The Flash (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 21 - Cause and Effect - full transcript

Barry takes desperate measures to stop Savitar, while H.R. keeps pressuring Tracy Brand to set a trap for Savitar and Killer Frost has an interesting proposal.

Previously on "The Flash"...

If the answers that we need

to stop Savitar and save
you are in the future,

then that's where I need to go.

You're from before she dies, aren't you?

You trapped Savitar in the Speed Force.

Just tell me how you did it.

I had help. Her name's Tracy Brown.

She made the Speed Force trap for me.

You're telling me my ideas
about the Speed Force...

- I'm right?
- In the future.

We need you to build this trap now.

Caitlin's after Tracy.

That means she's working with Savitar.

- So you talked to Cecile?
- Told her everything.

Told her I love her. I told
her that you're The Flash.

Like I told you from the beginning...

I am the future Flash.

It's like looking in a mirror.

Well... not quite.

You're not so scary without your armor.

What can I say?

I outgrew red.

I know what you are.

You're a time remnant.

A temporal duplicate...

created when you run back in time

and meet yourself.

You brought a remnant to
life last year to defeat Zoom.

Your duplicate died,
saving the multiverse,

and you continued
your happy little life.

And it would've stayed that way,

but then you decided to play God.

You created Flashpoint
and changed everything.

I went to the future.

My future self told me that

he created time remnants to stop you.

But you slaughtered them all.

All but one.


I lived.

But a funny thing happened

when I did.

You. Joe.

Wally, Cisco.

You all shunned me because I
wasn't the true Barry Allen.

I was an aberration.

A disposable hero.

Future you failed to
mention that, didn't he?

How did you become Savitar?

I was broken...

and alone.

I wanted the pain to end.

And that's when I
realized the truth, Barry.

God feels no pain.

All I had to do was become one.

And I only need two more things:

for Iris to die

so that you are driven
so far into the dark

that I can be born.

And the other?

It may sound ironic
given who I'm talking to,

but I'll keep that one to myself.

What happens if I kill myself?

If I die, then you'll never be created.

Cause and effect's a tricky thing.

Didn't work so well for Eddie, did it?

Shot himself in the chest...

Thawne's still kicking around.

See, that's the thing
about time travel, Barry.

The more you do it, the
less the rules apply to you.

But us having this conversation now...

we're changing the future.

Are we?

My ascendancy is nearing.

When I have control of all of time,

it will be you who is
abandoned and forgotten.

You're gonna die right here!

I forgot to tell you...

my suit's cooler than yours.

It's impossible.

I don't understand. How
could Savitar be you?

He's not me. Not really.

He's all the worst parts of you.

It's like in "Star Trek"
when the transporter

splits Kirk into good Kirk and bad Kirk.

Please tell me you at least
have "Star Trek" on your Earth.

- "Voyager."
- I hate spinoffs.

That explains why Caitlin
was willing to follow him.

- He has a face that she trusts.
- Half of one anyway.

So when the Legends found
that message in the Waverider

from old you saying
"Don't trust Barry Allen,"

it was talking about
Savitar Barry Allen.

It's all coming together...

in the worst way.

You said you made Savitar?

- How?
- Peep this.

Four years from now,

future Flash creates...

a time remnant to fight Savitar.

But Savitar lets that remnant live

so that it can later become Savitar.

So once Savitar is
imprisoned in the Speed Force,

this remnant starts to go crazy.

And he goes back in time to the past...

and becomes Savitar.

Creating the lie that he
was the first speedster,

spreading the myth and recruiting
acolytes throughout the ages.

That doesn't make any sense.

Which came first, Savitar
or the time remnant?

It's a closed loop.
No beginning, no end.

It's just one endless cycle.

Classic chicken and the
egg scenario, I think, eh?

A time remnant, it's, um...

it's like a duplicate of you, right?

So it has your feelings, your memories.

So why would he want to hurt us?

Why would he want to kill Iris?

H.R., how's Tracy coming
with the Speed Force trap?

Good, yeah, good. Slow.

Get her to speed up, all right?

I'll do that now. Can do.

If Savitar is a version
of Barry from the future

and he remembers
everything that Barry does,

how are we ever going to come
up with a plan to stop him?

What was he like?


You know...

all this time I thought
that Savitar is this...


It's hard to picture
what might happen, and...

it being you that...

I... I know it's not you. I'm...

Part of him is.

He said it was like looking
in a mirror, and he was right.

But not just the way that he looked.

It was...

it was his eyes.

The pain that was inside them.

I've seen that in myself.

When I think about...

how my parents died so violently...

sometimes I want to repay that
violence with more violence.

I want to make someone else...

hurt as much as I do.

But you don't ever do that.

You're not him. You're a good person.

But it's in there,
you know. That's in me.

That power, that pain,

that's where Savitar
comes from. From loss.

From losing you.

You're not going to lose me.

Do you hear me?

And we are going to stop Savitar.

You are not alone. He is.

And he is not a god.

Jay told me that we're not gods.

He was wrong.

We could be.

Any speedster, and
it wouldn't take much.

When the love that we feel in our hearts

is drowned in anger...

when the bad memories
outweigh the good ones.

What am I going to have
to become to stop him?

Hey! Oh, bad time?

No, man, what's up?

I just came up with the best idea ever.

Either that or it's the worst idea ever.

- But...
- It's an idea.

It's an idea!

You want to give me a perm?

It's not for your hair, Steel Magnolia.

This is for your brain, okay?

I want to stop you from
making new memories.

What are you talking about?

Savitar knows everything we're gonna do

because he remembers doing it.

He's a future Barry. So...

what if Barry can't remember
what we're doing now?

You want to mess with his brain?

Just a little bit.

It's a minimal procedure.

It'll still be the same
Barry you know and love,

except he just won't be able
to retain new information.

There's two types of memory,
Allen. Short-term and long-term.

- Long-term is where you...
- Okay, Julian, just stop.

This is my presentation;
I'm the expert here.

This is the part of your brain
that retains new information

before sending it to the
cortex to be stored forever.

So what if we block that chain...

with a magnetic disruption?

So Savitar won't be able to remember

whatever strategy we come
up with to defeat him.

Which means he can't be two
steps ahead of us anymore.

With any luck, we'll actually
put him one step behind.


Cause and effect.

Barry, what do you think?

Let's do it.

Wait, wasn't Caitlin the
expert on brains around here?

She was.

But this is something we'll
have to do without her.

I trust you.

You won't feel a thing.

Okay, let's get this show on the road.

The disrupter is attached
to your hippocampus.

So, it's ready.

Okay, ready for zapping.

Can we not call it "zapping"?

Ready to activate.

In three...



- Sweet dreams, my beautiful boy.
- Way to go, slugger.

Run, Barry, run!

I have watched you be
in love with Iris...

Maybe we were meant to be together.

Okay, that should do it.

All right.

Right. How do you feel?

I feel fine.

You see? He feels fine.




Who's Barry?

Not fine.

Who are all of you?

What's going on?

Seriously, who are you guys?

- Okay, Barry, stay calm.
- Who's Barry?

- Cisco!
- Slight miscalculation.

Slight wouldn't be a word I'd use.

Where the hell am I?

Is this a dentist office?

No, no. This is S.T.A.R. Labs.

St... Labs? A laboratory?

St... a laboratory? What are you?

- Are you guys experimenting on me?
- No one is ex...

Well, yes, technically, yes.

But... but it was consensual.

- You were? You...
- Yes.

Why can't I remember anything?

Why can't I remember my name?

Your name is Barry.

My name's not Barry.

I don't know what my
name is, but my name's...

"Bartholomew Henry Allen."

- That's not a good name.
- Look, Barry...

Are you sure I don't
go by "Bart"? Can...

"Bart" feels more natural to me.

- Can we go with Bart?
- Bart's kinda cool.

- Okay.
- Wally!

Okay, hey. Let's just
get you back in the chair.

No! No, no, no. I'm not...

- I'm not getting in the chair.
- Just get in the chair...

No, how do I know you
didn't kidnap me here

to do some weird brain surgery on me?

Or maybe you're like those criminals

who trick people into hotel rooms

so they can steal their kidneys.

Do I still have my kidneys?

We don't want your kidneys.

Okay, Barry...

look at these photographs.

We're your friends.

Your family.

We just want to help you, okay?

That's a nice ring.

Who's the lucky guy?

You are, Barry.

Look, I know you're scared, okay?

You can trust us.


- A minute.
- Yes, sir.

I'm gonna be right back, okay?

- Wally, stay with him, okay?
- Me?

So how do we know each other?

Oh, I'm your brother.

There is no sign of any...

permanent structural damage.

Then why can't he remember anything?


He appears to be suffering
from some sort of...

- psychogenic retrograde amnesia.
- ... Amnesia.

What if we didn't account for
Barry's increase neural velocity,

due to his super speed?

Wait, do we think he
knows he's The Flash?

That he has super speed?

Hey, Barry. Catch.


Oh, my Lord.

- He's, like, god-awful.
- He's pathetic.

Can't we flip a switch... undo it?

Okay, we are not
flipping any more switches

until we figure this thing out.

It's Cecile. Hey, babe.

An emergency?

All right, bye.

Okay, Cecile needs Barry at CCPD,

like, right now. She says it's urgent.

He can't possibly go
out in that condition.

Okay, um, my dad and I
will take Barry to Cecile.

You and Cisco figure out a
way to get Barry's memory back.

And fast.




You don't want to work?

Well then, I don't need you!

Um, am I to infer then... that, uh,

you've hit a little speed bump

in your quest to build a device

to trap Savitar in the
Speed Force? The... the...

Accelerated matter
microgenerator projectile.

No, I know. It doesn't
exactly roll off the tongue.

No, it doesn't.

How about...

we call this fancy device of yours...

- You know, you probably shouldn't...
- ... call it the...

Speed Force Cannon.

Speed Force Bazooka.

Speed Force Gun.

Speed Force Bazooka. Is better, yeah.

But if the Speed Force Bazooka
doesn't start working soon,

we're gonna have to start calling it

the Speed Force Epic Fail.

- Why? What's the problem?
- Okay. The accelerometer.

It sucks a hell of a lot of air watts,

- which is measured...
- Alright. Stop talking science!

You need to take a step back...

from the Speed Force Bazooka.

- There's not time.
- There's always time!

Because sometimes, to move forward,

you have to take a step back.

Step... back.

You see? Yes.

Shake a little...

Shake out those
shoulders. I feel like...

Oh, oh, my gosh.

The tension in your shoulders...

Think of something that calms you.

- Coffee.
- Co...

Oh, yes.

But not just any coffee. Piping hot...

- Indonesian dark roast with...
- Yep.

Raspberry and coriander...

I've never met another person

who uses copious amounts
of caffeine to chill out.

I've never met another person either.

I... I-I-I'm relaxed.

Are you relaxed?

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

You, uh...

- And I'll... okay.
- Yeah.

I mean... okay.


Good morning, people.

Hi. I'm Barry Allen.

- You can call me Bart.
- O... kay.

So you said there was an
emergency. Where's the fire?

Ah, it's funny you
should put it like that.

- Lucious Coolidge.
- Who?

- Heat Monger.
- The worst arsonist Central City's seen

since Mick Rory went off the grid.

That is, until Flash here stopped him.

What's Flash?

Uh, ah, so what... what is the problem?

Judge Hankerson. He's got
an opening in his docket,

so he moved Coolidge's
probable cause hearing

up to this afternoon.

Barry was the CSI on the case.

So I need him to testify

in order to hold
Coolidge over for trial.

Uh, yeah, no.

Barry can't do that.

Why not?


What do you mean he has amnesia?

Bar, what's her name?

Um... Felicia?

Oh, my God.

Is this... is this like a...

like a Flash thing?

Was he battling a super villain

who used his evil powers
to steal Barry's memory?


no, we sort of accidentally did this

to him ourselves.


That doesn't matter. What does matter...

is you stalling that judge.

Barry is in no condition
to testify in court.

Joe, if Barry can't testify,

Coolidge walks.

And then God help us all.

Okay. We'll figure out something.

Please do.

It was nice meeting you.

Oh. Yeah.

You too... Bart.

I got some friends
down at the courthouse.

I'm gonna go down there
and see if we can delay

this whole Coolidge
situation, all right?

I'm sorry.

For what?

I don't know. It just
seems like everybody's upset

and it feels like it's my fault.

No. No, not at all.

Look, we just want you
to get back to normal.

That's it, okay?

Well, I would, if I could
remember what normal is.

I mean, what have you
and I been doing lately?

Are we planning the wedding?

Like, are we sending
out wedding invitations

or picked a honeymoon destination, or...

Am I a warm weather guy
or a cold weather guy?

Actually, we've been a
little busy lately, so...

With what?

Um, nothing that you
need to worry about, okay?

Okay. You know what's weird?

I know we just ate, but
I'm already feeling hungry.

Yeah, let's get some food in you.

- All right.
- Okay.

What's that saying?

"Man plans and God laughs?"

Well, men are planning.

And what's the God of Speed doing?


Brooding time is over.

You revealed yourself.

Now what?

Any idea what to do
with Flash and Friends?

Because we are getting pretty close

to your big becoming,

and if we don't take them down,

neither one of us gets what we want.

Hello? Anybody home?

What are you doing?

Who are you?

What's wrong with you?

Who... am... I?

- Science club.
- Yeah.

- Key Club...
- Mm-hmm.

- Astronomy Club...
- Yup.

- Yearbook?
- Yeah.

- And anime club?
- Oh, yeah.

You loved... loved... "Dragon Ball Z."

I don't know what that is.

Yeah, I couldn't
explain that show to you

- even if I wanted to, so...
- Okay.

- Sorry.
- I definitely had...

quite the nerd thing going on, huh?

Yeah, a little bit.

I thought you said we were
best friends in high school.

Yeah, we were.

Then why didn't you give
me some advice, help me out?

Oh, believe me, okay? I tried.

- Really? You did?
- Yes.

Okay, because I have evidence

that you did not.

Um, I don't remember any of this,

but even I can see how
wrong that look was.

This is visual terrorism.

I won't look at it anymore.


Uh, you just...

You're so different. You're so light.

What do you mean?

I don't know, it's
like you're not carrying

the weight of the
world on your shoulders.

So, what, I was like...

brooding all the time before?

- Sometimes.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Really?

I don't know, it's just...

it's really nice to
see you smiling so much.

I mean...

how could I not,

knowing I'm gonna be with
you for the rest of my life?

- Uh-oh.
- What?

I got to get to the courthouse.

Oh, yeah, of course.

- Yeah, I got to...
- Hey, yeah.


I'll... yeah, later. Okay.


Docket number CC-15-204.

Evidentiary hearing for Central
City versus the defendant,

Lucious Coolidge.

- I see the city wishes to file...
- Cutting it real close, guys..

- ... felony charges...
- You ready to testify?

No. No, I'm not.

Yes, he is. He just
needs one minute, please.

The prosecution may proceed.

Too late. He's up.

Here. Just take these.

I wear glasses?

You will now. Just put 'em on.

- You'll be okay.
- Just don't get them wet.

- Your Honor, I, uh...
- What? Wh...

I call Barry Allen to the stand.

Raise your right hand, please.

You swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth?

I do, yes.

Thank you. Miss Horton?

- Mr. Allen...
- Can I sit?

Please, just...

You are a crime scene investigator

for the Central City
police department, correct?


oh, this is so cool.

Well, I'm so glad you enjoy testifying,

but please just answer the question.

Of course.

Uh, yes, I am a CSI

at the CCPD under the expert
direction of Julian Albert.

Smiley face.

Want to cut it out with the emojis?

Mr. Allen,

can you tell me...

in your expert opinion,

what substance do you
see in this photograph?

Uh, shellac flakes.

Shellac is a resin
secreted by female lac bugs

found in large quantities
of the trees in Thailand...

that's too fast, that's too...

Mr. Allen, are you all right?

Yes, I'm sorry. I'm fine.

I just, um...

it's getting hot in here.

What else is unique
about shellac flakes?

It's the fire accelerant
used in all of the arson cases

associated with Heat Monger.

Such an embarrassing name.

I like it. I think it's great.

And how would you know when
shellac flakes have been used?

We calculate flame
temperature and burn patterns,

and a telltale sign is
when shellac is burned

into potassium perk-er-lorate

or ammonium perchlorate,

which is considered a
high-temperature accelerant fire.

Hmm. So, then...

would you say the fires in these photos

would be considered high-temperature

accelerant fires?

Uh, yes,




- Um...
- Mr. Allen?

Can you continue?

Yes, I can... I can continue.

The... uh, yes, the fires were...

high-temperature accelerant fires,

because the flames...

were, were...

very yellow.

Very yellow?

And that's your expert
opinion on accelerant fires?

Mr. Allen?

Ms. Horton, if Mr. Allen
is unable to elaborate,

I'll have no choice but to dismiss.

Mr. Allen?

That's... um...


How'd it go?

Marvelous. They let the pyro go.

- What went wrong?
- Everything.

Barry's memory loss is
starting to become a problem.

It sure is.

For more than just him.

I don't have my speed.

Not anymore. And I know why.

If you want to fix this and help Barry,

you are gonna do exactly as I say.

Now this Heat Monger's
gonna go free because of me,

and I feel awful.

Barry, it's not your fault.

It's just that now there's
a bad guy on the streets,

and I can't do anything about it.

What? Is that not something
I would've said before?

That is exactly something
you would've said before.

There's just something about
you that always wants to help.

This is our place?

How do we afford to live here?


You have great taste.

Uh, actually, this is all you.

I find that hard to believe.

Is that me?


Who are these people?

They're your parents.

You don't remember anything

about what happened?

Why, did something bad happen?

They died.

It was unexpected, but...
they died peacefully.

That's why you came to
live with Joe and me.

And that's when we met?

Uh, no, actually, we
were friends before then.

I remember the first
time that I saw you.

You were the happiest
boy that I'd ever met.

I have a feeling that's
because you entered my life.

It's okay.

What the...

Barry! Are you okay?

What just happened to me?!

These powers are so cool.

I can literally feel electricity

coursing through my body.

I mean, is it always like
this? This is amazing.

We just walked into a buzzkill.

My presence usually dampens the mood.

- Joe, don't.
- You fire, I'll fire.

What the hell is she doing here?

- She wants to help.
- Help?

- With what?
- With the fact that I lost my powers.

Barry, why don't you give us a minute?

Sure, yeah. Are you
like a super villain?

Just asking. Okay.

How did this happen?

You got rid of Barry's memories.

What Barry remembers, Savitar remembers.

So Savitar's lost his memories too?

Savitar loses his memory,
he doesn't go along

with the plan to give Wally powers.

Cause and effect.

But if you let me help you figure out

how to get Barry's memories back,

everything goes back to the way it was.

- Kid Flash runs again.
- And Savitar survives.

And Iris dies.

Life's full of difficult choices.

Or it isn't.

If Savitar gets his memory
back, what's in it for you?

That's my business.

You think that Barry
can become The Flash?

Yeah. He can learn.

I still know how to do
everything. I can teach him.


Maybe this is how you defeat Savitar.

But there's still a lot
of villains in this city,

and no Flashes to protect it.

Is that really a chance
you're willing to take?

- Hi.
- Ah!

- I'm still here.
- Yeah, you are.

Because when you left, I stayed.

We gotta talk about the
elephant in the room.

But you know what,
I... I have a job to do.

We have to build that device.

We've got to focus on the task at hand.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

- I totally understand.
- From here on out,

whenever I look into your azure eyes,

flecked with gray,
like a summer rainstorm

coming to kiss my lips,

the only thing I'm
gonna be thinking about

is how I can best inspire that...

beautiful, sexy brain.



You felt them too.

- No.
- No?

- No, I mean yes, obviously.
- Oh, okay.

Sparks. Jumping between
two parallel wires...

a modified high-voltage climbing arc.

I guess my work here is done.

You should never have
tried this without Caitlin.

Well, we didn't really have
much of choice, now, did we?

Also, don't refer to
yourself in the third person.

It's Caitlin. It's you.
It's the same person.

It's just confusing.

Hand me the girard processor.

It'll help me prime his neocortical
and medial frontal lobes.



Oh, golly. Look at us.

Just three musketeers working away.

Just like old times, huh?

Hey, Julian, did Caitlin
ever tell you about our time

working on the Particle
Accelerator with Ronnie?

No. No, she did not.

There was this one time

we had this very strict deadline,

and Dr. Wells was super hard on us.

- All of us, even Hartley.
- Who's... who's Hartley?

Oh, he was this guy we used
to work with. Such a dick.

You actually reminded me a lot of
him when you first came onboard.

Anyway, so we were working

on the iridium plating for the, um...

What was it called again?

The synchrotron, that's what it was.

So anyway, we were struggling,

and we were burning the midnight oil,

and we could not get
the dubnium capacitor

to hold a single charge.

And so all of a sudden...

Ronnie just loses all his chill.

He turns beet red,

and he starts yelling at the thing like,

"Come on, you dumb-nium capacitor!"

"Take charge."



Oh, my God.

I think about all the
memories I cherish most, and...

and you're in every single
one of them, Caitlin.

Let's figure this out.

I don't want to be here
any longer than I have to.

Suit yourself.


Guys, I still can't
believe I have these powers.

They're amazing.

I mean...

I think that I could be a superhero.

All right, well is it
cool if I run some more?

- Have at it.
- All right.

I haven't seen him this
happy in a long time.

Try ever.

It's the first time he
hasn't been weighed down

by the tragedies of his past, you know?

First time he's actually
been free of them.

You don't want his
memory restored, do you?

Dad, I...

I can't say that seeing
him happy and light

isn't something I have wished for him,

because... yeah, it is.


I wish that for him, too. But you
didn't fall in love with The Flash.

You fell in love with Barry Allen.

Dad, I know this is a
different version of him,

but he's...

he's still Barry.

No, he's not, honey.

Look, until yesterday,

Barry had 28 years of
experiences to define him,

and some of those memories were
bad, but some were good, too.

But without those memories,

the Barry Allen we know and love...

is gone.


I don't know, Dad.

You know, part of me can't help but...

think that this is some
sort of gift, you know...

that this is the life that
he was supposed to have.

Maybe the city doesn't need The Flash.

Hey, everybody!

Happy Friday!

So I am a superhero?


- A real good one.
- Huh.

You're The Flash.

You sure The Streak isn't
a better name, maybe?

Turn on the TV.

Uh, okay. Yeah.

Eyewitnesses say the man who
set the fire to the offices

is none other than Lucious
Coolidge, AKA Heat Monger.

That's the guy that
went free because of me.

At this rate, it won't be long
before the whole thing burns down.

There's hundreds of
people who work in there.

We need to stop it.

How? I mean, you can't right now.

No, but I can.

Barry, you don't know
how to use your powers.

- Bar...
- You just said I'm a superhero.

And a good one, right?

I mean, memories or
not... I can't stand by,

and watch people die
if I can prevent it.

Um, forgot the suit.

Barry? You okay?

Uh, yeah, I'm good.

Stopping's hard.

How do I save everybody inside?

You just run them out of there.

I barely got here myself.

How am I supposed to
run with someone else?

There's gotta be something we can do.

There is something we can do:

jump-start his brain using that thing.

We have not done a test run.

- There's no time to test it now.
- What is that thing?

This can send electrical charges
through the transmitters in his suit

and theoretically,
should jolt his memory.

You want to electroshock his brain?

Won't that fry it even more?

If we don't do that, all
those people are gonna die.

Life's a game of chance.

Okay, Barry, you're
gonna feel something.

Might hurt, might sting, might suck.

- Wait, what?
- Probably all three.

Okay, here we go.



Uh, yeah, I still don't remember.

Why didn't that work?
That was supposed to work.

We kick-started his temporal lobe.

Now he just needs to access it.

Gas is in the tank, we just
need to turn the ignition.

We need a visceral
memory to spark his brain.




I need you to remember.

- I can't!
- Yes, yes, you can. Okay?

Okay, listen to me.

The night that your mom died,

I didn't want to tell you how,

but she didn't die peacefully.

- She was murdered.
- What?

And you came to live with us.

My dad brought you inside, and...

you were in shock...
you weren't even crying.

And later that night, a sound woke me,

and I crawled out of my bed,

and I realized that the sound
was coming from downstairs.

I peered over the banister, and...

I found you crying alone.

I knew I had to go to you.

I sat next to you, and...

you put your head in my lap,

and I held you while you cried.

And I didn't know it
then, but now looking back,

I realize that that was the
night that we fell in love.

That was the night that we realized

how much we needed each other.

And look...

I so wish...

that I could take your
dark memories away.

I wish...

that I could make all
of that pain go away,

but I can't.

Okay? But what I do know, what I know,

is that for every bad memory,

there is a good one...

that will get you through it.

Run, Barry, run!


I remember...

I remember.

I remember everything.

I remember everything!

Now for this fire.

I don't think I can
put this fire out alone.

You don't have to.


Looks like you remembered
how to save the day.

Like riding a bike.

- Your mother's maiden name.
- Thompson.

CODIS is an acronym for what?

Combined DNA Index System.


In the third grade, you
renamed the class hamster to...

Alexander Ham Bell.

I was eight years old.

So you got your memories back.

Now we can all focus our attention on...

stopping Savitar.

Good luck with that.

Please tell me we're not gonna
just let her walk out of here.

- Now you want to fight?
- We don't want to fight you.

Can't really avoid that now, can we?

Yeah, we can. You can stay here with us.

We're your friends. Your family.

Caitlin, I can fix you.

You already tried.

Well then, I'll try harder.

I don't care what it takes.

I don't care what I have to do.

I swear to you, I will find you a cure.

Caitlin, I love you.

I don't love you, Julian.

I never did.

I never loved any of you.

She's gone?


Maybe too far gone now.

We'll figure out a way to get her back.

Just like we figured
out how to get you back.

You sure this is the me you want?

With all the baggage?

Seeing you without the weight
of everything that's happened,

seeing you happy, like you were
before your mother was killed?

Without all of that
darkness haunting you,

you were finally free.

It was nice.

I did the same thing months ago.

What do you mean?

That freedom? I had that.

When I was with my mom and
dad again in Flashpoint,

and I could've let it stay like that.

I could've let the memories
of this timeline fade, but...

if I'd done that, I would've lost Joe,

and Cisco, and Wally,
and Caitlin, and you.

Pain and darkness... it's a part of me.

You know, I need it to fuel me,

to push me to be a better person,

to be a better hero.

To keep me from ever
forgetting who I am.

Now that...

is the Barry Allen I know and love.

Hey, you guys... okay!

You guys, you got to come see this.

Y-you got to come see this.

What is that?

This is the Speed Force Bazooka.

- Good, right?
- And that's gonna trap Savitar?

There is a tiny little problem.

- What's that?
- It's, uh...

In order to generate enough power...

to magnetize Savitar's radial field

and keep him in a state
of perpetual stasis...

- Stasis.
- ... inside the Speed Force,

- we need by my calculations...
- By calculations...

3.86 terajoules of energy.

I'm guessing that's more
energy than in a AAA battery.

Yes. That's more energy than in the sun.

Guys, where are we gonna
find something like that?