The Flash (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Flashpoint - full transcript

The Reverse-Flash taunts The Flash and warns of repercussions if Barry continues to forget his old life. When disaster strikes, Barry must decide whether to live as Barry Allen or return to his universe as The Flash.

- Last season,
on "the flash"...

- I'd finally come to grips
with her death.

Finally at the place
I can move on.

- [grunts]
- no!

My father's taken from me.

I need to find some peace.

- Whatever you need to do,
do it.

♪ ♪

- you're not gonna kill her
ever again.

Not gonna hurt you.
- No.

- You're safe.

There's only one thing
I know about life.

["fever" by roosevelt

I know some things
happen by chance.

today's the day.

Today's the day.
Talk to her.

Where is she?

- ♪ fading back
into the night ♪

- and some things happen
because we make them happen.

- ♪ no, nothing's gonna
wake me now ♪

♪ far away from
what we are ♪

- [whispering]
okay, just do it.

Gonna do it.

You've talked to her
a million times.

[inhales deeply]

say something clever.


- channel 52 breaking news.

- The latest
from central city,

where the mysterious
meta-human criminal,

known only as the rival
is once again

terrorizing the populous
with his incredible speed.

[heroic music]

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

[sirens wailing]

[brakes screech]

- need our help, flash?

- Nah. When I'm done
with this fool, he might.

What have you got
against my city?

- The city's just fine.

It's the people in it
who need to be educated.

And I have no rival!

Especially not you.



[siren whoops]

[heroic music]

♪ ♪


- you okay, man?
- Yeah, thanks.


- that guy's really becoming
a pain in my ass.

- Don't worry about it.

you'll get him next time,

♪ ♪


["secret" by chelsea lankes

- ♪ don't leave tonight ♪

♪ stay here,
no one will find us ♪

♪ we'll be all right ♪

♪ we've got silence
to hide us ♪

♪ it's still the way
you want me to ♪

- e-excuse me?

Hi, sorry.
Is this yours?

I think maybe
you dropped it.

It was just right up there.
- Oh.

- I don't know
what happened, but--

- oh, my gosh, yeah,
I didn't even

realize I dropped it.
Thank you so much.

- Yeah, yeah, it's okay.

- Wait, I've--I've
seen you before, haven't I?

- Uhh, we actually went
to elementary school together.

You don't remember me?
Ps 23?

- Oh, my gosh!
Right, yes, I remember!

Gary, right! [chuckles]
- uh, barry.

- Barry.
- Barry allen.

- Right.
- It's fine.

- Sorry, sorry.
- No, it's fine.

- Yeah, yeah, no,
we had, um, mr., uh--

- mr. Hinkley.
- Yes.

- Yeah, for math.
Yeah, he used to

always hit the chalkboard--

[together] with his fist.

- And all the dust
would come flying off.

He'd look just like--

pig-pen from "peanuts."

- yeah, that's--

- yes.
How are you?

- I'm really good.

Yeah, I'm, uh, csi.

I work over at, uh, ccpd.

- Yeah, um, my--
my dad works there, too.

He's a detective.
- Yeah, I see him sometimes.

I don't really know him,
but I, you know,

see him in passing.
- Cool, yeah.

Um, well, thanks again.

I guess you're my hero today.

- Glad I could
be there for you.

You know what? Uh, would you
wanna get a coffee?

I mean, I know you're having
a coffee right now.

I meant, like, you know,
at a different time.

With me. Or it doesn't even
have to be a coffee.

It could be any
kind of beverage,

like a wine or a beer, or--

not that I wanna
get you drunk.

We--we could get iced tea.
Do you like iced tea?

Do--would you wanna get
an iced tea with me?

- Um--
- [sighs]

- yes, yes.
- Yeah?

- Yes, I would like to get
an iced tea with you.

- Okay.
- Barry allen,

you're very cute,
you know that?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, but, um,

you should try talking
just a little bit slower.

- Speed...

Has always been my problem.

[elevator bell dings]

- see you later.

- What's up, barry?

- Hey.
- You look a little less glum

this day's afternoon.
- [sighs] captain mendez,

I asked out a girl
and she said yes.

- Ah, there's no
better feeling, is there?

- No better feeling.
- Well, until the day

she says, "I do."

- yeah, we got a ways to go
before that, I think.

- Great, well that'll give you
a lot of time to catch me up

on where we are
with the rival.

- Nothing substantive.
He hasn't left

any hair or skin samples
at any of his attacks

on the ccpd.
- So you're telling me

there's no way
to id this guy.

- We'll figure out who he is
when the flash stops him.

- Well the flash
better hurry up.

Pun intended.


All right.

Has anybody seen
detective west?

- You know, I think he had to
stop by evidence.

- Uh-huh.
- I don't know

where he is, actually.


Oh, captain, is it okay
if I leave a little early today?

- For your hot date?
- No, I'm, uh, just

meeting a friend for dinner.

♪ ♪


[intense music]

- barry!
[shimmering tones]




[thud, yelling]


- you're not gonna
kill her this time.

You're not gonna kill her
ever again.


[breathes heavily]

it's okay.
It's okay.

I'm not gonna hurt you.
- [breathing heavily]

- you're safe now.

- [gasps]

[zapping, whooshing]

♪ ♪

- [panting]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- dinner.

- There better be
curly fries in there.

- Yeah, human beings can go
almost three weeks without food

so I'd sound a little bit more
grateful if I were you.

- [sighs]

well, you wouldn't
do that to me, barry.

After all,
you're the hero.

Or did you forget that?

Too busy leading your reverse
"it's a wonderful life"?

reverse, huh?

That's irony for you.

So, uh, what should
we call this, uh,

brave new world
that you've whipped up for us?

I was thinking...


- So you don't want this?

- You may have figured out
a way to dampen my speed

with this glass cage,
but I will get out of here

and I will destroy your life,
flash, one way or the other.

- No, you won't.

Ah, you're never
getting out of here.

And you're never gonna
hurt anybody ever again.

I have everything back
that you took from me.

I have everything zoom took.

I'm finally free.

I'm home.

- This isn't your home, barry.

This is a mirage.

A fiction that will
end us both,

unless you let me the hell
out of this thing!

[pounds wall]

- well,

you're not listening, don.

Why would I want
to get out of here?

I'm whole, here.

There's even a flash,
so I don't have to be.

- Yeah, who is this dashing
young speedster, huh?

Do you know?
You even care?

While you sit around
and hide

like a lost,
lonely little boy,

letting someone else
risk their life

to protect the city,
our common enemy

is coming for us both.

- What common enemy
is that?

- Time.

It's already
screwing with you

and everyone you love.

And pretty soon,
it's gonna take me

right down along with you.

- Wow.


You know,

you've got some nerve.

I'll give you that.

warning me about messing
with other people's lives.

You--you know
the whole reason I did this

is because of what
you did to my life.

To my family.

To my mother.

- Yeah, well, one day, soon,

you'll be begging me
to kill her again.

[tense music]

[low conversation]

can you hold this for me?
- Oh, yeah.

- Oh, I wanted to tell you,
the car's making these noises,

like a--kind of
a clanking noise...

[low conversation continues]

do you wanna drive?
- Whatever you want.

Hey, slugger.
- There's my beautiful boy.

Is everything all right?

- Yeah.

Everything's great.


[spirited orchestral music]

♪ ♪

- mornin'!
- Morning, barry.

- Mornin'.

- Ah. [claps]
looks good.

Both: Hey.
- Muah.

- What is up with you?

- What do you mean?
- Lately, you hug me

every morning
as if it's the first time

you've seen me in months.
- [sighs]

well, I mean, I'll stop
if you really want me to.

- Never.
I love it.

Oh, barry,
I wanted to tell you,

I sold a house
to a nice older couple

a few weeks ago.
- Mm-hmm.

- The basement apartment.
- Mm-hmm.

- They emailed me
this morning

to tell me they wanted
to rent it.

- Cool.
- Very reasonably.

- You want me to move out?

- No, no, son, come on.
It's just, you know,

if you ever
thought about dating...

- [gasps] oh, I forgot
to tell you guys.

The, uh, the--
the girl that

I've seen at jitters--
- it's the girl

you've been stalking
for the last three months?

- I have not been stalking her.

I've been working up
the courage

to ask her out.
- And?

- And did.
- [gasps]

- and she said yes.
- [gasps] ohh!

- All right.
Good job.

- This girl just got
the best guy, huh?

- Aww. Mm.
- Oh, honey.

- All right.
- Hey, bar.

- Yeah?
- Have you seen detective west?

- He's--
- I told him

that if he was late again,
he'd be facing a ten day rip.

- Uh, yeah, no, he mentioned
something yesterday,

actually, about running another
canvass on that jefferson case.

- Oh! Okay.
Then I can see why

he hasn't answered me
for the past hour.

- Uh...Maybe he's in
a weird zone or something.

- A we--

- cell zone.
- [sighs]


[knock at door]

[door opens]


detective west?



- [snoring]

- oh, no.


Hey, joe, you got--
- [coughs]

- [strained]

I'm sorry about this, joe.

[shower running,
toothbrush brushing]


- what the--

[playful music]

afternoon, detective.

- Oh, hey, allen.
- Hey.

So I told captain mendez
you were canvassing

for the jefferson case

Breath mint?
[mints rattle]

- what--why are you talking

to the captain about me?

- Oh, you're just
a little late again.

- That's my business,
not yours.

- I was just trying
to help you out.

[elevator bell dings]

- am I wearing a sign
that says "help me"?

- Might as well be.

- Look, like they say
in the movies,

we're not partners
and we're not friends.

- Mm-hmm.
- You don't know me.

You don't know my life,

so why the sudden interest
in me keeping my lousy job?

And what the hell makes me so
interesting to you, mr. Allen?

Tell me.
I'd really like to know.

- I--
- and remember,

I have a hangover.

And a gun.


♪ ♪

- oh, I get it.

- What?
- No.

I do not approve.

- Hi, barry.
- Hey.

- Dad.
- Iris.

You think it's a good idea,
dating somebody I work with?

- It's just a lunch.

And truthfully,
I wasn't even sure

you still worked here.

You ready?
- Yeah, let's do it.

- Okay.

- How's it going?
- Good. I just gotta

go grab my jacket.

- I'm sorry about
that mini-scene

with my dad, earlier.
- Oh, yeah.

Don't worry about it.

I just feel bad for him.

And you.

- You barely even know us.

- Feels like I do.

Is that weird?

Is that a weird thing
to say?

- No.

No, I mean, strangely,
I know what you mean.

I never say yes to guys
asking me out like that.

Yet, I said yes to you.

Why'd I do that?

- I don't know.

Some people are just
meant to

be in your life, I guess.

- So, um, tell me about you.

- Yeah.
- Mom and dad?

- Uh, alive and well.

- That's nice.
- Mm-hmm.

- You guys close?

- We are, yeah, very.

I...Couldn't imagine
life without them.

They're like stupid in love.

I hope I have
what they have someday.

- You just haven't met
the right girl, yet?

Is that it?

- That's the thing
about the right girl.

She's out there,

Just have to be
lucky enough to find her.

- Where'd you come from,
barry allen?

- I've always
been here, iris.

[staccato pulsating]

[ominous music]

[overlapping muted sounds]

[pulsating fades]

- are you okay?
- Uh, sorry, yeah,

that, um--
I was just thinking

of something and...
[sirens wailing]

I lost it.

What's going on?

- Flash and the rival
are going at it

in the werther building.

Everyone needs
to evacuate this area.

- I am so sorry.

I have to go.

- Really? What--
- yeah, yeah.

There's something
I have to do.

Uh, this--this was--
rain check, okay?

- Anytime.




[glass breaking,
people screaming]

[glass shattering]

come on.

yeah, yeah, that's you...

No, hey, hey, hey!
No! No!


thought I had him.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


- Who the hell are you?

- So this is your base
of operations, huh?

- Yeah. What were you

A fortress?
- Uh, no, you know, no.

Just something
a little more secure.

I mean, you never know
who's gonna come

walking through that door.

- Yeah, I was just about
to say the same thing.

- Iris.
Both: Hi.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm not--I'm--

- he showed up when
I was fighting the rival,

and he already knew
who I was.

- Is that why
you asked me out?

Because my brother
is the flash?

- Uh, no, no. This is
a complete coincidence.

- Okay, how'd you know
who I was under the mask?

- Um, uh, csi.

You know, so I just, uh--
put it together.

So what I don't know
is how you got your speed.

- Oh, okay, so before I went on
the straight and narrow,

I used to drive
illegal cars.

- Uh-huh.
- I was messing around

with a new nitro formula
to get my engine revving faster.

Then one night,
I'm racing in a thunder storm,

my car get struck
by lightning.

And it must have mixed
with the formula


I was in a coma
for nine months.

Then when I woke up,
I was the fastest man alive.

The flash.
- [clears throat]

more like kid flash.
- Don't call me that.

- I call you that.
- Okay, how about

no one calls me that?

- So how did you
get involved?

- I'm a reporter for ccpn.
- Uh-huh.

- Instead of just reporting
on crimes

that are happening in the city,

I decided to do something
about it.

- Brother/sister
crime-fighting unit.

- So does your dad
know about you two?

- You work with the guy.
What do you think?

- I think that...
We need to stop the rival.

- [sighs] yeah.
- We're open to suggestions.

I've been trying
to run him down for months.

No luck. He's fast.
Maybe faster than me.

- Well, if you're willing,
I think maybe I could help.

- There's only one man
who can help us now.

Cisco ramon.

[upbeat funky music]

♪ ♪

- ♪ money in the back ♪

♪ ♪

- didn't this used to be
s.T.A.R. Labs?

- Where have you been
the past few years?

- Running around.
- Cisco alone

made billions
with his tech apps.

Bought the building.
- Billions.

- Yeah, cisco ramon
is the richest man

in america.
[elevator bell dings]

- oh! Is there
a better way

to get to work
than by helicopter?

Let me answer that.
Capital n, little o.

- Quite right, mr. Ramon.
As for logicframe,

it's a relatively
small startup.

The I.P. Is expected
to be in the low teens.

- Offer them 20 mil.

♪ ♪

- ♪ money in the back ♪

- huh.


I, um, got some
business to attend to,

so we'll get on that
other matter later?

- Not if I get on it first, huh?
- Ooh...

- ♪ "oh, baby,"
she said ♪

♪ oh, oh, baby ♪

- mm. Independent woman.

I like it.
I like it.

Huh, well...

I told you never
to come back here.

- ♪ but it was just
money in the back ♪

♪ said, money in the back ♪

- I make you
a friction-proof suit

so your clothes
don't explode at mach 2,

and you leave me out of your
brother/sister war on crime.

That was the deal.
- Okay, listen to me, mr. Ramon.

We need your help.

I'm sure you've seen
the rival on tv.

He is terrorizing the city to
prove that he's the fastest.

I mean, god only knows
what he's gonna do next.

We have to stop him.
- Okay, so stop him.

Please, go with god,
have fun.

But you know what?
You know what happens

when you mess with
a speedster?

That's what happens.

You get a vibrating hand going
right through your ribcage.

No thanks.
[munches on carrot]

my money needs me.

- Wait, cisco,
you're not gonna help us?

- Oh, that reminds me.
Who the hell is this?

Huh? You brought some stranger
into my lab

and told them
I helped the flash.

- Cisco.
- Uh-uh.

I don't know you,
string bean.

- Str--

mr. Ramon.
- Oh, yes?

- I do know what kind of
person you are.

Deep down, you care about
helping other people.

- Please, tell me more.

- I heard a story about how,
when you were 15,

your brother dante
owed a bookie

and he couldn't pay back
what he owed,

so you gave him all the money
you earned that summer

delivering pizzas
to help him.

[gentle music]

♪ ♪

- how do you
know about that?

- I have a feeling that...

We would work really well
together as partners.

Taking down
meta-humans together.

I mean, it's what
we're supposed to do.

We're a team.

We're friends.

[inhales sharply]
[staccato pulsating]

discordant sounds]

- hey.

- I'm okay.
I'm okay, I just...

What was I--

what was I just saying?

- What is going on
with you?

- I'm not sure.

[tense music]

- and here,
I was starting to think

you'd forgotten
all about me.

- But I am forgetting.

What's happening to me?

- I was wondering
when you'd notice.

- It's like I'll be thinking
of a moment from my past

and then it--
it vanishes.

I can't get it back.

- Flashpoint.
It's a side effect.

See, I told you before.
You don't know

what you're doing.

This new reality
you've created

is starting to overwrite
the reality that you and I know.

So your original life--
your friends, your family--

pretty soon, all of that
will just fade away.

- Why isn't it
happening to you?

- Not sure.
- [scoffs]

- unless--

- what?


- [laughing]

- what the hell's so funny?

- Your speed!


the more you use it,

the faster
you lose your memories.

[suspenseful music]

- no.

No, you're lying.

You just want me
to let you out of here.

That's never gonna happen.

- The you I know
from the future,

he's not this stupid.
Pretty soon,

you won't even remember
that you're the flash.

And when that happens,

this world
will become permanent.

Time will set like concrete,

and nothing will be able
to change it back

to the way it was.

- That's fine by me.

- You know what
you have to do.

You have to take me back
to that night

and let me finish
what I started.

- You go to hell!

- You're taking
both of us there!

Now who's the villain, flash?

Now who's the villain?

[dramatic music]

- unbelievable.

It's like I'm really there.


don't do that!

I told you it freaks me out.

- It wasn't me.

- [breathing hard]

who are you?

- The man who's gonna help you
stop the rival.

[intense music]

- barry?

- Okay, so...

I can tell from the
"I don't believe you"

looks on your faces

that you don't believe me.

- We believe
you're a speedster,

but you're gonna
have to explain

that part about
flashpoint again.

- All right, look.

This is as simple
as I can put it.

I'm gonna use this glass,
mr. Ramon.

- What?

- Imagine that this line
is time, okay?

I went back in time,

stopped the reverse flash
from killing my mom.

In doing so, I created
an alternate timeline,

a whole new existence
where you're kid flash...

- The flash.
Both: Kid flash.

- And cisco's a billionaire.

- So you're saying
there's a time line out there

where I'm not rich?

Boy, that's a glitch
in the universe.

- No, not buying it.

Um, my life is my life.

Didn't just start
three months ago, okay?

I've always been me.

- Yeah.

I don't know what to tell you,

It's complicated.

- Okay, look.

Even if we did believe you,

why are you telling us this now?

- Because...

I've been hiding here
for too long.

The rival needs to
be stopped.

I stop the bad guys.

We can all take him down

- I can get him myself.

- Then why haven't you?

- Well, I'm not interested.

I don't know how many times
I gotta tell you freaks;

I already did my bit
for queen and country.

- Wait,
we're missing something.

Hold on.
Excuse me.

- What are you doing?
Hey, don't touch that.

- Got it.


- oh!
What just happened?

- Stop bringing strangers
into my lab.

Who is this?

- This is dr. Caitlin snow.

In my timeline,
she's a part of our team.

- Did you--
you just kidnapped this woman.

- No, I didn't--

well, yeah, I guess, I--

she's a scientist.
We need her.

- I'm not a scientist.

- You're not a scientist?

- I'm an ophthalmologist.

- An eye doctor?

- Pediatric eye doctor.

- And...We're done.

- Okay.
[clears throat]

can I talk to you in private?

- Yeah.


[light music]

♪ ♪

- excuse me.
- Mm.

- Have I been kidnapped?

- Unclear.

- [exhales]
look, I'm sorry.

I know that this is hard
to believe.

- No, that's just it, barry.

I do believe you.

- You...Do?

You believe me?

- I have a good life.

I have a good job.

I love my brother.

But something has been off.
Something has been missing.

And that feeling
that something

is not right
with my life,

that went away
the moment that I met you.

[soft music]

♪ ♪

we're something else
to each other

where you come from,
aren't we?

- Yes.

- What?

- It's...

It's escaped

- But it's love?

Because this is what
love feels like.

- Since the day
that I met you.

- Hey.

[snaps fingers]
we got something.

Turns out kiddie eye doc here
actually had a good idea.

- I have always wondered
why no one

turned the speed cameras
in the city

to register
near sonic velocities.

Seems like a ready-built
early warning system.

- So I reprogrammed
the cameras.

[computer beeping]


There's your rival.

The old sawmill
out by williamson.

- All right.
Follow my lead?

- The flash
doesn't follow anyone.

- Listen to him,

He's the flash.

- You know,

you would be an
excellent candidate for lasik.

- You know how to flank?

- People always say that
in the movies.

Is that, like, a thing,

- What are you talking about

yes, flanking's a thing.

All right, look.

I'm gonna go at him head on.

You attack at a 90-degree angle.

When he turns
to fight you,

leaves himself
vulnerable to me.

When he turns to fight me--

- I get him.
Exactly how it should be.

- How'd you find this place,

- I'm so gonna
kick your ass.

- [chuckles]
oh ho ho...

There's two of you now?

Is that supposed to scare me?

- A little quaking in your boots
wouldn't be inappropriate.

- Well, here's how scared
I am of you.

My name is edward clariss.

Rivals should know
each other's names.

I mean, you might as well
tell me,

since neither of you
are leaving this place alive.

Who are you?

- Me?

I'm the flash.

That's all you need to know.

- Well, after I rip that cowl
off your corpse,

I'll know who you are.

Just another pretender

who thought
they could take me on.

So who wants to meet
the speed force first?

- Hey, stay in position.

- I can take him.

I got this.


[exciting music]

♪ ♪

- the flash is taking on
the rival at prescott sawmill.

Get down there,
make sure the action

doesn't spill out
into the neighborhood.

We can't leave
the flash out there alone.

[exciting music continues]

♪ ♪

- whoo!

[grunts, gasps]

- wally!

- [gasping]

- wally!

- Telemetry from the suit

says he's still alive.

- Barely.

- Hey, hey, hey...Hey.

You're going to be okay,
all right?

You're gonna be okay.

I'm gonna get you
out of here.

- That one was never my rival.

You could be, though.

You want to find out?
[bat clatters]

defeat me,

and I'll let you take
your little friend for help.

- No.

You're the one
who's gonna need help.


[exciting music resumes]

[exciting music]

♪ ♪

[mysterious music]

[muted, overlapping sounds]

- good-bye, flash.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- [grunts]

- oh, my god.

It's like "twister" in there,

the movie, not the game.

The satellite's picking up
two distinct funnel patterns.

Tornados measure at f3
on the fujita scale.

This guy's like a weather wizard
or something.

[wind whipping]

[dramatic music continues]

♪ ♪

- guys!

I can't stop him.

- Listen to me, barry.

You said we love each other
in that other life.

If I were your iris
from over there,

I'm sure I would know
exactly what to say,

but I don't.

All I can say is
I believe in you.

And you can stop this guy.

Be the flash, barry.

Because that's who you are.

You're the flash.

[dramatic music]

- I'm the flash.

[dramatic music continues]

♪ ♪

- that's impossible.

[dramatic music continues]

♪ ♪

- [grunts]

[gasping, panting]

you really are
the fastest man alive.

- It's over.

- [moans]


- joe.

It's wally.
He needs help.

- Wally?




Son, can you hear me?

[somber music]

♪ ♪

- wally's vitals are low,

and he's lost
a lot of blood.

- He should be
rapidly healing.

- It's one of the gifts
of being a speedster.

- He's not.
I'm sorry.

♪ ♪

am I free to go?

- Mm-hmm.

- This is why I didn't want
to get involved.

Crime fighting sucks.

- I thought I could
just make things better,

but everybody's been paying
for my happiness.

Will you help me?

- Do what?

- Make things right.

- [chuckles]
- ah...Oh, I need that.

- You don't need that.

[both laugh]
you do not need that.

[delicate music]

- hey, guys.

- Hey.
- Hey, slugger.

- Who's this?

- This is iris.

- It's nice to meet you, iris.
- Hi.

- Can I get you something
to drink?

- Oh, no, I'm okay.
Thanks, mrs. Allen.

- You okay, barry?

- Yeah, I just...

Wanted to see you both
one more time.

- What does...That mean?

- Nothing.

I, uh...

♪ ♪

these last three months
have been the best.

Just getting to
spend time with you.

I just...Wanted you to know
how grateful I am,

to both of you,
to be your son.

- Barry, you're scaring me.

- No, there's--

there's nothing
to be afraid of.


I just...

I love you both.

[plaintive music]

♪ ♪

[ominous music]

discordant sounds]

- hey, barry!

Are you okay?

- [panting]

it's getting worse.

We have to hurry
before it's too late.

- Having a bad day, barr?

Well...If it isn't
the future mrs. Allen.

- Barry told me not to listen
to anything you say.

- Oh.
That's just bad advice.

'cause I'm the answer man.


I am the answer
to all your prayers.

All you need to do
is ask me, barry.

- We need to go back in time.

To that night.

- To do what?

- You know
what I need you to do.

- Yeah.

But I want to
hear you say it.

- I need you
to kill my mother.

- With pleasure.

- I hate you.

- And I hate you.

And I sometimes wonder
which of us is right.

- It seems weird
to wish you good luck.

- I'm so sorry about all this.

- Will I know
when things change back?

Will I feel it?

- It'll be like
it never happened.

- I'll see you soon.


- Get back!

God, I wish I could kill you.

But today...
[barry gasps]

I get to be the hero.


- no!

[men grunting]

- you're not gonna kill her
this time.

You're not gonna kill her
ever again.



it's okay.

It's okay.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

- [sobbing]
- I'm not gonna hurt you.


You're safe.

You're safe now.

- Actually...

She's not.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- [panting]

please don't hurt me.


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- [panting]

there we go.

Things are back
to how they should be.

Well, for me, anyway.

For you...



I guess you'll just have to
wait and find out.

- What?
What does that mean?

- See you
sometime soon, flash.


- what's this for?

- Just glad you're here.

- Are you okay?

- Oh-ho.

Yeah, I am now.

- You just lost your father,

You don't have to be okay.

- Actually,
I feel closer to my parents

than I ever have.

- Well, good, son.

- To your pops.
- To henry.

- To my dad.

[bottles clink]

where's iris?

- That ain't funny.

I'm gonna
chalk that up to grief.

I'll see you both
in the morning.

- What was that about?

- Are you kidding me?

You know iris isn't here.

- What?

- They don't talk, barry.

You know that.

[intense musical buildup]

♪ ♪

- oh, god.
What did I do?

♪ ♪

- clariss.


- [gasps]

Who's there?

- It's time to wake up.

[high-pitched scratching]

[dramatic musical buildup]

♪ ♪

[scratching continues]

- greg, move your head.