The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 17 - Null and Annoyed - full transcript

Barry and Ralph try to find the remaining bus metas, but clash over what it means to be a hero; Breacher returns to ask Cisco for a favor.

My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world,

I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.

But secretly, with the help

of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find other meta-humans

like me.

But I became lost in time.

It took everything in my friends' power

to bring me back, and in doing so

our world was opened up to new threats.

And I'm the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am the Flash.

Previously on "The Flash"...

He only wants the bus metas.

He wants their powers. All of them.

DeVoe has absorbed
the powers of Killgore,

Hazard, Black Bison,
Brainstorm, and Dwarfstar.

I'm gonna take DeVoe down.

Just like Izzy would have wanted.

DeVoe orchestrated everything

to get the people he wanted on the bus.

We got a planner, just like Thawne.

This is an intelligence booster.

I'll finally be able
to outthink the Thinker.

- Daddy!
- Pleased to meet you, sir.

The last two remaining bus metas...

Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss.

- Ralph.
- Ready.

Enact double scarlet's speeds-turn.

- Three, two, one...
- Wait!

I got a better idea.

Over here, Doc Ock.

Watch this, Master Splinter.

Turtle power!

Shut it down.

All right, let's run it again.

We got to make this work.

Does he know that?




One more time, please.
Follow Barry's plan?

You know, the one where I
spent hours of my precious time

programming realistic holograms for you.

Which... bravo on that by the way.

- Thank you.
- Look.

Just morph yourself into Barry.

There'll be two Flashes,
Thinker won't know

which one is which,
and we'll confuse him.

Kind of a "her" actually.

Ralph, you're missing the
point of this exercise.

No, I get it. I was just
doing a little improv.

But this isn't standup comedy.

Yeah, I know that, but if
you just let it play out,

it would have worked.
You could have done

some improving of your own.

Comedy comes in threes, man.

We're trying to protect
you. DeVoe's coming.

We need to be ready. All of us, okay?

I still think it's a pretty good plan.

I hide my face. I save my ass.

We'd make a fortune.

An improv group made up of superheroes?

We can take it to Washington.

- We'd be the DC Comics.
- No, Ralph.

First rule of improv is say yes.

Would it kill you to
take training seriously?

Would it kill you to open up
your mind grapes just a little?

Hey. We'll get there.

Eventually, but we'll get there.

He's just making a big
joke out of the whole thing.

It's just the way he is, Barry.

I know, but I mean, he needs to think

like a hero, stay on point.

DeVoe's thought of everything.

We can't just wing this one.

Look, we'll figure it out.

We always do, right?

Melting Point's on our team now.

We just have to find
the other two bus metas,

and we'll be in good shape.


Where are we with tracking down
Edwin Gauss and Janet Petty?

- No, no, he's...
- What?

- He's still... shh...
- I ca...

- Working on it.
- I can't work

with all this noise.

That is disgusting, Harry.

Really, grow up.


It wasn't me.

That was expensive.

Harry, look. Every time you try

to locate these guys,
it's the same thing.

I'm telling you. You just
crack that thing open.

- It's probably broken.
- It's not broken!

It's just finding these
two is complicated.

Why is that?

Because this dude, Edwin Gauss,

flat out disappeared the day Allen

came out of the Speed Force.
No credit card charges.

No bank withdraws. No
social media posts, nothing.

- Gone.
- What about Janet Petty?

Just as tricky. I asked Joe

to pull her file from CCPD.

Her first known record
wasn't until she was 13.

Some sort of a nomad.

Last known address: Iron Heights.

- What she in for?
- Trifecta of

breaking and entering,
trespassing, and burglary.

But what we should be worried about is

where is she now and
what are her powers?

Is that really her handle?

- "Null"?
- Okay, well DeVoe needs both

of these people for
whatever he has planned,

so we have to figure out where they are.

I will, Allen, if I
can get a little peace,

a little quiet, and no interruptions.


- Cisky.
- Breacher?

I need your help.

Little bit of a mixed message here.

I was hunting Lord Crucifer,

leader of the Tenth Circle.

His cult of bloodsuckers ambushed me.

They had me surrounded.
So you were attacked by...


Hundreds of vampires!

The battle was fierce,
but I managed to dismantle

his entire force.

But when I went to finish off Crucifer,

something happened to me.

My powers... they were gone.

What do you mean?

I couldn't vibe blast.

Crucifer got away.

He must have done
something to my powers.

Has this ever happened before?


But Cynthia always said
you were an intelligent man,

well-versed in the meta science.

I'm glad to hear Gypsy
still remembers who I am.

Hey, you're her boss.

You would know the answer to this.

Does she ever get a day off?

Cynthia is very devoted to her job.

But in regards to your skills...

Yeah, yeah. Let me guess.

- You think she's wrong.
- No.

What I want to say is
I think you can fix me.


Well, sir,

we would be happy to...

run some tests in the Speed Lab.

You know, see if everything's okay.

Thank you, Cisco.

Now I must get some tea.

- He didn't insult me once.
- Nope.

I just hope we can help him.

How was your rest, my love?


I've never felt more rejuvenated

and ready to realize our dream.


The additional dark matter
from our subject metas is...

overwhelming this host's body.

How long do we have?

At the present rate,

just over a week's time.


I will not allow it.

It may be possible to
adjust the biomass index,

recalibrate the energy distribution...

Extend your current host's life.


There are already plans

for such an adjustment
partially designed.

I attempted the same course of action.

Though my mind for engineering

is nowhere near as gifted as yours.

Well, you got a good start.

I will be able to complete these designs

within a few hours.

Rest, my love.

I will handle everything.

You always do.

And then we will continue on our search

for the remaining two bus metas.

You mean three.

The Weeper is still at large.



Perhaps my mind is
being affected as well.


Come on, put your back into it!

Put your fat back into it!

This stinks, man.

This is too heavy, and you're too weak.

Let's get the big dolly.

Dude, the crate's gone.

We got to call the boss.

Well, well, well, well.

The crown fits.

We were moving... I was telling the guy,

"It's gonna take all
night to move this stuff."

Okay, remember, let's just be discreet.

Neither one of us are
supposed to be here.

- Can you do that?
- Can pigs fly?

- No.
- They can if you

put them on an airplane.

Think, Allen, think.


Just here with your chai latte,

Detective West.

- Subtle.
- It was gone...

Will you excuse me just a sec, okay?


- What happened?
- Robbery.

Stole the Kahndaq Dynasty family crown.

It was brought here for
the museum exhibition.

The security guard said
that it was being transported

in a steel-plated crate,

weighs about 200 pounds.

Suddenly disappeared without a trace,

and then reappeared completely smashed.

So was anything else
missing in the museum?

Just the crown, nothing else is missing.

Should I, uh, stretch
around the perimeter?

- Check things out?
- No, no.

I mean, I can tell from
here, to cause that type

of impact, the case had to be moving at

at least 55 miles per hour.

So we're looking for a meta

- with super strength.
- I mean, maybe.

Are there fingerprints on the case?

I'll have them dust
it, send the results in.

Why wait? I can just grab the tape.

- Get the prints right now.
- No, hey.

It was definitely Killer Frost,

- and she looked at me.
- Ralph!



I need this job!

Allen! Look what you did.

Threw it at me! That's you, bro.

Die, Plastoid, die!


All right.

Uh, I... I think...

I think that's enough.

All right, hey, look, Breacher,

I know you're clearly very...

frustrated, uh...

Don't stress, okay? We're
gonna figure this out.

And once we do, we're gonna fix it.

I promise.



I'm sorry for the way I treated you.

But when you fix me,

I'll give Cynthia more
time to be with you.



Now... I'm hungry.

We can fix that, too.

Um, there's donuts in
the downstairs break room.

Help yourself. It's a huge selection.

Yeah. Try the pineapple fritters.

And don't forget to
try the nacho donuts.

Those are really good.

Looks like things are looking up

for your boy Cisco.

- Yeah...
- What?

What... what is it?
What is wrong with him?

Nothing, really. He seems
to be in good health.

There's nothing abnormal
in his bloodwork,

and his body scan showed
no signs of cellular damage

despite years of using
vibrational powers.

Okay, so then why the face?

Because Crucifer didn't
take his powers from him.

Father Time did.

He can't blast because
he's getting older?

Mm-hmm. Powers like yours
requires a lot of energy.

And when that energy
starts to dwindle...

Vibe blasts are...
the first things to go.

I think you have to tell him.

He's never, ever gonna let
me see Gypsy if I tell him.

He's probably gonna send a knife

flying right through
my skull if I tell him.

He might.

But it's the right thing to do.

What the...

Initiate chemical analysis.

A $40,000 vase?

It's not like it was made of gold.

Actually it was, and you two

can't go to crime scenes anymore,

- Pis or not.
- Don't give me that look.

I was just trying to
speed up the process

finding this meta, Allen.

- Which is taking forever.
- Wait, we got a hit.

Jeannie Williams.

Oh, wait. We got multiple hits.

Jane Liska, Judy Newton.

She's used like 17 different aliases.

Okay, so how do we find her?

We can't just wait for
her to rob somebody else.

Well, we don't have to.

We have the many
variations of her façade.

Right, we simply plug
these many variations

into the facial recognition software.

- See if we get a hit.
- Exactly right.

That's starting to come in handy, Harry.

That's 40 minutes ago.

Corner of Orchard and Broome.

Orchard and Broome? What's over there?

Not what. Who.

Come on.

- What do you...
- Come on.

It smells like liverwurst.

Yeah, wait till we get inside.

- Open up!
- Okay, stick to the plan.

We question her. We
find Null. We cuff her.

Got it. A little good
cop, bad cop action.

Who the hell are you?

Your worst nightmare.

Uh, Joe

Detective Joe West, CCPD.

We got a couple questions
for you, scum bag.

Hey, only my closest
friends can call me that.

Word is, there's a new cutpurse in town

who likes fancy jewels.

Last seen in this part of town.

PI Barry Allen.

- PI Barry Al...
- Show him.

- Show him!
- Oh, Barry Allen,

I know all about you.

Spectacular fall from grace.

- Tragic, really.
- Yes, thank you.

- Just take a look.
- Huh.

We're guessing she came here

for help to wash the sparklies.

Oh, I should be so lucky.

Certainly wouldn't mind a drop-in

from a lovely looking lassie
like this, you know what I mean?

But unfortunately not in my cards.

I'm sorry. Can I keep this?

I will mess you up for lying in my face.

- Ralph.
- Ralph?

- There's no Ralph here.
- Joe...

I'm Detective Joe West,

the baddest... dad cop

you've ever come across.

As God is my witness

I am not lying. I'm not.


I knew it.

Joe West doesn't make any mistakes.


Where'd she go, Earl?

Deal's off.

Damn it.


- Cuffs!
- Allen...



Babe, you okay?

I just want to get down from
here as soon as possible.

Maybe you should try
to burp yourself down

- like Charlie Bucket.
- Ralph.


Well, as best I can tell,

Null's powers effect
the density of his cells.

It's like you've been filled

- with helium.
- Terrific.

Always knew you were a lightweight.

- I swear Ralph...
- Hey, is there a way to

- reengage gravitational...
- Gravitational force.

Huh, turns out...

- not necessary.
- Do not let go.

Based on Barry's standard mass

and the gravitational force G

and taking into account
the half-life decrement

of Null's dark matter infusion,

this effect should eventually just...

wear off.

Wear off?

Your cells should return to normal

- right about...
- What the hell?

- Now.
- Two for the landing,

but perfect ten for the thud noise.

Why are you joking right now?

I mean ser... what the
hell was that back there?

Pretending to be Joe?

I committed to the bit.
I couldn't blow my cover.

Ralph, what if that had
happened outside on the street?

I could have floated
away into the stratosphere

or fallen to my death.

I would have figured something out.

Out of the 12

bus metas we have found,

DeVoe is in control of seven of them.

If he gets Null, it'll be eight.

If he gets control of her powers,

we're talking about your life here.

Sorry, I was just thinking
about the end of "Lost."

I mean, were they in purgatory?

What did Kate really see in Jack?


I'm sorry, man, but I'm benching you.

- Why?
- Because you're constantly

in the middle of a comedy routine

instead of doing what you should.

If you had just tossed me the cuffs,

we would have Null right now.

Yeah, or she could
have ran out the door,

and I stretch the cuffs on her
when she didn't see it coming.

It's fine.

Look, I'm doing what's best for you.

No, you're not.

You're doing what's best for you.

Display, complete physiological results

for DeVoe, Marlize.

Cortisol levels low.

Recent display of tachycardia,

repetitive pupil dilation.

Display serotonin level.

319 nanograms.

Levels found in patients

using psychoactive
narcotics. How is that?

Subject four's still at large.

Created to provide
widespread euphoria...

Or feelings of love.

What if we put him on
an all-alkaline diet?

Full of antioxidants.


Okay, what if we...

Oh, what if we make a super shake

full of, like, enzymes
and... and... and probiotics?

Neither of those are gonna
work long-term, Cisco.

Okay, well, we got to come
up with something, right?

I mean, how old is this guy anyway?

This guy's old.

We have to solve this.

'Cause I don't know about you,
but I actually like my life.

I know this isn't the easy answer,

but I think you have to tell him.


Oh, hey, you. We were
just talking about you.

I've tasted all your donuts.

Where's my cure?

Well, it's a little, um,

it's a little complicated.

But! You are lucky, my friend,

because your fix

is as simple as taking one of these

little pink pills.

- Blue.
- Blue pills.

Right there.


That's right, an antihistamine.

See, "stamine," that's
Latin for stamina.

Which you have plenty of, you know.

You have so much of it that
it's actually hurting you.

But this antimatter pill...

It's gonna level you right out.

Oh, you're taking it now.

He's... he's taking it now.

Why is my vibe blast different?

I think it's a side effect of the pills.

Hasn't been thoroughly researched yet,

but you know, there's
headaches, nausea...

different, uh, color vibes.

I'm cured. Thank you.


You do realize you're
just making this worse?

Nothing on Null so far.

Harry's gonna try something else.

- We'll find her.
- We have to.

Even if Ralph does everything
in his power to screw it up.


That is not his intention.

Well, he could have fooled me.

It's his life. I mean, if there's

anything he cares about, it's losing it.

Well, he's gonna lose
it if he doesn't start

thinking like me, like I taught him.

Thinking like you?

He's never gonna do that, Barry,

and you can't expect him to.

Oh, boy.

Robbery at Central City Jewelry.

Man, she loves bling.

- I'm on it.
- Wait, you need backup.

Well, Ralph's too much
of a liability right now.

He stays benched.

- Caitlin, Cisco?
- They're with Breacher.

It would take too long to wait for them.

- Then what's the plan?
- The plan...

is "occulation."

You said her fingertips,

they illuminated when
she used her powers.

That means dark matter
accelerant, that means

powers are generating
from the optic nerve...

What I'm trying to say
is Null can't gravitate

what she cannot see,
so you vibrate beyond

the speed of sight as you
approach her eye line...

I'll be invisible to her.

- It worked against DeVoe.
- Let's try it.

What the...

Didn't see that coming.

It's kind of the point.

No, you didn't see that coming.

See, I call it my getaway car.

'Cause either the person in there dies,

or you let me get away.

You okay?

It's okay. Just stay here.

This useless piece

of trash is... useless.

It's like I'm so dumb
I can't even come up

with a good synonym for
this useless piece of trash.

Harry, no one could have predicted

that Null would have picked herself

out of the cuffs or taken a hostage.

Nor did either of you predict

the location of a 120-pound woman

using the curvature of spacetime

caused by the uneven
distribution of mass

yet still somehow failed to account

for the gravitational
pull of a 4,000-pound car

floating right above her head.

Scientists have spent decades

trying to understand
relativity and quantum gravity.

This is not about
understanding gravity, Allen.

It's about understanding her

or not understanding her.

As it turns out, DeVoe

can somehow calculate human behavior.

Harry, stop.

Look, I'm the one that let her get away.

- You did your best.
- Did I, Allen?

Really? This is the second meta

to evade the dampening cuffs.

It's been almost a
year, and where are we?

And where's DeVoe?!


Nothing, it's just...

you went out into the
field, you had a plan,

and... it didn't work.

But they do for DeVoe.
Harry's not wrong.

DeVoe's gone over every possible outcome

before making his plans.

Which we can't do,
and neither can Harry.

Well, then what are we supposed to do?

I mean, you just want us to
adlib like Ralph wants us to?

Barry, you didn't see it,
but when you were gone,

Ralph rose to the
occasion. He cracked jokes.

He thought outside the box.

I mean, he got the job done
in the way that he knows how.

So, the question is,

are you upset with Ralph

because you think he's screwing around

or because he's not following your plan?


I thought maybe we could have a drink.

I don't know, you strike me as kind of

a tequila guy, so...

Oh, crap.

You've come back to die, Breacher.

The time has come, Crucifer.

Die, vampire, die!

Frack me, he's gonna die.


Wait a second.

Hey, back up, yo.

Yo, "Dust Till Dawn", I think
it's time you saw some sun.

Idiot, sunlight doesn't
hurt this type of vampire.


Time to go.


You said your antimatter-histamine

would cure me.

Yeah, I did say that, didn't I?

You lied to me.

You said you could fix me.

Now I'll fix you.

Breacher, stop!

Your vibe blasts don't work.

And they're not gonna work.

Why not?

Because of your age.

I should have told you earlier.

It's just I know how
special our powers are,

and you were so happy at the
thought of having them back.

And I miss your daughter.

I just wanted to see her again.

I'm sorry, Josh.

I hate you.

You did the right thing.



Just wish he knew that.

Clifford is lying to you.

He is drugging you with sedative tears

to keep you idle.


Please, remember.


New lemonade recipe.


Already exists?

Please don't forget.

He's lying to you.

He's drugging you.

He's a monster.

You must escape.

You always save it under the same name.

Escape now.

Every time, you discover it.

It's quite clever, really.

I would expect nothing less from you.

How many times have I been through this?

Too many.

But that is of no concern.

Because with tears from the Weeper

mixed with Dominic Lanse's powers...

I can alter your memory.

So that's why you created the Weeper.

You didn't need a potential host.

- He was...
- For you. Yes.

I knew that the same thing in you

that I fell in love
with had the potential

to destroy us.

Your humanity.

I couldn't let that get in the way

of us achieving our goal.

The Enlightenment.

Clifford, I am your wife...

And I love you.

But you are nothing without me.

This is an interesting
place to hang out.

You come here to suck the
fun out of being benched?


No, I came for your help actually.

You want help from the guy

who can't take anything seriously?

Look, I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have been so quick to judge.

But with DeVoe...

so many steps ahead of us, it just...

To see you joking around
in the middle of this

just made me feel like you
weren't taking it seriously.

I know this is serious.

I watched...

I watched Izzy die in front of me.

I'm scared out of my mind.

Well, you know, you got
an odd way of showing it.

Yeah, well not everybody
grew up with a super dad

like Joe West who makes it easy
to talk about your feelings.

When I was ten years
old, my dad walked out

on me and my mom.

And I was terrified.

But my mom, she was even more afraid.

So, you know, I just
started making jokes.

Started doing stupid gags and funny bits

and whoopee cushions.

Anything to push her fear away.

And the thing is, after
a while I started to push

my fear away too.

I had no idea, Ralph.

It's not that I don't
care about beating DeVoe.

It's not that I don't care
about being a great hero.

It's just that ever since
then, anytime that I'm afraid,

I either hide...

Or I make jokes.

Barry, we found Null.
Central City Museum.

So what do you say? You
want to get off the bench?

I really could use your help.

Well, if doo-ty calls.

- You get it?
- Yeah.

Let's just go, all right?

Now, this is my kind of party.

Listen up, people!

Anything that shines,
shimmers, or sparkles

goes in the bag.

Ooh-oh, I love me some sapphires.

You're out of your mind

if you think I'm giving this to you.

Oh, give it to me?

No, no, no. No, no.

There's no need for that.


I'll just take it.


And the rest of you,


Just hold on, all right? Just hold on.

It's over, Null.

So, back again.

Oh, with a friend.

A good friend, actually.
We hang out on the weekends.

I know where he lives...

- No getaway cars this time.
- Right.

No cars.

But there are an awful
lot of passengers.

Oh, my God, she's gonna send
everyone into the atmosphere.

Allen, you gotta get everyone
out of there right now.

All right, that's
everyone. Where is she?

- Whoa!
- No!

Lookin' fly, Flash!

Back to business.

Oh, God!

Aah... aah!

Guys! I can't reach him!

Cisco, you have to breach him somewhere.

He's too high in the atmosphere.

I don't have aim like that.

Let Ralph improvise.


- What?
- Yes.

Just do something Dibny-esque.

Be your own hero. Just do it fast.

Uh, Dibny-esque.

Right. Um.

All about that bling.


That was your plan? He's
gonna fall to his death.

I know what I'm doing.

Any time, Ralph!

10,000 feet. He's falling fast.

Now 5,000 feet.

Oh... ah...

Ralph did it.

Nice work, Ralph.

Nice work.


You've got to be kidding me.


All right, Null's in the pipeline.

She's not too happy about it.

Well, she's a lot safer
there than she is on her own.

Just one more bus meta out there.

Better find him before DeVoe does.

Where's Harry? Isn't he
supposed to be working on it?

He grumbled something about
something and then left.

I'm fluent in Harry grumble.

He said he was gonna work his cat,

or he was making himself a turkey wrap.

Well, I'm gonna head over to CCPD,

do some more digging
on this Edwin Gauss.


Why did a scared-sounding Earl Cox

call me saying he was clearing your tab?

Uh, I...

I have no idea. That's really weird.

Hey, guys, would you help
me in the, uh, Speed Lab?

- Yeah.
- Thanks.

- Work on some improv?
- Yeah.


You were great out there tonight, man.

Thank you.

I had a lot of help.

And I had a great teacher.

You helped me realize that

I can't always take
everything so seriously.

Even when it comes to Thinker.

Wait a second.

Are you telling me that I, Ralph Dibny,

taught Barry Allen, superhero
extraordinaire, a lesson?

- What could this mean?
- Means you're a great hero.

And you make this team
better by being on it.

Ah, the circle is now complete.

When I came here I was but the learner.

Now I am the master.

- It's also good to be humble.
- But how can I be humble...

When I am swollen with pride?

- Cisky!
- Ah... jumpin' jellyfish!

I like your new threads.


I went back to my earth.

Saw my reflection in my knife.

- I saw an older man.
- I'm curious.

Have you never looked
in a mirror before?

I'm not a teenage girl.

Okay, you're not a teenage girl.

But I realized...

time to hang up my coat.

This is my new uniform.

Like it? Yeah.

Retirement suits you.

So, what do you do with all this time?

There'e'a dragon farm on Earth-47

that I've always wanted to visit.

A dragon farm?


Get your Khaleesi on.

I'm not a Khaleesi.

Okay, you're not a Khaleesi.

But I just wanted to tell you, Cisky,

good-bye forever.

Oh, wait! Just one more thing.

Now that I'm retired, there's an opening

at the Collection Agency.

I would like you to replace me.

Wait, I'm... I'm confused.

You want to see my daughter more.

Work with her.

Together you and Cynthia
could be an unstoppable duo.

So what do you say, Vibe?

You want to be the new Breacher?

How was your rest, my love?


I've never felt more rejuvenated

and ready to realize our dream.


The added combination of dark matter

from all our subject metas is

overwhelming this host's body.

How long do we have?

At the present rate,

exactly one week's time.

No, I will not allow it.

It may be possible to
adjust the biomass index,

recalibrate the energy distribution...

Extend your current host's life.


There are already plans

for such an adjustment
partially designed.

I attempted the same course of action.

Well, you got quite a good start.

I will be able to complete
the designs in under an hour.

Rest, my love.

I will handle everything.

You always do.

And then when you complete your work,

we will continue on our journey

to find the remaining two bus metas.

Team Flash has captured subject 11.

Now it's time for us to act.

Good evening, Dr. Wells.

It's been 1,078 days
since we last spoke.

How can I be of service?

Hello, Gideon.

A lot has changed since then.