The Flash (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 23 - Finish Line - full transcript

With nothing left to lose, Barry takes on Savitar in a final showdown.

- This season on "the flash"...

I went back in time and created
an alternate timeline,

a whole new existence.

I created flashpoint
and changed everything.

Who are you?
- Savitar. The god of speed.

- You said that I trapped you
in the future. Where?

- The only place
that could hold me.

The speed force.

- Iris west,

will you marry me?
- Yes!

- Dr. brand invents
the technology

that traps savitar
in the speed force.

- Good luck with that.
- We don't wanna fight you.

We're your friends.
Your family.

- Caitlin, I love you.
- I never loved any of you.

- Caitlin is working
with savitar.

- Caitlin is dead.
- Not to me.

- I know who you are.

- I am the future flash.

When I have control
of all of time,

it will be you who is
abandoned and forgotten!

And I only need
for Iris to die

so that you are driven
so far into the dark

that I can be born.

- I'm gonna stop you.

- It didn't work.

- You lose, Barry!

- No!


Oh, no.

- Iris?



- What?

- B.A.

- H.R.?


- Dad.


- Yeah.

- I don't understand.

- It was h.R.

Till the next one.



- Hi.

Let's get you out of here.

- Where is everybody else?

- I couldn't tell...

Barry, or savitar,
would know I was coming.

Let's get you out of here.

- Okay.

- get her.

We can't outrun them.

- No, we can't.

- What are you doing?

- I'm the reason
savitar found you.

I need to remedy that.

- Not like this.
Give me that.


- Don't!
I'm the one he wants.

Okay? Please, don't hurt him.

- H.R.!

- Tracy.

- No.

No. No.

- It's--it's okay.

- Why are you doing this?

- I couldn't be a coward.

I'm not a coward.

- We just found each other.

- I know.

- our story
would be brilliant.

You will be brilliant.

You will be glorious,
Tracy brand.

You will be.

I've seen...
Seen it with my own eyes.

I love you.

- Oh, no. B.A.?

- I'm right here.
- B.A.

Will you tell cisco...

Please tell him...

Will you tell him that?

For me?

- Yeah.
- Good.


Go stop savitar.

- H.R. H.R.

Savitar took
the speed force bazooka.

- Bye-bye, vibe.

- Keep him alive.

- What? Why?

- Because I need him
to build something for us.

- "Iris west-Allen."

It changed back.

- Does that mean
what I think it means?

- Yeah, Joe.
The future's ours again.

- Savitar?

- Something's wrong.
- What is it?

- She's...Not dead.

- how is that possible?

- H.R.

He took her place.

- H.R.

I thought you said h.R. Lives.

- Not anymore!

- If Iris doesn't die...

- That means
the future's changing.

- So is yours.

- What?

H.R.'S dead?
I...I can't believe that.

Is Tracy all right?
- Not good.

She just wants
to be alone.

- There'll be time to mourn.

Right now, we need to
figure out our next move.

- So for the millionth time,

I'm on lost on all
this time travel stuff.

What happens now?
With savitar?

Iris didn't die.
So that changes things, right?

- I mean, since Iris didn't die,
future me never goes down

that same dark path.
I never create time remnants

to fight savitar.
- And if future you

never creates
these time remnants,

then savitar himself
is never born.

- Precisely.
Once the time paradox

catches up with him,

He'll be erased from existence.

- But I saw him.
He didn't disappear.

- Not yet.
- But he will, Joe.

- Any guesses how long
that's gonna take?

- Maybe a few hours?

- He can do a lot of damage
in a few hours.

- Well, guys,
we can't just sit around

and wait for savitar
to disappear.

- But savitar won't become
savitar if he's erased.

- Not unless he pulls off
whatever he's got in mind

before the paradox hits him.
He stole the bazooka

for a reason.
- Yeah, why?

- I don't know,
but remember,

he's been planning this
for centuries.

He wants to be a god.

He must need the bazooka,

and Caitlin,
to achieve his goals.

- Anybody got any good news?

- Actually, uh, voil?.

- What is that?
- This, detective,

is the cure for Caitlin.

- You're kidding.
You figured it out?

- Not by myself.
With the help of...

Caitlin's mother.

This is experimental
gene therapy.

This? This will rewrite
Caitlin's meta-DNA.

This will bring back...


I searched the forest.

Savitar and Caitlin
were gone.

So was cisco.

- Savitar has 'em both.

Oh, you better have
a plan b,

'cause I don't think
your plan a

worked out too well.

- Fix this.

- Fix what?

The speed force bazooka?

Hey, I didn't name it.

If I didn't name it,
i didn't make it.

And if I didn't make it,

I don't know how it works.

- Oh, you know enough about it
to alter what it does.

- Oh, I see.
You want me to alter it.

Well, what do you want me
to alter it into?

Like, a hair dryer?
Or a waffle maker?

Oh, I know.
Maybe something that's gonna

fix that thin-crust pizza
you call a face.

- An intradimensional
quantum splicer.

- A splicer.

- I do have a plan b.

I open a time portal,
exposing the speed force,

you shoot me with that,
and I become fragmented

throughout all of time.

The past, present, future.

After that, the paradox
can't reach me.

- You wanna splice yourself
throughout time?

Exist in every single moment
there ever was?

- All of us
aware and connected

through one consciousness.

I'll be everywhere--
every hour, every minute.

And then,

I will rule from the big bang
until the end of the world.

- You wanted us
to build this thing.

- Well, why do you think
i let you idiots live?

Tracy brand trapped me in
the speed force in the future.

All I had to do was get her
to build this a little earlier

and have my best friend
make all the adjustments.

- I'm not your friend.

- Get...

To work, francesco.

- How about I sit on my ass

and let you obliterate
permanently from existence?

How's that sound?

That's your plan?

Do it or you'll
reverse-flash me?

- Not you.


You know what
I'm remembering?

Julian just got back
to s.T.A.R labs.

He has the cure.

He can turn her back.

You can have her back.
You're so close.

But not if she's dead.

So put that mechanical genius
to good work.

Make me what I need.

And I will let you both go.

- I hated thawne...

And zoom.

They took so much from me.

And I've hated savitar

for threatening to take
you away from me too.

- But he didn't.

- I know.

There is strength in anger.

I've used it before.

And so we sit here,
with our anger,

trying to think of
a way to hurt savitar

or maybe kill him.

And I just don't think
that hate's gonna

get it done this time.

- What do you mean?

- Something that
snart said to me...

That the flash should
stay a hero, all the way,

and sometimes that it's not
about who can punch the hardest

or run the fastest.

- so what are you gonna do?

- The last thing he'd expect.

I wasn't sure you'd come.

Must be an odd sensation,

getting new memories.

You having
an uncertain future.

- What do you want?
I'm busy.

- Doing what?

Getting erased from existence?

- We will see which one of us
gets erased.

- Are you still planning
on becoming a god?

- Cisco and Caitlin
are still alive.

If that's what
you're worried about.

- Oh, I know.
You need them, right?

To pull off
your grand ascension.

- Look, Barry,

if I wanted
to talk to myself,

I could have done that,
back at my lair.

Do you want?

- I wanna help you.

- Really?
- You don't have much time--

before the paradox
reaches you.

Come back
to s.T.A.R labs.

Let cisco and Caitlin go,

and let us figure out
a way to save you.

- You really think
I'd trust you?

- You showed up.

So you remember me coming here.

Did I have any tricks
up my sleeve?

Was i--was I planning on
blindsiding you?

- I don't know, Barry.

Maybe I get off
on watching you grovel.

- No, I don't think that's it.
I think you're hearing me.

I'm still in there.

Deep down, buried beneath
the scars and the pain,

that part of you that...
It must feel so lonely.

But it also knows what
it's like to have a family,

to have friends.

You can have all that back.

We can stop
hurting each other.

I remember when
i was six, and, uh...

I begged mom and dad

to let me go to
the science expo in midway.

And, uh, well,
we got a flat tire on

that dirt road, no spare,
so we were towed to

that garage in a tiny,
one-street town.

Of course, we were
stuck there all day.

Then we got ice cream

and French fries with gravy

at that little diner.

And then that night,
we watched

the local fireworks show,

Actually, it turned out
to be a great day.

And it's my favorite memory
of mom and dad.

What was the name
of that town?

- Masonville.

- I'm still in there.

Come home.

- you make a move
toward Iris...

- He won't.
Killing Iris...

Won't save him now,
not anymore.

- Where is cisco?
Where's Caitlin?

- They're safe.
- I was asking him.

- Show me that
you can help me.

Then I will tell you
where your friends are.

- You tell us now,
or you go up in smoke.

- This is bloody insanity.
- Can't believe this.

- What is he doing here?
He's a monster.

- Hey! Stop!
Guys. It's okay.

Everyone, just...

- Iris, stay away from him.

- Look at me.

It's okay. Look at me.

we're gonna help you,

- thank you.

- Right.
Well, since our guest here

has both of our
resident scientists hostage,

what temporal problem
can we help you with?

- Tracy built
the speed force trap.

Maybe she has an idea.

- Tracy's our best bet.

- Am I?

So...You're savitar.

I hear you're about
to have a really bad day.


- Tracy...

- He stole my future.

Why does he deserve one?

- I shouldn't have come here.

- No.
We'll get her to help us.

- I think I know someone
who might be able

to get through to her.

- Uh...
I'm not h.R.

My name is Harrison Wells.

I'm from a different earth.

In the multiverse--
how to explain this?

You're...His doppelganger?

- Yeah.

Something like that--look.

These people...

They're good people.

And they need your help.

By helping the bad guy

that I spent weeks
trying to stop?

No. I won't do it.

The only reason I agreed
was because of h.R.

- H.R. Needs your help.

- H.R. Is dead.

- That's why you
need to stay.

Because of what savitar
took from you,

because of what savitar
took from h.R.--Everything.

H.R. Paid the price that he did

because he loved these people.

Because he loved you.

And when the moment came,
h.R. Didn't run.

- strange being back here.

- You remember s.T.A.R labs?

- I remember everything.

This is where we came up
with the cerebral inhibitor

to use against devoe.

- Who?

- You haven't
gotten there yet.

So how's this gonna work?
Where will I live?

- What do you mean?

- Are Wally and i
gonna be bunkmates?

Am I supposed to just
rejoin team flash,

fight some rogues?

What kind of life
were you thinking I'd lead?

I hadn't gotten that far yet.

- How do we explain me
at the wedding?

And do I sit bride-side
or groom-side?

- Ah, look,

I mean, we don't
have all the answers.

You know, we're gonna
figure it out.


Torrent downloaded from RARBG

- no.

Not together.

Love and hate,
they're so close.

It's easy to mistake
one for the other.

You're gonna spend the rest
of your life with him.

But I remember
giving you the ring.

Singing to you.

Asking you to marry me.

I can't do this.

- No, yes, you can.

I will be here for you.

- I tried to kill you.

I killed h.R.

- And you are going to
have to live with that.

But we won't give up
on you, okay?

That is not what we do.

There is a way through this
for all of us.

Where are
cisco and Caitlin?

- I'll bring them home.

- What is it?

- There's energy radiating
from the breach room.

And it's not breach energy.

- It's the philosopher's stone.

It's releasing
all its energy.

- Savitar.

- It looks like it's gonna blow.

- Wally.
Get everybody out.

- Is it finished?

- Yeah. It's finished.

- Fantastic.

- You know savitar's
gonna turn on you one day.

- No, he won't.

- A bad guy like savitar

always turns
on his partners.

- Not this time.

- Wake up!
You're only saying that

because he needs
something from you.

Once he's done with that,
it's over for you.

- How'd it go?
- As I expected.

I was a fool
to think otherwise.

- Where did he go?
What did you do?

- I got rid of a problem.

A few of 'em.

Now I can fix mine.

Are we ready?
- Yes.

- Do it.

- Caitlin...

Listen to me.
He'll do it.

He'll kill you.

- I'll take my chances.

- Gypsy!
No, wait. No!

- You don't care
that they got away?

- No, it doesn't matter.

It's time.


I had that.
I was getting through to her.

- You were almost killed.

- Maybe that's how it looks
to the untrained eye.

- These eyes
are highly trained.

And I know you were
in danger because

I vibed it across
the multiverse.

I can't believe
this is the thanks

I get for saving you!
- This isn't thanks!

This is the opposite
of thanks!

Wait a minute.

How did you vibe
that I was in trouble?

- Because we
are connected.


- Guys?

- oh, my god.

I thought something
happened to you guys.

Two-face told me
you guys were dead.

- We're okay.

- Gypsy.
- Guys.

- Gypsy.

- Harry.
- Here to help.

- Good.

I know what he's up to.

- We have to hurry.

I must become immortal

before the paradox
reaches me.

Today, I become a god.

This is why
i brought you here.

The speed force
doesn't like it

when speedsters
mess with time.

Get ready.

- See ya later, hunter.

- The one thing black flash
can't fight--cold.

Finally! To be a god!

- What?


- I've been waiting
a long time to do that.

- Garrick!
How did you--

- he didn't.

I did.

By changing the polarity
of the climbing arc,

I changed your
speed force splicer

into a speed force
skeleton key.

Didn't think I was
actually gonna let you

become a god,
now, did you?

- Let's end this.

- Go!

Go ahead, cisco.
Go bad.

- no.
I never will.

But I will give you
a choice.

You wanna be Caitlin again?

Here's your chance.

- look out!

- You'll pay
for what you did!

And you can die
the same way twice.

I knew you didn't
have it in you, Caitlin.

- I only have
a few minutes left.

I can feel it.

But before I go,

I'm gonna kill Joe.

And Wally.

And Iris.

If I am going to die,

then everything you love
is going to die too.

- No!

how's it feel to get

so close to your ascension,

and end up on the ground?

- Now I see.

It's written.

- Nothing's written!

do it!

You kill me, you become me.

Either way, I live.

- I'll never let the pain,

the darkness,
determine who I am.

I will never be you.

- all these months, you were
trying to save me from him.

Look at that. I saved you.

- when I think of h.R.,

I'm reminded of...

A story that John Lennon
once told.

When Lennon was five years old,
his teacher asked him

to write down what he wanted
to be when he grew up.

Lennon wrote, "happy."

His teacher said that he didn't
understand the assignment,

and Lennon said that
they didn't understand life.

H.R. Understood life.

He wasn't a genius,
and he didn't have super speed.

But when we needed him
the most, he was our hero.

He was my hero.

- mine too.

- good on you, mate.

- Thanks for believing
in me, h.R.

- Hey, I've been looking
for the right time to tell you.

- Tell me what?

- Right before h.R. Died,

he asked me
to give you a message.

Tell--tell cisco...

This took strength,
and he gave it to me.

I know that you've had

a connection with every Wells
that we've met, but...

I don't know.
Something about this Wells...

- Yeah...


- I'll be right back.

- well, well, well.

At least you're not shopping
at villains "r" us anymore.

- I'm sorry about h.R.

- I'm sure he would have
appreciated you coming.

- Why did you come?

- I don't know.

- Maybe you wanted
to come home.

- I don't have a home.

- Yes, you do, Caitlin.

You do.
With your friends.

With me.

- I'm sorry, Julian.

I'm not Caitlin anymore.

- You're not killer frost.

- No, I'm not.

I'm something else.

And I need to figure out
what that is.

On my own.

- Hey.

- Cisco.

Let me go.

- Stop it.
- It's not funny.

- I know.
- Why are we laughing?

- We should not be laughing.
Today, of all days.

- I think h.R.
Would have approved.

- Probably.

- Are you okay?
I mean...

With what you did.

- I'm sure one day,
it'll hit me.

In the future,

I have again.

- We have.

Every day of it.

- I think we have
the song picked out

for the dance
at our reception.

- Oh, yeah,
that reminds me.

I can officially mail these.

- What are these?

- Save the date cards
for our wedding.

On one of my braver days,
i filled them out.

I never mailed them,
not knowing if I would

live to see
the ceremony, but...

But now I guess
it's safe to--


- I wasted a lot of money
on stamps,

thank you very much.

- Are you...

Ready to be
Iris west-Allen?

- I've always been
Iris west-Allen.

I've always been yours.

What was that?

Oh, my...

There's never been
an earthquake in central city.

- That wasn't an earthquake.

You found something?

- Everything's barbecued.

I'm gonna try to establish
an uplink to the satellite.

That's not good.

Hey, Wally, can you
reverse the polarity

on the neutron flow?
- On it.

- Central city university
just reported an earthquake

of 6.6 on
the Richter scale.

- That's not an earthquake.
- Then what was it?

- Earthquakes
come from down below.

This--this is something else.

- It's gettin' bad out there.

Emergency services
will soon be overwhelmed.

- Guys. 7.2, that last one.

- Cisco.
- Yeah?

We're on! Guys.

- What is that thing?

- That's definitely
not a breach.

- Holy plutonium.

What even emits
that many kilojoules?

- The speed force.

- But savitar's dead.

- That's the problem.

- It's the speed force prison.

- It needs an occupant.

When you freed me,
we emptied it.

Without a prisoner...
- It goes unstable.

And now it's bleeding energy
onto our earth.

- Okay, so how do we
stop this?

- By giving it what it needs.

- Which is what?

- The speed force
is unbalanced.

I have to stabilize it.

- What? How?
- By running into it.

- No, you can't.
Barry, you'll be trapped

in there forever.
- If I don't go,

the whole city, maybe even
the entire planet,

could be destroyed.
- Cisco.

There's gotta be
another way, right?

Barry, central city
needs the flash.

- And they'll have one.

They'll have one.


- Yeah.

- Mate...

- do you mind sticking around?

- Anything for you.
- Barry.

Wally and Jay
said they were in hell.

- Barry, it's your mother.

- That's the speed force.

- Barry isn't going to hell.

But like all runners
must eventually,

he's reached
his finish line.

His race is over.

- You can't take him
with you.

- She's not
taking me anywhere.

I have to go.
- Why?

Why are you being punished?

- This, all of this,
it started with my mistake,

with flashpoint.

This is--
this is my penance.

This is my redemption.

- My beautiful boy.

It's time to rest.

- Don't mess it up with her.
- I'll do my best.

- They're all gonna
look to you now.

- I'm not a hero like you.

- You've always been my hero.

- all this time
we were trying to save Iris,

you're telling me that
we should've been trying

to save you too?

- You did save me, Joe.

You took an 11-year-old boy

with a broken heart,
and you gave him a home

and so much love.

No son ever felt
more love from a father.

- No father ever felt
more proud of a son.

- Barry.

It's time.

- Barry.

This isn't fair.
- I know.

- We were supposed to have
our happy ending.

I'm ready to be
Iris west-Allen.

- And you always will be.

But you need to keep
living your life.

Keep growing.
Keep loving.

Keep running. For me.

Promise me you'll run, Iris.

I promise.

- I gotta go.

- Greg, move your head.