The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - Subject 9 - full transcript

Barry meets a powerful woman whose abilities could help him in his battle with Devoe. Meanwhile after learning that Devoe is targeting everyone who was on the bus, Ralph decides he doesn't ...

My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world,

I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.

But secretly, with the help

of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find other meta-humans

like me.

But I became lost in time.

It took everything in my friends' power

to bring me back, and in doing so

our world was opened up to new threats.

And I'm the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am the Flash.

Previously on "The Flash."

12 markers, 12 metas.

Your body's deteriorating faster

than the chair can handle.

I didn't just take Dominic's body.

I took his ability.

Sylbert Rundine can shrink
objects and return them

to original size.

Deacon controls technology.

Becky Sharpe can manipulate luck.

There's nothing keeping him
from going in the meta wing

and absorbing the powers.

You should be able to change
into anyone you can think of.

How's this?

- I believe you are looking for me.
- It's Ralph.

Barry Allen is hereby
released immediately.

He only wants the bus metas.

He wants their powers.

Why is everyone looking
at me like I'm a dead man?

Addie, hey, what's going on?

I think you should talk to Cap.

About what?

Just go see him, Allen.


Tolerate the behavior that
the previous administration...

Addie said you wanted to see me.

Yeah, shut the door.

I promise you we will
root out all corruption

at all levels and restore
your faith in public servants.

The name Van Buren is
a name that has always

stood for integrity.

I may be the mayor...

We've got a problem that
I'm not sure how to fix.

All right.

Some people don't think you
should be back on the force.

- Because of DeVoe?
- Mm-hmm.

I was cleared of all charges.

I didn't do anything.

He's alive.

I know, and he's been cooperating,

coming in, answering questions.

So what's the problem?


People nowadays will believe anything.

Fake news, social media.

Allegations are treated as facts.

But DeVoe being alive?

Showing up in the courtroom
at your appeal hearing?

Some people in Central City
don't buy it's actually him.

Well, who do they think it was?

Who the hell knows?

But we live in a city
full of meta-humans.

It's a conspiracy theorist's dream.

So, what does this mean?

Are you... you firing me?

Not firing.

But I have been asked
to request that you take

a leave of absence.

By whom?

Thinks it'll be easier for everyone.

Restoring the faith and all that.

For how long?


Look, Barry,

if you want me to fight this thing,

I'll do what I can.

But this new mayor,
she's got a lot to prove

since the Bellows debacle.

When do you think I can come back?

When everyone believes DeVoe
is really alive and well.

It's not permanent, is it?

I mean, he said it was indefinite.

They wouldn't have
given you your ID back

if it was for good.

I mean, maybe this is
for the best, Barry.

I mean, you need to prove
that DeVoe is still alive.

And you can do that now as The Flash.

Yeah, maybe.

How are we doing with him, by the way?

We know that we still have
four bus metas left to find.

And that DeVoe has absorbed
the powers of Killgore,

Hazard, Black Bison,
Brainstorm, and Dwarfstar.

Fallout is safe with Tracy.

But the Weeper is M.I.A.

Then DeVoe must have him.

Well, that just leaves Ralph.

Ralph is safe with us.

But the other four metas aren't.

DeVoe will absolutely kill
them and take their powers.

But why does he need their powers?

I can't figure out his end game.

I don't know.

I just know that these
last four metas are the key.

That's why we need to find them.

And find them we will.

Where have you guys been?

A little home away from home,

otherwise known as the bus depot.

But I showed Cisco
here an old P.I. trick

I learned from my mentor, Columbo.

Lost and found box from meta bus 405.

Question for the room,
how did I get stuck

doing the buddy system thing with Ralph?

It's the best way to
keep Ralph safe, Cisco.

Yeah, it's the best way
to keep Ralph safe, Cisco.

Well, clearly you've
never had to stay over

at an apartment that uses
neon beer signs for lamps

and the kitchen sink for a shower.

Ralph, I love you.

But you sleep on a futon.

Futon's not that bad.

It is when it's damp.

Why is it damp?

I sweat a lot when I sleep.

You nasty.

Oh, hey, my retainer.

Been looking for this.


Okay, you made your point.

Not that the point needed to be made.

I'll take the next shift.

You're a good man, Barry Allen.

Really? Who uses CDs anymore?

A musician trying to catch their break.

Izzy Bowen.

Ugh, country.

Music's tone deaf stepchild.

All right, remember anyone on the bus

with a fiddle?

There was a guy with a cowboy hat on

sitting behind me. Maybe it was him.

Boy, I sure wish we had
a way of finding out.

Izzy Bowen.

Izzy, you wanna give
us one more mic check?

Check one, check, check, one two.

Okay, well, it's a her, not a him.

And she's playing a gig
at the Busted Saddle.

All right. Ralph, let's go.

No, no way. I hate country music.

Well, buddy system. It's my turn.

- Come on.
- If you insist.

♪ Stand on the box stomp your feet ♪

♪ Start clapping ♪
♪ Got a real good feeling ♪

♪ Something bad about to happen ♪

♪ Pulled up to the church
but I got so nervous ♪

♪ Had to back it on up ♪

♪ Couldn't make it to the service ♪

♪ I grabbed all the cash
underneath my mattress ♪

♪ Got a real good feeling
something bad about to happen ♪

She's good.

She's improving, but
she lacks refinement.

So you're not impressed by her at all?

The resting face of my current visage

may be more pleasant than
the one I used to display.

But I assure you, this
is not the look of a man

awed by symphonic greatness.

Clifford! Clifford!

This body, it's deteriorating rapidly.

The additional dark
matter in your system

from each of your new powers
is wearing down your host.

It's straining too much
of this body's new energy.

Then I must move into the next one.

But you said that Izzy
Bowen wasn't ready,

that we needed to find another.

We don't have time.

We must act now.

We may be too late.

Izzy Bowen?

That's me.

My name is Barry Allen.

I'm with CCP...

Is that a label?

- Um...
- Maybe on another Earth.

Okay, well, you want an autograph

or a phone number, something?

Uh, no, no. Nothing like that.


Well, if it ain't business
and it ain't pleasure,

then we got nothing left to talk about,

now do we?


Do it again next week.

Great work.

Okay, I'm sorry. Let me explain.



Someone very smart and very dangerous

is coming after you.



Okay, now, why in the name of God

would anybody dangerous
be coming after me?

Because you have powers.

Four months ago,

you were on Central City bus 405.

That bus got showered with dark matter

and made everyone on it a meta-human.

Now the person
responsible for doing that

wants those powers for themself.

Okay, and let me guess.

You boys are here to protect me.

Something like that.

Look, we can explain more later,

but now we just need
you to come with us.

Oh, no, that's not necessary.

My daddy bailed. Mama
bailed not long after.

And I have been looking out
for myself my entire life.

This time it's different.

You can't. Please.

We need to go.

I ain't going anywhere
with either of you.

I think you should reconsider that.

I don't give a damn what you think.

I guess now we know what her power is.

- What?
- What?

- Yeah!
- Yeah.

You two are lucky.

Barry, your ear is almost healed,

and Dibny, yours just stretched.

Well, I still can't hear all that great.

Consider that a blessing in disguise.

Less twang in your future.

Give it an hour. You'll be fine.

So Izzy Bowen can control music.

More like sound waves.

Soundwave. That's a great name.

It would be, if it wasn't
already taken by a Transformer.

Okay, well, it looks like
billions of tiny shrapnel

- ripped through this.
- Exactly.

Sound is just the force of
billions of tiny gas molecules

colliding into one another.

So if you can harness and
amplify kinetic energy,

- you get...
- Molecular shrapnel.

Okay, well, we gotta keep searching.

If we can't track her down soon,

she's gonna fall right
into DeVoe's hands.

Speaking of tracking people down,

when's Harry getting
back from Earth Two?

DA Cecile Horton.

Harry, hey.

When did you get back from your Earth?

Just got back.

Getting myself a little pick me up.

You and me both, kid.

- Okay, good talk.
- Yeah.

Actually, you know, I
don't think that, uh,

pregnant people are
supposed to consume caffeine.

Uh, yeah, doctor says
one cup a day is fine.

And lord knows I need it.

I need it more than you
could possibly imagine.

Apparently. Must be exhausting.

It is. He's keeping me up all night.

"He"? I thought Allen said

you were having a girl.

Yeah, and I'm not
talking about the baby.

I'm talking about Joe.

Joe is keeping me up.

No, Harry, come here.

My newfound ability to
hear people's thoughts.

- Oh, see, I thought...
- Yeah, I can hear...

Joe, his thoughts... I can
hear them while he's asleep.

- All night long.
- You hear his dreams.

Yep. And they are crazy and fast.

And oh so very loud.

It is like living in the middle
of an action movie, Harry.

I love Joe West with all my heart,

but I am telling you,
I just... I can't...

I'm so tired.

I can't take it anymore.

Yeah, well, that sucks,
DA Cecile Horton.

- Yes, it does.
- Okay.

Actually, I might be
able to build something

that can help you with that.

Oh, Harry, thank you.

Satellite's been running all day,

but it's still not picking up
any irregular sound variances.

I checked the city. I can't find her.

- Babe, you checked the whole city?
- Yeah.

Look, we have to find her before DeVoe.

Her life's on the line.

She had another gig this week.

I doubt she'd skip town.

How would Dibny P.I.
suggest we find her?

Well, since you asked,

has anyone checked her web site?

"Has anyone checked her web site?"

Dibs, of course we've
checked her web site.

No one has checked her web site?

- Iris!
- Yeah, I'm-I'm on it.

I'm looking now. Um...

Guys, she's still in town.

"I just picked up the
first run of my next single

and love the geniuses at Saloon Sounds."

All right, Ralph. Take two.

Cisco, we might need Vibe's help.

Giddy up.

Come on, let's go. We're in a hurry.

Izzy Bowen, we need you to come with us.

- Flash?
- You're in danger.

I know, everybody keeps telling me that.

And you're gonna keep
hearing it until it sinks in.

You just have to trust us.

We're not gonna hurt you,
but we know someone who will.

Who is going to hurt me?

I am.

Y'all came to warn me about her?


Hello, Flash.

You're gonna leave Izzy alone.

You know, you really don't
learn from our past encounters,

do you?

You're not smart enough to stop
me from getting what I want.

And what I want now is her.

That's not gonna happen.

It's three against one, genius.

Check your math, Vibe.

It's three against six.

Though I doubt I'll need to use
all of my powers against you.

You stay away from me!

You just hurt DeVoe.

Who the hell's DeVoe?

So you're telling me that
this three foot tall chick

that tried to kill me is
actually this Clifford DeVoe?

Oh, yeah. 100% dude.


DeVoe is transferring his consciousness

to the other bodies
of all the other people

who were on the bus and
got their powers with you.

Wait, this... this
little girl wants my body?

That's why we're trying to protect you.

DeVoe's already taken
most of his targets.

No, this ain't happening. Not now.

I only got my powers recently.

And now it's like I've
got a deeper connection

to my music than I've ever had.

I'm about to record the
rest of my new album.

- I'm about to go on tour...
- Izzy, your album can wait.

This threat is real.

So is my big break.

Do you have any idea how hard
I've had to work for this?

I left my home.

I lost friends and good men,

and I have put up with more
crap than you could imagine

so that one day I would get my dream.

And now you're telling me
that some pint-sized lunatic

is just gonna take it all away?

Which is exactly why
we want you to stay here

- at S.T.A.R. Labs.
- Why?

Are y'all gonna protect me or something?

We're gonna train you.

We are?

Guys, her powers weakened DeVoe.

Izzy, that makes you our
best shot at stopping him.

No, no, this... This is all too much.

I don't even know who you people are.

We don't have time for this.


You're that guy from before.

Yeah, Barry Allen.

And so are you, aren't you?

Yeah. Ralph.

Ralph Dibny.

I'm, uh, Cisco. Cisco Ramon.

- It's nice to meet you.
- Okay, thank you.

Look, look, I... I don't need training.

Especially from you.

All I need is my life back.

I don't know, guys.

I kinda feel like if I just
followed her into that hallway

and just gave her one
of those "Hey, look,"

inspirational talks, I could probably

get her to stay.

Then what are you still doing here?

Sorry, I don't know if you, like,

drew straws for this stuff or something.

- No, go!
- Okay.

I'd watch out if I were you.

Sometimes killer robots
come out of there.

Keep walking, Stretch.

I don't talk to creeps in dark hallways

dressed in purple leather.

It's actually, uh, more of a mauve.

And, uh, I'm not a creep.

Look, Izzy, I know how you're feeling.

That day that you got your powers,

I was on the same bus.

So that evil chipmunk,
she wants to kill me, too.


I think I'd remember
seeing you on my bus.

Actually I was kind of,
uh, big boned back then.

I was on a strict diet of
gin, donuts, and regret.

But I got another shot at it.

And I worked my tight butt off.

And now I'm the hottest
superhero in town.


My life, it's never been better.

Kinda like yours.

Yeah, but aren't you
afraid of losing it all?

Yeah, I am.

Which is why I'm a part of this team.

You said that your family bailed on you,

so I can understand why
you wouldn't trust someone

to look out for you, but, Izzy,

I can tell you firsthand
that these amazing weirdoes,

they won't bail.

They created a buddy system for me.

And if you'll stay,
they'll keep you safe.

I promise.

So? Who's gonna be my buddy, then?

I may have to pull some strings,

but I will see if I am available.

Subject nine's sonic powers

accelerated the deterioration
of your internal organs.

She merely disrupted my atrial flutter

and bradycardia.

This body is nearly drained anyway.

Its palliation is a waste of time.

I need these biometric scans
to fully assess your ailments.

Then you should have
built this to work faster.

I'm doing all I can.

Yet you achieved precisely the opposite.

I couldn't idly stand by
and watch you be injured.

Your plan was failing.

Is it possible that the
repeated transference

has affected your cognitive functioning?

There is nothing wrong with my mind.

Next time I will keep a level head.

Izzy, this will help focus your powers.

Well, this ain't much help in a fight,

unless you're dueling the devil.

Don't think of it like a weapon.

Just do what you've
always been dreaming to do.

Make your own sound.

Are you my new target, Stretch?

Yeah, 'cause I don't break so easy.


You're built like a twig.

DA Cecile Horton.

You look tired.

Yeah, that's 'cause I am tired.

This thing, it doesn't work.

It works because I built it.

And this thing, as you
so ineloquently put it,

happens to be a mental activity dampener

that is ten pounds of cerebellum proof

anti-telepathy somani steel.

Thank you very much.

Yeah, that's the problem.

It is... It's ten pounds of that stuff.


Oh, gee... Okay.


I can't sleep like this, Harry.

Does this look comfortable to you?

I guess I was... While I was pulling

state of the art
technology out of my ass

to help you with your problem,

I forgot to make things
comfortable for you.

Are you kidding me with comfortable?

You know what else I forgot?

I guess I also forgot
while I was coming up

with a generational breakthrough...

And vibrational brainwave theory,

that I was working for
the Princess and the Pea.

Stop it! Stop!

Put it down.


Put it down.

Oh, okay. Just...

What the hell is wrong with you?

I'm frustrated.

- You're frustrated?
- Yes.

You start yelling at
me and throwing things?

It is like every awful
thought that you have,

it just comes pouring out of
your mouth totally unfiltered.

I don't even under...

Is this normal behavior for you?

Sometimes behavior.

Okay. If I wanna hear a grown man

scream like a child,

I will go home and listen
to Joe's stress dreams

about showing up naked to math class.

- Eww.
- Just...

Take your thing, Harry.

- See you later.
- It's heavy.

You missed. Again.

Well, what do you expect, Ralph?

I've been doing this all day.

I need a water break.

Maybe we should call it a night.

Not yet.

She's barely landed
another shot on Ralph.

She needs more time, Bare.

She held her own against DeVoe.

Totally on raw instinct.

Beginner's luck?

I mean, it took months to train Ralph.

We don't have months.

Look, this is our chance
to get ahead for once.

If DeVoe shows up again...

We have to be ready.

All right, Ralph, I'm taking over.

Uh, thanks, Bare, but we kinda got this

- covered over here and...
- Gotta push her, Ralph.

All right, Izzy, I
wanna see if you can hit

a moving target.

- Okay.
- You ready?


Take it up a few notches.






How's Izzy?

She just needs a couple stitches,

but she'll be okay.

Ralph won't leave her side.

I think he might really like her.

Ralph shouldn't be bothering her at all.

I mean, she needs to stay focused.

Izzy might be scrappy, but, you know,

it's her first day training
with powers she's had

for a little while.

I know.

Barry, don't you think you're
being a little hard on her?

No, I'm trying to teach
her how to protect herself.

No, it seems like
you're trying to turn her

into a hero.

And that path just isn't
meant for everyone, Barry.

I mean, Izzy's just trying to survive.

Well, she's not going
to if I don't push her.

You think this is the
only way to fight DeVoe?

It's not just about that.

Iris, you weren't at Iron Heights.

I saw up close what DeVoe did to Becky.

To all of them. They...

And I... I couldn't do anything

except just stand and watch it happen.

DeVoe is ruthless.

He's not gonna stop until he's
taken her powers and her life.

He's not gonna go easy
on her, so neither can I.

I am so sorry that you
had to experience that.

But Barry, we can't
be ruthless like DeVoe.

He's willing to sacrifice
anyone and anything.

Just remember that the next
time you're pushing too hard,


You of all people know that
heroes aren't made overnight.

Joe's not here.

Well, I don't wanna talk to Joe.

I kind of figured after
our last conversation

you would never wanna speak to me again.

You do know I can hear
your thoughts, right?


No, Harry, I'm not
gonna yell at you again.

- Just...
- All right, good.


- That's the...
- Mental activity dampener.

Sorry version 2.0.

Just adhere it to
your supraobital ridge.

You'll block West out.

Look, I'm sorry about...

You know, I just recently
can't seem to stop DeVoe,

can't stop my daughter
Jessie from hating me,

can't seem to stop blowing
it when I'm trying to befriend

someone who's my own age.

Did you just say befriend?

That's what you've been trying to do?

You've been trying to befriend me?

Well, yes, through transitive property.

I respect West, West respects you, so...

Harry, that was borderline sweet.

Thank you.

Okay, well, let's talk.


- Now.
- Okay.


- I'm not much...
- Come on, Harry.


What do you wanna talk about?

Oh, okay. I'll start.

Um, you wanna tell me
how this thing works?

Like, does it... does it keep
Joe's brainwaves blocked out?

Does it keep my mind
reading waves locked in?

It mostly disrupts
inbound brain activity,

but I suppose actually if you
were to reverse the polarity...

Wow, that is interesting.

- Also.
- Yes.

Harry, you have to do that.

- Right.
- Right now.

- Okay, good chat.
- Yeah.


Should be good to go.

Might be a little scar, though.

Wouldn't be my first, doc.

Probably won't be my last.

It will be, if I have
anything to do with it.

Why would you have
anything to do with it?

I'm gonna go.

Wh... What are you doing?

The way I see it, I've
gotten more hurt here

than I ever did fighting DeVoe,

so I'm not going to spend
another second training.

Okay, that is a really bad idea.

I've already hurt DeVoe.

By myself, without y'all.

I can do it again.

Izzy, the only way for
you to stay safe is for you

to stay with us.

It's the buddy system, right?

You're not my buddy, Ralph.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Don't do this.

Sorry, Ralphie.

Initially I envisioned the
mental activity dampener

as just disrupting inbound
brainwave broadcasts,

but I talked to DA Cecile Horton

and we had the idea to invert
the polarity allowing this

to disrupt outbound
brainwave broadcasts as well.

- So we...
- We could use this

against DeVoe.

We could use this against DeVoe.

That's brilliant.

I'm totally on board.

Except... mental activity dampener?

Ramon, the name's no good.

Which is why... Drum roll, please...

I have decided to rename
this the cerebral inhibitor.

This is where we came up
with the cerebral inhibitor

to use against DeVoe.

What's that? What are you guys doing?

What are... What are those faces?

When Savitar came to S.T.A.R. Labs,

he said we would build a
device to use against DeVoe.

The cerebral inhibitor.

I wish I had known that
before I spent all this time

trying to come up with the second name.

Naming is hard.

Okay, so we can use this on DeVoe

to keep him from
projecting his consciousness

- into new bodies.
- Precisely.

How does it work?

Just affix it to his forehead.

It activates. Simple as that.

I'll make a few adjustments,
you'll be good to go.

All right.

Okay, when Harry's
done, we go after DeVoe.

I mean, we have Izzy's powers,
the cerebral inhibitor...

I mean, we have everything
that we need to stop him.

Except that we don't.

Izzy's gone.

What? What happened?

What did you say to her?

- Me?
- Yeah.

Rookie, Homeslice hit
the road because of you.

She's convinced she can
take on DeVoe by herself.

That's what she's gone to do.

You kept pushing and pushing her.

Pushed her right out the door, man.

Okay, that's not fair.

No, it's all right.

I did, I pushed her too hard.

It's my fault that she's out there.

But if DeVoe gets to her before we do...

That cannot happen.

Cisco, you need to use your
ESPN and find out where she is.

Give me that thing.

Hey, blondie!

You want trouble? Here I am.


Look who finally decided
to show her sorry face.

Nobody likes a peeping Tom.

Good-bye, Mr. Ramon.

Cisco, are you okay? Can you hear me?

She's at the warehouse district.

DeVoe's there.

I can't go with you guys.

I gotta take care of Cisco.

All right, Ralph, it's just me and you.

Come on.

Bravo, Ms. Bowen.

Of all my subjects,

you're the only one to mount

a credible defense against me.

Darlin', you talk too much.

A modicum of bad luck
at a time like this.

How unfortunate.

You're quite the fiddler.

The fiddler, Mr. Ramon might say,

nailed it and won.

Ralph? You came after me.

We all did.

Hey, Ralph, I'll keep DeVoe busy.

You just get the inhibitor on.

Hello, Mr. Allen.

DeVoe, you're not getting her.


Poor Dominic.

He didn't know he could affect
minds as well as read them.

Now I've taught you what a
brain aneurysm feels like.

Get out of here.

Ah, crap!

Thank you, Mr. Rundine.

That'll teach you to
mess with a country girl.

Cerebral inhibitor's attached.

Is it working?

Oh, it's working.

How did Mr. Deacon put it?

Ah, yes.

Call me Killgore.

The hell?

Did she hack the inhibitor?

No, no, no, that's impossible.

There's a kill switch microchip

that prevents the patch from networking.

I can hear your radio signal, Mr. Wells.

You told me once I wasn't
as smart as I thought.

Wrong again.



- Ralph?
- Hey!

Get her out of there!

Ralph, we can't.

Get her out!

We can't.

Izzy, just look at me.


Keep looking at me!

Much better.

Oh, please inform Mr. Ramon
that, while I had no need

for all six of my powers,

I now have a seventh.

I'm afraid I'm gonna be busy
with my wife this weekend,



- How's Ralph?
- Not great.

This shouldn't have happened.

DeVoe wasn't supposed
to walk away from this.

Yeah, well, he did.

- Because of me.
- We all tried to protect her.

I built the inhibitor, Snow.

If it failed, it's my fault.

And I don't even know why.

Maybe I overestimated
the micro-combustion

infrastructure, or
maybe I underestimated

the amount of time between
each synapse router, or...

Maybe it didn't malfunction at all.

Guys, Savitar said that we would use

the cerebral inhibitor against DeVoe.

Yeah, he didn't say it was gonna work.

Yeah, well, it didn't work.


I'm not smart enough to make it work.


- Where are you going?
- Out.

- Guys, we have to find DeVoe again.
- How?

Cisco tracked down
DeVoe in his Vibe state,

and he almost got himself killed.


We might have a different
way of pinpointing him.

Check this out.

Space. The final frontier.

Now you see it...

Now you don't.

That's exactly what it looks like

when DeVoe disappears.

That is the warping
signature of someone moving

into a pocket dimension.

Does someone wanna
explain what that means?

Einstein postulated that it
was theoretically possible

for a region-specific fold
in the space time to exist

between the four dimensions
that we typically think of.

Yeah, that doesn't help.


It's another dimension.

One that you can enter or exit
at any location in the world.

Like how DeVoe captured me in that alley

but then he brought me back
out to somewhere above the city.

Are you saying that DeVoe's
lair is in a pocket dimension?

Cisco, this is great.

Can we track him?

That I'm, uh, still working on.

Okay, work faster.

Just do your best, all
right? Let's find him.

- All right.
- I'm gonna go check on Ralph.

All right.

You were right.

As much as I wanna get
DeVoe, get back to our lives,

I can't rush this.

It's gonna be a little
hard for a speedster.

Especially an unemployed speedster.

Don't worry. You're
gonna find something.

And until then?

You can start by kissing your wife.

Someone looks busy.

Yep, just a little bit of work.

Why don't you have a...


- Harry.
- Yes?

- I wanted to say thank you.
- For what?

The MAD 2.0. It works like a charm.

I am rested.

If you could just do something

about these swollen
pregnant ankles of mine...

I think that's a normal thing.

Drink lots of water.

Don't cross your legs when you sit.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Thank you for the info.

Least I could do after all the...

Rage. I have a problem with rage.

Apparently it tends to crop
up when I make mistakes.

Makes it tough to be human.

Well, humans are a tricky species.

Anyway, I apologize.

Apology accepted.

You just needed somebody to talk to.

Yeah, well, I...

Are you doing that thing
where you're reading my mind?

You're reading my mind, aren't you?

Maybe. Yeah, yeah, I am.

You should call her, Harry.

Jessie's on a different
planet, DA Cecile Horton.

But this problem isn't
gonna just go away.

What if she...

What if she doesn't come?

You're not gonna know
unless you invite her.

That was beautiful.

And a welcome change from
the derivative pabulum

this body subjected us to before.

Our plan is back on schedule.

Indeed it is.

Only a few more subjects left to locate.

♪ Stand on the bar stomp your feet ♪

♪ Start clapping ♪
♪ Got a real good feeling ♪

♪ Something bad about to happen ♪

♪ I pulled up to the church ♪

Hey, man.

I can come back if...

No, it's... it's okay.

Look, um...

I totally understand if
you need some time away

from the team.

I mean, to lose someone
right in front of you...

Especially someone you care about...

Izzy was very special.

She was.

But... But now...

DeVoe's still out there.

And until that threat's over...

We gotta keep this buddy system going.

I thought you might say that, Allen.

Which is why I got you this.

You want me to be your partner?

Oh, hey, come on.

This, uh, this Turner
don't need no Hooch.


I do know what it's like
to get fired from CCPD

when you didn't even
really break the law.

You absolutely broke the law.

And I remember after I lost my job,

felt like I lost a piece of my identity.

And now you won't have
to deal with that problem.

So the next time we're out in the field

and somebody asks you who you work for,

you won't have to get all stammery.

You like me.

You really like me.

Don't go getting all
soft on me now, rookie.

You and I, we gotta stand up,

and we gotta fight back.

Just like Izzy would have wanted.

That's right.

There's three more people
out there who need our help,

and we need to find
them before DeVoe does.

And after we do that...

I'm gonna take DeVoe down.