The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 16 - Run, Iris, Run - full transcript

Iris is given Barry's speed when the team fights a bus meta who has the ability to swap people's DNA.

My name is Barry Allen,

and I am
the fastest man alive.

To the outside world,

I'm an ordinary
forensic scientist.

But secretly, with the help

of my friends
at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime
and find other meta-humans

like me.

But I became lost in time.

It took everything
in my friends' power

to bring me back,
and in doing so

our world was opened up
to new threats.

And I'm the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am the Flash.

Previously on
"The Flash"...

This is where I came out
of the Speed Force.

And a wave of dark matter
washed out with you.

DeVoe orchestrated everything
to get the people

he wanted on the bus.

But why does he
need their powers?

I can't figure
out his end game.

We got a planner,
just like Thawne.

I hereby deem Barry Allen's
appeal deni...


- DeVoe?
- Not DeVoe.

It's Ralph.

Barry Allen is hereby ordered
release immediately.


Some people don't think you
should be back on the force.

When do you think
I can come back?

When everyone believes DeVoe
is really alive and well.

I call this my thinking cap.

He only wants the bus metas.

He wants their powers.
All of them.

We know a bus meta.

There's three more people out
there who need our help,

and we need to find them
before DeVoe does.


What if...

What if I just, like,
breach all three

of the bus metas to,
like, Earth-2?

How about this?

We alter each bus meta's DNA

by performing
intercellular surgery.

And what?
And turn them into chickens?


We're not Frankensteining
innocent people.

Listen, Ramon,
DeVoe wants these bodies.

All right?
Maybe if we change the bodies,

we keep these people safe.

I'm sorry, don't you have,
like, six PhDs?

- Seven.
- Yeah, which one of them

is in mad science?

Mad science is just
an area of study.

It's not a degree, okay? And by the

I don't see you coming up
with any other ideas.

You know why?

'Cause it's bed time over here
on Earth-1.

Do you know what bed time is?

- Do they have that on Earth-2?
- Bed-Bed time.

All right, it's this thing
where we just shut down

to recharge our batteries.

- Oh, my gosh.
- I highly recommend it.

- Harry. You're still here?
- What?

No matter what you think,
DeVoe's already thought of it.

So why don't you just go home,

recharge, start again
in the morning, all right?

I'm gonna keep going.



Maybe you have
thought of everything.

Just like Thawne.


Season 04 Episode 16
Title: "Run, Iris, Run"

What is all this?

This is gonna give us
the edge we finally need

to be smarter than DeVoe.

Or me to be smarter
than DeVoe, actually.

Take a look at this.


What is that?

This is an intelligence

You put this thing
on Dibny here,

and even he would be able
to understand

the point source

You put it on a real genius,

I'll finally be able
to outthink the Thinker.

You know what, I'm not sure
this thinking cap

is the best idea
you've ever had.

It's an intelligence booster.

It looks like a thinking cap.

You don't like it,
blame yourself.

You gave me the idea.

You're the one that said
DeVoe planned all this

just like Thawne in order
to stop Barry.

And you said that DeVoe became
the Thinker the same night

you became the Flash,
and so I hacked into

security footage of that
night to see how he did it.


This is why he's so smart.

DeVoe boosted his intelligence
with neurochemical engineering

powered by the dark energy

from the particle accelerator

And if we build our own,
we can do the exact same.

Wait, you wanna blast
your brain

with 10 billion joules
of dark energy?

I've harnessed energy from the
particle accelerator explosion before,

- and I can do it again.
- Yeah, but Harry,

reengineering your brain's

- neurochemistry, that's...
- DeVoe did it.

So can I.

How many more metas have to die
before we finally stop DeVoe?

Uh... not... Not me.
I mean...

I say we go for it.

Right, guys?

What do you think?

I say we explore it.

Yeah, I agree.


No, this is way too risky.

Of course it's risky,
but if we succeed,

we will save the lives of
the four remaining bus metas,

including a member
of our team.

You're talking about intense
amounts of dark energy

going right into your brain,

right into that cap,

that turned a mac and cheese
loving pacifist

into a homicidal maniac.

You put that cap on,
what's it gonna do to you?

I've run the numbers
dozens of times.

The math and the chemistry check out.
I can do this.

I don't think you can.

I can with your help.

Not this time.

All right, let's keep coming up
with more ways to solve this.


Just so I'm clear on this,
someone finally came up

with a way to stop this
La-Z-Boy riding lunatic

and we just might not do it?


That's really cool, guys.


- I got this one.
- Yeah, thanks.

This is the only way.

I'm gonna do it
with or without his help.

Hey, Ralph.

Look, don't worry, okay?

We're gonna figure this out.

Yeah, everybody keeps
saying that,

and each time we almost
get DeVoe, he gets away.

Every time he gets away,

he's one step closer
to getting me.

Hey, that is not
going to happen.

Well, I can't take that
chance anymore, Iris.

So if anyone needs me,
I will be downstairs

in my tiny guest quarters
until this is over.

There are still three bus
metas out there,

and we're gonna need your help
to find them and protect them.

Iris, the only person I need
to protect from now on

is good old Ralphie boy.

You are part of this team.

Yeah, and I'm the only one
with a body that DeVoe

is trying to snatch.

You don't have any concept
of how dangerous it is

- for me out there.
- Yes, I do.

How could you?

Because I'm the leader
of this team.

Yeah, that's right,
you are.

But you're always back there
hiding safe and sound.

While the rest of us are
out in the field

putting our lives
on the line.


♪ Just take me
to your paradise ♪

♪ I wanna see the body skies ♪

Hey, sorry I'm late.

Some drama in the Cortex.

- Thanks for the coffee.
- It's all good.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah,
I'm, you know...

Cecile's in her
third trimester,

so it's definitely
getting serious.

You guys have any names
picked out yet?

Uh, yeah.
A few.

Come on,
I'm not gonna tell anybody.

No, you're not, because
you're not gonna know

until Cecile tells you.

- All right.
- Anyway.

I talked to Singh about getting
you back in the lab.

- Yeah, and?
- It's gonna be a while.

I thought Judge Hankerson

and Singh had
everything they needed.

We thought so, too,
but the mayor wants to sit down

with the DeVoes herself.


Look, we can't find Marlize,

so the only chance we got
is to get Ralph to use

his nauseating powers
to impersonate DeVoe again.

All right, I'll ask him,
but right now he'll barely

- leave S.T.A.R. Labs.
- What happened to that whole

buddy system thing
you had going on?

It's not enough for him,
I guess.

Then I don't know, Barry.

I should be out there.

Helping people.
Putting bad guys away.

Right now, we should be
trying to stop DeVoe

and finding those
last few bus metas.

'Cause I got a bad feeling one
of them's gonna show up soon.


Next time,
it'll be your hand.

Now, everybody on the floor.


Dude, you got a death wish?

Do what he says.

Stealing is a sin.

You shouldn't be
using the powers

you've been given this way.

I'll use them any way
I see fit.

Including frying you
to a crisp

if you move any closer.

Oh, I don't think you will.

You don't wanna hurt me
or anyone in this bank.

You can still walk
away from this.


But the moment you
touch that money,

your life changes forever.

Now, you don't really want
that, do you?

Maybe you're right.

Or maybe you've got
a death wish!

What the hell?

My powers!

They're gone!

No, no, no!

Hey, buddy, you're a real...



- Cisco.
- Hmm?

What do you got?

Oh, you know,
the usual.

Just loads and loads
of dark matter.

Makes sense.
Eye witnesses said this guy

melted this vault door
with fire from his hands.

Hmm, figures.
But not just any fire.

This fire melted through
ten inches of reinforced steel.

I mean, that would take over
6,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ten times the thermal output
of Rory's heat gun.

Well, here's where
it gets weirder.

Apparently shortly after,
his powers stopped working.

Stopped working?

Yeah, so if he was one
of our bus metas,

I guess we have one less
to worry about.

Nobody's powers stop working.

Eric Fry, six months ago,
were you on the 405 bus?


Do I look like someone
who takes public transit?

All right, then, Mr. Fry.

How long have you
had your powers?

- A few years.
- Oh.

You're an OG meta.

And you just started
using them now?

Here, yeah.

Once Flash showed up,
I took this act on the road.

Doesn't matter anymore, though.

Right, you don't have
your powers anymore.

'Cause they just disappeared?

Into thin air?

All right, Cisco.

He's clear.

You have any idea
how this happened?

One minute I had powers.
The next...


Will you get him out of here?

That's right.
Get him out of here.

- All right.
- Yeah, get him out of here.

I can't believe his powers
disappeared like that.

How does someone
lose their powers?

So, I can think
of a couple of ways

this might have happened.
If this Eric Fry

metastasizes solar radiation
to create heat,

we could put him in the dark
to de-power him.

But it was still
broad daylight.

Okay, maybe his
internal biochemistry

has been altered to create its
own internal thermal combustion

and he just ran out of fuel.

Okay, so if this guy's not
one of the bus metas,

then that means that there's
still three more out there

before DeVoe gets to me.

I'm I'm safe.
Safer, I'm safer.

Those are innocent people,

I'm innocent.
I'm still gonna get terminated.

Oh, my God.

I'm Sarah Connor.

I'm gonna go back
to my room.

Get some comfort food.


The way I see it,
Fry walks into the bank

with his fire powers,
meets this other guy,

and then his powers are gone.

I think not.

So you think this guy
did something to Fry?

I think we can ask him
some questions.

I interviewed every
eye witness in that bank.

Nobody knew who he was.

Cisco, why don't you
crosscheck the deposits

- from today with dad's witness list?
- Way ahead of you.

Everyone on the list checks out
except Matthew Kim...

An EMT out of
Central City General.

Barry, let's go
ask some questions.

Oh, I'll go.

Barry, you can stay here.

Um, okay.

Well, you know, I never go
out into the field,

so I thought, you know...

Yeah, I mean,
you're the boss.

Uh, Caitlin,

why don't you see how this
power stealing thing works,

and Cisco, why don't you use
the satellite's tracking

perimeters to scan the city
for dark matter?



I'll just come running
if you need me.

Okay. Thanks.


Can I hang out in here?

Can you... Do you mind...

Can you save
the eating till later?

We're actually trying
to save lives here.

This is really good, though.

Is it?


You put this together
pretty quick, huh?

Yes, I did,
for a test run.


I can feel my neurons firing.

Firing at a rate 20 times
their normal rate.

And that's without
the addition of dark matter.

I can feel my brain's
processing systems evolving.

There's a 67% chance you're
gonna spill that mustard

- on the floor.
- Oh!

Okay, how did you do that?

Well, I simply analyzed
your eating habits

and extrapolated them at
a predictive behavior model

all within four seconds.

The cap is working.

Eh, cool,
but I'm not quite convinced.


You're not convinced?

All right, then.

The answer is none.

And have a little more respect
for your body, will you?

This is a veggie dog, man.

I'm not talking about
the veggie dog, man.

I'm talking about the wiping
the mustard on the pants

causes the pant movement which
indicates a lack of clothing

to bodily friction,
which can mean only one thing.

Right, what kind of underwear
am I wearing?

And the answer...

is none.

You got all that from your
fancy metal cap?

- Yes, I did.
- It's impressive, Harry.

Except for one
very small thing.

Which is?

Your head is on fire.

It's no...


When I mentioned spending
more time together,

I meant family barbecues,
not questioning

people of interest.

I know, I just want people
to know that I'm not afraid

to go out in the field
every once in a while.

Who says you are?

- Ralph.
- Ralph?

He should talk. He won't
even leave the building.

I know, but it made me
wonder, you know?

What kind of leader constantly
puts everyone else's life

- on the line except their own?
- Oh, baby.

We all know you're fearless.

Whenever you've been needed
on the field, you've gone.

So don't let Ralph
get in your head.

Excuse me.

We're looking for an EMT
named Matthew Kim.

Yes, he's right
through there.

Thank you.

Matthew Kim?

Detective Joe West, CCPD.

We'd like to ask you some
questions about the attack

at Central City Bank
this morning.

I wouldn't know anything
about that.

'Cause I have a dozen witnesses

that saw you stand up to
the man that melted the vault.


He was going to hurt people.

It was my duty to help them.

Any reason you left
without making a statement?


I need to finish restocking
my inventory

before another call comes in.

I can't help you.

Look, Matthew, we know you
had something to do

with that guy at the bank
losing his powers.

We need to know.
What did you do to him?

So you can steal mine?

No, no!

Let her go.
Put the gun down.

I said put it down.


He didn't deserve
those powers.

He was hurting people.


You're not the only one that's
been blessed with powers.

I'm helping people, too.

Not like this.

You did this, not me.

I got him.


I lost my speed.

What do you mean
you lost your speed?

Uh, guys,
I think I found it.


This is amazing.

Yeah, it is.

Well, I've run every test
I can think of.

EKG, cellular regression

brain chemistry,
and dark matter confirms it.

Iris is a speedster.

So, what about Barry?


Everything that was
a part of you...

Your speed,
connection to the Speed Force,

the dark matter...

It's... all a part of Iris now.


- Can you...
- Reverse it?

I don't know.
I can try.

So, Matthew Kim isn't
just removing DNA.

He's transferring it
to anybody he touches.

He's not getting
rid of metas.

He's creating new ones.

Well, that's not
the only thing.

Guess who's got an apartment
just a block away

from the 405 bus line and rides
it every day to get to work?

So Matthew is our bus meta,
not Fry.

Which means that DeVoe is gonna
come after him sooner or later.

And if DeVoe gets
Matthew's abilities,

he could take away
all our powers.

Unless we get him
on our side first.

Then he can remove
the meta DNA from DeVoe.

- Could that work?
- I mean, yeah.

It could.
As best I can tell,

Matthew's abilities work
by melting down

the highly concentrated bonds
between DNA.

That makes them totally pliable
so he can extract them

and infuse somebody else
with the exact same meta DNA.

Melting highly
concentrated bonds.

Melting Point.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I gotta write that down.

Okay, great, so you guys
figure out how to get

this Mr. Melting Point in the
same room as DeVoe

and not get his
brains sucked out.

I'm gonna go get a couple
of bear claws

and go back to my room.

It's not Mr. Melting Point.

Look, it's just Melting Point.

You know, somebody out there has
Fry's fire powers right now.

We need to find them as much
as we need to find Matthew.

I'm on it.

And I'll see if there's
a way to reverse this.



Until then, what do we do?

We train.



There you are.
What are you doing?

Updating some software.

Oh, good.
So nothing.

Great, I need your help.

Try Ralph.

Ralph's useless.
All he does is eat.

What do you want?

Do you have a microfilament
compression wrench

with cobalt
retrieving clamp?


Yeah, where is it?

Why, so you can work
on your death cap?

- It's not a death cap.
- It's a death cap.

- No, it isn't.
- I hear there's plenty

- of tools on Earth-2.
- Yeah, well I'm on Earth1.

Oh, you need a lift?

I'll breach you there
right now!

That's not
what I sound like!


Cisco, why can't you
just help him?

Why am I the only one who
thinks putting a rageoholic

and dark matter together
is a bad idea?

He's trying to stop DeVoe.

That's not a bad idea.

He's trying to match his
intellect with a mad man

whose innovations
are warping his brain.

Have you not seen
"Spider-Man 2?"

- No.
- How can you live with yourself?

It might be dangerous,
but it also might work.

And we're kind of running
out of ideas.

Besides, Harry's gonna do this
whether you help him or not.

So maybe there's some way
to make this thinking cap

and to keep him safe.



She can move.


Hey, Iris,
you might just wanna...

- I can't slow down.
- That's okay.

All right, just gradually ramp
your speed down,

otherwise you're gonna...

- Do that?
- Whoa.

Hey, you okay?

Come here.

Yep, I'm straight.
I'm straight.

- You good?
- Thank God for speed healing, huh?


Hey, I know this isn't
easy on you.

I... I'm fine.


I am.


I lost my speed.

I lost my job
at the CCPD.

Just feels like DeVoe is slowly
taking everything away from me.


He hasn't taken
everything away.


What if I never
get it back?


Caitlin is gonna find
something, okay?


Until then, you just have to
watch me like I've watched you

these last three years.

Yeah, I guess so.

Wow, that's super annoying.

What's happening?

Baldwin Tower's on fire.
CCFD's responding,

but there's people on
the top floor they can't reach.

Okay, Caitlin,
Killer Frost is on fire duty.

Ralph, Cisco, suit up.

Yeah, not a chance.

This could just be a trap
for DeVoe to get us out

- in the open.
- Hey, I think we got

a bigger problem.
We don't have a Flash anymore.

Yeah, we do.

I don't think she's ready
for all that.

I mean, she just got her...
You just got your powers.


I wanna do this.

Okay, all right.

We'll monitor from here, then.

Okay, well, you can't
go out there wearing that.


Sorry, Cait.



Thank you, Jesse Quick.



Please, be careful.


Guess you're on comms.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right, how do I...
How do I...

- Other monitor.
- Wrong monitor.


I'm here.
Oh, boy.

Okay, Iris, there
are five people trapped

on the 14th floor.

Just get them out of there
as fast as you can.


- I did it.
- Great work, okay?

Now you gotta get
back in there

and put out the fire.


Guys, I'm here.
What do I do?

You know what to do.
Use your arms.

Create wind funnels.

Suck all the oxygen out
of the room.

And the fire will go out.

Just like he's done
a thousand times.

You got this, girl.


It's making it worse.

Is she rotating her arms
the wrong way or...?

Just go the opposite
direction, okay?


Iris, what was that?


My leg is pinned.
I can't move.


Okay, you have to phase
through it.

I don't know how.

You have to vibrate
your whole body, okay?

You just... you have to feel it.

I can't. I can't move.
I can't do it.

We're running
out of time, Barry.

The integrity
of the room is failing.

The ceiling's gonna collapse.

The whole place is going up.


Are you okay?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.


There's still a little bit
of irritation in your lungs

from all the smoke
you inhaled last night,

but you should be
good to go soon.

And your leg's already healed.

Shouldn't have let her
go out there.

You weren't ready.

I saved a lot of people
last night, Ralph.

Yeah, and Cisco
had to save you.

All right, look,
we just need to make sure

this doesn't
happen again.

We have to find Matthew Kim

and whoever he transferred
Eric Fry's powers to.

How close are you
to reversing this?

- I don't know that I can.
- What?

I was up all night trying
every conceivable solution.

Dark matter splicing,
pattern DNA cloning,

even regrowing meta
enhanced stem material

on a cellular level.

Nothing will work.

I cannot replicate
Melting Point's powers.

So unless we find him and get
him to reverse what he's done...

Iris is Team Speedster
on a permanent basis.

Great, that's, uh...
That's great.

I'm gonna go work on my will.



Harry, I know you hear me.

Another team member hurt
by one of DeVoe's metas.

- I know.
- And we can fix it,

but, no, no.
I know!

And you know what else?

Snow wasn't the only one
who was up all night working.

I was up all night working.
I'm almost done. I'm almost finished,

- but you won't help me finish!
- I'm gonna help you finish!

- Finish...
- The thinking cap.

I'm gonna help you finish
the thinking cap.

It's an intelligence booster,

It's called
an intelligence booster.

- Two conditions.
- What are your conditions?

One, we stimulate
your synapses

without using dark matter.

Fine, no dark matter.
And two?

The minute you start acting
like Locutus of Borg and start

assimilating everybody
with your Borg chair...

You can vibe me back
to my Earth. Okay?

- Okay.
- Let's go.


Take it easy.

It's just day two.

Oh, man.

You were right about running.

It's so peaceful.

So calming.

Actually makes it
easy to think.

Look, I mean,
you just got your speed.

You know that, right?

I don't think anyone would
hold it against you

if you took a minute and maybe
just let Cisco and Caitlin

handle this meta,
just run point like always.

Just stay here
like I always do?

No, I... You know
I didn't mean that.

No, I know you didn't.
I did.

Iris, I...

You think that... what, that
you need to prove to the team

that you're not afraid?

No, not to all of you.
To me.

Barry, when I was a reporter,
I was always in the field

putting myself in danger
for a story.

And after last year,

for some reason
that just stopped.

Maybe it was
because of Savitar.

Maybe because you were gone
into the Speed Force.

I don't know, but...

I quit my job.

I joined this team,
and now for the most part,

I just stay here while
all of you are out there

putting your lives
on the line.

Because of our powers.

No, it's not just that,

And it took me getting these
powers to realize it.

But now that I'm
the one that has it,

it's my turn to do what
all of you have been doing.

To prove to myself that
that fearlessness that I had

is still in me.

Guys, I think we found
Fry's missing powers.


Then go get them.


Satellite is tracking
temperature at the same

intensity as
the bank robbery, so...

- That's him.
- Yeah.

So who's that?

Matthew Kim.

Kim's gonna try
and steal his powers.

All right, let's go.

You guys are on point.


I can do this.


You sure about this?

I have to, Barry.

All right, but remember,
he can't touch you.

Or he'll take
your powers away, too.


Also I'm not sure my clothes
are gonna work this time.

I have a fix for that.

It's the best I could do
on such short notice, though.

Thanks, Cisco.

I got hangers.

All right, here we go.

Don't make us shoot you!
Stand down!

Oh, I don't think so, copper.

Not until I get my money!

- This is a mistake!
- Down! Down! Take him down!

- Hold your fire!
- You need to stop this.

Oh, I just got going, pal.


Wait, you're that hero
from the bank, aren't you?

I am.

And I need you to stop this.

So you can take my powers
like you did his?

I don't think so!

You just gave them to me.

What are you talking about?

You didn't know that?

When you took powers from him,

you gave them to me.


And now I'm gonna get
what he couldn't.


I think you've done
enough saving for today.

I'll take it from here.


How about we just
end this right now?

That sounds fun.

'Cause I was just warming up.

What's wrong?
Can't stand the heat?

All right, Iris,
we need you to run around him.

Create a vortex.

The lack of oxygen
should extinguish the flames.

Can't get close to him!

Temperature's at 800 degrees.

Like, how hot is that?

As hot as lava.

Guys, we need a plan!

Oh, I got a plan, lady.

And it's called give me my
money before I unleash hell!


What the hell is that?

That is a thermo cyclone.

That fire's gonna get too
close to those apartments.

And thousands
of people will die.

What do we do?

We turn this thing on.

- Harry, no, don't.
- Iris needs answers.

- Hey, we haven't...
- She needs answers!

Come on, guys!
What do I do?

Do it.

Barry, come on,
I need an answer!

Hang on, Iris.
Hang on.

There are 4,827 ways
this could go,

and all of those ways
will fail except one.

If Iris uses her speed
to draw enough water

from Central City Bay
into her wake,

she could extinguish
that blaze.

You want her to create
a tidal wave?


It's our only hope.

Iris, I need you to run as
fast as you can.

On the water.
On the water? What?

Make sure when you run
you dig your heels in

and you move back and forth
in a tight formation.

- Why?
- So you drag as much

water ashore as possible.

Put out the cyclone.

You want me to create
a 100-foot tidal wave?

Are you crazy?
I can't do that.

Yes you can.
You told me that you used

to be fearless.
I know that you still are.

You're the bravest person
that I know.

You can do this.

I know you can.
We all do.

Now run, Iris.


Yeah, that's it.
Yeah, that's it.

And then tight formations,
okay? Tight formations.


That's it, Iris.
Keep going.

Keep going.


Everybody back!

Move, move, move, now!


Long live rock and roll!



Nice work.

She did it.

Nice work, Flash.

I'm so sorry
I did this to you.

I thought I was cleaning
up the city,

but I was just
making it worse.

Well, we stopped him.

He's in Iron Heights, and
that's all that matters now.

You sure you both
wanna do this?

It's your call.

I have to say running
on water is really fun.

But, if you guys
will have me back,

I would love to get back
behind the console again.

- Of course.
- Please, and thank you.

All ready?


- Okay.
- Here?




That's it?

You okay, baby girl?

I think so.

What about you, Flash?


I feel great.

My boy's back.

Well, that's the last time
I'm using this power.

The city was almost destroyed
because of me.

But you had no idea
that would happen.

Yeah, don't be so hard
on yourself, pal.

I thought I was chosen
for a higher purpose.

This can't be the plan for me.

But maybe you were chosen
for a bigger one.

What do you mean?

The guy we mentioned,
Clifford DeVoe,

he isn't gonna stop until
he gets all the bus metas.

Which means we have
to stop him.

We could use all
the help we could get.

Are you sure I can
make a difference?


DeVoe's shown weakness against
other bus metas in the past.

With your help, we might
actually have a chance.

How do we start?


- I'll give you the tour.
- All right.

No offense.
I like my powers, so...


So, Bare...

You never made your own
tidal wave before.

No, I haven't.

You go, girl.


So, what do you say,
you wanna teach an old dog

a new trick?

All right.

6:00 a.m.

Ooh, don't be late.

- You got it, boss.
- Welcome back.


Hey, Ralph.


You know, Matthew is gonna
need a buddy, too.

Well, that's, uh...

That's assuming he stays.

After he finds out that DeVoe
has gotten everyone

he's come after,
he'll be terrified.

Just like I am.

Look, Ralph,

I know what
you're going through.

No, Iris, you don't.

Yes, I do.

Last year when I thought that
Savitar was going to kill me,

I was...

Scared out of my mind.

How did you deal with it?

It was really hard.

But then I realized that
if I hid from him,

if I hid from the world,

Savitar had already won.

So I made the decision
to not give into the fear.


I chose to keep living.


Look, uh...

What I said before about you
never putting your life

on the line...

I was wrong.

You make one hell of a Flash.

In or out of the costume.




- Are you going up?
- Yeah.

I think maybe it's time that
Clifford DeVoe paid the Mayor

- another visit.
- Hmm.


I thought you were

never leaving S.T.A.R. Labs.

Well, I think maybe it's time
I started living again, too.

Plus, we're definitely
out of veggie dogs.

Hey, thanks, Iris.


Fresh from this little place
in Keystone

that Cecile recommended.


Those cravings of hers are
getting really intense, huh?

Yeah, tell me about it.

It's a good thing
I'm a speedster again.

You know you didn't have
to give up your speed, right?

I mean, I would have
never asked you to.

I know.

Why'd you do it?

You know what makes
a great speedster?


It isn't their speed.


It's being the light
that everyone needs

when the world grows dark.

It's the kind
of person they are.

The kind of person
that always wants to help.

That's why being the Flash
is your destiny.

It's your way
of helping others.


But it isn't mine.


This is.


I'll leave you to it.


All right, take it off!

Take it off, Harry.
That's enough.

We're already 20% over your
suggested safety limits.

You've gotta give it
a little more time.

No, that's it.
I'm shutting it down.

No, no, we're almost there.
We're almost there!

You're not "Breaking Bad,"

All right, I'm disengaging
the photon flow.



I don't need it anymore.


You got the names?

The last two
remaining bus metas.


Janet Petty
and Edwin Goss.

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