't show up at
someone's house

and start asking questions.

You follow protocol.

- Yes, sir.

- Anybody home?

- Whoa!


- Hi. Dad said you were
having a bad day.

- What? No, I'm fine.

I'm great, actually.
How are you doing?


What are you--


- What is this?

- His wife, Iris,
she's helping him.

No, listen! Okay, look:

She's not Suzy Homemaker with
her perfect mac 'n' cheese.

She is a Stepford wife.

She's got two doctorates,
you know?

One in mechanical engineering

and another in
advanced robotics.

That's how they work!

He comes up with the plans,
but she executes them.

She's some kind
of mechanical genius.

- So you think that DeVoe
and his wife are supervillains?

- Yes.
- Listen to yourself, Barry.

- What?

- DeVoe has already filed
a complaint against you!

- I know, I--

- Look, Cisco, Harry,
my dad, Caitlin,

they are the best, and they
have found nothing on DeVoe.

We are getting married
in a week, Barry.


for the sake of
your job and my sanity,

please let it go.


- I've solved them.

- Solved what?

- Riemann's hypothesis,

Hilbert's 15th problem,

standard conjectures
on algebraic cycles,

and the list goes on.

- Clifford, this--
this is incredible!

- Ask me anything!

- Um, who was Jack the Ripper?

- The prevailing theory is
there was a London barber

by the name Aaron Kosminski
who committed the crimes.

He also suffered schizophrenic
and delusional tendencies.

But it was his nurse
at the Colney Hatch Asylum!

Catharine Jewell!

It's like every little
bit of knowledge

now resides inside my brain.

I know every answer to
every question ever asked.

- You're incredible!

- We're incredible! You made
all of this possible!

We now finally have the means
to bring to the world the--

- Clifford, are you okay?








- What are you hiding, DeVoe?


- Imagine your body as a river.

There's a dam
blocking your legs.

- My gastrocnemius muscles
are degenerating, aren't they?

- Well, yes.

The symptoms are similar to--

- Amyotrophic lateral

- But your muscles
are decaying faster

and more rapidly
than typical ALS.

I believe this
is something else.

- Is that your medical

That I have a case
of something else?

- It's just we've never
seen a case like--oh--

yours before.

- An increase in complex
fasciculation potential

explains axonal membrane

But it doesn't--

Of course.

When gamma wave activity
exceeds 50 hertz,

my acetylcholine receptors
draw away

from my nerve

instead of toward them.

- What did you say you're
a professor of?

- History.

- What's his prognosis?

- Life expectancy
for typical ALS

is about two to five years.

- In this chronodispersion,
it would be half that.

Complete paralysis
will come first.

- Excuse us, please.


This doesn't make sense.

- My mind is drawing
energy from my body,

like a parasite feeding
on an ailing host.

We're so close to everything
we've ever dreamed of,

only for it to be ripped
away by this body.

- No, no, no.

We can stop this, Clifford.
I'll never give up.

- 2,600 individuals
developed the meta-gene.

They use it to rob jewelry
stores and summon tornadoes.

I use mine to save humanity,
and I'm condemned?

Dying wasn't part of our plan.
- Shh!

- Guys, I found a camera
in the Samuroid head.

- Where did it lead back to?

- Where do you think?
- DeVoe!

So you pinged the camera
to his computer's IP address?

- Well, no, I--

I didn't ping it.

- Well then, how'd you
figure out it was him?

- Well--

- This camera isn't even

- No, I heard it.
It was making a noise.

- A noise?
- Yeah.

Inside the Samuroid head,
it was buzzing,

and then I found
that thing inside!

He's been watching
us for weeks,

and I could've proved it, but
his wife came back too soon.

- Too soon? From where?
- I don't--

- Barry, tell me you did
not break into their house.

- Well--
- Wow. Okay.

- Ugh.
- Okay, guys, that sounds bad,

you have to listen to me,

this guy wants us to think
he's unassuming and weak,

but he's not, he is powerful
and smart.

And he's been ahead of us
every step of the way.

He's ahead of us right now.
- Easy, Allen. Calm down.

- I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Okay.

- Hey, hey, we just don't want
you to do

anything else you regret.

- Anything else? What do you
mean? What have I done?

- For starters, breaking
and entering.

- Oh my God, I don't

why you don't see
what's going on!

He probably has cameras

At the lab, at CCPD, I mean
he's always watching us!

Hey, Joe. What is it?

Hey, I found something.
- You better stop.

- I just don't feel
safe anymore, you know?

I mean I thought the police
were supposed

to protect people.

- I haven't done
anything to you.

- You broke into our home!

We're good people.
We don't deserve this.

- Okay. I don't want you
to worry anymore.

Mr. Allen will stop all
of this immediately.

I assure you.


- Stay away from us.

- I told you to stay away
from those people!

- Captain, you have
to listen to me.

- You're taking two weeks off,
and that is not a request.

- You're suspending me?

- You're lucky
I'm not arresting you.

Use your time away to consider
your future in law enforcement.


- * No compromise

- What is this?

- A restraining order.

I have to stay 500 feet
away from Clifford DeVoe.

- And are you going to?


this is not you.
You've got to stop.

- I can't.
- You can't or you won't?

- I don't know anymore.

I've faced a lot of bad guys,

people that would hurt
the ones that I love,

destroy everything good in the
world, and think nothing of it,

but this guy,
he feels more dangerous

than all the others combined.

And we still barely know
anything about him.

It scares the hell
out of me, Iris.

- Barry, how many times have
we been up against the unknown?

- This is different.
- How?

- Ever since I came back
from the Speed Force,

I have been constantly
and genuinely happy.

My friends are safe.

Joe's gonna be a dad again.

And next week, I get to marry
the love of my life.

I have more to lose now
than ever before.

- Yeah, but what about
after Cecile has the baby?

Or after we get married,

or even when we have
our first child?

You know as time goes by,
there's gonna be even more

for us to lose.

And people are always going
to be coming after us.

You can't let that consume you,

you just have to live in the
moment and face it as it comes.

- How are you not scared?

- Because we're the Flash.



- Clifford? Clifford.

Clifford. Clifford!

- Get away from me!

- I'm trying to help you.

- If you really wish to help,

construct a temporal vortex
distortion chamber

and prevent me from ever
becoming this atrocity!

- This is what we wanted.

- Because I cannot grab a
damn book from this shelf!


What am I, Marlize?

- You are my husband!

- Your husband is gone.

Let me die.


- I'm not going anywhere.

- This body will expire.

- It will last longer with


- You are in violation of your
restraining order, Mr. Allen.

- Well, you can call the cops.

- Do you intend to harm me?

Then pray do tell what
is so paramount

that you'd risk incarceration?

- I wanted to look you
in the eyes and ask--

- Mm-hmm?

- Who are you really?

- Who's asking?

Barry Allen?

Or the Flash?

- How did you--
- Oh, please.

Your little secret is one of

the more underwhelming

I have uncovered.

I was born on the
same evening you were.

January 7th, the night S.T.A.R.
Labs' particle accelerator

bathed Central City in
gene-altering dark matter.

We were both struck
by lightning.

- I knew you were affected.

How did our test not
show your meta-DNA?

- For such a fast man,
you're rather slow.

I'm smarter than you.

- You and your science team
have devised no strategy,

no action,
no coordinated effort

for which I'm not
already prepared.

- The Samuroid, the bus metas.

It was you.

But why reveal yourself now?

- Because I have nothing
to fear from you.

- Yeah? Well, I'd think
twice about that.

I have a team of some
of the smartest minds

from across the multiverse.

- Yes, your Council of Wells.

Could any one of those clowns

identify what my abilities are?

You could gather every
genius on every planet,

and you still
couldn't outthink me.

- Plenty of metas
have come after me,

the people that I love.

You know the one thing
they have in common?

They failed.

- You've done wonders
all these years

punching gorillas with
rudimentary powers,

chasing madmen
shooting icicles.

Those were children
with play guns.

Savitar, Zoom, Thawne.

Their powers are nothing
compared to the power

of limitless thought.

- That's your ability?

Your intellect was amplified
by the particle accelerator.

- You may be the fastest
man alive, Allen.

I'm the fastest mind.

- So this is how we begin
whatever twisted game

you have planned.

- No, Mr. Allen.
You've already lost,

and you never even realized it.

Congratulations on
your upcoming nuptials.

I'll be thinking of you.

- There's something
I need to tell you.

I confronted DeVoe.

- Oh, come on, Barry.
He could get you arrested!

- No, he won't.
He wanted me to come.

- How do you know?

- Well, for starters,
he knows I'm the Flash.

- So you were right all along.

- We didn't believe you.

- I'm sorry.

- Don't be. DeVoe's
been playing all of us.

- How?

- It's his powers.

He has an intelligence beyond
anything we could've imagined.

He's orchestrated everything
that we've encountered.

He's moved us like chess pieces

in a game we didn't even know
we were playing.

- How do we stop someone
who has super intelligence?

- We're pretty smart.

- Maybe we're not.


- The Thinker!

- It's good.
Apt sense of menace.

Nailed it in one.

- Guys, it's gonna take
all of us to stop him.

- Sounds like y'all
could use a hand.

- Oh.
- Hey!

- Wally!

- Good to see you, son!
- You too.

- Aww!

- How was Blue Valley?

- Oh.

Self-reflection and a
battle with a starfish

from outer space
gives you perspective.

- So you found what
you were looking for?

- I don't know, to be honest.

- Well, we are
glad you're home.

- Looks like you found the
guy behind the bus metas.

- Yeah.

- So you want to suit up?
Take him down?

- No, now it's his move.

I think we take our time,
formulate a plan.

- What now, boss lady?

- We get married.

- He came to you, just
like you said he would.

- He's finally seized
control of his fear.

He drew his strength

from those he calls

- Sounds like you admire him.

- It is fascinating.

In the chain of 4,900 possible
events I predicted,

there was one which resulted in
them calling me "The Teacher."

I prefer "The Thinker."

They will be the first to
experience the Enlightenment.

- You've been unplugged
for too long.

- I'm nothing without you.


- Proceed.


- Your body's deteriorating

faster than the chair can

- It will survive long enough.

- You're really going
to let them get married?

- What is knowledge
without love?


- Greg, move your head!