The Flash (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Enter Zoom - full transcript

Barry and his team plan to trap Zoom with Linda's help while Joe is against it.

- My name is Barry Allen,

and I am
the fastest man alive.

To the outside world,

I'm an ordinary
forensic scientist,

but secretly,
with the help of my friends

at S.T.A.R. Labs,
I fight crime

and find other meta-humans
like me.

I hunted down
the man who killed my mother,

but in doing so,
I opened up our world

to new threats,

and I am the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am The Flash.

- Previously on
"The Flash"...

- There is, indeed,
a hole in our universe

which leads to his Earth.

- Meet Dr. Harrison Wells
from Earth-2.

Do you think we've reached
the good-night kiss stage?

- Zoom is obsessed
with speed.

- He has been sending
meta-humans from your world

through the breaches
to fight me.

- Her name is Doctor Light.

- Hello, gorgeous.

- What do you want from me?

- Your life.

- I saw myself.

- Sounds like you have
an evil meta-twin.

- Where are you?

- I'm right here.

- I'm here to kill you, Flash,
so get ready to fry.

- Bring it on.


♪ ♪

Told you.

Zoom always wins.

♪ ♪

Zoom sent me here
to kill you,

but I didn't want to.

- But you were fine
with killing Linda Park.

- It was the best bad idea
I could come up with.

Leave her body
for Zoom to find,

he'd think I was dead,
and I'd be free.

- How was he supposed to know
where to find her body?

- Just let me go.

Let me disappear.

- You would spend
the rest of your life

looking over your shoulder,

never knowing
when Zoom is coming.

- Okay.
And what's your great idea?

- How were you
supposed to contact him

after you killed me?

- I was supposed
to get something--

something I could only get
if you were dead--

and then throw it
through the breach as proof.

- And then what?
- Then he'd come for me.

Confirm the kill
and bring me home.

Why do you want to know?
- Because I want to find him.

- You really don't.

- He's gonna keep coming
for me.

He's gonna keep
kidnapping people like you,

forcing them to do
what he wants.

I have to stop him
before more people die.

- You can't stop Zoom.
- Yes, I can.

I will,
but I need your help.

- Zoom wants Doctor Light
to send him your new emblem.

- Yes.
We need it for bait.

If we can get Doctor Light
to take my emblem,

throw it through the breach,
then Zoom will come

to collect my body,
and we can trap him.

- You know it took
a lot of work

to make that emblem, right?

- This is the woman
who was willing to kill Linda

in order to escape Zoom,

but now she's willing
to help us catch him?

- She knows
it's the only way.

- Before I left Earth-2,

I worked on a serum
to dampen Zoom's speed.

All we would need
is for Ramon

to develop a weapon
to deliver it.

- Oh, great, that could be
this year's cold gun.

Maybe another criminal
can get it,

and then we'd have
Sergeant Slow.

- I would
never let that happen.

Sergeant Slow
is a terrible name.

- Are we forgetting
how much more powerful

than Barry
Zoom seems to be?

I mean,
if Barry can catch bullets,

what's to say Zoom can't catch
whatever you shoot at him?

- Surprise--
the element of surprise.

All we would do
is rig a projectile

to fire as Zoom crosses
into the breach.

He can't stop
what he can't see coming.

- That's great.
- Thanks.

- Joe,
voice of reason here?

- We need a plan.
That's as good as any.

As long as he can deliver.

- Don't underestimate me,

- Oh, Patty needs us
back at the station.

I'll meet you there,
all right?

- Are you just forgetting
everything Jay told us

and supporting Wells now?

- Oh, no,
I don't trust Wells at all.

I just want to see
what he's up to.

I figure we give him some rope,
he'll hang himself.

- Yeah, I'm totally with you.
I think he's hiding something.

- Look, my hunch
after interrogating suspects

all these years, something's
not right with this dude.

Barry told me
about this thing you can do?

- Vibing.
- Oh, God, just relax.

- Can you do it
with Wells?

- I can try.

- Incapable?

Well, let me
tell you something.

If you are incapable
of aligning the quantum helix

and, by the way,
the sole purpose

of your employment
here at S.T.A.R. Labs,

could you save me
some time and effort?

Could you go out there
and find someone

who can actually
do your job for you?

- There it is.

Work voice.

When I was little
and you used to bring me

to S.T.A.R. Labs with you,

it used to freak me out

how differently you talked here
than when you were at home.

- You and your mother both.
Shouldn't you be at school?

- I graduated high school
when I was 15, Dad.

- Right.
- Can miss a day of college.

- Ah, that's my Jess,
always so quick.

- So?
- So?

- Is it true?

- Is what true?

- What The Flash said about you
at the press conference?

That your particle accelerator
created the meta-humans?

- It is--

- Why didn't you
just tell me?

- Jay Garrick,
it turns out,

is much faster
at assigning blame

than he is
at actual heroics.

- Dad, The Flash is a hero.
- Uh-huh.

- Okay, I've never understood
why you disliked him so much,

but now I know it's because
he knew what you'd done.

- What I've done
at S.T.A.R. Labs

is change the world, Jesse,

unlocking the mysteries
of the universe.

And when you don't have
the key to the lock,

sometimes you have
to kick in the door.

You should get to school.

- Don't worry.
I got my education today.

- You're my joy,
Jesse Quick.

- All right. Talk to you later.
- See you, Joe.

- Great, you're here.

- Good morning to you too,

- Yes, I was up all night

working on
the Doctor Light case.

I-I've been trying
to anticipate

all the powers
she might throw our way,

you know,
on the premise

that she can manipulate
light energy.

- I appreciate it, but--
- Did you know

that light energy
can be turned into hard light?

I mean, that doesn't even sound
like a thing, but it is.

- Seriously, Patty--

- No, and on the other end
of the spectrum is invisibility.

Look, it--it's just
hypothetical, but I think that--

- The Doctor Light case
is closed.

- Oh, uh, okay.

Can you tell me why?

- No.

- No?

- Hey.

- Hi!
- Are you good?

- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Your dad just shut me down
in a big way.

- What do you mean?
- I-I don't know. It just--

You don't think it's because
you and I kissed?

- Uh, no,
I don't think he knows.

I didn't say anything,

but I can talk to him
if you want.

- No, no, no,
I'll talk to him.

You know,
he's my partner.

We should have
trust and communication.

- Are you sure? I don't mind
talking about that kiss.

It was a good kiss.

- Yeah, yeah,
although the memory--

it's a little foggy.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

I might need, like,
a reminder soon.

- Okay.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Have you had any word
from The Flash

about the meta-human
that killed Larkin?

- No, not yet,
but I know he's working on it.

- You know,
maybe I could talk to him.

- Linda, I don't think
that's a good idea.

- Look, Larkin is dead,

which makes it really hard
for me to concentrate

on field goals
and doping scandals.

I don't want to sit around
being told not to worry

my pretty little head
about it.

- I get that.
Believe me, I do.

- Then tell him
I want to help.

Please, I can't let this woman
who looks like me

hurt anyone else.

- I'll ask again.

But trust me, Flash has
everything under control.

- Crap.

♪ ♪

Doctor Light's gone invisible.

Lock the doors.

Shut the doors!

- The doors aren't responding.

None of the security protocols
are responding.

- She's hacked the system.

- Barry, Doctor Light
is escaping.

- Where is she?

♪ ♪

- Doctor Light managed to hack
into the lights of her cell.

The whole building
runs on fiber optics

that operate
on pulses of light,

so she turned off the dampeners
and used her powers.

- I told you
how dangerous she was.

You should have listened to me
and sedated her.

- I thought I had convinced her
that helping us

was the only way
she'd free herself from Zoom.

- Well, you thought wrong.
- Yeah.

- Okay, look,

Doctor Light is gone,
so instead of assigning blame,

let's try to figure out
what we're gonna do next.

- Do you think she's gonna try
and take Linda again?

- I had Iris
bring Linda to the house,

just in case,
to keep an eye on her.

How are we doing
with the speed-dampener?

- I think we isolated
the composite.

- And we're modifying the dart
The Arrow used

to take down Wells.

- He's not Wells.
I'm Wells.

- Whatever, Harry.

- But we don't even really know
if this thing works.

- Until we try it, no.
This will be a field test,

so can we end
this scintillating staff meeting

and get back to work?

- Or how about I say
what everybody's thinking?

Maybe it's a good thing
that Doctor Light is gone.

Maybe it's the universe
stopping us

from doing something
really stupid.

- No.
No. Keep going.

I'm gonna figure out
another way to get Zoom.

- Hey, slow your roll.
I want to talk to you.

- Joe, look,
I know what I'm doing.

- Okay, I don't,
so why don't you clue me in?

- I'm trying
to stop Zoom.

I thought
you were on board with that.

- I'm keeping
my options open.

- I don't understand
why you think we have a choice.

Zoom wants me dead.

The meta-humans that
he's sending from Earth-2,

they don't care how many
innocent people get in the way.

Look at what happened
to Iris and Linda's boss.

He was just collateral damage
in Zoom's war.

The next time,
that could be you or Iris.

- I'm just wondering if going
after him now is premature.

I mean, we barely know anything
about his abilities.

- Wells does.

- You're putting
a whole lot of faith

in the man
wearing the face

of your mother's killer.

I think we should find Jay,
get him to help us on this.

- Yeah, Jay made it pretty clear
that he doesn't want to help

get me killed,
and we can't just sit around

and wait for Zoom
to make his next move anymore.

We can't.

Aren't you the one
who told me

life isn't
about playing defense,

sometimes the only way
to succeed

is by working the offense?

- I think at the time
we were talking about

your high school
football tryouts.

- You said
you'd never bring that up again.

- Hey.

I just wanted to say using
the, uh, tungsten composite

to dampen vibrations,
that was, uh--

that was pretty brilliant.

- What are you doing?

- I'm congratulating you.

- Don't touch me.

- Wow, try to give a guy
a compliment.

- You're not trying
to give me a compliment.

You're trying
to meddle into things

that are none of your business.

What did you vibe about me?
- Nothing.

- What did you vibe about me?
- Nothing.

God, why?
What's there to vibe on?

- Don't touch me.
If you have questions, ask them.

Otherwise stay away
from me.

- So?

- God, you'd think
the serial killer version

would've been
the bigger jerk.

- What happened
when you touched him?

What did you see?

- Oh, I didn't see anything.

- Go touch him again.

- No, he's onto me now.

- Well, you have
to keep trying.

I mean,
I think Joe's right.

Something must have happened
between Wells and Zoom,

made this personal.

- The Arrow of Starling City,
formerly known as The Hood,

has been unmasked
as billionaire Robert Queen.

Robert was marooned
on an island

when his boat went down
in the Pacific,

an accident that ended
with the tragic death

of his son, Oliver.

Robert Queen
was thought dead when--

Excuse me,
I'm receiving word.

There has been an attack
at Central City College.

The science building
was the focus

of another meta-human attack.

We are just receiving video.

Please be advised,
I'm being told

that the footage
you're about to see...

- Hey, Jesse, it's Dad.
Can you--

I just--
I saw on the news--

Just call me, all right?
Let me know that you're okay.

That you weren't--

- Witnesses report that
The Flash arrived on the scene

but not before
the hostile meta-human

escaped with a hostage--
a female student.

We have not yet ID'd her,

and there is no indication
as to why she has been

specifically targeted.


can we talk for a minute?

- If this is
about Doctor Light--

- No, yeah--no.

Uh, maybe,
but okay, look.

I think I figured out
why you've been

a bit shut down
the last couple of days.


- Yeah, I feel like
you're not being

completely transparent
with me,

but I think
that it's my fault.

Look, you're a great--
excellent--wonderful detective,

and I think you can sense
I'm not being

completely transparent
with you.

And you're right.
Look, we're partners.

We need to be completely honest
with each other.

No secrets...
- Patty.

- Barry and I kissed.

- There's something to being
too transparent.

- No, no, no, no,
I think that it's great

that everything's just out
there, right out in the open.

- Whatever you and Barry
do in private

is your own business.

- Okay.

So you're not mad at me?

- I promise you,
I could care less.

Great, I feel
so much better.

Is there anything,
you know,

maybe you've been meaning
to tell me?

We're partners--

totally transparent
with each other.

- Uh...


- Cool.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Are you guys
having a dinner party?

- You would think.

- I know, I know.

It's just, sometimes
cooking helps me to relax.

- Oh.

- Have you heard anything
about Doctor Light?

Am I still in danger?

- We're not really sure.
- Come on.

I'm going crazy here, Barry.
- Yeah, she is.

That is the cake.

Hope you're hungry.

- She's not kidding.

There's enough food in there
to feed an army.

- She must be terrified.

- Uh, more like furious.

Larkin died
trying to protect her,

and it only makes it worse
that the person who did it

looks just like her.
I mean, trust me.

If Linda had Doctor Light's
powers right now...

♪ ♪


- I just, uh, Linda and Light--
they're identical.

So identical that Light even
thought she could fool Zoom.

Now we have Light's suit.

You don't even have
to say anything, I know.

It's a terrible idea.
- No, no, no, it's not.

We make Zoom think
that Linda is Doctor Light

and use her
to draw him out.

- It's too dangerous, right?

- Let Linda decide.

I mean, she's desperate
to catch the person

who's responsible
for Larkin's death,

and she deserves the chance
to help us.

♪ ♪

- Okay.

- I still don't understand
why we're here.

I thought your dad said
not to leave the house.

- Someone wants to talk to you.
- Who?

- Ms. Park,
I need your help.

- Whoa.

♪ ♪

- Heh, dude.

How long
you been sitting on this?

- It's important
to have hobbies.

This is ridiculous.

- No, it's not.

You look
just like Doctor Light.

- And with these gloves
that Cisco rigged up,

you'll be able to do
what she does.

Don't worry,
they are totally safe.

- Ish.
- Ish?

- Well, come on,
it's gotta be believable,

so they really do fire
and explode things.

And you are going
to have to let her

hit you with those blasts
when she gets the hang of it.

- Who exactly
came up with this terrible idea?

- Okay, it's not
a terrible idea.

The suit can absorb
the blasts.

- For real or ish?

- What does a terrible idea
look like to you, Cisco?

- Okay, you know what?
I like to think

I can see the bright side
of things, okay?

Positivity, people.

- All right, all right.

So just hit the ones of me.

- Got it.
- Great.

- Doctor Light.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

- Uh, you know what?

I'm just gonna adjust those
a little.


Coming. Coming.


- Okay, so, um,
do the opposite of that,

and we'll have it.

♪ ♪

- ♪ Well, you know
that little place ♪

♪ You like to go after dark? ♪

- It's on fire.

- Ooh, sorry.

My bad.

- ♪ Any wonder now, baby,
what you're turning into ♪

♪ Is it something to fear
when I'm looking at you? ♪

♪ But I find myself stepping
deep down, deep down ♪

♪ To the rock and roll
nightclub looking for ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ ♪


I did it!
Did you see that?

- Yeah!


You all good?
You okay?

- Sorry.

- Okay, no offense to Linda,
but there is no way

she can pull this off.

- Well, maybe if she didn't
scream every time she fired.

- Yup, Linda had a rocky start,
but she can pull this off.

I know she can.

All right, did you find
someplace near breach where

we don't have to worry about
civilians getting in the way?

- Yeah, there's a place
by the docks

that's usually deserted
at night.

- Awesome. How are we doing
with the speed-dampener?

- My tests indicate
that it should work.

- I'll tune up Ramon's gloves,
makes sure they work better.

- Okay, great.

- Hey, we're actually
gonna go through with this?

- Yeah,
we're doing this.

I'm gonna have Iris
get Linda ready.

- Yeah, I'll go talk to him.

- Barry, hold up.

- Hey, what?

- You saw what happened
in there.

- Linda's not ready.

- She is.
She's ready enough.

- Why are you pushing this?

- What--why do you think?
I want to get him.

- Get who, exactly?

- Is that a real question?

- You tell me.

I'm--I'm not sure
this is even about Zoom.

I'm starting to feel like
you're still chasing

the Reverse Flash.

- Reverse Flash is dead.

- Yeah, but after all
he did to you,

you weren't the one
that stopped him.

- We all worked together.

- Yeah, and Eddie got him
in the end.

I mean,
did that make you feel cheated,

like you didn't get
your revenge,

and stopping Zoom
is the next best thing?

Look, all I'm saying is,

if you're gonna ask people
like Linda

to risk their lives,
you better be sure

of exactly
why they're doing it.

♪ ♪

- Look, I'm sorry
I'm a terrible supervillain.

I don't need you to come here
and make me feel worse.

- That's not why I'm here.

- Doesn't matter,
I-I can't do this.

I just don't have it in me.

- That's not true.

You're one of the strongest
women I've ever met.

You can do anything.

- And you know that about me
based on what exactly?


you are trusting me.

So I need
to trust you fully.

I know
that you can do this...

♪ ♪

Because I know you.

- Barry.
Holy crap.

I've made out
with The Flash.

♪ ♪

- Listen, I just want
to bury the hatchet

and say thank you
for all your work.

- You're welcome.

- Okay.

- I think maybe the trigger
mechanisms are just sticking.

- It's not
the trigger mechanisms.

- I think--
- It's not the--don't, no--

- It's just
a little bit of oil.

- Ugh, I'm just gonna
clean this up really quick.

- Do not touch me.
- I'm just trying to help.

- I know Wells
went to the other Earth.


- I don't know, I swear.

- Your loyalty
is admirable,


- I'm sorry.

- Joe,
Doctor Light.

- I thought we settled that.
- No, we didn't.

She's still out there
on the loose--

a meta-human
who just murdered a man.

Why aren't we
doing something about it?

Look, none of this
makes any sense,

and you're not
talking to me.

- All right,
all right, all right, look.

It's a bit complicated,

but we're not going after
Doctor Light right now.

I need you
to trust me, Patty,

for a few days or so.

- Are you
somehow involved in this?

- If you're asking
if I'm dirty, no,

but I need some time
to take care of some things.

- I trust you, I do.

I wouldn't be your partner
if I didn't.

This is about you
not trusting me.

- Patty, I trust you.
- Not enough.

- A few days.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Do you want to maybe
grab dinner tonight?

I could use your opinion
about something.

- I can't tonight.
I'm sorry.

- Sure.

- I-I would.
Joe and I actually--

Joe and I have a thing
that we've gotta do tonight.

- Some other time.

- I would much rather be
spending the evening with you.

Seriously, if I could cancel
these plans, I would.

Can we do dinner tomorrow?

- Yeah, I would like that.

- All right,
I'll see you.

- Good luck
with your thing.

- Thanks.
I think I'll need it.

- I'm here to kill The Flash,
and no one can stop me!

How's that?

- Uh, it's a little too much.

Uh, stop messing
with the earpiece.

- Yeah, you don't want
to dislodge it.

- Right, you--you told me that.
I'm sorry.

- No, no,
you're doing great, Linda.

- All right, Doctor Light,
here I am.

But we're gonna skip the part
where you say

you're gonna kill me
and go right to the part

where I don't let you.

- I'm here to kill you, Flash.

Wait, what are you doing?

We're skipping that?


- Uh, I am loyal to Zoom,

so get ready to fry.

- Next time
we're doing this,

I'm writing better dialogue.

both: Next time?

- Uh...

- Gotcha.

- Yeah, you did.
- Real good.

- All right.

- Bring it on.

♪ ♪

- Told you,

Zoom always wins.

You're okay, right?
- Yeah, yeah.

I had to make it
look good.

- Here it is, Zoom,
I did what you wanted.

Now bring me home.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- Come on.

- Come on. Come on.

♪ ♪

- This is everything he wants,

- Come on, Zoom.

♪ ♪

- Hey, stop fidgeting.

- Sorry, it's been an hour.

I landed
in a ridiculous position,

and my foot fell asleep.

- He's probably just waiting
to see if you're really dead.

Any minute now,
he's gonna strike.

- No.

- Sorry, I probably
screwed up somehow.

- No, Linda,
you did great.

- Ugh.

- So Wells ain't
taking this well.

- Mm-hmm.
- How about you?

- Yeah, it just sucks,
you know.

You were right
a little bit

about this
not being just about Zoom--

about it
being about the Reverse Flash.

- Okay.

- But not for the reason
that you think,

not because I didn't beat him.


he said something to me
on that video

before he confessed
to my mom's murder.

He said that
even if he was dead,

that he still won
because I wasn't happy,

that I'd never really
be happy.

- How the hell
would he know?

- He knew me.
He knows future me.

- That's future you.
This is the you here and now.

- I still think
that Wells is right.

Ever since I went back
to that night

and I didn't save her--
I didn't save my mom,

I just--there's just been
this void in me.

You know, I just feel like that
is always gonna be there.

For better or worse, Wells--
he knew me.

- Better than I know you?

He may have stalked you
for 15 years, but I raised you.

Look, Wells said what he said
to you to mess with you--

to get in your head
one last time.

If you listen to him,
you let him win.

- I know.
I don't want that.

- You're responsible
for your own happiness, Barry.

Forget about Wells.

Think hard
about what you want

and what makes you happy.

Go out and get it.

Simple as that.

All right?

- Yeah.

And look at their eyes.


Oh, good to see you guys.

- Bye.
- Bye, Patty.

- Hey.

- Have you seen this video
of babies' expressions

as they go through tunnels?

Their faces are priceless.

I'm not baby crazy or--

♪ ♪

- Wow.

What did I do
to deserve that?

- I've just been thinking
about what makes me happy,

and getting to know you
makes me happy.

- We should do
more of that then.

♪ ♪


- I wish I could have kept
the gloves at least.

- What would you
have done with them?

- Raves, duh.

- That is not
what you were thinking about.

- I was thinking
about a lot of things.

Like how everything
that's happened to me

the past few days
is the best story

I can never write.

- Ooh, tell me about it.

- Do you ever
get used to it?

- Keeping a secret that big?

- It's pretty heavy.

I need a good night's sleep.

- I'm gonna head out.

- I'll see you tomorrow.

Oh, hey, if we're gonna be
The Flash's sidekicks,

we should probably join
CrossFit or something, you know?

- Oh, yeah, girl.
- Yeah.

- Bye.

- Linda!

- There you go.

It's like you think these things
just grow on trees or something.

- And we threw away
the last one for nothing.

- You've been going over
this footage dozens of times.

Everything went
exactly according to plan.

If it had,
Zoom would have shown up.

- Maybe Light was wrong.

Maybe he can't see
through the breaches.

Or maybe he finally decided
to give up.

- Hey.

Iris, slow down.

I can't understand you.

Zoom has Linda.

- He's on the roof.

♪ ♪

Put her down.

- You like to fish with bait?

I do too.

- Come on. Come on.

You need to get out of here,

- No, you can't fight
that thing.

It's a monster.

- Just go.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- Zoom cannot be human.

- He is...or was.

- How the hell is Barry
supposed to defeat that?

- Why is he
running away?

- He's not.
He's not scared.

Ooh, he's gonna
thunderbolt him!

- What?

- Jay taught him
how to throw lightning.

♪ ♪

Did you guys see that?

- See him catch
a bolt of lightning

with his demonic claws?
Yeah, saw that.

- Jay was right.
He cannot do this alone.

- He's not alone.

- Run, Barry.
- No.

I'm gonna see if Wells'
speed-dampening serum works.

What do you want from me?

- Everything.

- You want to be me?
Is that it?

You want to be a hero?

Heroes die.

- Only if you
can catch them.

♪ ♪

- How is Barry gonna match
Zoom's speed?

- Genius.
He's not gonna match it.

He's gonna take it out
of the equation altogether.

- What are you talking about?
- Terminal velocity.

The highest velocity attainable
by a falling object.

- Falling through the air?
- Yeah, freefall fight.

Their drag force equals
the downward force of gravity,

making the net force zero,

- Equal velocities.
That is genius.

♪ ♪

- Never forget,

I am the fastest man alive.

- He's killing him.
- Barry.

- You're next.

- Barry.

- Look at your hero.

This man is no god.

He is nothing!

- The days of The Flash
protecting this city are over.

- No, hold your fire.
- Put him down.

- Now what will you do
without your precious hero?

- Shoot that thing, now.

- Nice try.

♪ ♪

- Anything?
- No.

- Do you have him?
- No.

- Barry!

- Harrison Wells,

you thought
you could defeat me

with this?

- I made a mistake.

- Yes, a costly one.

- Good-bye, Flash.

You, too,
weren't fast enough.


♪ ♪

- No. No!

- Stay with me.
Stay with me, Barry.

Stay with me.
Please, Barry, please.

- This is all you!
If Barry dies, you die.

- Joe, Barry's vitals
have stabilized.

Let's let him go.
- No, Caitlin.

- Why? What good
does that do for Barry?

- It's gonna help me.

- Joe, stop.
Who's Jesse?

- How do--
Jesse's my daughter.

Zoom has her.
You've--you did vibe me.

- Yes.
- What did you see?

- I saw your daughter.

She was with Zoom.

- But she's alive?

- Yeah.

- Zoom sent you here
like the others?

You kill The Flash,
and you get your daughter back?

- The only way
I get my daughter back is,

I capture Zoom.

Do you understand?
You love Barry.

I love my daughter.

And none of these children are
safe as long as Zoom is here.

I tried on my Earth
to capture him.

I failed.

I thought I could
bring him down here

with Barry's help.

I was wrong.

♪ ♪

- Hey, I think
he's waking up.

- Barry. Barry?

Can you hear me?

- Hey.

You scared the crap
out of us.

You were gone
for a long time.

- How bad is it?

- Bad.

If you didn't heal so quickly,
I'd be very worried.

- Linda--how is she?
- She's fine.

She's staying with some friends
out in Coast City.

- Zoom?

- Let's--let's worry about Zoom
when you're up and about, okay?

- Oh, no,
you're staying put.

- Yeah, seriously,
you got your ass kicked.

- No, guys,
I can't feel my legs.

I can't feel my legs.

- Greg, move your head.