The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 19 - Fury Rogue - full transcript

When Barry needs help transporting a dangerous meta, he calls on an old friend for help - Leo Snart AKA Citizen Cold. Meanwhile, Cisco becomes suspicious of Harry.

My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world,

I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.

But secretly, with the help

of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find other meta-humans

like me.

But I became lost in time.

It took everything in my friends' power

to bring me back, and in doing so

our world was opened up to new threats.

And I'm the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am the Flash.

Previously, on "The Flash"...

I'm not a ghost. I'm
Leo Snart, from Earth-X.

I didn't do anything!

I understand, but your

radioactivity is dangerous.

You are part of this team.

And I'm the only one with a body

that DeVoe is trying to snatch.

Now you will die, for me.


- Killer Frost...
- Is gone.

My new host body holds
an ancillary benefit.

Dark matter, siphoned from the room

where Dr. Wells was
charging his counterfeit cap.

Maximum capacity, now!


Dr. Wells, the odds of
a different conclusion

- are extremely low.
- Run it again.

Yes, Dr. Wells.

Same results, Dr. Wells.

The excessive infusion of dark matter

into your neural system
has disrupted the area

of the brain where general intelligence

and executive function occur.

My ability to integrate new information

is declining.

I'm losing my intelligence.

At some point soon you need to relearn

everything you've ever known.

Is there a way to use the thinking cap

to reverse this process?

Unlikely, Dr. Wells.

Your thinking cap and the dark matter

is what caused this.

I tried to caution restraint...

I know!

Gideon, how long before
everything I know...

is gone?

You know, it's only been a couple days

since he died, but...

it still doesn't feel real.

How close were you with Ralph?

We were becoming close.

Yeah, it took me a while to see past

the things that I didn't
like when we first met,

but after a while,

I started to see what a good guy he was.

Started to see the hero that he became.

You consider him a hero?

Yeah. Yeah I do.

What about you, Barry?

- How are you feeling?
- I'm fine.

I mean, you know,

I'm working through it.

So you weren't as close
to him as Iris was?

No, I mean, we were
about the same, I'd say.

They used to work together.

- Oh?
- Yeah.

And you're fine already?

With his death?

I've dealt with a lot
of death in my life.

Yes, you have.

Your mother, father,
Eddie, Ronnie, H.R..

Has Ralph's death had
any impact on you at all?

I think I just know

how to deal with death now,

so it doesn't affect me
as much as it once did.

Uh, all right,

I guess we'll pick this up later.


Same time next week?

Or before if you need.

Barry... Grief is a complex emotion

that, as you know,
deals on its own terms.

There is no "practice
makes perfect."

Thirsty, my love?

You're happy.

More than I've been in
a long time, my love.

To your return.

I never left you, Marlize.

It felt like you had.

Those days are past us now.

All our sacrifice, our commitment,

our planning, everything is as it was.

And more.

There's been no decline
in your metabolic processes

since your last transference.

My mind, my abilities...

These elasticized cells

can hold another bus
full of meta-human powers

and I still wouldn't be affected.

That gives me peace, Clifford.

I need your mind focused
for what happens next.

- We start today?
- Yes.

But we have time, my love.

Could we not spend time together?

As husband and wife? I think...

Mm, that is... That
is your first mistake.

Leave the thinking to me.

Whoa! Stop, don't bother.

It doesn't work.

- I don't know about that.
- Yeah, well I know about it.

I'm guy who wore it on his head.

And it helped you gain
ground on DeVoe, didn't it?

Mapping the pocket dimensions,
building the Scepter.

We stopped you from using it

right when we needed it
most, when Ralph got...

We thought you were addicted.

We shouldn't have stopped you.

We were wrong.

Actually, no... you know
what, you weren't wrong.

No, I was... I was addicted.

Yeah, which is stupid
when you think about it.

Because I'm a pretty smart guy.

How much smarter was this
Intelligence Booster making me?


I think we both agree
that DeVoe is at least

twice as smart as that.

Then maybe I should get to wear it too.

Okay, no.

No, this thing would never work on you,

because I specifically designed this

to stimulate my brain waves.

My brain waves, not yours, okay?

My cerebral firings, 'kay?

Harry, Harry, I'm saying we should build

a second thinking cap.

- "Intelligence Booster."
- For me.

For you?

Yes, for me. Think about it.

Two heads are better than one.

Your ideas, my ideas.

Put 'em together. We combine them.

We build upon each other's ideas.

Harry, with two caps... With two caps

we could get DeVoe.

Okay. Get on it.


- Anything new?
- No sign of DeVoe.

I meant with you.


No cold signatures anywhere in the city.

Killer Frost is nowhere to be found.

That doesn't make sense, I mean,

DeVoe created every
bus meta for a reason.

I mean, he had no
interest in Barry's powers

or Cisco's, or any of
the metas in Iron Heights,

so I don't know why he
would suddenly want yours.

We all saw what happened.

When DeVoe touched me,
my powers disappeared.

Had to be him.


Uh, satellite's picking up

three different pocket dimensions

opening in Key Stone.

Let's each...

All right, you and me, Ray, let's go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait.

They all just closed.


Huh. Wrong coordinates?

Maybe he made a mistake.

He doesn't make mistakes.

He must want something in Keystone.

- Tracy Brand's lab.
- He's going after Fal Fut.

All right, call Tracy.

Tell her we're coming for Borman, okay?

Wait, and gonna do what?

Just to take him somewhere else.

Well, we can't take him here.

We can't even contain his fallout.

Tracy's barely been able
to contain his powers as is.

Yeah, the guy's a nuclear
explosion waiting to go off.

And I don't know about you,
but I... I've had my fill

of nuclear bombs this year.

But if we can cool him down,

we can get him somewhere safe.

What about Snart's cold gun?

I mean, I have a prototype,

but to modify it to our needs,

that would take at least a day.

We don't have that kind of time.

DeVoe's coming for him.

DeVoe has known our every move.

I mean, we've gotta do something

that he hasn't accounted for.

How are we supposed to find a way

to cool down Borman

and take him somewhere
DeVoe won't know about

with a plan he won't see coming?

Call Lyla.

See if A.R.G.U.S. has
anything off the grid.

Okay, but even if they do, I
mean, what are we going to do

about the other two problems?

War's over!

Bad guys and girls lost.

Nazi regime's been dismantled.

And the rebellion's in charge now.

Why don't you turn yourself in?

Save us the Tom and Jerry.

Find some other misguided cause

to get all aggro about.

Not this knight.

I will fight until every last one of you

finds the same fate as
my brothers and sisters.

Your timing is impeccable.

Your timing is impeccable.

We need your help on our Earth.

Right now? I'm kinda busy.

Doing what? Dying?


So, you're trying to stop a guy

who thinks he's smarter than everyone

and his true-believer lover,

who are hell-bent on achieving
their evil machinations

at any cost.

Well, it's right up my alley.

Except DeVoe actually
is smarter than everyone.

He created 12 meta-humans

just so he could steal their powers.

And he left everybody
dead in the process.

Including Ralph Dibny, who
was a team member of ours.

I'm sorry. That's rough.

All these deaths have been rough.

We can't dwell on it right
now. You know, we have to focus

so DeVoe doesn't know what we're doing

and we have a shot at saving Borman.

Which is why we came to you.

Oh, I see, and I'm just
outside the box enough

to catch DeVoe off-guard.

That, and we need your cold gun.

Oh? For what?

We've been working on modifying

a radiation hazmat suit

to regulate his internal temperature

to keep his core from raising
to the point of detonation

during transport.

Your cold gun would be our backup.

It must be happy hour,
and I'm the two-for-one.

What about your chilly friend?

She doesn't want in on the fun?

- She's gone.
- That's too bad.

All right, you get me for 24 hours.

- Not a minute more.
- Wait, why not?

Because I thought I'd
make Ray an honest man.


- You're getting married?
- That's so exciting!

I figured if you two could make it,

- so could we.
- What?

- No, we...
- I tease.

So, where are we moving this guy to?

A.R.G.U.S. has a
facility in New Brighton.

High tech, high security...
He should be safe there.

And how long till you're
done with the suit?

- Few more tweaks.
- Okay.

I'm gonna go call my dad
and let him know the plan.

- Hey!
- Hey.

Is that it? Are you done?

Yeah, well, the truth is,

the first one was the hard part.

This one is simply, basically

- following the plan's...
- Precisely!

Let's take this for a spin, shall we?

Oh, all right, go ahead.

Here. Have a seat.


All right, then I guess...


I trust you.

No, I know that.

Okay, here we go.

- Connection established.
- Hmm, tingles.


Kinda feels like my conditioner!


That's your synaptic activity enhancing.

Whoa! Boy, is it ever.

It's like a party in my brain.

I can see why you like
this thing so much.

I can feel my neurons firing.

Okay! Ooh-hoo!


Whoo! Harry!

- Harry!
- Yeah, yeah, yup, yup, yup.

- Oh, oh, ha-ha.
- Whoo!

Yeah, you know what, I think

what happened, probably a
hyper-limiter valve, that, uh...

Promethium ion diodes.

- Promethium ion diode, yep.
- They overloaded the cap.

Overloaded. Real bummer.
Oh, well. We tried.

How the hell'd you get
promethium ion diodes?

Oh, I got 'em. I... in my lab

on my Earth, had 'em there,
but I'm all out, unfortunately.

We don't have any here.

It would take us weeks to get some.

Oh, well. Well, you know what,

we'll put in a back order.

I'll see if I can come
up with something else.


I see our scare tactics worked.

They're going to move the
asset as you anticipated.

Yes, but unfortunately not
to a location I predicted.

What is this?

Your favorite dress.

And you chose to wear that now?

To please you, my love.

What would please me
is your understanding

of the gravity of our undertaking.

To right the misguided
course of all humanity.

- I just thought...
- Shh, shh, shh.

You see, again, you thought.

Which led you to this trivial emotion.

Now, change into something

a bit more appropriate.

Your role, from now
until the enlightenment

has occurred, is as my technician.

Now leave me be so that I can figure out

a way to motivate Team Flash

to deliver our quarry to
where initially intended.

All right, look, I think
we take Highway 14.

It's as rural as we're going to get.

It's a straight shot to New Brighten.

Best chance to get Fallout to safety.

Sounds like a plan, Barry.

You know how I feel about plans.


This was your team member, right?

Ralph Dibny?

Yeah, Elongated Man.

"Elongated Man"?

Don't remember someone with that name

being a part of the
fight against the Nazis.

No, no, he, um... he wasn't ready yet.

Ah, a rookie hero.

So you trained him?

As much as I could, yeah.

Even harder death to take,
someone you've mentored.

And yet somehow you seem okay,
considering this happened,

what, just a few days ago?

I am okay. I'm just...

trying to do what I have to do.

I'm trying to stay on task.

Oh, is that what you're doing?

Do you know how many rebels
we lost over the years, Barry,

trying to defeat those Nazi bastards?

- Countless, I'm sure.
- Not countless.



3,769 were under my watch.

And I felt the weight
of each of their deaths.

I still do, some years after they die.

- Yeah, look...
- The thing I realized

is that to continue to
lead, to be clear-headed,

I had to grieve for those
men and women I lost.

So I did. Each and every one.

Look, Barry.

You want me to help you move

a meta-human nuclear bomb

that some genius with nearly
every meta-power on this board

is after, I will do what I can,

as long as your head is on straight.

Because if I die before
Ray and I get married,

Ray will kill me.

Suits ready.

And Fallout is ready at Tracy's lab.

So let's get to Keystone.

- You good?
- I'm good.

Then let's go get our guy.

Meta-human nuclear bomb...

Nuclear bomb...

And Fallout is ready at Tracy's lab...

Fallout is ready at Tracy's lab...

Let's get to Keystone...

Let's get to Keystone...

Let's go get our guy...

Yes, let's.

After all, a nuke is a
terrible thing to waste.

You're telling me I have to
wear this thing the whole time?

Yeah, look, that suit
protects us from you

so that we can protect you from the guy

that's trying to hunt you down.

Why is he after me?

Honestly, Neil, we don't
know, but we want to find out

as much as you do.

And we will. Trust me.

Saved me once, Flash, I
trust you to do it again.

What's that?

I whipped up this cocktail

of atomized DTPA and potassium iodide.

It should flood our thyroids

with enough non-radioactive iodine

so that if our containment
suit doesn't work,

it should offer us some
protection from radiation.

Some protection, how vaguely reassuring.

- How long will this last?
- Two, three hours max.

- You'd better get going.
- All right.

Let's just go over the
plan one more time, okay?

I'm going to be running
ahead of the truck,

scouting the route for
any signs of trouble.

Right, I will be at S.T.A.R. Labs

tracking any pocket dimension en route.

And I'll be in the truck with Neil

monitoring his vitals and RADS.

With me at the ready, in case

our meta of mass destruction
here goes all mushroom cloud.

- No offense.
- And I'll be driving.

And reciting every prayer
that Cecile's ever taught me.

I might join you.

Look, guys, I know
DeVoe's hit us pretty hard,

but right now let's just...

Let's try to forget
what he's taken from us,

and stay focused on
taking something from him

by getting Neil safely to A.R.G.U.S.

We do that, whatever DeVoe
has planned falls apart.

Winning this battle may
just win us this war.

Hear, hear!

Let's all make sure we
keep our heads in the game.

So we can stay safe out there.

I know what that was about.

It was a good speech, Barry.

Just making sure you heard
it, didn't just give it.

What is that supposed to mean?

If you don't confront your feelings,

they will confront you.

All clear on my end.

There's no pocket dimension
activity in the area.

Roads are looking good too. Joe?

Yeah, the rig is secure.

- Caitlyn?
- RADS are good.

Heartbeat regular.

On Earth-X, we have a saying.

"If you laugh out loud,
you got to share the joke."

Byproduct of living on an Earth

where joy is a scarce commodity.

It's a Post-it note from Killer Frost.

It's how we talk. Talked.

"Broke the thermostat
again. I think it hates me."

Aw, it's cute.

Do you miss her?

It's not that... it's just that...

we were starting to become close lately.

And I know how crazy that sounds

considering we're talking about someone

who actually lived inside of me.

I'm on an alt-Earth
transporting a human bomb

with an escort that can literally

run back to the future.

Your story is the least crazy
thing I've heard all day.

One thing's for sure.

I will miss those little notes.

Alter-ego or not,

it's okay to miss someone we've lost.

How's he doing?

Good. His RADS are low,

vitals seem stable.

I gave him a sedative,
and it seems to be working.

Okay, good, we're almost there...

Guys, there's pocket dimension activity.

- Dad!
- I'm trapped in here.

The door's unlocked, but...

But it's just like... It weighs a ton.


- Iris?
- Dad?

The comms are out. It's DeVoe.

He's here?

Mr. Allen.

As usual, you're a step behind me.

Yay, puns.

You Earth-1 villains sure are a hoot.

You have no idea, Mr. Snart.

You're not taking Fallout.

I can, and I will, if not here and now,

then after your top-secret
transfer to A.R.G.U.S.

Yes, I know.


Good, I won't have to feel guilty

about doing this.

Well, that de-escalated quickly.

The miniscule sound waves

produced by that toy trinket of yours

are far too weak for
this new body of mine.

What a gift Mr. Dibny provided.

Well, it was a gift in
a manner of speaking.

Right, rookie?


Why such turmoil

in your mind, Mr. Allen?

Allow me to ease your pain.

That's it! I'm leaving!

No, no, no, I need you to stay here

and calm down. Neil, wait!

I want you all to listen
to me very carefully,

and hopefully I won't
have to raise my voice.

This truck is now mine.

We really have no way of
finding Joe and Caitlyn?

Not even by tracking Fallout?

That hazmat suit is hiding

his radiation signature.

So the satellite can't even find him

unless he heats up.

Okay, well, what do you know

about Laurel Lance's doppelganger?

And why was she hunting you?

That was Siren-X,

all that's left of the Reichsmen.

An elite assassin gone mad,

and she is relentless.

Carried a torch for
Dark Arrow, unrequited,

so she's none too pleased
with those responsible

for his death, present company included.

So she has the same
powers as Black Siren?

The Laurel Lance of Earth-2.

And Earth-1's Laurel Lance...

She died.

She was the second Black
Canary after her sister,

who also died and came back,

but as White Canary, cause...

- Cisco.
- It's complicated.

Right. Doppelganger confusion aside,

Siren-X has my cold-gun and a nuke,

and her thirst for
vengeance won't prevent her

from using either one
on me or all of you now.

Hey, are you sure you're okay?

- I'm fine.
- I'm just a little worried.

It seemed like she got
the jump on you out there.

She didn't. She just
caught me off-guard.

And why does it matter right now?

We don't even know where
Joe and Caitlyn are.

- I...
- Cisco, will you just

- see if Harry has any ideas?
- I'm on it.

Just watch the satellites like a hawk.

Leo, what exactly happened out there?

Oh, just your typical deadly combat

between two metas from multiple earths.


- I'll go talk to him.
- Thank you.

Where is it?

Hey, Ramon, wh... what are you doing?

A Nazi Laurel Lance just
kidnapped Caitlyn and Joe.

We're going to make this thing work,

and we're going to make it work now.

Okay, well, we can't. We can't,

I still haven't found a replacement

for that... Where did you get that?

I found this in one of
the cubes Gypsy sent me.

How clever of you. You know what, Ramon?

It's still not going to
work. It's not gonna work.

- Why?
- Because it's not gonna work.

Okay? Because it's a waste of time.

Because I said so! That's why!

- Well, in that case...
- Listen, Ramon...

Our friends' lives are at stake.

- You don't...
- Look!

I don't know what's going on with you,

but if you're not going to
help me with this thing, I...


Why would you do that?

To protect you.

The cap did this?

And dark matter.

You used dark matter?

I used dark matter. It... look, Ramon.

It was the only way.

The only way to do what?

Fry your synapses?

Harry, you promised me.

I know I promised you, I promised you.

Oh, my god.

Harry, how could you be so stupid?

- 'Cause I felt so stupid!
- We all feel stupid right now!

Yes, but you're Vibe, Allen's the Flash.

Who am I?

My only job

is to be smarter

than all the villains who
want to hurt this team,

and without that, I'm nothing.

I'm about to lose the only part of me

that has any value to this team,

the only part of me that matters.

And so, yeah, I destroyed the cap.

So that you wouldn't make
the same mistake I did.

This should not be happening.

Perhaps you miscalculated.

I calculated everything.

The Flash's involvement
with the bus meta,

the recruitment of Snart's doppelganger,

even the arrival of the Earth-X banshee.

Every event occurred
exactly as I predicted.

Except the outcome!

You were supposed to defeat Siren-X?


The Flash was, but...

Barry Allen just stood there, frozen.

And now I've lost my only nuclear meta

because The Flash failed!

Why? Why did he fail?

Perhaps there were variables
that we just did not consider.

As I already explained,
there is no variable

beyond my examination.

Even less apparent.

The last time Barry Allen saw you,

you took the life of his close friend,

and now he sees you and he pauses.

You really don't see it?

You can calculate near-infinite outcomes

across multiple Earths,
but you cannot account

for how someone is feeling.

What'd you see out there, Barry?

When you froze up?


You just got two of
your teammates captured

and almost got me killed.

So either you explain
what happened or I leave.

- I saw Ralph.
- Mm, I warned you.

He is messing with your head.

No, it's not like that.

Do I miss him? Yes.

Do I regret what happened? Of course.

But I don't need lessons in loss.

What I need to do right
now is lead my team.

Well, you're gonna lead
them to their deaths

if you don't deal with this.

Back off, Leo.

You need to grieve him, Barry.

Grief is a luxury I don't have time for.

- Make time!
- I can't!


Ralph, not right now.


So we've finally reached the core.

You don't want to grieve this wound.

So Ralph's death must be different

from all the other losses
you've experienced, but why?


Barry, trust me.

There is no outrunning grief.

If that was a pun, I'm sorry.

Run, run!

CCPD, home of the brave

land of the dead.

Killing all these people

won't bring back your regime.

No, it won't.

But decimating your so-called officers

will make it a hell of a lot more even.

I'll make sure of it.

Remove your helmet. What?

Take it off!

CCPD. Why would she take him there?

We destroyed her protectors.

Maybe she wants to do the same to us.

Harry, we need eyes.

You know what? Why don't you

let me take care of it, all right?

You keep an eye on the RADS.

Leo, we're on.

Barry, I'm always on.

- Oh wait, I need a...
- Oh, got you.

- Thank you, Iris.
- Mm.

How much time do we have
left on the injection?

Not enough.


This is for destroying my world!

- 7,000 RADS.
- And climbing.

Guys, you gotta cool him down.

8,000 RADS and climbing.

Flash, get up. Get up!

Flash, people are going to die, Flash.

I'm not ready to die.

Rise up. Let me train you.

- Train me?
- Fight it, all right?

Fight it! I'll save you.

Flash, Flash!

You have to deal with the pain!


Can't get away from what's inside you,

so stop trying!


9,000 RADS.

The whole place is gonna blow.


Wasn't your fault!

Ralph, I'll save you!

You already did, Barry.

He's burning up!

Time to get cold-blooded.

8,000 RADS.

7,000 RADS.

Keep icing him, it's working.

And dropping.

He's contained.

They did it.

Where's The Flash?

Bar. What's going on, Bar?

He trusted me, Joe.

I let him down.


I'm the reason he's dead.

- No.
- No.

- No.
- I failed him, I...

He was my responsibility.

Now he's gone.

It's all right.

So we're sure that Fallout is secure?

Well, Lyla said she had some people

who would be very interested

in helping Borman control his powers.

She took him to a different
A.R.G.U.S. black-ops site

- way off the grid.
- How far off the grid?

Like, it would take Jack Ryan

two Tom Clancy novels to find him.

I got to say, on any Earth,

Snarts have style. Perfect fit.

Thought you could do something with it.

- You wear it well.
- Thank you.

You sure you can't come to the wedding?

I could put all of you

at a table with Ray's uncle Skip.

He murders the "Macarena."

Yeah, DeVoe's still out there.

Suit yourselves.

But if you're looking
for a place to honeymoon,

our Earth has some
pretty spectacular spots.

What is this?

That is an inter-dimensional

It makes small-scale breaches.

You know, in case Ray's uncle Skip

wants to see how the other half lives.

Oh, well, look at that.

Something old, something new,

something borrowed, something navy.

We're gonna miss you, Leo.

Gonna miss you, too, Caitlyn.

You're quite the badass, you know.

Enough to make your alter-ego proud.

Thank you.

Detective West,

I know my Earth-1 counterpart

gave you a lot of headaches.

Hopefully I've begun
to make up for that.

Man, you prevented a nuke
from leveling the city.

We're good.

Cisco, I'm really gonna miss that hair.


Iris West-Allen,

thank you for helping me

take down Nazi scum, again.

You're welcome, again.

And then there was one.

I could see why the other Snart

turned over a new leaf
and joined the good guys.

You treat everyone
around you with kindness

and respect.

Just remember to do
the same for yourself,

every once in a while.

Thanks for helping me push through.

Anytime, Barry.

Don't be a stranger.

Oh, you never know.

How you doing?

I know last night was pretty rough.

I'll tell you about it
when we see Dr. Finkle.

We're seeing Dr. Finkle?

Yeah, I gave her a call.

How's it going?

I don't know.

Hauling a nuclear meta across the state,

getting kidnapped by a
screeching psychopath,

and helping to save the city.

I'd say that's pretty impressive

for someone without a
meta other half to lean on.


You know, the thing I realized yesterday

is even though I can
live without Killer Frost,

I don't think I want to.

Run some more tests, find out for sure.

- I already did.
- And?

I've been too afraid to find out.

Let's find out together.

What does it say?

It says the reason dark matter

isn't registering in my body

is because there is none.

So she's gone?

It says there's still
another cryogenic anomaly

in my DNA.

Killer Frost is still a part of you.

I just have to figure out
how to get her to appear.

You going somewhere?

Yeah, matter of fact I'm
gonna go visit my daughter

while I'm still of somewhat sound mind.

It's not like I can help
you guys around here anyway.

Cause that is the only
part of you that matters,

- that mind of yours.
- Exactly.

Is that why Jesse turned out so great?

Yep. No, I don't know.

What's your point?

Jesse Quick, superhero, scientist...

Yeah, I know who she is.

All around wonderful person,

she turned out that way because...

I don't know.

I think you do.

You told me you were about to lose

the only part of you that has value.

Yeah. Yeah.

Raising Jesse?

Raising a kid that turns out like that.

That takes a lot more than intelligence.

If you asked her, I'm
pretty sure she'd tell you

learning quadratic equations at age five

from her math-obsessed father

wasn't nearly as important
to her as having a dad

who was there for her
and who gave a damn.

So, my point is...


So now what?

Sit around and wait until
I regress to a simpleton?

Now we figure out a way to fix you.

Just like you did when
Barry lost his speed.

We find a way to...

jump start your brain.

But this is the hard part,

'cause it's gonna take
all of us to do it,

which means... you
have to tell the team.

I gotta tell the team.

Yeah, I know you're right, but...

maybe not today.

When you're ready.

- Ramon.
- Yeah?

Thank you.

I knew Ralph since...

I was a rookie on the force.

And all that time, I thought I knew

exactly what kind of person he was.

Why is that?

We just never saw things

the same way, you know?

I was raised to believe
that people are good.

And Ralph?

He always saw the worst in people,

and he knew how to take advantage of it.

But, um... he changed.

He did. He changed, and...

I couldn't see that

for a long time.

And now that I can...

I think that's what's so hard is,

you know, of course, I miss Ralph,

but it just took me so long

to see what he'd become.

I just... I never had
a chance to tell him

just how proud I am

to be his friend.

And I always will be.

I'm sure he knew that, Barry.


What else would you tell him,

if you could right now?

That I feel responsible.

I feel responsible for what happened.

And he taught me more than
I could have ever taught him.

And for that, I'll always be grateful.

Allowing events to unfold naturally

turned out in our favor.

Just as you said it would.

And success came our
way without the hindrance

of that most aberrant
of human follies...


It did, indeed.

And to think, for a moment there,

I experienced doubt.

So perhaps now you can accept

that the primitive
cognitive entanglements

that derailed Mr. Allen today

can only serve to hold us back

from completing our work.


I see that now.

More clear than ever before.