The Flash (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Going Rogue - full transcript

To steal a priceless diamond, Captain Cold acquires a specialized gun that can slay the Flash. Joe disapproves of Eddie and Iris dating.

My name is Barry Allen,
and I am the fastest man alive.

When I was a child, I saw my mother
killed by something impossible.

My father went to
prison for her murder.

Then an accident
made me the impossible.

To the outside world, I'm an
ordinary forensic scientist...

but secretly, I use my speed to
fight crime and find others like me.

And one day, I'll find who killed my
mother and get justice for my father.

I am the Flash.

Previously on The Flash: What
did you say your name was again?

- Barry Allen.
- Felicity.

How's Barry doing?

- It's a secret.
- What kind of secret?

- The kind I have to keep.
- I just have a little experience...

with liking someone who
doesn't see you the same way.

- Dad, the thing is...
- You two are dating.

- So you're not mad?
- Oh, I'm mad.

What does the fastest man
alive do on his day off?

Before the lightning...

if I wasn't still at the lab,
I'd be at home chilling.

Now my days off are different.

Now they aren't so lonely.

The lightning didn't
just give me speed...

it also gave me friends.

- This isn't remotely anatomically correct.
- That's not the point, Dr. Snow.

Then what is the point?

To have fun.

And to continue your
ongoing training.

We're testing the speed of your mind
by pushing your ability to multitask.

I'm waiting on you, Dr. Wells.

One hundred
eighty-two seconds, gentlemen.

Heads up.
I think we got something.

Two-eleven. Two-eleven.
We're being robbed.

Hey, cool it.

A hundred fifty-eight
seconds to go.


- Wait, checkmate?
- Checkmate.

I guess we still have a few things
left to learn, don't we, Mr. Allen?

Armed robbery at
Fourth and Kolins.

For the record, I crushed it
in Operation and Ping-Pong.

It's not as easy as it looks.

Where's the nearest hospital?

St. Andrews.
Seven blocks north, two east.

Call the ER, tell them
they have an incoming GSW.

I want this locked up all the
way to the end of the block.

Tow truck was stolen.

The armored car driver is in stable condition,
though no one's sure how he got there.

Did you check the
security cameras?

Camera storage drive was stolen.
Guys are pros.

Everything's still here.

Including what I think they're
after. The Kahndaq Dynasty diamond.

It was on its way to Central
City Museum for exhibition.

Right. Iris was trying
to talk me into going.

I'm not much of a museum guy, but
she really wants to do something...

I'm just gonna walk away now.

Sorry, captain, I was at the
hospital visiting a friend.

There's nothing missing. It looks
like someone interrupted the robbery.

- Guard says there was three of them.
- Actually, it was four.

I mean that's how many I would bring if
I were doing a robbery of this nature.

That's definitely
a four-guy truck.

A driver,
two more to cover the guards...

and somebody used liquid nitrogen
to open this door, so four bad guys.

Thank you, Mr. Allen,
for your brilliant insight.

For somebody so fast,
you're slow on the improvising.

Did you see anything that
can help us catch these guys?


One of them lost his mask.

I saw his face.

Look at these mug shots of Central City's
most wanted. See if you can find...

That's him.


Leonard Snart.

"Leonard"? That's almost
as bad as "Bartholomew."

Snart ain't sexy either.

Snart's father was a cop.
A bad cop.

Took his anger out on his kids,
till he went to prison.

Snart's dad is in prison too?
We should start a club.

He shows up, like,
every six months.

He cases a job for weeks
before he makes his move.

Then he does a job, gets away.

That's before the
Streak was around.

Did you just refer to yourself
in the third person?

I referred to the Streak. I've
been thinking of a new name.

- What do you think about the Flash...?
- Coffee break.

Thought I'd bring Central City's finest
java over to Central City's finest.

Thanks, I'm off caffeine.

My dad's been mad ever since
I told him about me and Eddie.

No, you mean he's mad at you
because you didn't tell him.

Uh, that sounds like you're taking his side.
You know his "I'm not talking to you...

but I have a bag full of judgmental
looks I'll try on you later"?

I've been on the receiving
end of those a few times.

Speaking of communications,
or lack thereof...

after all these journalism
classes, I got an idea.

- Huh.
- I started a blog.

What's it about? Your brownie
obsession? You shouldn't broadcast that.

No. Something important. Something
Central City needs to know about:

The Streak.

He's out there, Barry.

Rumor has it he stopped
an armed car robbery earlier.

- Heh. - I was hoping
I could take a look at the file...

I'm not at liberty to discuss an
ongoing police investigation with you.

Since when, Mr. Blabbermouth?

Take it from someone who's been studying
the impossible since they were 11.

Blogging about this, it's gonna
bring the crazies to your door.

- My blog is anonymous.
- Anonymous or not, it's not safe.

You never know what kind of weirdoes
are out there on the Internet.

I can vouch for that.

The Internet is full of
weirdoes, and nerd rage.

Lots and lots of nerd rage.

Hi. Felicity Smoak.

Iris West.

Barry Allen.
But you both already knew that.

- Uh, Felicity is... - The girl
that you met in Starling City.

The computer-er, right?

You two worked on one of Barry's
unexplainable cases.

Which, long story short,
was definitely explainable.

So the lightning
came through here?


There's been some rumors
the last few weeks.

People seen a red blur
tearing through the streets.

What the hell is it, man?

Maybe it was a drone.

Some top-secret army thing.

When I was a kid...

my grandfather used to take my sister
and me to this diner, The Motor Car.

Food was for crap,
but the view was great.

Right across from the
Central City precinct.

I still go there. I listen to their
radios, I learn their response times.

There are 40 banks
in Central City...

each of them within 60 seconds
of police response.

That's the advantage of hitting
a moving target.

Once the armored car called 911

we had 182 seconds before any
cop could be on the scene.

No one could've gotten there
fast enough to stop us.

But something did.

And you lost your cool.

You know the rules.

We don't shoot guards or cops,
unless it's the only option.

We don't need the heat.

The heat?

What the hell do you
think the blur is, Snart?

You're right.

Screw this, screw you. I'm out.

Well, if you're out, you're out.

This blur...

is a man.

We're gonna have to up our game.

Iris seems very nice.

And really pretty,
like super pretty.


Iris isn't my girlfriend.

She's just a friend...

who actually has a boyfriend.

Oh. That's interesting.

I guess.

What are you really doing here?
I mean, it's good to see you...

but do you and Oliver
need something...? No.

No, I came because
I wanted to see you.

L... Heh.
I heard you're out of the coma.

Didn't call. Didn't write.

Didn't race over...

Oliver told you?

Honestly, I heard you two talking on
that rooftop in Starling City that night.

I wanna see it.

And by "it" I mean your speed.

In case you thought I was talking
about something else, which I was not.

- Uh, okay, you see that building?
- Uh-huh.

Keep your eyes on it.


You took a picture of me?

- From the top of that building?
- Yeah. Don't Instagram that.

- Unbelievable.
- Heh.

Your shoes are smoking!

That's fine, it happens sometimes.
That's why I have a friction-proof suit.

Where did you get that?

I'll show you.

This is where my team monitors
the police bands for activity.

We can track anything that's
happening. Check this out:

- We've got our own satellite.
- I know.

- I've hacked into it from time to time.
- Rude.

It is, of course, so wonderful
to see you again, Felicity.

I'm just wondering how much of our
operation she needs to know about.

I'm really good at
keeping secrets.

- Felicity works for the Arrow.
- Sweet.

And you, apparently, are not.

Now it's all making sense.
You know who the Arrow is.


Do you know who the Arrow is?


Let's just say that my team has a similar
setup but with more pointy objects.

Welcome, Miss Smoak.

Dr. Wells?

The Dr. Wells?

Please call me Harrison,

You know who I am?

Ranked second in the National Informative
Technology competition at age 19.

Graduated MIT with master's degree in
cyber security and computer sciences.

I know who you are.

I keep an eye out for promising
talent in scientific fields.

That's what brought
me Cisco and Caitlin.

And I foresaw...

great things from you.

Speaking of great things...

wanna see something cool?

- How fast can he run?
- He hasn't reached his top speed yet...

theoretically speaking.

- So is he really okay? - His heart
rate is in normal range for him.

No, I mean,
the lightning bolt changed him.

Do any of you really
know how much?

We know a fair amount.

If everything about him is sped
up, is he gonna age faster?

What would happen if he ran too
fast? Would he just be running...

and then poof, he's dust
in a red costume?

Everything we do here, at S.T.A.R.
Labs, is to protect Barry Allen.

Trust us, Felicity,
he is in very good hands here.

Wanna see how fast
I can run backwards?

Don't worry.
He heals quickly too.

Ah, I don't get it.
Why would Snart come here?

Snart's been deterred before...

but once he goes after something, he
doesn't stop until he gets it, ever.

Joe, I want you to know that
I'm really serious about Iris.

She's an amazing woman.
I can really see myself...

Did I ever tell you about that wild
night I had my last day of college?

I don't think so. No.

Not even after we kicked
back a few beers after work?

We've never done that.

Oh, right. Those are things
I do with my friends.

Since we've never done those
things, we ain't friends.

So there's absolutely no reason I
need to know about your dating life.

I just don't want my personal relationship
with your daughter to affect our...

- working relationship. - It ain't
about you, Eddie. It's about her.

So as long as we don't
talk about you and her...

we will be cool.

Maybe we should just
listen to the radio.

When a man loves a woman

Let's get it on

Quiet is good.

Hey, you two.

We're not a two.

- Oh. No. We're a one and one.
- Yeah.

Has Barry been showing you some
of the sights in Central City?

Yes. Um, I have seen
some pretty amazing things.


Well, if you got some time...

maybe we can show you some
of Central City's nightlife.

Oh. No. I get plenty
of nightlife in Starling City.

This is something that I don't
think that you're gonna wanna miss.

Trivia Night at Jitters.

Eddie's not really excited about it,
I admit, but could be our night, guys.

Our night to win $75
worth of cappuccinos.

Uh, yum.

I'm gonna go call work, check
in, make sure everything's okay.

- I'll be back in a second.
- Okay.

- Why are you doing this?
- Doing what?

Trivia Night with you and Eddie,
forcing this double-date thing.

Because that girl is great.

And she happens to come from your
very rare species of adorable nerds.

- Why didn't you tell me more about her?
- There's nothing to tell.

She's just a friend.

Barry, girls don't just hop on trains
and travel hundreds of miles...

to see someone that they don't like.
See, this is why you need my help.

Bring her tonight.
We'll have fun.



You wanted state-of-the-art, Snart. I
bring you state-of-the-art, my good sir.

- What's this?
- It might not look like much...

but neverjudge a book
by its cover, you know?

Fires highly-concentrated
combustible liquid fuel...

that ignites on
contact with the air.

I don't need to heat things up.

I need to slow them down.

That's the one then.
You're drawn right to it.

Stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs
after the incident, heh...

with nothing but the skeleton security
crew to guard the tech inside.

Emits some sort of substance, not
sure what it is, like a white flame.

But it's not hot, it's cold.

Glasses look like they're made of
the same tech. What are they for?

Glare. You'll see.

Who else knows you took this?

Just us.

No, just me.

Sorry, pal.

Party people, who's ready
to get their trivia on?

Everybody, welcome.
We got some new challengers.

Please welcome E = MC Hammer.

I did it because E = MC squared is
Einstein's formula for kinetic energy, right?

And, you know,
"Can't touch this."

That's great, Barry.

So where is Felicity?

I'm not sure.

I told her it started at...

Feel free to buy
yourself that dress.

- Heh. Totally overdressed for
Trivia Night. - No, you look amazing.

Yeah, you do.

"E = MC Hammer."

- It's funny. Ha, ha.
- See?

It wasn't until 1852 when the
transcontinental rail road...

laid their tracks through
this thriving cattle town...

that we became
officially incorporated.

That same year the worst flood
this area has ever seen hit.

But from that disaster rose
Central City's greatest hero:

Cattle rancher Bobby
"Bovine" McFeely.

Bovine McFeely saved 17 cows
from the great flood.

Hey, kid. Gum?

And now for the exhibit I'm sure
you've all come here to see...

the historic Kahndaq
Dynasty diamond.

Be careful. Get too close and
you'll set off the proximity alarms.

Wouldn't want to do that.

Three is Pasteur. Mm-mm.

- Three is Erdel, and four is Pasteur.
- Right.


- Descartes.
- Descartes.

Are they even
speaking English?

And the points go
to E = MC Hammer.

- Yeah. All right. Ha, ha.
- Ha-ha-ha.

I knew you two would
make a good team.

- So, Felicity, what do you do?
- I work in computer sciences...

at Queen Consolidated. Really?

Do you have a boyfriend
in Starling City?

Um, no. No, there is no one.

I'll get us more drinks.

And I had too many of those first
ones, so I will be right back.

- What?
- Dude.

"Dude"? What...?

Are you still gonna tell me she's
not into you? Look at that dress?

And when I asked her the
boyfriend question, she froze.

Yeah, you're particularly
sly with that one.

Felicity is smart,
nice and pretty.

And most importantly she is the first
girl that I have seen you with...

that understands and appreciates
you for the amazing person...

that I am always
telling you that you are.

She's perfect for you.

So, what are you waiting for,

How long has it been missing?

I don't know.

I'm gonna ask you again, Cisco.

And when I do...

I expect a more specific answer
than "I don't know."

Now, how long has
this weapon been gone?

A day.

Maybe two. One janitor didn't
show up for work this morning.

He was probably the one who
took it. I didn't think that...

You didn't think.

Because if you had, you would've
discussed with me first...

your desire to build something that
could hurt anyone, and in particular...

Barry Allen.

I'm sorry.

If you just let me explain...

You know how I feel about weapons, Cisco,
they do not belong in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Now, you're gonna figure out
a way to locate this gun...

and you're gonna
do it right now.

This thing you built...

what can it do?

Bad stuff.

You said to call if there
was anything suspicious.

This guy went through the
tour twice. Nobody does that.

This is Detective West, I have a
visual on Leonard Snart at the museum.

Requesting immediate backup.

I'm sorry. I thought I knew it.
I got excited, and I just hit it.

Maybe they'll get it wrong too.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure that the team
named Pride and Padawans...

doesn't know the name
of Han Solo's ship.

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Oh, honey, you are so cute
when you're confused.

Someone spotted Snart.
I gotta go.

- I'll cover for you.
- What will you say?

I tell people Oliver's at a
night club or nursing a hangover.

- None of which will work for me.
- Bad stomach ache. Diarrhea.

- I'm not comfortable with that excuse.
- Just go.

Stay safe.

And I'm talking to air now,
which is odd.

I'm still doing it.


- You okay?
- Aah!

It burns.

Time for a test run.

Let's see how fast you are.



- It's still numb.
- It's like third-degree frostbite.

- I thought he had hyper-healing
- it's been slowed.

If your cells weren't regenerating
at the rate they are...

your blood vessels would've
frozen solid.

The nerve damage would've been
permanent. You're lucky to be alive.

Snart wasn't another metahuman.

He has some kind of gun. It
froze things. It slowed me down.

Enough that I wasn't
able to save someone.

According to his records, Snart
didn't even finish high school.

So how did he build a handheld,
high-tech snow machine?

S.T.A.R. Labs
built the cold gun.

Dr. Wells and Caitlin
had nothing to do with this.

I built the gun.

You did?

- Why?
- Because speed and cold are opposites.

Temperature is measured by how quickly
the atoms of something are oscillating.

Faster they are, the hotter it is. When things
are cold, they're slower on the atomic level.

- When there's no movement,
it's called... - Absolute zero.


I designed a compact cryo-engine
to achieve absolute zero.

I built it to stop you.

I didn't know who you were then,

I mean, what if you turned out to be
some psycho, like Martin or Nimbus?

But I didn't, did I?

We built the entire structure you're
standing in to do good, and it blew up.

You can understand why Cisco would
wanna be prepared for the worst.

I can understand that, but
what I can't understand is...

why you didn't tell
me what you did.

After all we've been through, I thought
you trusted me. I thought we were friends.

- We are, Barry.
- If you had just told me...

I could've been prepared.

But instead someone
died tonight.

And I have to live with that.

No, Cisco, we all do.

Theater-goers remain shaken after
surviving tonight's bizarre attack...

The news, are you okay?

I'm fine.

How long is this gonna go on?

Seems like the cold treatment
is going around.

- Not now, Iris, please?
- Yes, now.

You did the same thing when I signed up
for the police academy without telling you.

You didn't speak to me for weeks,
not until I withdrew my application.

Well, I am not withdrawing
this time, Dad.

I am dating Eddie,
whether you like it or not.

- Eddie is my partner.
- I know.

But you don't know. You're not a cop. You
don't know what having a partner means.

Wherever I go, he goes.

And where I go isn't
always safe, Iris.

I need to be 100
percent focused.

Now there's a part of me
that isn't focused...

that doesn't see Eddie as my
partner, but as your boyfriend.

So if he gets hurt...

or worse, and I'm there...

how am I gonna look at you?

How are you gonna look at me?

Now, I'm not mad at you.

But that's why this
is so hard for me.

Do you understand?

- We're going back tonight.
- Back where?

To the museum. That diamond
isn't gonna steal itself.

Super-gun freeze your brain,

The museum will be crawling
with police and the Streak.

This can stop the Streak.
It hurt him.

And I know his real weakness,
so we go.

- Unless you want out.
- We both want out. Alive.

So you thought I
hadn't made a plan.

At least I taught you something.

So, what are you waiting for?
Shoot me.

You better put a bullet in my brain
right now because if you don't...

if I ever see either
one of you again...

You don't get it, do you?
This blur is out there.

Central City ain't your
playground anymore.

Sure it is.



What are you doing?

You should get
back to your hotel.

- Get some sleep.
- You should too.

Not go back to my hotel,
I meant get some sleep.

I can't.

Every time I close my eyes,
I see that man's face.

I watched him die.

I have to go faster.

Barry, it's not your fault.

And it's not Cisco's either.

I know you're upset, but you have to
look at this from his point of view.

No, I get it.
He didn't trust me.

Barry, when you met us...

me, Oliver and Dig, we were this
well-oiled archery machine...

but it didn't start out that
way. And unlike you guys...

we weren't tossed together overnight,
we came together one at a time.

It took much more than watching Oliver do
the salmon ladder to make me trust him.

I've seen firsthand what
this life can do to people.

It's a lonely path.

Don't make it any lonelier
than it has to be.


Wanna end up like that door?

Hi there.

I figured out a way
to track Captain Cold.

You gotta stop
naming these guys.

Barry, listen to him.


The cold gun is powered
by an engine-control unit.

A microcomputer that regulates
air to fuel ratio...

so the sub-cooled fluid in the
chambers don't overflow and...

- Explode.
- Right.

This ECU was receiving updates
wirelessly from my tablet.

If I boost the signal
using Central City's network...

and send a false update, we'll
get a ping back and then...

We can locate Snart.

How long will it take?

Uh, first, I have to hack into the
city's network, so 30 minutes maybe?

I can do it in less than one.

When it comes to hacking,
I'm the fastest woman alive.

Ah! That was not as
badass as I pictured.

- All right, I'm in.
- Are you kidding?

All right,
I'm sending the updates.

- We're connected.
- Network is triangulating the location.

We got him. He's heading west on
Nelson toward the train station.

If he's leaving, it appears Mr. Snart
may have gotten what he came for.

When we put our minds to it,
dude, nothing can stop us.

Oh, you turned your earpiece off.
How are we gonna talk to each other?

I don't feel talking right now.

Suspect spotted at Central
City train station.

We got Snart.

- Wait here for backup.
- Wait for backup? No way.

That's an order.

You should go after Barry.

- You heard him, Felicity.
- He wants to do this alone.

Of course he said that.
He's hurt.

You're his team and his friends.

If I had a nickel for every time the Arrow
told me to back off, I'd be as rich as Oliver.

Who I mention because he's the
richest person I know, or used to be.

The point is...

you have your partner's back.
No matter what.

I have something
that might help.

I'm your partner,
not your assistant.

There's nowhere to run.

I didn't see you before.

Your mom know you're out
past your bedtime?

If you wanted to get away, you should've
taken something faster than a train.

That's if I wanted to get away.

I've seen your weakness.

At the armored car,
then at the theater.

So while you're busy saving
everybody, I'll be saving myself.

Good luck with that.

Pretty fast, kid.

But not fast enough.

Thank you.

- For what?
- You forced me to up my game.

Not only with this gun, but
with how I think about a job.

It's been educational.

Drop it.

This is a prototype cold gun, four
times the size, four times the power.

I was wondering who
you were talking to.

Hey, unless you wanna taste your
own medicine, I'd back the hell up.

Your hands are shaking.
You've never killed anyone.

There's a first time for
everything, Captain Cold.

I will shoot you.

You win, kid.

I'll see you around.

Hey, leave the diamond.

Don't push your luck.

I couldn't shoot
him if I wanted to.

This is actually the
S.T.A.R. Labs vacuum cleaner.

With a lot of LEDs.

Let's get you warm.

Thank you.

We've been trying
to track Snart...

but he must've disconnected
the signal somehow.

We'll find him, Cisco.


You have a great team here,

Speaking of teams...

I should probably
get back to mine.

It's nice meeting you,
Miss Smoak.

Please extend a hello
to the Arrow for us.

I Will.

Bye, Felicity.

Bye, Barry.

Remarkable young woman.

She's special.

Yeah, she is.


don't you ever...

do anything like that again.
Do you understand me?

Yes, sir.

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey.

If you're looking for Eddie,
he's in Evidence.

I am looking for you.

I came to apologize again.

You're really trying to hit
that magic number, aren't you?

Look, Dad...

I just want you to know there
is nothing that you could do...

that would ever change
the way I look at you.

And I'm sorry. I should've thought how
it would affect you if Eddie and I...


Chasing down this Snart
character tonight...

he had the draw on me.

Eddie saved my life.

Maybe I underestimated him.

From now on, no more secrets.

No more secrets.

- Well, go see Eddie.
- Heh, okay.

Thank him for watching out
for your old man.

- Did I just yelp?
- Ha, ha. Yeah.

- I yelped.
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

- Don't tell me you're here to save me.
- This is still one of the safest ways to travel.

I thought that was airplanes.

Remember you told me you had
a little experience...

liking somebody who didn't
see you the same way?

That was Iris, right?

How did you know?

It's the little things.

The way you linger on her
when she isn't looking.

The smile you fake
to play the part.

Quiet dreams you
keep to yourself.

Like you and Oliver.

Takes one to know one.

I'm afraid it'll
change everything.

It Will.

But maybe that's not
such a bad thing.

What is wrong with us? We are
perfectly perfect for each other.

Yet we're sitting here
pining for people we can't have.

Guess what they say is true.

Opposites do attract.

If you ever need anything,
I will race over in a heartbeat.

Well, as fast as I can run.

Which may take me a while,
but I will still come.

Bye, Felicity.

Bye, Barry.


I know it's been a while
since we pulled that job.

I know it didn't
go so well for you.

And I know I said we were
finished, but things have changed.

If I wanna keep working in Central
City, I'm gonna need a new kind of crew.

I'm gonna need someone like you.

You're tolerant of extremes,
you have certain skills.

You just need some direction.

And I can give that to you.

You still like
playing with fire?

You're gonna love this.


are you in, Mick,
or are you out?

Yeah, buddy, I'm in.