The Flash (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Grodd Lives - full transcript

Knowing it's a deliberate distraction from Dr. Wells, Barry and those at S.T.A.R. Labs can't help but deal with an angry, mind-controlling meta-gorilla.

My name is Barry Allen,
and I am the fastest man alive.

When I was a child, I saw my mother killed

by something impossible.

Run, Barry, run!

(Barry) My father went to
prison for her murder.

Then an accident made me the impossible.

To the outside world, I'm
an ordinary forensic scientist,

but secretly, I use my speed to fight crime

and find others like me.

And one day, I'll find
who killed my mother...

(Barry) And get justice for my father.

I am The Flash.

Previously on The Flash...

Iris West.



The Man in Yellow, he took Eddie.

I promise I'll find him, okay?


(Iris) Think about your best friend.

It could be your wife, your father,

maybe someone you grew up with.

It's the person you can't wait to talk to

at the end of the day.

The person who knows everything about you,

who roots for you.

Now imagine you discover
your best friend has a secret.

No, not a secret.

A universe of secrets.

Would you confront him?

Would you stay silent?

Either way, you know nothing
will ever be the same again.

[dramatic music]

Where is Thawne?

He took some personal time.

Yeah, Eddie's been going through
some stuff, Captain.

Yeah, aren't we all?

You got anything
on these gold store robberies?

Perps hit up two more in the last week,

- and we still got nothing.
- We're working on it.

Just waiting on some
final results from the lab.

All right, well, pick up the pace.

And see if somebody can contact The Flash.

Maybe he can help speed things up.

You know what I mean.

Get going.

- Anything?
- No.

I mean, I've looked everywhere.


Keep looking.

Of course. Yeah.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Uh, I'm heading out right now.

- What's up?
- Something happened.

And I'm not supposed to say anything,

but I couldn't keep quiet.

What happened?

The Man in Yellow,

he took Eddie right in front of me.

Oh, my God.

Are you okay?

No, no. Not at all.

- No, I...
- The Flash was there.

He told me to go home
and not to talk to anyone

because he would fix it, but he hasn't.

I think the police should be
out there searching for Eddie.

No, Iris...

My dad needs to know the truth.

Uh, I think that The Flash is right.

Joe and the cops, they're no match

for The Man in Yellow, Iris.

They would just get hurt.

So you think The Flash is out there

right now, searching for Eddie?

I'm sure he's doing
everything he can to find him.

Yeah, well, I'm finding it pretty hard

to trust The Flash right now.

Well, then, trust me.


Look, I'm so sorry about all of this. I...

Everything is gonna be okay.

I have to go.

[soft music]

(man) Okay, back it up.

[truck beeping]

(man) Move out.

[dramatic music]

Get down!


You planning on keeping all those cameras

Wells used to spy on us?

That's kind of creepy, don't you think?

First rule of mechanical engineering, dude.

Never waste good tech.


[computer beeping]

Central City Gold Reserve's under attack.

Gold? That's the case Singh wants us on.

- Mm.
- I'll be right back.


You picked a bad day for this, pal.

[high-pitched frequency, groaning]


What was that?

Your eye movement is normal.

No signs of neurological damage.

Do you think the thief

might have been a meta-human
who put the whammie on you

or something?

I... I don't know.

When Rainbow Raider got in my head,

all I felt was anger.

But this was not that.

This was just overwhelming fear.

(Cisco) Hmm.

Looks like when you went down,
the thief got disoriented too.

Maybe we both got whammied.

Then you know how it feels.

[dramatic music]

Hi, Barry.

Or should I say The Flash?

This is one of the few times

I would not want to be Barry Allen.

I wonder what he's gonna say.

We should absolutely not listen in.

It's none of our business.

But The Flash is our business.

And Iris did just find out
that Barry's The Flash.

So by transitive property,
Barry and Iris are our business.

[dramatic music]

I... Wait. How did you find out?

When I touched The Flash the other night,

I felt a jolt of electricity.

The only other time I have ever
felt anything like that

was when you were in a coma
after the accident.


I can't believe
I didn't figure it out sooner.

I can only imagine how angry you are.

I'm not angry, Barry.

I'm just disappointed.


Does Eddie know?

Yes, he does.

Is that why he got kidnapped?

No, I don't know why Wells took Eddie. I...

Dr. Wells is The Man in Yellow?

Everything he's been doing, helping me...

it was all a lie.

Wells killed my mom.

- Is he gonna kill Eddie?
- No, he's not.

I'm gonna get Eddie back, I swear.

Yeah, The Flash said the same thing.

Look, Iris, you have to believe me, I...

There were so many times
I wanted to tell you.

You were the first person I wanted to tell,

but everything started getting crazy,

and I thought maybe Joe
was right and I shouldn't say...

Wait, wait, wait.

You're telling me that my dad knew

and he told you not to tell me?

He was trying to protect you.

We both were.


Yeah, well, maybe it's time
you both stopped.

[somber music]

Yeah, uh-huh.

Yeah, if we could get
another shipment of the, uh,

computers in here...

Yeah, I don't think that had
anything to do with us.


[mysterious music]

[hatch opens]

Don't suppose you brought lunch?

Did you know that human beings

can survive up to two months

without food?

Is that how long you're planning
on keeping me here?

You know...

I doubt it'll come to that.

You want to tell me
what we're doing down here?


You told me we're related,
that you're from the future.

Prove it.

Yeah, I don't have to prove
anything to anyone.

Well, I think you're full of crap.

And whatever you're trying to do,

you're not gonna get away
with it because The Flash is...


Stop talking.

[distant siren wailing]

I heard you talked to Barry.

So this is what my cold shoulder
treatment feels like.


baby, the way I went about things, maybe...

No. I was wrong.

I was just trying to keep you safe.

You know, that excuse is getting
really old.

First it was the police academy,

and then it was dating Eddie, and now this.

Sweetheart, you know what
The Man in Yellow is capable of.

He killed cops. He killed Mason Bridge.

Wells killed Mason?

And you're covering that up?

No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

If the world finds out about Wells,

they find out about Barry.

I'm trying to keep him safe too.

Did you ever stop to think that
looping me in

would keep me safe?

That if I knew what was going on out there,

I could prepare for it?

Maybe I could've helped you
and Barry put the bad guys away

instead of being in the way.

Believe me, I asked myself
that question every single day.

Every time you posted something new

about The Flash on your blog...

Dad, it's not just
about Barry being The Flash.

You knew how he felt about me
for God knows how long,

and you didn't tell me that either.

That wasn't for me to tell, Iris.

Well, you know what, if any
of you had been honest with me,

maybe Eddie would still be here.

He wouldn't have gotten involved
in all of this

if I hadn't been dating him.

Are you saying if you had known
how Barry felt...

What I am saying is that
what happened to Eddie

is your fault.

[phone vibrating]

This is work.

We can finish this talk.


Yeah, that'll be new.

[phone continues vibrating]


Yeah, boss?

I just got a call from Joe.

The Central City Gold Reserve
is about to transport

$300 million in gold bars
to their Coast City vault.

Singh told Joe they think
the Man in the Mask

is gonna make a play for it.

Okay, but we still don't know
if he's responsible

for those weird images you saw.

How are they transporting the gold?

[ice cream truck music]

Sorry, no more ice cream.

But your music's playing.

Yeah, it means we're out.

Come on.

You might want to kill the music.

We don't want any kids around
if our thief shows up.

[music stops]

[suspenseful music]


[tires screech]

Whoa, the truck just got hit
by a land mine.

(Flash) Is Joe okay?

We don't know yet.


Freeze! Drop your weapon!

Don't make me do this.

You okay?

Yeah. You?

I didn't want you
to have to shoot him again.

And I'm having a pretty bad day.

So is this guy.

Let's see what Goldfinger
has to say for himself.

[dramatic music]


General Eiling?

What is wrong with him?

(Caitlin) I pulled a bullet
out of his shoulder.

Which should hurt like hell.

And it didn't even seem like he felt it.

I did a complete body scan, and otherwise,

General Eiling is perfectly healthy.

So why is he just standing there
like a robot?

I just got off the phone with ARGUS.

Officially, Eiling is
on administrative leave.


I spoke with Diggle's wife, Lyla,

and she said Eiling's been missing

for the past three months

and ARGUS is covering up for it.

Makes sense.

Last time I saw the general

was when Ronnie and I broke Professor Stein

out of that military facility.

I'm sure they're covering that up too.

(West) So where has he been since then?

General Eiling, why were you
trying to rob the gold reserve?

[suspenseful music]

Maybe he's in some kind of a trance?

General, do you remember me?


Whoa, how does he know you're The Flash?

I don't know.


Eiling not here.

Eiling bad.

Maybe it's some kind of psychotic break

presenting itself as
dissociative identity disorder.


Caitlin good.

Oh, uh, thank you?

Mm. Forget multiple personalities.

You guys have seen The Exorcist, right?

You and your movies.

Keep talking to him.

He seems to respond to you.

Uh, why is Eiling bad?

Eiling hurt me.

I hurt Eiling.

Okay, uh, so if you're not Eiling,

then who are you?




Fear... me.

What is a Grodd?


Oh, Grodd is a gorilla.

Five years ago, Eiling and Wells
were working on a project

to expand soldiers' cognitive
abilities during battle.

What we didn't realize is that Eiling

was trying to create soldiers
with psychic abilities.

What do you mean "psychic"?

Eiling was trying to create
these super-soldiers

with telepathic and
telekinetic capabilities.

But when Dr. Wells found out
about the terrible experiments

that Eiling was doing,
he shut down the entire project.

So our psycho-killer
has a soft spot for animals.

That's sweet.

What happened to Grodd?

We don't know.

After the Particle Accelerator exploded,

I went down to check on him,
and his cage was empty.

So he could have been affected

by the same energy that hit Barry?

When the dark matter hit Grodd,
all the drugs and serums

that Eiling injected him with
could've activated.

Maybe the Accelerator explosion
created a meta-gorilla.

And I think we know what happens

when a super-intelligent ape
who's pissed off at humans

escapes captivity.

Cisco's right about the first part.

This is the first brain scan
that I did on Grodd.

Whoa. His primary motor cortex
and Broca's area

are lit up like a Christmas tree.

From Eiling's experiments.

And this is the brain scan
that I just did on Eiling.

His brain is lit up in the exact same way.

So Grodd and Eiling are connected somehow?

I think that somehow, Grodd
is transmitting neural signals

to Eiling's primary motor cortex.

Mind control, telepathy...

who knows what Grodd is capable of now?

What do we think Grodd wants? Revenge?

I do not like the fact
that Wells rescued Grodd.

I don't think it's a coincidence

that this gorilla shows up
at the very same time

we're looking for Wells.

Grodd and Wells always
did have a special bond.

It wouldn't surprise me
if Wells was using Grodd

to distract us.

If we find Grodd, we find Wells.

If we find Wells...

We find Eddie.

And I'm gonna help.

Know anything about gorillas?

I just might.

There have been reports
of some sort of animal

down in the sewers.

Mm. Alligators. C.H.U.D.S.


Am I the only one
who watches movies around here?

Uh, a few months ago,
two sewer workers went missing.

The search party reported hearing

strange animal like noises
down in the tunnels.

Where exactly did they go missing?

Uh, Fifth Avenue and Tenth Street.

There's an access point to the sewers

about two blocks east of that intersection.

I'll start there.

Not alone. I'm coming too.

Huh, wading through miles of rats, roaches,

and human excrement... count me out.

Count me in.

He's your monkey.

Cisco, take the rest of these flares,

light them, drop them as we go.

It's our path back.

Give me that banana.


- Stay close.
- Definitely.

(Cisco) Not going anywhere.

[ominous music]

Thanks for sticking up for me.

Of course.

For what it's worth,
Barry feels really terrible

about lying to you.

He should.

You lied too.

Your fianc??

Ronnie. Yes.

Uh, I thought he died in the
Particle Accelerator explosion,

but turns out he just...

caught on fire.


But he's okay?

Yeah. He is.

Good. I'm glad.

[melancholy music]

(West) I can't believe I'm down here

looking for a supernatural gorilla.

I'm terrified of regular gorillas.


What was that?

- [rat squeaks]
- Oh, oh.

(Cisco) Whoa.

Hey, hey, guys, look at this.


(Barry) Looks like we're
in the right place.

[suspenseful music]

(West) Somebody want to tell
me what we're looking at here?

(Barry) Grodd.

He's evolving.

He's getting smarter.

(West) Getting smarter. Great.


(Cisco) If I hadn't seen Jurassic Park,

I wouldn't be nearly
as frightened right now.


[low rumbling]

(West) So if he's getting smarter,

you think he might be getting bigger too?


That must have been
a truck passing over, right?





[high-pitched frequency, groaning]

(West) Barry!



- We got to get out of here.
- Barry's out cold.

- [roars]
- [screams]

(Cisco) Joe!



[breathing noises]



Wh... What are you doing to me?


Cisco, help me!

(Grodd) No help here.

I can hear you in my head.
You are telepathic.


[crying] Please.

No, no, no!


(Grodd) Father hate gun.


Father, you mean... you mean Wells.

Wells? Is that what you mean?

Where is he?

Not here.

Wait, wait, wait. Here.

Is this what you want?

You can have it.

It's yours.



Grodd hate banana.

[whimpering] Please, please.

[dramatic music]

[Grodd roars]

You're experiencing a spike of activity

in your primary motor cortex.

It's the same thing we saw in Eiling.

The images you saw were some
kind of psychic attack by Grodd.

First Eddie gets taken
by The Man in Yellow,

and now my dad...

We're gonna save both of them, Iris.

- I promise you.
- Hold up.

I put a tracker in the tranq
dart you shot Grodd with.

- As soon as it activates...
- No, Cisco.

I can't wait for that.

I will search every inch
of that sewer if I have to.

And what happens if you find them?

What happens if Grodd takes over your mind

the same way he did with Eiling?

I don't... I mean...

Can you guys build me something?

Some kind of tech
so he can't get into my head?

(Cisco) [sighs] I don't know.

Maybe if Dr. Wells were here.

I don't understand.

Every day you guys
figure out a way to help people.

All of The Flash's powers
and all of this equipment,

and you can't save Eddie and my dad?

[dramatic music]

We'll figure something out.



I can't get that sound out of my head.

My dad screaming.

Why did he insist on going
down there with you?

He's always preaching about being safe,

but not once does he think about
running into danger himself.

- Iris...
- No, Barry.

He's just a regular cop.

He is not some meta-human with superpowers.

He's not you.

You're right, he's not me.

And this isn't his fault.

None of this is his fault.

Look, yes, maybe Joe told me

not to tell you that I was The Flash,

but I didn't have to listen.

I could've told you... a hundred times

I could've told you, and I didn't.

Yes, I should've.

So you're right to be mad.

But don't be mad at your dad.

Be mad at me.


Okay, then explain to me

how the person I thought
I knew better than anyone

has been keeping secrets from me?

Big, life-changing secrets?

You were supposed to be
my best friend, Barry.

I am your best friend.

How can you say that
when the most important things

in your life,
the things that matter the most,

the things that you're supposed to share,

you kept all of them from me?

You lied to me about everything.

I know, Iris. Look, I know.

But you haven't been
entirely honest with me either.

What? What are you talking about?

At Christmas, when I told you how I felt,

you said that you didn't feel the same way.

But I just feel like...

I don't know,
maybe things aren't that simple.

[somber music]

Am I wrong?

I'm gonna check on Cisco and Caitlin.

You know they're going to find me.

And you. You're not as smart
as you think you are.

Oh, really? 'Cause I'm
a genius where I come from.

Imagine how smart that makes me here.

- 'Cause you're from the future?
- Hmm.

With a name like Eobard,
I guess you'd have to be.

No, Eobard is a distinguished name

for a distinguished member
of a distinguished family.

Depressing to think all of my
descendants are as crazy as you.

[laughing] Oh, no, no, no.

No, the Thawne bloodline is chock-full

of influential politicians, scientists,

captains of industry.

Failures such as yourself
are just the exception.

And what exactly makes me such a failure?

[exhales] Tough question, Eddie.

Where to start?

Oh, how about your career
as a police detective?

It's spectacularly uneventful.

Yeah. Well, we'll see.

No, we have seen.

I have seen.

I am from the future.

And you are the only Thawne

to be all but forgotten by history.

Waste of a life, waste of a man.


Oh, no. [sighs]

You don't even get the girl.

What are you talking about?


[suspenseful music]

Observe, if you will, the byline.

Barry marries Iris and not you.

We're just gonna have to give this ring

back to Grandma Agnes.

You, Eddie, won't be needing it.

An anti-telepathy strip.

It uses magnetic resonance to neutralize

any foreign neurological stimulus.

So it'll protect Barry
from being mind-controlled?

That's the hope,
but we have no way of knowing

if it actually works.

It'll work. [monitor beeps]

The tracker just came online.

We have Grodd's location.


I want you to know, all the
times I imagined you being here,

it was not like this.

Get my dad back.

[monitor beeping]

Barry, what's your ETA?

All right.

I'm in position.

Wait for my signal.

So the red, that's Barry?

- Yes.
- And the blue?

Is Grodd.

Okay. Here goes nothing.

[Grodd roaring]

[monitor beeping]

The steam's working. Grodd's on the move.

I don't understand. What is the plan?

He's maneuvering Grodd into
a tunnel 5.3 miles from Barry.

So Barry can do what?

Same thing he did to Girder.

Supersonic punch, baby.

Hit it!

[Grodd growling]

[Grodd roars]


The supersonic punch failed.

Uh-oh. Here we go.

It's okay, Cisco.

The headset's working.

Yes. Okay, uh,
try some speed punches on him.


(Flash) This isn't working.

Okay, what if you try...

- [choking]
- [growls]


[Barry grunting]

- Barry!
- Oh, no.

The headset's offline.

Sounded like it impacted with something.


[Grodd growling]

[high-pitched frequency, groaning]


Human. Weak.

Barry's brain activity is off the charts.

It's way worse than last time.

What's happening to him?

Grodd's attacking him psychically.

He's paralyzed.

Come on. There's a service train coming.


Do something please!

I can't stop the train.

Barry, you have to get out of there now.


[monitor beeping]

What do we do?

Barry, listen to me, okay?

You have to concentrate on my voice.

Whatever is happening to you,
you have to fight it.

[Grodd roars]


I know you can do this.
I know how strong you are.


(Iris) Stand up to Grodd.

You can do this.

- Please.
- [panting]

[soft music]

Barry, do it for me.



[dramatic music]




Please get me out of here.


I'm bringing him home.

Mr. Allen,

how nice of you to visit.

Exactly how long do you intend
to keep me prisoner?


Your brain scan's normal,

which means Grodd is no longer
controlling you.

This prison is for meta-humans,

so you're free to go.

You will get what's coming
to you eventually.

I am not ashamed of my actions, Mr. Allen.

You've seen what these
meta-humans are capable of.

Soon, your prison won't be enough.

Not all meta-humans are dangerous.

Oh, you're afraid that I know
you're The Flash?


Don't get your tights in
a twist; I've known for months.

I wanted to come after you,
I would've done it by now.

But you think you're gonna need me.

Harrison Wells turned me over
to that beast.

He used me like a damn puppet.

So like it or not, we have
a common enemy, you and I.

Now if you'll excuse me,
I have a gorilla to hunt.

(Caitlin) I said be still.

You have three fractured ribs.

I'll be fine.

Dad, you need to rest.

I can't believe Grodd became so violent.

What was his lair like?

Did he eat the banana?
Does he like King Kong?

He's more of a
Planet of the Apes kind of ape?

Uh, terrifying.


And I didn't ask.


Do you mind if I talk to my daughter alone?

When I was with that gorilla,

I thought, "I'm gonna die down here."

And all I could think about was
how you and me were in a fight.

Dad, I was so afraid that
something would happen to you.

My life started when you were born,

and sometimes my incredible love for you,

it blinds me, and I forget...

I forget what
a brilliant young woman you are,

how you're capable of making
your own decisions.

Daddy, I know that everything
that you do is out of love.

So love me enough
to always tell me the truth.

- Yeah?
- Deal. Deal.

Okay. Come here.

- Ow!
- Oh!

- Oh.
- Oh, my bad.

- [laughs]
- Oh, my bad.

Maybe it's a good thing
we didn't catch Grodd.

Where would we put him?

I mean, the pipeline isn't exactly equipped

to hold a super-intelligent,
telepathic gorilla.

Joe mentioned that
Grodd called Wells "Father."

And Wells must have ordered
Grodd to come after us.

It's why Grodd didn't kill Joe.

I think Joe is right.

Everything Grodd did,
it was just to distract us.

What's going on? Are you okay?

Just thinking about this headset.

It wasn't strong enough.

You could've been killed out there, man.

No, dude, your tech worked,

and it proved that we don't need Wells.

The three of us took on Grodd
and rescued Joe.

Together, we can do anything.

Actually, it was the four of us.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How did you know I was here?

This is your spot.

Yeah. It's a special spot.

It's where I first met The Flash.

All those times, you were standing

right in front of me, and I had no idea.

I don't even know you anymore.

Iris, what you were saying to me
when I was down in the sewer...

You know why I wasn't afraid?

Because you were there.

Even though I really was scared,
having you there

is how I could stand up to Grodd.

Every time I falter

or make a mistake,

the thought of you is what picks me up

and keeps me going.

Look, look, what I'm trying to say is,

even though you didn't know everything

about my life this past year,
that does not mean

that you weren't a part of it.

You were.

Every single day.

Without you,

there wouldn't be The Flash.

I've thought about what you said,

and maybe you were right.

I have been thinking about you,

about us.

But I can't do that anymore.

Eddie is the man that I live with,

the man that I love,
and he's still missing.

I know.

I'm gonna bring him back.

And after that?

I don't know.

I don't know.

[dark music]



(Thawne) So now what?


I have the key.

The key to what?

[suspenseful music]

Time to go home.