The Flash (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 10 - Borrowing Problems from the Future - full transcript

Barry and Team Flash try to figure out a way to change the future to save Iris from her inevitable death. The only way for them to do that is to go back to the future. Wally West will be ...

Barry: My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world, I'm
an ordinary forensic scientist,

but secretly, with the help
of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find
other meta-humans like me.

In an attempt to stop
the evil speedster Savitar,

I was accidentally thrust into the future,

and I saw him murder the woman I love.

But I won't let that happen.

I'm going to do everything in my power

to change the future, and I'm the only one

fast enough to keep her alive.

I am The Flash.

Previously on "The Flash"...

You wanna open S.T.A.R. Labs to the public?

In two weeks?
Soft open.

- I'm Alchemy.
- Turning innocent people

into meta-humans worshipping the Savitar?

An article used to be written
by Iris West-Allen.

Something's changed with our future.

- Barry.
- No!

What you saw was
one possibility of the future.

Then I can stop this from happening.

I... I don't understand. Where are we?

Home. I don't know...

what's gonna happen in the future.

All I know is right here, right now,

I wanna spend every moment I can with you.


- Don't do this!
- Barry...

[distorted] You lose, Barry.


[dramatic choral music]




[distressed breathing]

Babe, are you okay?

- Yeah...
- Yeah.

Just a bad dream.

[pensive music]

Go back to sleep.

Yeah, sure. I'm not completely wide awake

after hearing you scream in your sleep.

You wanna talk about it?

No, you know what I wanna do?


I wanna unpack.

It's been a month.

Do not change the subject, Bartholomew.

- Bartholomew?
- Mm-hmm.

Am I in trouble?

Well, this is the third night in a row.

I know something else that's happened

three nights in a row.

- [chuckles]
- [phones buzzing]


[sighs] It's a fire.

Richmond Heights.

[exhales deeply]

Go, Wally's gonna beat you there.

♪ ♪

- What?
- I just...

I just really love you.

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]



♪ ♪

[siren wailing]

Detective Patterson just ran inside.

He hasn't come out yet.
The fire department will not

make it here on time.



I'm trapped in here!

We gotta get him out of here.

This place is up in flames any second.

You see the soot around this door?

- Yeah.
- 'Cause the fire has

no ventilation, so if we open the door now,

the sudden inrush of oxygen
will cause an explosion.


Okay, so what do we do?

Create an exit point
for the heat and smoke,

and remove all the oxygen at the same time.

- Which will put out the fire.
- Help me!

When I say so, open the door, all right?

[whirring] Now.

[fire whooshing]

[glass shatters, flames roaring]

♪ ♪


[panting] Flash, thanks.


Two of 'em.

Oh, man, that was so dope.
How do you stay so calm?

You're like scary calm
in the middle of a fight.

It's just experience, Wally.

That's why it's important for
you to shadow me for a while,

and try to learn everything I know.

And then I get to kick some ass.

Let me give you some advice, Wally.

Being a superhero's not about kicking ass.

Well... nope, actually
that's a straight-up lie.

There's a lot of ass-kicking involved.

Just keep doing what you're doing...

watching me. You're doing great.

I gotta go to breakfast with Dad,

but I'll catch up with you guys later.


Yo, that's where... mm... [grumbles] Nope.

- You okay?
- My suit goes there.

Ah, two suits, one mannequin.

That is what we call a conundrum.

- No, I...
- [erratic beeping]

Hey, are you okay?

Yeah, these things have just
been on the fritz lately.

It makes me feel like a criminal.

Hasn't been on the fritz, okay?

Uh, maybe if you charge
the battery, like I told you to.

Oh, I'm just supposed to
hook myself up to an outlet,

like I'm some sort of human tablet?

Either you charge the cuffs,

or you go all Frozone on us again.

Or... you could fix them for me?

- Or I could fix 'em.
- [snickers]

- Sumptuous day, brethren.
- Oh, boy.

- Good morning, H.R.
- Oh, not just good.

It's g-r-r-eat, and why is that?

Because I'm finally ready to announce

that the new S.T.A.R. Labs museum

is ready for its opening...

soft opening... so come.

- [electronic revving]
- Let's take the tour.

This could've been avoided.
You know that, right?


[elevator dings]

I just don't see why
you're defending the yellow guy.

Yes, he goes everywhere The Flash goes,

but this morning, for example,
he's just standing back,

waiting for the warehouse to burn down.

Well, maybe he's training with The Flash.

- You know, learning the ropes?
- Okay, well, we send

rookie cops out on patrol,
expect them to perform.

Look, I think the yellow guy's
gonna surprise you.

Once he gains a little bit of experience,

he's gonna give The Flash
a run for his money.

You know what I think? I think
maybe he's just not that fast.

- Or maybe he's just a coward.
- You don't get paid to think.

- And Kid Flash ain't no coward.
- Kid Flash? Okay.

There it is. The name says it all.

- [whoosh]
- [groans]

Hey, I say we just send him to Keystone.

We already have a Flash.


- Did you hear any of that?
- Any of what?

Nothing, it was just a cop being stupid.

- Take you to breakfast?
- Please.

[upbeat music]

- Behold.
- Whoa!

- You did all this?
- Yeah.

Well, I don't wanna take all the credit.

I'm too modest to do that, but yeah.

Uh, who exactly is paying for all this?

[laughs] That's a great question.


Allow me to introduce you
to your new coworkers.

Everybody, this is Olga.

- Da.
- both: Hi.

Oh, and she doesn't really
speak English so much,

but she's great. So right over here,

we have the ticketing and the admissions.

Over there, our specialty coffees...

Oh, uh, that reminds me. Caitlin...

Initially, I had you targeted for ticketing,

but it occurs to me,
with a few lessons in foam art,

you could very well man up...
excuse me... woman up

our cappuccino stand. What do you think?

H.R., I think Caitlin's gonna
have plenty to do as it is.

Can I ask you a question?

Do you want to eat pizza pockets
for every meal

for the rest of your life?
You don't; nobody wants that.

What you want is an income,

and we collectively need a cover
for S.T.A.R. Labs

for our continued operation.

He makes some good points.

Now for the pièce de résistance...

[electronic beep]

Welcome to S.T.A.R. Labs.

[both laughing]

I'm sorry, did you make a hologram of me?

Oh, Francisco, you made it perfectly clear

you didn't want to be a tour guide.

You're not. You're a virtual tour guide.

Guess what. That falls under the umbrella

of not wanting to be a tour guide.

- On we go.
- My name is Francisco Ramon.

I wasn't always the esteemed
engineer you see before you.

It was my love of science

that allowed me to overcome
my tough upbringing

and join S.T.A.R. Labs, before our beautiful

and handsome founder,
Harrison Wells, stepped down.

I hope my love of science
will inspire some among you

to join the scientific community.

♪ ♪

- Wow.
- Thanks.

Here's the thing.

I don't sound anything like that.

My love of science... my love of science...

- Uh-oh.

Yeah, I'm gonna need you
to take a look at that.

I can't do it... [laughs]

'Cause I have important things to do, so...

- Oh, wha... oh, hey! Ugh!
- Right now, so...

Guys, I gotta run an errand. See ya later.

Where you going?

[erratic buzzing]

- Ah, hello you.
- Hey.

Am I in for another kidnapping?

- Okay, I deserve that.
- [scoffs]

No, um, I just came to check on you.

We haven't seen much of you since Christmas.

That's very sweet of you.
I'm doing well, thank you.

You know, what Savitar did...
forcing you to hurt people...

Savitar was controlling me, okay?

As far as I'm concerned,
my conscience is clear.


Then why the Zolpidem?
Are you having trouble sleeping?

Why don't we stop playing games, Dr. Snow,

and you tell me what you actually came for

rather than accusing me of having insomnia?

[sighs] I actually need your help.

How can I help you?

Well, you're the world's
foremost specialist

- on meta-humans...
- Yes, this much is true.

And I need you to help me
get rid of my powers.

I've tried everything.

I've run every test... blood, DNA...

and I can't reverse this.

I need to get rid of my powers before...

Before what?

Before I hurt someone else...
the way I hurt you.

[tender music]

I don't cure meta-humans.

I put them in prison.

You're on your own, I'm afraid.

[electronic beeping]

[tense music]

♪ ♪

No, no, no, no.

[beeping intensifies]


[beeping continues]

- [beeping stops]
- [sighs]


♪ ♪


Can I open my eyes yet please?

Um, yeah, but just one second.

- Okay.
- Just, um...

yeah... okay, open 'em.

[stammers] Um...

I know you wanted to unpack slowly,

like a normal couple, but I don't know...

between our jobs and
the S.T.A.R. Labs museum and...

do you hate it?

Uh, n-no, no, I don't hate it.

You do. I just... I don't...

I just wanna give you
the home that you deserve.

- I...
- Barry, you have.

I love our loft.

Look... what I don't love

is you not talking to me
about these nightmares.

I don't know. I mean, I've seen

a lot of terrible things in my life.

The nightmares, they're just a part of me.

Yeah, but, Barry, I have been with you

through all those terrible things.

This is different.

It feels different.

What are you not telling me?

[phone buzzes]

I'm sorry.

Oh, that's a robbery in progress.

That is a robbery in progress.

I'm sorry.

- Go.
- [whooshes]

[pensive music]


[rifle humming and whirring]

[glass shatters]

[alarm blaring]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


See, I'm living with someone now,

so I can't have criminals
constantly interrupting

our alone time.


Morillo was found guilty

of grand theft and aggravated assault

after he was caught by The Flash.

[rifle humming and whirring]

[rifle zaps]

[engine revving]

♪ ♪

[laughs] That gun.

I've never seen anything
like that in my life.

- I want a gun like that.
- What happened out there?

Your telemetry readings
dropped precipitously.

- I don't know, but...
- [phone buzzes]

It caught me off-guard.

I've gotta run an errand.
I'll be right back.

Okay, so we're up against
a guy with a futuristic rifle

that steals jewelry and looks like a pirate.

[gruffly] A pirate. Right, then...

we shall call this scurvy lad boy

the name of Plunder. Plunder, agreed?

Jared Morillo, aka Plunder...

Okay, aren't you supposed
to be working on, like,

- your museum, or something?
- Aren't you supposed to be

helping me, Francisco, with me hologram?

Um, that's not my problem.

Yeah, I just wanna show you something.

Why do I feel like
I'm walking into a trap?

Anyway, I'm gonna get CCPD to monitor

all the jewelry stores in the city.

This guys must be pretty full of himself,

knowing he escaped The Flash,
so ten to one, he'll be back.

- All right.
- When he is,

we'll be ready for him,
though, right, Barry?

No, not we, Wally.

This... you're still training.

Have you seen my times
in the Speed Lab lately?

- I'm almost as fast as you.
- Okay, this isn't about speed.

This is about gaining
knowledge and experience,

so please just trust me, all right?


Look, I am as overprotective
a father as you can get,

but I gotta be honest, Barry,

I'm... I agree with Wally.

I don't know, Joe.
Let's just see what else

we can find on this guy
before we let Wally loose.

Okay, well, remember, the best way

to teach somebody something is
to throw them in the deep end.

That's how I taught you how to swim.

That was... I'm still mad about that.

You can swim now, can't you?


Got your text.

Hi. Come and take a seat.

Look, I... I know I was... rude yesterday.

Yeah, you were a world-class jerk.

Yeah, there is a reason.

Because you are a world-class jerk?

Fair enough.

Listen, I've been trying
really hard not to think

about my alter ego, about what he did,

and seeing you, it just...

it brought it all back.

[sighs] Look.

What Alchemy did was not your fault.


Tell that to Dave Frieman,
Ben Edwards, Jorge Gonzales.

These men were part of the CCPD task force

that Savitar murdered.

I should've died, not them.

Julian, what you're feeling,
it's completely normal.

It's called survivor's guilt.

But it wasn't your fault, okay?

You're a victim too.

I... I tortured people

and nearly killed my best friends.

I didn't ask for these powers,

just like you didn't ask
to be used by Savitar.



I just don't know how to move forward.

♪ ♪

Why don't you come join us
at S.T.A.R. Labs?

You can help Team Flash fight meta-humans.

- You're being serious?
- Yeah.

Barry and the team,
they'd be thrilled to have you.

I would be thrilled to have you.

Ah, I'll give it some thought.

Uh, thanks for coming.

[pensive music]

♪ ♪

Tell me why I'm in here
fixing your hologram.

Well, I'm just so persuasive.
As a matter of fact,

my partner on my Earth,
Randolf, used to say,

"Why, H.R., you could convince a cowboy

to buy dirt in a sandstorm." Cappuccino?

Didn't you just have one of those?

Oh, yeah.

Look, I gotta order
more parts for this thing.

Yeah, no, go ahead. Price is no object.


- Hey.
- How's it going?

You know, S.T.A.R. Labs museum,

gift that keeps on giving, so...

- Okay.
- Barry, cappuccino.

- Hi, uh, no... uh, good.
- Okay... all right.

- Sorry.
- You know I'll double down.

- Yeah, no...
- Sure.

Um, I just actually wanted
to ask you something...

- Mm-hmm.
- About your scientific, uh,

- romance novels?
- Oh, my novels, yeah, sure.

Please, ha... have a seat, yeah.

Ask any... anything you want. Any questions.

- Yep... all right, cool.
- Yeah.

Um, well, I was just wondering

if you've ever written about time travel.

But more specifically
traveling to the future.

Oh, no, my best seller... oh, hey,

"The Future Ain't What It Used to Be"...

that was... [sighing and murmuring]

it was all about...
it was all about this guy

who's actively trying
to prevent his own murder.

Won the Nebula Award. It's well-received.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

Um, so this character... your character...

uh, was he able to change his future?

More specifically, if he allowed

certain events to occur naturally,

was he only cementing the very timeline

that resulted in a horrible event later?

There were two schools of thought.

One faction... one group
of fans... they believed,

you know, the future's ever-changing.

You know, it's not fixed, and so

you could make of the future
anything you wish.

- Right.
- Another group of fans

vehemently disagreed with it.
They said, "No, no, no.

"The future is fixed,
and you can't change it

no matter how hard you try."

Mm-hmm. Where do you come down?

On a fixed or ever-changing future?

Well, I think that a man
often meets his destiny

on the very road he takes to avoid it.

- Meaning?
- Meaning...

the future is fixed.

- Yeah.
- Yo, there's a robbery

at the Payson Hotel.

- Go.
- Yeah.

[helicopter rotor whirring]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


[rifle humming and whirring]

Bring that chopper back.


You just couldn't resist
another heist, huh?

♪ ♪

Oh, what's the fun in one and done?

Avoiding a 15-year jail sentence

in Iron Heights would've been nice,

but you're forcing my hand.

I guess it's a little late for that now.

Eh, guess again.

[rifle zapping]



Barry, behind you!

[bullets whooshing]


♪ ♪

I can't shake these things, Cisco.

- Shake faster.
- Huh?

He means phase.


♪ ♪

[bullets thudding]


Barry, what are you waiting for?

After he was caught by The Flash...

♪ ♪

[rifle beeping]


- [rifle humming and whirring]
- Watch out!


[whispers] No, Wally.

[laughing] I caught that whole thing, man.

Anything you wanna say to camera?

- Oh, for real?
- [laughs]

Uh, what up, Central City?
The name's Kid Flash.



Wally, congratulations.

- That was amazing.
- Great job, Wally.

- Kid Flash! Let 'em know.
- Whoo!

- [laughs]
- That's how it's done.

We just deposited Plunder in Iron Heights.

- Yes, you did.
- His real name is

Jared Morillo. Turns out he's wanted

for a string of robberies
from here to Star City.

Wally, what was that?

I mean, you're supposed to be shadowing me.

Wait, you're mad at me? I thought...

Observe and learn. That's it.

- Whoa.
- That's it!

Barry, ease up.
Wally just saved your life.

I'm sorry, Wally, but if you
can't learn to follow orders,

this deal between us, it's over.


Okay. Who's ready for...

oh, man. Wallace, B.A.,

you're supposed to be dressed
for the museum opening.

H.R., we're speedsters. We have time.

- Nobody likes a braggart.
- Yeah, but we were actually

talking about something
important before you showed up,

- so...
- You...

Okay, you clean up well...
Thank you.

I like the way you dress.

Guys, this is a very, very
big deal for all of us.

Come on! Don't be late to the part-ay!

Wally. [sighs]

Look, I'm gonna go over to CCPD

and fill out this Morillo paperwork.

Whatever the reasoning you have,
for ragging on Wally,

- please get over it.
- Mm.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

[balloon sputtering]

♪ ♪

Caitlin, where is everybody? Nobody's here.

No one showed up.

♪ ♪

Ah! A custom... our first customers!

Welcome. Welcome to the grand

S.T.A.R. Labs museum opening,

and today, for your ticket price
of admission...

today only... you also get
a free steaming cup of joe.

- Ticket price?
- Yep.

I thought this museum was free.

Oh, did you find us
through social media? 'Cause...

Welcome... welcome...

- Olga!
- Da.

The thing... it's doing the thing.

Folks, no... wait, do... oh!

Wait... no, wait, half-price!
Half! Quarter...

[sighs] I'll make a new pot of coffee.

- Don't bother.
- No one's coming.

This isn't working. I don't know why.

You see this?

Do you see what you've done, H.R.?

You have distracted us for months, so what?

So that you could feel useful?
You're not useful.

This museum isn't useful.

You know what?

- That's mean.
- Yeah, well, I guess

I learned that from your doppelganger,

and at least he contributed something.

Uh, guys, there's another customer.

Hey, welcome to S...
ah, it's Julius, you guys.

What are you doing here?

Well, uh, I've given it some thought,

and I'd like to accept your invitation.

- [clears throat]
- Invitation for what?

- [sighs]
- Did you ask Julian

to join Team S.T.A.R. Labs?

I know, he's an acquired taste, but...

Yeah, well, he is Dr. Alchemy,

the big bad's little bad, so...

Yeah, he... he gave Wally his powers.

- That, I don't mind.
- Guys, I need his help.

I'm sorry, Cisco, but these
cuffs, they aren't cutting it.

Every night, when I go to bed,

I'm afraid that I'm gonna wake up...

be her.

Maybe Julian can think
of something that we haven't.

[pensive music]

Barry... when your mom was murdered,

Joe and Iris, they took you in.

Cisco, when Dante died,

I slept on your couch to keep you company.

The things we see,
the things that we face...

no one can do this alone.

Trying is the biggest mistake
that you can make.

He hasn't told anyone
that Barry's The Flash.

I think we can give him a chance.

Tell Julian we'll think
about it, all right?

♪ ♪

- Iris...
- Hey.

I need to show you something.

[whirring and clicking]

- I forgot this place existed.
- Yeah.

The original Wells
used to call it his time vault.

I've been coming down here a lot lately.

I guess I've become
as obsessed with the future

as he once was.

[electronic whirring]

[melancholy music]

After Flashpoint happened,
this article reappeared.

"Flash Missing...

Vanishes In Crisis."

Julie Greer, April 25, 2024.

I d...

The byline used to read "Iris West-Allen."

The future's changed.

So maybe I quit my job. [laughs]

Yeah, that's what I'd hoped
at first too, or something,

but I...


Look, Iris, I'm sorry
I didn't tell you this sooner.

When I threw the Philosopher's
Stone into the Speed Force,

I accidentally ran to the future.

I saw Savitar murder you.

♪ ♪

And I saw myself, and I...

I wasn't fast enough to save you.

Barry, no... I mean, we...

We destroyed the Stone.
Savitar's gone, so...

Maybe not. I...

I don't know. I don't know. Maybe not.

♪ ♪

Is that why you keep having nightmares?

You keep seeing me?

So what does this have to do with Plunder?

He was already in jail in the future,

so I don't know.
I thought if I didn't catch him,

that I could stop the timeline
from cementing.

I could prevent your death. I don't know.

Barry, you cannot stop
protecting the city to save me.

Why? Um, why not?

I'm sorry. Uh, one robber goes free.

It's that versus your life.

Joe would want me to make
the exact same choice, Iris.


♪ ♪

[whispers] Iris.

- How long?
- How long what?

How long until it happens?

- This is not gonna happen.
- [sobs]

Hey, look at me. This is not gonna happen.

Jay said that your death is
just one possible future, okay?

So that gives us four months to figure out

how to stop Savitar.

I swear, on both my parents' lives,

I will protect you.

♪ ♪


We can't do this alone, Barry.


Hey, guys, um...

Iris and I, um...

we have something we need to tell you.

So you're saying that
four months from now,

- Savitar will...
- Kill me.

Possi... possibly.

It's okay. Guys, I am okay. Really.

- How are you gonna tell Dad?
- I'm not.

Iris, he needs to know.

I agree with Wallace. Joe needs to know.

No, guys, this news would blind him, okay?

We all saw how crazy he went
when Wally was in danger.

Imagine if he knew that
Savitar was trying to kill me.

He would go after Savitar himself.


The future isn't set. There's still hope.

But, Barry, the future,

it's harder to change than you can imagine.

The future wants to happen.
The way it was explained to me

was, imagine if you had
a row of dominos, okay?

Now, those dominos are
all set up, and it... it's...


So convenient... yeah...
uh, Barry, if you wou...


[gasps] So imagine, okay,

domino... each domino is a moment in time.

One moment in time leads to the next,

so as one domino falls, it hits the next,

it hits the next, and the next,
and the next, and so on,

leading to the inevitable
conclusion, and that is...

[dominos clacking]

The future.

And what happens
if we alter certain events?

Well, you... you could conceivably

change where you end up, but...

but, Barry, if you would... [whooshes]

So you could change the future,

but you'd have to be very careful

about which events...

you alter.

[dominos clacking]

We need to figure out
everything that happens

leading up to Iris's death.

Wait, when I saw the future,
there was a news scroll on TV.

I mean, that could offer us some clues.

Absolutely. I think I can help with that.

Hang on, McFly.

About to vibe you back to the future.

Can you pass me the multi-meter please?


- The multi-meter.
- Yep.

- The multi-meter?
- Yeah.

I'm better with the tools of the scribe.

There it is.

You sure your buddy Randolf
back home didn't just

solve that cryptogram to get rid of you?

Well, perhaps he did.

Look, I came to this Earth
seeking redemption,

but I realize now, you're right.

Greatness isn't in the cards for me.



So you failed.
So nobody came to your opening.

Don't end it like this.

Greatness takes time...

and you know this.

If a string is in a knot,
patience will untie it.

Patience can do lots of things.

Have you ever tried it?

[reflective music]

♪ ♪

All right.

All right, guys. You ready?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, we're ready.

The machine's souped up and ready to go.

It's gonna be a hell of a vibe.

All you have to do
is just sit back, relax...

or, well, try to relax...

and concentrate, really focus

on the exact date in the future
that you traveled to.


May 23, 2017.

Barry, whatever happens, I am right here

waiting for you, okay?

I know.

- Crank it.
- Three, two, one.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

What do you see?

An empty street.

A bus stop.


The me from Christmas just
came out of the Speed Force.

[eerie music]

In other legal news,
the highly publicized trial...

He's watching the news report.

Aka Plunder, comes to a close.

Morillo was found guilty

of grand theft and aggravated assault...

These are the headlines, right?

Headlines. Yeah... you know what?

Call... call 'em out. I'll write 'em down.

[sighs] Um...

"Music Meister gets six-figure book deal."

"Luigi's opens after murder."

"Joe West honored at City Hall."

Good for you, Joe.


What does it say?


"Killer Frost still at large."

"S.T.A.R. Labs museum closes."

"City still recovering
following gorilla attack."


[dramatic music]

Savitar has Iris.

Don't do this.

[distorted] Now finally, I am free of you.

Look, up on the roof.

Barry... I love you.

Hey, no, don't say that, all right?

H.R. is here.
Me? Are you sure?

- Yeah, you weren't here before.
- Future's changed since then.


[distorted] You lose, Barry.


♪ ♪



Just get us out of here.

[buzzing and warbling]

♪ ♪

You had a rifle pointed at Savitar.

Somehow telling you about Iris's death,

it changed the future.

I was wrong, you were right.
Your theory is correct then.

Guys, my future isn't the only
one that we need to change.

No, the... these headlines, though,

they... they tell us
what happens in the future...

where Caitlin becomes
Killer Frost and Iris dies.

If we can change the headlines,

that means we can change the future.

That's right. Challenge accepted.


Dad's upstairs.
We've been looking for you.

What happened?

Plunder escaped.

Morillo assaulted two guards
on his way out of Iron Heights.

Any idea where he might strike next?

Well, we've got it narrowed
down to 35 jewelry stores

and 48 hotels in Central City, so...

What about banks? Auction houses?

He was caught by The Flash,

robbing the Central City Museum
earlier this year.

[murmurs indistinctly]

Central City Museum.

- That's where he is.
- Where'd you get that?

Um, isn't there a jewelry
exhibit there right now?

- Yeah.
- Uh-huh, with diamonds...

big ones, so it makes sense.

- Let's suit up.
- I don't understand.

Come here.

I was a dick yesterday, Wally.
It wasn't about you.

I was scared when you caught Plunder.

I didn't know what it meant
for Iris's future.

You're ready,

far more ready than I was when I started.

What do you say?

- I'm in.
- All right.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- [engine turns over and revs]
- [whoosh]

Plunder, my man.
Where do you think you're going?

Right through you.

[rifle whirs and zaps]


♪ ♪

[engine revving, tires squealing]

♪ ♪

[rifle whirring]


- [zap]
- [grunts]

♪ ♪

- You all right?
- I'm good, dude.

You can have this one.

No, Wally. This one has to be you.


Because if you take down Plunder,

the news report that says
that I captured him

in the future, it's wrong.

We can prove that we can alter the future

here and now.

So that's why you sent me out here.

Hey, I sent you out here
because you're a hero.

♪ ♪

Iris needs a hero right now, Wally.



[engine revving]

♪ ♪

They are running.

♪ ♪

[rifle whirring]


♪ ♪

[explosions booming]

Wally, take your next left.
The streets meet up

in about two miles.
If you time it just right,

- you'll be able to blindside him.
- Got it.

♪ ♪


[motorcycle crashes]



crowd: Kid Flash! Kid Flash!
Kid Flash! Kid Flash!

Do you hear that?
They're saying your name.

Crowd: Kid Flash! Kid Flash!

Kid Flash! Kid Flash!

Kid Flash! Kid Flash!

Kid Flash! Kid Flash!

Kid Flash! Kid Flash!

Kid Flash!

Today's top story,

Jared Morillo, aka Plunder,

is back in police custody

after attempting to rob
the Central City Museum.

Morillo was apprehended by a new speedster,

who goes by the name Kid Flash.

Well, that settles it.

I think you're officially Kid Flash now.

- Yeah, it's growing on me.
- [laughs]

And this rifle is growing on me.

Heat-seeking bullets are just the beginning

of what this bad boy can do.

How did you end up with Plunder's rifle?

Barry stole it for me. Right, Barr?

- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, so you plundered Plunder?

I had to do something
while Wally was cuffing him.

Thanks to you, we changed the future.

If we can change one of these events,

we can change 'em all.

Nothing is set in stone.

[soft music]

We'll see you guys tonight.

- Can't wait.
- Yeah.

[indistinct chatter]

I called the local elementary school,

and gave the principal discounted tickets.

I figured, hey, you know,
if the kids love it,

they'll tell their parents, and, well,

the rest writes itself.

You, Francisco... are brilliant.

Of course, science

is what will inspire these children...

- not just The Flash.
- [gasps]

Check it out.

Welcome to S.T.A.R. Labs.

My name is Francisco Ramon.

I wasn't always the esteemed
engineer you see before you,

but after years of hard work and studying,

I joined S.T.A.R. Labs.

- I hope my love of science...
- Should we go talk to him?

Will inspire some among you

to join the scientific community

as we strive to reach
a new age for humanity.

Thank you.

You're very welcome.

[pop music playing]

Okay, the quiche is in the oven;

the beer and wine are in the fridge;

and the candles are on the table.

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- What?

I forgot the ice.


Instant party save.

Baby, you've never been sexier.

I know.

Hey, Iris.

How are you doing? For real, are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Because if you're not fine,

you can talk to me. You know that, right?

I know.

[doorbell rings]

- All right.
- [laughing]

- You ready?
- Yeah.

- All right.
- [giggles]

- Hey.
- Hey.

I got you guys a plant.

That's like a standard
housewarming gift, right?

- Yes, perfect.
- Not on my Earth.

- On my Earth, we get reptiles.
- Whoa.

I present to you McSnurtle...

the turtle. Careful, she bites.

- I... this is for me?
- It's for the housewarming.

- Wow!
- Hey.

You two did really well.
This place is "noice."

Thank you. Mm, hi, Daddy.


[both laugh] Oh, my God, it's perfect.

[both laugh]

- Wow.
- Yeah, right?

What are we gonna call you?

Look, I... I got a pet.
Who are you trying...

- Hello, hello.
- Oh, hey.

Hi. I hope I'm not too late.

- Right on time.
- Yeah.

Good, good. This is a... it's for you.

- Ah, thank you.
- Yeah.

Um, yeah. So we all talked it over,

and welcome to the team.

You being serious?

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

Yeah, it's so exciting.
I mean, my last team,

they were all murdered by Savitar, so...

We need to work on your small talk skills.

Yeah, sure. Just wanted to be upfront.

- Come on in.
- That's nice of you.

- You want a drink?
- Uh, yeah, I'd love one.

- Thanks. Cheers.
- Is this for me?

- Oh, yeah.
- All right.

This place is incredible, Barr.

Thank you.

I have to admit,
I miss you around the house.

- Yeah?
- But Wally over there

keeps me plenty occupied.

Yeah, um, I already talked to Wally,

but I'm sorry about yesterday.
You were right.

He's really important to this team.

He's a real hero, Joe.

Both of my sons are heroes.

Julian and I were talking
about your battery problem

with your cuffs.

Uh, we decided we'd invest
in an alternate accessory.


Every time you go outside,
solar energy will recharge it.

Guys, this means so much to me.

Thank you.

Of course.

[soft music]

[whispers] Thank you.

- Oh, wow.
- Ta-da!

[glass clinking]

Hey, guys. I asked myself

to say a few words, um, on this occasion.

A home, you know,
it's more than bricks and mortar

and a turtle. It's a... it's a feeling.

It's a feeling of belonging, isn't it?

Of... of love, of course...

uh, hope for the future.

I don't know if I have ever met two people

who are more suited
to one another than you two.

♪ ♪

- To Barry and Iris.
- Barry and Iris.

all: To Barry and Iris.

- To us.
- To us.

[glasses clinking]

♪ ♪

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

[warbling and whooshing]

[ominous music]


♪ ♪


♪ ♪