The Flash (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - The Once and Future Flash - full transcript

Barry travels forward in time to 2024 to find out Savitar's identity and save Iris' life.

- Previously on "the flash"...
- Despite your feeble efforts
to change the future,
you can't.
- Everything's the same.
The future has not changed.
- If the answers that we need
to stop savitar
and save you are in the future,
then that's where I need to go.
- Caitlin.
Somebody help!
- She's gone.
- Stop.
That's not what she want--
- don't care.
- 2024.
According to the future article
in the time vault,
I'm still in central city.
There's no mention of savitar.
I'd probably trapped him
in the speed force by then.
That's the time
i need to travel to.
If I trapped him, I must've
figured out who he was, right?
What are you doing?
- Um, sorry,
i was just thinking.
- About what?
- Same as you.
The future.
And my dad.
- What about him?
- I need you to make me
a promise, okay?
if things don't go our way...
If savitar kills me--
- he won't.
- If he does--
- he won't.
- If he does, Barry,
promise me that you will
be there for my dad.
Don't let him push cecile away.
Don't let him
spiral out of control.
Make sure that him and Wally--
- stop, okay?
We're not gonna talk about this.
You're not gonna die.
I told you, I have a plan.
- Barry, I need you
to promise me, okay?
I'm serious.
promise me...
That you're gonna make sure
that my dad is okay.
- I promise.
S.T.A.R. Labs.
- We, uh...We should go.
- You think?
- Yeah.
- Oh, probably should've
made that out of carbyne.
Rookie mistake.
- you do not want to hurt me,
- You know,
you probably should've spent
a little more time finding
a cure for what ails me.
- I care about you, Caitlin.
- Show me.
- Julian!
- Come on, come on!
- oh, boys...
Where are you?
- What are you doing?
- Buying us some time.
- shh!
- hey, dummies.
My palm scan still works.
- I don't want to
have to do this.
- I know you don't.
But I do.
- stop!
- Aw, come to save the day?
Good, now I can
get rid of you, too.
- Caitlin, you can fight this.
- I know.
But I don't want to.
- anything?
- I searched the whole building.
She's gone.
- hey, Julian, how about
next time you decide
to release my friend's
inner ice demon,
you do it sometime in July?
- I know you're not
being serious.
I was trying to save
her life, cisco.
- Iris was right.
Even h.R. Was right.
We should've taken her
to a hospital.
- Brilliant idea, yes.
Expose her meta-human status
to the world.
That would've been great,
wouldn't it?
- Hey, guess what?
She's gonna do that anyway.
- Guys!
Arguing isn't gonna
help us find her.
Maybe we should just take five.
- Yeah.
Yeah, probably right.
- I'm gonna do this.
I'm gonna run to the future.
- Wait, what?
- You want to do this now?
- Mm-hmm.
- Barry, Caitlin is
still out there.
- I know, but
we're running out of time.
If I can find my future self,
i can find out who savitar is--
how we defeated him.
Besides, I can run to the future
and be back like
i never even left.
- All right, what do you
need us to do?
- Just keep everybody else
away from the pipeline.
- Barry, last time you went to
the future, it was by accident.
How are you supposed
to get there now?
- With your help.
- You sure this is gonna work?
- I calculated the force
from the explosion
that propelled me to the future
last time.
At your fastest speed, you can
create three times that force.
It's more than enough to get me
where I want to go.
- All right.
- Just run as fast as you can.
I'll try to keep up.
Good luck, man.
I made it.
- What is it,
throwback Thursday?
haven't seen that outfit
in a while, have we, honey?
- haven't seen him
in a while, either.
guess we get to...
Relive the past.
Kick his ass like we used to.
- You've been gone
for a while,
so let me remind you...
This is my town.
- Our town, baby.
- That's right.
Our town.
My mistake.
Not anymore.
What was that?
- Did you say something, flash?
- You're in for a world of pain.
You better run, flash.
- Next time, we're gonna put him
in something
he can't get out of.
- I knew it was you.
- Cisco.
- Barry Allen.
- how did you know
i was here?
- I had a feeling.
A feeling I have not felt
in a long time.
And so I hacked into
the security cameras,
and I saw you fighting
top and mirror master
in your o.G. Suit
with the white emblem--
2017 edition, of course.
being here...
This is no accident, is it?
I came here
for some information.
And then I'm--
I'm going back.
- What's the information?
Time travel.
Yeah, yeah.
You say something, you might
mess something up, right?
Don't worry, my powers
of deduction have improved
since 2017.
- I need to talk to me.
Do you know where he is?
so h.R. Stopped
the s.T.A.R. Labs museum?
- H.R. Went on to other things.
- What about Caitlin?
- Once she became killer frost,
she never stepped in
this building again.
So I shut down this place?
My friend,
you shut everything down.
S.T.A.R. Labs, team flash--
you didn't want us around.
So you pushed us away.
- Why?
- You said it was because
of what we represented.
That we were a constant reminder
to you of what you lost.
But you weren't the only one
who lost something.
- Are you sure he's here?
- He never leaves this place.
- Well, what are you doing?
Aren't you gonna come with me?
- Man, I shouldn't even be here.
Look, just get what you need,
but don't leave without
saying good-bye.
- All right.
- why are you here?
- I need your help.
- you're from before she dies,
aren't you?
You can't save her.
- Yes, I can.
And I'm going to.
- No, you can't.
Go home.
- Just tell me
who's in the suit.
All right?
That's all I need.
You tell me that, we'll be able
to track him down.
We'll learn his weakness.
We'll stop him before
he even tries.
Just tell me who savitar is.
- I can't.
- What--why?
- because I don't know
the answer.
sorry you ran all this way
for nothing.
You want some advice, go home.
Spend as much time
with Iris as you can.
Because pretty soon...
You'll never see her again.
- you sure you can't stay?
- I'm not gonna get
what I came for.
- Look, we could really use you.
- Cisco...
- I mean it.
Mirror master and top
are not the only villains
in the city.
Barry, we don't have
a flash here.
Not anymore, okay?
- Well, cisco...
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Look, it's good to see you
in any time.
All right?
- yeah.
You too.
- You okay?
What's wrong?
- I don't know.
A portal won't open.
I can't get back.
I can't get back to the past.
- what's happening, cisco?
- I don't know.
- Why can't I open a portal?
Wasn't I running fast enough?
- Well, I'm not sure.
We don't have the telemetry
for the suit.
- Okay, well--
we got to figure this out.
I have to get back.
- We're gonna get you back home.
Not to worry.
Look, good news--
good news,
you can always go back
to the exact time
in which you left,
no matter how long
you stay here.
Maybe it was scudder or Dillon.
They seemed a little different
than the last time
i fought them.
I mean, look around you.
Everything's different.
Except you.
Maybe this means we can
get the team back together.
- Why haven't you done that?
- I've tried.
Believe me, I've tried.
But you see, Caitlin's not the
only thing killer frost took.
No hands, no vibes.
And without my powers...
Without you...
- what--what about
everybody else?
Julian, Wally?
- It's been a while, gentlemen.
Especially you, flash.
- More than you know.
- Allen?
- Yeah, it's me, Julian.
From the past.
- 2017.
The year it all began.
I'll assume you're here for
some answers then, are you?
- Something like that.
- Well, you brought him
to the wrong place, mate.
- I just wanted him
to understand.
- Julian...
Can I see her?
- I tried to find her something
more humane, but...
This is the best I could do.
- Caitlin?
It's me.
- Barry Allen...
- from the past.
I can tell.
There's no hate in your eyes...
So to what do we owe
the pleasure of your visit?
Come to see how things
turn out for team flash?
- I wanted to see
what happened to my friend.
- I am not your friend, flash.
- I'm so sorry
i did this to you.
I should have saved you.
- I'm glad that
you did this to me.
- Caitlin wasn't.
I failed her.
But I won't when I go back.
I'm gonna find you.
And I'm gonna help you.
- You're no match for
the god of speed.
you didn't tell him, did you?
Well, secrets always were
our thing, weren't they?
When I became killer frost,
savitar appeared to me
and showed me the way.
we made one hell of a team.
- Why would you help him?
- Because he gave me the thing
that you couldn't:
The cure to my illness,
embracing who I really am.
- you know who he is.
who is he?
tell me who he is.
- I'll never tell.
You are gonna be so surprised
when you find out.
you know, I think your protégé
went toe-to-toe with savitar.
Maybe he can help you out.
- I need to see Wally.
- Hello?
- Hi, um,
I'm looking for Wally west?
- I recognize you
from Joe's photos.
You're Barry, right?
- Bar--Barry, yeah.
Uh, this is cisco.
- Hey, Beth.
- Hey, cisco.
I'm Beth.
Come on in.
I'll be upstairs
if you need anything.
And stay as long as you like.
We don't get very many visitors.
- hey, buddy.
I brought a friend.
- Wally?
Hey, it's me.
It's Barry.
can you hear me?
what happened to him?
- Iris died, and that...
Sent him into this rage.
And, uh, he went after savitar
by himself one night.
Joe found him the next day
with a shattered spine.
No one knows what
he saw that night,
but whatever it was...
He's been like this ever since.
- I'm so sorry.
- Listen, Barry, you and Joe--
- where is he?
- Well, he's not here,
which means there's only
one other place he can be.
- hey, Joe.
Torrent downloaded from RARBG
- why are you here, Barry?
- I just wanted to see you.
Just wanted to see
how you were doing.
- Now you want to know?
After all this time, now?
- Uh, Joe, um...
- I'm doing my best.
- What happened to us?
- My daughter's life was taken.
My son's.
And then you left me, Barry.
The last piece of who I was...
Turned his back and ran away.
- I wasn't there for you?
- why start now?
I'm gonna need you to leave,
- You promised.
You promised her that
you would be there for Joe.
- You don't understand.
- I don't understand what?
That you abandoned him?
That you abandoned him
and everybody else?
You made a promise!
- That I couldn't keep!
Not after everything I lost.
I was just as broken as Joe was!
- I don't care.
- You will!
You will.
You want answers, Barry?
How's this?
You will go back.
You will do everything that
you can think of to save her.
You're even gonna create
time remnants of yourself,
but he's gonna kill
them all, mostly.
And then on the night
of may 23rd,
Iris west will die in your arms.
- No.
- And in that moment
that she takes
her last breath,
it'll feel like an eternity.
And it will break you.
She's the love of your life,
she was the love of my life.
there'll be nothing left at all
but stopping savitar.
so no,
you won't be there for Joe.
You won't be there when
Caitlin becomes killer frost.
When savitar destroys Wally.
You won't be there
for any of them.
But then one day,
you'll stop him.
You'll lock him in
the speed force forever.
But at that point...
He already won.
Because everything that
you've ever loved is gone.
Including you.
go home, Barry.
There's nothing for you here.
- cisco.
Did you figure out
what's keeping me here?
I need to go home.
- What?
You're leaving?
- He's--he's...
He's not gonna help me, man.
He's broken.
And if Caitlin's
working with savitar,
I need to get back.
I need--
before she's lost to us forever.
- What about everyone else?
Don't you want to help them?
- I can't help them.
- I should've known.
No matter what I do,
you're gonna abandon the ones
close to you.
- Cisco, it's not like that.
I just--i can't stay here.
But you want me to.
To get the team back together.
it wasn't mirror master or top
that did something to me.
It was you.
Wasn't it?
- yeah.
- What did you do?
- you know the resonance field
you create when you run?
This disrupts that.
I might not be able
to use my powers,
but I still know
something about tech.
- Why would you keep me here?
- 'Cause I miss my friend.
- Cis...
- If you want to go,
I'm not gonna stop you.
I don't know why I expected you
to be the same Barry Allen
i remember.
That guy still had some
fight left in him.
You were right.
This isn't the future
that I wanted.
I can't go back knowing
i let it stay like this.
You want to help me
try to fix it?
- I thought you'd never ask.
- Well, let's get
the team back together.
Even h.R.
- Continuing with
the h.R. Romance series,
"the streak vs. Mr. reflecto."
"Just as the villain was about
to go in for the fatal blow,
"Florence felt strong hands
around her waist...
Lifting her
like she was a feather."
"She was whisked away,
"the wind blowing
through her hair,
"as her mystery hero
finally set Florence down
on a mountaintop."
I love that part.
I was in the zone.
"She, uh..."
"Florence was, um..."
And the mountaintop.
Back to the mountaintop.
"I have to have you..."
Okay, you know what?
Uh, we should threesome--
do someone--something else.
I think--
- Julian, h.R.
What the hell is going on?
- I would like
to know the very same thing.
I was about to check one
of the most important boxes
a man can check in his life.
And who--who brought us here?
- I brought you all here.
- Oh, it's you again.
- Bar?
You--you look--
- young?
- He's from the past, detective.
2017, to be precise.
- I knew something felt weird
in the cemetery.
You hadn't visited
Iris in years.
- Yeah, that's what I've heard.
Cisco told me, or showed me,
that you all haven't been
a team in a long time.
And I know that
I'm the reason for that.
Iris's death shouldn't have
driven me away from you all.
I mean--i mean,
it should've driven me closer.
This isn't what she would want.
But I'm here now to tell you
that no matter
what happens in the past,
I will not abandon you.
- What's that?
- It's a meta-human app.
Mirror master and top
are at it again.
- Let's get 'em.
- Us, as in team flash?
- Guys, we have a chance to put
some hope back into our lives.
And I...
I really need it right now.
I think you do, too.
- so what do you say?
You ready for team flash
to take down the bad guys again?
- team flash.
- team flash.
- On three.
One, two...
- Thank you.
- baby, you're a rock star.
- Just like to shine for my man.
- yeah, I don't know.
It looks a little tacky
from over here.
But I am old-fashioned.
- We told you to stay away,
- Yeah, well, I try not
to listen to criminals.
Or stupid people.
You guys hearing me all right?
- Yeah, bar, I can hear you
loud and clear.
- Man, it's good to be back.
- Well, that's--what the...?
- Wh--what are you doing?
- Just--i had a--
- what are you looking for?
- I just--i found--oh.
now I'm ready.
- Should've done
as you were told.
Flash, it's two versus one.
Odds aren't in your favor.
- I'll take that bet.
- give him a little ride.
- With pleasure.
- okay, that's new.
- He can't move.
- They're using their powers
at the same time.
- What are we gonna do?
- Can't he phase or something?
- That doesn't work
on these guys.
- Well, what will?
- Give me that thing
in your hands.
The other thing.
- That makes more sense.
- I can rejigger this to mimic
the resonance fields
from scudder's portals,
make it so Barry
can manipulate the mirrors.
- But what about top?
- This will also restore
whatever rarefaction effect
she's causing.
- Yes, that's good.
That's brilliant.
But without
opening another breach,
how can we possibly get it
into his hands in time?
- I'll take it to him.
I saw what you were doing
from the time vault.
You need help.
Give it to me.
- go.
- thought it was about time
i did something.
cisco made it.
Now her powers
won't affect us.
We can go anywhere he does.
the odds seem pretty
even now, huh?
- Go.
- you mind?
- Be my guest.
- in a bizarre twist, and
the first sighting in years,
eyewitnesses claim not one
but two Scarlet speedsters
were responsible for
apprehending Sam scudder
and rosalind Dillon,
aka mirror master and top.
I'm sure I speak for all
residents of central city
when I say this:
Flash, if you're watching,
it's good to see you again.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
team flash, back at it again.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I think this was
a good first step, cisco,
but yeah, we have a ways to go.
Especially me.
I heard what you said.
And you were right.
Iris wouldn't have wanted this.
She would have wanted us
to stay a family.
I broke that promise to her--
to all of you.
You made me realize,
even though savitar's gone,
I've--I've still been
letting him win.
I was wrong to do that.
If you're all willing to...
Try to be a family again...
I think I can, too.
- I don't know which--
which one of you
to hug first.
- Him.
- well, I don't know about you,
but...I'm in.
What do you say?
- Yeah, I got a lot
of coffee tastings
and some book readings--
lot of women left to charm,
but i--I'm in.
You know what?
Free coffees for the gang
at h.R. Jitters.
Maybe 10% off.
On me, let's go.
- thank you.
- thank you.
- I know how hard this must be.
- No, you don't.
Not yet.
That's the problem.
And neither of us can
change what's gonna happen.
I wish I could help you,
believe me, I do.
- But you trapped savitar
in the speed force.
Just tell me how you did it.
- I had help.
- Help from who?
- A physicist.
Her name's Tracy brand.
She made the speed force trap
for me.
- Why wouldn't you
tell me this before?
- Because she didn't
figure out the technology
until four years ago.
- Four years after Iris died.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hang on.
I don't know where she is.
And I don't understand
anything that's on here.
But that's got
all her information on it.
Maybe when you go back,
you can find her and...
I don't know,
she can decipher it for you.
I hope so.
- But if not...
Just make some good memories
with Iris.
Hold onto 'em
as tight as you can.
Good luck.
- weird, it feels just like
"back to the future."
Which would make me doc brown.
- You're not gonna give me
some kind of letter, are you?
- No, I will not.
- I'm gonna do something
to fix that.
you're too good of a superhero
to lose those powers.
- Hey.
You know you're my bff, right?
You too, man.
- Whoa.
Wait, did you--
did it not work?
Do we need to try again?
- No, I went.
I'm back.
- You're back?
- I went to the future.
- How far?
- Eight years from now.
I needed to talk to myself
and find out who savitar was.
- Did you?
But I got a lead.
Something we can use.
Something that'll
help us stop him.
- Barry, did you learn anything
about Caitlin?
- She aligned herself
with savitar.
- Why would she do that?
- I don't know.
But we need to find her,
before she's lost to us forever.
- All right, I'll get to ccpd.
- Yeah, and we'll, uh...
We'll dive in here, right?
Right, team?
Team flash.
On three.
- Joe.
I love you.
I love you, too.
you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
I just...
I just want you to know
that no matter what happens,
I'm always gonna
be there for you.
- I know that, bar.
I know.
Thank you.
- what was that about?
I'm just keeping that promise
i made to you.
- I've been waiting for you.
Fear not, my child.
I have come only to offer you
what you desire.
- And what's that?
- Salvation.
- You want to cure me?
Turn me back into
Caitlin snow?
- No.
I want to make sure Caitlin
never returns.
- Why should I trust you?
what do you need me to do?