The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 20 - Therefore She Is - full transcript

Barry and Team Flash team up with Gypsy to try to thwart Thinker's plan. Meanwhile, Cisco and Gypsy have a heart to heart talk about their relationship.

CAITLIN: Previously on The Flash...

Together, you and Cynthia
could be an unstoppable duo.

BREACHER: You wanna be the new Breacher?

Your thinking cap and the dark matter
is what caused this.

I know!

How long before everything I know
is gone?

HARRISON: DeVoe has taken out
everyone who has gotten in his way.

BARRY: He created 12 meta-humans
just so he could steal their powers.

CAITLIN: But why does he need
their powers?

DEVOE: The fire
that burns down Team Flash

will also light the path
to the enlightenment.

MARLIZE: Since the Age of Enlightenment,

when reason, debate,
and the search for truth flourished,

the world has improved by nearly
every measure in human advancement

and continues to do so.

There is no doubt in my mind

that, as technology continues to bloom,

so will all of humanity...


Professor DeVoe, you disagree?

Um, well, yes, I guess, um...

Just... I have
a more realistic view of humanity

whenever technology is concerned.

What do you mean?

You spoke of the Enlightenment.

One only has to look at history
to find the answers.

Okay. Let's. Life expectancy,

over the past two centuries,
has increased

from 50 years to nearly 70 years.

And... And we should assume
that's a good thing?

Each new day, we have to share
very limited resources

with anything up to 200,000
newborn babies,

most of whom will end up living
in abject poverty and famine.

Well, thank you very much,
Professor Doom and Gloom.

Remind me never to take
one of your history classes.


Perhaps you should.
There's much I could teach you.

The Taoists, in pursuit of immortality,
discovered gun powder.

Alfred Nobel created the Nobel Prize

so he wouldn't be remembered
as the man who invented dynamite.

History has shown us time and time again

that whenever a technological
advancement can be used

to hurt humanity, it will be.

You can't blame technology

for the way men
choose to use it, Professor.

You can't ignore that the best
of ideas by the smartest of men

often have a way of becoming corrupted.

You've located everything we need.

And now the time has come to retrieve it

so we can finally

enlighten the world.


Hey, babe. Uh, it's me.

Just checking in for my dad.

He really wants to know your answer
about taking the Breacher job.

I think his exact words were,

"That little son of a breach
better tell me,

"or they will never
find the body." Yeah.

But you know what? He's retired.
He can wait.

So just take as much time as you need.

Okay, it's, um...

- Don't say it's fine.
- You know...

- Don't say it's fine.
- It's fine.

- Oh, God.
- It's fine.

So just vibe me whenever.

Okay. Bye.

HARRISON: (ON PA) Ramon, speed lab, now.

Good. Good. Good.

HARRISON: The thing we're gonna do
to get Killer Frost to appear,

get that massive spike in your
adrenaline production that we need,

is Ramon is gonna use his vibes
to shake you up on a cellular level

and we'll see if we can get
your old friend Killer Frost

to come out to play.

Are you sure this is gonna work?

Well, I mean, like any hypothesis,

we have to test it to get an answer.
It's what we've all done

since the fourth grade, known as the...

Scientific method.

Yeah, right you are, Allen. Of course.

Ah! Here he is. Okay, good.
So, get in position.

Don't worry.
I lowered the amps on this thing.

- Ramon, you set?
- Yeah.

- Snow, you ready?
- I'm ready.

Three, two, one, and...

- CAITLIN: Nothing.
- All right, Ramon, more power.

Set? Three, two, one...

All right, this isn't working.
You know what? Ramon, full power.

Wait. Hold on. Hold on.
What do you mean, full power?

We don't wanna blast Caitlin
across the speed lab.

Well, we need to get a spike
in her adrenaline.

- Harry, she could get injured.
- Yeah.

God, this is...

Look, this is gonna work, okay?
Nothing has changed. All right?

Snow's DNA tests, they confirm it.

Her meta-DNA was not spliced
by Null's powers.

- You mean Melting Point's powers.
- That... Right. That's what I said.

- Melting Point's powers.
- No, you didn't.

I did say that.

But, Harry, there's no dark matter
in her system anyway.

We're just trying to spike
her heart rate.

What do you mean,
there's no dark matter?

Harry, you knew that. We all did.

We did? We did.

No, I know. (LAUGHING)
I think I just, you know, forget.

- I forgot.
- You forgot?

Harry, are you okay?

No. He's not.

CAITLIN: Harry, you're...

Losing my intelligence? Yes.

The injection of dark matter
from the thinking cap

apparently overwhelmed my synapses.

Instead of making my brain faster,

it's slowing it down.

Why didn't you tell us this sooner?

- How long until...
- No way of knowing.

I mean, there are days
I can think clearly, and other days,

I... I can't.

The good news is, um,

from what I can see,
the regression seems to be reversible.

Okay, great.
I'll start working on it full-time.

No, you won't. I did this to myself,

and I thought, "Oh, you know what?
Use that thinking cap.

"Then I can out-think DeVoe
and then stop DeVoe."

I was wrong. And here we are.

Okay, well, we're gonna fix this.

You and I both know
there is a ticking clock,

and I can't help anyone like this.

- Yes, you can.
- How?


Look, guys.

Ralph, Caitlin's powers, now this.

DeVoe knew how to break us apart,
but, I mean, we're all still here.

We're a family.

That's how we're gonna beat DeVoe.

All right, Allen.

All right.

Vandermeer Steel.

Smaller than I expected.

The first step to our enlightenment
is as simple

as opening a door.

Alloy 1771.

Now, the gallium antimonide
substrates within these

can harness power at 400% efficiency.

The precise amount I calculated.

You can pick them up.


You should let us leave.

I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

How are you... (GASPING)

We have what we need.

I suppose we do.

Code Red! Code Red...


Clifford, this is unnecessary.

You knew there were gonna be
casualties when we began.

This is his own doing.

Yes, my love.


What are we dealing with?

Uh, first of all, we're trying
to determine what was in that vault.

Watch your step right here.

Uh, there was no drilling.
There was no lock picked.

And the only thing anybody would tell us

about what was in the vault

was that it was some sort
of secretive technology.

Also security guard here, 24-year-old,

apparently shot himself.

Wait. A robbery and a suicide?

He's newly married,
has an infant at home. I...

This is smelling like some
meta-madness to me.

Who else can Kilg%re a retinal scan
and Dibny a bolt lock?


Okay, well, I'm gonna go interview
some people, see what I can find out.

All right. Cisco and I will try
to figure out what DeVoe stole.

All right. I'll be over here.

Okay, so where should we start?
I'm thinking if we can gain

access to their files...

Alloy 1771.

It's the only item missing
from the inventory files.

Or I can just stand here
and look pretty.

Hey, you know what
you could do actually?

You could vibe the gun.

The file didn't say what Alloy 1771 was,

so we need another way to learn
why DeVoe would want it.

Uh, vibing and DeVoe
do not mix, remember?

I know, man, but, I mean, what are
we supposed to do? It's the only way.

Barry, I don't really feel
like getting blasted

into a wall right now.
I'm sure there is another way

we can find out what this is

that doesn't require me
getting a migraine.

- It is a solar panel.
- Huh.

Constructed of metal
that absorbs and multiplies

the sun's energy at 400% efficiency.

What would DeVoe be doing
with a solar panel?

Nothing on its own.
He's got to be building something.

Look, I need you to vibe the gun.

Maybe I should put this
in movie terms for you.

Everything in DeVoe's wake is like
the Home Alone house. Okay?

It's booby trapped.

I would need to double my powers
just to even attempt to vibe the gun.

Well, hold on. I mean,
could Gypsy double your powers?

- That's a good idea.
- No. Not.

Not what?

Gypsy's busy. Her dad just retired.

She's having to do double the work.
She's... Earth-19 is a mess right now.

- She's swamped.
- Cisco.

Combining your powers could make it
so we know DeVoe's next move.

JOE: Thanks for meeting me.

- I need a favor.
- Okay.

I need you to distract Cecile
for a while.

What for?

Well, it's a thing I can't tell you
because if I do,

she'll read your mind and find out.

Why can't Iris do it?

Because Iris knows exactly
why I'm trying to distract Cecile.


And therefore Barry knows,
which means that Cisco knows.

Fine. Whatever you need.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Great. Lose my mind,
become a babysitter.

No, come on.

Listen, if anybody's gonna reverse
what's happening,

it's gonna be those kids
at S.T.A.R. Labs.

I mean, they love you, Harry,
and they will never stop

- trying to help you.
- Mmm.

- So don't lose hope.
- Right.


And that is how I aced

my intro to heat transfer
in my first year at university.

Bravo, Dr. Milan.


I miss those days.

I was young and foolish and brave.

And now you're just foolish.

To agree to a date with someone
I first met

as they were so rudely disagreeing
with my professional opinion.

Foolish, maybe.

You know,
no one's ever challenged me like that.

It was refreshing.


Ah, maybe you are right about
technology's destructiveness.

It certainly can destroy moments.

Although, sometimes,

technology can create them as well.


Thanks for coming to help us, Gypsy.

You two are up.

So how do we do this?

Okay, so to co-vibe,
we have to be totally in sync.

Right? Our minds have to be
on exactly the same page.

- Just like always.
- Yeah.

- Oh! So that was weird.
- Why? What did you see?

I don't know. A dock?

- Um, looked like a shipping container.
- Number 16.

That must be what DeVoe
is gonna steal next.

He's gonna have to steal it from us.

All right.
It looks like we made it in time.

Whatever is in this container,
we can't let DeVoe have it.

DEVOE: Actually,

it's what's in this container
you can't let me have.

Well, what was in this container.


Hit him!


Gratitude for the workout,
brief as it was.



Damn it. Damn it!

Why didn't we see the right
container number?

Maybe someone's vibe
wasn't clear enough, Cisco.

Are you blaming me?

You lost you focus. What can I say?

Yeah, getting hit against a metal
container wall sort of does that.

You know, I hit that wall, too,
I'm perfectly focused.

Oh, well, if you're so focused,
then why did you let him get away?

Don't even try and put that on me.

I'm sorry. I didn't put that on you.
You put that on you.

I'm gonna put my fist in your face,
is what I'm gonna do.

- FLASH: Guys?
- Is that how we'd work together

if I took the job?


What job?

CISCO: I brought that metal piece
from the shipping container

in case we wanna try co-vibing later,

but, um, I think we both saw
where that led us, so...

So you said Breacher retired.

He offered you a job on Earth-19
to replace him, didn't he?


You know, another shot in the dark,

but you haven't actually given
Breacher or Gypsy an answer yet.

- Mmm-mmm.
- Which way are you leaning?

I wanna be with Gypsy
more than anything.

It's just complicated.

Hey, no, man, I get it.

But, look, I mean,

maybe you guys working together
to end this

will make the decision easier
for both of you.

What if she doesn't want
the same thing as me?

I mean,
you're never gonna know unless you ask.

And listen, Cisco, I mean,

we can't beat DeVoe without you.

You're our secret weapon.

You and Gypsy just need to be on the
same page for that weapon to work.

Yeah, and I don't know that we can be.

All right, well, let me help you.

- Barry.
- No, like... Hold on.

So that's gonna end well.

DEVOE: Last one.


Okay, we, uh, need food.

We need wine.

Lots of both. Go. I'll unpack.

Clifford! (LAUGHING)

Go. Hurry home.

- I could stay.
- No.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

- I really should. Last chance.

Me hunter.

Me hunted feast for my queen.

You don't believe these things
you wrote in this journal, do you?

This reads
like some radical's manifesto, Clifford.

It is a realist's awakening.

You declare war against every
technological philanthropist.

Man, man, man.

They're pushing us to the brink
of Armageddon

with their inventions.

No, they want to better mankind.

Don't be naive, Marlize.

The severity of our society's failings

require extreme ideas

if ever we were to restore
some semblance of balance.

"Technology has become a cancerous
cell in our social biology.

"Exorcizing it
would require a total purge,

"not only of the material world,
but also human consciousness."

This is not balance.
This is lobotomizing people.

It is rebooting the masses' brains

to let them forget their
technological crutches.

They are babies with pacifiers.

Oh, and who will teach them?
You, Professor?

How does any of this help humankind?

Don't you see, Marlize?

Our technology is killing us.

You and I, we can fix this together

as partners.

We can lead them,
all of society, humanity,

on the true path to enlightenment.

CECILE: Hey, Harry.

DA Cecile Horton.

Joe said you needed to adjust
my mental activity dampener.

Yes. Joe, yes. I have to do that.

It's, um... It's not a big deal.

It's a standard procedure.


That's... Yeah, okay.

- I'm in.
- Well,

it's installing, so now you just...
You just sit

and wait for a long time.

Okay, what is happening
with your thoughts right now?

With my... (SIGHS)

Okay. So there was an incident
with dark matter

I know. I know. I know.
Joe told me about that.

- That's not what I'm talking about.
- What do you mean?

Your thoughts are screaming at me.

It's like they start to form, and then

it's like the more the ideas appear...

- The more they disappear.
- Exactly.

Well, that explains my "can't" days.

What does that mean, Harry?

It means, DA Cecile Horton,

that the more I try to use my brain,

the sooner I'm gonna lose it.

Barista, another one, please.

Uh, make it a double. Thank you.

Here you go.


I've been looking everywhere
for you.

Can't a woman caffeinate in peace
around here?

Hey, look... Hey.

I know why you're upset,
but it's all right.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Look, Cisco just thinks if he takes
the job he'll be letting us down,

but, I mean, he just needs
to follow his own heart,

do what he needs to do,
not worry about us. He knows that.


That's actually really great.

So now all you guys have to do
is talk to each other.

Yeah, well,
that part's not so easy, so...

Yes, it is.

- What are you doing?
- What?

Don't even think about it.
Don't even think about it. No!


Don't ever whoosh me again, all right?

I know. Totally. I'm sorry. Um, Cisco.

What is going on?

Just getting them back
on the same page, okay?


Cisco, Gypsy is upset because,
frankly, I mean,

it's taking you too long accept
Breacher's job offer. Duh!

And, Gypsy, Cisco, he's just worried
about abandoning his team.

I mean, it's not that he doesn't
want the job. Right?

So... Okay, so...

Now, you both know, right,
and you can dive in

and work this out.
Let's talk about this.


C.C.P.D. is reporting two more
break-ins at tech manufacturers.

Boeing Lab and the Jameson Institute.
More hardware was stolen.

- DeVoe.
- Is anybody hurt?

Um, three fatalities.
All of them security guards

in high-level clearance areas,
just like at Vandermeer.

He's taking whatever he wants,
killing anybody that gets in the way.

Guys, I'm sorry,
but we have to figure out

what kind of machine
he's building, right now.

CISCO: Look, we have to try.


- You okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.


- Oh, God, are you okay?
- Saw that one coming.

- You okay?
- I'm good. Thank you.

- They okay?
- Tests show physically they're fine.

As a couple, not so much.

Where are you going?

To get these two back in sync.

I mean, we've got to get ahead
of this somehow.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, cowboy.

What do you mean? Why?

Maybe you've done enough already, okay?

Cisco and Gypsy are clearly
going through something,

and, you know, it's not up to us
to counsel them through it.

- Well, then who is it up to, Iris?
- Just stop for a second.

We can't stop.

The second we do,
everyone could fall apart.

The team's hanging on by a thread.

- But we are hanging on, Barry.
- For how long?

I mean, look at what's happening.
DeVoe is killing innocent people.

He's stealing pieces of tech
for God knows why.

Just trying to keep up with him
is tearing us apart.


You can't put it on yourself
to hold everyone together.

Cisco is family.

And when family hurts, we all hurt.
I get that.

But sometimes, you can't answer
their questions for them.

Sometimes, you just have to support them

while they find them on their own
whether they're together

or they're apart.

- What?
- That's it.

The pieces of tech don't fit together

because they're not supposed to.

He's not building one thing.
He's building multiple.


- Harry, I know this is hard.


it is hard,

DA Cecile Horton, because my brain,

the one thing that's defined me
throughout pretty much

my entire life is about to...

Vanish, and then who will I be?

You'll be the exact same man
you've always been.

Yeah, but dumb.

Same man, way less intelligent.

Harry, there are lots of ways
to be intelligent,

not just using your head.



Do that again. Harry.

- Do what?
- Do it again. Do it again.

- Right?
- How did you do that?

I saw it inside your mind
before it vanished.


- Wait. So you can...
- Write down what you're thinking.

- Before it...
- Disappears.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

Marlize? I brought the sample.

- Hey.
- Hey.


All right.

- Fingers crossed.
- Yeah.

- Here we go.


- Yes.
- Yeah?

Yeah. Show the others.

Got it.



DEVOE: Marlize, it's me.


I need you to come home.

I can't.

I'm making a difference here.
I'm changing lives for the better.

These people need me.

I need you.

I'm sorry.

I can't be with someone that thinks
that society is a disease,

that believes that our world
is being plagued by technology.

I am nothing without you.

You're a brilliant man
with a great future ahead of you.

What kind of future do I have
if you're not by my side?

I just wish that you could show

the same compassion for the rest
of humanity as you do for me.

Listen to me, Marlize. I...

My thoughts, I can't...

I just... I just don't think that...







So what were you gonna say

before we were
so alarmingly interrupted?

Look, I just...


- I don't want you to take the job.
- I don't want to take the job.



That is such a relief.

Because I don't want anything to change.


Not only have we not
been on the same page,

we haven't even been on the same planet.


We've been doing this
back-and-forth thing

for almost a year,

negotiating who gets to go
to whose Earth and when,

just to see each other.

And on the off chance
we do get to see each other,

there's, like, a countdown

until one of us has to leave,
and I'm tired of it.

I don't wanna have to breach to see
the woman I love.

I wanna wake up next to her

every morning.

So what are you saying?

I'm saying I want more.

I'm saying I don't want Breacher's job,
but I do want you.

I want you, too.

What am I supposed to do?

Pack up my entire life, everything?

Forget about my job,
my responsibilities?

- No, no, no.
- Just move here?

No, no, no.
That's not what I'm asking you to do.

I would never ask you
to leave the agency.

I know how important that is to you.

But tell me, and tell me honestly,

this, what we have,

is this enough for you?


It is.

Well, it isn't for me.

BARRY: (ON PA) Hey, guys,
I need you both in the Cortex.

- Why?
- Why?

I know what DeVoe is doing.
It's not one machine.

They're machines.

Machines that work together,
but they're still separate.


Separate satellites working together
for a single purpose?

So this guy really is a Bond villain.

Look, DeVoe would need a massive
amount of computational power

for them to be able to talk
to each other,

something to triangulate navigation
between each satellite.

So, like a quantum computer?

Mercury Labs just put a whole system

of quantum computers online
at their home base.

- That's where he's going.
- Okay, great.

This time we catch DeVoe by surprise.

DEVOE: Behold.

The key to communicating our message
of the enlightenment.

MARLIZE: Polynomial time computing.

And a dream shall soon become reality.


Uh-uh. Don't move.

Barry, knock him out and then cuff him.

On it.

Gypsy, now.


Stop it! You're killing him!


Cisco, look out.

Barry, hit him again.



Caitlin, what the hell are you doing?

Bringing her back.


DeVoe's creating a sonic pulse.

You need to get out of there before...

Oh, I get it.

You'd like me to frighten you
into becoming your better half.


- DeVoe!


Children should be seen, not heard.

I'm very sure seeing your bestie die

would be frightening enough,
but I can't kill the Flash.

Well, not just yet.

My plan for the enlightenment

requires his further participation.

You, however, are a lot less fortunate.

Barry, he's gonna kill Gypsy.

Now, do you feel that

around your throat?

That is the gravitational equivalent

of my boot bursting your wind pipe.

She's innocent! Leave her alone!


- This isn't part of our plan.

Cisco, wake up! Wake up!

Our plan is to save them.

We can't save everyone, my love.



But I won't watch you kill
an innocent life again.

Yes, you will.

Please. Clifford.

Remember who you are.

Is this truly the lesson
you wish to bestow today?

Get the case.

- Cynthia. (PANTING)
- Hey.

What happened? Come on. It's okay.

CISCO: What did he do to her?

Hey, talk to me. Come on. It's okay.


You're okay. You're okay.

No thefts have been reported
in the last 12 hours.

So DeVoe managed to get
everything he needed.

And we still don't know
what his next step is.

You know, he said something
about the enlightenment.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

HARRISON: I know what he's thinking.

I know what he's planning.
We know what he's planning.

- We know what he's planning.
- Harry... Harry, wait.

- What?
- I can give 'em the CliffsNotes version.

No, no, no.

The component parts stolen
to create each satellite will possess

thirty cubic quantum systems, okay?

And each system is capable of...

Each system is capable of redirecting

concentrated dark matter back to Earth

in 10 million megawatt bursts.

Which level of range is toxic enough
to affect each and every human brain

on the planet
and reboot them back to a...

Reboot them back to a simplified state.

Just like mine.

DeVoe wants to remove

the intelligence of everyone on Earth?

Yes. Exactly, Barry. Exactly right.

We're really gonna do this?

You treat me

like I'm the only woman
in the multi-verse,

and I don't want more.

What is wrong with me?

I don't know what's wrong with me.

I'm sorry.

Nothing's wrong.

Nothing at all.

I guess maybe sometimes
one plus one just equals two, you know?

What are you gonna do?



Wait. Wait.

Goodbye, Cynthia.

Goodbye, Cisco.

- ALL: Surprise!
- What is this?

It's your baby shower, baby.

This is why you were singing
"The Girl from Ipanema"

in your head all day. (LAUGHING)

He has been planning this for days.

Oh! This is so sweet.

I feel really guilty, pulling
everybody away at a time like this,

- but...
- It's a perfect time to celebrate.

- Surrounded by family.
- Mmm.

You guys,
this baby is gonna be so loved.


- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Why don't you go talk to him?

Hey, man, are you okay?

Not really. No.

Do you want some space, or...

Actually, I've got plenty of that
right now.

I'm sorry for pushing the two of you.

I think you both did
the right thing, though.

Then why does it hurt so much?


Look, I don't think
you should do that again.

You could have gotten yourself killed.

I have to get her back.

- We will.
- No, I will.

MARLIZE: Clifford. Clifford.


It's fine.

It's fine.


When the line cut out,
I came immediately.

I thought I'd lost you.

You'll never lose me, Clifford.

You were right.

Technology has become a cancer,

driving civilization to consume itself.

A militia group found out about
the water purifier that I created.

And they just killed dozens
of people to take it.

Women and children slaughtered

for a simple piece of technology.

Your journal

wrote of a world where humanity forgot

that this technological menace
was capable.

But what I didn't tell you

was that I saw the truth in it
even then,

and it frightened me.

And that's why I ran.

And I'm not frightened anymore.

You believe.

I believe in you.

Enlighten them, Clifford.

You're the only one who can.

I'm nothing without you.

The chair will rejuvenate
your fractured scaphoid.

Prepare the satellites for assembly.

- I said prepare the satellites...
- No!

Initially, we set out
to enlighten the world.

Now, you want to rule it.

I am leaving you, Clifford.

Nothing can get in or out.

You dare orchestrate an exodus

on the eve
of humanity's greatest reckoning?

- You made a vow.
- To my husband!

But my husband is dead.

The Thinker's first victim.

The enlightenment will come
for you, too, Marlize.

I will be all that remains.

Oh, Clifford.

You are nothing without me.

Special delivery.

- Oh!
- Wow. You're super pregnant.

Looks like you're due about 21 days
from tonight, I'd say.

I... I mean, if I were guessing.

Sweetheart, who is it?

Uh, someone sent us a diaper bag.


It looks like it's a gift from someone

who wanted you both to know
how special you are,

someone who understands that
time is precious

and right now is all we've got.


Relatively speaking.

- Dad?
- Hey.

- Look what we got.
- Oh.

Who sent that? Wally?

Wally already sent us a bassinet,

which apparently was owned by Moses.

Was there a note...

Who was it?

Some delivery girl.