The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 18 - Lose Yourself - full transcript

Barry and the team find a way into the Thinker's lair; Ralph considers crossing a dangerous line to defeat him; Joe is concerned by Harry's recent behavior.

- My name is Barry Allen,

and I am
the fastest man alive.

To the outside world,

I'm an ordinary
forensic scientist.

But secretly, with the help

of my friends
at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime
and find other meta-humans

like me.

But I became lost in time.

It took everything
in my friends' power

to bring me back,
and in doing so

our world was opened up
to new threats.

And I'm the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am the Flash.

- Previously on "The Flash"...

- So, one more
bus meta out there.

- Edwin Gauss. You better
find him before DeVoe does.

- This is
an intelligence booster.

- You're talking about
intense amounts of dark energy

going right into that cap.

I'm gonna help you finish
the Thinking Cap,

without using dark matter.
- Fine.

- Good evening, Dr. Wells.
How can I be of service?

- Hello, Gideon.

- Good old CCTA,
bus number 405,

where I was gifted with pretty
much the best powers ever.

If it wasn't for this old girl,

I'd still have to
leave the couch

when I need to use
the bathroom,

you know, because I can--

- Yes, I know.

All right, this might be
our last chance

to find any clues
on the final bus meta

before DeVoe catches him.

- Yeah, and we know
what happens next.

What do we know
about this meta?

- Other than his name,
Edwin Gauss, nothing.

It's like he disappeared.

- Well, that explains
the brand new,

beepy, flashy
"schmience" thingies.

- Yeah, Cisco designed
these scanners

to look for
dark matter anomalies,

so anything that looks weird,
all right?

Waves, ripples, whatever,

log it.

- Ho

I got something.
- What?

- My Big Belly punch card.

I'm only five away
from a free kids meal,

if I even long enough
to use it.

- Man, don't even
joke like that.

We're gonna get DeVoe,
throw him in The Pipeline,

long before he gets to you.

- Right.
If that doesn't work,

we'll just, uh,
take him out the other way.

- What other way?

- Eh, we'll put him down
with a shovel,

give him his harp and wings,

send him to visit
Grandma Thinker in the sky.

- Ralph, you think
we're gonna kill DeVoe?

- The way that
you're saying that

makes me think
I'm supposed to say no.

- Okay, look...

I've taught you a lot
about being a hero, right?

You ready for what's probably
the most important lesson?

We never have to kill.

For people with our abilities,

there's just always
another way.

You understand?

- Han, you complete me.

Bring it in, man. Come on.
- Uh, I'm good.

- Just a little bit.
Give me some, come on.

[device beeping]

- What's this?

- Wait a second...

I talked to the guy
who was sitting there.

I remember,
'cause I paid his fare.

Uh... uh-oh.

I think I may have left
my wallet in my other pants.

- Look, buddy,
you either pay the fare

or you hit the sidewalk.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Mr. bus driver dude,

allow me to pay his fare.

Who are we to be
the gatekeepers

of whatever path
this fellow traveler is on?

- Have a seat.

- Uh, thanks.

- Oh, namaste, hermano.

- Namaste
in the back of the bus.

Funny fat dude.

- This is crazy.

His residual dark matter reads
as if he was here one second,

and the next, vanished.

It's Harry.

He wants us back
at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Says he has something important
to show everyone.

- so do we.

- Yeah. All right, come on.

- That's the big news?

You're taking a sculpture class
at the community college?

- It's not art. It's science!

And as such...

it is the thing
that is gonna help us defeat...


Recall, if you will,
the one thing

that we've seen--nay, heard--

that can actually harm DeVoe.

- Izzy Bowin's
soundwave powers.

- Well, Izzy was
killed by DeVoe,

so whatever powers she had
is in his hands now.

- And now, Joe...

they're in ours.

Watch this.


Actually, maybe you should...

take a couple steps back if you
value your internal organs.

- I know how that feels.

- One strike incapacitates
The Thinker.

Two strikes, no more Thinker.

I call it a Sonic Scepter.

- Okay.

Points for alliteration.

- Basically just
a big tuning fork.

- My goodness.

- Well, like, I mean,
it's not just any tuning fork.

This might be the most powerful
tuning fork in the multiverse.

You must've laser-shaved
this thing

down to the nanometer.
- Shaved it right down

to the last angstrom,
as a matter of fact.

Child's play for me
and my Thinking Cap.

The Sonic Scepter mimics
Izzy Bowin's sonic frequencies,

so we can penetrate

a heretofore impenetrable
force field of DeVoe.

And here's the best part.

Because there's
no tech involved--

- It's Kilgore-proof. Nice.
- Yes.

- So, now we just need
to figure out

where DeVoe is gonna
appear next.

- As a matter of fact,
before you got here--

I scripted a subroutine

on the pocket dimension

and it's gonna give us
a massive head start.

DeVoe's next location,
thank you.

- Yesterday, I thought you said
that wasn't possible.

- That's right, Snow,
I did say that yesterday,

but a new day.

I've got a million new ideas.

The cap and I, we're--
[imitates clicking]--

firing on all cylinders.

Onward and upward.

- Okay, let's get to it.

Cisco, can you integrate
Harry's algorithm

into the predictor?
- Can do.

- Okay.

- Hey...

Harry's really loving
that Thinking Cap, huh?

- Oh, my God. It's like
the best friend he never had.

I mean, he wears
this thing everywhere.

I'm pretty sure I saw him
step out of the shower with it.

I want to know
what kinda problem

he was trying to solve
in there.


Nope, I--I don't wanna know.

- What are you working on?
- My brain, or brains.

I think I finally figured out
the science behind

what activates Killer Frost.

So, in fight-or-flight,

the adrenal glands flood
the body with catecholamines,

uh, AKA the stress hormone,

and guess where the highest
concentration of dark matter is

in my body?

- In your adrenal glands.
- Exactly.

So if adrenaline is
what activates Killer Frost,

then all I need...
- Is a shot of epinephrine.

- No more Harry and Cisco
traumatizing me

to get Killer Frost to show up.

I can't wait to tell her.

- Wait, you guys talk now?
- Sort of.

Uh, we leave each other notes.


"Thanks for the badass
new jacket.

"I got some blood on it.

Don't worry, it's not ours."

I guess her humor is
sort of an acquired taste.


Pocket dimension's
about to open.

It's DeVoe.
- Get that pen ready.

- Okay, stay ready.

Edwin Gauss?

- What--

- All right, guys, say hello
to our last known bus meta,

Edwin Gauss.

As we know,
there's not much on him.

No college history,
no known addresses.

Just a couple of backpacking
photos on an old message board.

- Old? Flip phones are old.

This site is from
the age of dial up.

Try prehistoric.
- No digital fingerprint.

Everything this guy owns
is strapped to his back.

He was off-grid
before he was even a meta.

- That, and his powers are the
reason we couldn't find him.

- And why there were
12 heat signatures on the bus,

including the driver.

- Cisco, the way he appeared
and disappeared...

- Pocket dimension.

- What? Like--
like the DeVoe kind?

- No, like the
Edwin Gauss kind.

You see, pocket dimensions,
like the one you see here,

are unique to their users.

Just like DeVoe
can only enter or exit his,

Gauss too is limited to
his own pocket dimension.

- So why does DeVoe need him?

- Well, DeVoe uses his chair
to create pocket dimensions.

If he has Edwin Gauss's powers,
he won't need it anymore.

- Then we need
to catch Gauss first.

- And we will.

Little late.
Just tweaking the cap.

Now, listen, locating this meta

is not a task that
we have to accomplish.

Why is that, Harry?
I'll tell you why.

It's because we already...

Yeah, this is the map
that we constructed:

Of all the pocket dimension

throughout Central City.

- Right, but that's
when we thought

all the pocket dimensions
belonged to DeVoe.

Now we don't know whether
they belong to him or to Gauss.

- And figuring out
those distinctions,

I'm sorry, but that's too big
even for your britches, Harry.

- My britches are
plenty big, okay?

I fill my britches.
Watch this, okay?

By simply tracking
the two lanes of identifiers,

cross-referencing the, uh,
fluctuation migration patterns

and the temporal displacement
in the energy app, and...

I give you Edwin Gauss's

pocket dimension activity.

"Ahhh, Harry.

Harry is amazing."

- Yeah, let's all just split up

and search each one
for Edwin Gauss.

Barry, you take
Caitlin and Ralph,

and I'll go with
Cisco and my dad.

- I'll go with you.

- No, I was thinking
that you could just--

you would stay here
and hold down the fort.

- Okay, I'll tweak the cap.

Detective, are you--
are you not going after Gauss?

- I'm on my way out.

I just wanted to see
if you needed anything

before we left.

- If I need--no, I'm good.
- Hm.

Holding that Thinking Cap
real close.

- Well, you never know when
you might need it. [chuckles]

- Yeah, and you only need it

for DeVoe-related
problems, right?

- DeVoe-related problems,
science problems,

problems. [chuckles]

- You make omelets
with that cap?

- Oh, yeah.
Pretty darn good omelet.

- I bet. you mind
if I borrow the cap?

- No, I don't think so.
Not a good idea.

- Why not?
It seems pretty easy to use.

- Detective,
this easy-to-use thing

is actually a delicate
scientific instrument

that directly alters
the brain wave of the user,

so I don't think so.
- Mm.

So it's dangerous?
- Yeah, it's very dangerous.

- And yet you risk using it
to make breakfast?

All right.

Okay, you're good, Detective.
You're very good.

- How much do you wear
that cap?

- I'm not overusing it,
if that's what you're asking.

- Overusing is one way
of putting it.

Addiction is another.
- I'm not addicted to--

Your concerns are well-founded.
Ramon had the same concerns.

I told him, promised him

I would not use
this Thinking Cap...

with dark matter.

- Hm. And that's a promise
you kept?

- Yes.

- All right, I don't mean
to be paranoid.


Sometimes, it's just hard
to turn off the cop brain.

- I get it. No worries.

Good luck finding Gauss.

- Iris...

where are we?

- Looks like some sort of
hippie commune.

- Yeah, smells like one too.

Guys, I think I figured out
DeVoe's plan.

He means to suffocate us
with BO and incense.

- Okay, well, this is the last
pocket dimension hotspot

on our list, so just--
do you see Gauss anywhere?

- Uh...

Unwashed flower child,

have you seen this man?

- Nope...
- Hm.

- I've seen the soul that
belongs to this man. [chuckles]

The dude's aura is a trip.

- Wait, so,
you know Edwin Gauss?

- Sure do.

'Round here, we call him...
the folded man.

- Folded man?
- He's everywhere...

and nowhere...

but mostly, he's around here.

Time for the reflection hike,

Don't forget to leash
your spirit animals!

- Literally already
smells better.

- Okay, let's just
search for Gauss.

Uh, stay in touch
over the comms.

- Yeah, I will leash
my inner-penguin spirit animal

and head south.

- Be careful.

Don't touch anybody.

Okay, remember,
if we find Gauss first,

we might be able to put
an end to DeVoe's plans.

- Speaking of ending DeVoe...
- Not what I said.

- Allen, I'm just saying,

DeVoe's been ahead of us
at every turn.

His backup plans
have backup plans.

On the off chance
that we can't capture him,

shouldn't we be willing
to do whatever it takes?

We know that he is.

- I am willing to do
whatever it takes,

except kill DeVoe.

- Even in self-defense?
- It's not self-defense

if you're already
thinking about it.

Look, I--

I've been down this road.
I know you're scared.

I understand the temptation,

but you have to hear me
when I say

there's always another way.

- I really hope
you're right, rookie.

- Guys, I got eyes on Gauss!

He's fast for a non-speedster!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! [panting]

Easy, narcs. Hey...

I give up.
- We're not cops.

But you are in danger.
We're here to protect you.

- Oh...righteous.

Is that why you're--why you
brought your ninja buddy?

- What?

- Caitlin!
- Meet us at S.T.A.R. Labs.

- You can't stop me,
Mr. Dibny.

I will cut through
all of Team Flash

to get what I want.

- Are you sure you're okay?

- Yeah, I mean,
the wound started healing

before I even woke up.

- You frosted out for a sec
when we got here.

It probably helped.
- Yeah.

- Hey, uh,
shouldn't you rest?

- Honestly, I'm fine.

If anything,
this has just made me

more determined
to get DeVoe.

I'm gonna go help Cisco

with that pocket
dimension predictor.

- Well, it could've gone worse.

- Yeah, all things considered,
we got pretty lucky.

- Yeah.
- Lucky? Are you two serious?

Am I the only one who's
paying any attention here?

- Ralph, the mission
was successful.

Caitlin's okay, and Edwin
agreed to stay in The Pipeline.

- Edwin will be safe in there.
- Safe?

Because DeVoe's never
successfully attacked metas

in a maximum security
facility before.

Oh, wait, he did exactly that.

- Watch it, Ralph.
- I have been watching.

Watching DeVoe ahead of us
at every turn,

watching Caitlin get skewered,

watching the metas drop
like flies, one by one,

because we can't save them.

And why? Because we won't
make the tough call

and end DeVoe
when we get the chance.

- Look, I'm not
doing this again.

- Okay, Ralph, I get
where you're coming from,

but that is not the tough call,
that is the wrong one.

- Oh, Mr. and Mrs.
S.T.A.R. Labs agree.

I swear if I was
running this team--

- But you're not.
- Okay, all right.

That's enough. We don't have
time for this, okay?

We need to focus
and stick to the game plan.

Find DeVoe,
hit him with the scepter,

and put him in The Pipeline.

No one has to die.

- Huh...

same plan again.

And you wonder
why he's always ahead of us.

- Yo...
Magnum PI.

I am digging
this tiny panic room, bro.

It's--it's--it's like--
like an eggshell for my body...

which is the eggshell
for my soul...

which contains
the universal myste--

-Zesty Ranch.

Right on.

- You strike me as
a munchies kinda guy.

- Guilty.

Oh, wait, wait, wait,
not actually guilty.

It's not like I'm on anything,
you know?

You--you--you guys said
you aren't cops, right?

- Nope.
- All right.

- But apparently we have to
follow more rules than they do.

- Well, whatever rules protect
me from that evil genius dude,

I shall heed.

Even his name is creepy.

"The Ponderer."

- It's, uh, Thinker.

- Yeah, sure is a thinker.

Makes me think
about my journey.

Like, first time I folded,

I was in this white space
for, like, days,

and then another time,
I tumbled down this ramp

in this space agey room
with blue lights,

and there was this bald dude
in a Professor X floaty chair,

with tubes coming out
of his noggin,

and there was this--this lady

in a white lab coat,

with such a hot accent. Ah...

- Wait, wait, wait, Edwin,
do you remember

anything else from there?
Anything at all?

This is important.

- Well, I don't know
if this detail is relevant,

but, um, they had one of
those robot samurai dudes.

- You were in DeVoe's lair.
Wait, how can that be?

Cisco said that
a pocket dimension

can only be accessed
by its specific user.

- I mean
you know,

some places are harder
to get to than others,

but if you ascend your mind
to a high enough plane--

you can go anywhere.

And my mind is really high.

- Edwin, can you get us
back there?

- "Fa sho."

- Come on.
- What?

- I--I--I got more.
- [muffled]

- No, I--I got more,
I got more.

I cannot do it

any faster, Captain!

If I apply anymore hobby glue,

this ship is gonna blow!


This glue's really
something else.

I should probably
wear a respirator.

- Where is it?

- Where's what? The exit?

It's right behind you,
please and thank you.

- I can't find my Thinking Cap.

- I--hey, I don't have it,
Captain Caveman!

- I never said you did,

so why would you volunteer
that information

unless you do have it?

Get out.
- I know what this is about.

You never wanted me to build
this sucker in the first place,

'cause you never wanted me
to be smarter than you.

Well, guess what, that's funny,
'cause I already am.

- What the hell
are you talking about?

- I want you to--

- What the hell are you doing?
- Give me my cap!

- Hey! What?
- Give me my cap!

Give it to me. It's mine.
It's my cap.

- Cut it out!
- It's mine!

- Harry! He didn't take it.

- I didn't take it.

- You definitely have
a problem, man.

- Joe, this is fine.
- No, uh, be quiet.

Just listen.

I've seen these signs before
with my late wife, Francine.

Back then,
I didn't intervene so quickly,

because I said to myself,
I needed to be sure.

But I was sure.

I just didn't wanna
see those signs

in somebody I cared about.

I can't make you
stop using this.

That's up to you.

All I will ask is that
you take a long, hard look

at what it's doing to you,

and how it's making you treat
people you care about.

- Ramon...

- Uh...
where are we going again?

- You're gonna open up
a pocket dimension

into DeVoe's lair,

and I'm gonna stop him
for good.

- No, you're not.

Cisco installed
motion detectors

in The Pipeline intake.

I thought it was
DeVoe coming for Edwin.

Now I kinda wish it was.

- Edwin can get me
into DeVoe's lair.

I can end this.

All you have to do
is let me go.

- I can't let you do that.
- Um--[clears throat]

Um, listen, I--I don't
really do confrontations,

so, uh, can I just go back
to my glass cage?

- We're both leaving
in a second.

- Okay.

- Just give me the scepter.

You know I can take it away
from you if I have to.

- Yeah?

Well, you're gonna have to
take it out of me.

- Oh-Whoa, bro.

Wow, okay, I'm actually glad
I stayed for that.

That was trippy.

- Don't do this?
- Do what?


- I'm sorry, Ralph.

- Olive Branch?

You don't wanna have a drink
with your buddy?

- Is that what you call someone
who just went all

"Thor, son of Odin" on you?

- You can take it.

- Yeah.

- Look...

I know you're worried
about DeVoe,

about what he might do to you,

but there are some lines
we can't cross.

- Wow...

You really don't know as much
as you think you do, rookie.

- I know what killing DeVoe
would do to you.

You would be throwing away
everything you've done:

to become a better man,
to become a hero.

You gotta realize that.

- You... are a moron.

- Ralph--
- I am not afraid of DeVoe

and what he might do to me.

I am afraid of
what he might do to you...

and Iris and Caitlin and Cisco,

Joe, Harry, Cecile.

DeVoe has taken out everyone
who's gotten in his way,

and Team Flash...

they will always be in his way.

- This was never about
protecting yourself.

- I know that killing DeVoe
would mean throwing away

everything I've done
to become a hero...

But aside from my mom,

this team is the only family
that I have ever had,

and I would throw myself
into a furnace

to keep them safe.

DeVoe cannot have them.

They are mine.

- What about what we want?

You may not care about
losing who you've become,

but we do.

We like hero Ralph.

Please don't take him
away from us.

Well, Ralph was misguided,

but...he had a half-good idea.

- Which half?
- We use Edwin Gauss's powers

to create a pocket dimension
to DeVoe's lair.

- Yep, that's the half
I was afraid of.

- It doesn't get
more dangerous than this,

so if we go,
everybody needs to sign off.

- Look, you two
have led this team

through every danger there is,

so if you think
this will stop DeVoe

from claiming any more lives,

let's go get that bastard.

- I mean, damn, Joe,
when you put it

all John McClane like that,
of course I'm in.

- I'm in.

- I don't even need to ask
Killer Frost what she votes.

We're in too.
- So it's settled.

we take on The Thinker.

- Open it.

- You got it, mega-fast dude.

- Open it again in 15 minutes.

If we don't come out
with DeVoe in cuffs, close it.

Don't open it again.

- It didn't work.
- Why would it?

Sound has no effect
on a hologram.

- If DeVoe's not here, then...

- Now, my love...

the real battle begins.

- What's happening?

- Someone's taken over
our systems and sealed us in.

- A second pocket dimension
opened in S.T.A.R. Labs

at the exact same time as ours.

- It's DeVoe.

He used that first opening
to conceal his own entrance.

That's why our sensors
didn't register.

- This is all
a part of his plan:

the Samuroid attack,
us getting Edwin,

using him to attack
DeVoe's lair.

- He wanted us divided.
- Where did Edwin go?

- He's back locked in his cell,
and we got DeVoe's

pocket dimension energy
coming from the Cortex.

- That must be
where his chair is.

I mean, if we can get to it,

we can use it
to get our team back.

- First, we gotta get ourselves
out of here.

Harry, can you unhack his code?
- Trying, but it's too complex.

If I had
my quantum decryption keys,

I could do it, but they're
stuck in Cisco's workshop.

- But we're not stuck in here.

- What are you gonna do?

- It's a little
worst-case scenario

that I had Cisco whip up.

- Get back. Get back.

go get your equipment--

- I'll go and hack
the computers.

- Yeah.
Iris, get to that chair.

- Dad, you can't--
- Go.


- I heard all the commotion,
and I thought,

"If DeVoe was here,
where would he be going?"

- Hmm.

A simple deduction
for a simple man.

Though I assure you,
you are no threat

for an intellect
of my magnitude.

- Please.

Everyone I fight
is smarter than me,

but no bad guy
has beaten me yet.

- Well, I'm afraid
an old friend

requests a rematch.

- I really hate sequels.

- Ah...

Mrs. West Allen,

I was hoping we'd meet again.

- You might change your mind
about that pretty soon.

- Ah...there's that passion

from our chat
in the courthouse.

But I do remember warning you

that it could
easily be destroyed.

[electrical crackling]
- And I remember you asking me

what I was willing to do
for my husband.

How about I show you?

- Gideon?
- Yes, Dr. Wells?

- Increase the Thinking Cap's
dark matter feed.


- Warning: Safe zone
parameters will be exceeded.

- Maximum capacity now!

- Come on.

Little closer.
Little closer.

Warning: Fists in Pipeline
are larger than they appear.


Even gray matter
as unevolved as yours

understands the pain
of psychic attacks.

You were born for me,
Mr. Dibny,

and now...

you will die for me.

You first!

- What's that?

A big old fork
to shove up your--

- One more strike
and you're dead.

I have been waiting for this
a long time,

you and me alone,

so I can make the hard choice
that no one else will.

- Ah!


- Perhaps you are willing
to do what it takes...

But it seems my love...

is stronger than yours.

Get out of my office.

- Where is he?

- Iris?
- I'm okay. I'm okay.

The others are still out there
fighting DeVoe and a Samuroid.

- Actually,
now it's just DeVoe.

- Hm.
- Iris?

- I'm okay,
we just need to get DeVoe.

- Breach us to him. I'm ready
to get blood on this jacket.

- That blow back in the lair
knocked down my breaching.

- I'll find him.
- [grunts] Mm-hmm.

- Did you just...

Beat The Thinker?

Yeah, I did.

You just got out-thunk, punk.

- And I see you went with
the same plan, as always.

- Eh.

Do you remember
when I visited you in prison?

You said that I could have
a greater life

if I'd just rise up.


I'm ready for that life.

And for the first time,

I might even deserve it.

- Yes...

it appears I have been bested.


a tip, if I may.

Before you cuff a meta,

make sure the light
is the right color.

- Ralph!

- Ms. Betty never understood

the full magnitude
of her powers.

You're currently the same
gravimetric weight

as a cement truck, Mr. Allen.

That should hold you
long enough to bear witness.

- Ralph! Just fight it,
all right? Fight it!

I'll save you.

You already did, Barry.

- No--no...


- God...

- Stand back.

- Melt.

- All the training,

all the lessons
you taught Mr. Dibny

to help him reach
his full potential,

this body will be
the greatest gift of all.

Thank you, Mr. Allen.

You were an excellent teacher.

- We were supposed
to save them.

- We tried.

- We failed.

- I know this isn't the ending
we were expecting, so...

If anyone wants to talk...

- Should I track him down?

- No.

I think I know
where he's going.

- Cisco?
- Hey.

Uh, weather says rain's coming.
Do you mind helping me?

- Can you get Harry?

I think something's
wrong with me.

- Well, your vitals seem okay.

- Blood pressure, respiratory
rate seems normal as well.

- You're gonna have to
run the test again.

There was some feeling.

I--I don't know
what it was, but...

- You touched DeVoe.

Hand me the dark matter

The dark matter scanner...

- I'll get it.

Focus, Harry.
- Yeah, focus.

- There's no trace of dark
matter anywhere on your body.

He must've used
Melting Point's powers

to entangle your meta DNA.

- So, Killer Frost...
- Is gone.

[Lyves' "Darkest Hour"]

- Take me
where you want me, lover

Take me where you want me

And in your darkest hour

I'll move through you

- Thought I might find you
at the other office.

- Yeah, well, without Ralph
being around to dodge rain,

it's only a matter of time

before the landlord
closes this place up.

I know there's
some things in here

Ralph wouldn't want
anybody finding.

- You know you could
just whoosh around

and you could pack up
a lot faster.

- Yeah, I know.

- Have you ever seen her?

I've watched her burn

- Barry, look, I just wanted--
- Iris, I...

I know that you're--
you're here for me

and that I can talk to you,
and I love you for that,


right now,
I just need to pack up.

That's all.

- Okay, yeah.


I'll leave you to it.

- I've watched her burn

Have you ever seen
her look like that?

I've watched her burn

Have you ever seen her?

I've watched her burn

And in your darkest hour

Have you ever seen
her look like that?

Have you ever seen
her look like that?

And in your darkest hour

And in your darkest hour

In your darkest hour

- I'll keep them safe.

- In your darkest hour

Don't say no

And in your darkest hour

Every way possible

And in your darkest hour

[soft, tense music]

- To our overwhelming success.

- Yes, in more ways than one.

- What do you mean?
- Not only is my new host body

immune to the ravages of
my ever-expanding mind...

It also holds
an ancillary benefit.

- Clifford.

- I'm nothing without you...

And now, all of me...

is with you once more.

- But we must temper our
celebration with conviction.

Our plans have yet
to reach their apex.

- Is that...
- Dark matter.

Siphoned from the room
where Dr. Wells

was charging
his counterfeit cap.

As I predicted,

his hubris was his undoing.

And so, now,

the fire that burns down
Team Flash...

Will also light the path
to the Enlightenment.

- Greg, move your head.