The Flash (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Potential Energy - full transcript

Barry and the S.T.A.R. Labs team hunt down The Turtle, who steals kinetic energy. Barry faces a choice on whether or not he should reveal his secret identity to Patty.

My name is Barry Allen,

and I am the fastest man alive.

To the outside world, I'm an
ordinary forensic scientist,

but secretly, with the help of
my friends at S.T.A.R. Labs,

I fight crime and find
other meta-humans like me.

I hunted down the man
who killed my mother,

but in doing so, I opened up
our world to new threats,

and I am the only one
fast enough to stop them.

I am The Flash.

Previously on The Flash...

When my mother left
us, she was pregnant.

Dad, I'm so sorry that I
didn't tell you sooner.

Hi, I'm Wally. I'm Francine's son.

You want Barry to get faster?

The more power he has,
the more I can take.

Don't let him take me back there.

I won't.

You're going to help me

in return for your daughter's life.

I will help you steal The Flash's speed.

I know I'm moving pretty fast,

but stop me if you've
heard this one before.

Boy meets girl. Happens every day.

Except this boy was struck by lightning

and became the fastest man alive.

So nothing is ever that simple.

Oh, my...


Oh, boy.
- Sorry!

It's all good.

Those weren't for me anyway, right?

They were.

I didn't realize roses
were so flammable.

Oh, my gosh.

Well, it's the... it's
the thought that counts.

And, you know, and proper
fire safety management,

that... that counts most.
- Yes.

I have spent most of my life

feeling very unlucky.

Yeah, and now?

Feels like I've been
struck by lightning twice.


Help me...

Flash, everything you have

will be mine.

- No!


Okay, so there's my desk.

Upstairs is anti-crime
and the CSI lab...

that's where Barry works.

And we have the open files...

And that is a pencil.

That: stapler.

Okay. Sorry, Wally.

Obviously, your sister
got the funny genes.

Captain. I want you to meet somebody.

This is my son Wally West.

Handsome young man, Joe.

Hey, he's a West. He can't help that.

Your pops here is a hell of a detective.

Obviously not.

Well, pleasure to meet you, Wally.

Anyway, I'm glad you're here, Wally.

Yeah, I've always wanted a baby brother.

What about the White Shadow?

You're joking, but yeah,
we did call Barry that.

Well, he's been pretty busy.

He's doing a whole lot
of running around.

But why don't we do dinner?
The whole family.

I... I got plans.

Oh, Iris'll cook.

Dad, we just met the kid.

We don't want to kill him.

All right, we do takeout. Chinese.

Whatever. Come on.

Where are your cuffs, taillights?

Come on, let's go.

You know that kid?

No... no.

You know, it's just what they say.

I got one of those faces.

I'll see you guys at dinner.


Any chance I could chat
with you for a minute?

Yeah, what's up, Detective?

Oh... I-I meant Iris.

Yeah, you're not needed.

I am needed... somewhere.

I'ma... go there.

What can I do for you?

I just wanted to talk with you...

about Barry.

I know that Barry's...

you know, practically your brother.

So I understand that your loyalty

is obviously to him, not me.

But I was just hoping that maybe
you think I'm good for him,

so you'd want to help me figure him out.

Well, I mean, if you did that, you...

you would be the first.

Wonderful. That gives me tons of hope.

It's just...

he's being not distant, but...


Yeah. He's being guarded.

And he's waking up from these bad dreams

and not telling me about them.

And I know that we got
close really quick.

It's just... it's like there's
something holding him back.

Here's the thing about Barry.

He has a bad habit of

carrying the weight of the
world on his shoulders,

burdens that aren't even his to bear.

But he doesn't have to do that with me.

Which is exactly what
you should tell him.

Hey... no! Absolutely not!

You don't get to throw
somebody else's stuff

when you're pissed off.

Thank you.

What is this?

Wrong answers.

Maybe you're asking the wrong questions.

What does that mean?

I've been thinking about
this a lot recently.

We keep trying to come up with
ways to make Barry faster,

but I still think we can figure
out a way to make Zoom slower.

We tried that already, remember?

Those darts didn't slow him down at all.

Yeah, I know... I'm not talking
about the darts, okay?

The darts clearly didn't work.
They just pissed him off.

I'm talking about something else...

a way we can steal Zoom's speed.


The Turtle.

As some of you may well know,

I've been deeply embroiled in
a secret, one-sided battle

with an invisible enemy.

No, not the Turtle again.

What? What is the...

Or who is the Turtle?
- It's Cisco's white whale.

Half whale, half turtle.


Do you see what you're doing, Caitlin?

Everybody's confused now.

Get to it.

I stumbled upon a few of these cases

when we were looking
for the Reverse Flash,

robberies that were seemingly
committed at high speed...

people holding their
beloved items one second.

Those items were gone the next.

Tell me what you see.

So he can... what? Stop time?

No, no, no. Look at the time code.

It's still running.

Yeah, okay. So if he's
not stopping time,

what is he doing?

He's slowing down everything around him.

And that is why we call him the Turtle.

Why have you never mentioned
this guy to me before?

Oh, I don't know, I
think we've just been

a little distracted, you
know, what with Captain Cold

and the Weather Wizard
and Gorilla Grodd.

Do I need to go on?

Okay, so if we can catch him,

figure out how he uses his powers...

Maybe we can show Zoom what
life is like in the slow lane.

How would you even know
where to find him?

Well, the robberies in the videos

all correspond with police reports

that were dismissed as
lost or missing items

instead of thefts.

The suspect's M.O. being...

Items of immense personal value.


It appears that there's a
press conference at CCPD,

because the Vandervoort diamonds
have just been recovered.

"From Hell's heart, I stab at thee."

The perpetrators who committed
this heartless crime

have been apprehended and
are now in our custody.

And we're happy to report that
the famed Vandervoort diamonds

have been returned to
their rightful owner.

The real gem is the return of
my great-grandfather's ring.

Getting that returned to the family

is what's most priceless to me.


The ring is gone. What happened to it?

Lock this place down. No
one leaves this room.

Sweep the precinct!

Well, the good new is
whatever the Turtle did,

it only affected you temporarily.


What was it like being in Turtle Time?

Yeah, no, it was weird.

It was like waves of inertness...

like all the energy was
suddenly sucked out of my body,

and then it would return.

That's because that's
exactly what was happening.

He has the ability to transfer

all the surrounding kinetic
energy into himself.

Leaving everyone else
in a temporary state

of potential energy.

That's right.

So why could I still move?

Your speed.

Your speed allows you
to change positions

faster than anyone else.

So you can convert your
stored potential energy

back to kinetic energy.

Excuse me, where are you going?

Trying to figure out

how to use this against Zoom.

You remember Zoom?

"Cisco, please join me.

"We'll use your idea and take
it to new scientific heights

and save the world."

Yes, I'd love to!


Facial recognition
software found us a match

from the press conference footage.

The Turtle's name is Russell Glosson.

He was a small-time thief
who stopped thieving

after the particle
accelerator explosion.

All right, I'm gonna head to work...

catch Joe up.

Let me know if you find anything else.

You okay?

Yeah, yeah, it's just...

It's hard to... look at that

and not think about how I
can't help people anymore.

Well, we have lots of technology here.

Why don't we figure out how
to get your speed back?

I'm a scientist too, Caitlin.

When I first got here,

all I did was work on how
to get my speed back.

Believe me, whatever
test you could run...

I've already done it.

The Turtle.

Cisco's been looking
for this guy forever.

Singh just put an APB out on him.

How did everybody know about
Glosson before I did?

Cisco's got a whole list
of unidentified metas.

The boys around here are calling him

Cisco de la Mancha.

Are you good? You seem a
little atle jittery.

A little anxious.

Let's be honest.

I'm really nervous about
this whole dinner tonight

with Wally.

Come on, why... why are you nervous?

You're, like, the best dad ever.

He'll see that.

It'll be a whole lot
easier, you being there.

Joe, I wouldn't miss it.

See you tonight.
- All right.

Hey, you.

- You got a sec?


I just...

I just want to make
sure everything's okay.


Yeah, I'm... I'm... I...

don't want to nag.

That's not, you know, who I am.

I just...

I don't... I don't want you
to feel burdened by anything.

No, I don't.


Hey, wait. Patty...

The New Years was always
a hard time for me.

That's when my mom died, so
it's just those memories

all come out, and they're
hard to put away.

So if it feels like I haven't
been communicating...

I'm sorry, Barry. I'm sorry.

I-I didn't know.

No, no, no, no, no.

Look... we haven't had a
romantic night in a while.

What do you say tomorrow night
we get some dinner and drinks

and maybe a little... kissing?

That sounds like what we need.

Okay. All right, I'll see you later.


Okay, I think we can call it.

Wally is not coming.

I'm sorry, Joe.

I know how much this meant to you.

He's a kid, right? I get it.

He could have at least called.

Well, there could be a number of reasons

why he didn't.

Thank you for being here.

I love you.

Love you.

See you in the morning, Bar.


Well, West family 2.0 is not
really off to a great start.

You've been quiet all evening.

The Turtle?

How do you know about him?


No, I've just had a lot on my mind.


We... we may have met for coffee.


She really cares about you, Barry,

and she's just wondering why
you've been so guarded.

And what did you tell her?

I told her to talk to you.

Oh, that's not cool.

You know, she did mention that...

you've been having nightmares.

About Zoom...

killing her.


I know that things have

been moving pretty fast

between you two.

But you realize you can't keep
things from her forever, right?

One day, you're gonna have
to tell her the truth.

That I'm the Flash?

I can't do that.

Barry, I wish a year ago
you had told me the truth.

So, what, you think that
I should just tell her?

I think that if you are serious

about being with her,

you have to.

All right, then that's
what I'm gonna do.

I'll tell Patty I'm the Flash.


You guys got anything?

I think we found the next target

for our 30-something,
meta-human, not-a-Ninja-Turtle.

How long did it take you
to come up with that one?

It just came out of my mouth...
did you see that?

That was amazing.
- That was nice.

Central City Museum

is hosting a special
black tie event tonight

showcasing "The Crystal Ball."

It's a famous painting, apparently,

recently recovered from Markovia.

The painting is on loan to the museum

from the Silverberg family.

Jacob Silverberg himself said,

"The painting's safe
return means more to us

than all the money in the world "

It's like they're begging
Turtle to rob it.

Okay, yes. This is a plan.

So the Turtle will make his move,

and we can be there
waiting to take him down.

How do you look in a tux?

Come on, he's 6'2", he's square-jawed,

and he's jacked.

I think he looks fine.

I'm 6'4".

Oh, crap!



An opportunity, maybe. Hold on.

Hey, you.

I'm excited to see you tonight.
- Yeah, me too.

Actually, about that... so I know I said

"let's have dinner", but...

you've been wanting me to share more.

So I thought that I would share that

I love art.

Okay, interesting.
- Yeah.

No, I just, you know, I
can't get enough of art.

Anyway, there's this event

at the Central City Museum tonight.

They're showing this
really famous painting

that I've always loved.

Actually, I don't know
anything about art,

but what's the saying?

I know what I like,

and I like you,

so count me in.

All right, great. I'll see you at 8:00.

- Or 7:00.

I'll see you at 7:00.
- Okay, 7:00 it is.


You know, you're a really
great superhero...

- A really great superhero...

Thank you.
- But do you think

it's a good idea when
you're fighting crime

to bring a date?

I'm gonna tell Patty...

that I'm the Flash.

Is that a bad idea? What do we think?

I will say, she put bullets
in King Shark and Harry.

- So as far as I'm concerned,

that's Team Flash material to me.

All right, yes. Thank you, Cisco.

Yeah, thank you. Cool.

I'm gonna do this...

I'm gonna tell her.

Don't tell her.

You care for this woman.

That's nice.

Then keep her as far away
from this as possible.

And here's why.

If Zoom finds out who you care for,

who you love,

who you live for,

he'll take them from you.


All right.

Keep your eyes open for the Turtle.

A sentence I never thought I would say.

Cisco, are you and Harry in position?

I'm the security feed.

I've got the facial
recognition software running,

so we'll be able to spot Turtle
before he makes his move.


Why do you insist on giving them

ridiculous nicknames?


Who's the genius that
came up with "Zoom"?

Yeah, well...

I'll tell you, about two years ago...

this is on Earth-2, now.

The CCPD there...

they got a 911 call

about a hostage situation,

but when the SWAT team got there,

there were no hostages.

It was a trap.

Zoom set a trap

in order to show the police
that they could not stop him.

And he killed 14 officers.

Men and women. Slaughtered them.

Left one alive to tell what happened.

That officer described

blue lightning

"zooming" all about

as his comrades, brothers
and sisters in arms,

were murdered.

That officer...

considered himself to be a lucky one,

spared in order to tell the tale.

Until Zoom went to his house
that night and killed him too.

Anyway, that's how he got
the nickname "Zoom"

If you ever need me to Vibe...

so you can know if she's still alive...

She's alive.



You have a really weird
look on your face.

Do I look weird?
- No, no.

You... look... like a dream.

You look very handsome.

I can't wait to see this painting.

What painting?

The painting. Yeah.

Me too... yeah.

How about we talk first?

I thought you'd never ask.

I can't figure you out, Barry Allen.

That is because I work hard

to hide who I really am.

You don't have to hide with me.

I just have to

really trust someone

if they're gonna know the truth.

Do you?

I trust you, Patty.

I trust you, too.


After I was struck by lightning,

when I woke up...

We've got eyes on Turtle.

Barry, you were saying?

I have to go. I'm sorry.

What? What?

But Barry...

CCPD! Freeze!


Are you as fast as the Flash?

Oh, no. He is much slower.

This is a trap?

I'm slow...

not stupid.

Oh, my God!

I got it. Come on.

Your pupils are normal.

Your heart rate's a little low.

But other than that, no
concussive symptoms.

I really do feel fine.
What about Turtle?

No sign of him.
- Or the painting.

He... must have gotten
away with it in the chaos.

Yeah, things went a little sideways

after your girlfriend decided

to go all "Lethal Weapon"
1 through 4 on Turtle.

Oh, my God.

Patty's gonna think I ditched her.

I... no, I got to go.

Where are you...

finding Turtle is what's
important right now.

Yeah... this is important to me too.

But we need to see if
your speed still works.

I think... I think it still works.

We still have to find out how
Turtle drained him of it.

Can I talk to you...

for a second?

You never got your champagne.

I couldn't find any flutes.

Hope that's okay.

Of course.

Here you go.

Let me go see if I can
make myself useful.



I was right.

I thought that you would
look mad, and you do.

What happened?

I don't really have a good excuse.


Nothing? I mean, come on, Barry.

Anything is better than nothing.

I mean, come on.

Holy crap, I've been a really,
really cool girlfriend.

Most girls don't have the self-esteem

to handle the... plans?

Oh, no plans. That's cool.

Or the... or the...

waking up in the middle of
the night screaming again.

Fine, whatever.

And then... and then the
really, really fancy plans...

which were awesome.

And then you ditched me
right before I almost died.

I mean, when you put it that way, it...

I'm actually really upset.

Yeah, I know.

Look, we've been having fun.

And fun has been so great.

But... I'm moving past fun

to the close part.

That's what I want, okay?

That's where I'm going.

You need to figure out
what it is that you want.

And do it fast.

Fast is my specialty.

Yo, pay up.


You got someone tailing me now?

Why didn't you show up
for dinner last night?

Couldn't make it.

You tell someone you're
gonna be somewhere,

you show up.

Guess I didn't have my
dad to teach me that?

Is this why you came to Central City?

Not to get to know me or your sister,

but this nonsense?

No one in Keystone will race me anymore.

But I don't actually have
to explain myself to you.

Actually, you do.

This is illegal. I'm a cop, remember?

Oh, yeah. Yes.

The detective who didn't
know he had a son

and who doesn't know anything about me.

I am trying to get to know you, Wally.

These races... that car...

that I won?

That's the only way that I can
pay for my mom's hospital bills,

get her the help that she needs.

You don't have to do this.

I have money saved. I can
dip into my pension.

I don't need your money.

I can take care of
myself and my mom, okay?

I'm the man of our house. That
position has been filled.

Go home to your family, Joe.




What do you want from me?

The thing most precious to the Flash...



No, no, no, no, no.


Come on.

No... Joe!

Joe... I think the Turtle has Patty.

I... Look, just meet me at S.T.A.R.
Labs, all right?

What do you want from me?

I want you to stop moving...


What do you get out of killing me?

Oh, I'm not gonna kill you.

That's much too... fast and messy.

I like to take things nice and slow.

You don't have to hurt me
to try to prove a point.

This isn't about hurting you.

This is about hurting
someone who values you.

Who, Barry?


The Flash.

What does he have to do with this?

I saw the way he saved you.

Yes, that's what he does.

He's a hero.

He saves people who need saving.

That's a waste of time...

saving people.

They take everything for granted.

So you take the things
that matter most to them.

My wife Rosalyn took me for granted.

She wanted to leave me...

the thing I valued most.

So that's what this is about?

You're hurt because your wife left you?

I couldn't let that happen.

So I made her mine.


I do hope I spelled your name right.

Bar... we'll find her.

I'm not getting any leads on this guy.

It's like he's totally
fallen off the grid.

You know, it... any of
the stuff he's stolen,

I can't find it.
- He keeps them.

He keeps them the way a serial
killer collects trophies.

He's stolen a lot of stuff.

Which means he needs a lot
of space to store it, right?

That's where we start.

See if he rented any storage spaces.

No, no...

I'm not getting anything.

Wait a minute.

His ex-wife used to be an
archivist for antiquities

at the Naydel Library
before it shut down,

and it shut down three months
after the accelerator exploded.

That place is big enough
to hold Turtle's stuff.

Okay, all right.

Wait, Barry... we haven't
even figured out

how to neutralize the Turtle's power.

Well, I'm gonna have
to power through it.

All right, I'm outside the library.

Barry, the only way to save Patty

is if you grab her in between
each of the Turtle's pulses.

You'll only have 2/10ths of a second

to make your moves.

I got it.


I guess he doesn't care about you

as much as I thought.


No, no... please!

No, it's all right.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, whoever you are.

It's okay.

Hey, Turtle.

So you want to know my
new definition of irony?

Now you... are our most
prized possession.

Patty okay?
- She is, yeah.



I know.

Why didn't you tell me that you're sick?

The champagne.

You took my DNA off the glass.

You know I lost my husband...

how hard that was for me to move on.

How could you let me get close to you

knowing that soon I'd lose you too?

I just...

I didn't expect...


I didn't expect you.

Then help me find a cure.

There is no cure.

The only way to save me
is to get my speed back.

And the only way to do
that is to stop Zoom.

Then let's stop him.



I think I left my sweater
here the other night.

It's green.

Oh, yeah.

I thought that didn't look like Barry's.

Heading back to Keystone tonight.

That's a fast trip.

Yeah, well, it's getting a little hot

in Central City for me.

Don't worry.

I'll try not to run too many
lights on the way there.

You know, if you're
waiting for an apology,

it's not coming.


No, I'm... I'm the one that should be

apologizing to you.

I felt bad

not being there while you
were growing up, and...

I was pushing this whole
father-son thing.

I'm sorry.

Let's just slow down a bit.

I won't try to be your instant dad,

and you won't have to pretend that

you want to be my son.


All that food for you?

Doesn't have to be.

You like chow mein?


But I like kung pao chicken.

Initial and sign.

There you go. Thank you, guys.


- Hi.

Can we talk... like, really talk?

Yeah... no.

Now's not really an awesome time.

I have a mound of paperwork
on my desk I need to finish,

so I'm sorry, I can't.

No, no, okay. Real... really quick.

So you were right.

You were right about everything.

I've been closed off and weird,

and, um, all the things
that you said I was.

But mostly, I have not been honest.


I'm leaving Central City.


Before Mardon, and before my dad...

before everything...

I always wanted to be a CSI.

And four years ago, I was accepted

into the Forensic Science program

at Midway City University.

That's a really great school.


Yeah, I know, I just...

I didn't go.

You know, I deferred
to become a cop and...

catch my dad's killer.

And I've done that.


so it's time to move on.

From the job?

From everything.

Patty. Patty...


Journal log entry number 113.


I'm coming for you soon.

I promise.

I was thinking earlier
today about the time

that you were four.

I took you to the
planetarium, just you and me.

I remember because it was the first time

I took you out all by myself.

The planetarium was crowded,

and you held my hand for dear life,

or maybe it was the other way around.

But it was in the Mars
exhibit that I lost you.


I had that place locked
down in one minute.

I had every security
guard looking for you.

And I could feel the fear
rise in the back of my throat

and something else rising also,

some... dark instinct inside me

about what I would do

to the person who had taken you...

the things I would do...

Unspeakable things.

And it was in that
moment that I realized,

for certain,

that I would do anything
to get you back.

- Yes, Professor Thawne?

Where the hell am I?