The Flash (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - The Runaway Dinosaur - full transcript

Iris volunteers to act as the bait in a plan to trap Girder in S.T.A.R. Labs; Barry struggles to go back to his old life.

My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world, I'm an
ordinary forensic scientist,

but secretly, with the help
of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find
other meta-humans like me.

I hunted down the man
who killed my mother,

but in doing so, I opened
up our world to new threats,

and I am the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am The Flash.

Previously on "The Flash"...

Barry, what you're seeing
is the Speed Force...

Your past, your present, your future.

Say, Iris, you look amazing.

Thanks, Tony.

His skin changed. It turned to metal.

Tony might have been a bully,
but he didn't deserve to die.

Barry, you've always had
someone to come home to.

I can't help but wonder... Maybe
we were meant to be together.

You lost your powers?

I gave them up to save Wally.

I can re-create the circumstances
to get you your speed back.

Let's set up the particle accelerator.

Barry... he's gone.

This wasn't su...

I didn't...

I'm so sorry.

We lost him.

No, no, no, no, he...

He could've got knocked somewhere

or maybe even run there.

Nothing on the GPS.

There were strikes
all over the building.

Jesse, come down here, please.



Oh, God, Wally!

No, no!

Wally! Wally, wake up!

- No!
- Can you hear me?

- Wally!
- Jesse, Jesse!

- Jesse!
- Wally!


Stop yelling, please.

Her heart stopped.

Her heart stopped!


Are you okay?



It's beating. Her heart's beating.

Henry's a doctor. He should see her.

I'm so glad you're okay.

Hey, what's with him?

It's Barry.

Barry's gone.

Are you good, Wally?

Okay, we should get you
home, get some rest, okay?

- I don't understand.
- No, it's okay. Let's go.


Henry, Wells' daughter is upstairs.

The energy hit her too.

Her heart stopped beating.


All right.

I saw him!

I saw Barry.

He's alive.


Good to see you, Barry.

But I'm not Joe.

- You're not?
- No.

And all of this?

It's not real?

How do you feel, being back here?

I feel awful.

We thought you'd be more comfortable

talking to someone who looked familiar

and in a place you knew.


Who's "we," exactly?

That's a little hard to explain.

Sit, Barry.


How much do you know
about the Speed Force?

It's the source of my power.
It's what makes me a speedster.


and no.

When the first subatomic particle

sprang forth from the Big Bang

to form reality as you know it,

we were there.

When the last proton
decays, stops vibrating,

and plunges the
universe into heat death,

we'll be there too.

I'm talking to the Speed Force?

Isn't that like saying I'm having a
conversation with gravity or light or...

You need a minute.

It's okay if you do.

It's a lot to take in.

So you're saying I'm... I'm
talking to the source of my power,

which just so happens to look like...

my adoptive dad?

That's trippy.

We pretty much invented trippy here.

Look, I'm... I'm not sure
why you brought me here,

but you need to send me back.

My friends are in danger from Zoom.

Did you see that?

You're not going back.

Not until...

Till what?

Until you catch that.

Cisco says Barry's still alive.

- Where is he?
- I don't know.

Harry, I vibed him in
the center of a storm.

It was, like, in, like,
a vortex or something.

He's in...

He's in the Speed Force.

- Get him out, damn it.
- I...

- You can get him out, can't you?
- I don't know if I can.

Henry, come here.

Listen, you are the only
one that can help Jesse.

Let me sit on Wells

till he figures out what
the hell he did to Barry.

I think we can get him back.

Joe, I know you love Barry, okay?

But you have Iris, and you have Wally.

Barry's all I have left.

I promise.

We'll find him.

Thank God you're here.

Caitlin's usually the
one doing this, but...

Heart rate's normal.

Reflexes and breathing are fine.

She should be waking up.

She's just not.

It was the same with Barry.

Um, after the first accident,

he was in a coma that
no one could explain.

What did you do with him?

So they brought him here...
Well, Wells brought him here.

The other Wells.

Right, the Wells who
was actually Thawne.

- Eobard, not Eddie.
- Right.

It's... it's complicated.

Anyway, we took care
of Barry while Wells...

Thawne... treated him.

Are there any records of that treatment?

We might find clues how to help Jesse.

Uh, yeah, they'd be
downstairs in the storage room,

in the morgue.

Ew, you guys have a morgue?

Well, it's not like a morgue morgue.

It's not... it's like a poor
man's morgue, really. Morgue-ish.

Would one of you go get them, please?

Okay, well, I'm not going alone.

Thank you.

Okay, so it's a morgue morgue.

But, you know, we had to keep
the dead meta-humans somewhere.

Yeah, looks like you did a
lot more than just store them.

Fake Wells might've done a few
dissections for study purposes.

And this didn't tip any of you
off that he might be secretly evil?

It was a crazy time, okay?

We had a lot going on.

I'll tell you what...

It's a good thing
Thawne was so organized.

Would you stop knocking stuff over?

You stop. I didn't touch anything.

Okay, whatever you say.

Okay, this is it. This
is Barry's ex-file.

A zombie?

For real?


Nope, not Tony... Not anymore.

- Get behind me.
- You get behind me.


- Ooh!
- Oh.

- Didn't see that one coming.
- No.

Zombie Girder. This...


We're glad you made it, Barry.

Not Iris.

It's just you again.

Sit, Barry. Sit.

You're always on your feet.

You remember this place,

where we first kissed?

Yeah, of course, except that wasn't you.

We thought you'd find this place
and our appearance less upsetting.

Yet you seem upset.

My friends, my city...

my whole world is in danger.

Zoom is on a rampage with the
power that he stole from me,

and you are keeping me here.

You were given a rare and precious gift,

and you rejected it.

No, I did not reject it.

I gave up my powers to
save someone's life...

To be a hero.

I nearly killed myself
trying to get them back,

when you brought me
here, wherever here is.

- That's not what we meant.
- Okay.

If you would rather
have given these powers

to somebody else,

why did you give them to me?

Because you're The Flash, Barry.

We got a new problem.

Our accelerator experiment
seems to have reanimated

one of the dead metas in our morgue.

"Reanimated," like brought back to life?

Life-ish. You ever
seen "The Walking Dead"?

It's "The Walking Dead,"

but without higher brain function
and with major rage issues.

Still unsure if our brains
are on the menu, though.

- Which one?
- Tony Woodward.

The bully from school who
turned into the metal man?

That's not good, Cisco.

History repeats itself.

First as tragedy

and then as farce.

Wells, as a parent, believe me,

I have nothing but sympathy
for what you're going through.

Listen to me closely when I say to you,

we got a lot of fires
burning at the same time,

and if we all work together,

we just might be able to put them out.

Let Henry take care of your daughter.

Me and Iris will handle
this Girder situation,

but you and Cisco are the scientists.

You're the only one
who can bring Barry back

from wherever the hell he is right now.


give those medical records to Henry,

and meet me in the Breach
Room in five minutes.

We've got work to do.

Now we just need to find Tony.

Yeah, hopefully before he kills someone.

Come on.

Big Belly Burger in
Starling City is way better.

This place sucks.

Oh, my God. Is that your car?

Oh, yeah.

That's my mom's car!

So how do we know this is safe?

Well, define "safe."

Safe, as in my brain's not gonna melt.

No. It's a simple feedback
loop, Ramon, all right?

When you vibe on Barry, your brain
waves send me the necessary data

to pinpoint whatever dimensional pocket

or corner of the universe
that Barry is stuck in.

And then we electrically stimulate

your prefrontal cortex
while opening a breach,

which gives you physical access to Barry

and lets you be the
beacon to guide him home.

Simple feedback loop.

I'm sorry. Did you say
electrically stimulate?

Ramon, do you want to
bring Barry back or not?


And we have a lock.

I don't understand.

If I'm The Flash, then why
are you doing this to me?

Why do I have to catch
this... this thing

before you let me go back?

Please, look, I will
do whatever you want.

Just let me go back right
now, so I can help my friends.


Barry, turn around!


What is that?

What is that?

Those are your friends.

They want you to come back.

Can I?

Of course.

But if you do,

it'll be without your powers.

Take my hand!

Do it. Take my hand.

The choice is yours, Barry.


What is going on in here?

Just hang on a little longer, Ramon...

A little longer.

Hey, you're killing him!


Hey, Cisco, can you hear me?

I saw him.

Barry... he turned to me.

I'm sorry.

I lost him.


Whoa, Cisco's meta-human
alert app is going crazy.

Oh, Tony just trashed
the hell out of Jitters.

Now, that is strange.

He knocks over a hydrant
on 4th and Stevenson,

doesn't go in the building,

then smashes a Humvee in
front of the Big Belly Burger,

but doesn't go in the building.

Gets to CC Jitters...
He actually goes in.

Yeah, it's like Jitters
was his target, but why?

When I was in Iron
Heights awaiting trial,

I had a cellmate who always
swore he was gonna break out.

At a pre-trial hearing,
he stole a deputy's gun

and escaped in a police cruiser.

There's a point to this, Joe, I promise.

Now, the poor, dumb bastard
could have gone anywhere, right?

But he was apprehended two
hours later. Do you know why?

'Cause he went to his old
girlfriend's house looking for her.

So you think that's what Tony's doing,

even in the state he's in now?

I think people are creatures of habit,

sometimes at a level stronger
than conscious thought.

No, I don't think that
Tony had a girlfriend.

I mean, not the way that he
was hitting on me when he...

He came into Jitters.

He's after me again.

So, when he was after
you the first time,

where'd you see him next, after Jitters?


He came to our house when he took you.

Wally's there now.

No, no, Dad, this is good.

We know where he is, and
we know what he wants.

That means we know how to beat him.

How do you propose we do that?

We use me as bait to lure
him back to S.T.A.R. Labs,

where Cisco and Wells can kill him...


Mm-mm, mm-mm.

Who are you pretending to be now?

I don't have time for this.

Yes, you do, Barry.

You have all the time in the universe...

- literally.
- No, I don't.

And how can you stand there in judgment
and accuse me of rejecting my gift?

Do you have any idea how much I've done
since I was first struck by lightning,

how many people I've helped with
the power that you gave me...

what I've sacrificed?

Of course we do.

You've saved countless lives.

And now you're the only thing

standing in between your
world and unspeakable evil.

And yet, for all of that,

you've never been here.


I can't believe he's coming here.

Wally. Thank you.

Don't mention it.


I've been meaning to ask you. Uh...

How are you feeling?

Tired, but fine, I guess.

So you don't notice anything different?

Uh, no.

I mean, I want you to know you can come
and talk to me if you're scared or...

you have questions about
how your body's changing.


I think you're a little late
for the puberty talk, Dad.

I've seen the Internet.

Looks like I'm gonna have to
do this the old-fashioned way.

Are you okay?

Wally, go upstairs.

Please, go upstairs, now.

Dad, do you really think
that he's a meta-human?

Well, he got zapped by
the particle accelerator,

and he was unconscious.
It was worth a shot.

I gave you that mug.

He's coming.

- You sure about this?
- You know what?

Two minutes ago, I would've
said yes, absolutely.

But now...

what the hell?

Tony! Hey!

Come on, over here.

You getting towards S.T.A.R. Labs?

- On my way.
- I'll meet you there.

Wally, stay here! I'll be right back!

Why did you bring me here?

Your mother's death
happened to you, Barry.

It made who you are,
but have you accepted it,

really accepted losing her?

Maybe that's why you
couldn't come here...

'cause that would make it real.

I know it's real.

Every day I know it.

I had a chance to save her.

You saw what I chose.

And you're at peace with that decision?

"At peace""

How could someone ever be at peace

with letting his mother die...

Deciding that his life was
more valuable than hers?

Do you really think your mother
would've wanted you to die for her?

And out of all the
people the Flash saved

as a result of that decision,

what about them?

Do their lives have value too?

I don't have to listen to this.

I have to get home.


Is that zombie still behind you?

Good news is we lured
Tony back to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Bad news is we lured Tony
back to S.T.A.R. Labs.

No, no. This is good. Okay, sidenote...

You both might want to be
on this side of the room,

especially if you're wearing any jewelry
or you have any metal plates in your body.

- Huh?
- Excuse me?

The stray energy from the accelerator

reactivated Girder's brain...
Well, parts of it, anyway.

So I disassembled our MRI
machine to set up these...

Electromagnets. So, when
Girder walks through that door

and gets caught in the
field that they generate,

it should disrupt the energy
wave that turned him Abby Normal.

Like wiping a hard drive.

so I can't actually turn this
on until he's in the room.

There he is. Hi!

Why don't it look like it's working?

Because it's not. Uh,
let's get out of here.

This is the safest
place for her for now.

Not safe enough.

Plans A through G did not work.

Do we have anything in
here that can stop him?

Barry could stop him if
we could bring him back.

We tried that already, Dr. Allen.

We need to try it again.

Somebody needs to try something.
That door's not gonna hold.


Hi, Barry.

You're not my mother.

Why are you doing this to me?

We're not doing anything
to you, sweetheart.

You're just so tired.

Sit, Barry. Sit.

You were right all along.

I haven't accepted it...

not for a second.

I don't think I ever will.

My beautiful boy...

You have to find a way.


I don't know.

But I know this.

What you've become... It's wonderful...

a miracle even,

but it won't make bad
things stop happening to you.

Even the Flash can't
outrun the tragedies

the universe is gonna
keep sending your way.

You have to accept that.

And then you can truly run free.

I know.

I just miss her.

I miss you so much.

What if I told you
that she's proud of you?

And of the man that you've become?

Who's telling me that...

the Speed Force or my mother?


Is there any other way out of here?

No, the Breach Room was
designed to be sealed off.

All right, look, if
it's me that he wants,

- I'll just lead him away.
- No, you won't.

You'll never even
make it past that door.

If he came back from the
dead and still wants you,

what makes you think
he's gonna let you go now?


I saw Barry. He had this look.

What if we couldn't get
him out of the Speed Force

because he didn't want to come back?

Do you remember this book?

It was always your favorite.

"Once there was a little
dinosaur called a Maiasaur,

"who lived with his mother.

"One day, he told his mother,

"'I wish I were special
like the other dinosaurs.

If I were a T. rex, I could
chomp with my ferocious teeth!"

"'But if you were a T.
rex, ' said his mother,

'how would you hug me with
your tiny little arms?'"

"'I wish I were an Apatosaurus,
' said the little dinosaur,

"'so with my long neck I could
see high above the treetops.'

"'But if you were an
Apatosaurus, ' said his mother,

"'how would you hear me in the treetops

"'when I told you I love you?

"What makes you so
special, little Maiasaur?'

"said his mother.

"'Is it your ferocious teeth
or long neck or pointy beak?

"'What makes you special is out of all

"'of the different dinosaurs
in the big, wide world,

"'you have the mother
who is just right for you

and who will always'"...

"'Love you.'"

You're ready.

Turn it on.

We got to try again.

Any of you got a better idea?

When you look into the Speed Force,

can someone else see into it too?

Well, as long as you're
in physical contact

with Ramon while he's vibing, then...


Let me do that.

I can get Barry to come back.


Let me do it.




Barry, come home to me.

Run, Barry. Run.



Ha ha!

I'm so glad you're back,
'cause we're about to die.

Wait. What?

- So...
- Girder.

Girder came back to life, and
he's all Young Frankenstein now,

and he only recognizes Iris,
and she lured him to my workshop

so we could demagnetize him,
but the machine shorted out,

so he's about to come through that door

and smush us all into chunky salsa
and possibly eat our brains out.

- I don't know. Jury's still out on that.
- All right, I got it.

I-I will lure him to your workshop,

and we figure out a way to
turn the power back on, okay?

Plan H.

Hey, Tony!

He's taking him the long way. Come on!

I hope you're ready. He's almost here.

Nope, not ready.

Power needs at least
two electromagnets...

Too much for this wiring to handle.

We're gonna need a
really big extension cord!

All right, I'll...
I'll see what I can do.



Tony, Tony...

look, you were never my favorite person,

but let's end this...

so you can finally rest.

He's using spin to charge the magnets.

Like an electric turbine.

Sorry... I got lost.

It's okay. We found you.


You should rest. You
don't need to be here.

No, that's just it. I think I do.


How did I get here?

How did you do that?

Are you, like, magic now?

Did you know that was gonna happen?

Maybe. It's hard to explain. It's...

It's the Speed Force.

It's been quite a day, huh?

Not so much "one damn
thing after another"

as "every damn thing all at once".

It all worked out okay in the end.

No, you worked it out okay in the end.

It's funny. I never really understood

where you were coming
from with your whole "fate"

and "everything happens
for a reason" point of view.

But now...

I think that maybe I was wrong.

Everything that's happened to us...

Good and bad...

It made us who we are.

And I don't think that I would
change it even if I could.

Does that make any sense?

Perfect sense.

And since we're on the subject

of changing our minds
about important things,

you know that part where I told
you I was gonna leave Central City

so that you could be the Flash without
being concerned about me all the time?

Forget all of that.
You're stuck with me.

I'm not going anywhere.

Joe offered to take me so many times.

I always found an excuse to say no.

My mom and I read
this when I was little.

Do you know it?

Yeah. I-I never really liked that book.


Because it was about a
mother who was always there

for her child, no matter what,

and that wasn't my mom...

or yours.

We never had anyone who
was "just right" for us.

Didn't we?

I'm seeing things a lot differently now.

I wasted so much time being angry

about what I'd lost,
when I had so much...

My dad, Joe, and you.

The truth is, Iris, I
don't know what this is

between us or where we go from here.

All I know is you're everything to me,

and you always have been.

And the sound of your voice
will always bring me home.

Cait, please.

I asked you not to call me that.


we've been through this again and
again, and we've gotten nowhere.

Now, I need to know... Are you
with me, or are you against me?

Don't answer that yet.

I'm gonna go out there,

spend a moment speaking to my friends,

and when I come back,
you'll give me your answer.

If you're still here, I'll know
you've chosen to stay with me.

But if you're not here...

I'll know you've chosen
your friends instead.

And I will show you
exactly as much mercy

as I will show them when
we next see each other.

So there you have it.

I need to go.

My brothers and sisters...

my friends...

I've brought us to this new world

which lay before us,

defenseless, ours for the taking.

The humans think that this planet

belongs to them.

Whose world is this?

Our world! Our world!

Our world! Our world!

Our world! Our world!

Our world! Our world!

Our world! Our world!

Our world! Our world!