The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - The Elongated Knight Rises - full transcript

A familiar villain returns to terrorize Central City; Ralph must rise up to defend the innocent while Barry is detained by his trial.

My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world,

I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.

But secretly, with the help

of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find other metahumans

like me.

But I became lost in time.

It took everything in my friends' power

to bring me back, and in doing so

our world was opened up to new threats.

And I'm the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am the Flash.

Previously on "The Flash"...

I didn't kill Clifford DeVoe.

Tricked ya!

Barry, they took a hostage.

- Well, who'd he take?
- Your dad.

I'm ready for my supersuit.

This tarp is your supersuit.

What is this, a puppy's raincoat?

Nice job, rookie.

I won't be a fugitive. If I'm convicted,

I'm not going to run.

We find the defendant guilty.

We're losing control of the place,

drop grenades.

Deploy smoke grenades!

Backup, we need backup!

They're back in. Lock it down.

Let's move. Move out.

Fine, just tell us what you want.

I want you to back off, or
I will detonate this thing.

Okay, calm down, nobody
needs to get hurt today.

You just follow instructions,

and everybody here gets to live
to see the sunshine tomorrow.


And I'd better not
see The Flash, either.

All right, first, I want a car.

Something ecofriendly, like a Prius.

Okay, we can do that.

Good. Right. Now second.

I want a plane,
okay? A private plane.

Okay, and a salad, all
right? I'm counting calories.

Okay, it's going to take
us an hour to arrange that.

You better hurry up,

because these hostages
don't have much time.

Should have gone with a steak, pal.

'Cause it's the last
decent meal you're getting

for the next five to ten years.

Who the hell are you?

Your friendly neighborhood superhero.

You can call me...


One second.

Guys, this is a huge moment for me.

What's my name?

I was wondering where
you were going with that.

Hey, hey, where are my hostages?

Bathroom break.

They just couldn't hold it anymore.

Don't worry, though,
they're totally safe.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. Get back, freak.

Freak, sticks and stones
may break my bones, buddy.

Well, they used to. Not anymore.

I'll blow this whole city block.

You do realize you're
a part of that block, right?

Come on, man, it's a weekday.

People just want to get off work,

go home, and watch the boob tube.

So why don't you take
off that vest and...

No, don't touch me!

Ralph, are you okay?


Yeah, just, wicked heartburn.

Let this be a lesson to all of you

wouldbe criminals out there.

Catching you won't be
too much of a stretch.

And so, our streets are safe again,

thanks to Central City's
funniest new hero,

The Stretchy Man.



Cisco, next time you're going with him.

Iris, a chicken needs

to leave its roost sooner or later,

especially when that chicken

insists on doing his own solo mission.

- This is bad.
- This is really bad.

Stretchy Man, that's a terrible name.

Also, now that I'm going
to be on TV all the time,

this grey suit, got to go.

Hey, easy, chickadee.

No, Ralph, I meant you, okay?

That bomb could have torn you to shreds.

Or Joe, or any of the police outside.

Relax, ladies, my cells
are completely polygamized.

- Polymerized?
- Yeah, that.

Which means they can stretch
and take a bomb blast.

- My God.
- Dibny is indibstructable.

Okay, Ralph, you are missing the point.

You need to be more cautious.

No, no, no, you are missing the point.

What I really need, guys,
is a new superhero name.

Ramon, you've had all this time.

You can't come up with anything?

Patience, okay? I'm getting to you.

I've just been a little preoccupied,

what with Barry being in prison and all.

You find anything that might prove.

DeVoe framed Barry yet?

My dad and Cecile are meeting
with Judge Hankerson tomorrow

to go over his appeal.

We've been pouring through the
evidence piece by piece, but...

Don't worry, Iris, we're
going to get him out.

Hey, has Barry joined a gang yet?

I've got some friends on the inside.

I can make some calls.

Shut up, Ralph.


I will stop helping now.

You can watch the clock all you want,

but it won't go any faster.

You're Barry Allen,
right? Henry Allen's kid?

- I'm...
- Axel Walker.

You and your dad kidnapped my dad once.

Yeah, right.


Lunch lady gave me extra. I
think she has a crush on me.


Hey, word on the block is,
you carved up some professor.

He give you a bad grade or something?

I didn't kill anybody.

Yeah, sure. Everyone's innocent in here.

Especially that guy. Yeah, Big Sir.

He's really innocent.

This is grosser than
usual. Does pudding go bad?

Axel, what do you want from me?

To be murder buds.

You know, we could share trade secrets.

I'd love to hear how you
carved up that college quack.

I don't need any friends in here.

Man, I do not feel good.

Get him up.

You got mud on my bright whites.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

Sorry's right.

The first week in Iron Heights

is often the hardest, Mr. Allen.

You've already seen what
happens when a few inmates

try to revolt.

Acclimating to your
new life will take time.

Always does. In the meantime,

do your best to stay clean in here.

And Mr. Allen, your
1:30 is waiting for you.

- Hey, I'm so glad to see you.
- Me too.

How's it going?

It's not as bad as I
thought it would be.

And hey, you're talking
to the newest member

of the Iron Heights janitorial staff.

I'm the fastest mop alive.

Well, we've been
surveilling the DeVoes 24/7.

I mean, they must have made
a mistake somewhere, right?

And I've been pouring over
all of the evidence with Dad.

We are going to get
you out of there, Barry.

I know you will.

How's the rest of the
team? I saw Ralph on TV.

Ralph is getting a little cocky.

Yeah, I was when I
started too... it happens.


Iris, it's okay.

I just can't believe this
is our new normal, Barry.

I don't want this to be our lives.

You're going to find something.

I know it.

Closing time!

Wrap them up!

I just wish I could
touch your hand again.

You will.

I promise.

I'll see you tomorrow?

Every tomorrow.

Walker here spewed
all over his cellmate.

Says he's got cramps.

Who are you? Where's Nurse Hill?

Out sick. Looks like he ate the pudding.

Yeah, how do you know that?

Because I'm the one who sent it.

Come on, Axel, let's go.


Walker and the nurse used tranquilizers

on two more guards on the way out.

And nothing tipped you off

that this nurse might be a criminal?

Her background check was clean.

She said her name was Lindsay Fineheart.

She was sent over by
our staffing company.

Well, I'm going to need the hard drive

of the surveillance footage

from the security
cameras in the infirmary.

Well, unfortunately, we're
still analog here in Gen Pop.

It will take a while to dub the tapes.

In the meantime, I'm
having Fineheart's file

brought down for you.

How's Barry doing?

Model inmate, just like his dad.

- Do you mind if I...?
- Let me check on that file.


Joe, hey.

- What are you doing here?
- Axel Walker escaped.

Some new nurse helped him get out.

He was in here because of the pudding.

How do you know that?

He was complaining about the taste.

Hey, let me help with this, all right?

- Barry...
- No.

Has Cisco having any luck figuring out

how to bypass the system?

Because once he does that,
I could phase out of here.

I can help to track them.

Barry, you need to stay put for now.

Trickster is just a messedup kid.

- We can handle him.
- No, I know, of course.

I just... I'm already tired
of feeling useless, you know?

The only thing you
should focus on in here

is watching your back.

Pretty sure cops can't touch inmates.

Otherwise, I'd give you a hug.

- Stay strong, Bare.
- Mmhmm.

- Detective?
- Sir.

Well, this is her.

This woman's name
isn't Lindsay Fineheart.

Her name is Zoey Clark.

James Jesse had a girlfriend?

Yeah, she called herself Prank.

Back in the day, she was
Bonnie to Jesse's Clyde.

No matter what, whether
it was attempted murder,

arson, robbery, she
was always by his side.

Man, what were people wearing back then?

Zoe Clark was the beneficiary
to Clark Toys empire.

Not much of an empire. All those stores

closed 20 years ago.

Looks like she has Bachelor's degrees

in arts and applied sciences,

as well as a Master's in chemistry.

Trickster and Prank were
responsible for a series

of terrorist attacks
across Central City,

including the destruction of

the Gadzooka Bubblegum company.

I always wondered why

my favorite gum suddenly
disappeared in the 90's.

We have it on my Earth.

- You do not.
- I just said we did.

- You do not.
- We do.

Anyway, after Jesse was arrested,

she disappeared.

She's been a fugitive ever since.

Looks like Axel was born

nine months after Zoey was last seen.

I bet she left to help
to take care of her son.

And she came back to
bust him out of prison,

and pick up where she left off.

Well, I'm digging into CCPD files

to see if she had any
other known associates.

I'll set the satellite
to do a search grid.

- Ramon?
- Hey, how about you hook me up

with some of that gum?

Why don't you breach yourself?

- That sounds like an insult.
- Kind of was.

Hey, Ralph, do you want
to go to your usual spots,

see if any of your
contacts have seen her?

Sure, I need a chaperone.
Caitlin, you're up.

It's happy hour, you're buying.

Come on, use Killer Frost's credit card.

No way, Jose.

You think Ralphie's made of money?

Where are you two hiding?


What is this place?

It's all that remains of Clarx Toys.

It's cold in here.


- I made the news, ha!
- Not awesome.

Now the police are looking for you.

As soon as night falls,
we're out of Central City.

And then we'll go meet
up with Dad, right?

That's why you broke me out.

Because Dad wanted to see me, right?

Not exactly.

Axel, I wanted you back in my life.

Right, but what about Dad?

Well, he broke out a year ago,

and he hasn't come looking for you.

He doesn't care.

Of course he does.

Axel, your dad's a deadbeat.

He doesn't want to be
a part of this family,

and he never did.

Don't talk about him like that.

Honey, I'm sorry, it's just that

you just don't know him like I do.

Do you know what it was like for me

when you were growing up?

While you were idolizing your dad?

I was the one making your dinner.

While you were watching him
terrorize the city on TV,

I was the one driving you to school.

I was the one making sure
you got your homework done.

I was the one packing the
lunches in the morning.

- I was there for you.
- I know, I know, Mom!

Okay, now we can get him back.

I don't want him back.

I want us to go be free together.

I never wanted you to
end up like your father.

Well, it's too late for that, Mom.

I just need to get Dad's attention.

I'll show him that
someone in this family

still has a funny bone.


Everyone walks away
safe, and so Central City

has a new, sexier model of superhero.

Me... it's... I'm sexy.

And I know just how I'm going to do it.

Sexy one. Anyone want an autograph?

Autograph, anyone?

No, Axel.


Heard you had a
little oneonone time

with a badge this morning.


First, you dirty up my shoes.

Now, you're snitching to the cops?

You've had quite the
first week, haven't you?

I don't want any trouble.

Too late.

This isn't over.


Hey, how's the search coming?

Harry and I already
set all the parameters,

it's just got 300 square
miles to comb through, so.

- That's not good.
- Hello, Central City!

It's been far, far too
long since my beautiful face

graced your screens.

Whoo, this kid's got a face for radio.

Trickster's hijacking the
city's broadcasting signals.

Today, we're going to play a little game

I like to call "what Does This Do?"

Looks like a regular old bouncy ball.

But what does this do?

- Cisco.
- Tracing.

Let's find out if and when
you throw it hard enough...


He's downtown, corner
of DeMeo and Bilson.

Bring me the Stretchy Man,

or else you're going to go "boomboom."

My first supervillain
thunderdome challenge.

This is awesome.

Ralph, you do not know this guy.

He's dangerous.

He's throwing bouncy balls

and wearing a bedazzled pea coat.

I got this.

You still haven't taken that off?

I sleep in this.

You mind breaching me
there? It's a lot faster.

Where are you, Stretchy Man?

I've got plenty more
where that came from.

Nice suit, Fall Out Boy.

Yuck, yours could use some work.

Ooh, look at that cutting wit.

You wanted me, here I am.

Great, do you want to play, catch?

You're really blowing
this supervillain fight.

Well, it's my Central City return party.

And your death will make me a star.

Child's play.

Okay, all right, this is what I call

the HurtySquirty Gun.

Tricked ya!

It's acid, with a little ingredient X.

I call it "axid."

He's panicking, his heart
rate is off the charts.

Ralph, are you okay?


Burn, Stretchy Man, burn!


Not today, Satan.

What the hell did he do to me?

What the hell was that stuff?

Looks like Axel created
some sort of super acid.

It's got a ph level in the negative 50s,

and all it did was
burn through your skin?

God, if it were anybody
else, it would melt

right through them like xenomorph blood.

- Like in...
- "Alien."


But you said my cells were polymerized.

I know...

You said nothing could hurt them.

Dibny, I didn't say that. I
said your cells were bonded

unlike anything I've ever seen.
I've never seen acid like this,

and so, cannot be responsible
for things I have never seen.

- It definitely hurts.
- Of course.

Well, now we know what
your kryptonite is.

What the hell is kryptonite?

- What?
- Come on.

Think I'm gonna heal?

- Probably.
- Eventually.

- Probably?
- Well, you know.

I thought I was indestructible.

So did we.

Get out.

Okay, well, Caitlin,
you can treat the wound

- and manage the pain, right?
- As needed.

Okay, well, the most important thing

is that you're safe.

Ralph, my God, I'm so sorry.

Um, Axel is still out there.

We should track him
down. Um, my God.

This might sting a little.

Excuse me, my wife
was supposed to be here

a half hour ago. Could you see if...



I was just wondering why you helped me.

Because your dad helped me.

- Are you okay?
- No, Mom, I'm not.

Stretchy Man's still alive.

All Dad's going to see is that I failed.

He won't want to see me.

Who am I kidding?
I'll never be like him.

I think you can be even better than him.

You don't see it, but I do.

You're the real Trickster, booboo.

What's gotten into you?

Okay, I didn't take my meds.

Mom, you did that for me?

I would do anything for you, booboo!

- Would you kill with me?
- It's like riding a tricycle.

You never forget. Let's
paint the town red.

I know whose blood we should use.

We just need a new trick to
strongarm Stretch Armstrong.

- No.
- No?

What we need is something better.

Because if there's one
thing I've realized,

it's behind every great trick...

is an even better Prank.

Hey, guys. Any luck finding Trickster?

Joe, geotracking is an art form.

It takes precision, it takes
finesse, it takes grace...

It requires none of those things.

It's simply the fact that
he's not a metahuman.

Regular humans are harder to track.

Is there anything you
can't suck the fun out of?

Leaf peeping.


Hello again, Central City.

It's time for the
exciting new game show,

"Wheel of Misfortune."

With prizes so amazing,
you'll think you died.

And if you play your cards
right, you just might.

Here's your host, the
murderous matriarch,


What do we have in store for tonight?

Well, we have chills,
thrills, and plenty of kills.

These guys are absolutely nuts.

So, why don't we meet
our first contestants?

- Tada!
- Tada!

They've got hostages.

Shocking prizes are in store.

Prank, what about the grand prize?

I'm so glad you asked.

Because we have an axid shower.


Sorry, Mr. Beebo.


Beebo loves getting clean.

Beebo has an owie.

- Cisco.
- Triangulating their signal.

We need a special VIP to come
down for our special show.

So, if you're watching, Stretchy Man,

why don't you come on
down and spin the wheel?

You have one hour, or
these nice people die.

There you are.

They're at the old Clarx Toys factory

in Lawrence Hills.

Ticktock, Stretchy
Man. Time's awasting.

So, let's spin that wheel!

I'm going to have
CCPD create a perimeter

a few blocks away, so they can't escape.

Harry, how are you coming with a solvent

- for Trickster's axid?
- Well, slowly.

Very difficult to neutralize
a solvent that hasn't existed

until today.

- You've got 59 minutes.
- All I need is 58.

Ralph, suit up.

Well, you wanted a new suit, didn't you?

I even made it pocketsized.

Is it axidproof?

I can't do it, guys.

These people need our help.

Yeah, sorry, but me getting melted?

That is a dealbreaker.

Were you only doing this

because you thought
you couldn't get hurt?

Yeah, why the hell else would I do this?

Ralph, last year, I thought
I was going to die, too.

But that didn't stop me.

Okay, well, that's the
difference between us then.

I'm not that strong
in the face of danger.

I'm out.

Psst, Barry!

Ralph, what are you doing here?

I'm breaking you out.

- I mean...
- Come on, you're a hero.

Slap on some tights, go be heroic.

Ralph, there are
cameras everywhere, okay?

They would know within
minutes that I vanished.

So? A minute to us is like hours to you.

Just vibrate through the
walls, go slap Trickster around,

and you'll be back before
whatever passes for dinner

- in this place.
- Trickster attacked again?

Yeah, he and his mommy
want to tussle with me,

but I have a rule against
fighting terrorists

with an Oedipus complex, so.

This looks like a job for the FLASH.

I'm sorry, why is this different?

You've done a good job
handling bad guys so far.

I got hurt.

Axel created some kind of
acid that, we're guessing,

can probably kill me.

I'm not ready to die.

Look, this job,

it has a way of making
you feel invincible.

But every once in a while,

a little mortality check shows up.

I've been trying so hard to
ignore this feeling, but...

I'm not fearless like you are.

Ralph, I'm not fearless.

I mean, I wake up
every day in this cell,

and feel like there's nothing
I can do to help anyone.

And, I mean, that terrifies me.

I used to be somebody who saved,

and now I'm just Barry Allen.

Inmate number 3562.

- So let me spring you.
- That's not my point.

Having the ability to help
someone, but do nothing.

That is a far worse death

than anything that
Trickster has for you.

But rising above that fear
and saving those lives,

that's a greater life.

All right, so rise up.

I don't think it's a stretch for you.

You really believe I can do it?

Yes, you just need to
believe in yourself.

Hey, you know your
way out of here, right?


You got one hour!

Scans are reading some kind
of container on the roof.

It looks new.

Galvanized steel.

That's where they're keeping the axid.

All right, I will neutralize it.

And you two guys, you
get the hostages out.

We're gonna need the ice queen.

That's not how it
works, I can't just...

Lexi La Roche!

It was her childhood bully.

There's a lot of
repressed anger in there.

Let's go!

Boy, here we go.

Thank you. Big Sir.

My dad saved your life
in here, didn't he?

That's why you helped me out.


I had stomach pains for days.

Your dad found me, figured my
appendix was about to burst.

Prison doctors were gone for the night.

There's no way they could
have made it back in time.

But Doc Henry convinced Warden Wolfe

to do the surgery.

He operated and saved my life.

And that's why you owed him.

Now, we're even.

Big Sir.


Remember, anything in here that
looks fun is probably lethal.

- Just like me.
- Nice.

Okay, let's deliver these
delivery people to safety.

Or we could just leave them
and kill Trickster and Prank.

Remember that talk about

murdering your way out of problems?

- Yeah, we don't do that.
- Yet.

We're going to get you out of here.

Ooh, Beebo hungry.

Beebo likes to play.


Tricked ya!

I'm guessing the plan didn't work?


Harry, it's a trap. They've
got Caitlin and Cisco.

- I'm on my way.
- No, you're not.

I am.

Then you're going to need this.



Leave him alone.

I told you you'd be sorry.

You won't get lucky twice.

Like father, like son?

Harry, are you on the roof yet?

Yes, and so is the axid.

All right.

You need to neutralize the axid.

We're running out of time.

Yep, thank you, I'm aware of that.


Now, we asked for one hero.

But now, we've got two!

It's time for our Showcase Showdown,

so let's spin that wheel,
and see what fun prize

awaits our new friends.

Harry, tell me you've got it.

Don't got it.

Hurry up, I haven't
killed anyone in years.

A tie.

I guess they die together.

Nice outfit.

Thanks, I've got a great tailor.

Now let everyone go, pranksters,

and no one gets hurt.

We thought you chickened
out, Stretchy Man.

Actually, I did.

See, I thought I was
pretty much invincible

until you and your
oversized water pistol

put the fear of God in me.

You're welcome.

And I was ready to throw in the towel.

But then I visited a friend of mine.

And he helped me remember
that no one is fearless.

But real heroes, they find
a way to rise above that fear

and make a difference anyway.

Even if it kills them in the process.

So, this is me, rising up.

Hopefully without the dying part.

Now let my friends go.

First of all, great speech.

So inspired, it melted my heart.

Thank you, I worked
on it on the way over.

Now let's melt yours.

Shoot him, booboo!


I'd give up if I were you.

How about I melt your friends instead?

- Harry, now.
- I don't got it.



Say goodbye to your little friends!


It doesn't hurt.

It doesn't hurt!

I'm not dying!

Why am I not dying?

Because I got it.

Yes, nice work, guys!

I'm going to live, whoo!

Don't even think about running.

- Any time.
- Okay...

you got scissors anywhere?

You know what they say, detective?

The family that slays
together stays together.

- Yeah, in prison.
- Hey, come on.

You can't keep a Trickster
behind bars for long.

We'll see about that.

You were amazing. Can we do it again

- in 10 to 15 years?
- Booboo.

I'm going to break
us out of here in two.

Get in the damn car.

Is it true that you took
down Trickster and Prank


How long have you been a superhero?

Are you single?

Yes, about an hour, hell yes.

- Do you like shrimp?
- No.

But I'm sure the people of Central City

would love to thank you, Stretchy Man.

That's not my name.

Then what should we call
you? I mean, you do stretch.

No, I don't stretch, I contort.

I elasticize, I elongate, man.

The Elongated Man?

It was just an expression.

- It has a certain...
- I don't know.

- "Je ne sais quoi" to it.
- I like it, too.

Well, I hate it.

Well, maybe you should
have let me do the naming.


Don't worry, you'll get your chance.

There's no way this is going to stick.

Probably gonna stick.

The Elongated Man?
Please, it's so literal.

You think Prince would have settled

for "Shorty Guitar Man"?

- Hey.
- No way.

And like The Purple
One, I too need something

that hints at the true
depth of my sexy nature.

- Like The Flash.
- Exactly.

He's a fast operator, gets
the job done in seconds.

Or Killer Frost.

What can I say? When
you got it, you got it.

You got it.

Hey, Joe.

What should I do?

Man, do whatever it takes
to keep the city safe.

Just like the rest of us.

I could live with that.

Guess I'll be looking
out for you a bit longer.

I didn't get involved
because I wanted a favor,

I just wanted to help.

Piece of advice, you
want to survive in here,

find a friend.

Your father would be very proud of you.


Did my dad call you Big Sir?

No, he called me Dave.

Allen, you've got a visitor.

Well, whatever you said
to Ralph must have landed.

He risked his life to
save Caitlin and Cisco,

thanks to you.

I just brought out what
was already inside of him.

You seem to have that
effect on a lot of people.


Just turns out being in here

isn't so different from being out there.

Except we're not together.

And I can't touch you anymore.

Coffee, that's all I
get for being a hero?

What do you want, a cookie?

Ooh, don't mind if I do.

Come on, man.

The thing about wearing a mask

is no one even knows you're a good guy.

Them's the breaks, kid.

Yes, there's that delicious nectar.

Hey, thanks for getting
this coffee, by the way.

Who, me? I'm broke.

I didn't even bring my wallet with me.

- I don't even own a wallet.
- Are you serious?

- Allen always pays.
- My God.

No worries.

Always pay it forward.

That's my motto, you know?

Because at any given moment,

one of us could need a helping hand.

Like now, you two total strangers,

you know, were short on
cash, and then someone just

steps out of the blue and helps
out in a totally random way,

- am I right?
- Uhhuh.

And you know, it's more than just karma.

It's the principle of
infinite consequence

at work in our lives.

And it's always expanding.

Creating positive sums
on an infinite basis.

Isn't that amazing?

- Yes?
- You know what's amazing?

That shirt's pretty amazing.

Yeah, thanks, yeah, it's a classic.

"Oregon Trail," I love this game.

Have a great day.


A nice, beautiful girl, and Ralph Dibny

doesn't offer her a
delicious crustacean buffet?

I think she's too smart for me.

Self awareness from Ralph Dibny?

I think there's hope for you yet.

That's a stretch.

Is that where we freeze frame?