The Flash (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - The Flash Reborn - full transcript

Barry is brought out of the Speed Force to help fight an armored villain, but he isn't the same person.

Previously, on "The Flash"...

- It's a samurai.
- Bring me the Flash.

Or else, your city falls.

Barry's still stuck in the Speed Force?

I'm gonna get him out.
But I need your help.

Barry? It's me, Iris.

Please come back to me.

Barry, Iris is in trouble.

Flash is back!

Flash... welcome home.

The Flash is back in Central City.

You came back to me.

I'm never going anywhere ever again.

Not only is this the most modern,

lavish penthouse on
the market, it also has

one of the best views
in all of Central City.

Join me on the balcony.
See for yourself.

I couldn't care less about the view.

Is it your most expensive listing?

Yes, but the price is negotiable.

I'll take it.


Just, let me lock up
and I'll ride down with you.

Sorry, not sure which button does what.


Damn it.

Dana? Yeah, listen.

I think I'm in some
busted elevator or some...

I don't know... whoa!


What? Whoa.


- Barry.
- Hey.

- Hi, you're up early.
- Yeah.

Doing what, exactly?

I'm just catching
up on all the TV I missed

while I was stuck in the Speed Force.

When you've been gone six months,

the world is a minefield of spoilers.

But Cisco hooked me up

with the 1,000times sped up version

of my favorite shows.

Aw, Jon Snow died. He's alive!

And here I was thinking
you'd need a jump start

- for your loopy brain.
- Nope.

Brain good. All of me is good.

Joe needs me. Crime scene.

That's okay. I should
probably get started

on our neglected wedding plans.

It's gonna take me forever

to get through this binder, so...

No. Don't worry about it.

I'm done with it.

- You're done?
- Yeah.

I locked in a caterer, I got
you your favorite flowers,

I put a deposit on a
venue with an amazing view,

I got that seven tier
raspberry chocolate cake.

Well, I guess you've
got everything covered.

So, my lovely fiancée
can remain stressfree.

Save me a bear claw?

Ooh, no promises, speedster.

You whoosh, you lose.

What do we got, Joe?

Not much to go off.

The only witness was an
elderly resident, and...

- she's still pretty rattled.
- Hey.

- Mr. Allen.
- Hi.

Six months and five minutes late.

Sorry, Captain Singh.

Thank you again for granting
me that extended sabbatical.

But I'm back, I'm ready to work,

and what can I say...
It's a beautiful day.

Sorry. What are we dealing with?

Well, I hope you had a light breakfast.

No, I had a good spread actually.

Pancakes, sausage, fruity cereal...


He's... everywhere.

As far as we can tell,

it dropped him a hundred stories.

Were you able to ID the vic?

Yeah. Kurt Weaver.

Worth billions. Capital B.

What do you think, Mr. Allen?

You see the impacts on the ceiling?

And the repeated lateral
stress fissures on the frame?

This guy didn't just drop. He was...

shaken to death.

Excuse me. Coming through.

CCPD Tech Consultant. That's right.

Look at the badge. That
means it's official.

He's aware that badge is plastic, right?

Fellas, so sorry I'm late.

The curls were not
cooperating this morning.

Good Lord. Why
would you show me that?

We think this is because of
some weird technical glitch,

and you're our weird tech expert.

This completely ruins Sriracha for me.


That shouldn't be there.

What is it?

It's encrypted code.

This wasn't a glitch. This was a hacker.

The Cortex's quantum algorithm

should decrypt this code in no time.

That should help us ID our new hacker.

But while we wait,

I got a little welcome
back gift for you.

Come, come. Walk with ya boy.

Gather round, class.


I mean, that was cool...
Reveal and everything,

but I've seen that suit.

- I've actually already worn it.
- Yeah.

We all know you gave Barry's suit

a nice little fancy makeover.

Yeah, but you don't
know what you don't know.

And underneath all thisthed beautiful,

I've built in selfrepairing armor,

nanoliquid circuitry,
fullspectrum scanning,

and a whole bunch of other big words.

Chief among them...

Your very own custommade HUD.

This thing is loaded with maps,
schematics, delivery menus.

You know that Thai
place you like so much?

Yeah, love the Pad See Ew.

You know how we Pad See do.

Dude, this is awesome.
What else does it do?

Well, lucky for you,

I even wrote you an instruction manual.


Come on. We're not cavemen.

Really good work.

I know!

I'll look at this later.

Um, I gotta get back to CCPD.

And you can blame this on Cisco,

but I'm thinking Thai tonight?

Ooh... honestly, babe,
I'll probably be too tired

to eat out after our evening
training session, so...

I cancelled that. Yeah,
don't worry about that.

You cancelled it?

Yeah, I mean, I don't
think we need it, right?

Besides, I'm back. I'll
make a reservation, okay?


Must be so nice having Barry back.

Yeah. Yes, it is.


Well, I mean, it's just
gonna take some time for him

to get used to the new dynamics
around here, that's all.


You know, when Ronnie and I
went from just working together

to working together and dating,

we had some trouble communicating.

I mean, Barry and
I communicate just fine.

Yeah, I'm just saying, we actually went

to couples therapy and
it really helped a lot.

I appreciate the advice,
Caitlin... really, I do.

But, you know, Barry and I

have known each other since childhood.

You know? We don't need therapy.

I mean...

we're Barry and Iris, right?


Thanks, though, I mean,
you know, I don't have

anything against it, it's just...

You're Barry and Iris. Gotcha.

Unauthorized breach
incoming. We gotta move.

Don't change, don't change,
don't change, don't change...

Caitlin, let's go.

You ready?

For anything.

Hey, hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hold your fire!


Hey, you wanna give me a
little more notice next time?

You know, people who wanna kill
us come through here, right?

My bad, guys.

Cisco, that was very heroic
of you to just jump in

and protecting Gypsy like
that. It's pretty impressive.

Dude, I'm protecting you from her.

She would've vaporized you guys.

He's not lying.

As you were.


So, you almost ready for our date?

Yeah, almost. Um...

I hit a snag in trying to
decrypt this hacker code

for the CCPD... I mean, you
know how we do, and just,

kind of, like, the matrix...
You care about none of this.

Just give me, like, one hour. Two tops.

And then...

It's you and me. Promise.

You're lucky you are so cute.

And you are amazing.


And you're so right
about that cute thing too.


Guys? There's a car going
120 swerving between lanes.

Somebody's gonna get killed.

You both need to get out there.

That's one car. I got it.

Yeah, but I...

Help! Help!

Okay, guys, it's a runaway.
Driver's trapped inside.

I'm gonna change his trajectory.

Okay, then turn him left.

There's a turnoff for
runaway trucks coming up.

Just clear a path and the car
will come to a safe stop there.

No, no, no. I'm gonna push him right.

That street's empty.
I can help him there.

Barry, you can't go down that road.

- What? Why?
- Because they started construction

on that street three months ago.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I know a guy almost died,

but what happened to
this sexy beast here today

- is the real tragedy.
- Mmhmm.

That could've been a lot worse.

I'm sorry, guys. This one is all on me.

Okay, so my dad talked
to the driver, Tim Kwon.

He's fine. He's gonna question him

and see if they can
figure out who did this.

Cisco? What do we got?

Beginning autotopsy. Now.

That is the same weird code
from the elevator murder scene.

- Wait, doesn't that mean...
- Our hacker's got a hit list.

Wa... can you crack it?

Man, I've been trying to
crack this code all day.

It looks like a virus.

Well, yeah, because
it's a computer virus.

No, no, no. Scooch.

I feel violated.

It looks like an organic virus.

But with a digital subbase.

Our killer isn't just hacking machines.

He's controlling them.

Our hacker's not a hacker.

He's a meta.

Is there any connection
between the two victims?

There's nothing online.

But their names... Weaver, Kwon...
They sound very familiar to me.

I started collecting these
tech magazines in high school.

- They were like...
- Those are the magazines

you collected in high school?

Okay. That's... that's hurtful.

That's really hurtful. Anyway.

I'm 90% sure that's
where I read those names.

Okay, great. Start digging.

Barry, can I talk to you for a second?

Hey, about what happened... I am sorry.

I should've listened to you, it's just,

sometimes when I'm out
there, things move so fast

and I'm really excited
to be the Flash again.

Anyway, I hope you're not mad.

And you are. You're mad, aren't you?

No, no. I'm not mad.

I just think with...
With us being engaged

and now we're working together,

that it's more important
than ever that we communicate.

I completely agree.

Good, because Caitlin
mentioned something earlier

and I sort of dismissed
it, but now I'm...

I'm really thinking
that it could help us.

What is it?

Couples therapy.

Couples therapy?


We're not, like, in trouble, are we?

No, no. No, of course not.

I just think that any couple

that's doing everything
we're doing could

use some advice.

We're just talking about a
tune up, I mean, there's...

There's nothing wrong with that, right?

A tune up? Right, yeah, no, I mean,

if it's... sure, if
it's what you wanna do,

- then sure, yeah, let's try it.
- Great.

'Cause we've got an
appointment in 30 minutes.

I'll get my purse.



- Hi. Iris?
- Hi.

- Barry?
- Hello.

Hi, I'm Doctor Sharon Finkel.

I am so sorry I kept you waiting.

No, no. It's fine.

Thank you for squeezing us in.

Well, you made it sound
so urgent on the phone.


No, not urgent.

I'm excited to dive in.


Absolutely. I love therapy.

Have you been before?

Just once, when I was a kid,

after my mom died.

Your mom..

But I'm okay with that.

I mean, I'm not okay with it, obviously.

I mean, I'd prefer that she was alive.

I just meant that I've
already dealt with it is...

I don't think it's worth writing down.

These notes are just for me.

No one is judging you guys.

Yes, we know.

My dad died too.

Just for your notes.

So, Barry, Iris filled
me in a little bit

about the two of you
on the phone before.

- Getting married?
- Yeah.

Yeah, it's been a
long road getting here.

First, um...

us growing up together, and then, um,

I was engaged to someone else.


That's worth a writedown?

He's actually dead too.

You two have had to
deal with a lot of trauma.

- Well...
- No, not a...

- Eddie... and Ronnie.
- I mean, a little.

- My mom. H.R.
- Not too much.

- Laurel.
- Some.

- Snart.
- We've been

- to a few funerals.
- Yeah.

So, Barry,

why do you think Iris wanted
you two to see me tmeay?

Well, Iris and I...

We recently started working together.

You see, I went away
for a while on a...

- A business trip.
- Business trip.

For six months and y...
Um, I guess now... yeah.

We're just learning to get back in sync,

to sync up again.

- Is that right?
- Mmhmm.

Well, there's no right or wrong, Barry.


I think we could work on
listening a little bit more.

- Right?
- Uhhuh, yeah.

Um, or else, someone
could get really hurt.

You know, like, if
they crashed their car

into a brick wall going
100 miles per hour.

She means that emotionally.

Do I?

Hello, mamacita.

They don't make them like you anymore.

What the hell?

Easy, it's just the
Motherboard of the Month,

July of '07, okay? Look at her.

Kinda wish it was a girl.

Baby, it's been hours.

You guys haven't made any progress yet?

No mention of Kurt Weaver or Tim Kwon

or any connection
between the two of them.

Until now. Got him.

Take note, people, it's only
hoarding if it doesn't pay off.

Okay, so that's Tim Kwon.

That's Kurt Weaver.
That's Sheila Agnani.

Who's that guy?

Ooh, sorry about that.

No, it's definitely my fault.

You don't have any idea
who would wanna do you harm?

Not even a gut feeling?

No, I mean, everyone
loves a billionaire, right?

No, I have no idea.

Grenade! Everybody move!

So, what would you say your
goals are for this session?

Well, I just want to know
that Barry hears my concerns

about our issues with miscommunication.

I gotta go.

You gotta go?

He's gotta go.

Yeah... sorry, um...

This was... sorry.

You're gonna write down that
he ran out of here, aren't you?


Get down!

Everybody okay?

I don't know. Must've been a dud.

Same corrupted code. Same guy.

Someone very creatively

tried to kill Tim Kwon and Kurt Weaver.

Where's Kwon now?

He ran out of here
scared out of his mind.

He wouldn't even wait
for a protected escort.

But the good news is,

I found a connection
between our victims.

Four years ago, Kurt Weaver
and Tim Kwon created an app

in their garage with
two other programmers.

Some kind of malware called Kilgore.

And then they sold it
off to a big tech company.

So that's how they made their money.

I saw this guy. He was here.

Ramsey Deacon. Looks
like we found our meta.

And for some reason he's
going after his old partners.

It's like "Silicon
Valley" if Richard went nuts

and started killing
everyone at Pied Piper.

I feel like he's got more
of a anarchist Gilfoyle vibe.

Erlich, maybe.

Look, guys, I love
that we are so confident

in our ability to apprehend villains

that we can have this debate, but, hi.

- What about her?
- That's Sheila Agnani.

She's, like, a big deal tech guru now.

She could be next on Deacon's list.

We'll definitely have to protect her.

Yeah, well, my dad and
Wally can do that, right?

- I'm on it.
- Great.

I'll keep working on the code.

- Sure.
- Sorry about therapy.

It's okay. I told Dr. Finkel

that you had a work emergency.

True. Kind of.

Yeah, and she had a
cancellation this afternoon,

so we should get over there.

- Don't wanna be late.
- No... yeah.

Let's get back in there...

This guy is a living computer virus.

- That's a new one.
- Look at this code.

From the elevator, to the car,

to the bomb robot, this
code keeps changing...

But I can't figure out why.

Okay, we have to remember
that it's not just digital.

It's biodigital.

Most organic viruses mutate
to avoid being killed.

So, if we managed to
create digital antibodies,

then we can shut this guy down.

Nice one!

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm so glad you're here,

'cause I truly, deeply, from
the bottom of my heart...

I am sorry, but I'm gonna
have to cancel our date.

If you're gonna vibe blast me,
can I at least pick the spot?

It's fine, Cisco.

- I get it.
- You get it?

Yeah, what's not to get?
You have to work, so...

we will cancel our date.

Well, good luck, you
guys. I hope it works out.

What a cool chick.

She took that so well.

No. No, she didn't.

When a girl says she gets it,

what she really means is
she doesn't get it at all.

I'm confused.

Don't be. Very simple.

You, my friend, are in so much trouble.

You just had to fall for the girl

in headtotoe black
leather, didn't you?

We're back.

That was quick, even for me.

Inside joke... so, yes.

Work emergency aside,

I have a sneaking suspicion

that you'd rather be
somewhere else, Barry.

No, no. I... um...

I mean, we do have a...

big work thing that we're dealing with.

It's important.

Yeah, but so is this.

You know, if we're not
on the same page, Barry,

people could die.


No. No, no.

Don't hold back.

Turn to Iris, look her in the eyes,

and tell her what you wanted to say.

I don't know... Well...


I said I was sorry about this morning.


Turn to Barry. Talk to him.

It's not just this morning, Barry.

You cancelled training

the other day without asking me.


- Swimming.
- For a marathon.

It's a... triathlon.

Anyway, I didn't think
cancelling training

was that big of a deal.

Yeah, but you made all
those wedding plans too

and you didn't consult me.

I was trying to be a good fiancé.

Yeah, but I'd think most
brides would be happy

that their future spouse cared
about helping with the wedding.

That is a good thing, right?

Look, I don't know. I mean, I guess

our wires have gotten crossed
a few times the last few days,

but I think that hardly rises
to the level of a crisis.

After everything we've
been through together,

you and me, we're Barry and Iris.

We're the gold standard.

- I am so in love...
- Then how could you leave me?

You left me, Barry. You just left me.

Standing there, alone.

How could you do that?

All the listening devices are in place.

Keep your ears open.

Gotta make sure she's safe.


What? I like punk music.

Tim? What the hell, man?

You can't just come into my house.

'Cause you wouldn't return
my calls. I really need...

Is this about your weird
crush? Let it go, Tim.

- We are not happening.
- Sheila, listen.

Deacon's coming for us.

He wants payback for what we did to him.

What did we do to him?

Kurt scrubbed any connection
between us from the net,

so as far as the world's
concerned, we're innocent.

But we're not.

I should've never let you talk me

into going along with this.

And now Kurt's dead.

Deacon killed him.

He did not.

Yes. He did.

This is a nice house.

How much do you pay for it? 10 mil?

Let's talk about this.
We can make it right.

Shut up, Tim.

You could've had all this too.

This is could've been yours.

Kilgore was my idea.

And you three stole it away from me.

Somebody had to.

Otherwise, it would've just
been a halfway clever idea

that died in someone's garage.


No, I'm not going to apologize

because after four years,

you finally found some balls.

I found something else.

Something I never had with my family,

or at MIT, or with any of you.

Really? And what was that?


You're not still diabetic, are you?

Those new computercontrolled
insulin pumps

are a real life saver.

Way too much insulin...
Well, that can be lethal.

How should we kill you?

He put her in insulin shock.


Deacon took him.

He took Tim.

No sign of Deacon or Kwon
on facial recognition,

traffic cameras... nothing.

We don't even know
if Kwon's still alive.

We gotta move fast.

Where were you two?

- Dry cleaners.
- Wedding... cleaners.

Dry cleaners.

Um, Cisco?

Where are you with
those biodigital antibodies?

I'm nowhere.

Actually, no... You know what?

I am somewhere. I'm in the doghouse.

Apparently the
pandimensional doghouse.

I don't know if this doghouse

has a door or window, but if it did,

I'd be jumping out of it!

It's okay. I'll go talk to him.

Has everybody lost their minds?

She must think I'm blowing her off.

But I'm just trying to do my job.

I guess the word "reschedule"
doesn't exist on Earth 19.

Okay, I'm gonna go out on
a limb here and guess that

the reason you can't focus
on the science is because

you're so worried about
what's going on with Gypsy.

I'm sorry, I didn't
hear anything you said.

But II think I figured it out.

I think I can't focus on anything

'cause of this whole Gypsy situation.

I'm... I think I'm just
gonna have to talk to her.

What a great idea.


What's up, Cisco?

You're mad at me.

I said it was fine.

No, no, no.

Rule number one, when a girl
says it's fine, it's not fine.


I'm gonna go.

Rule number two, you
don't blow off a date

with your favorite person.

The day got away from me. Let
me make it up to you, okay?

Date night tomorrow?

No, Cisco. It... it had to be today.

Why today?

Because today is OneOneOne Day.


It's OneOneOne Day.

What is that?

OneOneOne Day on my Earth is...

is the day that you
celebrate with the one...

with the one you love, all right?

It's when one soul,
plus one soul, equals...

one soul.

That is... so sappy.

Yes, it is sappy.

And it is stupid and schmoopy.

But there is something about you that...

It makes me wanna do
stupid, schmoopy things.

And I hate the word "schmoop"
and people who use it.

Well, that is the
sweetest and angriest thing

you've ever said to me.

Why didn't you just tell me that?

Because I was embarrassed, Cisco.

So, you know what? Let's
just forget about it.

Because the day is already
over and I would really like

to forget that I ever brought this up...

No, no, no.

I will not forget it, okay?

You are important to me.

And if OneOneOne Day
is important to you...


That's it.

I gotta go.

It's like he doesn't know

that he's a dead man.


I don't know why I
thought that we didn't have

to talk about what happened.

You were so happy I was back.

I am happy.

You're everything to me.


I had to explain to
our friends and family

why they had a
savethedate for our wedding

but no invitation.

I had to constantly lie
about why you were gone.

You don't know the looks people gave me

because they knew that wasn't the truth.

You know, what they
must've thought about us.

What it made me think about us.


It's not like I wanted to leave you.

I had to put on a
brave face for everyone,

but it was killing me inside.

And I think part of why
I didn't talk it through

with you is... I was afraid.

I was afraid that you
would tell me to stay.

And I wouldn't have been
strong enough not to.

Barry, how do you
know what I'm gonna say

if you don't ask me?

I am here to help you.

Especially when everything seems lost.

But you have to let me.

But sometimes it's not
about us, or the team.

Sometimes the weight of the whole city

falls on my shoulders, and
it's up to me to carry it.

I'm the Flash.

See, that's what you don't get.

When I put this ring on my finger,

it wasn't just about you or me anymore.

It was about us.

You are not the Flash, Barry.

We are.


We need you. It's about Deacon.

I have something to confess.

Kurt Weaver, Sheila Agnani, and I...

We stole the Kilgore malware
program from Ramsey Deacon.

We sold it for billions.

But it was all his idea.

We got rich. And he got nothing.

I guess that explains why
Deacon's got such a vendetta.

Cisco, if he's livestreaming,
can you track the signal?

In, like, two seconds.

Papa loves having his own satellite.

What are you gonna do when you find him?

- Hit him with this.
- What is that?

Deacon's powers are derived

from the binary code in his DNA.

So, we created a compound encoded

with a numerical string
pattern of ones and zeros

to invert the order of the code.

Ones become zeros, and vice versa.

One plus one plus one.

All right, we're on it.

Send us the location once you have it.

- Okay.
- Let's do it.

And now you know the truth.

We stole Kilgore from Ramsey Deacon.

He is the real victim.


You forgot one thing.


You didn't say goodbye to
anyone who's gonna miss you.

You ever play wishbone, Tim?

He and the others destroyed my life!

Listen, I know you feel wronged, Deacon,

but that doesn't give you
a right to take his life.

I smell technology in your suit.

What have you got in there?


I can't move.

Weapon system online.



Call me Kilgore.

Barry? What's happening?

It's Deacon, he's done
something with my suit.

Remote access complete.

You put your voice in Barry's suit?

Well, it had to be somebody

and my voice is soothing.

How much tech did you put in this suit?

So much.

I've actually always
been a huge Flash fan

these past couple of years.

But this is like having
a giant action figure.

Frack me, he's locked me
out of my own programming.

Do something.

Barry, get away from him.

It might lessen his
technopathic hold over you.

I can't!

Who are you talking to?

Someone listening in?

Can't have that.

Barry? Barry.

His comms are offline.

You have a defibrillator.

How about I stop your heart?


You have a collect call from...

Guys, help me!

We accept the charges.

The suit's still freaking out.

Well, get it off!

Nope... Yeah, I can't get it off.

That would be the deadlock function.

I built it in case he
ever got knocked out

so a bad guy wouldn't
reveal his identity.

It seemed like a smart idea at the time.

Flotation mode activated.


What the hell does he
need a raft for, Cisco?

He runs on water.

He might lose his speed out there.

What's he gonna do then? He might drown.

You couldn't just put an
oxygen tank in the suit?

That's a good idea.

How is this thing still intact?


Babel Protocol activated.


What's Babel Protocol?

Why am I ticking?

It's the selfdestruct sequence.

- What?
- Selfdestruct?

II'm sorry, have we not faced

an evil version of Barry before?

My mistake!

Well, how do I stop it?

Hell no.


Cisco, there must be
something we can do.

Not as long as this thing's powered up.

Come on, come on!

Barry? Can you hear me?


I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.

Just tell me what to do, and I'll do it.

You need to throw a lightning bolt.

At what?


You want him to do what?

It might short the suit
out, give him back control.

Or it might set off
the selfdestruct early.

Or it might stop his heart.


Barry, you need to listen to me, okay?

We can do this.


No, I trust you, Iris.

Then run, Barry.




I know I have the coolest
superpower ever, but...

I'm kinda tired.

Hello, gorgeous.

Here on Earth 1, we celebrate
OneOneOne Day today,

even though I have zero
idea what that means,

or what any of your
Earth's holidays mean.

I mean, I literally cannot
believe you celebrate

a day called Saint
Shaquille O'Neal's Day.

You guys have a magical
elfling in a red suit

that breaks into your
house and eats your cookies.

Actually, he's
the boss of the elves,

so, like, maybe do your research before.

What I do know is how
special you are to me.

And how sorry I am

that I didn't get to
spend yesterday with you.

Well, I guess you were busy
catching a deranged killer.

Baby, we are always catching
a deranged killer around here.


I will always make it up to you.

I mean that.

You just gotta let me know
when it's this important.

I will.

All right, then.

- Ready to get your schmoopy on?
- Mmhmm.

'Cause, you know, my
schmoopy game is real strong.

This is cruel and unusual.

How will I survive in
here without my Kindle?

You ain't touching anything
electronic ever again.

There's three layers of
signaldampening walls

between you and the world.

No wiring. Not even a lightbulb.

There's technology
everywhere these days.

That's fine, we just
have one question for you.

That particle accelerator
explosion four years ago...

You were living in Silicon Valley.

So, if you weren't here that night,

how did you get your powers?


You're not gonna believe it.

It really was something, though.

A real life changer.

And do you two wanna know the best part?

I wasn't the only one.

So, good luck, gentlemen.

Think Central City's about
to have its hands full.

Thank you for letting us see
the prisoner, Warden Wolfe.

My pleasure. Did
you get what you needed?

- We think so.
- Well, not to worry.

This socalled Kilgore
isn't going anywhere.

We'll take good care of him.

How is it possible that Deacon's a meta

if he didn't get his powers

from Wells' particle
accelerator blowing up?

However it happened,
we will figure it out,

and we will be ready.

After Cisco gets all that
tech out of your suit.

You don't need fancy
gadgets to be the Flash.

- You are the Flash.
- No.

We are.

Did I miss something?

One of my childhood favorites.

Schubert's "Unfinished
Eighth Symphony."

Unfinished until now.

You didn't.

It was surprisingly
simple to extrapolate

the remaining movements
once I familiarized myself

with the body of his work.

All 600 of his works?

I woke up early this morning.

Do you have an update?

Subject One has been located.

He's safe.

Locked up in the metahuman wing

at Iron Heights as we speak.

He's right where you wanted him.

What do we do now?

Now we find the others.