The Flash (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - Duet - full transcript

The Music Meister sends Supergirl and the Flash to a world where life is a musical and the only way to escape is to sing and dance.

Key of A, watch me for the
changes and try to keep up.

Gideon and I have calculated
another Aberration

- in Bhopal, 1912.
- Why can't it be Aruba, 2016?

We are history's last line of defense.

I like the sound of that.

Have you gentlemen heard
of the Spear of Destiny?

The Spear could alter reality itself.

Changes to history cause
timequakes and Aberrations,

which we can undo.

Changes to reality, those are permanent.

You're on the run
'cause you're a time remnant.

Now something's chasing you,

trying to correct the Aberration.

One of history's worst monsters.

The Legion have

the Spear of Destiny and
they're like gods now.

It appears that after
the Legion got the Spear

and change reality, they
kept us around as their pets.

You'll be forced to live your lives

in a reality that I created.

We go back in time to 1916

and we stop the Legion from ever getting

the Spear of Destiny in the first place.

All right, Gideon, try it now.

All systems nominal, Captain.

That's more like it.

Any luck in contacting
the rest of the team?

Negative, but it stands to reason

that they would be facing
challenges of their own

- in this altered reality.
- Indeed.

Which is why it falls
to us to rescue them.

Engines to full power.

Can you pinpoint our location, Gideon?

- Central City, 2017.
- That's odd.

We must be in some sort of hangar.

One large enough to
accommodate the Waverider.

Gideon, what is that?

- Is that another ship?
- Negative.

It appears to be a desk lamp.

Oh, bollocks.

Right. Engage our
cloak and plot a course.

- Heading, Captain?
- The nearest open window.

Any luck?

You asked me that five minutes ago.

You know, it's not easy trying to get

a 21st century radio to communicate with

a 22nd century time ship.

Thawne never told you
what he did with Rip?

No, we weren't close like that.

How you holding up?

Better than Amaya.

I never knew about you guys.

It's nothing to know.

We were just, you know, figuring it out.

I figured it out.

We've been assuming that
Waverider's broadcasting

- using a quantum frequency, but...
- But only if the quad band

antenna array was in alignment.

- Ray, you are a genius.
- I guess I am.

I kinda forgot what it was like.

So can you communicate with Rip or what?

Sara? Sara, is that you?

Good job, guys. Good job.

We didn't do anything yet.

- Rip?
- Yes, Dr. Palmer,

I've honed in on your location.

Well haul ass over here
and come pick us up.

There may be one small
problem with that.

Look, it's the teeny, weenie Englishman.

Mr. Rory, will you please stop?

Ah, relax.

Why would Thawne use the
Spear of Destiny to shrink you?

Uh, I don't believe he did.

I'm assuming that he
used Dr. Palmer's exosuit.

Oh. Well then, he must
still have it in his lab.

We gotta steal it back and
then we can unshrink the ship.

- And then what?
- Rip, we have a plan

to put reality back as it was.

But you're not gonna like it.

Haircut, where to now?

Uh, I don't know.

I never exactly saw my exosuit here.

I just figured, where
else would Thawne hide it?

All right, let's split up.

Psst, Ray!

Ah. Yes.

Oh, I have missed you.

Really, dude?

I will never, ever leave you again.

Rip, we found the suit.

You need to close in on our position

before I have to watch
Ray do anymore weird stuff.

En route.

- Weird stuff?
- Yeah, you got issues, dude.

We got two more
rent-a-thugs down the hall.

I thought that Thawne
should've killed you morons

at the reactor.

- Ah!
- Then I realized,

now I get to kill the Legends myself.

Gideon, fire! Fire everything!

Aww, isn't that adorable?

- Is that the best you got?
- How about this?

Sara, reinforcements
will be on their way.

We're heading to you, Ray.

Let's blow the roof off this place.

All right, Rip. Keep
the Waverider steady.

We have returned to
the Battle of the Somme

- in the year 1916.
- And apparently,

we're ready to destroy time
itself by interfering in events

that we've already participated in.

If that's what it takes
to save Amaya, count me in.

Yeah, there's no way
I'm letting Grey go out

as one of Thawne's lackeys.

We can't allow Doomworld to continue

- no matter what the risk.
- Okay. Well, look,

like time, reality needs to set.

Essentially, we're in a
race. Not against time,

but from a reality wave
initiating from 2017.

All the more reason to get moving.

At the very least, we need to mitigate

the scope of the time
paradox by avoiding contact

with our former selves at all costs.

So all we have to do is
help us... I mean, them...

Destroy the Spear without them
knowing that we're helping.

- Kinda like Secret Santa.
- We already know

where the Blood of Christ is.

So me, you and Ray, we go
back to the Church of Amiens

and we leave the Blood for
our former selves to find.

I got a question.

What happens to us when our
former selves destroy the Spear?

Well, we cease to exist.

Because we never would have existed

if the Legion hadn't gotten the Spear.

You're saying we're the Aberrations.

In order to save the world,

we have to erase ourselves.

Huh, listen. Why don't
we just go to Aruba,

get drunk... what?

Sunshine. Mai tais.

Girls in... bikinis.

- All right, Ray. You're up.
- I'm on it.

Pardon me.

Excuse me.

Coming through.

Don't mind the tiny man flying through

the middle of no man's land!

I'm closing in on the
Blood's burial spot, Captain.

I'm here.

Well, that was easier
the second time around.

I knew you idiots would
come back from 2017.

Apart from being incredibly stupid,

you are just so predictable.

Give me back the vial.

What vial?

Ray? Ray, get out of there!

You know, my allies
keep giving me the same,

simple piece of advice.

They were right.

I should've done that ages ago.

Hey, what are you doing?

You're gonna get yourself killed!

- We have to get him...
- Sara, you can't!

- Gideon...
- Sara! Sara.

He's gone.

So what?

Haircut said it himself,
we're all Aberrations

living on borrowed time.

Besides, he's alive and well in 1916.

Mick's right. The
mission hasn't changed.

Except we can't destroy the Spear

because we don't have
the Blood of Christ.

So we steal the spear
and get it out of 1916.

Now, you do realize that
there's a big problem

with that plan, Sara.

The other us's have the Spear.

Oh, never stolen anything
from myself before.

Could be interesting.

Ugh, need I remind you

that we cannot interact with ourselves.

Which is why the three of you

are gonna sneak into the other Waverider

while the other you's are at the church.

Now that... That sounds like a plan.

I suggest you hurry. Events
are already in motion.

Mr. Rory's earlier self is currently

being contacted by Mr. Snart.

All right, if we're gonna
go impersonating ourselves...

- You're gonna need a haircut.
- Yeah.

Not for nothing, but Aruba
would've been a better option.

You're not real.

You're an illumination.

- A hallucination.
- Yeah, that's it.

Now, did that feel like a hallucination?

And how was the reunion?

I'm gonna let him,
uh, spin out for a bit,

then go in for the kill, so to speak.

- Gentlemen.
- What the hell

- is going on here?
- That's what I was gonna ask.

Aren't you supposed to be searching for

- the Kalabros Manuscript?
- I was.

And I found him and I brought him here.

We no longer need the Manuscript.

We have a different problem.
The Legends are here.

We know. I just punched Mick.

Not those Legends.

And I'm not your Eobard.
I'm from the future.

Yeah, what else is new?

Okay. I mean your future.

One where we have the Spear of Destiny.

And the Legends from that
future are here now, too.

Wait, there are two sets of Legends?

- When do I get to rob a bank?
- Just deal with them.

Where do you think you're going?

To get backup.

I hate when he does that.

- You know what to do.
- We'll hang back

and make sure everybody
sticks to the script

Okay, I figure we got
about an hour before we...

Shut up, pretty. I'm calling the shots.

I'm the thief.
Englishman, disable Gideon.

We can't risk her blowing our cover.

You round up everyone in the library.

Make sure the coast is clear.

Then I can snatch the item.

You know what? This is
gonna be a piece of cake.

Hey. What are you guys doing?
You just left for the church.

So we did. And now we're back.

The church was a dead end, I'm afraid.

- Where's Ray?
- He is returning

Lieutenant Tolkien
to the field hospital.

You guys all right?

Yeah! I'm just seeing double.

Yeah, we're... we're fine. We're fine.

I just need to get to
the library so I can,

you know, locate Christ's blood.

I need to run some repairs on Gideon.

Yeah, and I need to
get the Spear... a beer.

Yeah, well, as long as we get it first.

Are you not supposed to be
guarding the Spear of Destiny?

Mr. Rory offered to spell me.

I thought you and Lieutenant Tolkien

were going to the Church at Amiens.

Uh, yeah, that didn't work out.

But I did happen to find the...


I, um, I... I was
just saying that I, uh,

believe I found the final
resting place of Sir Gawain.

- So do you wanna tell us?
- Tell you?

- Are you feeling all right?
- You look like

you've seen a ghost.

No... yeah, no. I'm... I'm fine.

Yeah, sorry, I...

I... I think the location
of Gawain and, you know,

the Blood of Christ is in the, um...

Galapagos Islands.

The Blood of Christ is
in the Galapagos Islands?

Yeah. In 1984.

How could a relic from the Crusades

wind up in the Galapagos during
the Reagan Administration?

Perhaps Gideon can help. Gideon?

Oh, no. Where's Gideon?

I'm gonna go and check on her.

I'll come with you.

Why are you looking at me like that?

What's going on?

I miss you so much.

You've been gone for five minutes.

I got it!

Where's pretty?

- Away team, what's your status?
- Uh, we have the Spear,

but Dr. Heywood is running behind.

What the hell is he doing?

- Where the hell have you been?
- Eh, um...

I'm, uh, I'm sorry. I just
got... I got distracted.

We gotta get out of here.


We got a new problem.

Your old selves are back.

Hang on. You mean that we've
returned from the church?

Yes, and if you come
out of the ship now,

they'll see you and wreck time itself.

You're trapped in there.

Good one!

We have to stop them
from getting to the ship.


We have a... a new problem.

The ship... it's broken.

Uh, well what Sara means
is there's a radiation leak.

- Radiation leak?
- Yes, and it's very dangerous

so we need to keep our distance.

If you could just follow me this way.

Wait, where's Amaya?

She's safe. We got everyone...

off of the ship right away.

Except Grey, who's working
on fixing the ship right now.

I thought you said it was
too dangerous to be on board.

What's a little radiation

for one half of Firestorm?

I assumed we'd be on
our way to 1984 by now.

Yeah, Rip took Gideon offline.

Said something about an efficiency scan,

which should've been done by now.

- How strange.
- Yeah, like how Nate was acting

- in the library.
- Shouldn't Raymond be back

from returning Tolkien to his regiment?

Ray. What's your 20?

Uh, I'm standing right in front of you.

Ray, listen to me: whoever
that is, she's an imposter.

- Take her out.
- What about the other Jax?

Whoa, whoa, wait. There's
a fake version of me, too?

- Yeah.
- Ray, whoever this bozo is,

kick his ass!

- With pleasure.
- Okay. Huh.

- Sorry, Sara.
- For what?

Listening to you.

- Whoa!
- Big dude, chill out, bro!

- What are you doing?
- We're not imposters!

This is madness! What
has come over you people?

If you would...

- Oh, Ray!
- ...just...

let me explain!

If fake me is anything like real me,

Ray's gonna need some help.

Copy that, Captain.

Enough waiting, we
gotta get out of here.

We can't. Our prior selves
are out there right now.

If we leave, they'll see us.

Then don't go.


Mr. Jackson, I can explain.

That you're the Legion in disguisg?

Yeah, I know.

Thawne's face changing
technology is incredible.

Hang on.

I don't think she's an imposter.

This is the genuine Ms.
Lance and Mr. Jackson.


But you told us never
to revisit our past.

Why would they do that?

You'll have to ask them that.

They almost made it
off the ship with this.

All right. Who's wearing whose faces?

We are not the Legion.
Believe it or not,

we are actually future
iterations of yourselves

who've travelled back in time to prevent

some form of calamity.

I don't believe it. Why would Rip Hunter

break the first rule of time travel?

I'm asking myself the
very same question.

Oh, bollocks.

What the hell was that?

It's a timequake.

The result of us
interacting with ourselves.

- Well, that wasn't so bad.
- Yeah, give it time.

Whose bright idea was it

to do the one thing that
could jeopardize all of time?


What the hell are you staring at?

Just imagining what you'd
look like without teeth.

Knock it off, Rory.

I can't believe that even we

would do anything so foolish,

unless something went terribly wrong

the first time you were here.

Uh, I can't help but notice...

Not all of us came back with you.

What happens to us in the future?


dead, dead, good as dead.

Look, the Spear ended
up in the Legion's hands.

Bad things happened and it sucked.

But if we prevent the Legion
from ever getting the Spear

in the first place, everything
goes back to normal

and you all get to live.

- Where are you going?
- To think.

Perhaps you should go with her.

- Two heads are better than one.
- Yeah.

In the future you're from,
the Legion gets the Spear.


So this is my fault.

It's more of a team effort, really.

Can I ask you a question?

Do you wish you would have used it?

- No.
- But you could've

stopped all of this.

You could've erased the
Legion of Doom from existence.

You could have kept your team alive.

You know why I... We can't use it.

The Spear... It draws on our desires,

our weaknesses, our hatred.

Our darkness.

We're not strong enough to wield it.

The spear is a weapon.

And you know what we do with weapons.

Doing some light reading
on Zembezi, I see.

What do you want?

I came here to drop some
future knowledge on you.

You need to do yourself a favor

and stop being the ambassador of chill

and tell Amaya how you feel about her.

Okay. How do I feel about her?

You're in love with her.

Look, I...

I really, really like Amaya.

I saw Leonard Snart put a
gun to her head and kill her.

I watched Amaya die.

I lost her forever.

You understand me?

What do you want me to do?

We all wanna change the future.

I'm not talking about the future.

I'm talking about
changing who you are now.

I want you to do the things
I wish I would've done

instead of the things
I wish I would've said.

You wanna know why?

Because there's nothing... Nothing worse

than looking back at
your life with regret.

- Yep. Still weird.
- Please tell me you two

have figured a way out of this mess.

Uh! Clearly not.

- Was that another timequake?
- I don't think so.

- Someone's firing at us.
- Captain, our shields

- are nearly depleted.
- Copy that.

Sorry, habit.

That was a bit powerful for
World War I air artillery.

That would explain it.

The ship's taking too much damage.

We gotta make a time jump.

I really would not recommend that.

- Outta my way.
- Hey, that's my seat!

Travelling through time with ourselves

could create a paradox
exponentially larger

than the one we have already created.

- What do you think?
- That we have to do

whatever it takes to keep the Spear

out of the Legion's hands.

Hold on.

- What's going on?
- It's the result of us

interacting with our previous selves.

It's a time-storm.

We're still in World War I.

Gideon, get us out of here.

Negative, Captains.

The ship has sustained critical damage.

Well, good news. The time-storm seems

to have caused a temporary ceasefire.

The bad news is the Legion of
Doom's still trying to kill us.

Wait, how far do you
even think we'll be able

- to make it out there?
- You only have to make it

as far as the other Waverider.

You want us to time jump together again?

Uh... you saw what just happened.

We won't be time jumping together.

You're not coming with us.

This has always been a
one-way ticket for us.

Your team has to get
the Spear of Destiny

away from here.

We won't fail you guys.

- Guys, we've got company.
- I see 'em.

Everybody clear on the plan?

Run like hell. Try not to die.

What about you guys? You ready?

Other than the fact
that I can't Firestorm

and Nate can't Steel?

You bet your sweet ass we're ready.

- Damn it.
- Damien, I think we should

- go back to basics.
- Yeah, you're right.

Killing's gotten so gosh
darn impersonal lately.


Uh, uhh!

Ah, ahh.



Jefferson, no, please. Please!



Come on, Grey.

Come on, come on.


Let him go, Mick.

I'm not listening to you anymore.

Come on, is that any way
to talk to your old partner?

I don't have a partner. I have a team.

Yeah, Darhk said you'd gone soft.

Lemme fix that for you.


Mick, no! No!

- What's your problem?
- You're... you're alive!

You hug me, I'll kill you.

Okay. Later.

Hey! The Waverider's just around...


I thought you were made of steel.


Get this in the ship.

Oh, I've been waiting for this.

Ah, ahh!




What are you waiting for?

Do it.

Death would be too kind.

Nice work. Both of you.

Where's the Spear?

You took it to the rendezvous point.

Oh, did I? Right.

If you don't wanna get stuck in 1916,

get to the ship now.

That means you, Amaya.


Don't be a douche.

Excuse me?

I won't, bro.

- I can't believe we made it.
- Don't jinx it.

Aw, he jinxed it!

I hate that guy.

Not that guy.

These guys!

You travelled back in
time to help yourselves,

I figured I could do the same.

You know, it's true what they say.

If you want something done right,

you really have to do it yourself.

Give me the Spear and
I'll spare your team.

You can go to hell.

No, but I'll make a hell for you.

Do you really wanna lose another one?

Last chance.

Use the Spear.



K'i-aheen. Kh'det Bay-all-ma-ah.

It can't be me. Use it. Fix the world.

- Just do it, Sara!
- Look, I can't.

There's too much darkness inside of me.

I can't control it.

I believe in you.

You're stronger than you know.

There's no place like home.

Well, the cork broke off,

but I think I managed to salvage it.


To doing movie night more often.

This never happened.

This is the Spear doing this.

This isn't real.

No, it's not,

but it can be.

You can remake reality
however you see fit.

You were always
the better of us, Laurel.

You were the strong one.

I'm damaged.

I know.

The Gambit,

Lian Yu,

League of Assassins,

you dying.

I could take it all back.

But you won't.


that has happened to me...

All the suffering that I endured,

it's all led to this moment, hasn't it?

The Spear doesn't need
someone pure of heart.

It needs someone strong
enough to do the right thing.

Sara, it needs you.

Even if doing the right thing...

means not having you back?

I'm never too far away.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Too slow, Ms. Lance.

Far too slow.

To think you had actual godhood

literally in your grasp.

Well, I'm not going to make the
mistake I made the first time.

I'm going to erase
you all from existence.

You won't even be dead.

B'khi-eel. Ah-ash-lem-tu-on.


Kh'det Bay-all-ma-ah.

I may have made one
small change to reality.

You depowered the Spear.

Well, I guess we'll just have
to do this the old fashioned way.

I am going to drive
this through your heart.

Yeah. About that...


You did it.

You would've done the same thing.

Remember, Legends never die.

Really? "Goonies"?

What's a goonie?


All right, Malcolm is back
in 2016, where he belongs.

- In prison?
- No.

His crappy apartment.

And what are your
plans for the two of us?

We're dead in 2017, remember?

I'm not taking you back to 2017.

Should've done this in France, Mick.

Could've saved us both a lot of time.

I didn't bring you here
to kill you, Leonard.

So what are we doing here?

This is where Thawne
recruited you for the Legion.

I'm gonna wipe your memory
and put you on the right path.

You mean the path where I
join up with some Brit twit

and die trying to save the world?

No, you die trying to save your friends.

Still a death sentence.

You know what your
punishment is, Leonard?

You end up being a better man.

And so do I.


You mean softer.


I mean better.


All right, so let me get this straight.

In retaliation for me
helping kill your team,

bending reality and torturing you,

I'm to wear this ridiculous
outfit and shoes without socks?

Just setting things right.

You mean setting me on the
path to killing your sister.

I've already made that choice.

I'm okay with it.

And so is Laurel.

And how do you know that?

Hey, Gideon said we're
going back to 1942.

The mission's over. The
Legion's been put back

in their proper places
in the timeline, so...

now it's my turn.

Okay, um...

Well, if you don't
mind, I'd like to get off

- at that stop with you.
- What?

Look, I lost you once already,

even though it was a different
me and a different you.

And I don't ever wanna do that again.

Or at all.

I don't know what to say.

Say, "Nate, come with me to 1942."

I can't say that, Nathaniel.

Because I don't want to go back to 1942.

I know that I'm supposed to.

I know I have a destiny and
that we shouldn't damage time

any more than we already
have, but I have to believe

that time is stronger than that.

And that if I have a destiny,

it'll wait for me.

Hey, you going on a trip?

Uh, yes, in fact.

I was joking.

Right. Yes, well, we both know

that I don't have a
sense of humor at times.

But, uh, yes, I am taking my leave.

What do you mean, "leave"?

This team has functioned
far better in my absence

than it ever did under my leadership.

- You saved reality itself.
- Well, you were there, too.

Yes, but I've realized
that there's nothing further

for me to teach you.

- Any of you.
- So, what?

You're just gonna walk out
of here and not say good-bye?

I was going to borrow
the jump ship, actually.

I think Mick would call that stealing.

Oh, yes. Well, maybe Mr. Rory

has had somewhat of an affect on me.

And you on me, Captain.

Ah, I'm no longer the captain.

You are.

And in that spirit...

permission to depart, Captain Lance.

Permission granted.

Stay out of trouble.

What, without you lot?

I think that'll actually be quite easy.

Mick, you wanna do the
honors? Plot a course?

You earned it.

Gideon, set a course for Aruba.

Roger that, Mr. Rory.

Setting a course for
Aruba, the year 2017.

- What was that?
- This is what happens

when you put Mr. Rory
in charge of navigation.

In fact, it was another time-storm.

It seems the disruption
you created in 1916

was just the start.

We've been ejected out
of the Temporal Zone.

- Get ready for a hard landing.
- Oh, come on!

Can we please go five minutes
without crashing the Waverider?

Is everyone okay?

This ain't Aruba.

No, this is Los Angeles, 2017.

Oh, boy.


I think we broke time.