The Flash (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Versus Zoom - full transcript

Barry, having now learned how to travel between the different Earths, decides to take the fight to Zoom.

My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world, I'm
an ordinary forensic scientist,

but secretly, with the help
of my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find
other meta-humans like me.

I hunted down the man who killed my mother,

but in doing so, I opened up
our world to new threats,

and I am the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am The Flash.

Previously on "The Flash"...

Why are you here?

Because I want to go faster,

and you're the only one who can teach me.

Everything you need is on this drive.

It means a lot, you looking after Barry.

Barry's not the only person
here I wanna keep safe.

We found Barry's double,
so where the hell am I?


You don't even know how powerful you are.

My name was Hunter Zolomon.

I thought that if I could find
my doppelganger on this Earth,

I could replace my damaged cells
with some of his healthy ones.

I've been vibing Zoom,
and every time it's happened,

I've been near that thing.

I saw Jay. He's Zoom.

Sometimes terrible things happen to us

when we're children.

Things that can define who we become,

whether we want them to or not.

Run, Barry, run!

Some of us become stronger.

The people who took me and helped me heal

and move past everything that happened.

They're responsible for who
I've become today.

But I know that I'm one of the lucky ones.

Come on, Barry.

Not everyone gets that kind of support.

Without it, I don't know where
I would have ended up

or what I could've become.

- James...
- Who do you think you are?

Do you know what I went through over there?

Do you know the sacrifices I made for you?

I come back after years
of fighting for this country

and this is my welcome home?

You think you can walk out on me?

I'm your husband!

You're not my husband.

I don't know what you are right now.

I am a hero, Ashley.

No. You're a monster.

Run, Hunter, run.

Stay, boy!

It's okay.

Please. Please don't do this.

- Shut up!
- No, please.


You're gonna want to see this, son.

No, James!


No. No, James.


- Name?
- Hunter Zolomon.

Father killed the mother.
Kid saw the whole thing.

Next of kin?

No relatives wanted him.

He is all alone.

Follow me.

And don't dawdle.

Okay, you guys. I'm here.

- You got my location?
- You're good?

You don't need to, like,
stretch or something?

No, no, no, I'm good, I'm good.

Let's take this tachyon
enhancer out for a test drive.

All right.

Hoo, yeah. I feel that.

That is the tachyon device
powering up the Speed Force

in your cells like a quick charge battery.

- How do you feel?
- Different.

Let's see how long
it takes you to get back here.

On my count.

Three, two, one.


Dang, this thing got you cruising.

- How fast does he normally go?
- Not this fast.

Not even close. Are his vitals okay?

Yeah, they're perfect.

Cool. It's like having a
pit-stop attached to your chest.

Guys, I can go faster.

Do it.

I'm back.

What... how long was I gone?

Let's put it this way,

you just annihilated your old record.

Yeah, you went four times
faster than you have ever been.

Four times?

- That's as...
- Fast as Zoom.

Well, faster actually.

Hey, uh, do we think that, um,

we can get this thing smaller?
It kind of sucks.

If it sucks, then, yeah.

All right, so now all we have
to do is figure out

how to get back to Zoom.

Yes, uh, just a minor issue.

We closed all the breaches

and have no idea how to reopen them.

We don't... Um, Wells?

Yeah, I have an idea, Allen.

Let's keep the breaches closed forever.

Forget about the breaches.
Forget about Zoom.

Wait, I'm sorry,

I thought that you were on board with this.

No. No. I said I would help you get faster.

I did not say I would help you give the man

who kidnapped my daughter and tortured her

a chance to do it again.

Hey, we are not gonna let that happen.

Oh, you're not gonna let that happen.

Gosh, I wish I'd known that the first time.

You don't understand
Zoom is different than us.

Zoom is not tied to anything.

Zoom does not care for anyone.

I do.

My daughter's out here
on this Earth somewhere.

I have to find her. We all have people

that we care about.
Zoom will use that against us.

Believe me.

Maybe we should just leave it be.

No, no. Look, no. Look, we're...

We're not turning our backs
on another Earth.

We're not gonna let Zoom

get away with everything that he's done.

Right now, there is no way
to another Earth, Allen.

Let's keep it that way.

We're getting back to Earth-2.

With or without his help.

Let's go to work.

Hey, where are you going?

We could use your help.

Uh, yeah, I would.

It's just I have a date with Scott.

- That's the editor?
- Yeah, yeah.

That's good. No, I'm glad
that you're finding a way

to move on without anything
holding you back.

You deserve that.

Yeah, and well, I would have been able

to do it without your support.

It means a lot to me, so...

- Of course.
- Thanks.

Yes, for sure.

Well hey, I mean, if you don't
get this breach problem

fixed by tonight, pencil me in for tomorrow?

I can do that.


Man, I love it when you train

- in Keystone City.
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, you sticking around after dinner?

Me and Wally are gonna watch Formula 1.

Mm. No, I can't.

I got to get back to the lab.

I'm still trying to find a way
back to Earth-2.

Can't you just stick Wells on it?

No, he refused.

Doesn't want me or anybody
opening the breaches again.

Well, I can't believe I'm saying this

about a man I shot at...
And punched in the face,

but I think you should listen to him.


Barry, it worries the hell out of me

the thought that you want
to go back to Earth-2.

I'm faster now.
I'm faster than I've ever been.

I'm faster than Zoom.

I can take him down.

All I'm saying is,

you already escaped the hornet's nest once.

Why go back and kick it again?

- Hey.
- Wally!

We got some pizza here
all the way from Keystone City.

Hope it's cool I brought my laundry over.

Of course. Barry used to do his laundry here

all the time when he was in college.

That's cause those machines in the dorm

always eat your quarters, right?

Actually, I'm not, uh,
living on campus anymore.

What? Since when?

Since room and board
became way more expensive

than I thought.

Man, I can help you out with that.

I mean, I figured your money must be tight

after paying
all your mother's medical bills.

How much more is it?

No, it's, uh, it's cool.

Come on, Wally, let me help you out.

Plus I got that mini-fridge in the garage.

You can use that, too, if you want.

Joe, I'm good. Really.

All right.

Uh, let me just put these in real quick.

Man, I can't figure that kid out sometimes.

I wonder if his doppelganger's
that complicated.

Hey. Wow.

Um, any ideas?

Well, the best plan
we've come up with so far

is to set off a nuclear warhead

next to the city's electrical grid, so...

We're not gonna do that. Um...

I think I thought of something though.

Tell me everything that you know
about Cisco's doppelganger.


What were Reverb's powers on your Earth?

He could tap into the
multi-dimensional energies

between Earths.

He could see through dimensions.

Find breachers, like Ramon.

I mean, we... we saw Reverb
do more than that though, right?

I mean, we saw him shoot vibrational bursts

out of his hands. Really painful ones.

What do you mean?

I... I mean, Reverb had
the ability to somehow

manipulate that multi-dimensional energy.

- What's your point, Allen?
- My point is...

if his powers are linked to the energy

that ties together the multi-verse...

if he can manipulate it...

Then he can open a breach
to any Earth he wants.

Exactly. And if Reverb could do it...

I could do it too.

Cisco, I think the way back
to Earth-2 is you.

I got nothing.

Try again, okay?

Barry, what if he can't do it

because he thinks he can't do it?

He can do it though. You can do it.

You... it's gonna work, okay.

Maybe we're just not in the right place.

Or maybe I'm just not
the right man for the job.

Right? Let's go.


I'm sorry, Barry.

It's gonna work.

Detective, um,

I need to ask you...

Oh, you've got company. Um...

No, it's, uh, cool.
I should be studying anyway.

Do you know
you kind of look like that guy...

- I'm not him.
- Okay.

Later, Joe.


Thank you. Look, um,

I apologize for dropping by unannounced.

I just...

have you had any luck locating my daughter?

Not yet, but I circulated her picture

through every department in the region.

And I reached out
to some friends in Keystone.

She's smart.

She's gonna know how to stay hidden.

She's... We'll find her.


There's another thing also, Detective.

A favor.

I would ask you to talk Barry out

of reopening the breaches to my Earth.

Ah, I can't do that.


You can't find a way to change his mind

for both our children's sakes?


I think it's just as dumb as you do.

but I learned a long time ago
that I can't talk Barry

out of anything once he sets his mind to it.

Zoom is terrorizing
this other world... your world.

He can't let it go.

But look, why don't you do me a favor?

Go with Barry.

Help him.

Help him?

Why would I do that?

'Cause he's got a much
better chance of defeating Zoom

if you're involved.

This area has the highest levels

of residual trans-dimensional energy.

Should be able to open
the breach that used to be here.

It's right here. This is it.

For real? In this Patch Adams
nightmare right here?

- Yeah.
- Love it.

All right.

Look, dude, if this doesn't work,

I'll stop asking you to do this, all right?



I can't do it.

That's right.

You can't.

What are you doing here? You said...

I know what I said.

But you're not gonna stop, are you?


Okay, Barry Allen,
then I'm gonna do what I can

to make sure you don't get killed.

I recalibrated these

to the electromagnetic frequency
of this Earth.

It should help you access enough
of the trans-dimensional energy

to manipulate it.

Just like Reverb.

All I'm missing is the guyliner

and the transformation's complete.

Take 'em out for a spin.

It's working.

Keep coming, Cisco. Keep coming.

It's working.

Hey, what... what happened?
You were doing it.

No, no, no, no. I-I can't do this.

- What?
- Don't.

Please, don't ask me to do this.


Hey. What do we got?

It's your tachyon
absorption enhancer upgrade.

Retrofitted from when
it was used to steal your speed,

to now give you more of it.

Almost done.

That's amazing. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Is Cisco back yet? Have we seen him?

- I haven't seen him.
- Check his workshop.

Yeah, all right.

- Hey.
- Hey.

We just came by to see
if you guys needed some help.

- Oh.
- Uh, sure.

- Yeah.
- We can always use

an extra set of hands.

Do you want to help me in the med bay?


- So this...
- Huh?

- This whole Wally thing...
- Uh-huh.

He won't let me help him.

It's probably 'cause you're not

offering the right kind of help.

Wally doesn't want your help
paying for a place to live.

He wants you to offer him a place to live.

- Why didn't he just say that?
- I don't know.

So he does want to live in our house?

Yeah, man.

Look, Wally's never lived
with his father before.

And trust me, that is a big deal.

Huh. And you're good with it?

Mm-hmm. I mean, you know,

it's been you and me
for so long, and I love that,

but having Wally around would be cool too.

Just we won't get to have
as much pizza from Keystone.

Yeah, it kind of sucks. I'm sorry.

Have to get used to that.

They really have a special bond, don't they?

Yeah, they sure do.

Are you okay?

I don't know what I am.

Last night, I was supposed to go on a date.

My first real date since Eddie died,

but at the last second,
I just... I couldn't do it.

Is it because of Eddie or because of Barry?

I've noticed the way you've been
looking at him recently.

Is it that obvious?

Only to a woman who's been
through the same thing.

Everything seems to be telling me

that Barry and I are meant to be together.

I mean, on Earth-2 we're married.

In the future, we're supposedly married.

And now that I'm finally ready to move on,

I just wonder if that should be with Barry.

Everything seems to be
pointing in that direction.

Do you believe in destiny, Caitlin?

Maybe for you.


- Joe?
- Wally, I'm up here.

Hey. What are you doing?

It's not done yet.

I mean, you can decorate it how you like.

- Make it your own.
- Whoa, wait, Joe.

What is this?

Wally, forgive me.

When Barry and Iris went to college,

they couldn't get away fast enough.

They wanted nothing to do
with their old man.

It didn't even occur to me

that you might feel differently.

It's embarrassing, but it took Barry

to help me see that.

So, if you still haven't
found a place to live,

live here.

I mean, it's yours if you want to.

You're serious?

I'm not gonna do your laundry.

And I'm not washing dishes after you.

And this bed is going to be made
every morning before you leave.

And there will be no beer in that fridge,

but yeah, it's yours.

When can I move in?

Whenever you want.

All right.

Thanks, Dad.

Hey, man.

Look, um...

I know what it's like...

Zoom, getting in your head,

how scary that can be.

It's not Zoom.

It's me.

What do you mean it's you?

It's like right now I'm Anakin Skywalker.

I got the midi-chlorians.

I've got the goods.

The force is strong with me.

That is something I can feel.

But if I start opening breaches
into other worlds,

doing all this other crazy stuff
Reverb was doing, then...

what if this is how I become Vader?

Dude, you're never going to become Vader.

You don't know that.
That is what happened to Reverb.

He learned how to use his abilities,

and when he felt that,

when he felt that power,

he succumbed...

to the dark side.

Look, I get it. I... I really do.

Every time I've learned a new ability,

I've been terrified
about what it might mean for me.

What it could do to me, you know?

But you were there with me

when I learned how to run on water,

when I ran up a building,

or traveled through time.

Just like I'm gonna be there

every step of the way with you.

You got something that Reverb never had,

and that's Caitlin and Joe

and Iris and Wells and me.

Friends who are gonna look out for you.

And we're more than just friends.

We're your family.

So what do you say?

Ready to put those things on again,

and go another round?

Let's do it.

All right.

You're all set.

He won't even know it's there.

'Cause whoever said
aesthetics aren't important.

Not me.

Let's go.

Hey, Cait, I know how hard

this is gonna be for you,
but we have to stop him.

I know, and I want to be supportive.

I just... I can't face Jay.

Or whatever his real name is.

What does that mean?

Well, you remember when I was looking

for his doppelganger, right?

Yeah. And you couldn't find him.

Because there is no
Jay Garrick on this Earth.

His doppelganger's name is Hunter Zolomon.

Hunter Zolomon?

Are you sure?

Yeah, why?

Well, because on my Earth,

Hunter Zolomon was
a convicted serial killer.

That's Jay?

No, that is Hunter.

Last public photo of Hunter Zolomon.

Instantly recognizable.
And people from my Earth...

on my Earth, serial killers are an anomaly,

so a lot of media attention to this.

There was a podcast.

When Hunter was 11,
his father killed his mother

right in front of him.

Father sent to prison,

Hunter grew up in the foster care system.

Years later he was convicted
on 23 counts of murder.

23? That's, like, some real
Hannibal Lecter type level.

After the trial, Hunter was sent

to the Saint Perez Mental Asylum

for the Criminally Insane...

given daily electroshock therapy.

Cure him of his urges
and then faded from view.

Until the night your
particle accelerator exploded.

That's right. The dark matter
crept into the mental asylum.

I had thought...

piping the explosion underground
would limit exposure.

I was wrong.

All it did was create
an unstoppable monster.

He's not unstoppable.

Jay doesn't know that we know
who he really is.

He thinks that his past is a secret.

- So?
- I think I have an idea

of how we can stop him.

Are you sure Jay can't get in here?

Pretty sure, but just in case.

How do you use this?

All right, so you aim it,

- and then you pull the trigger.
- Smart ass.

Barry and Cisco are in position.

Let's hope this thing works.

- You ready, buddy?
- Yeah.

You've always believed in me.

- Thank you.
- You got this.

Reverb's doppelganger

has increased his powers.

Hatred is a strong motivator.

You were unwise to reopen the breach.

I'm not gonna let you
terrorize another world anymore.

Without your speed,

you won't be able to stop me.

Let's see.

- Zoom's gaining on Barry.
- He can't catch him.

He better not.

- That was close.
- Too close.

The tachyon device is working.

Here they come.

They're here.

Ah, you've gotten faster.

Good. There'll be more for me to take.

You want my speed?

Catch me.

You're gonna want to see this, son.

- Get him, Barry.
- It's working.


How did you figure out who I was?

You made a mistake.

You told Caitlin who your doppelganger was.

I had to do something
to get her to stop trying

to fix me.

She's a smart girl.

- And that I was Zoom?
- The Velocity-9.

When you run fast enough,

it turns a speedster's lightning blue.

We would have helped you.

We would have done anything
we could to save your life.

Not everything.

Caitlin found you a cure.

A temporary one!

I'm dying, Barry!

There's only one thing
that can get me what I need.

And you just don't care

how many lives you destroy trying to get it?

- How many people you kill?
- No, I don't!

That feeling was taken from me
a long time ago.

We're not so different, you know.

What happened to us when we were kids.

You could have just as easily become me.


I'd never become like you.

I got to say...

that was smart. Using, uh,
my parents against me.

Oh, family. Such a weakness.

Not for all of us.

Well, that's where you're wrong.

It's time I get what I came for.

You're not getting anything from me.

You're not getting anything
from anybody ever again.

On any Earth.

You can't lock up the darkness.

What did you just say?

You can't lock up the darkness.


- He was right there.
- I know.

I mean, we had him.

We had him. I can't believe it.

- Wally?
- Up here!

Hey, hey, hey. Where are we?

Where are we?

Help! Somebody please help!

There's only one person
who can help you now.

The Flash.

The Flash? Why would he help me?

He doesn't even know who I am.

Someone he cares about...

cares about you.




We're gonna get him back.

What if we could stop Zoom
through a vibe somehow?

We could weaponize the goggles...

Not enough time to weaponize, Ramon.

Okay, what if we modify the pulse rifle

to emit a low-level EMF?

We don't have the equipment
to modify the pulse rifles now.

Then we do another snatch and grab mission.

By the time we scale those
cliffs, Zoom could already...

I need a minute.

Barry, I know you...

can't give up your speed
to that monster, but...

I also know that I want to get my son back,

and I don't know what to do.

I do.

Wally, he's... he's part of the family.

He's... he's a part of...

our family.

And we do whatever we have to

to keep the ones we care about safe.

No, you...

you can't give up your speed.

That's not your decision.

This is the only way, Joe.

- Barry, are you sure?
- I'm sure.

I mean, we don't even know
if he'll be able to hear me.

He'll hear you.

I see him.

Wally's alive.

Thank God.

Do you see Jay?

I see him.

He can sense me.



He'll do it.

Barry will give you his speed.


- Dad?
- Wally, hold on.

Let him go.

We had a deal.

My speed for Wally's life.

Hand him over, and it's yours.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

You need to get out of here now.

- Okay.
- Go fast.

- Cisco!
- Let's go.

Let's get this over with.

This thing is how I stole

The Flash's speed the first time.

Now all he needs to do is run,

and his Speed Force
will transfer into this vial.

but only as long as I calibrate it.

Get to work.


One day...

I'm gonna knock that smug
expression clean off your face.

So this was your plan all along, huh?

Ever since the skies parted
and showed me another world...

with another speedster.

Once I saw you, I came here,

figured out what I had to do.

How are you still alive?

We saw you die.

You did.

So what was that? A speed mirage?

Speed mirage?

Uh, no. Even I'm not that fast.

I knew that I couldn't be
on two Earths at the same time,

so I went back in time and, uh,

met another version of myself.

Your time remnant. Like the Reverse-Flash.

I also knew that the only way
to make Barry become faster

was if you all witnessed
your old pal Jay die.

When did you decide to do that?

Oh, once you closed all
the breaches, went to Earth-2.

Believe me, getting my time remnant

to agree to me murdering him
took a bit of convincing.

But once he saw the...
well, the genius in my plan,

he was all for it.

Who's the man in the iron mask?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Why the charade?

Running around dressed like The Flash?

To give people hope, Detective.


So I could rip it away from them.

It's so fun

pretending to be a hero.

You are no hero.

You're nothing but a monster.

You're a monster.


- Barry.
- It's all right, Joe.

He's slowing down.

The Speed Force is leaving his body.

He's becoming human again.

Barry, are you okay?

I'm okay. I'm okay.


- Thank you, Flash.
- Jay, stop.


If anything you ever said to me was true,

or anything we ever shared was real,

then please just let him go. Please.

I know some piece of you did care for me,

so if you have any humanity left,

then please, let him go.